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07-30-2007, 08:54 PM
G'day all,

Nice to hear from you Slavika and pleased Patches seems to be getting the idea about house training. Some great emails you have been sending the last few days.
Your question about dual flushing, in Australia it is law to have a dual flush on your toilet system. A half flush and a full flush. I will leave it to you to figure which you use when!
I was surprised never to see any dual flush toilets in the US when you also do have some water shortage problems.

Ann the visit of Holly and Katie sounds like it was something you needed, how are you getting on with the Ipod? I found it to be a little tricky but once you get used to it, they are the best thing.

I cannot remember too many of the other posts but I did read them all;);)

Glenda I hope you had a nice week off from work and had a good time in Galverston.

Who would have thought but I am very excited about my new washing machine (Kleenmaid):dizzy::dizzy:
I took delivery yesterday afternoon and it is very fancy. Took us a while to work out what is what and how to program it but besides that it is great.
I told the man who installed it that this would be my last washing machine in my lifetime, he said I hope not. I figured my last machine lasted 15 years and was a fraction of the cost of this one, so if this last me 30 years, I will be 92 by the time this one has had the gong.
I don't think I will be too worried about a new machine at 92;):D;):D

I might just go and try out another cycle on my new washing machine ;)
A pity this novelty is going to wear off in a day or 2!


08-01-2007, 12:54 PM
All, we had a great time at Galveston, of course. There were 14 of us all together. We went to Schlitterbaum, the beach, and Moody Gardens which has a lot of stuff, like an IMAX that was about the blue sea. It was all so much fun. Now we are all back and having that little letdown you always have after a great vacation. Where did the time go? I think I will send you some pictures, but you have to remember they were of us at the beach (me in my "skirtini")--not a pretty sight to behold. Maria has met the whole family. I might have to narrate some of them for the rest of you.

Ann, now tell me again how you got your kitchen redone? I need to use that method to redo mine. I have thought about painting cabinets, but just can't quite do it yet. What a huge job!

I am the least electronic on the board, with no computer at home even, so an IPOD is something that sounds hard to operate, but surely it isn't. We were with grandkids who can do absolutely anything electronic. What a generation!

All, I am so fat! Now you would think I could just fall into the mode of the WW thing, but so help me, I am hungry all the time. Does it take awhile to quit eating after a weeklong binge?

Slavika, yea for Patches! She is a big girl now!

08-01-2007, 05:21 PM
Where does the tjme go? I can't believe that it is August already. It is in the 90's and hot and sunny. I have a new job of giving my mil her shower a few times a week at the happy home. I pray that she doesn't fall or slip - if she does we both go down. They charge an arm and a leg to shower her so this job fell to me. I was glad to see the dogs go home. We had Neil's dogs while they were in Florida. P loved the beach. Neil is going to New Mexico now with that ball team he is a trainer for. We will go out and get P occasionally to give his mom a break.
Karen glad to hear that you are still painting. I was wondering. The shirts sound cool. Show uA one.
Ann your kitchen sounds nice and crisp. I can imagine that you are happy that it is finished-even better that Phil likes it. Eat out now so you don't mess it up. LOL I don't have an Ipod-good for you for figureing out how it works.
Glenda what fun you had on your vacation. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. It is hard to get out of vacation mode.
Maria you are too funny with that washing machine. It sounds like it does everything but sort the clothes.
Slavika if you ever figure out the secret as to why it is easier to gain than lose clue me in. Patches is so cute. Our old dog liked to play the toilet paper game.
Jenye you are doing well. Keep up the good work and you will be a new you.
I went to the store this afternoon and loaded up on fruit and veggies. I wish they could make them taste like chocolate.

08-02-2007, 03:42 AM
G'day all,

Glenda I think you are fishing for compliments, I thought you looked great in the photos and I wish I was as 'fat' as what you claim to be!
I thought everyone looked great, you do have a couple of stunning looking d-i-l's.:)

Peggy what sorting of washing...it has a 'MIX' cycle and you are supposed to be able to wash everything together on that cycle! I cannot quite make myself wash very dark clothing with whites:dizzy:
That is quite a commitment showering your m-i-l. I thought the retirement home she lived in was a little way from your place. You are a very kind person, don't know if I would have been as kind.
Good luck to Neil going to New Mexico, he must be really pleased to be the trainer.

Heard on the news about a bridge collapsing in Minneapolis, funny how we take so much notice now. We did not actually go through Minneapolis but went very nearby, Stockholm is one of the little villages I remember and where we first saw the Mississippi River. They had some great art galleries and it was where I first saw a little cardinal bird when we were having lunch. We did however go across a lot of very similar bridges and it is hard to comprehend how this tragedy could have happened.

