30-Somethings - The week Santa arrives!! Merry Christmas!

12-23-2001, 12:44 PM
Good Morning all!

I am ready for Christmas and 2002! I just need to wrap presents for B. He did all the other wrapping. And everything is pretty clean. Just need to do laundry and the bathroom. Will do later!

I baked a ton of cookies last night. There is a church having a dinner for homeless people today. They needed Christmas cookies. So I baked 5 dozen and a lady at work gave me a dozen. Plus my mom has a ton. So we are going to deliver those this morning.

I have sat down and made a budget it for 2002. You know what is so sad is I have money left. I mean a over 400 a month once I pay my monthly bills and I never see it. Cause it has been slipping through the cracks. No more. I have all the bills accounted for and included me taking my lunch and Brandon and laundry. All those small things you don't think about. So I start Jan. 14th which is my first payday of the new year.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas!!! I will be here with my WW point on 26th and BFB I expect to see you too.



12-23-2001, 01:55 PM
Hi everyone,
Great Pry, you are motivated and ready! I love all this enthusiasm about the new year and the 26th ... you are ready for change! :)

I am all wrapped! As of last night. :) I am so happy. I am never this ready with a few days to spare. The house is clean and I'm doing laundry. We are also packing to go skiing and when we get back it will be time for our New Year's with my best friend and her family so we are keeping the house really clean until then. I feel ready and calm. DH is feeling a little last minute stress. I think it is all going to be fine.

I lost another .4 today. This is the 4th small loss in a row. I am still over starting though! Can you believe it? I gained 3 pounds in one week and it is taking me 5 weeks to lose it! Yikes! But I'll take 4 small losses over gains anytime!

Hope you are all doing well. I"ll go read the last thread since I cannot see it from here.


12-23-2001, 02:34 PM
Good Morning!!!Hope all is well!!It is "cold" here this morning so it looks like Christmas may be cooler than normal!!!!
Had a long day yesterday after running around at the exhibit and outlet malls but I slept in and am just resting today!!!

I was soo upset yesterday, on the way, we were driving about 75mph with bumper to bumper traffic and a big dog ran out in front of us. Everyone swerved and Refman hit him right on the front bumper..It made me sick..The dog lived but his hip was broke...I just cried and cried..I have about $500 worth of damage to my truck but I guess it is better than anyone getting hurt...
I couldnt believe he ran out in the middle of interstate traffic...
It messed up my day....

Well, have a great day all!!!

12-23-2001, 10:31 PM
Hi All,

I was going to start a Valentine's Day Goal thread, but decided to wait until New Year's, or at least after Christmas, when I'm more into working on a goal!

RR- It's cold there?? What, did it go down to 60 or something?! :lol: That is soo sad about the dog. Is he a stray, or did he belong to someone?? Shame on that person for letting him get away so far that he could get on the interstate! :( Glad he's going to live though. And at least it wasn't a deer or something that could total the truck!

Dani- Have fun skiing!! Be careful!! :D Congrats on the loss...even if it was little!

Pryia- You know, for exactly the reasons you said, that's why I want to make a budget! I know we'd have plenty left over, or at least more to send to DH's CC's, if we knew where it all went.

I am gonna have to go back out shopping tomorrow. :rolleyes: I just have to get a couple more frames. I keep finding stuff for myself!! :lol: Went to Kohl's and bought 2 sweaters, 1 sweatshirt and 2 mock turtlenecks for myself. Also got a set of dishes!! Not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I've had a running saga going on about my dishes. I didn't really like the ones the girls gave me for a shower present, so I returned them and got a credit. Ended up buying some cheap Corelle dishes in the meantime, til I found something I like. I have not been able to find anything!! I've seen one's I like, but not that I'd want to have, ya' know? Or I love, but it's china or something that's ridiculously expensive. Well, Pfaltzgraff must've just come out with a new pattern, because I haven't seen it before, and they don't have it on their website. It's called Orleans. It's really pretty, I love it. It was on sale, 20 pc. set (service for 4), for $79.99, so I bought it, and a 12" platter that matched. Also bought the matching salt & pepper, but I'm going to return it, because I really don't need it, and it was too expensive. Today, I was in Macy's and they had a serving bowl and sugar/creamer that matched, so I bought them. They were 30% off. I'm really thrilled with it! I can't wait til we move, so I can wash them in the dishwasher and use them!! :D :D

Warning - slightly graphic... My FIL is back in the hospital! They were supposed to drive down to DC today, for the procedure tomorrow AM, but he had some blood in his stool, so the doctor told him to go to the hospital. They kept him in the ER most of the day, then finally decided to admit him at least overnight. After telling my mom about it, she said probably they have to lower his Coumadin (blood thinner) dose, because that's probably what's making it happen. So, it's not that serious, I think. I just hope they don't make him go to DC on Christmas day, maybe they'll wait until Wednesday, or something. DH's brother and sister are both down from Boston. Brother is going to drive them.

