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07-30-2007, 06:41 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

07-30-2007, 07:35 PM
hello to all you wonderful ladies!!

nothing new on this end....I was getting into the swing of things for a weight loss challenge on another board. So, I got some exercise in today....I have been bad and forgetting to do it so now I don't have a choice! LOL

Then we are going to go for a walk after dinner. It was a blast walking after dinner before and then we got out of the habit of doing it due to fish fly season, and now we are going to get started again!

07-30-2007, 10:56 PM
Good evening Mindee and all JL's. Hope you all had a fine day. Mindee, glad to hear you are getting in some exercise. Me, when I get exercise I fail at food and when I do good with food I fail on exercise. Geeze....can't win. Today was not a good day, I only got in 2 miles on the bike.
BUT I did lose a pound, finally, I am in the 160's again.

The start of another week and all I can say is "I am going to TRY, try again." *fingers crossed for another pound gone!*

07-31-2007, 12:50 AM
Sue~ Great job on the one pound gone! I stepped on the scale today, and I am still where I was yesterday.....but I am hoping to get things going in the loss column. Should be interesting because Tommy noticed that Marissa's has some puffy gums with white spots.

07-31-2007, 03:01 AM
Evening ladies!

How are you all doing? I had a very long post this morning....attempted to go ahead and do my catching up, had two screens up so I can go back and see who said what and low and behold.......I closed the wrong screen!!! :mad:

By that time I said forget it---times running out and I'll be late for work! So I apologize to all that I'm missing, but know that I'm thinking of ya and send you a big hug. :hug:

Jane--Thank you for starting a new thread just so I can start getting caught up! :)

Mindee--Did you get your after dinner walk in?? That's a great habit to get into. I get off work too late to walk after dinner outdoors. (yeah....great excuse) I will start tread milling again.

Sue--Congrats on the one pound lost! Every little bit adds up and soon you'll be at goal.

Hello to the rest of you.

Only 3 more weeks and it's vacation time! I can't wait. We have a lot planned. And it doesn't involve a whole lot of money, just a whole lot of energy!! Hiking and kayaking are on the top of our "to do list".

Ok....girls, I need to get ready for bed soon. You all have a good night and I'll chat w/you tomorrow.

Night! :wave:

07-31-2007, 04:29 PM
How are you wonderful ladies doing today? Same stuff different day around here. Tommy noticed that Marissa has some white spots in her mouth and she has been drooling and putting her hands in her mouth we shall see how long it takes her to get some teeth in.

Marti~ Yup, I actually did get it in. Tommy said "I am only walking for a half hour since I am so sore today." I said "a half hour is fine with me for today." Today though since it is so hot, I think we will end up at the pool once he gets home from work. So, I will hopefully be able to get some laps or at least some kind of exercise done in the pool!

08-01-2007, 02:37 AM

Mindee, are you the only one here today??

Today was a very good work day. One person down (due to a move, they don't plan to replace her) and I'm managing to keep up w/the work! I gave myself a pat on the back for that! :D

Mindee--Swimming is GREAT exercise! I told James that I want to go swimming next weekend. It's suppose to get up to the 90's and that makes the water up in the mountains so cool and refreshing!

Hello to the rest of you gals out there.

Ok, since summer has hit.....I have totally put off my commitments of getting in shape. It's not like I'm sitting around just eating, but I'm definitely not watching my portion control. It doesn't matter if you eat well......if you stuff yourself until you're ready to explode, you're still not doing yourself any favors. (I know better than that, really I do!)

So.........................something has got to stick in my head and give me that push to motivate my butt. Or else those 5lbs that I want to lose before vacation is just never going to happen.

Starting tomorrow....jotting down everything I eat and start counting my calories again and drink water, water and more water.

Take one day at a time.

Ok.....I'm off. You all have sweet dreams!

Nighty night! :wave:

08-01-2007, 11:08 AM
Hello...quickie here. I managed to get in 5 miles biking yesterday and 3 miles already this morning. It is going to be don't know if I will get more tonight or not. Doing great and feeling good. Be back later.

08-01-2007, 11:13 AM
What happened to my post from yesterday? Seriously, I posted a nice long one with individuals...... ???? Hmm, maybe I just did the post preview, then forgot to submit it???

:carrot::carrot:It's August, ladies!!:carrot::carrot:
The month of sales everywhere, lemonade on the front porch, and school buses!

Mindee - Jackson is cutting teeth, too, and slobbers like one of those drippy dogs, lol. Your evening walks sound like fun for the whole family.

Sue - YAY for you being in the 160's!

Marti - your vacation will be so much fun. I can just see you and James kayaking! Do you ever go camping? I used to like to go, until we moved to the country. Now I search for hustle and bustle, lol.

PJ - ah, I know what you mean - I just hate to give up my comfy shoes, too. The ones I like best have been designated to garden use only, lol.

Cristina - YW about Jules. I was thinking maybe you might not want to fight your body's natural rhythm? Neal is a night owl that stays up late and sleeps in, and feels better that way. Just a thought. Yay for one more pound down. I'm still trying to lose weight that I had regained. <sigh>

Hello to anyone reading this. :wave:

Marti mentioned being better about keeping track of the food, etc. I, for some reason, have slacked off so badly with water, and boy does that make a difference in my weight loss! Some people aren't affected by it, but most of us are. Anyway, since I'm doing pretty good with food and exercise, my focus is going to be on water. glug glug glug, lol.

I got Shrek stickers in Evansville yesterday. :cp: Also found a khaki and copper raincoat w/a hood at Burlington Coat Factory for $35!! WooHoo!! It had been $80. Also found some pjs on sale at Penney's. Made out like a bandit, lol.


08-01-2007, 03:48 PM
Hello ladies!

Went for my walk this morning, always feels good. Eating is actually going good and I have chicken salad planned for dinner far, so good.

Went to the pool as well, man that water was a little chilly, brrrrr. Anywho...nothing else going on. Going to go buy a new lawn mower when V gets home from work. What a gift, eh? I kind of look forward to was extra exercise for me and since we just got a yard and it is almost ready to mow I've missed months of mowing. Who would have thought one would miss mowing, lol?

Mindee...glad your mom changed her mind, I kind of figured she would. WTG on your walking. :carrot:

Marti...I agree, your vacation sounds fun. I would be afraid of kayaking but have always wanted to go river rafting. V went years ago (has a picture of it) and he said he loved it! Of course I never learned how to swim and I think I would be a little afraid of falling over, lol. You'll get back on track but I do know what you mean. know whats funny is...on the days I don't set my alarm to get up early, I still wake up, lol. But my body aches if I stay in bed too long. Wow, little Jackson is already teething? How old is he now? Doesn't seem like much time has passed, but it passes by too fast for me. Can't believe it's August already! WTG on all the good deals! Speaking of jammies, I need some new ones.