My computer problems continue and I am back using my old computer, Alan has my new one with VISTA.
If any of you are thinking of getting a new computer, don't get VISTA until all the problems have been ironed out...it has been an absolute nightmare.:mad::mad::mad:

Hope everyone is well and happy,


08-03-2007, 10:01 AM
Good Morning everybody: A few minutes before we are off to Curves and Phil's exercise place.

I am being very particular about not messing up the new kitchen. heehee.

Glenda: I agree with maria- I don't think you looked fat at all. Now if I sent you my pic right now, it would be a different story. And if someone could find the secret to keeping weight off without difficulty, they would make a fortune.

About the kitchen- get one of your grandchildren who is so inclined(mine was Katie and she took off all the cupboard doors, took them out on the car-port and painted them all 3 coats, while her mother and I worked inside. She even taped off the hinges so she wouldn't get paint on them. ) And then put them to work. I have 20 cupboard doors and it was intimidating to me, for sure. Maybe Leon would co-operate, if not a grandkid. I think maybe your grand children are a bit young for such a project, but maybe a dil since your baby sit for them - so there are a few ideas.

Maria: I have heard from others that Vista is full of headaches. Good luck. And I think i would be a bit frightened of putting all colors together in one load. We have some color grabbing sheets to put in the wash if you are fearful of color running, and I have used them and they do work very well.

Slavika: I have a mental picture of Patches running down the hallway with a stream of toilet paper following . funny to us, but not so to you, I am sure. I remember we had to put a paste of cayenne pepper and mustard on all of our steps that our puppy could chew on when she was teething. That is all that kept her away. We did have a few tooth marks before we hit on the solution.

Peggy: I know what you mean about being August already. Time is flying by. We had a completely rainy day yesterday without any thunder and lightning. It was a pleasure, since we need rain so badly. You are a Saint for taking on such a responsibility. It seems strange that there is an extra charge for that care in the place where your MIL is staying.

Karen: How is your DH? We are making progress here. I think we have to make a trip to Plant City sometime this month to check with Dr. Clayton. I'll have to check the calendar, and see just when.

Hi to everybody. Our ride is about to appear. There are 3 of us, plus Phil who go to exercise 3x a week and we take turns driving.

See you later. Ann

I do hope now to paint our entry hallway, as it is dark and a nice light colored paint would dress it up nicely.

08-08-2007, 03:20 PM
My goodness, it is slow on the board lately. Missing Maria a little. She is a good poster. Well, summer has struck for us. It is hot and humid. Looking back on the flooding, I can almost.....no, can't even go there. Rain every single day sucks!

All, my hubby changed medicines a little over a year ago and it has changed his personality a bit. Remember when I was telling you about this? Well, seems to be getting worse at times--anxiety and grouchiness. I looked the medicine up on the internet and these are the side effects for some people. This is all they have for him, so we had to talk last night about learning to live with it. Always something new, huh?

Well, it is the dog days of summer. School starts in less than 2 weeks. When the university starts, life is just awful for about a week--students use our parking lots, new students looking lost, etc. Soon our lazy days will be over.

What is going on with you all?

08-09-2007, 12:00 AM
Hi: We are hot, hot,hot,. but probably not as bad as some folks have it. The smimming pool is a great help.

I've started painting the hallway now. I have all the base coat done, and tomorrow after coming back from the dentist, I will start on the real painting. boy have I found muscles i forgot I have. it is going to blend in with the kitchen, since when we got the kitchen paint, we had planned to sponge paint another color over it, but we didn't like it, (it was too light colored) and so that is the color I am using for the hallway. A pale aquamarine from the same color palette as the kitchen
And as the hallway leads right into the kitchen it should make a nice contrast.

We keep going to the exercise 3 times a week. And aside from this, things are pretty calm around here. i did buy some replacement plants, nice marigolds, to replace the plaants that didn't survive. I just haven't had time to put them in. We have rain at night, when it is the best time to set out plants.

I was happy to see the shuttle get off all right. with the two accidents with shuttles, it always gives me a tight feeling until they are off okay. And then it is the same when they are coming in to land. We can stand out in front of the house and see the glow in the sky as it lifts off.

Glenda- i can just imagine the confusion with new students. It is too bad that medications that are necessary can make such unpleasant side effects. This new B.P. medication I am on is making me gain weight. I read to see if it was me or a side effect. At least I am glad that I am not too much of a glutton. But it makes me mad to work so hard to lose, and then take a pill that makes me gain.

Time for bed. An early dentist appointment tomorrow.


08-09-2007, 07:15 AM
Hi girls,

It seems like ages since I last posted and yet it is only a week. Since then I have lost another 1 KG. I was feeling rather down last week so all I did was play games on the computer.

It looks like you are having horrid weather over there, well keep your chins up it soon will be cold again and then we will have the heat. LOL.

I saw in the paper about that awful bridge collapse in Minneapolis and it broke my heart, it looks like we are safe nowhere we go. I am glad that the death toll was not as high as they predictated.

Well girls must go now. Love to you all.

