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08-03-2007, 03:01 PM
I am in a spontaneous mood, and want to dye my hair. It is currently brown with blonde highlights. I was thinking of going darker, maybe auburn. I am sort of a "dye virgin", I've only ever had highlights. Any suggestions of a good brand or tips on going darker?

08-03-2007, 03:28 PM
Just remember...It's really easy to get your hair a darker color...But the darker you dye it, the harder it will be to get it lighter if you change your mind. Make sure you are really committed to the color you are going LOL.

For me, hair dye is hair dye. In my experiences (and I always dye my own hair) the $3 box of dye will suit you JUST as well as the $10 bells and whistles box.

Make sure you wear gloves, and clean off your forehead as soon as you drop dye on it, and good luck!

08-03-2007, 03:32 PM
OK, good thing you're going darker if you are doing it at home, because its a lot harder to go lighter using home processing. Still, some things to be aware of:

1. Your hair is probably going to be more "one toned" than you are used to. Going into the process with highlights is going to help, though. Give whatever color you apply a couple days/washes to'll come out initially darker than you were probably expecting.

2. If possible, find a buddy. Its hard to completely cover your hair without getting dye all over your skin, especially on the back of your head. Have the friend coat the hair with dye one section at a time to make sure you get all the way to the roots, then take any leftover dye and just moosh it in.

3. This goes without saying, but watch for dripping dye! When I was 14, I got a big fat streak of dye down the wallpaper in the bathroom - I was in soooo much trouble. Put a towel over your shoulders, sit up on a chair (not leaning back on the couch!) etc.

4. Follow the timing and instructions exactly. EXACTLY. :-)

As far as brands, I've always had really good luck with Feria...seems like it has more depth than other dyes I've tried. They have a really good deep auburn was always my favorite hair color (and pretty close to what my stylist gives me now, actually).

08-03-2007, 03:59 PM
I went and got some nice n easy. Natural light auburn. I have about 15 minutes to go before washing it out, but I can already see the redness. I am excited! I talked to my mom, and she said exactly what you guys did about it being easy to go dark, but hard to go lighter, and that it'll be a little darker than it looks. So we'll see how it goes! This brand is supposed to have 3 dimensional color, so hopefully that helps it from being too dull.

Keep the comments coming, though, because I'm sure I'm going to want to do this again in a month!

08-03-2007, 04:15 PM
I do my own hair at home since I can't afford a salon. In fact, it's what I'm doing this weekend!! Anyway, I never really use the same brand, just whatever trips my trigger. I do dye it a medium to dark auburn. My natural color is a mousy med. brown with some gray. I have to disagree with the $3 vs. $10 comment. Buy the slightly more expensive stuff. I was strapped for cash last time, bought the $3 stuff and my hair fell out in big chunks! (Yes I used the conditioner) I was horrified! And the ammonia odor was awful. But I don't recommend the Revlon Colorist (the one that gives you a special color conditioner to use every week). It is not worth the $15. The color faded VERY fast.

I'll let you know how this coloring goes. I am using Herbal Essence in some new radiant reds line.

BTW - If you can, I always dye my hair naked because I have ruined many a shirt/robe/PJs. I know what a picture. And make sure you rinse out your shower REALLY well afterward. I always use a dark towel also and wash it right away. Use a dark towel for a few days after a fresh dye.

Hope your hair came out fabulous!!

08-03-2007, 05:43 PM
Wow I can't believe your hair fell out! I have been using the cheap stuff for ages and never had a problem other than the stank LOL. And since I have long hair I can buy 2 of those and make sure there is enough dye to cover all of my hair. But then again I only dye my hair deep browns or blacks to get rid of the red tint that the sun tends to bleach into my hair...I haven't really experimented with anything drastically different from my natural color.
I just usually don't have the money to splurge on the good stuff.

08-04-2007, 09:52 AM
You got some good tips above. I would also recommend applying a light layer of Vaseline around the hair line to prevent the skin dye problem. I have naturally dark brown/almost black hair (well I did before the grays started coming in! :lol: ). I started dyeing my hair back in high school and wish I never did it. My mom never told me but my dad's hair color was a reddish brown in his younger days, I've only ever seen it gray/white. When I dye my hair, the red tones come out. I know if you choose an "ash" color it should temper that effect. I also know that I used to buy what is called a "drabber" to add to the solution to prevent the red tones--don't know if this is still available anymore since most solutions these days have it already mixed in. Good luck and hope it came out great.