Sue...good job on your 8 miles! :carrot: Supposed to be in the 90's here today, not so humid, thank goodness but hot. The end of the week supposed to get into the upper 90's with some 97's & 98's, ick.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I too have to get my water in Jane, totally helps with the losing weight. I don't journal what I eat but I do keep track of my water intake, vitamin, WI and exercise on my little calendars that I print out...that helps somewhat. Kind of been slacking in the water dept. as well.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

08-01-2007, 10:46 PM
Hello, hello....

Back again for a little while. I have to un-wind before bed or I will be up all night. :)

I rode another 2 miles for 5 today. I want to get back up to 7, but in this heat I am glad to get 5. After I rode I decided I needed to water all the plants, which took forever. You know how it is, drag the hose around and sweat your butt off. Ha... Some of the plants I had to carry water for which is a real pain.

Earlier DH and I went to Home Depot and bought a few things. Came home and spent the afternoon putting shelves together for the closet. Wow, does it make a difference. I got all of our videos, books, cds and dvds on one unit which left the other one for MY stuff. LOL. Tomorrow I need to go through the last of our boxes I had in there and straighten the rest of the closet. Have wayyyy lots of room now. Just gotta get a few more boxes for shoes and things will be neat. It has taken me a few months to convince DH that we needed to do he is like "Wow! you were right!" (why don't they ever realize we are ALWAYS right?)

Cristina- Good job on the walking and pool time. I can't swim either so the kayaking would scare the bejeesus out of me. I love to go out on a lake in a nice slow boat, but hate speed boating. A pontoon is just the ticket! I hope you and I both see another pound gone on Mon.

Jane- Whew! Isn't this weather the pits? We had to turm our A/C on Sunday and it has been going since. Probably won't get to give it a break this week. We love our shady lot and were able to just open windows all summer, except for a few humid days, until now. There always seesm to be a breeze here, but now it is a HOT one. All the more reason to drink that water...right Jane??? Let's git 'er done.

Marti- Bet you and James will have a great week. Sounds like you can find several things to do. And it also sounds like exercise to me. :)

Mindee- Did you get to go swimming? That is good exercise as well as the walking. I walked the dog for Mom this afternoon and after 1/3 mile I was so hot! Riding the bike at least gave me a breeze. Haha

PJ- Where are you chickie? Hope you are still walking and feeling good.

A shout out to all the MIA Jaded Ladies. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer.

08-02-2007, 12:20 AM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Well they got the new system running but now I have no phone LOL...they screwed up something, so now I have to get them to fix it, really glad I have a cell at least...Hubby is on his way from Buffalo NY to Ohio then back to Boston Mass, he's been running a fever and naturally can't take anything while driving so he's not a happy camper and now with the phone messed up he really is unhappy LOL...been doing an hour everyday but my toe has healed up so I got my 2 hrs in on the treadmill today...gonna go to the movies with the boy tomorrow and see The Simpson's movie...then go see the Bourne Ultimatum on Friday...well have a Good Evening All.

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 39 days away!

08-02-2007, 01:16 AM
hello are you all doing??

It is officially August!!! Where has this year gone? Before I know it, I will be having a birthday and then it will all be down hill from there! (the end of the year usually comes really quickly after my birthday for some reason) I guess the phrase “Time flies when you are having fun” seems to fit!

I started a challenge today on a couple different boards and I kept up with it! I am so proud of myself for that. Oh, and a tip to help work the abs, find a little person that weighs about 30 pounds and have them sit on your abs! I was on the floor doing crunches and Brandon came over and sat right on my abs. Let me tell you, I really felt that workout for sure!! (and it felt great!!) I am going to have him help me with them every day!! I also stepped on the scale and I am down 6 pounds from when I weighed in on the 29th of July! So, I am happy about that as well!!! I am going to have to check out the local news stations website, they have four women trying to loose 40 pounds in 40 days.

We were watching “So You Think You Can Dance?” and the first girl that danced, caught Tommy’s eye. He says to me “Is that how small you want to get down to?” I said “yeah, just about. I don’t know exactly how much she weighs, but yeah either that or close to it.” He was more for it now that he got a visual of what I am aiming for. I made a little wish list of three things for my birthday. A new digital scale, a recipe box with plenty of recipe cards, and a subscription for Everyday with Rachael Ray.

Marti~ We didn’t end up going swimming that night, but we will get into that pool sometime this year before fall comes! I really needed a swift kick in the butt, and then thankfully on two of the other websites that I am on decided to do separate challenges starting on August 1st. So, I knew right then that this was the kick in the pants that I needed!

Sue~ That is great! My sister has my bike over at my other sister’s house. She uses it to get to work and to ride around the neighborhood when she gets bored.

Jane~ Yup, Marissa is a Saint Bernard as well! My parents had both the wet mouth and the dry mouth breeds, and boy can they really slober! How is Jackson handling the teething? Those are some great deals!

Cristina~ I love your new avatar! Where did you find it at? Where there other ones like it? Yeah, she did change her mind. Then she emailed me back on Tuesday and said “just wanted to let you know that the fair ends on the 11th, if you guys want to go there after the dedications.” I know one thing is for sure, I want to get a picture of the kids with all the godparents, them separately with their godparents, and then a family picture when we are up there. I am thinking of going to the pier off Lake Huron that we used to live by.

Pink Jane~ You are doing an awesome job! Just four pounds away from your goal! You can do it! You are enough to motivate a person, like me, to get on with the show and get my booty in gear!

08-02-2007, 01:01 PM
Where is the time going?????

August means that if I want to get the things done that I want done for Christmas gifts, then I need to start them now! Yes, I'm talking Christmas:tree: in August, but you know, I'm making the girls at work homemade gifts....and there are 7 girls I work with!! It just may take me all that time. :lol:

Jane--I lost my long post I had the other day too. I had two pages up so I can read and keep updated....well stupid me closed the wrong page! I just sat there in disbelief!:dunno: We haven't gone camping yet. Our destinations for the week are all over Oregon in every direction so we figured going home each day would be quite alright. I'm looking forward to exploring the lava caves in Southern Oregon. Done that before and it was so much fun. A lot of giggling in the dark! :D

Cristina--We've gone river rafting once. White water rafting. There were about 12 of us in a raft and we were all trying to make sure that we were rowing all at the same time and not going in circles. It was so much fun but scary at the same time! It ended w/a lot of us jumping out and swimming!:swim: When James & I's on a lake, where it's calm and smooth waters...I would be too scared to be on the river!

Sue--You're doing fantastic w/your riding!:bike2: Now when you ride are you riding on a bike trail or out in the country? We have a very beautiful bike trail (at least parts of it are) and when we can be hectic because there are so many riders out there! Also a lot of runners.:running: I'd hate to collide w/someone. Keep up the great work.

PJ--It's getting closer and closer to WDW time!!:cb: I bet your so excited. I hope you'll share some photos w/us (only if your comfortable with that, no pressures) I love to see others having fun. I hope your hubby starts feeling better. I think that the bad thing about being a trucker....if your out on the road when you get can't just call in a stay home all day..... Give him lots of hugs when he gets home.

