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Hermit Girl
07-26-2007, 11:55 AM
I realize at this point that for every positive visual in my mind, which helps get me psyched for my lean Self to take charge in my life, I have some opposing anxiety or resistance which sets up sabotage. I feel like listing , to get a closer look, to overcome the Resistance. Maybe we can all join in together and iron out these wrinkles in our motivation.

Positive Visual : I love to feel my body move with no resistance in motion (from the fat and the weight) It's like floating, or flying!
Voice of Resistance : I sometimes get cold, clammy, and feel insecure, without spunk.

Positive Visual : I love looking good, trying on the new smaller sizes and them actually not feeling like a straight jacket anymore.
Voice of Resistance : That's so vain! not reason enough for all the effort.

Positive Visual: I love the confidence in knowing how sexy I can look with so little effort , trapping men in my gaze ::devilish grin::
Voice of Resistance : I really shouldn't provoke flirtation, it might catch me at a weak point, being so starved for attention and getting little genuine interest from DH , because I'm so overweight.

Positive Visual : I can't wait to feel so good internally, from a healthy diet and lifestyle of hard exercise that is relatively much easier when slim. Knowing I have much less chance of some morbid disease.
Voice of Resistance : none, really. So maybe this is the one reason that I should put in bold print, and plaster all over , and focus on.