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08-05-2007, 09:24 AM
Good Sunday morning all. It is hot and very sticky again this morning here. Looked like it was going to rain yesterday but it never did.

Jean: Hope you had a good time with the kids at the party. Sounds like it got a little chilly for you. This poncho is made in two long garter stitch pieces that just sewn together and fringe put on. I started something with the yarn I have and I am going to see how it plays out as to whether I will rip it out or not. So far, it looks pretty good.

I have Thomas's sweater finally done and have posted a pic of it with the hat. I sure hope he likes it. The seaming on this drove me nuts and the way they had the sleeves set in was awful, but the thing is finished at least. I am now going to concentrate on getting the baby's sweater finished. I made a size 8-10 for Thomas so it should fit. He is really long, but very very thin. As I said before, the yarn for Jay's scarf should be here the first of next week so I can take it on the plane with me as it is a simple thing.

I have now started a to do list for vacation and it is becoming quite long and looks like I will have to continue on a second page. I have these longer lined post its and so I have one stuck on my desk and I jot things down as I think of them, but it is full and I need another one. I don't want to forget to do anything nor forget anything. It will be three weeks on Wednesday so the time is rolling around finally.

Well, I want to get crackin' on the sweater. Have a nice Sunday all.

08-06-2007, 08:37 AM
Good morning all! I am having one of those grouchy days. Hope it improves as the day wears on. I seldom am really crabby, but I just feel really crabby this morning. I told the cat to shut up when he kept meowing at me this morning! :(

I have gotten a good bit of the baby's sweater accomplished. I don't really like top down sweaters, but I didn't notice that is what this was until after I had the hat already finished. I am not very good at casting on the end of the rows to make the sleeves or in this case the cuffs on the sleeves. It irritates me when I have trouble with something. I seemed to have gotten these on ok, but still...

We stayed in most of yesterday. We went out to breakfast then to the store, but the rest of the day stayed in and watched NASCAR then part of the baseball game. So, it wasn't very exciting here at our house.

Not much else going on. I need to get started on morning chores and cleaning the downstairs today. Have a good day today and keep cool!

08-06-2007, 12:13 PM
Another scorcher due for VA today. We did have thunderstorms last night so got some much needed rain.

Ran in the $1 store Saturday and they have all kinds of Christmas decorations out already, then went to Tuesday Morning and they had Christmas decorations and cards. I think its just too early to even give it much thought.

I'm having dinner with an old friend I haven't seen a couple of years tonight so I'm looking forward to that. Just need to take Stan to dialysis then I can have several hours to enjoy a chat and dinner.

Have a great day!

08-06-2007, 03:21 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I'm waiting for the dryer to finish and will say "hello" here in the meantime. It is a cloudy, gloomy day in my neighborhood. If the sun comes out it will be a corker for sure. I spent the morning ironing and sorting through some more pictures. :spin: I'm on my last week of summer vacation and feel like I haven't accomplished much this summer. I sort of wish I could have lined up all of my Good Will boxes to prove I really did do something. :lol:

"Gma" -- I thought I posted yesterday, but maybe I didn't. I do know there have been times when I can't get in and think I will try later. The mind is slowly going. :yikes: T's sweater and hat turned out nice; I'm sure he will like them! :yes: I am a list person also; my problem is that sometimes I lose my list between upstairs and downstairs!

Susan -- I'm not ready to think about Christmas either! :no: Ian's birthday is Nov. 23rd and I have a hard time on what to get him for Christmas. Enjoy your visit with your friend tonight! :D

The dryer is buzzing so I'm off! Have a great "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-06-2007, 06:23 PM
I guess we ar all having the same kind of weather...if it isn't so hot and humid you can't breath then it is rainy and thundery but Sunday was that perfect kind of weather day...sun was out and not at all humid.