Mindee--Oooohhh....I like your list of wants for your birthday. I've gotten a couple of Rachael Ray magazines :book2:and have enjoyed them. I would really like to have some of her pots and pans they sell, but not for the price they're selling them for!:yikes: Mainly it's because I like the color Orange! How silly is that?

Hello to all the other gals out there.

Well I'm doing laundry and getting my house all tidied up this morning. I think I need to run the vacuum before I start getting ready for work. So....of I go.

You all have a great Thursday!!

08-02-2007, 04:29 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!

Mindee--Yes it's August!! My 9th anniversary was yesterday. Seems like once August hits, the rest of the year just flies by. You go girl with all your challenges and congrats on the weight loss.:bravo:

Sue--I think I've told you before that I haven't been on a bike in years. I'd probably kill myself. We have a wonderful bike trail directly behind my house with our own community entrance to it. Congrats for hitting the 160's :cp:

Cristina--I can't swim either :( I love the water though. I'd go boating anyday, with a life jacket on, of course :rolleyes: We lose our power often. We were looking into a generator once but $5,000 was a little too much right now. It's on my long term wish list along with a new garage door, king size bed, plastic surgery for my eyes....this list goes on and on!

PinkyJ--All of our phones, cable, internet are linked together, if one goes, they all go. It's all on fiberoptic cable. I hope your dh is feeling better. Can't he take a little Tylenol?

Jane--Wish you were helping me with the engagement party. We will probably have about 25 people. Planning on doing crab dip, shrimp cocktail, chicken bacon wraps (Paula Deen's), spinach dip, baked brie, salsa/chips, veggies/dip, fruit platter, orange brownies (Paula Deen's), choc covered strawberries and picked up an assort pastries/eclair/cream puff tray from costco. I may even throw in some meatballs. We'll also do some frozen drinks along with the usual beer, wine and mixers. Do ya think I got it covered??

Marti--I went to one of those "starving artist" shows once and was also disappointed. I'm about 3 1/2 hrs from Williamsburg and get most of my wall hangings at the pottery there. Very inexpensive. They sell all the prints and frames separate so you can mix and match to suit your decor.

Hig hugs :grouphug: to all the jaded ladies that I missed!

I've been pretty busy yesterday and today handing out money!! Got the spring on the garage door replaced, got a tree stump grinded and removed from the front yard, paid a group of mexicans to wash all 32 of my windows, paid college tuition for dd and put $$$ in an envelope to pay my cleaning lady tomorrow. No wonder I gotta go back to work tomorrow!! As I told Mindee, yesterday was my 9th anniversary. We already went out to dinner on Sunday to celebrate and last night we went dancing as usual. I got the DJ to announce our anniversary and play the same song that we danced to at our reception. The DJ even remembered that we had met at dance and that dh had proposed to me at dance, so of course, he had to remind the crowd of that info!! Made my dh blush!! When our friends asked what we got each other as gifts, we both laughed and said that I got a new freezer and he got the window washed, stump removed from the front yard and the garage door fixed, all so he wouldn't have to do it himself. We did exchange nice cards and the usual excitement :yes: :censored:

Trying to take those 3 lbs off that I gained on vacation and eating veggie powerhouse sandwiches but trying to get that water in is not going well. It's also in the upper 90's here so walking has to be early a.m. or late in the evening hoping that you don't get eaten alive by the bugs.

Well, gotta put some more screens back in the windows, change the laundry from the wash to the dryer and straighten up before dh gets home. Oh no, I wanted to dye my hair today....hmm, might still have time. Have a great day ladies!!

08-02-2007, 05:57 PM
Afternoon ladies....I got in a 3 mile ride before 8 a.m. and it was still hot and humid then. Hope I can squeeze in another 2 (at least) about 8 tonight. Last night I practically had to wring out my bra after my hot. All that sweatin' has to be good for a body.
Cleaning and laundering again today while working on the closet a bit more.
DH and I went to the library earlier..they finally finished the new one in our town and it is wonderful. I usually check out mags. and now they have a nice big room with sofas, chairs, etc. to sit and read. I don't know that I would ever need to do that, but it is sure nice. I got a copy of Weight Watchers to look at.
Fixing stir fry w/ chicken and veggies for dinner. I made some slaw and have fruit.

I ride in our neighborhood, it is a circle that is 1/3 of a mile. So, I go round and round. It is so wooded and pleasant I never get tired of it though. AND there is no fast traffic, except maybe some of the little guys on bicycles. Ha.. No strange dogs or other obstacles. Makes for a nice ride. I have an old coaster brake bike with a "wide mama" seat.

Back later.....

08-02-2007, 06:25 PM
Hello, ladies,:wave::)

Cristina - Jackson is 3 months old today! His little gums are swollen, and I'll be glad when the first tooth is actually through.

Mindee - your enthusiasm is contagious! Way to go on the 6 pounds down! :carrot:

Sue - I got all my water in yesterday, and today's looking good, too. How about you?

Marti - I love your vacation plans. How cool! I've got most of my Christmas shoppin done, since we already bought Universal Studios tickets for the whole family.

PJ - well, at least you have your cell phone, right? Enjoy the movie tonight!

Tammy - if you take the salsa and dip off your menu, & replace it with a different sort of finger food, I do believe you're good to go! If you're doing the chocolate covered strawberries, here's something I saw in Chicago and I've done that gets raves: alternate the strawberries with chocolate dipped (partially dipped) donut holes and skewer them all, on short skewers. I did 3 (either 2 strawberries and 1 donut hole, or vice-versa) on each skewer, and that works well. Just a thought. I think the rest of your menu is spot-on! If you lived close, I'd wrangle and invitation, lol.

I've been busy today with computer work, and now it's almost time to get cleaned up to go to town. Neal and I have dinner the 1st and 3rd Thursdays with my sisters at the Eagles club. I've allowed 600 calories for the meal, since I have no idea what will be served. There is never a dessert offered, thank goodness, lol.

Catch you later!

08-02-2007, 06:29 PM
Marti~ You sound like me! I want to get things for Christmas now, but I usually get told to wait until it is closer before I get anything. I used to do paint by numbers for the new nieces or nephews that we have. I have since given that up, but I would love to do it again! I have three, I think, that are waiting for frames and then they will be put into the kids’ rooms when they get their own. I would love to get some of her cooking utensils and stuff, but like you mentioned, they are very expensive!

Pink Jane~ Your trip to WDW will be here before you know it!!! Are you getting excited about it? How is your hubby feeling? I hope he is feeling better!

Tammy~ Happy belated anniversary! 9 years, wow! Me and Tommy will be celebrating 8 years of being together on the 14th of this month. Thanks for the words of encouragement! Now, I just need to get away from the scale every day and I will be even better. I made the mistake of checking it since this past Sunday until I weighed in yesterday and I need to drop it. Other wise I will go bananas! Those sound like great gifts for each other! Our wedding anniversary next year, happens to fall on Mother’s Day again! Our first wedding anniversary fell on Mother’s Day as well. (The year we got married it was the day before Mother’s Day)

I will have to post a picture of Logan from our nephew’s birthday party this past Sunday. They made ice cream cones for the kids that wanted one, and Logan of course didn’t refuse it!

