Support Groups - summer cows grazing in verdant pastures

07-17-2007, 08:00 AM
well i am in fredericton==== a beautiful town on the saint john river,and the fields are filling out with corn and raspberries and tomatoes,so i invite all you cowpies to loll in the pasture and partake of the luscious fruits of summer---i will go and grind up some wheat for our fresh bread,and we shall feast on strawberries and wine under the weeping willows =-------------------lah tee dah-00000=-000000000000 now report in you wayward heifers!!!

07-17-2007, 12:13 PM
This is unusual -- I'm away for 3 days and you guys fall asleep. I've been trying to get a wireless connection since we left Saturday a.m. and havn't gotten connected once. Then this morning DD sat down, turned it on and had a connection immediately. We had a good trip down, made great time and got here in time for dinner on Sunday. The beach is beautiful, hot, humid but breezy (and TGFA/C).

Fredtown sounds idyllic, Bagz. The river is so gorgeous; we haven't spent much time in the city but have been to the prov park nearby.

Gotta go swimming. Tata


07-17-2007, 02:43 PM
Ahhhhhhh Swimming In The Ocean--how Delightful=----the River Is Lovely To Look At But I Fear A Bit Slimy On The Bottom-----the Golf Course Is Gorgeous But Alas I Am A Duffer----carry On Cows

07-17-2007, 02:47 PM
Yesterday, I felt I had to go to two certain schools and take packets of stuff showing how grrrrrrreat I am. On the way, my car made noises like when you put a card on your bike spoke and then it coyly said "ping" and fog came out the vent. I turned off the a/c and drove it to my mighty mechanics who said the a/c I had paid over $1,000 for in March was out of warranty (3 months) but "that's bullsh*t. I'll make it good." I love my mechanics.

So DS had to fetch me as I didn't want to arrive at schools all sweaty like Kiwi. One school was locked but there were lots of cars there so I called on the cell phone and asked if someone could come to the door and take this packet from me. Secretary was there alone as everyone had gone to workshop and had locked the door so she could go potty. She came out, saw DS, remembered him from when he went to school with her DD and chatted him up. Then she gave me an appt. Which I just had. And if I get past the guy on the very very top, I'm hired.

Only fear is that I had talked to the very-very guy and have written about him in the news and I hope hope hope I never p*ss*d him off.

So ..if car had not broken ds would not have been with me and I might not have got appt so readily and so on and so on and stuff.

Been waching DVDs of Martin & Lewis and the Colgate Hour. Jerry Lewis was SOOOO CUTTEEE. Actually, he looked a lot like ex-dh when they were both young.

When I get a job and make money, I'm going to Freddy Town and eat strawberries and blueberries and raspberries and drink yoo hoo.

07-18-2007, 01:48 AM
Since it stopped raining here, it is h.o.t.
Wish I were in Canada!!
Or just on vacation.

07-18-2007, 08:23 AM
PEACHBAT!! what a serendipitous event that turned out to be!!! here is a bushel full of strawberry wishes for your success!!!---i am very excited as the local garden stall in the market has informed me that the raspberries===my VERY favourite berry on the planet will be available at the end of the week!!NOW WHAT ARE YOUR FAVOURITE BERRIES,COWCANS????----and painty--it's always cool where i live----last night it was 12 degrees {celsius}---53 degrees F!!! today it may get up to 20--around 68----we can get as high as 75 in the sun and out of the fog or wind!! however ,this is just in my town---fredericton has temps up to 95-------------like they always say----10 degrees cooler on the coast----- I usually complain until i go to a hot place and then i can't take it!----ramble ramble ramble---if you go back to all the summer posts i have ever made,i ususally drone on and on about how cold it is up here--------------feel free to SKIM!!!!!-----maybe i will make some biscuits for my strawberry jam!!! maybe i will eat too many of them----maybe i will shut up now and move on-------GOOD LUCK PEACH--REPORT BACK AND KIWI=====HOW WAS THE OCEAN SWIM????

07-18-2007, 09:56 AM
Headache since Saturday. Too hot to post. Will post anyway for procrastination's sake.

Boiling hot but looks like rain. Go figure.

Peachy!!!! Amost hired is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I KNOW you're going to get this job.

Kids are out of school for the summer. Must go do stuff.

07-18-2007, 03:25 PM
Almost hired is not the same as being able to pay bills. But I realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llly want, need, am drooling for job.

Want to tell Sugar that DS had to go to orthodontist and naturally we went next door to eat German food. I had curry wurst which catsup with curry powder and two very dry (unfatty I hope) crumbly sausage. Pretty good. Never thought of putting curry power into catsup and can tell you that it's still catsup.

07-18-2007, 05:49 PM
I had curry wurst which catsup with curry powder and two very dry (unfatty I hope) crumbly sausage

Yes! They have currywurst in Dogpatch! That's the former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's favourite. BUT watch has something like 30 g of fat per 100g of sausage. Fatty, fatty, fatty fat wrapped up in an innocent looking weenie. I have no idea who thought up the putting curry powder in the ketchup thing. Here they cut it up in little pieces and pour the ketchup over and you eat it with a plastic toothpick thingie. So sophisticated. :p

07-19-2007, 03:37 PM
And if I get past the guy on the very very top, I'm hired. Yay!!!!!!! :crossed:

Headache since Saturday. You need a prescription for Relpax.

Here they cut it up in little pieces and pour the ketchup over and you eat it with a plastic toothpick thingie. So sophisticated. :pWhat? They don't mix grape jelly with the ketchup? :barf:

The ocean is beautiful!! Warm but not too warm. However the waves are real monsters this year with lots of undertow. Tough to swim for very long.

The BF arrived yesterday so DD is happy. And all the kids think he makes a very good climbing gym.

Tomorrow is our last beach day. Where did the week go?

Hope everyone is chillin'. Except Bagz, who should have a hot flash or something to warm up. :devil:


07-19-2007, 07:45 PM
Update from Dogpatch: The woman who fired me is no longer in her job. She still works for the organization but in a position where is not so free to run amuck. I have heard that she said something about a "letter" but no details were included in the gossip .. I mean information.

07-20-2007, 02:31 AM
Hee Hee Hee That's very gratifying, eh? I love it!! Way to go.

I went to see 1408 tonight, which was kind of fun, mainly because I was sitting in stadium seating and pretty close and it was shot very closeup with some good suspense. Hardly movie of the year, but fun. The kids (the older ones) went to Pirates of the Caribbean which ended up being so much longer than my movie that I had to sit around and wait for them for an hour and a half in the steam. They had my car keys so I couldn't even go for a drive or listen to music or enjoy the a/c. Which explains the goofy message you got on your cell, Peachie. On the drive home I heard my message beep, but somehow I cannot locate my phone any more :dunno: which explains why I haven't listened to it or replied. Tomorrow I assume I will find it under the seat of the car or something.

There is some nice person here at the beach who I would like to thank for the open wireless connection. Well, unless he is hacking into mycomputer or something with it.....

I am like a yokel in New York City with this high speed internet. I just updated my Norton Antivirus, which needed about 1.5 mb of updates. Thewhole process took less than a minute. At home I would be sitting there waiting for about 20 minutes wondering when I was going to get some bandwidth back...

My mother is so funny. She really can't do carp on the computer, but she is fully invested in the age of technology. When we are watching a DVD or something, she'll push a button on the player expecting instant results (and then push the button a few more times for good measure while I give her a look as the tray goes in and out a few times...) and if I'm looking something up on the computer she expects it right this second. Lord. When even my mom is impatient for faster technology, you know the world has gone to **** in a handbasket.

Who can live in this climate I want to know. Too dang hot and humid for me. Much as I love the beach and the ocean and seeing my family, give me cool nights and hot days that don't suffocate you, anytime. And I must mention, I miss my puppy. Oh and I suppose the hubster too, if I must..... ;) but really, he could have come with and didn't. Jet had no choice. :dizzy:

Oh yeah -- John Cusack, mm hmm. Not hardly Johnny Depp, but enjoyable to watch.


07-20-2007, 03:19 AM
TV news seems to be making DH VERY CRABBY.
I am reverting to immature reactions and thinking that it's my fault. Makes me want to eat eat eat eat eat eat. feh.
Don't plan to give in.

07-20-2007, 06:19 PM
I haven't watched or read the news all week. Is the world still there?

Around here news is a thunderstorm or a catamaran toppling over.

We're out of here tomorrow :bb: so today is probably the last I'll get to be online. Have a good weekend.


07-20-2007, 08:31 PM
yessss have a good weekend cowtanks!!! i have an american cruise ship visiting me tomorrow so i have to get my sleep====i feel like an army girl during the second world war waiting for my ship to come in----dd21 is home from her european vacation so i am catching up on news from the continent.otherdd is still there with her danish lover----how ooh la lah my daughters have become----compared to the peddlar their mother has become.

07-21-2007, 03:24 PM
How strange it is to speak of one's child's lover. Ooh la lah indeed. I fear lcp may hve broken up with ds. He won't talk but I know she was fed up with his not talking and not doing.

I am quite depressed. Just got a rejection letter in the mail. How CAN I GET A JOBBBB That I Want???? I am so sad.

07-21-2007, 07:28 PM
this wasn't the job that you just were talking about??? crap!! tell me peachbot,would you be willing to relocate to have a job??? i was wondering if there were other states nearby that have teaching jobs??? poor ds---i hope he isn't depressed----the first love thing is hard on the kids------------i like saying 'lover' cause it sounds old fashioned to me,or european,or romantic-----maybe i am living in a dream world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

07-21-2007, 07:32 PM
two of the kitties are friends,the other one is an old bag of misery.

07-21-2007, 11:46 PM
I haven't watched or read the news all week. Is the world still there?
The world is definitely still OUT there. WAY out there. I have subscribed to nearly a dozen liberally biased e-letters that keep saying how @#$%'d up the US government is getting. Perhaps sailing on a catamaran would be an improvement.
DH and I rectified our misunderstanding. :hug:

I am quite depressed. Just got a rejection letter in the mail. How CAN I GET A JOBBBB That I Want???? I am so sad.
You already know: the best antidote to depression is ACTION... AND that's how you've gotten your other jobs and interviews, etc. etc. Keep at it. You can do it! :cheer::cheer:YOU CAN DO IT!:coach::coach:

two of the kitties are friends,the other one is an old bag of misery.
I'm taking a figure drawing class. DH won't let me draw him... and our cat is brown with browner stripes. Next cat I get will have to be LIGHT COLORED so I can see where her lumps and bumps are! Plus she tends to hide (see below!)

Today was OK food wise. The stickers are still a necessity (juvenile motivation rah rah rah :carrot::broc: I was unceremoniously awakened by the Police Department awaking me (I'm on call this weekend) and needing me to console/help a woman who's husband died in his sleep last night. She, her daughter and their gorgeous golden labrador retriever were doing way better than I anticipated. She doesn't know it, but I'm adding this woman to my role model list. Spry, slim, sharp at 77 (had pretty silk pj's on when I first got there.)

I went to the gym on the way home. (Had some anger that such a difficult thing happened to such a neat family.) Am now VERY sore! Serves me right, because I skipped the gym since Monday. :o

Ran errands a big, came home in time to meet the "squirrel trapper." He says the squirrels (or possibly RATS.... YUCK) were definitely IN THE ATTICK. They prefer the insulation in the corners and take it outside to their "real" nest he says. YUCK YUCK. I'm so glad we were only a brief stop over and supply station. :p:lol3:

Had dinner out then went to Half Price books. Found an anatomy/drawing reference and novels that I'd missed... (Elizabeth Adler) I should be able to read myself (rather than feed myself) to sleep for at least this week.

Hope I don't get called out in the middle of the night tonight... and that all of you have a good remainder of the weekend.

07-22-2007, 02:57 AM
Bagzie, I have this HOUSE which is cheaper to pay for than rent and that includes the tax and insurance. Other than that, I'm willing to move.

Thanks for the rah rah Painty.

Bagzie, there is one job left out there that I am not rejected from yet.

Don't you hate it when you call and say

"May I speak to Mr. Smarkcledder."

and she says

"May I ask who's calling."

"Peaches O'Cowpie."

"Oh. I'm sorry. He's in a meeting."

Don't you HATE THAT.!! It is so rude.

07-22-2007, 04:50 AM
1. We're spending the day taking our little baby to summer camp, 2 1/2 hours away. I will miss him.

2. My mother also can't do carp on the computer. But she is fully able to send me ancient internet urban legend chain letters and pictures of fluffy kittens.

3. A rejection letter is NOT a rejection of you!

4. I have never had a Danish love. There's still time, I suppose.

5. Mostly when men are cranky it's not about us.

6. Lcp breaking up with Peach Jr. might be the best thing that ever happened to him, he just doesn't know it yet.

7. The world is still here and it's as boring as ever.

8. ds11 went to swimming party yesterday and not knowing they were going to an outdoor pool I forgot to put sunscreen on him. Oops. Ask me how guilty I feel.

8. Mixing grape jelly with ketchup would be considered a sin here but you can buy tubes of ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together in stripes like toothpaste. That's what people eat with fries.

9. The Dalia Lama is visiting Germany. They did a unofficial poll and found out that he's more popular than the Pope. Well, duh.

10. Must go pack more stuff and make everyone breakfast.

07-22-2007, 11:30 AM
I am missing my herdette.

Peachie-- I just know a job will find you!!!! Its deeepressing I know but keep yer chinny chin chin up. :hug:
Oooh, poor DS..the loss of first "paramour" (I like that word, its soooo sofistikated) is hard to take... especially those quiet sensitive sorts..

Kiwi: You were here and I was near there... I go back there tonight. The office is in cambridge about 3 miles from Logan.. I stayed at the Hyatt last week smack dab in MITs campus. The only exercise I got was walking along the Charles River.

Painty: What a wonderful vocation you have helping people :hug: I feel for that lady.. I came this close to her experience..however, I would have been in stained sleep shirt and ratty pants.

Bagz... :love: I hope those 'mericans spend lots of greenbacks on smelly soaps and fridgadaire magnets!!! Did the DDS bring back any Danish? not men, the pastry? Have a cheese danish for me.

Suggie-- I hope you feel better..where are you packing too? details woman!

A typical Sunday morn in Schatziville.. DH is :rollpin: yelling at the TeeeVee as he watches "Meet the Press" ..

07-22-2007, 03:55 PM
I am so educated by Sugar !!! I know now about "fully kittens" and toothpastish condiments. I love you, Sugar!!

And if Shotsy says I'll get a job then, by golly, I will.

I am ahead in the postcard contest by a few points. I will win!! I will conquer!!!!

This nice Scots lady who postcards with me told me about the Glencoe massacre wherein a bunch of people (Campbells and stuff) stayed with the MacDonald's. They stayed in a bunch of MacDonald houses, ate dinner, slept in their beds, accepted their hospitality and got up in the night and killed them all. It was because someone liked the king and someone didn't. Luckily we don't do that too much here because all those Bush voters would be feeling guilty about now.

07-22-2007, 05:16 PM
i started a fight between two new jerseyites in the shop---i said the money would get better {as in be worth more} when the war stopped and i was tired of seeing all these twenty something young men die in EYE-RACK {as some of the big boys are calling it} WELL!!!! this one woman totally agreed with me but her friend who was on the cruise with her got all huffy at us and said 'WOULD YOU RATHER THEY BE OVER HERE KILLING US ON OUR OWN SOIL"-----so i got all sorry cause i caused a fight and said 'don't fight---sorry sorry sorry!!!" and they were still a little miffed at each other { and the other one whispered to me--i agree with you} anyway,i gave them each a pewter canada coin that we have for good luck with a maple leaf on it---i also told them i was against CANADIAN boys being killed in Afghanistan so i wasn't anti american or anything!! WHEW!!! i should keep my big mouth shut----last year a man got all mad at me cause i said i was excited that the Dixie Chicks were coming to town!!! TOUCHY TOUCHY TOUCHY !!!OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!

07-22-2007, 05:46 PM
Oh yeah, politics and earrings don't mix! But it seems like whatever one says, someone else will take offense and go off all huffy so I guess it's just better to talk about the weather or something.

Fluffy kittens. Fluffy. I'm a carpy speller. I just talked to my mother and dad and brother and li'l tiny baby on video chat. Fun, but you have to make sure you're dressed and there's a 5 second delay.

ds11 is now safely at camp getting all soggy in the rain.

Schatz - I was packing camp stuff. Not for me, I'm afraid. Two weeks in a tent would do me in, I think.

07-23-2007, 01:19 AM
2. My mother also can't do carp on the computer. But she is fully able to send me ancient internet urban legend chain letters and pictures of fluffy kittens.

3. A rejection letter is NOT a rejection of you!

4. I have never had a Danish love. There's still time, I suppose.

8. ds11 went to swimming party yesterday and not knowing they were going to an outdoor pool I forgot to put sunscreen on him. Oops. Ask me how guilty I feel.

8. Mixing grape jelly with ketchup would be considered a sin here but you can buy tubes of ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together in stripes like toothpaste. That's what people eat with fries.

9. The Dalia Lama is visiting Germany. They did a unofficial poll and found out that he's more popular than the Pope. Well, duh.

I'm going to tell DS that he can quote you about HIS mother: can't do CARP!
Definitely something fishy going on. Remind me not to send you fluffy kittens. (Do you like off-color jokes?)

Cowie: the advice is right: job rejection is NOT a rejection of you. If it isn't a good fit, be glad you aren't there. cue music: There's a plaaaaaace for you....:D

I would like to have a shot at living the life of Isak Dinesen. Then you could BE the Danish lover. Having one's probably cool, too.

Hope DS11 isn't blistered. At 11, he COULD have figured it out, I think. :p

Is "currant jelly" and ketchup any more OK than grape? It really IS pretty yummy when warmed up into a sweet/sour kind of sauce. They have that mayo & jelly stuff here, too. I think it's gross. ESPECIALLY on fries! Oh well, we didn't get to 3FC because we were smart about food, right?

I like the Dalai Lama better than the pope. Should I move to Germany?

i started a fight between two new jerseyites in the shop---i should keep my big mouth shut----last year a man got all mad at me cause i said i was excited that the Dixie Chicks were coming to town!!! TOUCHY TOUCHY TOUCHY !!!OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!

Perhaps there's just lots of rancor in New Jersey. Might not take much to set 'em off. And, I think you've been vindicated about the Dixie Chicks. Just my opinion. Be bold! Be yourself.

07-23-2007, 07:24 PM
Did I mention I'm home? I'm home. I'm tired. We had to get home yesterday because DD's BF's grandmother died and they had to go up to the back of beyond to the funeral this morning.

DH is grilling chicken for my dinner. Of course I did all the prep work and all the other items....



07-23-2007, 07:37 PM
WELCOME HOME MISS NEW ZEALAND!!!!----sorry to hear about the grandmother---hope the family is okay----i always like it when i know you are home and keeping the herd under control----maybe you can keep me from starting fights with yankees!!!

07-24-2007, 01:40 PM
Thengku. I was hoping to get into it with a few New Jerseyites myself. But I had to behave myself with 3 impressionable young people in the cah. But of course you are quite right, we can't get into an international incident over such things as dumb people's views of the world.

I actually listened to Karl Rove on the radio yesterday. I get why he is where is -- he has an answer for everything and is an incredible manipulator of the conversation. I completely agreed with him on the immigration bill, which made me wonder if he was lying. I think he's a seamless liar. At least I didn't have to look at him while he was talking.

The bf's family is doing okay, as okay as you can be when you have a gigantic family dealing with a death.

Jet turned two years old and I think we should have a birthday party. At least a Frosty Paws and a new toy, don't you think?

I have some lovely pics of beach and family, will post on Facebook when I have time. Ta


07-24-2007, 03:19 PM
Dear Little Children Cows:

Yesterday, I flipped out. I yelled things at DS and threw things around. This is because of the letter that is not a rejection of me AND that I went to dinner at friend's Sunday night and her mom, retired teacher, was there. I took along my portfolio to see what she thought of it and she said it was more than "they would be interested in."

Then she said they hire people they know.

Then she said "they know you."

So .. they know me and they will not even interview me. I gave up all hope yesterday but instead of going right to the bridge and throwing myself off, I just threw a fit around the house. Honestly, I don't know what to do. They advertise these jobs on their web sites and you apply there. I've been to most of the schools. Calling has not proved fruitful as they don't answer. I am simply out of options.

07-24-2007, 04:28 PM
Arrggghhh! I feel your pain! I can think of 3 things that might do something for you:

Go to an employment agency and ask their advice
Go to the local "job center" and ask them to help you put together resume/portfolio materials (either as if you are starting from scratch or to improve your current resume)
Get to know someone with PULL

Don't you feel like you are smacking up against age discrimination? One of my friends who is extremely qualified in her field was applying for jobs for something like 2 years before she got one working for someone she knew. She was positive that it was age discrimination.

Flying off the handle now and then is entirely forgivable. I lost it in the car on the way home from NC once. DD made a U-turn and did it so fast and out of control she almost tipped the SUV over.

At least it was only once...

Going up to Oregonian friends' camp for dinner and swimming. Ta


07-24-2007, 04:53 PM
Well, Kiwiwiwi, age is something else I can't do anything about so I've not been entertaining that idea. Now I feel worse. There is no hope .. at least not in my hands.

1. Local employment agency is staffed by giraffes and rhinos.
2. Job Center is the same place. This is podunksville.
3. As references, I have a former superintendent from this county and a board member from the other county. I haven't called them recently. Maybe I should.

Someone gave DS a book called "Sam Stern's Cooking Up a Storm .. the teenage survival cookbook." Yummy easy stuff with pictures of kids who all must love Harry Potter. It's a British book he says. We made Spiced PIta with Chicken and Hummus" today. I recommend it. In fact, you should buy it from my friend's book store. Pay shipping and all that just because you're nice people. Or go to Amazon like she would do.

07-24-2007, 05:12 PM

I know of plenty of people who retire and get teaching jobs so I don't feel it's age really.

The hummus in the recipe was made by ds and me per bagz's recipe she gave me eons ago. There's a recipe in the book but I didn't follow it. It involved heating some oil and using tamari which I don't have.

I got a postcard from someone in Norway. It's written in English but I can only read 2/3 of it. They curve their letters in a way that makes H look like Fl and so on. Frustrating.

07-24-2007, 09:06 PM
It's a left foot .....

07-25-2007, 12:56 AM
That's a beautiful sock. I am concerned though: are you going to bbq it?

My den smells really weird. It smells like the kitchen of the messiest person I know (she is actually much worse than I am -- pathological perhaps). I don't think this is a good thing. And I can't figure out what it is that would smell like that. It's not a dead thing; I know what that smells like. It smells like stale food, which makes no sense because there is no food in here. That I know of...

I suck at giving advice. I should just shut up. DH would really appreciate that. Especially if I also stopped asking him questions and talking about anything that interested me.

I am in a super bad mood, can you tell?

My friend whose camp we were visiting gave DD's bf beers. I do not want him to drink, like it's any of my business.

We still have bats. DH assured me that he plugged up a hole they were using to come in, but he killed another bat last night. I am not impressed.

Kiwi, who left the beach to come home and beetch.

07-25-2007, 01:19 AM
answers to your probable questions:

1. There is rotting broccoli or soup somewhere.

2. Rent and watch The Snow and the Tiger or some title with those words.Stars that cute chinless guy from A Beautiful Life. He recites poetry to bats and they fly out the window.

3. No matter how you cook socks, they are still stringy.

4. Do you think ANY men ask their doctors if they're healthy enough for sex? Viva Viagra!! (oh that was a question.) Answer: Nope.

5. They canceled Pirate Master with no notice and put on reruns of whatever was still laying on the table watiing to be filed.

oh maybe it was Life is Beautiful.

07-25-2007, 06:33 AM
Hope everyone enjoyed their Whine!
Some days just require it.
Today wasn't one of mine... was busy and felt good about most things... but clients are graduating themselves en masse-- which means another few weeks (or months) of "self-promotion." I hate that part.

Cowie-- hand in there. Do not try to eat the sock! (Although somebody's been knitting what they called asparagus socks... because of the yummy color of her yarn.). I'd rather knit "hot fudge sundae" socks.

Best to each and every.

07-25-2007, 01:56 PM
oh maybe it was Life is Beautiful.The Italian guy? I can picture him singing bats out the window. I was sort of hoping it was the guy from A Beautiful Life (Russell Crowe, no?) -- I can't quite imagine myself having any luck emulating the Italian guy, but if Russell Crowe could do it, I'd have a shot.

On the other hand, my voice, well, the bats might attack...

It's too hot here, even though it appears to only be 81 deg. For some reason that's too hot today. Yesterday it was 91 and it wasn't any hotter. Well inside the house anyway.


07-25-2007, 02:15 PM
Yep, the Italian guy. Russell Crowe has a chin but isn't as delightful. I was hoping you'd watch it so we could compare notes. I found it deliberately deceived to advance the plot and make you all surprised later. But he's adorable and it's nice.

He doesn't sing. He calls the bat "beautiful something of the night." He's a poet.

Did Bagz run off to New Jersey?

07-25-2007, 05:14 PM
I was hoping you'd watch it so we could compare notes.I would watch it if it didn't require any effort to acquire it. It's too hot to do anything or go anywhere. Last time I looked it was 94 deg. Should I mention our lack of air conditioning? Whining on line takes less effort than whining in person, so yes, I think I should.
He doesn't sing. He calls the bat "beautiful something of the night." He's a poet. It's also too hot to go back and read a post accurately. I could probably call out the bats, but I prefer to whine about them and make DH do something.

Maybe I should go down to the lake and sit in the water. I have a noodle chair.

Seriously. I have a noodle chair.


07-25-2007, 05:21 PM
I envy you. I would sit in the lake in a noodle chair. The movie is in our public library. You know, that makes me think of Lush. I won't go into it here.

94 is hot for Mooselyvania.