Jenye. :)

08-10-2007, 01:54 AM
G'day all,

It seems at times I have no time to scratch myself let alone come and post!

Sorry to hear about the change in medication having such negative side effects on Leon Glenda.
The internet is just wonderful for investigating all the side effects some medication have. I wonder with some in-depth investigation of the different drugs, you could present that to your doctor and who knows there maybe other medications that do the same job without the side effects.
No fun living with a cranky husband:(

We have had our moments, again it is with these contracts, we get urgent messages to see if Alan will go wherever and then we are left in limbo again. We are trying very hard to put it out of our minds.
It seems the minute we do another phone call or email arrives to ask when
Alan is available. It makes for a very unsettling life that we can definitely do without.

Yesterday I visited a customer who has just come back from Peru and she wants her photos fixed and then put on a dvd as a slide show. She is not very computer literate, hence I got the job but her photos are quite spectacular. It will be a very enjoyable job.

Our weather is lovely and sunny, 20 degrees but a bit windy.
I cannot believe that a washing machine can make so much difference, thought a washing machine washes, a vacuum cleaner sucks but boy there is a huge difference. I have washed a few things that I was about to throw out that have come up like new, unbelievable.
The windy sunny day is just perfect for washing.

Jenye sorry you have been feeling a bit down, loosing another kg is nothing to feel down about, well done!

Ann you are very good painting with the heat you are experiencing:( Your colour scheme sounds lovely. I agree with you regarding the shuttle, good to see it all went according to plan.

I have just had a call to say that my new computer is fixed and is being delivered in an hour. I sincerely hope it is fixed!

Hello to everyone else.....


08-10-2007, 04:03 PM
I am melting. It has been almost a 100 degrees these past few days. I will have to remember this in the winter when I am freezing. We are having a drought and I am forever watering the flowers. I was here last Sunday and lost my post. Probably a good thing since I was complaining about our afternoon visit at the happy home with D's parents. Trust me, I didn't volunteer to give my mil a shower a few times a week. I was sort of put in the position of doing it. I am getting good at doing her hair. The other ladies there compliment her on it. Just lots of the old fashioned backcombing.
Glenda the net is a good place to look up medicines. Have you talked to the dr to see if there is an alternative without those side effects? Enjoy the last few weeks before the campus gets crazy again. I hate to drive around the UC area when school starts. You are not fat.
Maria can I send my laundry over to you??? That machine sounds amazing. Looking at the Peru pics, does that make you want to visit there? Is Alan still going to New Zealand?
Ann your painting sounds pretty. You have let us see. I was holding my breath about the shuttle also. I can remember exactly where I was when the other one exploded.
Jenye Keep up the good work. Take any loss you can get. Have you ever visited the pogo site for games? My friends love it.
Guess I am going to have to go to the hospital tonight and see how my neighbor is doing. Her dog that I am watching is a big shedder. Lots of clumps of black hair. The dog is overweight and has trouble walking. Seems like the past 2 summers when it gets this hot she has these heart problems and ends up in the hospital. I wish she wouldn't be so hard headed and turn on the ac that the man on the other side of her bought for her.
I have to laugh. Doug was given 2 tickets to the Reds game yesterday and passes to the ac Riverfront club. I was soooo happy to have my mammo scheduled for the afternoon so I didn't have to go. [It was a !00 degrees] He and a friend went. It cost $10 to park. The usher told them that there was a complimentary buffet in the club so they went up. After filling their plates they were told that it was $21 a piece. A beer was $6.75. So those free $14 tickets weren't so free after all.
My dog must have thought he was a cat. He came in from outside, opened his mouth and gave me a dead bird. Oh joy-I had to figure out how to pick it up without touching it.

08-11-2007, 12:37 AM
G'day all,

That sounds horrendous the heat you are having Peggy. I wonder what sort of summer we will have, it is beautiful, almost spring weather at the moment.
We have those sort of free tickets! Hope the buffet was good!

My computer problems are going from bad to worse and are causing a lot of tension in an otherwise happy household:mad::(:mad:

Our son had sold his investment property and he was thrilled with the price, it now turns out they were a mob of crooks and the sale has fallen through.

Haven't heard when Alan will be going to NZ, we are now also debating if he WILL go when we finally hear something. We will no doubt get another phone call and he will be wanted over there yesterday:mad:

For 5 minutes I did think a trip to South America would be great after seeing those pictures of Peru but reality has set in and for now pictures will do.

Alan is also a bit concerned about the dive the stockmarket has taken and how it has effected our investments. Alan is always a bit of a pessimist so I hope it has not hurt us too badly.

Not much other news from this end....hope you are all well


08-11-2007, 02:49 PM
Hi all:
I have been busy with my painting project in the hallway. I am about done, but I know I will have to give the doors a second coat. but with a roller that goes quickly. When I am all finished, I will try some pictures to send on to you. I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Just one down side - I have found muscles that I forgot I had. :D: I also discovered that I can manage to get paint on just about every part of me.