Sue~ I hope you will have time to get your next ride in without it being too hot! Sounds like a great trail to go for a ride on!

08-02-2007, 06:33 PM
Jane~ Thanks for the dancing carrot and the nice comments! It has been so hot here the past couple of days, and will continue to be for the next five or six days, that I have been working out in the house. Then if we feel inclined to and it is cooler outside then I will add in a walk outside or a swim in the pool.

here is the picture of Logan enjoying the ice cream cone this past Saturday:

08-03-2007, 02:17 PM
Mornin' ladies!

Tammy--Boy, you sure have been busy! That's a lot of work to be done, and what a great anniversary gift.....not doing work me that's priceless! :D How romantic the way your hubby proposed! Veggie power house sandwiches? Do tell.....

Sue--I love the description of your bike seat!! :lol3: Your route for biking sound beautiful! When we lived in Cottage Grove, the bike trail there went up into the mountains. It was an old rail road that they took the tracks out and paved up, so the upgrade is very gradual. It is gorgeous in the fall!! And surprisingly peaceful. Should have taken photos...may still go back this fall and take photos.

Jane--Is my ticket to Universal Studios on the way??:D That is a fun Christmas gift. Are you planning on going during Christmas time or wait until later?

Mindee--Cute photo. What a mess though eh? I remember the days of cleaning up Jhanai. I remember the mud puddles in the yard and dressing her up in clothes just for jumping and splashing in......those were the day!!

Ok.....I'm running out of time and I need to get ready for work.

Have a great Friday!! One week left and I'm on vacation!!!:carrot::carrot:

08-03-2007, 03:53 PM
Just a quickie right now because I need to jump in the shower. Was at the pool from 9:30 to 12:30, yikes! Didn't want to leave but had things to do around the house. Haven't even made the bed yet, lol. Left this morning early for my 3 mile walk at the park, came home got into my suit, put sunblock on and was off to the pool, lol. Anyway...Hi to everyone! Be back tomorrow.

08-03-2007, 04:19 PM
Today has been a loooooooong day, and it isn’t any where near being done with! Brandon got up this morning with a major attitude. Logan….well, he just got up and out of his crib! So, laying him down for a nap has been quit the challenge so to speak. Any time I put him in the crib (or the play pen) he would just climb right back out. He did fall asleep while leaning on Brandon’s bed. But when I moved him (I know I know….never move a sleeping little one) he woke up and hasn’t been back to sleep since. Brandon used my phone while I was working out, to call Tommy on his lunch break. He had the speaker phone on and every thing!

Brandon went potty in the potty today, all by himself!!! He stood up in front of the toilet and just went! I was keeping myself occupied by doing something else and next thing I hear is pee landing in the toilet! He was so excited to be in the potty like daddy!! He got to put a sticker up on his chart and every thing! So, he had to call daddy again to tell him and Tommy told him that he owes him a hot wheel or something for going potty in the potty. Brandon remembered that I told him that he could have a piece of candy every time he goes in the potty. So, he got to pick a piece of candy out of his goody bag from his cousin’s birthday party last weekend.

Marti~ Yup, these are the best days! Granted they might try and make an even bigger mess then we want them to, but hey you are only young once, right?

Cristina~ Sounds like you had a blast at the pool!!

08-03-2007, 05:11 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - yep, the kids are only little once. I wish I could go back for just one day and relive it. Aww, the photo is so cute! Thanks for sharing. At least the kind of messes the little ones get into are able to be cleaned up with some paper towels, whereas older kids sometimes get into messes that aren't so easily fixed, lol.

Sue - speaking of paper towels, when I know I'm going to be sweating, I fold a couple of paper towels and put them between my bra band and "the girls". You wouldn't believe what a difference that makes!

Marti - uh.... yeah.... uh.... your ticket is on the way! If for some reason you don't get it, let's just blame it on the post office, ok? teehee

Cristina - hi & bye, you beachbaby you!

I finally got around to making some sugar-free blackberry jelly, using a small amount of Splenda, and have to say.... ewww! It's way too tart for me, and I'd rather have a tiny bit of the real stuff. My sister Mary Lou is a diabetic, and so I'll give it to her. Live and learn, right? I don't eat that much toast, anyway, lol.

Not much else going on. Same stuff, different day. :)

08-03-2007, 05:36 PM
Jane~ I hear ya on the messes with paper towels. I am dreading the day when one of them gets into a mess that isn't as fixable as the ones they make now. Thanks for the tip on the paper towels and the "girls." I will have to try that the next time I know I am going to be sweating.

08-03-2007, 11:17 PM
Evening ladies...I did get in 3 more miles last night, for 6. Then I got in 6 today also. It is hot, but I am determined. I also got to do the watering thing again tonight and it was a pain again! I really didn't do much else today, kind of loafed and read magazines. I did clean out the fridge. Ugh job. :)

Any plans for the week-end ladies? I don't have a thing going on so tomorrow will go out to DD's house they are working on. See how it has come along since I was there last. Hope to go to the Farmer's Market in the morning...almost forgot. Our neighbor has been giving us fresh tomatoes and my gosh they are good. Now I want to buy some cukes and green peppers.
I am really celebrating for my California DD today. She has been in a custody adjustment battle with the ex..and she was awarded everything she asked for without going to court today. Yay! She has put up with his **** since the divorce, but finally feels like she was heard.

I will have to try the paper towel thing myself. I don't think we are going to get relief from this heat any time soon. BUT like I said I am determined to ride that bike..hoping for at least a pound gone Monday.

I will do individuals this week-end. Have fun all. Stay cool or use sunscreen.

08-04-2007, 02:09 AM
Hi Gurls!

Tis me! Remember me?? lol. Sorry I've been MIA. :( I just honestly haven't felt like being on the computer much and I haven't really been actively trying to eat healthy and exercise. :(

But my appetite has gone WAY down and now DH & I have been bringing our lunches/dinners to work and now that we are going to be on different nights working (I begin my new shift on Monday Night) we are both going to work hard at cooking for the other and freezing food to take to work and not order out. #1 its EXPENSIVE and #2 its not good for you at all, I know this, I don't need any lectures, please. :)

It was just very difficult for us both working on the same shift, so now we can actively make an effort in eating better for both of us. I even thought of ways to have some things we like, but modifying a bit so its healthier. So I guess that is good, I know its not the best I can do, but we've been pretty busy lately and I know that isn't a good excuse either, but its the truth.

Also we are thinking of getting a dog (small one) since somebody will be home all the time now. If we do that, that will be a great excuse for us to take more walks! So we'll see. I just worry about our cat, after our other cat died he has become extremely clingy and he's also older, he's 9 yrs old, so I just worry if we get a dog, how he'll be, but again, someone will be home all the time, well at least we won't be gone all night like when we were working the same shift.