07-26-2007, 01:47 PM
I did go float in the noodle chair, and swim a bit. It was quite nice. I even dragged the dog in. Jet only likes to wade in a few inches and won't come swimming with us, so I figured it wouldn't make it any worse to make her swim. I took her by the collar and towed her out till she had to swim and then towed her around in circles 3 or 4 times. She was pretty funny -- she had her front legs going so hard the whole front half of her was out of the water! I guess she will be needing more swimming lessons before she is comfortable. Weird -- I always figured dogs just naturally swam, but Jet definitely doesn't look "natural" out there. Poor goofy dog. DH says I'm mean to do that, but I don't think so. After I let her go back to shore, she was fine; she didn't bolt when I came near her or anything.

Later kids.


07-27-2007, 04:08 AM
TGIF. Lazy day today, sort of: Gym, lunch with a friend. Paperwork. Hair cut and highlights. Dinner out with DH.
Not sure if I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow. I'm thinking now... extra sleeeeeep. and maybe the Simpson's movie.

07-27-2007, 01:33 PM
My what a day we had yesterday. We went up to our friends' camp for the day for a party of swimming, boating, imbibing and stuffing ourselves silly. It turned out to be a fairly big crowd. Of course it was still beastly hot, so we spent a lot of time in the lake. I managed to trip walking into the water and fell on my knee, scraping it up in good shape. Apparently the dog cut her foot on something because one of her toes has been bleeding since (that's a lovely mess in the house; I'm going to have to shampoo the rugs). And for the piece de resistance, we all swam over to an island across the way from the camp so that some of the guys could jump off the rope swing (yes, we were all over 40 years old, why do you ask?). It was 20 minutes to swim over and us tough guys didn't bring any flotation or a boat, and lo and behold, DH, on his 2nd jump, broke a finger while jumping and fell flat into shallow water full of big rocks, got totally scraped up, couldn't swim back across . A couple of us had to swim back and get a boat, and then he and I spent the rest of the evening in the ER while they did x-rays etal. Not anything too serious, just one finger was broken, the rest was bruises and scrapes, but what a way to end a day. Now his middle and ring finger on his right hand are splinted together, so he will be helpless for some years to come I guess. Just kidding, but I did have to help him wash this morning. What a crappy time of year to have to stay out of the water (his leg is all bandaged up too).

So what's new with you?


07-27-2007, 02:56 PM
hay yell hay yell hay yell

I'm offered a job at a school and want it
they tell me to come in and fill the application they have there
it has choices about what kind of certificate I have
i carry it to the principal and tell him I don't know what to do there
he says this and that which is nice stuff but meaningless
I go home and learn that I have a temp certificate in art but not in the field I'm to teach
it costs $56 to apply
then I call the lady at the school I went to who says I was supposed to apply for a professional certificate not a temp one and I don't know what I did
they want copy of transcript but they should have it
but I don't know if they do or not
they don't answer the phone, they let you leave a msg and call back in 3 days to get the answer
i am having anxiety attacks

You know how you make dinner and the dh doesn't come home on time and you get mad and throw it out? I'm about to throw out these socks. If Shots isn't even here to care that I'm knitting them, then .... I'll wear them myself.

I want a noodle chair and a lake.

07-27-2007, 03:55 PM
Is this for the fall? What will you be teaching? I hope you have a few weeks to get all your certs in order, but surely they will let you start working while it's all in progress if necessary :yes: Yay, I hope this is THE job and everything works out! I feel like sending you $56, I'm so excited for you to get the job you want!

:hug::carrot::cp::dance::hyper::woohoo::congrat: :cheer: :yay:

Is that overkill?


07-27-2007, 04:03 PM
I am a little ball of anxiety. This could be relieved if the DOE would speak to me but noooooooooo. The job is two periods of geography and two of math and two of "wheel.' I do not know if other places have wheel. It's an elective sort of thing that's usually boring .. health or study habits. It could be art/music/drama but won't.

07-27-2007, 08:12 PM
what is the DOE??dept of education?? Just guessing!----sooooooooooo this is VERY exciting news!!! a teacher among the herd!!!fabulous!!!i am soooooooo happy for you peach pie--don't worry you will figure it all out!!---NOW KIWONKERS!!! GOOD LORD IN HEAVENS WHAT THE **** WERE YOU DOING SWIMMING TWENTY MINUTES SOMEWHERE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE???? you are giving me a heart attack with this information----poor dh!!!!! and of course poor YOU AND POOR DOGGIE!!!! YOU PEOPLE BETTER SIT THIS SUMMER OUT ON THE LIDO DECK!!!----- one of the girls who works at the market drove out west with her friends {she is in her mid twenties}---the word is she BROKE HER WRIST AND HER ANKLE after falling off a TARZAN SWING!!!!! i can't believe i am hearing so much about this 'type' of wanton summer carousing!!!-------------on an arsier note,these roids have been KILLING ME ALL WEEK-- i finally could do nothing but stay down all day today and probably tomorrow---no amount of medication helps and every time i say forget it and go out or walk around too much i pay for it for hours ----i have not had a good sleep in a week ====they are keeping me up ALL night----SO THERE IS MY WHINE SESSION---- i would love to go for a walk as we are having fantastic weather=-----------------warm for a change!!!

07-27-2007, 09:24 PM
I am threatened with my socks-in-progress being auctioned off and a switch to my hide... I got in here as jiffy quick as I could...!!! Yeesh!
1) Cow pie--most encourging this new development!!!!!!!! Yes!!! you Vill GET ZE JOB :yoga: I Veal it in my bonez yessss!!!
2) I read all the posts and retained only snippits- I've concluded the following
our cowpeach is a worry wart
sugar is a goodmomma
Painty is resilient
Bagz is a oblivious pot stirrer.. Eye Think
Kiwi is Bat infested (STill) but having a dam good time

I am too beat and jet laggy to say anything else EXCEPT - if you are a Wide Woman, do not fly American Eagle... The seats are designed for a very small butt and there is no room for over flow. I was a stuffed sausage link --- the sad thing here folks is my distorted self image which insists I CANT POSSIBLY BE THAT BIG was mashed as I mashed my big arse in the tiny seats..

I had the most horrid flight mate. He snarfled and was one of those "yawners" Who HOOOO AHHH YAAA yumyumyum Yawn aloud like that -- and moving his legs like a gawd dam marchin band on double time ... I so wanted to take a breather from my crossword puzzle and just STAB HIM in his eye!! and Thigh!! and his RESTLESS Syndromed Leg!
Did you know that when you stay at a cheezy motel, you can set up the ironing board, and use the bath towel as a table cloth-- and have a perfectly functional Dining area??

07-28-2007, 12:49 AM
That sounds very exciting, Peachie. Also kind of eclectic. I don't think I ever studied geography, at least not past junior high. What grade is this? Wheel sounds boring, exactly the sort of thing the kids will complain endlessly about. DD complained about health class and safety units incessantly. "Why do we have to learn this again?" :lol:

NOW KIWONKERS!!! GOOD LORD IN HEAVENS WHAT THE **** WERE YOU DOING SWIMMING TWENTY MINUTES SOMEWHERE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE???? you are giving me a heart attack with this information---Not to worry my dear, this is in a lake, with 8 or 10 other people. Everyone a good enough swimmer to get there and back. Even me :D We Mainers are a tough lot, y'know. Speaking of swimming, I am thrilled to find that I have not experienced any of that cold allergy syndrome I had last year. Of course, I haven't been immersing myself in 60 deg F water this year, but I have noticed that I can hold a frosty canned beverage without getting hives, so maybe it was a temporary condition.

The roids are really overstaying their welcome this time, eh? I know this isn't the same thing at all, but I have been having some, ahem, chafing problems on the chubby thighs, which was rather painful at the beach where it was sweaty plus salt-water plus sand :eek:. I picked up a container of Gold Bond powder and it really does the trick. Makes those thighs just slide along (don't you wish Lush were here to get grossed out?) Don't know if it would help the old arse, but it were me I'd try it.

Yuck, what an awful flight, Schatzi! I hear American Eagle is pulling out of Bangor, sounds like it's no great loss. I am most impressed by your ingenuity with the hotel room furnishings, but I am dismayed that you didn't have a table to use! Are you still going to Boston or are you venturing further afield?

My hands hurt. I think I'll go watch TV. I had to do a lot of typing today because DH is in the middle of a project and can't use his right hand -- for much anyway. Turns out I make a lousy nurse, by the way. The dressing fI put on his leg this morning fell down while he was out at the grocery store today :o :lol:


07-28-2007, 08:21 AM
I WAS RESISTING WATCHING 'THE NOTEBOOK' BECAUSE I WAS NOT INTERESTED IN A BAWL FEST----my step dd's have been hounding me to watch it for a few years---SO i finally relented since i am laying around on me arse anyway---all i can say is-----------I AM IN LOVE WITH RYAN GOSLING!!!!----okay,now---regarding the CHAFING!! i was laughing me arse off {wishful thinking} about your description of the thighs just 'sliding along'---haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa---and i too thought----LUSH WOULD HAVE A FIT--- we would all be put in turkey carcasses and rolled off the cliff!!--along with my roids i now have the horrible hormonal headache that ususally lasts three days or more---these ailments are just enough to make you very crabby

07-28-2007, 01:08 PM
I have never seen The Notebook. Apparently I will now have to. Grumble Grumble. Just kidding. It's another fiery blazing hot day here in Frozen Tootsies. I know this heat won't last forever but oy it sure takes it out of you when there's no respite. I have about a dozen ice packs in the freezer; perhaps I could fashion a suit.

Speaking of the heat, the other night when we spent 3 hours in the ER, I told the nurse it was our anniversary and she said "How about that, mine was yesterday! How many years is it for you?" And I told her 21. She said it was 21 for her too! So we reminisced about how it was the hottest weekend of the century and where was your reception blah blah blah, and you didn't get married by the guy that skipped town, did you? :lol:

Hope Wabby is doing well. We miss you!! My Oregonian friends are here (the ones with the camp we've been swimming at) and they keep informing me about how there aren't any bugs there and it's never humid (except of course when you're stuck in a downpour for 3 months). I may have to cave in and go visit.


07-28-2007, 05:47 PM
Helooooooooo! I'm not dead, just under supervision. One kid at camp, one kid at home hogging the 'puter and a DH that took Friday off so he could whine about how much time I spend on the internet. Also doing MAJOR decluttering. Major, I tell you. You wouldn't believe it. I may post pictures. Have plans to turn the bedroom into a Love Nest. As opposed to a Bore Fest. ;) Stenciling my be involved.

Kiwi! Boy, when you guys bash yourselves up you do it RIGHT! :D Hope everyone is healing up nicely. I had a huge blister on my little toe all week but I guess that doesn't even compare, does it? :dizzy: And the chafing! Yes! I understand! I REALLY hate it when my shorts get all bunched up and sweaty. Ouchy.

Peachy!!!!! This job is for YOUUUUUUUU! :hug: And once they find out how good you are you'll get more and more hours and they'll let you be the principal or the deputy or something.

Bagzie! "Wanton Summer Carousing" LOL! Dh said our neighbours drove off today with bikes on top of their car and left their kids at home. Kids, who are something like 15 and 20 are now having a rip roaring party in their garage and playing really bad German "pop" music. Should be an interesting night. Hope no one breaks anything.

Schatzi! - Eeew, awful seat mate and cheesy motel. Coming home must have seemed like paradise. You get this week's Patience of Job Award presented to you by this guy ---> :carrot:

Here's a joke:

Q: What does the Dentist of the Year get?
A: A little plaque. :D

07-28-2007, 09:13 PM
i just read shatzi's account of her flight!!-TERRIBLE!!! i agree the seats are too small----i always am shocked by the teeny tiny amount of knee room and elbow room you have---who would EVER sit that close to anyone they don't know EVER!!!!

07-29-2007, 04:06 AM
sugar, let's clear this up. If/when I get this job, I don't need more hours at it. It's fulltime.

I am so tired. it's 2:06 a.m. and so tired. Bye.

07-29-2007, 07:56 AM
hey sugs!! i was asking the dd about music over there and she said there is alot of TECHNO----is that what you mean by awful?? i don't care for it myself---she seems to have found some cool stuff to listen to over there but she is more folk/indie for sure---i bought tickets to see Loreena McKennit in september--i love her----dd's danish bf's parents went to see her in denmark-----okay--i need to know who saw THE NOTEBOOK and i want to know what they thought and why-----------

07-29-2007, 07:58 AM
ps-----------as kiwi was mentioning---if wabby is around ----all the hugs on the internet we can gather up are for her-----hope you are taking care......

07-29-2007, 09:06 AM
sugar, let's clear this up. If/when I get this job, I don't need more hours at it. It's fulltime.

Ah yes, I understand now. I wasn't paying attention. Full time is GOOOOOOD. We can advise you on teacher wardrobe. Easy-care teflon pants and sensible shoes.

hey sugs!! i was asking the dd about music over there and she said there is alot of TECHNO----is that what you mean by awful??

Well Techno IS awful but that's kind of out here now. I was talking more about kind of cheesy German pop music that no one but Germans like. Hard to explain. Somewhere between rock and roll and folk music.

07-29-2007, 08:28 PM
Glad to note that everyone is making an appearance, even if there have been injuries to thighs and spirit. NO MORE CHAFING, OK?

DH with a little help from me, redid (i.e. cleaned, re-shelf-papered, and arranged the pantry yesterday. Apparently we had been providing some sort of love-nest for Indian rice bugs (?) that are either larvae, crawlie things or moths and liked our cereal and flour.

We are also hiring a man to trap and then remove squirrels. Two down and ??? to do. Better than them eating another hole in the roof.

Some worries related to perceived chape of "dimple" in "Thelma" the radiated breast. Will call oncologist tomorrow to see if HE can reassure me, or if there will be new, e$pen$ive tests. Bleah. It is kind of ruining my day.
Fortunately it is Sunday evening and maybe I can have a big gin and tonic and go to bed early.

Not very mature, but it'll do.

07-29-2007, 08:30 PM
--i bought tickets to see Loreena McKennit in september--i love her----Oh, you are going to LOVE the concert -- DD saw her in Boston and said it was the best concert she had ever been to. And she went with me to the best concert I've ever been to, so it must have been awesome.

one kid at home hogging the 'puter and a DH that took Friday off so he could whine about how much time I spend on the internet. They have some nerve; don't they know that the internet is where you blow off steam? Do they really want to take that away? Hmmm? :club:

Yep, we do hurties right. DH took off the splint off his fingers to take a shower yesterday and informs me that he now knows why they put the splint on. OWWWWW! He has a bruise the size of a plate on his hip, nice and purple. And then there's the giant scrape all the way down his leg that is so raw it has to be covered. Anyway, my knee is barely a booboo anymore and the dog seems to have stopped bleeding. So we are healing nicely.

DD went away with the amour this morning for 2 days on the coast. I think this is the first time they've been alone away together. The good news is she was planning outings to the beach and horseback riding and more so maybe they'll get out of the room. Some. Oy. Isn't she too young? I was trying to remember the first time I went away with a BF and stayed in a motel. I think I was at least, um, 21... I remember going to Cape Cod for a concert over July 4th weekend without a reservation (how dumb is that?) and finding a tiny room with slanty ceilings for $6 a night. Took hours to find a vacancy, but the price was certainly right.

It is still unbearably hot around here. I need a kiddie pool.


07-29-2007, 08:45 PM
Hey Painty -- hope you have good news and don't have to have more tests. G&T should help.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who deals with various critter problems. We had the bugs in the pantry a couple of times (plus mice) and I finally got to the point where absolutely everything that's not in a can or glass bottle is in a big plastic bin with a lid or removed into a big sealed glass canister. I've had mice eat entire sleeves of crackers before I noticed :rolleyes:. Such fun.


Cherry Cow
07-29-2007, 10:19 PM

07-30-2007, 01:57 AM
Hi Cherry How's Trix??

07-30-2007, 12:23 PM
as kiwi was mentioning---if wabby is around

I'm around........I read along for my daily dose of cheer........ I'm just way too incredibly sad to post.

07-30-2007, 04:15 PM
Glad you're around, Wabby!

I have absolutely nothing to say. But Hello


07-30-2007, 07:04 PM
Hello works.

I updated my blog.

07-31-2007, 06:29 AM
Oh Wabby! :hug: Words fail me.

07-31-2007, 12:15 PM
I know. There is nothing to say that bears any worthwhile message. I'm just so glad Wabbo is hanging out here and letting us know she's around.

I am so tired. I'm not eating right. I'm eating well but there's too much sugar around and it's getting to me.

Does anyone watch these reality shows? The tennis player who is choosing between women 10 years older and 10 years younger? I like that one as the younger women seem so certain they're more adorable but they're definitely sillier. I think it's rigged, though, as he seems to alternate eliminating from each age group. And then there's the pirate show that was canceled mid-stream. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but one of the former pirates, a woman who seemed totally together and achieved much in life, took her own life recently.

LCP is due home tomorrow. I don't know what the deal is with her and ds. They don't seem to talk much anymore. The house is a tip and needs cleaning so she can get in the door, but I'm so tired.

07-31-2007, 02:59 PM
Does anyone watch these reality shows? The tennis player who is choosing between women 10 years older and 10 years younger? I don't watch that one out of principle. The ads before it started made me mad -- an unsuspecting guy having old ladies foisted on him was what they made it sound like, and the whole "cougars vs kittens" characterization made me want to barf. I did watch one episode of the pirate thing but didn't think it was very good. I miss Amazing Race. I've been watching Bridezillas, just because they are so funny and unbelievable.

DH took some guys skeet shooting today. I had thought I'd go, but then I realized how hot it would be and also remembered that when I went shooting last winter, my OT guy had a fit. For good reason. That would hurt. So I'm home doing very little.


07-31-2007, 03:36 PM
The unsuspecting guy keeps putting hands all over the old ladies while they're in bikinis ... and kissing them ... and giving/taking massages out of camera sight. Maybe he's just being polite though. ??

Don't shoot no skeets. Skeets are not good eating and they're cute.

I just listened to Frank McCord read his book Teacher Man. Nice. I thought it would be a book on how rewarding teaching is but it was an honest memoir of his bad experiences, including criticisms from other professionals and being fired from a teaching job. His wife was expecting a baby and the principal asked if he wanted a boy or girl. He said it didn't matter and the principal added, "As long as it's not an idiot." McCord replied that if it were, he'd teach it to be a principal. Fired.

One thing I got out of the book was that several times he got after a kid who was defiant or maybe not defiant only to learn that one thing he was bothered by was caused by deeply personal and tragic in that kid's life. One boy stared at him unceasingly until the day he had to move out of town. Then he came to McCord and told him he was the son of a woman McCord had known .. and cared about .. years ago.

Blah Blah.

07-31-2007, 03:42 PM
The unsuspecting guy keeps putting hands all over the old ladies while they're in bikinis ... and kissing them ... and giving/taking massages out of camera sight. Maybe he's just being polite though. ?? I'm sure that's it.

07-31-2007, 07:30 PM
I stopped reading at milepost 64-- just poppin in to say.. I am here... I think :) will post more when I can..right now I need 2 aspirin and a cold water... or chase it with an adult beverage. oy

07-31-2007, 11:25 PM
hello cowpies--it is very hot here in coldville---strange global warming feature i am sure---since it is always cold it is hard to be upset about this lovely weather but i am sure it's not a good sign------someone call al gore for me--isn't he from your land??? a lady off the ship was complaining about our 14 percent sales tax---i told her it pays for our health care and she said========well i would pay those big taxes if i got free health care---i didn't tell her it wasn't top notch but i needed an excuse for the high tax!!!she was from virginia!

07-31-2007, 11:29 PM
how do you like my neighbour's pansy patch??!!

08-01-2007, 03:45 AM
I'm attaching a photo of our new improved pantry. I keep realizing things that went into the trash. It definitely will keep me from snacking and gorging.... (no crackers, no cereal, etc. etc.!)

Thanks for hanging in here with bad-boob Thelma.
I wish I were sure that the left over lumpectomy lump (scar tissue, etc.) felt bigger because the rest of me is smaller. But the scales aren't indicating any great loss that would make a 1 cm "hole" be big, you know?

I've got an appointment next week with a breast surgeon (my prior one moved to Michigan). My oncologist (out of town, wouldn't you know) was checking messages with his nurse, and gave her the message to get me in the queue. I've tracked down xrays, pathology reports, etc. etc. I'm still nervous, and haven't laid it on either DS or DD yet. (Their dad is having prostate surgery on Friday. I'm not sure their step mom wants them around, but I'm hoping they'll do what THEY feel is right. Oh, yeah, "fun times" as DS says.)

So after calling the mammography clinic, the old surgeon, the oncologist, etc. etc. etc. I was worn out emotionally. I skipped my drawing class this evening and DH and I went out for lasagna. Yeah, that'll probably toast my weight loss goal this week. (DD and I exchange weigh-in info on Wednesdays.) and then after the lasagna splurge, DH and I reverted to our favorite comfort... nope, not "that" but Peanut M 'n' M's for him and Choc. chip cookies for me.

Will definitely go to gym tomorrow, and if it is as nice as it was today, will probably also walk a bit to increase the cardio.

Cowie, thanks for the Frank McCourt anecdote about eejits and principals!! Laughed out loud.

Baggz... the pansie patch is gorgeous.... Which parrallel are you at that still has pansies? Pansies pooped out her in about March... and won't show up again for another 3 months, I think. Too hot.

08-01-2007, 10:29 AM
ohhhh painty!!! i am sending the good vibes to you for that bad Thelma---she is such a brat!!! i am so tired of cancer---i am sure you are beyond the pale---i have a new friend just diagnosed with breast---just had a mastectomy six days after the biopsy---chemo to start next week----i have a friend who is not doing so well with it,she's on palliative chemo and another friend with colon cancer in remission---everyone is around fifty----AND my dd21 has a swollen lymph gland that has been like that for a year and they are finally going to see if it's "cancerous" as they so frighteningly put it for her last week----it makes me mad that er docs can casually say something like that to a kid but i am sick thinking about it---------it is a lymph gland that is just located under the area where she has had a terrible problem with a root canal that has been worked on for a few months and is still not resolved---that is why they haven't 'checked' it cause she has had infections in the area----i am praying that this is the reason---i don't appreciate the scare she has been given and in turn MY scare------------EFF!!!!!

08-01-2007, 01:39 PM
:( Too many scary things! I'm sending healing thoughts :yoga: for all these tests.

Those are lovely pansies.

Oh, and I like that pantry too -- very nice and easy to clean. My pantry is in an old narrow closet. It's too deep to be convenient, although it does have 2 shelves that are angled slighty down and are divided, so you can put cans in it and they roll down to the front. Unfortunately when you have to clean it, it's not at all fun. Rather painful as a matter of fact.

I need someone to tell me what to do. I am aimless.

DD and bf got home from their romantic getaway (as I insist on calling it to annoy DH). They had a good time.

I'm sweaty. From sitting still. Blecch.

Painty, put down that :cookie:

08-01-2007, 01:48 PM
no painty---don't put it down---pass one over here. kiwonk---with this heat,aimless is all we can do----painty---we have pansies from spring til winter---never too hot for pansies but often too cold~-----i am going to the seashore {down the street} to cool off----ds wants to frolic in the ocean--it's freezing cold--no one swims in it -----mostly just running in and out of little waves--------

08-01-2007, 03:54 PM
Bill Clinton is coming here and anyone who will donate $2,300 to Hilary's campaign can go to the dinner where he'll speak. So...... if anyone here will lend me $2,300, I promise not to spend it on hearing Bill.

08-01-2007, 04:35 PM
I am depressed again. I called the principal of the potential school and felt he was giving me double-talk. The director of the whole string of these schools is on vacation til next week. Enrollment may be down. They need a certificate from me. Truthfully, I know they don't need a certificate and I can't get a certificate without a job. I have what they need but it's not sorted out nicely and the DOE will probably take another 30-35 days to get around to me. I don't want to feel like this again.

08-02-2007, 10:08 PM
i can't believe how effed up this system seems to be--you would think they would want everything all sewn up asap----doesn't school start soon??? you should be in your classroom getting organized!!! KEEP BUGGING THEM!!!=== someone must be able to get to the bottom of this bureaucratic crap!!!===dd went to dr who said the nodes are soft and moveable and supposedly malignant ones are hard and immovable--whatever---she is being referred to and ear nose throat specialist--dr didn't seem too concerned as she has had this type of problem off and on for years----still perplexing---------------

08-03-2007, 02:55 PM
Could swear I've posted once or twice in the past day. However, I am having Firefox crashes and since I have no memory to speak of, I probably just forgot to finish posting...

It must be the heat. Or maybe it's all the beer I've been forced to drink due to the heat. And the socializing.

Yesterday I had to lie on the kitchen floor for a few minutes after I finished emptying the dishwasher due to the fact that I was hyperventilating from the heat. This morning I woke up feeling like I was suffocating. Lucky for me we had a storm blow through a couple of hours ago which cooled off the outdoor temp from 92 to 71 in the space of 20 minutes. Unluckily, we only got a splash of rain and the sun is back out trying to make up for lost time.

Tonight we are taking all the out of town visitoires (please note they are not staying at my house, they have their own camp) to the restaurant/inn where DD works. She doesn't have to work tonight so she and bf will be there too. She can tell us what's good.

Tomorrow the visitoires leave and I am to be left to my own devices. How depressing.

ta Going to post LOLCATS


08-03-2007, 05:17 PM
Kiwi, that is scary. Hyperventilating is not a good thing to do. Are you drinking iced tea and sitting in front a fan??? This is what we did before a/c here in the south. You should know that.

I am going to facebook to try to post a picture of when I was skinnier than Bagz. Maybe not my butt but my arms and face were. And my ears.

08-04-2007, 06:15 PM
Here is a rundown of my last 24 hours:

[3:30 pm]I attempt to wash the bat poop off my front door and storm door and a bat FLIES OUT AT ME FROM INSIDE THE STORM DOOR. I run away screaming and cry for half an hour
[4:00 pm]As I attempt to wash the bat poop off my nice new back deck SO I CAN SIT ON IT NOW & THEN, it starts thundering and lightning
[4:30 pm]One hour before we are supposed to go out to dinner, the power goes out
[4:45 pm]Because I am dripping sweat I take a freezing cold shower for 1 minute, in hopes that the water won't run out (power still out, we have a well & electric pump)
[5:00 pm]My only child calls to inform us that she is at the hospital and has had an accident and SHE IS OKAY
[5:01 pm]I get dressed and into the truck faster than I have ever moved before.
[5:15-10:00 pm]We spend the evening thanking the powers to be that DD is okay, that the other driver is okay and that 2 totalled vehicles is a small price to pay for that
[11:00 am]We go look at the vehicles where they have been towed and can hardly believe that 2 people survived this wreck :(

DD banged up her foot in the accident and can't walk well on it, so she is hopping or on crutches (or being carried by her big strong man), but nothing is broken, just bruises and scratches. The SUV rear-ended a pickup truck, and she landed, tipped over sideways almost, in a ditch. The pickup, which was going really really slow when she hit it, flipped over, nearly broke in 2 and landed on its roof. Incredibly the man in it is fine, no broken bones or anything. He was unconscious when DD climbed out of the car and she really thought he was dead. She was terrified. Fortunately some nice guy came along and called 911 and stayed with her until the ambulance etc came. And yes, it was her fault, it seems as if she was going too fast and couldn't stop when she came around a curve and saw him. It's all a bit hazy for her, but to look at the vehicles, they are so lucky to be alive.

Gotta go.


08-05-2007, 02:17 AM
Ohhhhh Kiwi. Every mom's fear there. I SO GLAD eveyone is ok and that you're able to appreciate that. Was it your car?

08-05-2007, 08:23 AM
holy crap--this is unbelievable--THANK HEAVENS SHE IS OKAY AND OF COURSE THE OTHER GUY IS OKAY---POOR YOU!!!!-----it's so weird how all those irritating things were happening to you ,just to colour the day grey and then that call comes----needless to say you can imagine how we all feel for you---heart in the throat---thanks for letting us know that she was okay at the first of the post! xoxoxoxo

Cherry Cow
08-05-2007, 07:36 PM
Wow, Kiwi, I'm so glad everyone came out of the accident all right!! What a nightmare! DS18 is making a trip from Wisconsin to Michigan and then Iowa with his GF... they had some training in Wisconsin in July. Speaking of him, the phone just rang and it's him!

Painty, *hugs.*

Hi everyone!

08-05-2007, 07:41 PM
Save travels to all... and glad that (so far) everybody's OK.
DH is on HIS way to CA.

08-06-2007, 02:09 PM
Wishing everyone's loved ones safe travels.

We have finally turned the corner on the beastly hot weather. The storm on Friday seems to have swept the heat wave out. Yesterday was beautiful, sunny but not too hot. Ah, relief!

DD is doing well, foot is painful but getting better. She's still working it all out in her mind what happened -- can't stop thinking about it, you know? Of course neither can I. We went to a family picnic yesterday and got the full treatment - by which I mean all the love and support and all the heavy religious pronouncements <insert weak smile here>. We are thankful for the love and support. :D Every time we come home there are more messages on the phone asking after DD. She can't help but feel cared for.

I have to decide what kind of car I want to shop for. My prerequisites are: 4 wheel drive (non-negotiable), room in the back for the dog and/or lots of luggage, comfortable for 4 passengers, good accident record (might as well face reality--I've had 2 Explorers and both were totaled). I can't seem to get beyond SUVs, but there must something else, right?


08-06-2007, 06:33 PM
Oh oh oh oh Kiwi! So glad dd is OK! Wow, what a shock for you all. :hug:

Anything else I could say would be entirely too boring so I'll just go to bed instead. :dizzy:

08-07-2007, 01:16 AM
Baggz--is that YOUR garden? LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY!! I guess in Texas it gets way too HOT for pansies in the summer, but doesn't get too cold! Mine survived several snow falls a couple of years ago.
Surely the swollen lymph gland in DD21 is DOING ITS JOB and containing the nasty side effects of root canal. Sorry you have so many friends who are struggling. It can really wear one down, can't it?

Chin up, Cowie--- they can't get you down without your cooperation! (but boy do I know what you mean about "not wanting to feel this way again."

Kiwi -- So sorry your SUV's have been totalled, but SO GLAD that your loved ones have not. Thinking of you.

08-09-2007, 08:25 PM
I would certainly appreciate it if everyone would check in. I have nada new to report but would like to hear what you're up to. And soon.

08-09-2007, 11:04 PM
WELL!! I took ds for a golf lesson at the course in St Andrew's by the Sea--very lovely day it was---extremely windy but warm and a lovely fresh breeze coming off the atlantic--- sissy and i are taking her kids on a weekend trip to nova scotia----my friend who has the lovely cottage i post pics of sometimes---his wife is not doing very well but it will be nice to all get together as we usually do----guitars and singing and some imbibing and beaching ===='beached whaling it' for some of us=i have been very touchy and grouchy and am wondering if i can blame it on the MENTAL pause---i feel all pmsssy alot of the time even though i am not pms----IT REALLY PI$$ES ME OFF !!!! I DON'T LIKE FEELING SO CRABBY FOR NO APPARENT REASON----and that is why i conclude that God cannot be a woman--why would she ever torture us like this?"???

08-10-2007, 12:36 AM
You are quite right, we are slipping down the page for lack of posts! We must remedy this immediately.

I had a physical yesterday, and when I described the fact that I've been feeling nauseous and, um, digestionally dysfunctional, the doc scheduled me for a gall bladder ultrasound. I'm looking up gall bladders.

I also got info to attend a weekly weigh-in program. :faint: I have gained weight since last year. :kickbutt: I blame my gall bladder.


08-10-2007, 12:54 AM
i have been very touchy and grouchy and am wondering if i can blame it on the MENTAL pause-Absolutement! I am entirely in favor of blaming absolutely everything on it. I suppose eventually it will wear thin as an excuse, but for now I think it's quite legit.

St. Andrews is lovely. We went there pre-DD. Never stayed at the big place, though.

We are thinking of going to PEI sometime this month. DD and BF want to go horseback riding (actually I think NB would be ideal for that, but :dunno: ) and DH wants to take his parents for a trip. His mom has relatives there.

NS sounds like a good time too. I've never been there.

I'm car shopping. Blah.


08-10-2007, 01:08 AM
I have been reading and somewhat doing the Maker's Diet which is not critiqued here. Basically, it's eating kosher. Old testament food EXCEPT he explains it and it's very interesting. Por ejemplo, I don't like shellfish and HE SAYS you shouldn't eat that becasue when scientists want to see how polluted a body of water is, they examine the shellfish which suck up all the contaminants. And ... I actually feel pretty good. Nothing has improved in my life but I'm in a much better mood and I credit it to eating food with nutrients. Today, I ate salad ... and a salmon salad .... and some kifer ... and some Sunkist with pomegranite juice in it ... and some choco chip cookies. So see ... much of that was very nutritious. Homemade salad dressing with good things in it that I won't go into. Yummy.

This job I interviewed for today was soooooo wonderful. What can I do? ?

08-10-2007, 05:17 AM
Baggzz: Your travels and even golf lesson for DS sounds lovely.

A friend has challenged me to walk (rather than "just" do Curves circuit.) It's about 75 at 3 am (yikes! WHY am I awake...)... so it's not inspiring to walk during the day's heat. But sometimes I think walking on an 18 hold gold course would be very pleasant. Wish it didn't cost so much.

Kiwi-- You were, I believe, intentionally vague about your symptoms that prompted the MD to mention GALL BLADDER. All I can say is that when I was a much younger woman I had the feeling I was impaled on a stake that went from my sternum and through my intestines. The removal of orange, spiky gall stones variously sized as big as olives, down to pepper corns, down to gritty salt-crystal sizes was a HUGE reliefe. Even back in the pre-laparascopic surgery days!

Oh, I know why I'm awake:
1) I saw the breast surgeon yesterday and he thinks the change in the lump is within normal limits. Apparently the bigger the breast, the longer it can take to "settle down" after surgery/chemo/radiation. He talked about it still changing in 20 years... I'm going in tomorrow for an updated mammo and sonogram to confirm his belief that the surgery left "necrotic fatty tissue" which may or may not have morphed into an "oily cyst." Yuck. But definitely better than tumors.

It is all TOO easy to regain weight. I think in the past 10 days I undid about a month's work. Bleah.
But thanks for your support.
Below is the fun I had today.

08-10-2007, 07:57 AM
My friend in California had her gall bladder removed recently. It was no big deal, she said. Went through belly button and was home the next day.

I agree that it's really easy to gain back weight. Whoosh, it sticks to my butt

08-10-2007, 09:14 AM
ohhhhhhhh painty i love the colours in your painting!!! yummy plum and periwinkle,burgundy and purple!!lovely!!! i want a grape. kiwonkers----there are stables all the way from maine to pei-===i am sure there are nice ones on pei----my dd the horse fanatic rode at a place in Fundy National Park i think----want me to find out where??? when are you going???? be careful on pei--another tourist from Quebec {father trying to save his son---his son made it to shore safely} drowned in a riptide like george {5 years ago this month}---last year a 44 year old man from Maine drowned in a riptide {father of three}---they do NOT post signs warning of the serious danger on the north side of the island----only at the supervised beaches are you remotely safe ---especially in august when the surf is stronger and also when the moon is full-----

08-10-2007, 02:07 PM
I have been reading and somewhat doing the Maker's Diet Does this diet include Maker's Mark as a beverage? I don't like shellfish and HE SAYS you shouldn't eat that becasue when scientists want to see how polluted a body of water is, they examine the shellfish which suck up all the contaminants. I like contaminants. Today, I ate salad ... and a salmon salad .... and some kifer ... aKifer? That's not a food, that is an actor on "24"

Kiwi-- You were, I believe, intentionally vague about your symptoms that prompted the MD to mention GALL BLADDER.Well, just in an effort to be polite, y'know. Haven't had any pain, that's why I don't really think there's anything to it.

Glad your news from the breast surgeon was pretty good. I didn't know there was a "settling down" period, but us full-breasted ladies sure have all the fun.. :rolleyes:

I was reading about that surgery, Cowpeach, which is apparently not such a big thing, as you said. What I didn't like was that one of the possible outcomes is chronic diarrhea, and that would be a case of frying pan--->fire, so I'm skeptical.

Thanks for the advice, Bagz, I will keep that in mind. We probably wouldn't be doing much beaching anyway, what with the in-laws. Might be interested in that riding place, though!

Elbow hurty, must stop typing.


08-10-2007, 04:16 PM
I can not understand why no one has sent me postcards. Shots, as you don't remember but I do, promised to. Is this so hard? Anyway, I'm depressed. It would be hard to convince me to have gall bladder surgery. Aren't gallstones a result of diet? So I would want to find a corrective diet. But I am depressed. Really. Am. I just can't stand thissssssssssssssssss

08-10-2007, 05:13 PM
I was going through a box of old stuff from college days and found a postcard of the New York Thruway system. It is long and narrow, but not really odd shaped. Unless you find a rectangle odd. I saved it because I love postcards of places that are kind of anti-scenic (like the bookstore in Dogpatch). Tomorrow I'm thinking we will wander up to the Moose Place while DD is working so maybe there are some odd postcards there. Remind me. Moose-shaped would be odd.

I'm no help on depression. But they say helping other people makes you happier -- you could help me shop for a car!

Heck, I don't even feel like doing that.

Maybe Dr. Phil could help:
Here's some advice for you, Dr. Phil proclaimed the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started.
So I looked around my house to see things I started and hadn't finished, and, before leaving the house morning, I finished off a bottle of Pinot, a bottle of Cardonay , a bole of Baileys, a butle of Kehuha, a pockage of Oroes, tha mainder of bot Prozic and Valum scriptins, the res of the
Chesescke, some saltins an a bax a cholates. Yu haf no idr who gud I fel


08-10-2007, 06:43 PM
I am up to no good, as usual. Going to a birthday party tomorrow and staying overnight. It will take me about 2 hours to get there on the train but I have no idea where I'm going. Somewhere north west, I think. My l'il baby friend is turning 30 and needs moral support. There will be people there I don't know. Aunts and grannies and stuff. Wheee.

I am STILL fat. I was planning on loooosing some weight in the past two weeks but managed to gain instead. Bleh.

08-10-2007, 06:58 PM
It makes me feel better to see you all posting. Please keep it up. Kiwi I will love you MORE if you send me postcards. Any kind. I thought this job yesterday was so wonderful that I want it even if they don't hire me. Know what I mean? I would use that as a goal if I could hold out. ....... Just having trouble holding out.

08-10-2007, 08:10 PM
I thought this job yesterday was so wonderful that I want it even if they don't hire me. Know what I mean?No, not really :dizzy: :spin: :shrug:

08-12-2007, 05:12 AM
My understanding is that gallstones are usually a hereditary thing, even though the stones themselves tend to be made either of cholesterol or calcium, I think. If you actually have gall stone PAIN, you will not hesitate to have the surgery! IT HURTS. After my surgery (granted 25+ years ago) I never had that sort of pain again, and there were no other unpleasant side effects. (AND I could eat Mexican food without getting horrible cramps! Viva the Burrito!)

Best antidote(s) to depression: Enough sleep, EXERCISE, taking action. And yes, sometimes doing things for other people can make you feel self-righteous as well as distracted.

Sug: Hope the birthday gathering is fun. I so understand the disappointment about gaining rather than losing. I do think that we learn a lot if/when we keep paying attention. so it's back to writing down everything I eat, and looking it all up on

Must. discover. late. summer. veggies. I. enjoy.

08-12-2007, 11:12 AM
Oh Painterwoman and Kiwiwoman and all. Of course if it hurts, I'd do something about it, too. Anything. I guess I get my half-baked ideas from my friend who just had her gallbladder removed. She's from an educated professional family that prides itself on adoring McDonald's food. And ... I also think doctors aren't that smart sometimes so I don't want surgery unless it gets thought about real good. I had a friend who woke up with severe pain in his abdomen. He went to the ER and they removed his intestine (gangrene) and told him to exist on Ensure for the rest of his life. He lost weight quickly and died. I was just never sure the ER doctors had done the right thing. It wasn't the best hospital.

For the first time in history, I made my own chicken stock and it was sooooo good in soup. New-taste-good. Easy too. And now I'm making kefir. This good eating honestly makes me feel better. Amazing, huh?

08-12-2007, 10:36 PM
crap I've got what DD had last week. cough and headache and blahiness. plus nausea, which now I don't know if it's something to do with being sick or what the doc wants to test me for. blah.

Today i skipped an (another) inlaw dinner, dh and dd and bf went to it, then dh headed off to the big city for a couple of days, staying with our sailing friends at their rv and he has a doctor's appt down there tomorrow. dd and bf went on, after the inlaw dinner, to a family dinner at his house (the idea of 2 meals in the space of 4 or 5 hours makes me want to :barf: ). they brought me back lovely food, including cheeesecake. I haven't eaten it yet cuz i feel carpy. :(

I'm with you about 2nd opinions and such. dh is beginning to think he has been very ill-served by the guy (in the ER) who set his fingers when he broke them. he just had the orthopedic guy (who wasn't there) take off the splint and declare it healing fine, but wants him back in 2 weeks. But the finger that has a spiral break in it, is as crooked as it was right after the incident. Not good at all. aCtually rubs on the finger next to it. :no: sure wish my dad was still around to look at the xrays. best health care in the world, right? ha.

i hate capital letters today

i'm going to go veg out on the couch and hope my stomach feels better soon so i can eat my cheesecake.


08-13-2007, 01:17 AM
i have a finger story too. ds came home from work yesterday saying he hurt his finger. would not give details as it was embarrassing. so i thought he slammed it in something and thought little about it. i mean, why bother since he wasn't telling.

today we both went to work and he wrapped it up in gauze and asked me if he could go to the doctor tomorrow. ok, i said, then i thought that if hurt his finger at work, work will take care of this. i tell the manager who talks to ds and learns that ds stuck his finger in an ice cream cooler and it stuck to the wall. he was there quite a long time as he didn't yell loud enough to get help. he finally got mary to come and asked her to get him a cup of water. she left and came back to ask him where to find a cup.

today, i could see a circular line around the end of the finger and maybe it's swollen. the manager said it's fine. how do i know it's fine? i know nothing.

08-13-2007, 02:01 PM
I would say Put ice on it, but that seems a little mean.... Sounds like he might have frostbite on the end of his finger. Did he warm it as soon as he got loose from the freezer? I can't believe how clueless some people can be ["she left and came back to ask him where to find a cup" :rolleyes:].

Oh darn I am missing the first weight loss meeting. Oh well.... You can't go on a diet when you're sick, right?


P.S. What are you making Kiefer Sutherland out of?

08-13-2007, 03:26 PM
Milk and Keifer Sutherland starter. It's awful but promises to make me feel better and help ward off a ton of diseases including winter ones. It's worth it. I can gulp a little down each day.

08-13-2007, 06:56 PM
I am going to start a new thread.