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07-17-2007, 01:17 PM
Glad you guys are here. I recently found out my problems are caused by soy allergies so they suggested I eat raw/whole foods, and get cookbooks for mediterrarean and vegetarian foods. There is some really good information on here.

I do have one question though: What are broccoli sprouts? Guess I will look at Trader Joe's today.

07-17-2007, 01:58 PM
Broccoli sprouts are the first little leaves that come out of the seeds when you plant them (the coytelons~ I think I'm spelling that wrong.) Just like alfalfa sprouts and anyother sprout you can do it at home if you have seed. You can usually find sprouting seeds at a natural foods store or you can order online. There are also online tutorials on how to sprout.

This is how I do it. Put 1T of seeds into a 1 quart mason jar (if sprouting something larger like beans use 1/4c.) Cover with water and put a double layer of cheese cloth over the mouth of jar and screw on jar ring (just the ring~no lid.) Let soak over night with the jar covered (I use a brown lunch sack for this.) In the morning drain the water through the cheese cloth and set the jar upside down on a towel to drain and cover with bag. Rinse 2 times a day, draining and putting upside down then covering, until they are the prefered length (depending on what you are sprouting 2-7 days.) Make sure you rinse or they'll get moldy! If you want the sprouts green then put them in the window (uncovered) for a day or so after they are the proper length. Then stick them in the fridge and enjoy!