Anywho, I'm rambling,

Cristina -- Thanks for the Card Hon, I got it yesterday (Friday)!!!!!!! I hope you had a great Bday! I felt bad that I didn't get to actually send you a "real" card, but I figured an ecard is better than nothing...........:(

Well gurls I am not promising anything, but since I got Cristina's card yesterday, I figured I would pop in and at least say hi and I've done that and then some! lmaooooooo!

If anybody would like my email addy to correspond with me outside the group, just PM me or you can ask Cristina -- anybody from the JL or our other little group is fine to have my email addy. ;)

Take Care,


08-04-2007, 04:59 AM
Sue~ That is great news on your 6 miles AND your daughter winning her battle!!!

Sassy~ Hey girl! Welcome back!!!

08-04-2007, 02:22 PM
Hello ladies... have been a busy lady! And...a very HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY to you!:celebrate::val3::val1::val2: How sweet that your hubby was red faced, lol. You sound like me with the list, lol...generator, back-up sump pump, facelift, and on and on, lol, one day. Oh my goodness woman, can I come to the engagement party, lol?! Your menu sounds delicious, mmmmm :T I do think you have it covered for sure!

PINKJANE...sorry to hear DH is feeling bad, hope he gets to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than feeling bad and still having to drive a truck. You know, I hardly look at peoples tickers but did when Mindee mentioned how close you are to your goal, :bravo: to you! are doing great with your exercise :cp: And I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us for at least one pound down on WI! :crossed: And CONGRAT'S to your DD! I can only imagine the pain the ex has put her thru, glad it is over!

MINDEE...:bravo: to you too missy on your challenges and the 6 pounds down! Keep up the good work! Love the cute and reminded me of my friends little girl Stephanie. Well, she's not so little now but when she was about that age, or a little younger she had her cake and ice cream and wore more than she ate, lol. She was so cute and I took pictures of it too! Almost her whole face was covered with chocolate, lol.

JANE...Jackson will be crawling before you guys know it! They grow too fast for sure. How was your dinner at the Eagles with your sisters?

MARTI...I was going to say "Christmas in August, egads?!" but then remembered V told me that Lowes has Christmas stuff in. He knows some guys that work there. It's not out on the floor yet but in the back. Made me think about going to Hobby Lobby to see if they have stuff out. The one here is known to put stuff out in June, not everything but just some stuff. I mentioned to V a couple of weeks ago that I need to do my Christmas shopping early, he said that would be a good idea. The only thing is both Jason & Josh buy stuff thru-out the year so it's hard to buy for them. I have to wait until December and make sure I tell them months ahead to NOT buy anything, lol. I thought it would be easier buying for them at this age but it's not. Anyway...

HIYA SASSY...of course we remember you, long time, no see...missed ya. And you are welcome for the card and thank you as well. Good to see you checking in and hope to see more from you.

And...HI to everyone else who is MIA...miss ya and hope to see ya soon.

Nuthin much going on today...Jason and V are working so I am going to clean house and get some laundry done. And spend a little time on the computer since I didn't have much the last two days. But, I must say, I have enjoyed my time at the pool. It is so nice and refreshing to go a little while after my walk...very relaxing. Will probably go 2-3 times a week until it closes for the season. Seems a waste to have a pool and it not be open year round. But, this isn't CA and the weather gets really cold sometimes so...going to enjoy it while I can.

Went for my walk this morning, early. Actually, got out the door at 6:30, woohoo! I have been enjoying my walks as well. Well, except for this one goose who does not like me walking on that sidewalk, lol. The thing hissed at me twice yesterday and once another mean, lol. There was a nice breeze this morning and it really helped. Getting my water in as well, and my vitamin, Food has been A LOT better this week and I actually felt a difference in my shorts yesterday. Hoping for a good WI come Monday. Anyway...better get going.

Almost forgot...I love my new lawn mower! Ended up getting a self-propelled one after all and I am glad. After the pool Thursday I came home and mowed both the front and back yard...big mistake! OMG, I swear I thought I was having a heat stroke and I will never do that again, not in these temps and at that time of day. I was only going to do the front but thought what they heck, I feel okay, I'll just go ahead and do the back instead of waiting until the evening or the next day. :nono: :nono: Never, never, never. But the lawn mower was great, I did it in record time I think...a little over a hour and it is a BIG yard, to me anyway, lol. I think it would have taken a lot longer if it wasn't selfpropelled. Going to wear my pedometer next mowing to see how big it really is.

Sorry for the novel, lol. :D

Take care ladies, and have a GREAT weekend!

08-04-2007, 09:32 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - how's your weekend going? Hope you're having fun with the fam. How's the potty training going?

Sue - yay for your DD! What a relief, right? We've got more fresh veggies than we know what to do with! I've been taking them to town, passing them out to friends. Mary and Terry's families help eat a lot of them. Katie and Clint - not so much. Wish I could share with you.

Sassy - we all have lots of times when we don't do what's best for our bodies, and for me, personally, I think it's helpful to just keep coming in, anyway. Sooner or later I get back in the right frame of mind. I'm not much of an emailer, but good luck to you with that. Sounds like you don't intend to post here much - hope that's not what you meant.

Cristina - woo hoo for the new mower! Sounds like a real time-saver. The dinner at the Eagles usually us just so-so, but the time I spend with my sisters is great. The dinners are usually bland, calorie-laden, and unimaginative, but hey, at least that's one day I don't have to cook, right? :D When will your pool close? The one in our city used to stay open until after Labor Day, but now it closes the Sunday before school starts. That's Aug. 12 this year - doesn't that seem too early?

Yikes .... Neal just popped in and said I'm about to lose the internet due to a big storm headed right for us, so I better get off here PDQ!!!

08-04-2007, 09:46 PM
Happy Saturday Ladies!!

Jane--I gotta do the salsa thing. My dd's fiance's father is Puerto Rican so need to add a little hispanic flair. Actually, it's not your run-of-the-mill salsa. You take fresh salsa that you get at the deli, add a can of black beans that you rinse off and throw in some crispy thawed frozen or canned corn. Very colorful and yummy. I'm not a big salsa eater but this stuff is great. Love the paper towel trick!!

Mindee--What a cute pic of Logan. Brings back memories. Just this last week there was a little boy at the hospital that I work that looked exactly like my Justin at the same age. I swear he was the spitting image. He came over to me talking and looking up a me with the same big eyes and I almost choked with emotion. I felt myself filling up with tears and nearly hugged the kid to death. It was like I had my Justin back at 4yr old ago. The mother must have thought I was crazy. After I left the room, I quickly sent an email to my son telling him how much I missed him.

Marti--I ate my third veggie powerhouse sandwich this week for lunch today. Get you some whole grain/wheat bread and spread a little mayo mixed with pesto sauce on both sides (I buy low fat pesto). Put two slices of cheese, (I like muenster) then top with tomato, lettuce, cucumbers, green pepper, red onion and some sprouts. It looks like a Dagwood sandwich!! Very filling.