Oh yeah, I prefer using Loreal Creme Excellence or the Nice & Easy brand, especially since now the N&E comes with a pretreatment made especially for covering grays! :dancer: :lol:

I stay away from Colorsilk because my hair gets really coarse and my scalp dries out really bad after using it. Feria is great, but a little pricey and it's a bit too runny for my personal preference.

This is funny! --->

08-04-2007, 12:03 PM
I am definately not a dye virgin :) I dye my hair quite a lot but just cause the sun bleaches it out and it goes to a reddish orange instead of my natural brown. Anywho I generally stick with Garnier Nutrisse but this time I got Revlon Coloriste and I loved it! It has a weekly treatment so that if your hair is starting to fade you can give it a boost with that and its back to the original shine. It says that it should only last 3 weeks but it's about 5 for me and I still have some. I have never gotten more compliments on my hair than when I used this stuff. It actually added shine and made my hair look so amazing. I would definately say pay the little more and get this :D

Also~ if your hair every is too dark or you dont like it my hair stylist said put shampoo on your hair and lather it up and then add baking powder and lather that on it too and let it sit a few minutes and then wash it out. It'll strip some of the color. She said she even did it when another hairstylist "friend" botched her hair really bad. You'll need to do a deep conditioning treatment after, but it's good to do if you really hate your hair. If it's still too dark after she said just keep doing it. She said dish detergent works too but it makes your hair more straw like.

Hope you love your hair! It's always fun to have a little change

08-04-2007, 12:57 PM
I buy my dye at Sally's and mix it myself with a developer. I think it last longer. There is a brand that is for naturally dark hair that I use to achieve my copper red color. Cost about $15 for everything.

08-04-2007, 04:00 PM
I am a licensed cosmotologist, and here are my tips:

~What you see on the box is not always what you will get!!!

The reason for this, is because everyone has a different starting color. A blonde, a light brunette, a redhead, and a darker brunette can all buy "medium auburn" hair color, and they will all end up with a different shade. This is because boxed haircolor uses the same developer for everyone-which is why haircolor boxes recommend that you pick a shade close to your natural color already. If these 4 women all came into the salon and wanted the exact same shade, I would mix it differently for each of them to achieve the same color. So basically, if you are a blonde, don't attempt dying your hair black, if you are a brunette, don't attempt to go Paris Hilton blonde. It will screw up, and you will end up in the salon anyway. :lol: A boxed haircolor usually uses 20 volume developer-so it is meant to only change the shade 1-2 levels-not a great deal lighter or darker. This is how women who try to dye their hair blonde get the "orange" or shades of orange.

~Highlights and color are different things. Lightening the hair and highlights strip/bleach color OUT of the hair shaft, and color deposits color IN the shaft. Use shampoos and conditioners meant for what you have done to it.
Keep in mind that once your hair has been highlighted, those strands of hair will take color differently than the "virgin" strands will.

~Red is the hardest color to keep, and the hardest to get rid of. People who dye their hair red have the hardest time keeping the red vibrant-because it tends to fade quickly. Don't wash it every day, use shampoos made to extend the red, etc. Red hair is also the hardest to remove-so if you don't like the red, and try to dye brown over it later, etc. the red will still have the tendency to peek through in the sun.

~Don't apply the color all over, if you dye the hair regularly and use the same shade. If you do your hair every month, don't apply it all over. Do the roots only, and put it on the rest of the hair for the last 5 minutes ONLY!!!! If you put it on all over, it is too much damage, and you also will get the dreaded "rainbow" hair shaft. You know, where the brunette goes from medium brown at the roots, dark brown in the middle, and fried, almost black ends...or the blonde goes from medium blonde at the roots, down to the ashy white "cotton" looking fried, damaged, last couple inches of hair. :(

~The basic hair color ingredients are the same in cheaper to more expensive colors, but the harshness and the conditioning agents are what is different. The more expensive colors are usually fortified with more vitamins, conditioners, and things that lessen the damage.

~Think about the things that will need to change when you change your haircolor. Your clothing and makeup shades will need updating. For instance, if you have a "cool" red, like the burgandy red tones, you can usually wear rose and pink shades-however, if you have a true red, like strawberry blonde, copper, or other warm reds (like natural redheads have) pink is pretty much a no-no-especially hot pink. CLASH big time. :lol: Pink gloss might look great on a blonde, but a redhead would need more red, brown, or coral/orangey shades in lips, nails, etc. ( I am a redhead and stay with earthy makeup colors, and lots of black and green in my clothing.)

~Don't do too much. I don't recommend highlighting your hair one month, dying it red the next, and then brown the month after that. It is too damaging on the hair. Short hair can take it, because you cut it off before there is too much-but longer hair can't.

08-05-2007, 07:09 PM
Thanks for all the good info, aphil. Any suggestions on good shampoos to extend the redness that are reasonably priced?

I am sitting here with my new red dye baking on my head and trying to think, the color of the solution does not mean what the color of the hair will be!!! I sure hope not!!! At least this brand (Herbal Ess.) is not stinky in the least and is not burning this time. Well worth the extra $4 for me.

Will keep you all posted on the result.

BTW - how did your hair turn out, Winter. You haven't said.

08-05-2007, 07:54 PM
~Red is the hardest color to keep, and the hardest to get rid of. People who dye their hair red have the hardest time keeping the red vibrant-because it tends to fade quickly. Don't wash it every day, use shampoos made to extend the red, etc. Red hair is also the hardest to remove-so if you don't like the red, and try to dye brown over it later, etc. the red will still have the tendency to peek through in the sun.

I've been using John Frieda's color glaze in between dyes when the red goes dull. Seems to help a lot, but does cause a bit of dryness to my hair. I bought some cholesterol at Sally's to slap on my head once a week. Do you think that I'm doing the right thing? I love my red hair and want it looking it best.

08-05-2007, 08:11 PM
The hair turned out great. I love it. I'll get a new picture posted soon. It's about the same color as Pita's. Maybe a bit more coppery. I like how it turned out. Anything suggestions for keeping the red red in between root touch ups would be great (the more affordable the better)! Also, what is the best way to do root touch ups? Any super secrets to doing it successfully?

08-05-2007, 11:20 PM
My hair turned out really well too. Pretty red (dark red), but I'm sure it will fade...sigh. Looked like a scene from psycho in my shower when I rinsed! Always makes me laugh. But at least the shower got a good scouring, right!

08-06-2007, 11:41 AM
I really like the Pantene shampoo and conditioner for red hair, it does a nice job. :) Color Vive shampoo and conditioner is nice for colored hair of any shade as well-it helps to prevent fading of hair color.

As far as the cholesterol, I don't care much for it. I haven't used any of that since beauty school, really. I think a good conditioner for color treated hair does just as well if you leave it on a few minutes. The best thing is not to wash every day-do every other day instead. The washing slowly strips the color.

Touch ups...there is a method that we learned in beauty school, but it might be best if you had a friend help you. :) Get 4 hair clips, and a rat tail comb. (The kind where the comb has the "tail" end. You part the hair into four sections, and secure each with a clip. Part from front to back down the center (like you were going to put your hair in two side pigtails) and then each in half at ear level. You end up with four pretty even "quarters" of your hair. Do one quarter at a time, starting with one of the bottom ones, then on to the top ones. You use the tail end of the comb in one hand, and the color bottle in the other. Put color at the roots all around the "frame" of the quarter you are working on, then make a part 1/2" away from the edge, and apply color down that part, make another part 1/2" away, and keep parting the hair every 1/2" and applying color down the line, until that quarter of your hair has color all over the roots. Then move to the next section. Does that make sense?

08-06-2007, 12:46 PM
I went from almost platinum blond to almost black last year. I went and had mine done in a salon. Glad I did. Dying it blond was a mess every 6 weeks, I couldnt imagine the black.

I gladly pay the 50 bucks every 6 weeks or so.

I am glad you liked how it came out. now we need a before and after picture.