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07-18-2007, 01:24 PM
I would really like to add weight training to my workouts. Not right away as I am still adjusting to walking every day and low carb eating. But I would really like to add weight training soon. I used to lift weights at home as a teen and also used to go to the gym once upon a time. My biggest problem is that I HATE the gym. The banging, the loud music, the sweaty people sitting on all the equipment. I get so stressed out at the gym. I know I will not keep up a routine there. I have to try to figure out things I LIKE to do or I know myself well enough that I will not keep it up.
Is lifting weights at home, like with a video, as effective? What about those infomercial type things you can buy for legs & total body gym things for your home? Do you think those would be as effective as the machines at the gym? TY!:lifter:

07-18-2007, 02:02 PM
I would think that a set of free weights would cheaper and definitely as effective as what is at the gym. They also take up a lot less space sitting around the house. I've read that free weights are actually more effective because the machines do part of the work for you. The advantage to the machines is that they help keep you in proper form, whereas with the free weights you have to focus on maintaining proper from yourself. I work out with a trainer and he rarely has me use the machines; we almost always use free weights.

You probably wouldn't need too many weights to start with, maybe just 3lbs, 5lbs, and 10lbs. Another alternative would be resistance bands or one of those stability balls; my trainer is also very fond of both of these. About.com, Self.com, Health.com, and the related magazines are great sources of ideas and instructions on how to use all of this equipment (including how-to videos) or you could buy videos.

07-18-2007, 02:27 PM
I haven't lifted in a while (started again last month) and I'm using two of Jari Love's "Ripped" videos with free weights. I got the DVDs at the grocery store (of all places) and currently use 3lb, 5lb and 8lb dumbells. While it's not going to challenge me forever, it does right now, and she offers several different modifications to make things easier or more challenging, plus you can always up the weights.

I don't hate the gym, just live 40km away and don't want to drive into town three times a week or more. I do the workouts MWF and generally alternate between the two videos I have. They aren't hard (as in complicated) to do and I find I'm enjoying myself as well as feeling I am working my muscles.

Good luck,

07-18-2007, 02:39 PM
Hi there Hope -

I definitely think free weights with videos are effective. I'm a big fan of The Firm series. Some of the older ones are more intensly focused on weights. (The newer ones seem a little more cardio-focused to me.) Upper Body & Standing Legs is one of my favorites. It is two programs on the same DVD, which makes it easy to work different body parts different days.


I have a set of 5, 8, and 10 pound weights that I bought at Target. I also really like weighted body bars and use them at my gym. If you go that route, it might be good to get a lighter one for arms and a heavier one to use when doing squats and lunges. (But they seem to be pretty pricey.)


Good luck! I hope you like lifting, I think it makes such a difference!

07-18-2007, 02:58 PM
Have you done any reading at www.stumptuous.com? There's even sections on resistance training with no equipment or a frugal home set-up. All dumbells all the time is my favourite.

I think you'll learn lots there and gain confidence in what you already know and remember.

07-18-2007, 06:00 PM
Blue: TY for the advice & websites, they are great!
Jax: I will check out that DVD, see if I can find it online
Leigh: I did the Firm once in about 2003 and I agree I found it way too fast/intense for me to do LOL But I LOVE that bar link and I really want to try that!
Susan: I love the articles at stumpuous, those are awesome! Actually sort of witty enough to keep me interested and I learned a lot information. It sounds like I really should be adding weights, rather than "waiting until I've lost more wait". I didn't even realize how much weights can help you lose fat.
TY everyone!

07-18-2007, 09:58 PM
Have you looked at the Resistance Band Workout (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=96976) posted in the Weight Training Forum? Bands are a great way to train, take up next to no space, are versatile, and can be used anywhere. It doesn't cost much to get started, either ;)


07-20-2007, 12:34 PM
TY for posting about the resistance bands - those look awesome! I think that would be perfect for me to do at home while the kids are napping

07-23-2007, 02:34 PM
I'm doing routines from the book Body Sculpting Bible and it's a good program I feel. There's also a book Girls do Dumbells that has basic routines to do at home. Some say free weights are better anyways as you have to balance and work your core. Instead of a bench you can buy a ball or even use a stair step. I have the 8 lb, 10 lb, 15 lb dumbells but I'm about to buy the 20 lb dumbells. There are some exercises at the gym I'd like to add to my program as I'm trying to build my legs up so the author of the Sculpting book included gym exercises too. I'm thinking of going just a few days to do my legs more, but then again I bought another book with more ideas to do at home. At the beginning of weight training you are just getting your body accustomed to working out so if you use one of the home programs and just buy the basic dumbells you can then after a month or two decide to join a gym or not. I don't like gyms, smelling other's sweat, feeling confined. I like my evening workouts before bed in my own home and then a hot bath.