Cristina--I miss my pool :( I've always had one until moving into this house. I could go to the country club's pool but it's about 20 min away and I only make it a few times a summer. New mower huh....I made a pack with my dh when we got married...I won't mow the lawn and he doesn't have to do any toilets!

Sue--gonna start calling you a bikerchick!! You must be so proud of yourself!

Sassy--Welcome back and stay awhile! Good luck with your doggy shopping.

Hi to all that I missed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Dh and I went to see the "Bourne Ultimatum" this afternoon. Great movie but I wasn't crazy about the filming. In most of the scenes it looked like someone with a camcorder was running and filming at the same time. Some scenes were so jumbled that you would of thought that a strobe light was on. I'm all for the new high tech filming but this was going a little too far. What's wrong with a simple camera filming from a few feet away and STAYING STILL!!
Ok, I'll get off my soapbox. I'm a little down because I don't think I lost any of the 3 lbs I gained on vacation. Weigh-in is tomorrow and I don't believe that scale has moved an ounce. Why can we gain 3 lbs in one week but it takes 3 weeks to loose it? Ah, the universal question that haunts us all!!

Well, gonna get showered and relax the rest of the evening. Have a wonder Sunday ladies!!

08-04-2007, 11:24 PM
Happy Sat. night...How many of you did something exciting? Well, you can see that it is 9:30 here and I am sitting at the computer. That's as exciting as my life gets. haha
I wasn't going to exercise today, take a day off, but it was cooler and breezy, so I couldn't pass it up. I rode 5 miles and then walked one short spurt with the dog. I rode 33 miles this week...that's 95 miles in 3 weeks. wonder I am feeling better. I just keep hoping I can do as well with the food....but I have had 2 bad days. D**, dang, darn!!!

Tammy- "Bikerchick" is a good one...all I need is the leathers. :cool: heehee. I'll have to remember to tell my DD that since she and her DH are Harley riders. I hope you lost your 3 pounds, but I know the feeling. Gain it easily and torture yourself to get it off. I am just hoping for another pound this week and doubt I made that.

Jane- I do envy you the fresh veggies. We have a great neighbor who is loading us up with tomatoes. Nothing like one straight from the garden. I am hungry for some green fried ones. yummy! Did you get the storm? We are expecting one later tonight and looks like rain all week, off and on. We can use it.

Cristina- Good deal on the new mower. Nothing like making the job easier. But, hey, you are still walking that hour...and that is exercise. DH has not even had our lawn tractor out...he mows with the self-propelled and does our yard in an hour too. You are doing so good with your walking and pool time. I haven't gotten back to walking yet, but think when it cools down a little I will alternate it with biking. Or better yet, just do both. Just can't get a handle on the food....grrrr.

Mindee- What a cute picture! Love it. Good luck with your challenges...I know you can do it. You have already got a good start with the 6 pounds. Keep up the good work.

Sassy- I kept asking where you were chickie. Good to see you back here. Don't be a stranger. I hope you like your new shift. Good luck with getting a dog. Will you get a puppy or adopt an older dog?

Marti- Are you doing anything fun this week-end? One week till vacation...yay!

Pink Jane- Hope your DH is feeling better. How did you like the movies?

Thank all of you who had the nice words for DD. It was like a huge weight off her shoulders and so mine too. You never stop worrying about your kids, adult or not.
Speaking of kids, my DS is planning to come home next month and I am so happy. We saw him in Vegas for a brief time when he drove over to get our furniture, but it wasn't long enough. Well, this will only be for a week, which still isn't long enough. This is my "baby" boy and I miss him. He is starting his LAST year of law school. (I hope...)

Okay, I have rambled on here. Off to bed! See, an exciting Sat. night. :carrot:

08-05-2007, 02:07 AM
Evening Ladies! :wave:

The power keeps kicking off here.....there is no wind storm or anything crazy like that going on, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Maybe it has something to do w/the hospital that's being built a few blocks away. Who knows? :shrug:

Sue--Not a lot of anything going on this weekend for me. I've actually volunteered to go into work tomorrow......we had a gal call in Friday (our only night shift worker) So to make Monday not so crazy...a couple of us are going to come in and get some work caught up. No fun.

Tammy--I just may have to try that sandwich! I think I'm also going to try some of that salsa! Sound tasty!! About this Muenster cheese....I've heard of it, but have never tried it. What's it taste like???? we all know how you like to cool yourself on those hot days! :D What all do you have in your garden? We've been eating our salads everyday, lettuce is about used up and done. The tomatoes are finally starting to turn red. We've had some cucumbers and broccoli and cauliflower, cauliflower was too bitter! But everything else is very tasty. We have one pumpkin plant out there....and there are over a dozen little pumpkins starting to sprout! I had no idea one plant produced so many!

Cristina--Well....I'm thinking of Christmas gifts now........especially since I'm making some. I'm personalizing some journals for the gals at really won't take long to do but getting it out of the way will be nice. I'll probably end up putting it off and doing it all at the last minute....something I'm famous for.

Mindee--My sister has a chart thing for her DD for doing things too. One "goal" thing she wanted to get was the Barbie princess movie. If she didn't listen or got in trouble, a star was taken away and it took that much longer to get the movie. She's only 4 and so darn cute!!

Sassy--Hello! Good to see you. Don't you worry about getting any lectures around here. Everyone has things they need to work on so you're not alone. I struggle everyday w/things that I know I should be doing and for some reason I just don't. I know better and know it's good for me, but still tend to slack off. Anyway....just know you're missed and hope to see more of ya.

Hello to everyone else out there. I hope you're enjoying your summer time.

I think I better get off the computer before any more outages occur. I shall chat w/ya tomorrow sometime.


08-05-2007, 02:19 AM
Thanks Ladies.


No I'm not happy about my new shift, it is being forced on me so I'm not happy, but what can ya do? Got to pay the bills.....:rolleyes:

I hope everybody is doing well!


08-05-2007, 02:40 AM
Cristina~ Thanks for the words of encouragement! That sounds like it was some cute pictures of Stephanie! Logan finished his ice cream, and then just before Nicholas opened up his presents, he stuck his whole hand in the top of the cake! Sounds like you are really sticking to your plan of action! Great job!! I have noticed a HUGE difference in my pajama pants….but then again, they are sizes 3x from when I was pregnant with the kids. I do have to say though, I have a pair of new capris that are a 24, I believe, and they are feeling loose. I sure hope I didn’t waste 6 or 7 dollars on a pair of size 26 dress pants! We were at Wal-Mart on Friday night and I was looking at all the clearance stuff that they are trying to get rid of before the new merchandise comes in. I was looking at it all, and when we got out to the van, I told Tommy “I was checking out the clearance stuff, but figured why buy the stuff if I am going to loose weight anyways?”