Of course, I sort of spoiled it. It was Jack's birthday and I wanted to get him a present he would never forget and I think I did!!!:devil:

At 6AM I woke up in pain..lower back, right side and it wouldn't cease. I thought--gas. Nope! Then kidney stone and it does run in the family but I have never had one. Jack said I was as white as a ghost and I was sweating and then was vomiting. such fun. Called daughter Chris, the nurse, and she said....ER, now. She came over and we went to Mass General in Boston and I guess they weren't too busy as they took me right away. By this time the pain was lower right in front and it would come in waves. Each wave brought the sweats and dry heaves.

Bottom line I had a cat scan and other tests and it is a stone and small enough to pass. They gave me some meds and prescriptions for more and said drink, drink, drink! I will make and appointment with an urologist and will also need another cat scan in 6 weeks.

Got to ER about 8:15 AM and left 1:15PM...which I think is not bad.

Feeling fine today...just tired.

Jack said not to try so hard to think up a birthday present next year.

Jean; That is lousy that vacation is so close to be over. Hope you and Bob can do something fun for yourselves before you have to go back!

Faye; All that are a knitting machine but everyone will be happy when they receive their gifts.

Susan; Glad that Stan is getting his new leg for the Holiday's. It is something to look forward to. Hope all continues to go well with you both.


08-07-2007, 09:24 AM
Good morning all! I did my first trek in two weeks out to the pool yesterday afternoon with Jack and the knee did fine so I can go back to swimming in the mornings again. The pool is warm as bath water so it isn't very refreshing, but it feels good to Jack when he has worked in the sun all day so we go over for about half an hour, usually have it all to ourselves.

Gloria: Hope you are feeling much better. Having had gall stones I can sympathize with the pain. It is awful. Hopefully Jack's next birthday will be a little less stressful! lol Cranberry juice is excellent for preventing kidney stones too.

Susan: Hope you had a grand time with your friend. I just got an email from my best friend, who lives in Indiana and it is always nice to hear from her. We have been friends since 7th grade when I met her in my music class. I know Stan has to be anxious about getting that new and improved leg, but he has to be thrilled his health has turned around so much even with what he still has to deal with every week.

Jean: I know you have to be dreading the start to school again. I know you like your job, but I also know teaching certainly isn't what it used to be years ago.

Please pray for my sister and her son. He is the young man that had the drug issues several months ago. He moved back to CA this last week, went on Sunday to find a storage unit for his furniture and stuff, had a seizure while driving and had a car accident. Minor injuries, but he is now on anti seizure meds, he was supposed to fly out yesterday for a ct hearing in Fl today to release him to a rehab program in CA and security wouldn't let him board the plane yesterday. I never heard back why or if he finally made it, but if he doesn't make the court appearance today, the judge will issue a bench warrant and he will go to jail. My sister is beside herself with worry about all kinds of things and she still has the issues with her leg and the blood clots.

I am including the latest pic of Jackson. Can you believe the size of this kid? He will be two months old on Friday and looks 6 months old at least. I bought those shoes for him to wear more around the 6-9 month old age range and I imagine they won't fit him them. I wonder if the outfit I bought to go with them fits him. I will be anxious to see how long he is and how much he weighs after the dr appt on Friday. The other picture is beside a newborn who is 2 weeks old in this picture. He is the new baby of one of their friends. I ask Jay why he was crying and he said he was mad at them and wanted to eat. They wanted to get some good pics of the two babies together, but Jackson just kept getting madder and madder at them. Jay says he is laughing now too. I can't wait to see him, but it will be awhile yet I guess.

I now have the baby's sweater half done, a good start on the poncho and am into the second color of stripes on the scarf for Jay's Cubs scarf.

I guess I better go, clean out the litter box and get ready to go to the pool.

Have a good Tuesday all!

08-07-2007, 11:07 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Here's some good advice from an article in MSNBC - originally published in Prevention magazine.
Going it alone: The do-it-yourself diet
Drop pounds with an eating plan that fits your lifestyle
By Sally Kuzemchak, RD
Updated: 4:19 p.m. ET Aug 2, 2007

Every season brings a new crop of diet books to store shelves. That's not surprising, because more than 60% of Americans say they want to lose weight. But what is surprising: Most of us don't stick to these printed plans, according to recent market research. In fact, the most popular — and successful — diet today is the one we make up ourselves.