Got a call from Holly last night and she and Mike may be coming down on the 15th. But Mike's boss isn't sure he wants to let him come. Mike has vacation time coming and he will lose it if he doesn't use it. So I hope mike will just say I'm coming. I can't believe that they would fire him, cince he seems to be so indispensible. I think it is just a ploy to keep him there. So we'll see. Holly says she is coming anyway, since they already have the reservations.
She'll be happy to see what her 'old' Mama has done.

Maria: I hope you get your computer problems straightened out. How frustrating. And all the questions about when Alan will go to NZ must be frustrating. Your new washing machine must be a miracle worker.

Jenye: Good for you with another loss. There is a Netives site that I like for games. Keep up the good work

Glenda: I concur with the others about the research for meds. There is so much information available out there that hopefully you can find some help. It must be frustrating for you and Leon both thinking that you have to live with the unpleasant side effects.

Peggy: It has been hot here too. 98 99, and 100 one day. but we just stay inside. And then I go to the pool late in the day. I have to water all the time, and I have lost some plants, when I forgot to water.

Slavika: I am wondering if Patches has managed another roll of toilet paper? and how is the 'potty training' progressing. It makes it so much easier, when they are housebroken, and you only have to take them out a few times a day. We finally got our dog to 4 times, sometimes 5 and she did well.

I got on the scales the other morning and was horrified to find I had gained once again. So- I am being really careful. I am wondering if taking the 2nd BP medication is making the difference.

My dentist trip proved interesting. I have to have a tooth extracted. It is not a candidate for a root canal. So in a couple of weeks I'll get the job done. Not looking forward to that.

Gloria: Are you hot up in Massachusetts?

Norma: How are things with you and family?

Bernice: Have you found the house you want?

Well back to work and then to the pool. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.


08-16-2007, 11:49 AM
Girls, I keep checking to see if anybody is posting and nobody has. I am sure it is the summer stuff keeping you busy. Good news about Slavika. I hope she gets home today.

It is hot here. Good and hot. Remember when it rained all the time and I didn't like it? I would like just a little of that back. Now we are looking like a regular August. Our lawn mower is being fixed and it is the best time because no yard is growing right now. Leon has gotten every single flower bed in a watering system now. Just takes turning on the faucet and they are all watered. Pretty nice. He loves doing projects. I don't know what he will do when he can't think of anything else.

I have a stinking summer cold. Miserable in any weather, but when it is 100 degrees out, it just seems so out of place. I hope you all are having good luck on your diet programs. I am doing somewhat better. McDonald's chocolate covered ice cream cones have been my downfall. I haven't had one in over a week. YEA! I think I am addicted. Has been hard.

Anne, hope you can send us pictures soon of your painting projects.

Maria, glad you are happy with your washer. Do you know yet when Alan will be going to NZ? And glad you are getting a new computer. You really had a dud, didn't you?

Trudy, who has been taking care of Patches?

Gloria, drink that water!

Peggy, stay cool. The university starts back next Monday. Kyle called me this morning. He took Austin for his first day of kindergarten and he asked me if it was hard leaving them for the first time. He was almost in tears. They have full day kindergarten now. We just had half days and it wasn't that hard.

Stay cool.

08-17-2007, 06:02 AM
G'day all,

I am very happy to report that I have a brand new computer with Vista and it is a dream.:):):):)

After all the problems I have had since returning from America, I really appreciate having a reliable computer.

Great to know Slavika is back home again after her little sojourn with her heart problems, take care Slavika:hug:

Glenda isn't that funny about Kyle, it is nice to hear when our kids go through our experiences and how they react.

Peta is playing in the finals tonight which is a direct telecast at 8 pm, we are hoping they will do well espercially seeing it is Peta's 'swan song'.
Matilda got a camellia from my garden for her Mum, I saw her today and she told me that the flower 'broke' and she now cannot show her Mum. I told David to get some flowers when he goes to collect Peta from the airport on Sunday, Matilda will just love it.

Off to make a pizza (a healthy one ;) ) for tea (dinner, supper or whatever you care to call it!)

Thanks Trudy for keeping us all informed about Slavika, it has been very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend all,


08-21-2007, 12:25 PM
Where are you guys? I just came up for air from the state that is underwater. I have two friends on farms in El Reno. One is living on an island. They can't flush. They can't run water. And they are surrounded by water. One of the dams just released more water and she said that water is up to her garage. But she has been very lucky not to have it in her house. The other one has lost several cattle through drowning. That is so strange to all of us--cattle in a field in Oklahoma that drown.....in August.

Slavika, hope your doctor is pleased with you. I loved the picture of you and Patches. Your friend was right--you do have similar hairdos.