Jane~ The weekend has been going great. We went up to my in-law’s campground to see them on Saturday. It was my MIL’s birthday so we took the kids up there and spent some time. Sunday is my dad’s birthday so I am going to send him a card from us. August is a hectic month for us with birthdays!

Tammy~ I am going to have tons of those days when the kids get older. All my parents grandkids look alike…..or at least have some kind of family resemblance in them. Brandon, when sleeping, looks like my sister Megan’s two sons.

Sue~ Thanks for the nice comments about the picture of Logan. I took some the other day when he fell asleep leaning on Brandon’s toddler bed. Thanks for the words of encouragement as well!!

Marti~ I will have to try that with Brandon, and Logan, and eventually Marissa. Brandon knows that when he fills up the chart with stickers, then we either send it to my mom or take it to her, and she will buy him some underwear.

Sassy~ Sorry to hear that you are being forced to take your current shift.

08-05-2007, 08:26 PM
Hi Chicky's.........

Well Yeah I am being forced on my new shift, but I am trying to stay positive because being negative doesn't get you nothing but misery. So I'm trying to see the good side of things, even though its very difficult at times to

I hope you all are doing well!


08-05-2007, 09:34 PM
A quiet Sunday isn't it??

Well ladies, I managed to get in 5hrs of OT today. I called another gal to see if she'd come in to work w/me so it could go w/the two of us...tomorrow will be a fabulous Monday. (Usually Monday's are our hectic days)

Mindee--Do you do scrap booking? W/those three cutsie babies of yours....I'd have so much fun making pages. That one of Logan w/the ice cream......that would be a perfect scrap book page!

Sassy--What shift are you working on now? I know what it's like to have a shift change on ya. Eventually it works out and you adjust. Sorry that you and hubby aren't working together anymore. Is that part of the problem? It can be hard, believe me I know. I used to work w/my hubby...did so for I hardly ever see him...makes the times together much more special.

Hello to all the others out there.

It's hot out. But not as hot as it has been so I guess I shouldn't complain. I'm needing to trim my rose bushes. They're getting unruly on the side of the house. I probably trim them down every other week. Things grow like crazy!

I do have this one flower that's growing in the back yard. Never seen such a thing. It only had one bloom....then it only opened once. And it was the strangest looking flower I have ever seen! I took a picture of it so maybe I'll post it and someone out there can tell me what kind of flower it was.

Ok...I'm off. I'll post that photo later.

Until then!


08-05-2007, 11:36 PM
Another day gone by very quickly.... I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday. I was lazy and didn't ride this morning, but couldn't stand to skip tonight and got 3 miles in. We kept hoping for rain and it did cloud up, but no rain.

Mom was bed ridden today, so I walked her dog twice and took her out in the yard a few times. She gets two long walks a day and the rest of the time she is with Mom or in the yard. They are pretty much inseparable.

Not much else going on. I did go to DD's farm house yesterday and they are moving right along with the re-model. Well, re-build really as they are doing so much to it. It is going to be nice and lots of outdoor space. They have dogs galore, so it will be great.

Reading a good book, so I am going to go to bed and read!

08-05-2007, 11:49 PM
Here is the arbor and the bathroom cabinet DH recently built. I am just learning to attach..... Sue

08-05-2007, 11:57 PM

I USED to work: Thursday - Sunday, 6 p.m. - 4 a.m. and DH still works that shift. Now I am going to be working: M-W, Monday from 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. and the other two nights 6 p.m. - 7 a.m.

So DH & I won't be working together anymore and I can handle that, but we will be working on completely opposite nights and so our time together will be few and far between. It is going to end up costing us money for me to move to this shift because of gas costs driving to work 7 nights a week instead of only 4.

So that is the situation.......not the best, but I suppose not the worst......


08-06-2007, 12:02 AM
Sassy...Hi. Sorry for the trouble the new shift is going to cause. I hope you can find something to like about it so it won't seem so bad.
Nice to see you here. I was heading to bed and ended up playing around here. :)

08-06-2007, 12:41 AM
hello ladies....sorry that this is short, but I had a post all set up and then my computer decided to act up on me. I am running a virus scan right now, so hopefully there isn't one on here.

Marti~ I haven't scrap booked since we got married. When we were engaged, we had done a dating/engagement scrap book. We have tons of rolls of film that need to get developed, so when those get developed I am going to try and get one done for each of the kids, and then one for us.

Sassy~ I am sorry to hear that the work shift change is causing so much trouble, but like every thing in life, it will works its way out before you know it.

Sue~ Great job on getting the riding in. The arbor and bathroom cabinet look great!!! We got some rain on Sunday, but it wasn't enough to get the straw....I mean grass, to get it to where it should be.

08-06-2007, 12:25 PM
Morning Ladies--

Sue--Your husband is talented!! I love that bathroom cabinet! I need a new one in the back bathroom/laundry room....think he can whip me one up? Very nice!!

Sassy--Crazy sorry you have to work them. Now the money on gas......I can understand being concerned w/that. I hope all works out eventually and maybe you can carpool w/someone on some nights.

Mindee--I'm needing to scrap book like crazy. I just need to make myself some room. That or the dining room will be cluttered up and never be seen again! :lol:

Ok.....I took some photos of this mysterious flower. So....if any of you know the name of it....please....tell me.

Thanks. Here it is. I will chat w/you all later!

08-06-2007, 04:42 PM
hello are you all doing?

I am going to be heading off to do some research on Marti's flower in a second. The kids are doing far Marissa has been the only one to take a nap, however Logan was quiet for a while, so I don't know if he took one or not.

Marti~ The way we got into scrap booking was purely by accident really. We had gone to Sam's Club to do some shopping, and I happen to look over at the basket coral and saw something still sitting in the basket. I had Tommy go over and see what it was, and it was a brand new package of about 6 - 10 of those scissors with the different patterns on them. Tommy threw them in the care and inside we went. When we went out of state with my sister and her family, we got a bundle pack of paper towel the same way.

08-06-2007, 05:13 PM
Hello ladies...

MARTI...I have no idea what that flower is but is sure IS pretty! I was just looking thru todays mail, a catalog from Brecks (bulbs) and thought I saw a flower like that but it wasn't, it was some sort of tulip but with similar colors. It is pretty for sure! Sounds like you guys have quite the vegetable garden.

Speaking of Brecks...I've not heard of them before, has anyone bought bulbs from them?, I love your arbor and the cabinet! Your hubby is quite the handyman...he does awesome work! I thought of you this morning...there was a lady walking at the park who lives close by and rides her bike to the park and then walks around the whole thing. Of course there is another who bikes around about 15 times. Actually, I don't know how many times she goes around. But she goes around a few times to my once. I do all the ins and outs of the park to get the 3 miles instead of going around the perimeter 2 1/2-3 times. You are doing great on your biking, wow, 95 miles! :woohoo: that is GREAT!

