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08-03-2007, 05:44 PM
OK here is the thing....
I am a elementary school teacher. I love it, problem is that there are NO full time jobs or even part time, besides subbing a few days a month around me. So this spring I took a sales job. I am good at it, and I like it because I get to come and go as I like and talk to a lot of different kind of people.
The pay is good (better than teaching) but there are not many benefits yet. Now, being that I have already settled for a sales job and found that I am pretty good at it. I figured I would check out other sales jobs. I contacted my local Aflac (yes the duck) agency when they advertised for sales people. I went to the first interview, and I was shocked at the potential income and also that you are INDEPENDANT agents and not hired by Aflac. So, here is my delima

I have been offered a 2nd interview with them and I am supposed to bring my spouse so they can talk to both of us. It is in 2 weeks. I have not told my current employer just because I do not want to raise any flags that I *may* end up leaving in a few months, and honestly it isnt any of his

But should I stay where I am and have a gauranteed income monthly or take a risk and pursue this other option? I mean the income from selling Aflac would be over double what I make now and there is much flexibility with it since I am independant.
We are already financially stable and do not *NEED* my income, although it sure helps with other things. But the flexibility and potential additional income with Aflac are also appealing. But there is much risk as far as income with it. So does anyone here sell, or know anyone who sells Aflac? What do they say? How do they like it? How long have they been doing it? I mean I need advice...HELP!!!!

T.I.A. for all your help

08-03-2007, 05:59 PM
Hi there! A few years ago prior to going to grad school I interviewed with Aflac. I suppose the company is decent enough but I did not agree to a second interview because it is entirely commission-based. In addition, please understand you must absorb all the costs of doing business yourself, that is, you must incur the costs associated with being an independent contractor.

08-03-2007, 06:10 PM
Fatburner, that part is the "scary" part, and I have been an independant before. I mean I am definately interested in hearing what they say at the 2nd interview and will need to discuss it thoroughly with my hubby to see what is best for our family. Like I said the flexibility definately is attractive and so is the potential income. We already have our own business and I have sold Mary Kay and had a gift shop previously so absorbing the cost isnt to scary....but overall it all is I guess. That is why I needed advice. I mean it could come down to if I put in notice where I work that they offer me a raise since I am good at it, at least that is what I am I have been told by my bosses that I am more than twice as good as the last person who did my job. I think in the first 3 months being here I made the company enough to cover my salary for the year.....

08-03-2007, 06:57 PM
You sound like a natural! The best part about being in sales is having the ability for unlimited income potential. I was in a less flexible position than you concerning being able to take a bigger risk and being independent. As far as the company itself is concerned, i do know that they have a large market share and that because they can provide a suite of products, a company is probably likely to choose Aflac as their provider for insurances that help employees cover expenses in case of accidents, sickness, etc. I was not able to get a good impression, however, of how likely it was for a company to even offer that type of coverage to its employees.
Like any other offer, I would research Aflac's competitors to try to get a feel for the marketplace. Does your current workplace offer coverage through Aflac? Does your spouse's? If so, get in touch with the rep who provides the coverage and ask if s/he would be willing to spend 15 minutes sharing some insights about the company.
I suppose you must also run some calculations based upon your performance at your current job. Is the comp plan setup such that you don't get adequately compensated for your efforts? Here's where you can actually be analytical about your income potential. Pay close attention when reviewing Aflac's comp structure, and run some quick numbers to determine how much you'd have to sell and in what time frame to make a cetain income.
Good luck -- it sounds like you have a natural propensity towards sales, so you'll do great wherever you are!

08-04-2007, 09:01 AM

i understand the importance of having a steady income because of bills. however, i say you give a shot. whats the ultimate worst thing that can happen? you realize aflec is not working for you and you get another sales job thats more stable? also, if you leave on good terms with your current employer and you're such an asset to their company, i'm sure they'd take you back in heart beat. i say give it a shot - it will be a lot better knowing than always wondering 'what if?'

good luck!

08-04-2007, 09:42 AM
Hi! So, I can understand what you're going thru. I'm back in school to get a much better paying job so I can retire early. I plan to sock away as much as I can (after I pay off my loans, of course). I will also be in a job I like very much.

I say that if you really like what you're doing, do whatever you can to sock away for your 401k, so your "golden years" can be enjoyed earlier! But that's just me! I wanna sit on my butt and play shuffleboard sooner! LOL!

(no, really, I want to travel more and I don't want to have the restriction of "vacation time" cuz everyday will be just that! :dizzy: )

If you're happy, then that's half the battle! Good Luck!

08-06-2007, 10:38 AM
Well the retirement thing isnt an issue only because our other business is set up for that I *should* be able to retire when I am in my early 60's/late 50's.

Has anyone here ever been completely independant? What were the pro's and con's? I already know the BIG ONES
flexibility with schedule

No steady paycheck/benefits