Maria, I am so glad for your son's family (and you) that Peta has decided to hang it up. Your son sounds like an exceptional young man to encourage her to follow her dreams. I see a similarity in my son Joel who has never discouraged or acted as if it is too much, taking care of his in-laws, even when it has become very onerous. Shanna has come all by herself to the assumption that you can just go so far. We can be proud of young men who are so giving to their wives.

Ann, I guess you are busy with your kids' visit. I hope Mike didn't really get into any hot water with his boss. Of course, what I want to say is, "How dare he treat him like that!" But reality can be unfair.

Well, all I guess you are passing hot days in the pool. I guess Florida is safe from Dean. Hope you are all well.

08-22-2007, 12:14 PM
I guess I have been of the missing variety. I don't know where the time goes. The kids were here a couple of days, and then off to Mike's mothers up in Leesburg. Then they got an internet deal at Disney and are spending the last few days of the vacation there. Mike has needed that kind of relaxation. His boss came around.

Today i am doing very little as at 8:30a.m. I had my tooth pulled. So far, so good. I just have to follow instructions and there should be no problem. I never knew that you shouldn't drink with a straw when you have an extraction. I do now.

I will try to get some photo's of the new paint job. I still have the guest bathroom to paint, and that color now is just too close to the hallway shade, so am going to paint a nice light peach in there. i just have to wait until the extraction is well healed, as I got all sorts of instructions to follow. no straw, no carbonated beverage, a lot of 'no's but only for a short time.

I am so glad Sally that you are home and doing well. And Patches is so cute. I agree that you both have that windblown look.

Glenda: I have been reading about all the flooding, and how unusual it is for your part of the world. It seems that there is feast or famine all over.

Peggy: According to our weather report, you must be getting some much needed rain now. I'm still watering flowers, and also a plant for a neighbors, who are gone for a month.

Maria: I'm happy that your new computer is working out well. You must be relieved that Peta has retired from netball. It was nice to hear that Matilda was happy about it too. Kids know. I like the idea of the double flush toilets. We should take a lesson from those, here in the states.

Jenye: Congrats on more weight loss. Keep up the good work. Did you ever try out the Netives.com site for games.

Karen: How are you surviving in this heat? I am glad that H. Dean missed us, but feel sorry for those folks in the Carribean. Did you hear the sonic boom when the shuttle came in? We missed it this time. I was so glad that they made re-entry without any problem. That hole was a bit of a worry, for sure, knowing what had happened before.

Gloria: How is the heat and rain in your part of the world?

And Norma: Thanks for keeping us posted on Sally. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Bernice: Where are you? Have you found another house yet?

Last week I picked up some sort of intestinal bug, and I was really sick for a couple of days. Even a temperature, and then it was pretty much over. Just kept that 'crampy' feeling a few days more. I hate those kind of bugs. I never throw up, just feel nauseous and head to the bathroom. No fun at all. All is well now.

Time to change my gauze once again. Talk to you all later and I will work on pictures. Ann

08-23-2007, 05:53 AM
G'day all,

I can relate to what you are saying Ann, I have no idea where the time goes:dizzy:

We have just come back from having a lovely lunch with some friends who live right on the beach. Lots of dolphins in the water, just a delight to sit on their balcony overlooking the sea on a glorious sunny afternoon.
Best part was that we were able to walk home, no worries about drink driving.

Good to hear that Mike was able to get away and have a bit of a vacation.

I will be going to hospital in a few weeks to have my implants done, I will be glad when that is done and I can chew on both sides of my mouth.
Are you having an implant Ann? If it is only one tooth it might not be necessary, I now have no bottom molars on one side of my mouth so implants are a must.

We have heard about the flooding in Oklahoma, hard to believe how bad it is. Hope you are keeping dry Glenda.

Off to get ready for a customer who is calling in tonight.

Hope everyone is well.


Karen L
08-23-2007, 08:51 PM
I'm here too. And I agree the time just goes by so fast.

Ann We did hear the boom when the shuttle re-entered. i was In the pool with no hearing aids and still heard it. As for the heat. i do my 2 miles in the morning and then not much else out doors unless it is in the pool. However my laundry room is out in the shed so i do have to go back and forth to that a few times a week. DH put a fan in there but it is not much help. We are going to put a small A/C out there one of theses days. Was glad H. Dean didn't make a stop here. That storm was massive!how is the mouth doing?

Glenda glad to hear that you are not flooded out. What strange weather we are having. Try to stay dry!

Maria I don't envy you your tooth implants. I think it might hurt.

I've been dealing with the worry of a second mammogram and they also had to do a ultrasound of the left one. Waiting is a killer. Came back yesterday normal was very relieved. Also have had a sinus infection so had to visit the doctor for meds. And have a pinched nerve in my back that is causing me to have sharp pain when i move a certain way. Try not to do that. But was told that i need to continue to exercise as long as what I do doesn't hurt. So have just continued on. It is better now still have some pain but I'll live. I guess.