JANE...not sure when the pool closes here. But I thought I saw on the site that it closes after Labor Day...will have to make sure, maybe. I probably won't go that much more. But it sure is nice going after my morning is really relaxing. August 12 does seems early but I guess they figure with school in not a lot of people will be going. Schools here start August 16 and that seems early to me...guess I need to find out though, lol. Don't want to get lathered up with sunblock and then go down there and it be closed...been there, done that twice already, lol. I don't think the menu matters as much as the company...and you are lucky your sisters are close enough that you can spend time with them.

MINDEE...YW! The pictures are cute and I stayed far away, lol. It's moments like that that stay with us for a lifetime. I'll have to see if I can find them and post one. I hear ya about buying clothes. I would love to buy some but don't want to get too many. I did buy a few things before my trip to AR...still haven't posted any pictures of that...but, I don't want to get too much. But it is hard to pass up a sale though, lol., I didn't realize you worked such long hours. I'm sorry that you had to have your hours changed, what a pain. But you are gotta stay positive. :lol: I would gladly mow the yard over cleaning the toilets though, ugh. Josh was our gardener and took care of the yard of course he is gone and I took it over. I actually do enjoy doing it though. It gets me outdoors and I get that extra exercise in something I don't think I ever get enough of. I don't weed whack or edge though...V (dh) does that. I just mow and weed my little gardens. Hey, heres a twist to salsa...I had a friend who made it with watermelon...sub the watermelon for the tomato and OMG! That was delcious!

Hi to everyone else :wave: Hoping I didn't miss anyone.

The scales say I am up 2 pounds, ugh! And this is why I get frustrated because I know that my eating was right on last week and, I even got exercise in every day except Sunday, my free day. But...I am not so down this week because I had a surprise visit from TOM and I know that explains everything. Okay, my TOM has been so weird. Haven't had one for months, at least 4 or 5. Then I thought I was going to because there was a little, and I do mean a little spotting for two days then nothing. And then Saturday, spotting and Sunday evening BAM! Anyway, not letting that stop me or get me frustrated. I went for my 3 mile walk this morning, early and then headed to the pool at 9...feels so good to relax in the pool after that walk. It is supposed to be 97 today and not be any better this week so early walks for me all week, on the days I walk that is. Anyway, have some laundry to get done.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a good day! :hug:

08-06-2007, 08:52 PM
Hello ladies,

Tammy - OIC about the salsa, and the kind you make sounds very good! I sure don't know why the pounds jump on us so fast, then are so reluctant to leave, lol. It's just not fair, is it? Some of my extra pounds love me so much, they've been with me for decades, lol.

Sue - yes, we had a scary storm the other night, with too much lightening. It's been so hot here, I haven't been out of the house since church yesterday. Hey, what book are you reading? Wow, the arbor and cabinet look great!

Marti - we grow all sorts of veggies in the garden, and have watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, apples, pumpkins (not ready yet), a few apricots, too. Our peaches and got hit with the frost in late Spring. Yowza, that flower is sure pretty, but I haven't a clue what it is. Maybe mod Ruth would know, since she's a member of a flower club.

Sassy - is looking for a different job out of the question?

Mindee - my scrapbooking group meets the 2nd Friday of the month, which is this Friday. I have photos from the Shrek party, and the photos from when the twins met their school bus driver that I want to do.

Cristina - at our pool, 90% of the employees are high school students, lol. So when school starts, they have to quit. My scales was stuck for a couple of weeks until I began drinking the water again. I think the salt I use on tomatoes, melons, corn, etc. was making me hold water. Even though I try to use only a little, it adds up. So I bet you will show a loss next week. Sorry about your TOM being so contrary. I had some spotting after 2 1/2 years of no TOM, and that's scary. I go for my pap next month, and am a little concerned what she might find.

PJ - how many days now??

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

If any of you are looking for a good book to read, you might want to pick up Me & Emma at Walmart. It was very touching, and written so realisticly that I cried during more than one chapter.

As I mentioned to Sue, it's been so darn hot here that I'm just staying indoors. I miss getting out, but it makes me feel sick to be outside for very long. Tomorrow I'm running errands with Mary, so I better brace myself, lol.

I'm doing good with the food and water, and so-so with exercise. I just feel so much better when I'm eating healthy foods, don't you?

Hugs to you all! :hug:

08-06-2007, 11:49 PM
Wow Marti, what a beautiful flower. I haven't the slightest idea what it is, but it is sure great looking. I looked a a couple of my gardening sites and didn't find it. Sorry.

Jane- Whew, isn't this weather something? So hot. We got a good storm this afternoon and evening. Had some rain in the night last night also. We sure do need the rain, so can't complain. They are forecasting 100* later this week. Yikes! I am reading The Summer I Dared by Barbara Delinsky. I really enjoy her books.

Cristina- Well, we both tried to get that scale moving down this week. I get discouraged, but just forge on. I know all the bike riding is good for me and I feel better, so I will keep at it. The pounds just don't want to go.... You are doing so good on walking. I really think I need to start doing some of that too. This week I have been walking Mom's dog, but under a mile each day.

Mindee- Now what would you do if all 3 of the kiddies napped at the same time? Ha... Wouldn't that be a treat for you?

PJ,Tammy, Sassy....Hello to you and to any other JL's checking in.

Thanks for the compliments on DH's handiwork. He is very good at building and has the shop to work in at this house. I think I have posted some of his other projects. I am particularly proud of the bathroom vanities he built for this house.

I rode 3 miles today before the rain. Did a little on the mini stepper, but not as much as I should. Food was surprisingly OP today. I am really, really wanting popcorn and have no lo-fat/lo-cal. So, I am trying to NOT succumb. Think I will go brush my teeth and crawl in bed to read.....I showered early so my hair could dry. That takes all of 5 minutes since I got sheared again. LOL

08-07-2007, 12:28 AM
Cristina~ I hear you on those oments sticking with you forever! I already have certain moments with each one and all three of them, and I wouldn't trade them for anything!!

Jane~ I am going to get back into scrap booking.... I just need to find the time and money to do it.

sue~ that would be a great treat for me....which is why I love the nights!! But if they all were to take a nap during the day, and at the same time, I am not sure what in the world I would do.

hello to all you other ladies that I missed. I am just trying to get on here to check in, check my email and then head off to bed, I have too much on my mind right good night every one!

08-07-2007, 11:14 AM
Hello ladies, :wave:

Just a quick one here. Mary's coming over soon to clean my living room. She needs the $$ and I have other stuff to do. I've been emailing with a gal who owns a place on Lake Barkley, KY, and so Neal and I are going down in Sept. for our anniversary. It's right on the lake, very secluded, and the owner allows dogs, so Molly will get to go, too.

Later today, I'm going to town with Mary and the girls. Going to mail the payment for our property taxes. Grrr, it went up, up, up! Sue - can you believe how ridiculous the Indiana taxes are???? "Our man, Mitch" better do something about it, right?

Gotta go... HUGS to you all! :hug:

08-07-2007, 11:15 AM
I'll hurry and start a new thread for all you lovely ladies. See you at #262!:wave: