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02-13-2001, 07:34 AM
How is every one doing? I have been down with a cold the last few days. Yesterday was the worst, I seem to be on the mend now. I hate being sick. Somehow vegetable do not appeal when your head is stuffed and you tummy feels yucky. On the good side, I didn't eat a lot of anything.
LisaSue, I know how you are feeling. Being sick is for the birds and having your child be ill, too, is lousy. I hope you are both feeling better.
Ann, my sister and mother live in Peach Tree City, Ga. We go there for Thanksgiving. I pretty much stick to the zone and use the WW points and journal to keep track.
Amy, congratulations on losing another pound. You are my hero. ;)

02-16-2001, 12:44 AM
Hi Everyone:

Maureen: Hope you're feeling much better. I know we are, but still I get tired a little quicker than before, but nothing to worry about.

Sabrina: WTG :D on your loss! I have been fluctuating between 159 and 155 for about a month now and I need to kick it in gear and pay closer attention to see where I need to improve, not to mention continue walking and weight training...something to help me get to where I need to be. I have another 10 to 15 lbs. to go and GEEZ, it's just as hard trying to lose 1 lb., let alone 15 lbs.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Ann W
02-17-2001, 11:59 AM
Hi Zone Gang,

Like everyone else, I've been busy and not able to post. Valentine's day hit during that TOM and I really hit the Hershey Hugs and Kisses. Was wrapping them up in red cellophane - assisting my daughter in her class valentine. Seemed like wrap up three - eat one!

Sabrina and LisaSue: Wow - we are all at the same spot on the scale. I am up to 159 again and just focusing on getting back to the 155 mark on the scale. It has been tough.

Sabrina: Sounds like you will get to know Houston well. Hope the new boss works out - sounds like this is a good change from your remarks.

Maureen: Peachtree Ga. is really a nice community. I assume your sister golfs as everyone seems to own their private golf cart. Was hoping to walk the golf cart paths but ended up having to work too much. Thanks for starting the new thread. Hope you feel better. I am still blowing my nose and sneezing - this is like the world's longest cold.

Take care everyone and happy zoning.
Ann W

02-20-2001, 12:21 AM
Hi kids.
Well it was quite a week last week. Last Monday, I thought I was on the road to recovery and Tues. I hit a detour. Well it's over now and I was able to work on Friday and Saturday. I'll tell you though, I must be the only person on earth who can gain weight while ill. I checked the scale this morning and,well, I have to start over again. I did buy the ingredients for my tofu stirfry and will have that a few times this week.
Ann, I love those Hershey Hugs. My sister doesn't golf but she, her hubby and my mother all go where they want by golf cart. It was especially nice for my mother since she had given up her license (she never liked driving) as it gave her some independence. She could run to the store if she needed something and when the girls are not in school she could take them to Chik Fil A for lunch. It's amazing, you can go anywhere you need with the golf cart, they have undergrounds or overhead bridges to cross the main streets.
LisaSue, you sound like you need a kick in the pants just like I do. Are you in a colder climate (I am). Just hang in there. Maybe look for a new recipe or if there is one you like and haven't made in awhile get the stuff and make it. Spring and then summer is right around the corner-regardless fo the fact that our windchill factor is 2 degrees today.

02-22-2001, 12:39 AM
Hi Everyone:

Ann W. On the good side, Valentine's Day is over. Now Easter is coming up. :rolleyes:
I didn't do all that great, but I didn't over indulge too much neither, more than I wish I had...but it's over and I'm trying to pay closer attention and not eat chocolate everyday. I had to put them out of sight so I won't be so tempted. Hubby bought truffles from Betsy Ann Chocolates and they are sooooo rich, too rich to even finish one. Although my weakness are the (liquid) chocolate covered cherries, which of course he bought those also.

My neighbor told me that she keeps asking herself, "Is this really good enough to eat to waste fat and calories?" So I try to remember that and sometimes it does work.

I live North of Pittsburgh, PA. And today it's in the low 20's. We're going to visit my in-laws in Arizona next month and we all are really looking forward to that. Need a break from this weather. This is the first winter that the cold actually "hurts". I love the snow, but I'm seeing that the older I'm getting the less I enjoy it. I have quite a few family members that have been crippled from Arthritus (sp?). That's another reason I'd like to lose the weight so the knees don't kill me.
What stir fry (tofu) recipe do you use? I've been adding soy to my diet, Silk, soy plain milk, veggie or soy cheddar cheese and Nu laid egg substitute. (Cannot do dairy), but I tried the veggie hot dogs yesterday and well ugh... I'll still force myself to eat most of them, because I can't stand the thought of throwing them away and thus tossing out $3 something. I really like the soy mushroom burgers, made by Harmony Farms. They are pretty good with a slice of veggie cheese melted on top.

Well, this week has been a great week as far as exercising, and better in eating wise, but not perfect. I hope I can keep this up and continue taking it day by day.

I hope everyone is feeling much better and back on track with the Zone and/or being more active. :)

Take care and have a Great Day.

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Ann W
02-23-2001, 01:41 PM
Hi Zone Gang,

Had a great workout today - wish I would do my weights more than once a week but at least I do it now. Have to get off the carbo kick and start focusing more on the zone. Made a turkey last weekend but really over ate. Of course I had to have mash potatos, gravy and stuffing. What started off as a very healthy zone favorable meal ended up being a gorge fest.

Maureen: Glad you are feeling better - I still sneeze and blow my nose on a regular basis but I am not achey feeling.

LisaSue: I know exactly what you mean about keeping the yucky hotdogs. I hate to waste money - must be the child of a depression era parent! I purchased some high protein cold cereal and it started smelling up my cabinents - it was gross.

Still trying to keep motivated and get down to the 155 hash mark again.

Don't remind me about Easter! I think we will be on the East Coast looking at colleges for my daughter so no Easter baskets. We are looking at Miami of Ohio (where I went) Wake Forest, Duke, William & Mary, Univ of North Carolina and Univ. of Virginia. It should be a fun time. If any of you know anything about these place let me know. We are flying into Richmond (with a stopover in Ohio) and just doing a girls roadtrip. The internet is great for looking up colleges.

Anyway, good luck everyone and happy zoning!
Ann W

02-26-2001, 05:12 AM
Hi -

Just a quick note to check in. I am finally home and enjoying the sunshine after yet another trip to Houston. Every time I go there, I feel sick - must be the air. Anyway, I was very very lax on my eating there and I'm afraid to hop on the scale for fear of what it might say.

This week, I am going to focus on getting back into my routine. I started off well this morning with a long walk outside, which felt great after a week of not doing anything.

Anyway, I will post more later, but I need to go get myself a latte'. :)


02-26-2001, 07:38 PM
Hey Zoners!!

I haven't been around-- my internship is keeping me very busy, plus I am taking a night class and well everything else. I am spending less and less time on the computer-- which is good and bad!

I have lost 16.25 pounds as of last weigh-in-- it is slowing down but it is still a loss every week and that is all that counts! I am feeling great! I was getting bored so I changed my workouts around a little. My mom and I are taking Racquet Ball lessons (I use to play years ago)-- I ahve played about 4 times in the last two weeks. WHAT A WORK OUT!! My first race is next Sunday so I will begin my Spring running regime. This is good as I was getting bored with the treadmill and strength training routine.

We had another ice storm-- The weather is getting to me. It is always cold, icey and dreary.....and the snow keeps coming! Sometimes March is our worst month. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!!

Well I have to get my daughter on the bus. It was great reading through the post-- I really can't let so much time go by!

Have a great day!

225/166.5/150 Only 16.5 to go!

02-27-2001, 02:30 AM
I just posted this as another topic...but I was recommended to post here as well!!

Good Morning everyone!!
I just bought Mastering the Zone last night and I think my fiance and I are going to do it together! We are getting married in July would both like to lose about 20 pounds and also just feel healthier and more energetic!! We've heard good things about the program, and I'm very excited to get started.

Here's my question...WHERE DO I START?? I am going to go to the grocery store after work, and I wanted to have a list of things to get...I know the obvious, like chicken, fish, turkey, egg beaters, but what else??? I think I just need to be pointed in the right direction because I am a little overwhelmed. What do y'all eat for breakfast? I am thinking oatmeal, protein powder and fruit...but that seems like it will be the hardest for me as I am always on the run.

Anyhow, any advice would help!! Thanks in advance!

Ann W
02-27-2001, 02:38 PM
Hello Zonettes,

Haven't been doing a great job of keeping off the sweets because - THE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARE HERE!!!!. My daughter sold 300 boxes so my living room is just filled. I bought some and boy do they go down fast. Think I might give up cookies for lent.

I am contemplating doing the Self Magazine Challenge. I subscribe to the magazine and then I noticed someone just started a thread. Just don't know if I have time for all the posting.

Dannimac: Welcome. You are right - breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to get together when you are on the go. Before work I often have a Zone Bar or a Balance Bar for breakfast. It seems to work and fills me up. If I am feeling ambitious the night before, I make an omelette and put it in the fridge. You nuke it in the morning and it tastes pretty darn good - make a big one and share. Also, some people on this thread have great recipes for smoothies which can also be a quick breakfast. Good luck on your weight loss.

Jakeswoman: Wow you really are busy. You are doing great with the weight loss. What class are you taking at night?

Sabrina: Traveling always seems to get me down a bit. I have a trip to Stamford CT in a few weeks. Although is is just for a few days, I think the culprit is the plane with all the recycled germs.

Hope everyone is keeping strong. Summer weather is just around the corner!

Happy Zoning.

Ann W.

02-27-2001, 09:36 PM
Thank you for the info! I started this morning off right...oatmeal, protein powder, slice of canadian bacon, and 3 macademia nuts. I feel full and satisfied! I also went to the gym so I definitely feel motivated. I should keep a picture of my wedding dress on my fridge to give me motivation...only 5 months to go, from tomorrow!

03-02-2001, 02:27 AM
Hi Everyone:

Well, last week (and so far this week) have been great for my exercising. I'm up to 50 minutes and 3.30 to 3.50 miles a day speed walking/jogging on the treadmill! I want to "see" a difference now. :confused: I am noticing on the scale, that I seem to be staying at 156.5 and not gaining, but I "feel" like I should be at least 153 by now. I know....keep wishing, huh?

Jakeswoman: WTG :D on the loss! My neighbor (she's 40 something) plays Racquet ball 3 to 5 times a week and she might be a size 6. She looks like she's in her 20's though.
In fact, she hit black ice and flipped her car (it rolled 3 times) and she walked away without a scratch, not even a sore muscle. I told her it probably was because she is in such good shape, not to mention she also had someone looking out for her. ;)

Dannimac: Welcome! Just to give you a couple ideas what I have for breakfast;
I have either Nulaid egg beaters (fluffed up in the microwave), with sharp cheddar veggie cheese, (those two products work best for me since I'm lactose intolerant.
Anyhow, I have 1/2 C. eggbeaters (spray a bowl with pam or something, put in your eggs/egg beaters) and nuke it for almost 2 minutes and then I put a slice of cheese on top and it melts and I really like it. I'll have fruit or even stewed tomatoes for my carbs. Also, low fat cottage cheese with fruit (fresh, frozen or canned, I drain and rinse the canned fruit) with almond slivers is great also. That's all my husband will have for breakfast during the week.
Good luck with ths Zone, I'm sure you'll find it becoming easier after a short while. :)

Ann W: I did toss out those hotdogs. They just were nasty. In fact, they got on the slimy side two days later, so I had no choice. I know I'll just ENJOY a REAL hotdog and make up for it elsewhere. ;)
I'm still at 156.5 and I've been doing great exercising and I'm not doing too bad eating wise neither. I guess it all just takes time.

Well, my daughter will be getting off the bus in the next hour and I'm going to relax and read for a while.

Have a great day everyone and Take care!

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03-03-2001, 01:32 AM
Hello Dannimac!! I'm glad you came a board!

Hello everyone....

Well-- I lost another 3 pounds, down 19.25 and at an even lower weight than last year (before I had that LONG set back). I can't believe it I am actually doing it!!

I can't tell you how much working most of the principles of the Zone has made a difference. My mom is struggling on WW-- she goes with me. I check her journal and found that even though she is staying with in her points the weight is coming off very slowly. I tried to tell her that even though she was staying well within her points that she isn't eatting the right combinations of foods. To give you an example her favorite food is bagels! On WW you can eat whatever you want as long as you stay with in your points-- so she eats bagels every day. I tried to talk to her but she just couldn't understand. I asked her to stay late at the next meeting to talk to the leader. WELL........ the leader looked through her journal and told her all of the same things I did. All about eatting the right combos-- and told her to kick the bagel habit and FF saltine habit if she wanted to lose weight. So she is going to give a 40-30-30 balanced way of eating for two weeks. THANK GOD!!

I am so thankful for the Zone!! WW too as I like the group and the progam is pretty flexible. It will be interesting to see how my mom does the next two weeks! I'll let you all know.

Ann-- I am taking a Pupil/Personnel course that is required to take while you do your internship. It is alot of educational law and ethics. (VERY REPETIVE INFORMATION!!) Plus I have my group supervision at night with my supervisor. I am getting closer to the end-- I CAN'T WAIT!! I am tired of going to school! Thanks for asking!

LisaSue- there is something to that racquet ball!! I lost so much weight this week and I thing I will attribute it to the intensity of the work out in the game! I played with my husband last saturday-- WHEW! I was beat and sore!

Well I'll be checking in next week!

Where's Maureen? Dannimac needs you Maureen!

Have a great week!

225/163.5 :D/150 (almost there!)

03-03-2001, 04:06 AM
Hi everyone!!

Thanks for the advice on breakfast! I'm going to give the eggbeaters a try tomorrow. I really don't find this difficult to stay on at all, except a couple of times this week I didnt' do the late night snack. I am just not hungry!! But I feel energetic...the first couple of mornings I was hungry a couple of hours after my breakfast, but I added more protein powder to my oatmeal and have felt good the past two days. I definitely could see this being a very good choice for me! My pants already feel looser! I'm looking to just inially lose 5 pounds...that's all I want...small victories. If I lost 5, I know I would be motivated to keep going!

I'll keep y'all updated. I am starting at 150 and would LOVE to see 130 again (it has been about 20 years since I flew past it!!)

03-05-2001, 10:51 PM
Hi everyone--may I join your thread?

I'm a brand new Zoner and I'm just out looking for some support. It's funny because I've been counting calories for a few weeks and just recently decided to eat less carbs and more protein. So I tweaked my plan a little and it turns out that I had adjusted it to about a 40/30/30 ratio. So I remembemered a Zone book I had read a while ago, pulled it out and reread it, and now I'm hooked! The plan makes so much sense and it's so much easier than all the other extreme low-carb plans. Besides, it just doesn't seem healthy to me to eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day, but in the Zone it seems like just the right amount of everything.
I have a few questions though. What are some good suggestions for a brown-bag lunch? Right now I'm taking a sandwich with lots of low-fat turkey breast, tomato, and lettuce and a hard-boiled egg. I'd like some variety though so any suggestions would be great!
Also, what do you all think about insulin resistance? I'm thinking that I might be insulin resistance (or at least sensitive) and that's why I always gained weight eating a relatively low-calorie but high-carb diet. That's why I'm so excited to start the Zone--I'm hoping that it'll end my weight loss struggle once and for all!

Have a good night everyone!


03-06-2001, 01:40 PM
Hi everyone:

Well, I've finally lost those 2.5 lbs. that seemed to stay with me. Now, I have a good 10 lbs. to go, which will make both me and my doctor happy.

Donna, Welcome. My husband makes a medium/large salad every morning and puts it in those disposable (although I keep mine and toss them in the dishwasher), but those new ziplock or hefty plastic containers. They come in all sizes.
Anyhow, I have cut up and already in the fridge; red leaf and iceberg lettuce (I store the lettuce in a tupperware container with two paper towels at the bottom, stays fresher/crisper longer). Tear the lettuce. I also have feta cheese crumbled, red onions and/or green onions thinly sliced, roasted red peppers from a jar diced, cucumbers, etc.... He'll dice up (1/4") a leaner piece of beef, add seasoning and sautee it and add that to his salad. I really like the Good Season's pkg. of Basil vinaigrette. He also adds hard boiled eggs, even at times he'll take lo fat cottage cheese with pineapple bits or any other fruit we have handy. I rinse the canned fruit some, but he doesn't. Sorry to have rambled, but I hope it gives you some more ideas.

I had given up chocolate, cookies and such for lent, and apparently I've been eating more of that than I realized, because I think that's what helped knock off the 2.5 lbs. plus, I'm still exercising pretty good. I never thought it added up; I mean a handfull of M&M's here, one or two pieces of bite sized snickers, a few rolos, but obviously it's made a difference.

I bought my self one Cadbury caramel egg that I will indulge in on Easter. I'm hoping it might be too sweet and maybe by then I'll have lost the sweet tooth craving...think so?

Well, I best get going. Sorry to have gone on and on.

Take care Lisa

03-06-2001, 03:46 PM
Hi kids. Boy, you don't post for while and everything changes!!!
Welcome Dannimac and Donna. Dannimac, I am ususally not that hungry for breakfast so most days it is a zone bar. If I am working, then I make a zone smoothie. I use 1 cup milk (1carb,1protein) 2 scoops soy protein powder and two blocks of fruit and I add the necessary fat blocks with almonds or peanuts. You may want to check out they now have muffin mixes and brownie mixes. The muffins would be great for breakfast. I received a free sample of the brownie mix with my monthly shipment but have not made them as yet.
Donna, I believe isulin resistance is a read condition. In fact, my doctor who put me on the zone said she felt I was insulin resistant.
LisaSue, I have been to the Pittsburg are many times. We have gone to different things at the expomart in Monroeville. My hubby likes to go to the train shows and I have gone to some of the sewing conventions there.
We have done all the touristy things like the inclines etc.
It's a fun place to visit.Congratulations on losing that pesky 2.5 pounds.
Amy, wtg 19.25 pounds you are my hero!!!! Obviously you are very busy between motherhood,the internship and school and you still find time to exercise, follow the zone etc. I think you are right on the money about your mom, she needs to cut back on those high density carbs.
Ann, our girl scout season was last fall so thankfully our cookies are just a distant memory. Can you believe you are sending one of your girls off to college soon? Have a great trip. We're going to Vegas that week.
Sabrina, it's always good to hear from you. It sounds like you job is keeping you busy, too.
I've pulled out my MTZ book and am rereading it to get my motivation back up where it belongs. I am still struggling but am not giving up. We've had several inches of snow the last couple days but not enough to keep us in the house. As long as the roads are plowed, we are good to go.

03-06-2001, 06:31 PM

It was so good to see you-- I was getting worried you left us. That is what I do-- I pull out my materials and reread what I need to know to get back on track! You and I have been doing this a LONG time-- it is so normal to lose heart and get tired of it, just take one day at a time. You'll get your umph back-- I have faith in you! You have come so far!

My sister is laughing at me-- we are getting BOMBARDED with snow. No school for days and another blizzard on its way for friday. I have been so TRAPPED!! And with the kids home I have been so tempted to snack every time they do........ but all in all I am making it, it is just hard! We got 20 inches between yesterday and today and the snow isn't suppose to stop until midnight. I would be okay with that if I knew that we were done for a little while anyway! We will be going to school up until July------- SO MANY SNOW DAYS THIS YEAR!

It was great to hear from you! :D

Donna and Dannimac:

I always have protein enriched bread (soy) on hand. It is pretty expensive but worth it-- I haven't eatten any other bread in 2 years (I've lost 60+). And I always have egg whites in a carton and perdue short cuts chicken. Raisins, almonds and olives for my salads-- always in stock. I think that is the key to always have some staples you like on hand all the time. I use to eat the Zone bars and use the 40-30-30 shake mixes all the time-- they were great!! But I developed gas and cramping using them for so long-- I can't prove it was those products but once I stopped so did the cramping. I do work out ALOT and some of the cramping could be runners jag-- but I haven't gone back to eatting the bars and protein powder. They got me through my first year and helped me lose quite a bit at first so I won't bad mouth them-- great jump starters!! They just irrated my belly after so long.

Also keeping variety going is important--

Well I am being beckoned-- my kids are hungry (how could they be?? they have been grazing all day-- it is the weather!) and I should start dinner.

I'll post again soon! Hello Lisa, Ann and Sabrina!

Amy aka Jakeswoman

03-07-2001, 05:06 PM
Hi Zone-ettes!

I just realized I haven't posted in almost two weeks - shameful! :) My eating has been completely out of
control, although I have been good about drinking water. I'm only exercising three times a week right now (hour long power walks outside) but I figure it is better than not doing anything. I had worked so hard to get down past the 160 plateau, and now I've put a few back on. Why is this so hard?!?!!?

Anyway, I am going to take this slip-up as an opportunity to reread MTZ and get strict with myself on the portions again. I really need to get the scale moving downward again, as I cannot stand the way I look these days. Never mind that shorts season is right around the corner, and I don't want to be stuck wearing capris like I was all last summer. (too embarrassed to show legs)

Speaking of summer, it is GORGEOUS here! All week long it has been in the low-mid 60's and sunny! It is so hard to go out for lunch and then come back into the office when the weather is so lovely. The pink trees are really exploding now, and crocus and daffodils are in their prime. I just love spring.

I can't remember if I told you guys, but I was accepted to the University of Oregon's Graduate school! I am going to be majoring in Applied Information Management (AIM). The program is an interdisciplinary program for working professionals. It has more of a "high tech" emphasis than a traditional MBA, which is why I was drawn to it . Anyway, I had to go through a rather rigorous application process and was thrilled to be accepted. However, life is going to be even more crazy for the next 2 years -- but I anticipate that it will be well worth it.

I've written a book here. That's what happens when one doesn't post very often. :) Welcome to all the newbies, and Maureen, welcome back! We missed you!
Sounds like everyone is doing great - take care and I'll chat with ya later.


Mrs. Yogi
03-07-2001, 05:22 PM
WOW! Been in the Zone since Feb 26. (10 days)
6 lbs and 4 inches ago! Simply amazing.

No rice, bread, pasta or the carrot/beet/celery/apple juice my husband used to make for me every other day (SO WRONG FOR ME...)

No more honey in the morning latte (don't miss it - it took me years to eliminate that and it finally happened last week). Cut back on the heritage grains cereal, eliminated the banana. Only have a bit of banana in the protein shakes if I'm heading to the gym.

Found a fantastic brown rice protein that doesn't gas me up like soy or whey. Can't handle pure soy. blech not for moi.

The first week was TOUGH. The hangover by Friday, the headache, the flu-like feeling. Then this weekend I hit the steam room twice for detox. That, lots of exercise and gallons of water and blackberry tea making me feel fabulous.

No more brain fog or crashes. No more fatigue after work. Energy to burn. The man does not lie, this really works.

I was a major fan of:

(all in moderation, but still...)
basmati and brown rice
popcorn with butter
potatoes (so sue me, I'm Irish ;))
whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana
whole grain pastas
honey in coffee
honey on cereal
sugar in tea
corn chips and tortillas
(I married a Mexican-American who is a fabulous cook, this is when the fat started to pack on!)
baked goods - we live in a retirement capital and the bakeries are unbelievable...
Oh and let's not forget Chinese and Indian takeout, pizza and chocolate.

Those are all off my list at the moment, except for the little bit of steamed potato I have in the massive 2x a day salads with everything in them.

I'm thriving on the snacks:

raw almonds and little teensy portions of raw cashews
tinned pears and crushed pineapple
lowfat cheese
celery sticks with sunflower butter
an occasional light rye crisp (these are on his "bad" list - wah)
organic red wine on weekends :)

I'm eating more than ever, and am rarely hungry. And when I do get hungry, I'm happy b/c my brain knows that a snack is never more than four hours away.

I'm loving this! I don't see a problem with sticking to it at all.

Highly recommended.

Mrs. Yogi
03-07-2001, 05:32 PM
Re: Zone lunches

If you live on the coast, you have access to fish yes? Try a skillet of baked veggies in soy and olive oil and some broiled fish (salmon, halibut, cod, prawns, snapper) for dinner, eat half and save the rest for lunch the next day with a salad.

Shrimp salads with a little steamed potato, avocado, tomato, celery, radishes, olives, with an olive oil, lime juice and low salt soy sauce dressing.

Grilled chicken breast pieces reheated and thrown on the salad with those skillet veggies on the side.


Homemade veggie soup: a little potato, a forbidden carrot :nono:, celery, onion, garlic, parsley and cilantro sauteed in olive oil and then simmered with a few cups of water and a bouillon cube, then throw it in the blender when it cools. Take it to work and have with that massive salad and some dry-roasted soynuts on top.

Yum Yum.

03-08-2001, 02:20 PM
Thanks for all the replies! Those are some really good ideas that I'll be sure to try in the near future.
Mrs. Yogi--that's an interesting point you brought up about the flu-like symptoms. I must have skipped over that part when I was reading the Zone books but that would be a good explanation to why I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something. It's getting better though and I can't wait until I have energy to burn too!
I just have a question about soy protein powder. I haven't used it yet, but I'd like to mix it in with a smoothie or a yogurt. My question is, can you taste it? I hate tofu (I tried making a smoothie with it once and almost gagged) so I'd hate to ruin the taste of a perfectly good drink by adding soy protein powder. Any thoughts on the subject?

Thanks again!


03-08-2001, 03:02 PM
Hi Donna K,

Welcome. To answer your question about the soy protein powder, I use the Trader Joe's brand in my
morning smoothies and can't taste it at all. The price is right too -- it's about $5 for a large container of powder. And I don't particularly care for soy, so I think I would be able to tell if it tasted weird. I usually do nonfat yogurt, some nonfat milk, the powder, some frozen berries (much cheaper than fresh, and okay in a smoothie) and a few slivered almonds for the fat. Yum Yum!

BTW, I am just now getting back into the swing of things with the Zone -- reread some parts of MTZ last night and also went to the Web for some sites. My next thing is, I want to find a program for my Palm Pilot that will enable me to track blocks. Anyone know of such a thing?

Better get back to work.


P.S.: I just noticed you are in Coos Bay! I'm in Portland.
Small world. :)

03-08-2001, 11:36 PM
Amy and Sabrina, thanks for the welcome back. Amy you are so right about needing to take it one day at a time. After all this time, I need to remember that. Also, I am taking it 10 pounds at a time. I get too over-anxious sometimes and want to lose it all immediately. I must confess I did think of you when I heard of the big storm that hit you. I know what you are going through as I have been there. One thing this time of year, spring is right around the corner and it won't stick around too long.
Sabrina, congratulations on being accepted to grad school. Your course sounds very interesting. Makes me wish I was young again.
Mrs.Y, you are not the only Irishman in the group. I just bought corned beef today (on sale $1.99 lb). You are off to a great start. Many of your favorites are mine, too. The longer you stay away from them, the less appeal they have.
I've done pretty well so far this week-one day at a time.
I want to be able to wear my summer clothes in April when we go to Vegas. Now, when I am tempted, I remind mysel of that goal.

Ann W
03-09-2001, 12:18 AM
Wow, so much excitement on this thread. Welcome all the new people. So good to get some fresh ideas on what to eat - there really is a lot of variety.

This is very motivational - just what I need for a jump start. I am contemplating a cruise vacation this summer but have heard that they are a total eat-a-thon. Does anyone have any comments? Some of the ships look like they have great work out facilities if you can drag yourself away from the food!

Sabrina: I am somewhat like you - just moving the same pounds around. I need a kick start.
Jakeswoman: WOW!!! Your family must be sooooo proud of you. Glad your mother finally listened to you and is dropping the bagels. I loved bagels too and always thought that they were so healthy. Now we have them once in a while after church.
Lisa Sue: I do the same thing with candy too - just a few Hershey kisses during the day to fuel me. That is great that you had some weight loss.
Maureen: Sounds like you have been busy.
Dannimac, Mrs. Yogi, and all the other new people

Haven't tried any new recipes lately although I did make a tastey paella. Just serve yourself less rice and enjoy the chicken, shrimp and vegies. If anyone is interested I will post it but it is from the Better Homes "New Dieter's Cook Book".

You guys are all so motivational!!! Time to crack open my Zone book and get intense!!!

Happy zoning everyone


Mrs. Yogi
03-09-2001, 05:35 PM
Donna K:

Check the health food store for a brown rice based vegetarian powder. I don't have the brand name handy but it's good stuff and used in moderation should not compromise the rice ban :)


03-13-2001, 11:56 PM
Hey everyone it is cold here!!! Amy have you dug out yet?
Well, I didn't end my week as well as I had started it. The weekend was challenging. But I will keep plugging away.
Ann, you are so right about moving around the same few pounds.
I'm working a lot this week and next but will check in on you all when I can.

03-14-2001, 12:39 PM
Hi Everyone:

It seems as though alot of us are getting more serious and rereading MTZ. I even write down in a plain notebook what I eat, when and how many blocks, but also how much water and also if I've exercised, what I did and for how long. It's helping me pay closer attention to my choices and where I need to improve.

I've been doing great exercising 5 to 6 days a week. Mostly walking 2.5 to 3 miles and/or doing a video tape or using arm weights also.
I have a skirt (I wore AFTER I lost my pregnancy weight 7 1/2 years ago), I'm only 2 lbs. from my pre pregnancy weight. Anyhow, I have it downstairs near my treadmill along with a pair of jeans that I'd like to get into again, and hubby asked what they were doing downstairs and I told him, "INCENTIVE" I can see my goal. Wellllll, you'd have thought I said I was exercising to get into a size 4! (I'm in the between stages of an 11 and 12) He of course proceeded to tell me that I'm not a petite woman (I'm med. boned and have 10 to 15 lbs. at the most to lose). What an attidude I ended up with. So, now I'm more determined to show him, that yes, it can be done. I'm not that overweight now and I believe anything is possible.

He's getting soooo frustrated with his weight...still will not make a drs. appt. doesn't want to hear the lectures again about the weight, and now he's eating choc. chip cookies, choc. pudding and potato chips. He buys the stuff and I pass on all of it. I gave up certain things (junk food, the sweet kind) for Lent, and chips and stuff, I never cared for that much. I'm at a loss with him, AND you cannot talk to him about what he's eating.....forget it there. I'm cooking so much healthier now and have been for the last 3 months and he brings home fried

Mrs. Yogi
03-14-2001, 01:03 PM
Lisa Sue, I have a large husband also. Fortunately he is on the road a lot of the time, which means I can eat what I need to. Unfortunately he eats all the bad stuff out there b/c that's sometimes all there is after he's finished working. Then when he's home it's *party time*, which we celebrate by eating and indulging in a lot of beer.

We are going to Hawaii in two weeks, though, and he has expressed an interest in the new plan. We'll see if he has the willpower to follow through.

I've never found nagging to be very effective. But when he comes home after six weeks away and sees the difference in my body, he's usually fairly impressed. I try to lead by example, since he will do the exact opposite of anything I tell him to do, just to spite me (sound familiar???). Sometimes they just go into overdrive with the junk food just to try and get your goat. (Does he wave it in front of your face and go "mmmmm"? Just wondering...)

We often end up in the kitchen together preparing two separate meals, and he will make faces at my steamed fish and veggies and go off to sit in front of the TV to eat his nachos.

My tactic from here on in is going to be "Well, one of us needs to stay healthy to take care of you in the cardiac ward..." Tough love or what?

03-15-2001, 06:22 PM
Mrs. Yogi:
Yeah, sounds so familiar. My hubby is 6'6" and he doesn't do to bad during his lunches (what I see that he takes to work with him), and I do cook much healthier dinners, but it's the chocolate puddings, choc. chip cookies, smaller bag of potato chips, can of honey roasted peanuts....No, I don't even try to nag him, because I know that until HE wants to do something about the nighttime snacking, then that's when he'll do it. That's how I'd feel. I have to do it on my own terms, not when someone else tells me...I guess I still have some rebellion in me. ;) We're going to Arizona in two weeks, and he started out exercising every day and really did cut back on the snacking, but when he gets home, usually around 7:00 - 7:30 pm, by the time he would exercise and then sit down for dinner, it would be close to 8:30 and then within 2 hours, bedtime. So he tried to exercise on the weekends, but that's not helping as much as he "thinks" it should.

I have been doing pretty good with the exercising and eating and my neighbor said she really can tell a diff. in my face, neck and legs, but I tried on my bathing suit yesterday and wanted to cry. I thought to myself, if anyone saw me, they wouldn't believe that I've been busting my back end 5 to 6 days a week exercising. It just doesn't look it to me. I'm tired of being the "fatty" around the neighborhood, but I'm still trying. I've been seriously working out for almost 2 months now, but since Jan. but then I wasnt' as consistant.

Well, there I went, rambling again...I do apologize for that. I hope everyone has a great day!
Take care!

03-17-2001, 06:30 PM

Wow we are really growing-- so nice to have new people. I am not sure I welcomed Mrs. Yogi-- nice to meet you!! How is it going Dannimac?

Well I am down one more pound-- 162.5. 20.25 since I have combined WW and the Zone and 60+ since I started in 1998. I can't remember if I started with the Zone at 225 or 215-- so I will just say 60+. Phew! I am feeling pretty good and may even lower my goal weight now that it seems more realistic. Maybe 145. I am experiencing some set backs as I am TIRED of always thinking about what food I put in my mouth and because I feel very snaky lately but my eye is still on the goal.

Remember I told you guys about my Mom and the bagels-- well when she cut them out she dropped 3.5 pounds that week but then she experienced a 1 pound gain the next week even though she kept her protein up and her carbs lower-- she stayed 40-30-30-- 100% of the time. She is very frustrated-- it seems to be her pattern to have a large loss and then a small gain and then maintain a couple weeks, and then a repeat-- loss, gain, maintain. So it is slow moving for her and now she thinks the bagel theory is a crock-- she pormised she would stick to the 40-30-30 plan for a full 4 weeks though. I'll keep you posted. I think it is her age and hormonal changes (she has already experienced the "change" a few years ago-- but hasn't tried to lose weight sense her menstral days) Just my theory. She doesn't like that theory- LOL!

Well-- I can not take anymore snow!! Maureen I hear you are getting some and have for the last couple of days. I am so sorry! I am SO ready for spring!! The cold has put a damper on my outdoor training!

Big News.... I have a job interview on Monday. UNREAL!! We have a new intermediate school (grades 4,5,6) opening 1/2002 and a school counselor position is open. Well they called me to see if I was interested in interviewing. So I am going for it. I will graduate 12/2001 so timing is perfect and those are my DREAM grades. It is very exciting!! I spent ALL day building my portfolio. Wish me luck!

Well I will be checking in soon........ Spring and summer are approaching so keep it in the Zone!!


03-19-2001, 12:30 AM

Just thought I'd pop in to say hi. I am in Week 2 of my graduate program and am already completely overwhelmed, despite studying almost every night and most of today. However, I am enjoying it anyway, and know that my efforts will pay off in the end.

I got some disturbing news last week that has wreaked havoc on my diet and exercise, (as if grad school + working full time wasn't already enough). Our company announced a "restructuring" and to make a long story short, my team (3 people) has been "redeployed to Corporate". This means that instead of working for the business unit we've been reporting to, we will report to Corporate headquarters. Fine, but this most likely would mean a transfer to Houston, Texas! Yikes! No offense to any Houstonians out there, but there is a certain quality of life that I enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest and I am not interested in moving to hot, humid, flat, polluted Houston. Period.

So ... we are on pins and needles waiting to hear if they will let us continue to work out of the Portland office, or if they want to relocate the group to Houston. If they decide our group is moving to Houston, then I am going to take the severance package. The worst part is just not knowing what is going to happen, if I don't hear any more by the end of the week I am going to pin my boss down and ask him if I have to start looking for another job. What a bummer, especially since I love what I do, and (most of) the people I work with. I don't even mind travelling to Houston when I need to.

Anyway, I'd better get going, more reading to do. Take care and keep on Zoning!