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07-26-2007, 09:17 PM
I'm not sure if this is the proper place to talk about this but here it goes.

I suffer serverly with endometriosis. I have had a couple surgeries to help but at my last post surgury follow up I was told that part of my bowels are being effected which is the cause of my bowel movement problems...and I do mean problems. I have had problems for a long time but my family dr. could never figure out what was causing it. I was actually hospitalized because of it. Well...a yr ago the put me on Zelnorm to help with the problem and it worked really well. BUT as of March 2007 it was pulled by the FDA. So I'm back to square one. I found something at Walmart called Colon Cleanse and it was working really well until I ran out and they were not in stock at the moment I needed them. So I ended up really constipated and nothing seemed to work. Someone had recommended doing a internal cleansing with a detox kit and I listened which got me to where I am at this moment.

I went back to Wal-mart and bought a kit called DETOX7. It contained 7 packets which were said to be a fiber like mixture plus a bottle of pills. I was gonna start it Wednesday morning. So at 8:35 I mixed the first packet with the 4 oz of water and started to drink it. The texture was really awful so I only drank about 1/2 of it.THANK GOD. Approx. 5 minutes later my lips started to feel numb and then I noticed blisters on them. I started to worry. But then thought it would go away. By the time I reached my sitters house at 9:00 my face was breaking out, I had welts all over my neck and chest and I was itching really bad. I went to work and made sure I drank alot of water. I think I drank a gallon in about 5 hrs. I came home and went to their site and of course there was no phone number only an email address. I then did some searches for allergic reactions of the product and found another woman who had one too only she had drank all the mixture and took the pills, well she ended up in the ER cuz she couldnt breath plus had the skin reactions.
Today at work I started to feel really lost/confused and started to have severe abdominal pain. I went into the bathroom and sat there for about 30 min. When I returned to my workstation(I work in a factory) I couldn't really remember doing my work so I checked my box and there was parts in there but they were not assembled. It passed and about 2 hrs later it happened again. I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital. Thankfully it has happened again.
It has now been 36 hrs since I took it and I still have all the bumps, blisters and itchyness. There has been no response to my email to the company.

I just wanted to share my experience incase anyone thinks of trying this product.

08-13-2007, 06:44 PM
Wow that sounds serious. I am doing a detox but I am using a kit I got at Henry's.

You are lucky you are still alive.