Carb Counters - Beginner Questions - Is it for me?

08-06-2007, 12:00 AM
Hi Everyone -

I'm not on Atkins or any low-carb plan. I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions before I go hunting down the books and what-not, because I'm not super convinced this way is for me.

To be honest the thought of limiting fruits, whole grains, and my daily latte doesn't seem like a substainable plan for me. I want something I can live with long term. I've already cut out most of the junk from my diet already, and Ive managed to ween myself away from most "Empty" carb treats because I have little control even over innocent looking things like 100cal packs or skinny cows or pudding cups. I just can't control it so I don't bring them in the house.

Surprisingly I've found my hunger for carbs has been quite controlable despite my carb count being probably about 60 percent of my daily diet. Most of it "good carbs" (whole grains, veggies) but I allow myself things if they don't cause me craving issues (lattes with syrup, vitamuffins etc)

I've slowly been cutting back on carbs though and increasing my "good" fats in my self directed plan, so it has me wondering if I should be looking at low/moderate carb plans since I seem to be half tip-toeing in that direction.

So the questions are:

1) Is it detramental or at all to be cycling in and out of ketosis? (because I know its going to happen with me)

2) Do you have trouble getting in enough real (from food) fiber?

Im not even sure why Im curious when what I'm doing is working for me now, but I realize somwhere down the line I may stall so I want to be aware of my options.


08-06-2007, 12:45 PM
well i have been doing atkins for 2 wks now - my first wk i lost 7 pounds - i couldnt weigh myself this wk since i broke my scale...but my clothes are feelling better,

I was aprehensive at first about starting becasue i also really like fruit and my whole grains as well as milk - but i decided that i would be easier for my to just cut out all carbs until i could get control of what i was eating - i plan on doing atkins until i reach my goal or close to it then i plan on eating more like the zone.

as far as getting enough fiber - you really need to eat your veggies - eating cheese, bacon, eggs etc and low carb stuff just wont cut it - plus exercise is really necessary as well.

i would suggest looking through some of the archives and posts esp from lilybelle and jersygrl - they have had much success and i know that their stories and experience have really helped me out.

if you like what you are doing down and its working then i would stay stick to it but if you are intested in testing something new i think that low carb is a different approach and has worked for many people
good luck

08-06-2007, 02:59 PM

I know I probably shouldn't worry about it too much. I think half the benefit of Low carb plans is the lack of hunger and the carb detox, but since I seem to be doing okay on both those ends why fix what isn't broken.

I do realize that people tend to drop quicker though on Atkins type plans which is why Im looking into it for when I hit a wall down the line. I will take a look at the books and I have been doing a lot of research online (Already read the FAQs here etc) but I figured you ladies who walk the walk know it best.

08-06-2007, 03:00 PM
You dont have to go atkins induction extreem to eat low carb. I would just continue to cut a few more here and there, of the simpler ones, while keeping the veggies and fruit. If your losing where you are now keep it up but if your not then continue to cut them till you start losing.
I am doing atkins and I like it, but is not for everyone. If you do want to try a LC plan, you could look at your local library for some books so you dont have to buy them if your not shure youl like them. "Atkins new diet revolution'' is good and "living the low carb life" by johny bowden is a good one. I also enjoyed the south beach book. You can always adapt the plan to suit you.
To answer your questions, I go in and out of ketosis and dont see a probem with it other than it slowes me down when I go out.
And I had problems with the fiber the first two weeks but after that I was fine.

08-06-2007, 10:37 PM
I do have the South Beach book I plan to reread. I sold my Zone books they just frustrated me! :)

I found while doing some more poking around the web lots of places say that most of the low-carb diets eventually aim to find the highest carb level where cravings go away and weight loss happens. So I guess if I have that under control despite my higher carb level I shouldn't stress about it too much.

I feel like I do better on a diet where technically nothing is restricted but I aim for better choices. Fruits while high in carbs just aren't a trigger issue for me at all. I do want to learn more about low-carb though, because I'm pretty convinced by my craving/binge reactions that I'm pretty carb sensitive and despite the years of dieting I think I never really addressed/noticed how bad it was.

08-06-2007, 11:04 PM
for me i can eat all healthy all wk then binge on crap during the wkend - all carb loaded for the most part - so i am doing really well restricitng everything for the time being. plus i have a vacation in a few months and would like to be at least 30 pounds slimmer and atkins seemed like the best way to get where i want to be.

08-07-2007, 11:40 AM
The thing I like best about Atkins is how it makes me feel. I, the die-hard night owl, am now springing out of bed at 6 because I'm wide awake. I need less sleep, have tons more energy, and my mental state has improved hugely. I swear, eating badly depresses me. Not just for psychological reasons, either. For physiologicall/body chemistry reasons.
I think carbs affect my brain chemistry differently than they affect "normies." Bet it has to do with the blood sugar soar/crash/soar/crash of binge eating.