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07-19-2007, 02:35 PM
When the scale doesn't move and you've been working your tooshie off in the gym or some type of exercise - and you're about to throw the scale out the window -take a look at this. Or maybe the scale goes up.

This is 5 lbs of fat vs. 5 lbs of muscle --- look at the size difference ! :-)

Okay - I can't get the link to work....

I've been reading a lot lately about working out while losing weight. It is SO important to build muscle, lean muscle mass. The more muscle you have the more your body burns while doing everything. Plus it helps you keep the weight off when you get to your goal weight.

I need to just keep reminding myself, it's not so much the # on the scale, but the way my clothes fit etc. Look at Marzebe (???sp) - Perfect example.

Now I'm kicking myself for skipping the gym today... Oh well, we all need a day off right and I'll make extra sure to walk my butt off tonight when I work at the kennel.

07-19-2007, 04:12 PM
Thanks for sharing. Okay, I'll try and remember this and be happy with the scale number if I'm following my plan and exercising. It's just not fair, I tell ya (right Kristen??).

Working out has so many benefits other than toning too. I call it my happy drug since I really feel like a new person after a good workout. I made it to the gym....30 minutes LBWO and 35 minutes on the treadmill...(got in about 2.3 miles).

Snowdogs - for some unknown reason that link is not working.....

07-19-2007, 05:17 PM
I think my computer isn't taking me to the right place?? I don't really SEE anything about fat compared to mucsle and how that looks. OR I wasn't looking at the right thing!!!

Since I started using the gazelle we have (had to dust it off....), I haven't been losing much. And I keep telling my counselors - it HAS to be the exercising!!!!! And not a one will tell me I can stop, and one encouraged me to use it more even.... I am not thrilled.


07-19-2007, 05:24 PM
Alright - I give up - I can't get the link to work. It's on 3FC, if you go to the main listing of forums there's one called Exercise. Go into that one and it's in a Sticky -

Sorry about the link.

LOL Laura - I'd be worried if they did tell you to stop :-)

07-19-2007, 05:29 PM
Here, try this...
It did work for me (I just tried it) so hopefully it will work for you guys?? It is icky...

07-19-2007, 06:22 PM

that worked -- EWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,

07-19-2007, 06:36 PM
There was an Oprah show a LONG time ago when she lost a LOT of weight, she wheeled a wagon out with fat that represented the weight she had lost. WOW !
**I saw it on a Oprah show recently that she was going back looking at old stuff, it was a long, long time ago. And then she said how quickly she gained it back because she basically starved herself to lose.

I always look at things like bags of potatoes - or dog food. When I lost 34 lbs last year I always thought about it when I bought dog food - I buy 33lb bags. I cannot imagine hauling around a full bag of dog food EVERY day all day long !

07-19-2007, 06:57 PM
Snowdogs -- I can't imagine buying 33 pounds of dog food!!!!! :dizzy:

I have 2 shih tzu, that amount would last us a WHILE....LOL

Interesting imagery though.......the fat vs muscle and dog food and potatoes......hmmmmmmmm I've lost, well, 31-36 pounds since I've joined....that IS a bunch of doggie food!!!!!


07-19-2007, 07:34 PM
Snowdogs - I do the comparison thing too (dog food, cat litter, potatoes) to remind myself how much I've lost. Well, I did in the past when I successfully lost 45 lbs and kept it off for a couple of years. Maybe I need to go pick up a 10lb bag of potatoes and strap it to my back when I go jogging tonight as a reminder!

I did a image search for the fat vs muscle and found this:

07-20-2007, 09:52 AM
LOL - my dogs go through a 33lb bag every 2 weeks like clock work. There's 3 of them at 2-2.5 cups 2x a day each so about 12-14 cups a day total.
I spend about $75 a month on their food, but they're well worth it :-)

I always say I wish someone controlled what I ate in a day - I'd be much thinner!

Wayy off topic - but at work we have a majorly overweight Lab- even his tail is fat. The owners instructions were 2-3 cups of food 2x a day with a whole can of soft food on top - and if he's still hungry give him more. And of course the food they feed him is garbage - I think the soft food is a yellow can that says Dog Food on it. Yikes.

I honestly want to kick people like that. I take great pride in keeping my dogs lean and healthy. Most think they're too thin, especially compared to the typical dog you see - but they're not- they're lean & muscular. Anyways - I'm huge on my dogs nutrition and feed the best food I can etc.

Thanks Liza for that pic ! Things like that are an eye opener for me.

07-20-2007, 10:05 AM
On the topic of comparing your weight loss to different things...I now lost more than what my 3yo DD weighs! I couldn't even imagine carrying her around all day...yikes!

07-20-2007, 11:15 AM
Tina - you ROCK! That's all...

Snowdogs - I was thinking about you last night. There was a Husky running loose last night while I was running with Buster. I tied Buster to a tree and tried to get the husky to come to me but it was scared and tired. Obviously someone's dog as it had tags. I'm still upset that I couldn't catch it. I pray someone got their dog back!

On feeding dogs.. I think I've mentioned this before but I cook for mine. Brown rice, chicken livers or some other meat I might have around (sometimes it's tuna or salmon) I simmer the meat and brown rice together and then seperate it. The meat/rice combo goes to the kitties and the other portion gets some veggies mixed in for the dog. The dog has lost weight (he still has some fluff though) and all of them seem healthier than they ever were before. If it's a busy week and I have to resort to a "dog food" I do Canidae. The rest make him fart. While it is entertaining to see him run away when he does, it's better that we skip that entertainment altogether.

WI today!

07-20-2007, 11:29 AM
I sure hope the Husky found his family. They can cover a lot of land if they get loose.

I would love to do a raw diet for my dogs, I don't have the time though. I've done a lot of reading about BARF (bones and raw foods) diets for them and really believe they're the way to go.
They can be scary though- if not done right you can do damage to your dog by missing nutrients that they need.

My dogs get big raw knuckle bones from the butcher to chew on - they still have cartlidge etc on them. They do wonders for their teeth, and it's good for them. I do not buy bones from pet stores etc, ANY bone that's cooked can splinter - even those smoked ones you get at the pet store.

07-20-2007, 12:39 PM
I actually printed out the muscle fat picture and posted it on my bulletin board when the scale wasn't budging to keep me motivated. :p

It's becoem a joke at COD that now even though I'm maintaining, it kills me to drop only an inch or two a month. The inches are the only thing that kept me sane during the whole loss phrase, the scale has barely budged since x-mas, but in that time I went from size 12s being tight to the size 8's that are loose.

Yes, I'm still pissed that the scale is 12 pounds above the 145 I wanted to be. But I recently pulled out a picture from high school where I was the same weight as I am now, but not nearly as close to active as I am, I definitley am a lot bigger than a recent picture. It just reassured me that I'd rather have the tone than the smaller number on the scale. ;)

07-20-2007, 04:23 PM
Megan, I think we are fat loss twins! I am also 12 pounds above my original goal, but now fit into a size 8. I'm also still shrinking even in maintenance too! My original goal was 148, and I'm still trying to be OK with not making that! For me it was the pants that I wore last time I was down to the original goal weight, and you know what... I'm at least as small now as I was then if not smaller, so I try to feel better about that. I'm also leaner now. I think the crash diet that I was on before caused me to lose a lot of lean muscle mass, which just set me up to gain it back. So I'm glad that LAWL was so reasonable and that the weight loss wasn't super fast! Despite wanting it all to fall off immediately when I was doing it! In the end it pays. If you really want it to LAST this time instead of a frustrating stave down to a number and almost instant return to fatness. Been there, done that!