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07-19-2007, 06:42 PM
Well I was reluctant to go to cod as some of you know.

Go figure the girl I really like was there headed to lunch:(, so now i get stuck with the woman who just bugs me beyond belief:mad:. She said are you ready ? I said not really but what the heck!
Well i did lose some of what I gained back 1lb of it so far. :carrot: Though I am still reluctant to this whole bit . She said how is it going I said, It stinks that i start the new thing and gain my weight back thats how its going! I said , youfolks could tell us this is going to happen to you at first ya know ( I told you I was moody and did not like her:devil:).

She said well see your losing again. I said ya and I am very happy about that part:D. She looked at my menu book and said , Cheesecake??!! I said YEP! she said oh thats a NO NO ! I said ya well so is not telling me that weight may come back on!:p. I said, In all seriousness I have not actually cheated at all and I know its not on the plan but after putting weight on and me thinking about it i figure well whats a 1/2 slice a cheese cake. I said I liked it , it was yummmy and I have no regrets for it either. If i would of gained a 1/2 lb who is to say it was the cake or the 5 starches I ate?
She said oh ok. left it at that.
I said I will stick to it but if I gain and continue too I am going to be mad , I sid for what it costs to do this I am not going to pay to put the weight on I can do that with no problem.

Ohhh I can not stand her:dizzy:

07-19-2007, 06:55 PM
Steph -- hmmmmm, I am getting the impression you don't care much for one of your counselors..... ;)

I'm gonna guess that 1/2 slice cheesecake wasn't your friend....:D But that is good that overall you are back to losing!!!!!!!

Our COD area hasn't started the new plan - they are DOING it, and training for it - but we dont' start for another week. But with my favorite two gals I've expressed concern over it and they BOTH have told me that the amount of calories is the SAME as the old plan. All they've done is come up with higher fiber foods and rearranged the portions a bit (well, reduced some too) But the changes are to help us feel fuller longer so we aren't so tempted to cheat (who ME????)

I've been warned there might be a bit of a gain at the VERY beginning - because of the increase of fiber and water (they suggest you chose high water foods so you'll feel fuller longer) -- but our body is to readjust in no time.

Several of the LAWL centers have been doing this plan for a while, to see if it works. And many report higher weight losses on this new plan!!! But I wonder -- is that because there's less cheating -- in which case, what do those of us who aren't regular cheaters going to find the scale does to US????

Keep on keeping on doing the right stuff Steph.....:carrot:


07-19-2007, 08:57 PM
Well she is always shoving product down my throat so to speak so I would rather someone sell and not seem fake thats all.

Yippie back on the good old road to weight lose! She was made when I would not buy and bulk and snotty to me so I have a issue with her from that still.

I thinkshe knows I am not fond of her , I very rarely get her anymore at first it was all the time.
She said today, need bars i said no I just got some ( and I did 2 days ago) . she said not surprised. RRRRRRRRRR thats what I mean those side shots of comments not needed in my opinion!

07-20-2007, 08:00 AM
Steph - It sounds like your dislike for this person is really keeping you from getting the support you need at COD. Instead of being able to ask questions and get information you are responding to sales pitches and snide comments. Have you considered asking to make an appt so you can see the counselor of your choice? If they ask why just say personality conflicts with the other counselor. You are paying a lot of money and deserve to get what you are paying for, support and information! Glad to hear you lost though! Keep up the good work:)

07-20-2007, 02:44 PM
My nearby center closed at about this time last year, and I was told to go to a center about 35-40 minutes from here. The manager/counselor of the facillity really bugged me. I went in one day, after having lost over 60 pounds, and I had a 1.2 pound loss. I was happy about it until she said, "Uh, what seems to be your problem?" I was taken aback, and asked her what she meant. She said you are supposed to lose 2 pounds per week. She was no mere slip of a girl herself, so I was wondering who the heck she thought she was. The whole facility had a snotty aura about it. My favorite counselor from the old center was there sometimes, but not often enough to make the long drive worthwhile. I am more motivated by sites like this and the encouragement and tips I get.

I asked via email if they would be opening a new facility out this way, and they said, no, you HAVE to go to the facility I hate. I emailed back and said no thanks, I get motivation elsewhere, and I can buy all the lites I want on ebay. Serves her right for being arrogant and trying to tell me I need to make the commitment to drive that far to be uninspired. I said that people do not like to shell out a lot of money for the privilege of being inconvenienced.

Sorry for the long-winded story. I think LAWL is a great plan, but is a poorly-run company. No consistency in personnel and products.

07-20-2007, 02:46 PM
I will also say that before I gave up on the new center, I would sign in and put the name of the counselor I wanted to see next to my name. I said that if I was going to drive that far, I wanted to see the people who had truly inspired me and got me to the weight loss level I had attained.