"The key is to take a few proven weight loss tricks and personalize them," says Lisa Young, PhD, a professor of nutrition at New York University. So rather than adapting your life to fit a set of rules, you adapt the rules to fit your life. Here, we look at popular strategies backed by solid research and offer smart, practical ways to make them work for you.

What works: Cut carbohydrates
It's simple math, really: The average American eats about twice the recommended daily servings of grains (many in the form of refined flour products such as white bread, pasta, and sweets), plus about 20 teaspoons of sugar (mostly from sweetened drinks). Eliminating those nutrient-wimpy simple carbs cuts a big source of empty calories; skipping even just one 20-ounce cola every day saves you 17 teaspoons of sugar, 250 calories — and about 26 pounds over the course of a year!

Do it your way
Your body needs carbohydrates for energy; what you should do is eat smaller amounts of healthier ones, says Kathy McManus, RD, director of nutrition at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Here's how:
# Choose whole grains. They're an important source of nutrients and help keep your blood sugar steady between meals and your appetite in check.
# Have just one with every meal and snack. That'll get you the appropriate five or six servings a day. To control portions, picture your plate as a clock and limit your carbs to the space between noon and 3 pm.
# Balance the bad carbs. If you do eat refined foods, like white bread, pair them with a food that has protein or healthy fat, like hummus. That will help nix a blood sugar spike-and-crash, says Cathy Nonas, RD, director of the Diabetes and Obesity Programs at North General Hospital in New York City.

What works: Eat high-volume foods
When you're hungry, you want to eat. Choose foods high in water and fiber and low in calories (think salad and broth-based soup), and you can eat a lot, feel full, and lose weight. Consuming supersize portions activates stretch receptors in your stomach, which then fire off "full" signals to your brain — but you've filled up and stretched without overdoing it on calories.

Do it your way
Add heft to every meal by reducing your portion of low-volume foods and folding in high-volume (but low-cal) ones. Fruits and vegetables, which are 80 to 95% water, are good additions, as are air-filled foods, such as puffed cereal instead of flat flakes. More simple swaps to fill your belly faster with more nutrients but far fewer calories:

Low volume: Cheese and crackers
High volume: 6 cups of popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
Low volume: Dried fruit and nut mix
High volume: Fresh fruit, like strawberries or grapes, and 1/4 cup of nuts
Low volume: Rice
High volume: Half your usual amount cooked with a box of frozen veggies

What works: Boost protein
Protein can take about 4 hours to digest, while carbs take only 2; slower digestion means you feel fuller longer. Plus, protein may help jack up your metabolism: In a new study from Purdue University, dieters who ate 30% of their calories from protein preserved more lean body mass while losing weight than those who ate only 18%. The more lean body mass you hold on to, the more calories you burn at rest.

Do it your way
Forget the cheese and bacon of diets past; instead, add a little protein to every meal and snack, says McManus.
# Choose healthy sources. That means proteins with unsaturated fats (like salmon and soy), not the cholesterol-boosting saturated kind (packed into fatty cuts of beef and whole dairy products).
# Stick to proper serving sizes. Three ounces of lean meat looks like a deck of cards, the same amount of fish is the size of a checkbook, and your thumb marks an ounce of cheese.
# Add protein to your favorites. Combine ground turkey or shrimp with spaghetti and sauce; stir 1 ounce of walnuts into oatmeal; spread a little almond butter on toast before the jam.

What works: Replace meals with bars and shakes
These products make portion control a snap. "It's calorie cutting without a calculator," says Nonas. An analysis of studies from Columbia University found that women who had one to two liquid meal replacements daily lost an extra 2 pounds per month compared with other dieters who had the same calories.