DH is doing well. Although he sometimes drive me to distraction. Because he is always forgetting to carry his Nitro. So I am forever chasing him down to give it to him MEN!!!!!!!

Well Big brother is about to come on . Must see who gets evicted.
See you later.

08-24-2007, 10:32 AM
It is getting warmer again. We have had about 5 days of 'fall' temps and it was lovely except I do like Summer better than Winter.

I am still on the lemon-water and 'loo' routine and nothing has happened yet. My right back flank feels so swollen and sore (uncomfortable) and it is making sleeping difficult. I can only sleep on my left side and I usually like to sleep on my stomach so I wake up when I accidently turn in my sleep. I go to the imaging center next Tuesday to have another CT with dye to see if the stone has moved but I think it has found a home and likes it there. :(
The following tuesday I see the dr. to find out what is next. Possibly a proceedure in which I will be in a tub of water and they will use an ultrasound to pinpoint the stone and then bombard me with some sort of 'rays' or something to blast it. sounds like fun.
I am still trying not to have animal protein more than once a day and no chocolate, nuts, salt....the only good side of this is I have lost 4 lbs. I hope this is the start of a good thing.

Maria: Good luck with your implants. I have been very lucky not to have lost any teeth but have had 4 root canals. Also, happy to hear that the new computer is going great.

Glenda: Hope the rain will stop with the changing of the seasons so you and your area will have a chance to dry out.

Karen: So happy to hear that the mammogram worry has turned out OK! That can be very scary.

Ann: That sounded like a nice visit with your family and it was good that Mike was able to get away and join you.

Peggy: Your area has also been in the news with a lot of rain...glad you weren't affected!

Ashe: More lbs. gone...congratulations!

Sally: I don't know what is going on with our service...the support desk said that they removed all the filters from your area and you should be able to get thru. I will have to call them again and see what else can be done. Glad you are home and improving. I may not get mail from you direct but I do get it via the others.

Norma: Hope all is well with you and your family.


08-25-2007, 06:42 PM
Can you believe that it is almost the end of August already???? We started school this week and the temps have been close to 100. Only a few rooms have ac and the cafe is not one. We had a 2 hr early dismissal because of the heat. It seems to be raining all around us but we are so dry. I keep watering the flowers but gave up on the grass.
Glenda - good gosh but you are getting so much rain again. I feel bad for all those that are affected. It must be so hard. That is cute about Kyle. I have never had one of the McD's ice cream cones. I am afraid to start-I might like it way too much.
Ann and Karen I am glad that Dean missed you all.
Karen glad to hear that the second mammo was better. You worry so much waiting for the results, don't you?
Slavika how are you doing? I am glad you are home with Patches and feeling better. That was such a scary experience. I am glad that your son was close by.
And Trudy thanks for keeping us updated.
Maria implants don't sound like fun.
Gloria wish I could do something to help. That is a heck of a way to lose lbs. And no chocolate either.
We took P to Otterville last week. A big play place for little ones. He had a blast. He loved the squirting the fire extinguishers at D and pulling the handle on the water tank. It was so hot I am sure it felt good. This nana stayed out of the way.

08-25-2007, 10:54 PM
I have lost another 1 kg this week but am finding it harder to get the monement. I am so down in the dumps that I don't feel like dieting let alone posting Anyway that is 5 kgs since I started.

Because of the way that I feel I have read all your posts but haven't got a clue what anybody said - lets hope that I can come good in a very short while. The doctor has upped my meds so it shouldn't be long.

It sounds as if you are having ghastly weather over in the States at the moment, lets hope it doesn't last for all that much longer. I hope that it hasn't affected anyone in your area.

Love to you all.

Jenye. :)

08-26-2007, 02:02 PM
Hi Everybody: Now that I finally caught up on my emails I thought I would come and post. I am feeling good. I feel stronger every day. I'm sure that I had a "birdie" looking after me the day of the heart attack and am most fortunate that it was a minor one. The meds the doctor is treating me with are Plavix (which you all likely heard about), Metoprolol (for chest pain and high blood pressure) and finally Furosemide which is a "water pill" (diuretic). My doctor said since my heart attack was minor that I could drive my car again on Sept 8th. I am pleased, as I hate bothering friends for a ride. Trudy and her husband took me to the doctor the other day and ended up waiting over an hour for me I think and then we went out for din din's. I am lucky I have good friends like Trudy.
You all may have heard that dogs do not see colours, well I don't believe that. A couple of days ago I changed the two hand towels I have on my oven handle to quite bright and different ones to the ones that I had been putting up. Patches was outside when I did this. When she came in she stopped short, looked at the towels and started to growl at them hee hee :D :D She noticed right away that they were different and it wasn't their size as that was the same as the other towels. What do you all think? Yesterday I gave her doggie beef jerky and she had one of those hard rawhide type chews. She carried them each and put them side by side on the carpet in the TV room and then sat down and looked at them. She next moved the beef jerky a bit as if to line it up better. Once again she sat down and looked at her handiwork, appeared content, and lay down near them and had a nap. She is finally house trained and now allowed in the living room. She has had one accident since I had my heart attack and has been good since. I had her groomed again on Friday and she looks like a little beanie baby with the pink bow the groomer put on her. She will be spayed on Sept 4th. I wish that was over and done with. I enjoyed reading all your posts and getting caught up with your news. My doctor said it was ok for me to go to Texas this winter so now I have to find out how much the travel insurance will cost me. It would have been my 35th anniversary on Thursday, so it was kind of a sad day for me, but I am getting better when these special days come up. We are almost at the end of August and soon the kids will be back at school. The summer has gone so quickly. :hug:

08-26-2007, 05:53 PM
Hi Again Everybody: I looked on the internet and it appears that dogs do see colour but not exactly like we do.....I wonder how they know this?? Anyway, apparently they can see red and blue but green and red look the same to them. hmmm.

08-26-2007, 07:30 PM
G''day everyone,

How good to see all the posts!

Karen pleased to hear mammogram results cam back good, always a bit of a worry having to wait for results. That must some 'boom' that were able to hear when the shuttle re-entered. Thank goodness that all went well, with the damage to the shuttle, the family of the people in the shuttle must have had a few nailbiting moments.

Gloria i hope this kidney business of you is soon much better. Sounds all very painful to me. I believe the shattering of kidney stones is a fairly painless procedure. Good for you loosing 4 lbs.

Peggy it is almost unbelievable that it is getting to the end of August, I think that is about all I will be doing, watering the flowers but not the grass. We don't have nearly as much grass as you do but it is still a bit pity to have to let it go, green grass looks so much nicer and cooler.

Jenye well done on a 5 kg loss...wow, you should be on top of the world! I think Melbourne has also experienced some beautiful weather, that always makes one feel so much better.

Slavika so good to hear you are well and feeling stronger every day. Patches will keep you on your toes, she sounds like a very clever little dog. I bet she is cute after being groomed.
We don't have that law that you immediately are stopped from driving when you have a heart attack, it makes sense but must have been very inconvenient. Good to hear you will soon be able to drive yourself again.
That always puzzles me too how they would possibly know what colours a dog can and cannot see:dizzy:

We had a lovely weekend, we have a garage sale type market close by and sunday morning Matilda and myself went to have a look. I was only there 10 minutes and had bought 3 toys for Matilda, rather then come home with a million toys we left very soon again. Matilda went for a ride with Alan and I pottered around the garden. In the afternoon Alan and I went for a drive whilst the country side is still nice and green. All the almond blossoms are out and it definitly felt like spring has sprung!
I am not too concerned about my implants, I am having three, I am more concerned about the cost:( It will be so good to be able to chew on whatever side of my mouth I want to!

Have a great week all,


08-26-2007, 10:08 PM
Hi all;

Gloria: I do hope that your resident stones will decide to move out, but I do know that the water-sonor treatment is not too bad, according to our pastor who has had that and also a stent put in to help pass a stone. I have no first hand knoweledge. it is a hard way to lose 4 lbs, but maybe that may be the push you need to keep going.

Maria: I did not have an implant. Just pulled the darn thing. it was the last upper tooth on the left, and having the start of an abcess, the Dr. felt that just pulling was the only option. it is doing well, but eating soft foods for a few days. I have lost a couple of lbs too, so I hope to keep up the loss.

Karen: I'm so glad that your Mammo report came back all right. The waiting is the pits. It is sort of that one just wants to know, so you can get on with life. I hear you when you say 'MEN' they can be so frustrating sometimes.
Did you get all this rain for the past 3 days? it is good to have some rain for a change.

Peggy: I'm glad you escaped all the rain and flooding that has occured in your part of the world. And I don't envy you in a kitchen without A.C. And all those hot little bodies giving off energy. School has been going for a week here, but of course everything has ac here.

Slavika: Your Patches is so cute, and what good fortune that she is now housebroken. She must be a lot of company. And smart too, to notice the difference in the kitchen towels. I don't understand how the 'authorities' can tell whether dogs can see color or not. I'm sure you will be happy to get to drive again. Good friends are a blessing.

Maria; I have to adjust my thinking knowing that you are going into Spring and summer and we are going into Fall and Winter. Your spring ride with the top down made me a bit envious. How Matilda has grown. She is getting to be quite a young lady.

Jenye: Congrats on another kg lost. And I hope that the spring weather will boost your spirits a bit more.

Glenda: I can't even imagine what your friends must be going through with water and mud in their homes. And all the damage to crops. These floods are just awful. And all of the midwestern states are suffering from it too. I'm glad for you that you are all right. And your family. I hope that your DH is doing better with his meds. I'm going to the Dr. with my DH to try to get to the bottom of some of his problems. I hope we get some answers, and nothing that will interfere with our going north in September.

Trudy: What a good friend, and then out for dinner. Slavika is lucky to have you nearby. Hope you and your DH are doing well. I guess those torrential rains didn't get to your part of the world.

I have to get back to my book now. Am reading a J.D. Robb(Nora Roberts alias) and it is a good one. Remember When in two parts. The first part sets the story for the second part. A good thriller.

Nite nite. Ann

08-27-2007, 01:09 PM
Hi Everybody: It's a cool day today. I took Patrches for a walk and I needed a sweater and jeans on. She loves to go on the walks now and it is certainly good exercise for me. GLORIA all my emails to you are being bounced back. I don't understand I did all that I was to do and "they" are still saying they try tried to deliver the mail two or three times to you, then it's just cancelled. Is anybody else having trouble with your server other then me??:?: Congrats to you all that are losing weight and hope that those of you with health issues are soon well. Thinking about you.

08-28-2007, 05:45 PM
Have any of you had any experience with stenciling on walls, after painting. I'm looking for suggestions. Thought I was going to get started with the painting today but not to happen, as DH had to go for blood work, and a cat scan. And I had a haircut appointment. I spent most of my day sitting around and waiting. such is life.

Slavika: Hard to believe that sweater time is coming we are still around 95deg. Warm. I didn't make it to the pool today. Just too much to do.

More another time. Ann

08-29-2007, 11:29 AM
Girls, it seems like everybody is back! And with mostly good news. Yea! Slavika, you are feeling better and stronger and will soon be back to 100%. Karen had a good mammo report. Ann is doing her Energizer Bunny routine. Gloria, you are drinking that water. I do hope you will have good news soon. Kind of funny when everybody is rooting for you to do that thing a lot, isn't it? Peggy, you are back in school and sweating, huh? It is hard to believe you don't have AC in the kitchen. I have a problem with the start of school anyway. I just feel that they should start school after Labor Day, "the way God intended it!" Oh well, seems "they" haven't listened to me. Trudy, does Slavika look good? It is nice to have good friends for sure. And Maria, I envy you going into spring and summer. I just don't even feel that we have had much of a season with rains and floods. Just been weird.

We have a 3-day holiday coming up. Yea! I think we are supposed to go to my friend's house and paint one day. She should have the sheetrock redone and ready to paint. She will get new carpet then and wainscotting (sp?) and be back in business. What a darned mess!

Guys, you probably get a little tired of me saying this, but I gave blood for my CA-125 test yesterday. Just pray for me that it will turn out good. It is not as bad as it used to be, but I probably will always get nervous waiting for the results.

Jenye, congrats on the loss! The whole goal for you is to not get sidetracked now and to stay focused. This is when it gets hard and you can be distracted. Good luck!

Bernice, what is going on with you?

08-30-2007, 03:42 PM
Never fails. If I post, you all disappear. Do I have cyber halitosis, or something?

BTW, just wanted you to know that dear hubby is doing much better. Now that he understands what he is like when he feels overwhelmed, he is catching himself before he gets there. So, we are back to fine. And actually, he is doing much better. Goes to show you that an old dog can learn new tricks.

Karen L
08-31-2007, 08:11 PM
Hi all, I haven't been here in a week or so again. It's been a busy week. Tuesday night I started the prep for a colonoscopy. What fun that was. Everyone who has ever has one knows the prep is worse than the procedure that part is all done while you are asleep. Was clean as a whistle don't have to go back for 5 years . Good thing because it will take that long to dull the memory of that awful salty lemon drink! Funny tho this time I woke up crying for DH. That has never happened before. Now vomiting or with a horrendous migraine that has happened before, i guess i should just thank my lucky stars that it was tears this time. Any way I am all done with test for a while now .

You all remember my SIL who used to live with us. Well it looks like she may have ovarian cancer. She has had all the symptoms for a while now but it just hit us all that she should have that check out as their mother died of the disease. All this time the doctors have been checking the colon or the stomach. So she had an ultrasound of her ovaries an on is plump as a 25 year old. She is 71. So them she took the CA-125 blood test and now the doctor wants to see her. I'm hoping for a lesser thing. So keep your fingers crossed & pray.

Got a panic call from my Daughter yesterday needing money to pay the electric bill. The company was there to shut it off. They have been struggling so this past 2 years. This is the first time she has called in a panic. So of course we payed the bill. her husband can't work because of the back neck and shoulder injuries he got in that accident a few years ago. They are involved in a law suit that i hope gets over with soon. They only want enough to help with schooling for her husband to be retrained to do some other kind of work that he can make $27.00 an hour so they can get back to living normal. We have been sending money each month to help but Can't send enough to really help. I feel bad But can only do so much. She won't ask for money unless it's necessary. Like it was yesterday.

Enough of my problems!

Have a safe week-end all of you

09-01-2007, 12:01 AM
Onto the next thread......