Anyway, I guess most of you are all gone now, if you're going away for Christmas. Have a wonderful time! I'll be hanging around here, waiting to here about FIL. Christmas day will be at my brother and SIL's house, which is pretty local...same state at least. :)

12-23-2001, 10:37 PM
Lauren: Keep us posted. I will be here. EATING the chocolate. OKAY I am kidding. There is some here that we don't like. My kid ate a whole bag of peanut butter cups today. I found the wrappers under his bed. And the pretzels are almost gone. And I still have a unopened box.

I am in for the V-day goal. GO ahead and set it up. I can stick it up at the top if you want.

WE HAVE SNOW!! Not to shovel. Just a dusting blowing around. Nothing to be super excited about. But Christmas will be white and green this year.

OKAY off to surf some more.


12-24-2001, 10:36 AM
Happy Christmas Eve to all!!!!!
I am getting ready to run the roads today~
It is nice to be off work and sleeping late!!!I completely finished shopping and just relaxing today!!!!
Everyone have a great day!!!!

12-24-2001, 11:18 AM
Hope everyone's having a great relaxing day - me, I'm at work but what can you do??

I'm so happy I lost the pound I gained last week so now I can gain it back again!!! I'm only mostly kidding. I know the next week is going to be bad since my husband and I have decided that we're going to "splurge" a bit over XMAS and New Years since we've been so good for a while. I know they'll be some Chinese Food in there somewhere and I know I'll gain a little so I'm glad that I lost the first pound so I don't keep compounding things if that makes sense.

So I hope everyone enjoys themselves over the next few days and indulges in some treats (just not tooooo many)!


12-24-2001, 11:31 AM
Happy Christmas Eve everyone! :)

I am home baking cookies... Pillsbury made them... I am just baking them. :)
RR, sorry to hear about the dog. Glad everyone is ok.
How many of you are working today?
I am in for a Valentine's Day goal! Pryia, is that what stickie means? That you can post it at the top of the list? I wondered. Is that a moderator action? Very cool! I wondered why they weren't in post order but always stayed at the top.

I am done with Red and Green. :)

Elisa, sorry you are at work. Tis the time for splurging.

Pry, jealous of your snow! :) We had rain last night... not the same.

Lauren, I love new dishes! I never picked out my dishes. The china was given to me (and I do love it) by my aunt and the regular dishes was picked out and given to me by a friend when I got married. (we didn't register.. we eloped) So after 10 years I am starting to get my own (very expensive) everyday dishes.. throught Longaberger. They are very expensive but I love them and I'm getting them a little at a time. It makes me so happy! I hope FIL is ok and the procedure will go well. I'm home today.. not going away until after Christmas.

Going to go now. Still doing some laundry and still "baking" the cookies. :)

dani :)

12-24-2001, 12:15 PM
Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Apologies for just skimming the posts, but I will go back and read everything properly.

Pryia - Yes I still will be rejoining with you on the 26th. Spent yesterday at my mum's going through old photos and scared myself with how slim (I was never was and will never be skinny) I used to be. I really do need to get my butt in gear.

Just one piece of good news I got.... I've had one exam result back and (sorry to boast), but I got a Distinction :smug:

Love and hugs to everyone and hope you have a wonderful, happy and peaceful holiday

12-24-2001, 01:19 PM
Hi All,

Man, hearing about the "baking" reminded me, once again, that I have to make a pumpkin pie for tomorrow!! UGH...I keep forgetting!! That will have to wait 'til later! I'm off shortly to go shopping! I got DH a watch and a pair of jeans, two things he finally told me he wanted/needed. But I want to get him something he won't be expecting, but wants/needs too. I have called every Sears in the area, and let me say this: Darn you Bob Vila!! DH and I saw a commercial yesterday for the Screw Out, a new tool that removes stripped screws, it's a bit that attaches to the drill. DH (and I) have a habit of stripping screws! :rolleyes:, so I hope I can get one! The Sears in the mall by mom has about 20 left, and they can't reserve one, so I've got to get there.

BFB- Congrats on the distinction, is that like getting an "A"?

Dani- I'm off today, we get Christmas Eve, and the day after T-Day as holidays. Too bad we don't get New Year's Eve.

Elisa- Sorry to hear you have to work. :( Splurge, but don't go too nuts...you know you'll regret it!

RR- Have fun running the roads...does that mean by foot, or truck?! :lol:

My FIL is still in the hospital, he'll be there another night. :( Bummer. We're gonna go over their house tonight and do the Christmas Eve thing anyway, just to try and keep MIL's mind off things.

Have a great Christmas Eve all!! I'll probably be checking in tomorrow AM!

12-24-2001, 06:27 PM
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Okay I ran to the bank and Fashion Bug...I bought jeans I fit in. I can not take those tight ones anymore. Also to the grocery store. Now that was a nightmare. It was funny though...every where you looked someone was on their cell phone. Including me.

Okay it is snowing here. I knew we would have a white christmas. NOT a lot or anything to shovel. Just enought to let us know it is Christmas.

Dani- You know I have no problems sharing our snow. I will send it your way next.

LBH- have fun with the pie. I have to make B some of those Pilsbury cookies that Dani is making.

I am so excited to get going on the budget and WW. I know I am so silly. I have the correct balance in my checking account for once.

I still have to wrap my baby's present and his Dad called so he got to talk to him. So that made him happy

Take Care
Love you all!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

BFB- Will see you here on the 26th. And Congrads on that grade!!

Christmas :angel:s for all!!!

12-24-2001, 11:42 PM
We're back from my parents. It was a nice visit and a fun early christmas. Its nice to be home for christmas in our own house though. I've just got to remember to get up sometime and hang the stockings on the boys beds and put out the rest of the gifts.

Mom and Dad gave me the deep freezer I've been telling everyone that I want!! Yeah!! I get so tired of everything falling out of my freezer in the fridge!

Merry Christmas!!!!
- jul

12-25-2001, 12:31 AM
Jul: Yeah on the freezer. I know I said if I lived downstairs I would buy one. I have no place to put one. And my old refidge was so small I could hardly get anything in there.

I am waiting for the little one to fall a sleep. I am taking his legos and wrapping up his basketball tickets in them. Just to trick him. I know MEAN mom!!

I heard from my sailor today. He emailed me before he was off working. He is missing the ships holiday meal cause he has to work. So I will have to send him some cookies and stuff. He is from WI not to far from where I live. So I have been keeping him updated about what is going on here.

Not much else going on here. We stayed home for Christmas Eve. Watched the Fat Albert Christmas special. Ok I admit I taped it. I love Fat Albert as a kid. Some friends came over and we had a holiday drink together and made New Year's Eve plans.

My favorite Christmas song is on .... Do you hear what I hear?

Merry Christmas My friends!!!


12-25-2001, 09:19 AM
Merry Christmas Everyone

From the UK Fat Chick who should be in the kitchen :D

12-25-2001, 09:55 AM
Merry Christmas My Friends!

May you each have a wonderful day! May the :angel: Of Christmas Bless you and your families! May joy and peace fill our hearts and homes today!

To all our lurkers and families with love ones far away have a Joyous Christmas!!

And last but not least!!! THANK YOU !! To all who are serving our Courntry on this day and every day! I support you and comend you for all your sacrfice and hardwork.



12-25-2001, 12:27 PM
Merry Christmas all!!!!
I am soo excited cuz my mom completed my china pattern and my brothers completed my silverware!!!I am saving them for my new house!!!:D My mom even found some childrens plastic dishes in my china pattern!!!It is too funny!!!She got a set for SD#2 and the new baby!!!!(I have to stop calling him ANdrew!!!incase it is a girl!!!!!:smug: ..Plus it may be Jacques Alexander or Andrew Jacques or maybe Kayleigh Nicole...Who knows!!!I have to see the baby in the sonagram and then name it!!!!)

Hoping everyone is having a great Christmas!!!My brother made me Bread Pudding without the rum sauce for dessert last night!!!Yummy!!!!!My sister in law got me the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy..It is soo funny!!!

Take care!!!

12-26-2001, 10:13 AM
Hi All

Sounds like everyone had a great Christmas!! :D Ours was nice too. FIL is still in the hospital, hopefully getting out today. They'll probably send him to DC sometime mid-January...probably for his birthday! :rolleyes: I didn't really ask for anything in particular, except for a new pair of earrings, that my mom got me. Just plain little gold balls, like you get when you first get pierced. DH liked his watch and jeans. He was really surprised that I got him the Screw Out! :D Got a great pic from my brother and SIL of the kids. They came over for dinner at our apartment last month and SIL took two pics, one of me with the kids and one of DH with the kids. They turned out cute, so she got a double frame and put them in. I love it!

RR- That is soo cool that your mom found a plastic version of your china for SD#2 and "DB"!! :D

Jul- I don't know what I'd do without our little freezer! It's an upright and we love it. My aunt gave us the money to buy it for a wedding present.

I made my pie yesterday AM. It tasted great, but it looked like crap! :lol: You know how you pour the filling in, and it's really full? Well, I spilled in on the crust and the cookie sheet I had it on while putting it in the oven, and of course it burned and smelled horrible baking, but thank goodness it tasted good! There's one piece left, I'll probably have that tonight!

Guess I'll go find something to work on, to make it look like I did something this week!! :D

12-26-2001, 10:40 AM
Okay all I have started WW today. Yes I am having a Diet Pepsi with what breakfast I find. I woke up really late....almost late for work.

I have my lunch with me and am not going anywhere near the candy bowl that is suddenly full again.

I am starting at 234.5lbs. Just makes me sick.

Will start again!!

12-26-2001, 07:53 PM
Lauren--I had to giggle cuz all I wanted was some little gold balls like the oles U asked for and REfman found them!!!!I had some since I got the ears peirced the second time in 1981 and they finally broke soo it was nice to get more!!!I like little ones cuz I flip the ole stethoscope off and on the neck soo many times that I hate to pull any dangling ones from my ears...

Well, I am at exactly 4 lbs heavier since getting pg in October so I am right on track...After this week Mr Andrew(or Ms Whoever) will jump from 20grams to 60grams and keep on doubling!!!!!!:dizzy:

Well, off to cook!!!!

12-26-2001, 08:41 PM
Hi All,

FIL's finally home from the hospital. DH stopped there on his way home. Hopefully everything will be OK now, until he has to go to DC to have the longer radiation strips put in.

RR- I got chills just picturing the stethescope catching on a dangle earring! :eek: I have one other pair of earrings that my mom gave me for my birthday this year, but they're dangly ones. I like them, but I like to just wear the balls everyday, and I can sleep in them without worrying! When do you go for the sonogram, the 10th or something? I'm soo excited!! :D

Pryia- I was gonna try to start today, but I think I just need to wait until after the new year, when there's nothing around to tempt me, and I can concentrate more on my will power!

Have a nice evening all!

12-27-2001, 07:32 AM
OK, so I started back on WW today, one day later than promised.

Not a good start I know, but I am still going to trot out my feeble excuse. Here goes.....

Christmas Eve I must have gone to bed about 9pm, with what I thought was a headache behind my right eye. Woke on Christmas Day and the eye was throbbing. Every blink, movement etc hurt. Turns out Santa bought me an eye infection for a pressie :D . Well suffice to say I was wallowing in pity and one eye really hampers your progress in the kitchen.

We ate dinner at 7pm :eek: don't ask me what happened with the day! Anyway, coz we ate so late, there was no room for Christmas Pud, so I had to have some the following day.....

Hence the reason why I am starting one day later than promised. Just had to get it out of my system. I have had one small victory, Hubby must have bought the world supply of Paprika Pringles (eat these and you may as well have sold your soul to the :devil: ). Anyway I have had a few, and I seem to have lost the crave for them. Normally I can sit and eat a whole tube without blinking, then I would run and hid the tub in the bottom of the bin :lol:

Anyway, I weighed myself and it was not good. I am the heaviest I have ever been and have managed to be at least 7lbs heavier than when I originally started out. So here is the figure (if I can make the font miniscule I would) 207.5lbs. Sorry to jump on your bandwagon Pryia, but I feel sick too.

12-27-2001, 08:34 AM
BFB-I sure hope you feel better soon. I hate those infections. What is the pudding you were talking about.

Better to jump on late than not at all. Funny though for me I would love to be 207 right now. And just think in June I was only 2lbs over that. I know I will get there again and by summer would be great. But I AM only looking at making it through today.

One thing that help. Is trying on the jeans I just bought. They are snug and to uncomfortable to wear. NO I am not taking them back for a bigger size. I know 10 lbs down and they will fit. So I just won't wear jeans for casual day this time. I guess I learned my lesson.

I try not to look at how well I was doing 6 months ago. Cause it makes me really mad. I could have lost so much more instead of gaining it back.

But never give up.

Okay breakfast and off to work time.


12-27-2001, 10:03 AM
If you are interested here's a link to a recipe http://www.deliaonline.com/recipesandfood/recipebrowser/?contenttype=rcpe_a&RecipeID=452. No I did not make mine, shop bought, but it's lovely and rich and a once a year thing. Delia Smith I think is the UK equivalent to Martha Strewart (I think she cooks or does she decorate)

I look back and am disappointed, but I can waste time looking back or go forward and do something about it.

I think I may fall into that dreaded "trap" of putting my weight in my signature :eek: as a constant reminder...... will have to think about that a bit more.............

12-27-2001, 02:08 PM
I was afraid I would gain alot over the holiday and I think I ended up pretty good. 173.
I plan to try a little harder to add some exercise starting Jan 1. And I want to set a valentines day goal of 170. Its really been helping to make very small goals...it doesn't seem to hurt or make me feel deprived.

BFB: Sorry about the eye. Those infections can be nasty. I had one in high school and have never been able to wear contacts since then.

Thinking about taking the tree down this evening and work on getting the house back in order. My best friend gave me a gift of 40 hours of kid sitting so I can get everything organized and finish up my bookkeeping chores (I am so far behind). I think we're going to start this sunday and go thru friday on the 40 hours. I should be able to get a lot done in a regular 'work week' type of week.

- jul

12-27-2001, 04:18 PM
Well we still don't really have any snow here but to be honest i'm pretty happy about that. I know it's going to pile on eventually and I'd rather wait as long as possible to haul out the boots and start worrying about driving conditions.

Well I had a fun couple of days off work and I ate a bit too much but I guess that's okay. It was tough for me to stop myself but I didn't weigh myself yesterday or today (for me it's a miracle). I knew I must have gained a bit and I wanted to have a couple of good days before I get on the scale. Yesterday and today have been okay (Monday and Tuesday - not) so I'll get on tomorrow, check the damage and try to be good until New Years and then it's back on track. I know I'll splurge a bit on New Years and I bought the fixin's for Cosmopolitans (yum) so I want to enjoy myself. I hardly ever drink but I think New Years is a good excuse to splurge a bit on the alcohol, especially since I won't be driving anywhere. After Jan. 2nd I'll think about a Valentine's day goal. I really want to get under 150 but I think that might be a while.

Jul - sounds like you did alright on the eating front over Christmas so that's great!

BFB - I'm going to check out that pudding but the truth is the last thing I need is another fattening yummy recipe - I've got plenty of those. And it sounds like you're already heading back on the right track with those horrilbe Pringles but maybe you should get the hubby to stop buying them. I'm so bad when stuff is in the house, which is why things are difficult right now. We have so much chocolate (my weakness). You can do this!

Pryia - it also sounds like you have the right attitude so good luck with your new start!

Lauren - hope your FIL's doing alright. I know what you mean about things when they look like crap but taste good. But tasting good is the most important part! I often spill my pies so I always keep a cookie sheet underneath so that the oven doesn't get a mess, but the spillage does burn. What kind of pie was it - did you say??

RR - only 4 pounds sounds so great - I can easily gain that without being pregnant!!


12-27-2001, 05:59 PM
Hello!!!Busy day at work soo I am hanging out in my bum out clothes the rest of the evening!!!

Lauren-soo glad the FIL is home..Hope all else goes well with him.

Pryia and BFB--Congrats on getting on track again!!!I will be right with U in July!!!!!!

Elisa-Toronto last Christmas was the coldest my body had ever been....I think my face was numb the entire 4 days we were visiting!!!!Boxing day was my favorite....We even braved the cold to visit some packed record store downtown!!!

Have a great day all!!!!

12-28-2001, 01:24 PM
Hi All,

OK, where is everybody?! I'm at work, slacking off. Played hooky yesterday! Will be playing hooky again Monday, since I have no time left!

I'm starting to get excited about moving. Called Verizon and the Cablevision this AM and made arrangements to have the services transferred. Cable said I have to call back in a couple weeks because they don't have the schedules up for February yet. Verizon even let me pick out a phone number!! :D So as long as DH likes it, we've got our phone number!! Even though we take occupancy 1/15, I'm scheduling everything for 2/1, because by the time we get everything moved, it'll probably be 2/1! DH & I are going to the bank tomorrow AM to sign the lease and have it notarized.

BFB- Congrats on staying away from the chips...now, stay away from the pudding!!

Pryia- Great attitude about the jeans!! You go!!

Jul- Good for you staying pretty much in control, not going overboard!

Elisa- It was Pumpkin Pie...have to make another one for Tuesday dinner. I have one bag of pumpkin left in the freezer from the pumpkin I bought in the fall and cooked in the pressure cooker!

I have to say, I made a great dinner last night! I had a couple boneless center cut pork chops that I took out of the freezer last weekend that I had sealed with the vacu-lock thing. I had put some sesame ginger marinade in with them before freezing about a month ago. I had a half an onion and an apple, which I chopped up and put half the mix in the oven with the chops. Then I cut my butternut squash in half and nuked it for 10 minutes. I scooped out a little of it and mixed it with some stuffing mix I made. Added the other half of the apple/onion mix to it and put it in the halves and stuck it in the oven. Baked it for about 30 minutes. Those were the moistest chops I've ever had, and the flavor was incredible!! And the squash was just delicious! :D Sorry to toot my own horn, but when something I make comes out that good, I can't help it...I'm not exactly Betty Crocker!! DH said it was really good, and he's not big on pork chops or squash!!

OH well, nothing much else going on. FIL is home and resting. Hope everyone has a great New Year's! We'll be at the IL's probably...not really my idea of a good time, but it'll make FIL happy.

12-28-2001, 03:37 PM
Lauren - dinner did sound yummy and you're certainly allowed to toot your own horn!

I did get on the scale this morning - not pretty! Back up 1.5!! I've been up and down the same couple of pounds for the last couple of weeks but I guess that's not too bad considering all the chocolate that's been floating around. I'm going to try to enjoy myself (but not too much) until January 2nd and then I'll see where I am and start my Valentines Day goal. I know I'll be able to get back on track and I'd been doing pretty well. As I said before I REALLY want to break that 150 mark. It will be so exciting since I'll be closer to my post honeymoon weight which I think was 146. I still have some pants and shorts (and even a couple of dresses) that don't quite fit and I'd love to be able to wear.

Hope everyone's having a good week and getting ready for a great New Years!

We can make 2002 a great and successful year!!


12-28-2001, 06:41 PM
Good Evening all!!!

I had a scare today...I had been feeling really weird the last 2 days and panicked cuz I couldn't find the heartbeat..I had been really emotional and teary and last night it was worse..Today at work I just imagined that I didnt have a baby anymore and just got more upset..(very hormonal!!!)DH was trying to convince me that if I miscarried, then the I would have cramps or bleeding and I was symptom free..He made an appointment for the nurse to find the heartbeat today and met me at the MD's office...She could not find the heartbeat, and I started crying more...soo they did an ultrasound.The nurse went to get the doctor cuz she couldnt see anything and when the doctor did the ultrasound, I saw this little teany baby moving around with its heart beating very fast and normal!!!I started giggling which made the Doctor loose the pic and she smiled and told me to quick moving....:D She did however say that the fetus was too small for 14weeks and she thinks I am less PG than I am..which is weird cuz AF came last in Sept and I tested positive Oct 23..I have to have some kind of vaginal ultrasound thing Wed to date the fetus and determine the due date, soo I willl see...I just feel great that I did see the baby and it was beautiful!!!!:smug:

Well, off to rest after a stressful day!!!

12-28-2001, 07:33 PM

I am back from the holidays with my family. Had a great time. Sounds like everyone here had a nice holiday - I read through this post - but didn't read last weeks.

RR - glad the baby is okay!

I have missed WW for weeks & didn't make it last night either. I started counting points again today (have not done that for quite a while) and it is hard, hard, hard! I threw out the cookies leftover today - I do not want anything in the house. I will have to face the scale next Thursday & that should really help me get back on track :o - but I'm hoping to get back on track myself before then.

To those of you who did so well over the holidays - congratulations - you are my hereos!

To those of you working to straighten themselves out - I'm with you!

I'll have to join that valentines day goal thread once I know what I weigh. Or maybe I just put how many pounds to lose . . .

Peace all.