Do it your way
Think of a bar or shake as your go-to food when you're in a pinch. Whether you use them as a meal or as a snack, look for at least 3 g of fiber, 10 g of protein, and 3 g or less saturated fat, and follow these healthy eating guidelines:
# As a meal: Most bars and shakes have about 220 calories, so pair either with a small salad with low-fat dressing or a piece of fruit to help fill you up.
# As a snack: Between meals, 220 calories is too much. If you have a bar late in the afternoon, for example, cut dinner by half to keep your calorie counts in check.

What works: Keep a food diary
Journaling helps expose bad habits that may otherwise fly under the radar, so you can change them. "When you write down what you eat, you eat less," says Anne Fletcher, RD, author of Thin for Life. A study from Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research showed that keeping a food diary was a better predictor of weight loss than even exercise!

Do it your way
Beat journal boredom — and the guilt that comes with committing that cookie to paper — by planning your ideal eating day: Essentially, keep a "reverse" diet diary where you map out your menu ahead of time and try to stick to it. Track your victories, too: Buy gold star stickers and put one in your planner for every serving of veggies. "The positive reinforcement builds confidence and motivation, and that's key to success," says McManus.

Copyright© 2007 Rodale Inc. All rights reserved. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.


08-07-2007, 11:22 AM
Hey, ladies!

Gloria, I have had one kidney stone, spent Christmas day in excruiating pain until I finally had to have Stan take me to the ER. The stone was too big to pass. They tried to get it twice with the basket but couldn't do it. Then they sliced me nearly in half from front to back to get into the kidney to get it out. It was huge, an inch and a half long, and crimson. It was caused by carbonate - as in carbonated beverages. I really didn't drink more than 1 a day so now I avoid them like the plague. That was absolutely the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Faye, Jackson is going to be one big man if he keeps growing at this rate. He sure is doing well. I don't know how Jack works outside in this heat - poor man!

Jean, it seems no matter how much I weed out, more magically replaces it. Maybe you should take pictures before you take the box to Goodwill, then you could see how much it was later.

08-07-2007, 12:22 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I'm almost done with sorting pictures! I came upstairs to get another shoe box and here I am . . . can't walk past the computer without checking in. It's another cloudy, windy, humid day in my neighborhood. We got another .14" of rain during the night. I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. :mad: I haven't had one of those nights for over a month and I don't know what my problem was. I went downstairs to the recliner, back upstairs, tossed and turned; the last time I looked at the clock it was 4:45 and I decided I was going to get up at 5 to get my day started. The next time I looked at the clock is was 6:30. Sheesh!

Gloria -- I'm sorry to hear about your trip to the ER. :yes: That has to be so scary! I've ovarian cysts break and the doctor compared the pain to that of a kidney stone. I hope the meds will do the job for you! Our 40th anniversary is over Labor Day weekend; Bob asked what I would like to do and I'm thinking stay home and work in the basement. Jason mentioned having a get together of some sort; his birthday is the same day. So, I'm not sure what we will do . . . we haven't really celebrated an anniversary for 34 years! We had previously decided our trip to Maui would be the 40th celebration in Feb.

"Gma" -- Jackson looks like he has a good set of lungs! :lol: He is a handsome guy for sure! :D I'm glad you are able to go swimming again. I know that you missed going to the pool. I hope your nephew is able to get his situation settled without a hassle. It's too bad about the seizure; do you suppose it was drug related?

Susan -- Thanks for sharing the article! I am printing it off as I type. Lots of good information! :yes: I think gremlins come when I'm not home, and make more piles. :rolleyes:

The cat goes to the vet, for shots, this afternoon and I have to sneak up on her with a towel to wrap her in so that I can get her into the carrier. She does not like to ride! :no:

Have a great day and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

08-08-2007, 08:22 AM
Good morning ladies! Well it is hump day and three weeks until vacation. Jack said to me this morning that we only have 21 little paper chain circles now. They originally were strung all over his office and now they are just three weeks worth hanging from one hook on his wall shelf.

Susan: Thanks for the info. It was interesting and informative. I was lucky when I had gall stones as I had lazer surgery so they didn't have to open me all up. As much pain as I was in, I was willing to have them peel me back I think. Hope you are keeping cool there. Are you guys still not getting any rain? We were get small showers every evening, but we aren't supposed to be getting any rain at all this week and it is deadly hot here. It got up to 102 yesterday and we can expect more of the same the rest of the week.

Jean: Hope you do something nice and special for your 40th. Our 35th is this year, but our vacation kind of covers any celebration we would have. Maybe go out to dinner, but other than that quiet. As for my nephew, they think it was from quitting the anti-depressants he was on cold turkey and his body couldn't handle it, but they aren't sure. You know people who have addict issues you never know whether what they tell you is the truth so his parents don't really know whether or not he has kept clean, but he has so many random drug tests and one failure and he will go to prison so I imagine he is keeping clean. He wants his old life back, his fancy job, his girlfriend, etc, but he destroyed his old life and now will have to try and make a new one. He needs to stay away from the girlfriend as she is a party girl and an alcoholic. It is scary as she is a pharmacist.

The bugs are absolutely horrendous here. I can't have them spray because of the pets and the heat has just caused them to flourish for some reason. I went to take out the trash to the corner this morning and there were hundreds of them flying all over the place. I was beating them off getting the can to the corner. I am not sure what they were. I know the flies are particularly bad with the heat and stuff you put in the trash. We never put anything open in our trash can, all is bagged up, but you can't really control the flies getting into stuff like meat trays and such.

I guess I better get going and get my upstairs bathrooms cleaned first thing. I want to get some work done on my knitting and I am finishing up an interesting book.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


08-08-2007, 10:52 AM
Good morning!

Faye, we haven't had much in the way of rain all summer - we're down 8 inches from normal. When we did get some, it was storms and it came down fast and furious and all ran off before it did any good. The only plus is it keeps the mosquitos down since there isn't any standing water to speak of. I went to the ASPCA and got some bug spray that animals can tolerate. It's made from magnolias and stuff like that. Works good, too. You might be able to find something in the organic section at the grocery store.

Boss is out of town today so it shouldn't be so stressful...

08-08-2007, 12:45 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am printing off updates from the Caringbridge site to send to my "mom." Ryan is complaining his tailbone and lower back hurts so they are hoping that is good! There are pictures of him, his family, etc., and the last one is with the halo thing. That makes my head hurt to see it! It's cloudy and humid again today; I'd rather have the sun shining than this. :yes: We made a quick trip to Sioux City late yesterday afternoon. Bob is leaving on a fishing trip and likes the leather gloves that he has found at SAMs. He calls it the $100 store, but yesterday it was the $200+ store! We haven't been there for several months so stocked up on paper products. Today is more of the same sorting, pitching, and laundry. :hyper:

I took "Mom" to the vet alone yesterday. Ever since I got bit by a cat, many years ago, I am very leery of handling them when and where they don't want to go. She was sound asleep so I scooped her up in a towel and shoved her in the carrier before she realized what happened. :lol: She's had a B-B sized bump on the top side area of a front leg; it wasn't growing and it didn't bother her when I touched it. The vet thought it was a B-B and opened it. He wasn't sure what it was, but was thinking possibly a small blood clot. It definitely wasn't a B-B. She got her hind claws clipped and whatever shot she needed. Anyhow, "Mom" was a real trooper and didn't pee, which is her usual MO. She even went back in the carrier for me and usually the vet has to shove her in. I was proud of her! :cheer: She was glad to get back home again!

"Gma" -- When you mentioned the paper chain, it made me think of something that a "good" WW leader had us do years ago. We were to buy the large colored paper clips and some small colored paper clips. The large ones represented one pound lost and the small ones were for a half pound. We were to make chains and bring them to the meetings. The idea went over quite well as I remember. In three weeks I will be back in the classroom. :twirly: We know a kid who did heavy drugs and he has to be on antidepressants for the rest of his life. :( Consequently he can't get life insurance nor individual health insurance w/o waivers. It makes me wonder why anyone would even consider trying drugs. :dunno: I hope you can find some bug spray that will work. We've had a lot of bugs this summer too.

Susan -- I hope your day at work is a good one! :D

I'm off to face the piles of the day! Have a good one and remember to :D !

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

08-09-2007, 05:25 AM
Good morning ladies! I woke up to go to the bathroom, then came back to bed and had a sneezing attack. I got up and blew my nose, but made it worse because then I was all plugged up so I just decided to get up.

Jack and I have been going over to the pool every afternoon for about half an hour so he can cool off. Not much cooling off. The pool is so warm it is definitely not refreshing, but he says after a work day it is relaxing so we go. It is hard getting in and out of the pool because the metal of the step handles is so hot and the terra cotta tiles and the rest of the walking surfaces are blazing hot. I barely get out of the pool before my feet start burning. We have taken to putting our flip flops right next to the stair exit, but I still have to walk out of the pool to get to them.

Yesterday I walked over to the convenience store for something I needed then stopped at the liquor store to get a bottle of burgundy for "Faye's Stuff." He had one kind and one kind only, it was inexpensive enough, but the bottle is huge and a screw cap. I was a little leary whether it would be vinegary in the food since it wasn't high quality (I guess folks that live in my area don't want quality, but quantity if you know what I mean) but it did fine. Storing it in the fridge is another issue. The bottle is so big it won't fit in the door or on any of the shelves upright so I had to lay is down. I will just have to watch that it doesn't leak. I don't get my burgundy there usually, but I already had the meat thawed in the fridge and discovered the last time I made it I used it all up. Since it takes 90 minutes to cook, I didn't want to start it after Jack got home so I went with the stuff from this liquor store.

Susan: Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I can go to like Lowe's or something and ask one of their people to recommend something safe for pets. I did move the trash cans farther from the house too. It looked like the larva had just become flies because they were small and slow. I was swatting flies all day yesterday trying to get the ones that got into the house killed. I think I got them all and Butterscotch probably got what I didn't.

Jean: Sounds like Ryan is coming around, which is great. I know he doesn't like hurting, but it is better than not feeling so it is a good sign. I feel for his mom dealing with this alone as far as being the only parent. I always thought those halos looked like they had to be agony, but guess they aren't. It does kind of give you a headache to look at it though. I let our Sams Club lapse because they wouldn't ever take bank cards, but my sister says they do now so I guess I should get it updated and pay the fee. Like you, we would spend at least a $100 in there.

Everyone have a happy Thursday.


08-09-2007, 11:20 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! We got up to fog and more humidity; the sun is supposed to shine later today so it will be even more sticky outside. Thank heavens for air conditioning! I have to make a grocery run for Bob. He is leaving for a 4 day fishing trip and volunteered to make breakfast for the guys. I don't understand the logistics, :dizzy: but they go up into Canada and loop back down so that they are actually staying in MN. The lakes are part Canadian and part U. S. -- the fish count is different for each. Here is the DUMB part . . . they can catch and keep more fish in MN water but have to cross Canadian water to get back to where they are staying. I'm not sure how they know which water they are in; I guess the fishing guide is supposed to know that. :dunno:

"Gma" -- Ryan is scheduled for surgery on his neck tomorrow. I'm not sure if that is "good" or "bad" because there weren't any details with the update. I guess the doctors realigned his neck yesterday so he was more comfortable. I can't imagine what it must be like to watch your child (young or old) go through something like this! It's too bad your pool water isn't just a bit cooler. The lake has warmed up considerably and after being in the water it feels warm too. I think Ian would be in the water no matter what the temperature! He can be turning blue and have a fit because he has to get out of the water. :lol:

I need to get dressed and get going. Have a great day and :D big!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

08-09-2007, 12:01 PM
Jean, great to hear that Ryan has some feeling - even if it is painful at this point. We'll keep him in our prayer chain.

I am cheap - I don't buy memberships to BJs, Costco or Sam's because about once a quarter they have a "free" day when you can shop without a membership. So I go then. Those huge packages are just too much for us. Someone always has toilet paper or paper towel buy one get one free at the regular grocery stores so I don't stock up at the Clubs on those.

Faye, there are a lot of good wines now days that are relatively cheap. We have a winery here in Williamsburg that makes some great wine. I usually take it out of the bottle and put it in a glass jar with a screw top. Keeps just find and fits the fridge better.

It's supposed to be 98 degrees today - without taking the heat index into account. We now have warnings to limit driving because of the ozone buildup. I know it sure is hard for me to breathe out there.

08-10-2007, 08:31 AM
Good morning to you all! It is going to be another scorcher here today. No rain in sight either and we could use some.

Tomorrow is commissary day so I am going to have to work on a list today. I want it to come out just right so I can get through the extra week until vacation, but not have a bunch of milk and stuff in the fridge to possibly sour so it takes analytical planning! :lol: The one bad thing about the trip is we leave so early that none of the fast food, restaurant or shops are open yet once you get past security. With all the tight new rules you can take nothing open past security so unless they would allow new packages of crackers and stuff like that, you are fiercely hungry by the time you get to Atlanta, let alone Las Vegas. We only have about a 45 minute layover in Atlanta and since they board about 25 minutes before flight time and we are first boarders you don't have time to go and get breakfast as the restaurants aren't close to where Airtran has their gates. You can probably pick up a candy bar, but who wants a candy bar at 7 in the morning? Even I, the chocoholic can't take that! On top of that, McCarran in Las Vegas is so busy now that baggage is slow in getting to you and with that, checking in at the hotel check in at the airport and then riding a shuttle to go and get the rental car, we figure we won't get to the hotel or somewhere to eat until close to 2 PM. Long day without much to eat. I am going to have to get something to put in my bags to eat in the air. I think if I remember right, they do have those peanut butter crackers as part of their snack offerings and that would be ok. I just wish they had saltines. Last trip I was roaring sick the whole time and I asked if they had any little packets of saltine crackers and they don't. I do think I will buy some little prepacked things and see if we can get them through security. Worse it would be is be confiscated.

Jean: Keeping the prayers coming for Ryan and especially his surgery now. Neck surgery is such a delicate area too. I know he is going to come out of it just fine!

Susan: I really keep in the house except for my pool workout. When the humidity and temps are so extremely high, you have to almost gasp for every breath.

Jack and I went to the pool last night and there was a man and his son in the pool. Of course, Jack has this huge long scar on his body from his surgery and the guy says to Jack, "So, how long ago was yours?" I looked at the man's chest and sure enough he had the same long scar though it wasn't as evident as Jack. For one thing, the guy is a handyman that works outside constantly so he is tanned and secondly he has a lot of chest hair to cover it. His was also 3 years ago. The guy looked at least Jack's age and had only just turned FORTY! My guy is white and pasty and little chest hair so it is like a neon sign. Probably why he gets stared at so much when he is at a pool, but Jack is not self conscious about it any longer, which is great.

I better get going and get something done before I go to the pool this morning. Have a great weekend ladies!


08-10-2007, 04:25 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I spent the morning going through more drawers looking for my ID tag. I must do my best thinking in the bathroom because all of a sudden I remembered where it was! :lol: I have a "catch-all" drawer and had put it between the edge of the drawer and a box of pencils. Why I put it there I have no clue. :no: As I was sorting and pitching more paper the dentist's office called and said if I could come in right away they could do my filling. Of course I went so am glad to have that done.

Susan -- Jason's MIL claims she can find the same bargains at WM as at SAMs Club so she let her membership drop. The funny thing is that she is always asking Amanda to pick up this 'n that the next time she goes to SAMs. :lol: We have a business membership because Bob picks things up for the office and the kids can get their memberships cheaper that way.

"Gma" -- Good luck with your food planning. Bob brought home milk the other day and the date was good for a couple more weeks. When he drank it, he said it tasted funny but not sour. I don't drink milk so I told him to take it back. Of course he didn't and I ended up pouring it out. I have taken things back to this store however. I really watch the dates because the store clerks aren't very good about keeping track. :( Ryan's surgery has been postponed because he was running a fever. I felt bad for him. :yes:

Well, I need to take a child's rocker to be recovered. It was mine when I was little, recovered for my kids, and if I don't get it done now it will be too small for the grandkids! :rolleyes:

Have a great "rest of the day" and a nice weekend!

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

08-11-2007, 08:24 AM
Good morning Flowers! Today is commissary day. I have my menu and list all done so I am ready to go and get it done. They open at 9 AM so I want to get out there and back because it is so hot here.

Jack got called into work about 2 hours after having gotten home yesterday. He was madder than a wet hen. Something about the presses not being tested yesterday and they knew they would be running something all night last night and would need the presses. One of something needed a new starter, which Jack says is not like a car starter, more like a relay, and he wasn't about to tackle that job. He told his foreman he would go in, but all he was going to do was get the third press going, period. Well, when he left here it was 100 degrees out and the sun was still beating down. They wear navy blue uniforms so I knew it was going to be hot for him. He told me that if his foreman didn't say something he was going to the OEM supervisor and tell him off. He said they knew all day yesterday they needed those presses and if one of them needed work they should have said something yesterday morning and didn't. I know one thing, he won't be available today or tomorrow now. Since they don't have on call no one has to go except for foremen so his boss would end up having to go. There are only two of the control guys left now as Jack's friend went to the other plant on Monday. The remaining guy is the one I was telling you about and he never answers his phone so it is always Jack that gets the call.

Jean: I don't drink milk so I never know when the stuff is bad unless I cook with it. Jack eats cereal every morning so keeps track of it. I buy a half gallon of ff but it always goes bad because it doesn't get used up. Jack can't stand skim so uses 2%. I guess I need to just quit wasting the money and only buy 2%. I don't use enough in cooking for it to be horrendous in a recipe or something and it is a wasted of money. I saw that the government raised milk prices so I am sure we are going to feel it soon.

I better get in gear and get my chores done. It won't be long until I need to get upstairs and get showered to get out shopping. Have to make the Walmart run too so will probably go the commissary, get all that, come home and put away and turn around and go out and do Walmart.

Hope your Saturday is pleasant!

08-11-2007, 11:51 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! The heat and humidity are still here. :( It is supposed to hit 100 in Sioux City today, but we are usually a few degrees "cooler" than they are. If it weren't so humid it wouldn't be so bad. Bob is off running errands and let the "garage" cats out on his way so I don't have to do that this morning. I've got laundry going and need to finish sorting through more paper stuff today. I can't believe the stuff I save until "later." "Later" is here and it is going to be gone! :cp:

"Gma" -- That's too bad that Jack has to work in the heat and be "on call" to go in. I would be mad too if they knew, in the morning, what they needed and didn't say anything. That's when Caller ID is nice! :D I can't believe the political calls we are getting! If we don't answer they just put the recording on the answering machine. Makes me :crazy: ! Hope you get everything on your shopping/grocery list! I usually manage to forget something because I either lose my train of thought or stop to visit with someone I haven't seen in a long time! :lol: I saw in todays paper where the price of milk is going up because of the drought in Australia -- I didn't realize they were big milk producers. Evidently China has discovered lattes and they are using more milk than ever before. :dunno: Since I don't drink it I don't care how expensive it gets! ;)

I hear the dryer buzzing so I'm off to fold towels. I wish I could get in the habit of doing a load of laundry a day rather than all on the weekends. Oh well, old habits die hard -- in more areas than just laundry!

Have a super duper day and don't forget to SMILE! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa!