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07-16-2007, 02:41 PM
"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......" :book2:

Please pull up a chair and join us!

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07-16-2007, 03:07 PM
Good Monday, ladies :wave:

SUSAN...did you make it to the beach? I can only dream of going to the beach. I think that was the best part of living in CA, or one of the best parts. I really miss the ocean, jealous right now, lol. ;) V said Hi to you too! WTG on the pound gone! You are doing awesome! :bravo: Hoping to get some inspiration from you. WTG also on the shorts, woohoo!

SUE...WTG on getting back with your bike riding. Would love to open the's been too hot here. Was wondering when we would be having summer, well, it's here. Supposed to be 94 today and muggy, and it is! Hey, a woman can never have too many clothes!

Went to the pool this morning, hoping to start the day off with a relaxing, cool morning. There were signs up there saying the pool was closed, ugh! Finally get a key and can't even go swimming, lol. Have to wait until Wednesday. Supposedly there is a leak and is going to take today and tomorrow. So, got in a 2 mile walk, yippee, and ran to Lowes to find a butterfly bush. Wanted something to cover this electrical box in the back yard. Want to get a couple of things done in the yard today since tomorrow morning at 9 we are scheduled to get sod, yippee! Finally! Then we can finish off the fence and sit back and enjoy. Okay, well, not yet. Stull have the pergola to finish then we are done with the yard.

WI today and not so good. Since V was home for that week I've not done well at all. I am up 4.5 pounds, ugh! Glad I am getting back on track. I want to be down at least 20 pounds before the wedding in Sept. if we go. I say if we go because Josh could possibly be coming home and he comes before V's nephew, just the way it is. Unless of course he would want to go. We'll see what happens. But that is my goal starting today. Anywho...

Hiya SASSY, JULES, KATY & MICHELLE :wave: Hoping all is well with you ladies.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :hug:

07-16-2007, 10:48 PM
Hi Cristina!!

I will *probably* go to the beach next week and *probably* take another 2 weeks off in order for the Nexium. Maybe, probably. Not sure , really. lol My ex has a relative that has 2 condos on the beach. They are rented out until next Monday - after that I can go and use one.

Camp is next week for my work. I went last year but I will take the girls oly for visitors day this year.

Ok, V needs to go back to work! :)

I just wanted to say hi. It is hOT here and I can't stand it. Suppose to be cooler tomorrow.

chat in the morning!

07-17-2007, 02:36 PM
Good Morning -

Dragged my butt to the computer to say hello!!!!

Hello!!! :)

I also wanted to change my ticker!! Walking on cloud 9 with 183! Soooo close to 170's and my goal, can't wait!!! woo hoo

I am going to fix my shake and 1 scrambled egg for breakfast.

Took Gab to speech and she has to have her palete (sp) checked out. It might not have developed in her *forming womb* time. lol .....she might need to get scoped.

k- that is my update!!

07-18-2007, 03:19 PM
Hi ya Susan! :wave: That would be so cool to have a friend who has a condo to hide out for a while, and especially on the jealous. :bravo: :woohoo: to being at 183! I am very happy for you and proud of you! :hug: are inspiring me to get off my arse and get back on track, so thank you for that! Hoping you and Gaby are staying cool, or trying to.

Where is everyone? Pretty quiet around here...HI SASSY, SUE, KATY, JULES & MICHELLE! Hoping all is well with you ladies.

It is hot here as well and I just spent almost 3 hours at the pool! Yikes! Hope I didn't burn...don't think I did. Me and daughter spend an hour floating on our stomach and then get out and lay an hour on our back to get an even tan, lol. We ended up staying an extra hour (don't usually stay more than 2 hours, one hour on each side) chatting with a neighbor. Her little girl was sooo very cute. Anywho...

I weighed Monday and decided then that I was going to weigh everyday to see how my weight flucuates, why? I don't know. So Tuesday I was down 1 pound from Monday. Today, I am down 2 pounds from yesterday. Curious to see what I am at tomorrow. Not really counting any of this until Monday...hopefully it sticks. :crossed: Funny how much it flucuates.

Went for my walk again at the park. Went a little earlier this morning since I knew it was going to be hotter today. I love that park because I can get in a good walk with walking all the ins and outs and just going around the park's 3 miles! Did that yesterday as well and 2 on Monday. Feeling really good too!

That's about all I have for now. Have a good day ladies!

07-18-2007, 06:59 PM
Hi Cristina!

Don't know where all the ladies are hanging out at. I am here though!

I had oatmeal for breakfast and a salmon salad for lunch. I munch on a lot of ice while sipping water. Love chomping on it!

Pretty cool on the swimming! I am not brave enough for that.
I went to Mt Hood yesterday and went to Timberline Lodge. I had never been there and it was great! Took a tour and learned the history. Would love to go back and sit in the lodge all day and read. Very peaceful.......

better get!!

chat later

07-18-2007, 11:52 PM
Hi Susan and Cristina- Sounds like you and everyone else is quite busy. I am still pedaling away and trying to make those scales move by Monday. Wish me luck. :)

Hi to Jules, Katy, Michelle, Sassy, and anyone else who pops in.

07-19-2007, 04:42 PM
Hiya ladies! :wave:

SUSAN...sounds like a nice place. But then then you and Katy live in a beautiful state. I would love to live there or in Seattle, just about anywhere except here, lol. I forgot that you are off work...enjoy your time deserve a break! your new avatar, your picture! are doing great with the biking. Even if it doesn't show on the scales, you ARE making a healthier you! But I will wish you luck that those scales move downward for you. :lucky: :crossed:

Nuthin much going on with me today. Did the Wally World thing. They have been rearranging that store for the last few weeks now (still not done) and I am kind of lost...don't know where things are. The funny thing is...the store actually looks bigger. gas and my vehicle washed...I hadn't washed my car in ages, or so it seems. We had all that rain so there was no point. Of course it is supposed to rain today and now it will for sure, lol. It's in the garage though. Going to give the inside a good cleaning later on, not done that since leaving AR. Probably should go and make th ebed, lol. Left this morning and didn't make it before leaving. Usually make it once I roll out. Fold some laundry as well and wait for V to get home then off to find a tree somewhere and get my shrub roses and bayberry shrubs (think that is what they are called???) planted around the tree. I can not tell you ladies how nice it is to have sprinklers and grass! Like a little kid with a new toy, lol. Okay, I am outta here for now.

Take care, ladies and have a wonderful day!

07-20-2007, 03:28 PM
Hiya ladies...

SUSAN...another nice avatar...I think I like this one the best! You must be basking in the sun on the beach. Well, enjoy it for me!


Went for my 3 mile walk this morning at the park. Man, I didn't think I was going to make it around this time. Overslept so didn't get to the park until after 8 and it made a difference. Actually, the thing I pass said the temp was only 77, of course the humidity was high so made for a very sticky, sweaty walk, ick! Nothing else going on, just being lazy today for some reason.

Have a good day ladies! :wave:

07-20-2007, 03:59 PM
Good Mornng Cristina!

Thanks. The other avatar I wasn't smiling. Rach took it Monday when we went to Timberline Lodge. I would love to go back by myself and just sit in the lodge and read. Did I write this before?? I forget.

I have been tired so haven't made it to the computer much. I am working on my medical leave and need to go in the office for a bit today, I am taking another 2 weeks off.

Have a 1 year old birthday pary to go to Saturday! Twins- Jasmine and Jillian. They are so cute , the ex's grandchildren.

Gab goes tonight w/ her father. I am slated for a *date* (lord, I hate these!!!) tomorrow night with a nice eough guy. Think surfer dude, since we did the tattoo guy last time - haha.

I did get your email Katy! Thanks for the apt info.

Better get my butt in gear!!

HUGS to all.

07-20-2007, 04:02 PM
oh Cristina! Bravo on the 3 miles!! woo hoo.......I meant to say that. That is really good. I am still trying to lose weight without exercising - lol .....way lazy. love ya!!

07-21-2007, 01:16 PM
Good, Saturday morning Chickies!

HIYA SUSAN! Another two weeks off from work woohoo! Hope you are enjoying it. Little ones birthday parties are so fun, or I think so. Love the twins names...Jillian and Jasmine, so cute! Hey, I think it's good to focus on one thing at a time, so losing weight from eating right is all good. But just remember to get some exercise in at some point. I know that is easier said than done when you are working and running around with the kiddos. I have your article about you walking up those stairs in my scrapbook...such an inspiration to me.


Another 3 mile walk this morning at the park. Thought if I got there earlier it wouldn't be so bad. The temps are not high, just the 70's, it's the humidty-really high and makes for an icky, sweaty, sticky walk. But then sweat is a good thing, right? Glad to get it out of the way. Going to ride my exercise bike later...need to work on some toning/weights. Well, nothing much going on with me today. Going to get some house cleaning done and my laundry. V is working and I am not sure about DS...when they are home I can't get anything done, lol. Anywho...

Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care ladies and have a great weekend!

07-21-2007, 04:00 PM
Good Morning Cristina!

Yipppeeeee, get to change my ticker!

I am just too tired to exercise. I did bike at the gym , that was something I could do. I just walk around with my eyes closed...........I also drive with my eyes

Hey! Can you send me back a copy of that article? I don't have a good copy anymore - thanks :) Wonderful on the 3 miles! Maybe without Gab this weekend I can get some exercise in.

Need to go buy the 1 year olds a present. Children who have everything - their dad is the one with the 2 condos on the coast.

Woke up late - sipping coffee, need to go get some breakfast. Bowed out of my date tonight.I don't have time for that - maybe when my red blood counts get back to normal.............YES!! that is what I told him. haha "Hey baby - can't hook up because my red blood counts are low. Wanna be awake for sex and all............zzzzzzzzzz" lmao -jk

k - gals,,,,,,,,,,come out from where you are hiding!! HUGS to all

07-22-2007, 10:27 AM
Good Morning!
Sorry I haven't been around much, but the house has been keeping us busy. Many trips to Powells (to sell off books), Goodwill, dump. It's going out as fast as its coming in, lol! The house is looking rather normal now, D is finishing up our walk-in closet today and putting stuff up in the attic. I have some pictures to hang and lots of cleaning to do...we kicked up lots of dust.

I now know why people hate prednisone.....I retained about 3-4 lbs of water, and it kicked in some wicked insomnia. That has messed with my exercise big time...fortunately I have been working hard around the house. I started tapering off yesterday and I did not stay up for hours last night, so it appears the worst is over.

Susan- have fun at the birthday party....too bad about the date, but I'm sure he wouldn't want you falling asleep in your else ;)

Sue - sending you some good WI vibes....all that biking is so good for you; keep up the good work!

Hi to everyone else....Miss you Sassy, Jules, Michelle....hope you are all alright....

Cristina - WTG for working out in the humidity...I have a hard time coping with that kind of heat, so I usually just sit around with a fan on. Are you going to post pics of your new sounds so pretty. Did you ever show pics of your new house? I can't remember, but I love to read about all the stuff you are working on...inspires me to keep plugging away on our place...

07-22-2007, 04:33 PM
Hi Katy! I would love to be working on a house!! You are so lucky. Hope you start feeling better now.

I am just having a lazy Sunday morning. Meant to go to church but didn't make it. My poor excuse has been because I can't get in my skirts but I can wear some nice pants, I guess.

I have had a terrible time with sleep. I usually have been going to bed around 2 or 3 am and waking up around 7 or 8 am. Probably adds to the exhaustion with the anemia - duh. Just don't feel good.

Party was fun! The 1 year olds were adorable and cried when they had to eat their cake, they didn't like it - lol -

k- 6 hours til the Gabster gets home, better make tracks and get some things done!

07-24-2007, 02:40 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...I will see what I can do about the article, lol. I can't remember if I taped it or glued it on the pages so may have to make a copy of the whole page. I'll try to get that to you tomorrow since I have some packages to get mailed at the PO tomorrow. Glad the BD party was fun...little kids are so cute.

KATY...I don't think I posted pictures, can't remember....figured everyone was sick of hearing about it and seeing it, lol. Maybe once it is completely done I will post a picture or two. But...I would love to pics of yours! Sounds like it is coming along nicely. Yeah, this humidty has been horrible, but going early in the morning it's not as bad as if I went later. Either way I am going to sweat, lol.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Nuthin much going on today. Went for my did 4 miles and man did that kill me. Probably won't happen often, lol. At least this morning it was cool and foggy.

Have a good one ladies! :wave: :hug:

07-24-2007, 03:09 PM
Good Morning -

4 miles Cristina!! You are a walking wonder. How long does that take you?? I can go by Katy's house and take some pictures for you! haha

My update is that I am tired and miserable. I hate Kaiser. I hate this fatigue. Hate, hate , hate........I can't sleep now either. Momo , the kitty and I are up all night glaring at each other.

Had oatmeal for breakfast - have some yummy yellow squash to steam for lunch.
I would love to be 179 next Tuesday!! It is a goal but probably not realistic.

k- off I go to snooze the day away!!

07-25-2007, 01:02 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

5 days to go before we say good bye to July! Working to get my weight to 180 by next Wednesday, I think I can do it!

I haven't been feeling well, especially last night. Maybe because TOM is here and my arm hurts, plus I can't sleep and I have started coughing again. *WAH *WAH! Ok, I will knock all that negative crap off.

I picked up my medical leave form and took it to my supervisor yesterday, so good until Aug 6th to lounge by the pool. lol

Chomping on ice like crazy - probably ruining my teeth. It is so good though.

Oatmeal for breakfast and I have lots of yellow squash to eat up.

k- better try for a walk!

07-25-2007, 02:16 PM
I am back, still in my complaining mood. I feel like crawling in bed for the day, so tired.
Kasier finally called with the results from my July 17th blood test. I went slightly down from 9.4 to 9.1. I was told 16 is the normal range and I was down as low as a 6 in April. So, I will take my sorry butt again today to do the test again.
Drinking water and chomping on ice. So

k- Husg to our MIA's!! Hope you gals come to chat soon! Certainly miss you all.

later :)

07-25-2007, 05:14 PM
Hi are not complaining...just letting us know what is going on with you. Sorry you are not feeling so great. :hug: :hug: What are you supposed to do to bring up the blood? Hope you get to feeling better soon...hate that you are feeling so terrible.

Nuthing much going on...had some errands to run and got my walk in this morning. Now getting some laundry done. I forgot to record my whole pound lost on Monday. Was hoping it would be at least a 2 pounder but TOM decided to pay a visit. I've not had one in so long (can't remember how long ago) and I hate that all of a sudden BAM! Hopefully it won't be so bad.

HI to everyone else, JULES, KATY, MICHELLE & SUE!

Chat later :wave:

07-26-2007, 12:35 AM
Good Evening!

Yay on the pound Cristina and your walking.

What am I suppose to do about the low red cells??? Dr. wants me to take 3 iron pills a day, take Nexium, go in and get my blood drawn. I guess that is it.
I went in today and had to wait 90 minutes at the lab it was so full of people!!! Hope to get the results tomorrow. Suppose to do another enduscopy in 2 months to check on the esophugas and if not good, surgery.
That is the story ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I did get a 3 hour nap w/ Gaby! I sleep better in the day for some reason.

k- I think I shall take myself back to bed!!!

Hi to everyone - Michelle, Sassy, Sue, Katy and Jules!!!

07-26-2007, 03:03 PM
Good Morning!

Drinking water, trying to flush a pancake out of my system. lol I had oatmeal and started eating the leftovers from Gaby's apple pancake - mmmm, with butter and syrup!!!

So, I feel somewhat guilty and a failure. haha,,,jk. I shall watch my calories for the rest of the day! woo hoo.

Slept good for a change last night, still tired though. Need to get busy!!

chat later :)

07-27-2007, 03:32 PM
Pretty quiet around here...

Hello ladies!

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. It was Jason's only day off and his BD is tomorrow. I always take the kids for a birthday dinner and to a movie or wherever they want to go. So me, V & Jason had mexican for lunch and then went to see Harispray...OMG! That I think is my favorite movie of all time now, lol! I loved it! It was GREAT! And John Travolta...he was so good! They all were good. Definitely going to buy it when it comes out on DVD. This has been a bad week for my eating but at least the exercise has been there, lol. Not sure that's going to matter come WI, lol. Oh well, I will get back on track with the eating after the cake tomorrow. Not sure I will have much because this year I thought I would get Jason an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I kept seeing commercials and thought I would do something different. Well, they have this one called X-treme Chocolate, ick. I like chocolate but that is a bit much but I know he will love it. It's all about him tomorrow...too bad he has to work.

SUSAN...hmmmm, that seems like little to do to about the low red cells. Hopefully your next check shows that it is up. I don't think one pancake is going to mess you up missy. You've been doing great with your weight loss. Glad you finally got some sleep.

Hi to eveyrone else, KATY, SASSY, SUE, & JULES, and SusanNYC if you're out there. Hoping all is well with you ladies. We miss you!

Doing laundry today and some straightening of the house. But then that's what I always do, or so it seems. Went to the park for my walk this morning, glad it was nice and cool out. It starts out cool but I still end up sweaty when I am done. Then had some errands to run, pick up balloons, get some cards, and pick up the cake. Always feels good to be home. Anywho...

Take care ladies! Hope everyone is having a good Friday! :hug:

07-28-2007, 12:58 AM
Happy Birthday to Jason!!!

Hi Cristina!
Glad you saw Hairspray and liked it!! I am going to take Rachel tomorrow and see it.

I am so frustrated with Kasier. I should be getting a second opinion but am too tired to even do that. lol The Nexium is suppose to help heal the esophugas and the splashing of acid that causes it to be inflammed and the anemia. I could have kicked her whe she said take 3 iron pills. take 3 iron pills!! Ick......get all plugged up.
So, anyway. Gab is driving me nuts and I am ready to go back to work asap!

there - that is all I have to say!! You all have a super weekend!!!

07-28-2007, 12:21 PM
Hello ladies, and a good Saturday to you!

Ahh, Susan...sorry for all the inconveniences, such a pain for sure. :hug: :hug: Yeah, 3 iron pills, ick. Can't stand being plugged up either.

I hope you guys like the movie, I think you will. It's funny! And thank your for the BD wishes for Jason. He's having a hard time with it...makes him feel really old and still living at home. But hey, he's going to school so that when he finally does move out he will make it on his own. never know with the world what it is today. But I think he will once he gets his foot in the door.

Went for my walk this morning..another 3 mile one. I just hate getting up in the morning so early. Not a morning person at all, so 6:30 is too early for me. So tempted to not get up but I drag my ole sorry self outta bed and go to the park. Once I get up and going I am fine, it's just getting up. I don't know how I did it when the kids were little. The one school that Jason went to in kindergarten, he had to be there at 7:30, ugh! You would think that getting up so early for so many years I would be used to it, not. Anyway...

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Have a great weekend ladies!

07-28-2007, 03:31 PM
Good Morning!

Hey, Cristina you think everyone went back to pre school?? So quite here lately. Think it is all the summer activity?

HaPpY BiRThDaY jAsoN!!!! Tell him I didn't move out until I was 24 years old.See how well I turned out?? haha

Do you have a walkman when you do the 3 miles??

I slept good last night. I had a protein shake and some oatmeal for breakfast.I went down a pound and changed my ticker. Seems kind of slow going but looking at last months loss I guess I am right on track. blah - blah......

Off to see the movie and take Gab to grandma's!

Hope all you MIA's come in and say howdy!! Miss you guys. :)

07-28-2007, 11:16 PM
Hi Ladies...It is quiet in here..but can always count on Susan and Cristina to keep things rowdy, huh?
I am so not a morning person either Cristina. I always wonder how I did it when the kids were in school and I had to get up...and also the years I worked and had to roll my sorry self out of bed. For the most part I was a SAHM, but worked for about 15 years. I actually just got papers from SS, so I know I didn't work long enough for much SS to accrue. HA... Lots of years of sending kids to school since my 3 were so spread out.
Susan, I hope you can get your numbers where they should be without having to take iron pills if they bother you. Personally, I have been told I am anemic over the year by many Drs. and still don't take pills. :) They say eat liver, but ugh, ugh, ugh, no thank you.

Had a pretty un-eventful day today as I was under the weather and didn't leave the house. Couldn't even eat much until this evening, and boy, I think I made up for the rest of the day. That plus no exercise and I really feel like I bombed. Oh well....

Happy Sunday to you both. What's going on with the rest of you gals??? Hope you are all okay.

07-29-2007, 03:53 PM
Howdy ladies :wave: don't like liver? I love it...with onion, mmmmm. Unfortunately, only Jason likes it si we don't get it often. Hope you are feeling better today.

SUSAN...did you go to the movie? I don't take any music when I go to the park. But I do on the bores me. WOOHOO for the pound! :bravo: I don't think I will have a loss tomorrow...more than likely a gain...bad week for eating for me. I think you turned out fine missy.

Nothing going on with me today...getting laundry done and cleaning a little. Not sure what is in the air but when I took Ernie potty yesterday evening something hit me and I have been sneezing since. Had to run to the store and get something...driving me nuts. Hopefully, nothings going around, otherwise the park will be out for a while...too many trees there. Anyway...hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend.

07-30-2007, 12:34 AM
Hi Sue & Cristina!

Hope you are feeling better this Sunday evening Sue! I will probably get my latest results tomorrow. I felt pretty good today, I did take a 2 hour nap and was able to take Gaby to the park for an hour. She has soooooo much energy!!

I am with you Cristina, I like liver and onions! I did make it to Hairspray w/ Rach yesterday! The movie was so good! Rach liked it so much she went back today w/ her gf's. I would like to see it again too. How is the sneezing???

I made a yummy strawberry/ banana shake this morning with the protein powder. 2 more days for the month of July, trying for 1 more pound.

k- I better go spend time with my babies!!!

Hugs to everyone!

07-30-2007, 03:57 PM
Hiya Susan...

I too want to go see Hairspray again, I loved it! The sneezing has subsided but I am feeling crappy today. Slept way too late and didn't get my walk in, not too late though. May go in the evening, late evening. I don't know, may not walk at all today, just not in the mood. Hope the results are up for ya.

Yummy, strawberry and banana shake sounds delicioua :T I missed breakfast because I slept too late.

I am down a pound this week, somehow :dunno: Honestly thought I would see a gain because my eating was just horrible. Guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. Will definitely be a better week for eating this week. With the exercise it will help as well. Anyway...


Have a good day ladies!

07-30-2007, 05:55 PM
Good Afternoon!

SUPER on the pound Crsitina! :) Sorry you still feel crappy.....maybe flush it out with water?? Call me Dr Susan - haha

I am having another strawberry/banana shake as I type! They are good and the protein powder is even edible, gives me 24g of protein @ 200 calories. I am doing a greek salad protest.......I miss my feta!

Going to the beach tomorrow and looking forward to Mo's clam chowder. YUM

No news on the results. I feel better though been taking Actually I am on hold w/ Kaiser. I don't hear the music anymore.....they better not have disconnected!! argh......

k- off to dial again! &^%$#@

07-30-2007, 11:00 PM
Yay Cristina... Guess who else lost a pound this week? I am back into the 160's...barely! I know I am going to have to work so hard this week to NOT gain that pound back. That has been my previous habit. Get to 169 and pig out.

That protein shake sounds good Susan...Have fun at the beach. That is a good place to walk.

07-31-2007, 01:05 PM
WOOHOO SUE! WTG on the pound and being in the 160's! :woohoo: :bravo:'re killing me! All this talk about the beach, ugh...I wanna be there. Have fun at the beach and think of me while there, lol. What kind of protein powder do you use? The shake sounds so good! I bought some frozen strawberries to make some shakes but have yet to get around to it. What's in yours? I bought some yogurt to try in one and see how that tastes. Not much of a yogurt fan but figured it couldn't be all bad in a shake. Maybe I'll have one for lunch. Hey when does Gaby start school? I saw on the news last night they are starting here in two weeks, yikes! Seems kind of soon to me.

No plans for the day. Went to the library this morning. Getting on a regular routine with my walking and exercise this week so no walk at the park today. The park walks will be M-W-F and maybe Sat. On Tues & Thurs I am going to ride my (stationary) bike and/or weights, walk a mile on the treadmill and do the 2 mile WATP video. And if I don't walk at the park on Saturday I will do the same. We'll see how that goes and thank you Dr. Susan...I do need more water.

Have a good day ladies! :hug:

08-01-2007, 03:27 PM
Just droppin' by to say HI!:wave:

Went for my walk this morning, always feels good. Eating is actually going good and I have chicken salad planned for dinner far, so good.

Went to the pool as well, man that water was a little chilly, brrrrr. Anywho...nothing else going on. Going to go buy a new lawn mower when V gets home from work. What a gift, eh? I kind of look forward to was extra exercise for me and since we just got a yard and it is almost ready to mow I've missed months of mowing. Who would have thought one would miss mowing, lol?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

08-02-2007, 12:41 PM
Good Morning -

omg- I wanna be 169!! *wah - that is super Sue, congrats! *wah

ok, so like I gained. - lol Not going to change my ticker because I am *flushing* out my system with water. I mean I only ate clam chowder and maybe some corn chips and some spinach dip with pita bread,,,,,,oh, plus the wine. That was all though and ta ta , I gained ....&%$, I am *flushing* and hopefully will get right back down. haha......argh.

The protein shake is MLO Super High Protein Powder (original , huh?? lol) It is nasty without the fruit. I liked the strawberry/banana combo - plus I put in ice to make it thick. So, it is 190 calories (plus the fruit) and gives you the 24g of protein.

The beach was awesome,sorry Cristina! Sat on the beach and watched Gab play in the water, got lots of sun. We stayed in Neskowin and drove down to Newport the next day. Went to Mo's and had some yummy chowder.....I am good for another 3 months.

My blood count went up from a 9.1 to a 9.2.....yipeeeeeeeeee.

k- off to pay rent and other bills. Taking Gab to grandma's to swim. oh btw she starts school on the 10th of Sept - my baby!!

08-04-2007, 02:14 AM
Hi Gurls!

Tis me! Remember me?? lol. Sorry I've been MIA. :( I just honestly haven't felt like being on the computer much and I haven't really been actively trying to eat healthy and exercise. :(

But my appetite has gone WAY down and now DH & I have been bringing our lunches/dinners to work and now that we are going to be on different nights working (I begin my new shift on Monday Night) we are both going to work hard at cooking for the other and freezing food to take to work and not order out. #1 its EXPENSIVE and #2 its not good for you at all, I know this, I don't need any lectures, please. :)

It was just very difficult for us both working on the same shift, so now we can actively make an effort in eating better for both of us. I even thought of ways to have some things we like, but modifying a bit so its healthier. So I guess that is good, I know its not the best I can do, but we've been pretty busy lately and I know that isn't a good excuse either, but its the truth.

Also we are thinking of getting a dog (small one) since somebody will be home all the time now. If we do that, that will be a great excuse for us to take more walks! So we'll see. I just worry about our cat, after our other cat died he has become extremely clingy and he's also older, he's 9 yrs old, so I just worry if we get a dog, how he'll be, but again, someone will be home all the time, well at least we won't be gone all night like when we were working the same shift.

Anywho, I'm rambling,

Cristina -- Thanks for the Card Hon, I got it yesterday (Friday)!!!!!!! I hope you had a great Bday! I felt bad that I didn't get to actually send you a "real" card, but I figured an ecard is better than nothing...........:(

Well gurls I am not promising anything, but since I got Cristina's card yesterday, I figured I would pop in and at least say hi and I've done that and then some! lmaooooooo!

If anybody would like my email addy to correspond with me outside the group, just PM me or you can ask Cristina -- anybody from here or the JL is fine to have my email addy. ;)

Take Care,


08-04-2007, 01:30 PM
Hello ladies... can talk about the beach all you want! I would love to be day. Can you believe little Miss Gaby will be starting kindergarten? Wow, shes growing up momma. Will she be full day or do they go half days? She's gonna love it! Glad to hear your blood is up, woohoo! :cp:

Well, do my eyes deceive me? Lol Hello there MsSassy! Good to see you posting and we missed you! You are welcome for the card and thank you too! So what kind of doggy are you guys getting? I've been wanting another for soooo long but I am afraid Ernie dog won't like having another one around. So, you and DH will have different schedules now, eh? Who's changing, him or you? Can't remember if you talked about this before or not. Anyway, glad to see you posting.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Come out, come out wherever you are, lol!

Nothing going on with me today. Went for my walk at the park this morning and have exercised everyday this week, woohoo! Going to ride my bike later, get laundry done and clean house. The guys are working today and dd is in her room so...basically have the house to myself...kinda quiet around here as well.

Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

08-04-2007, 03:53 PM
Sassy!! Yippeeeeee, glad to see you post!!! HUGS to you!!

Good Morning -

Blood went down Cristina, found out yesterday the latest results. It was a 8.9 - down from 9.2. . So, decided to go with another 2 weeks off and that takes care of all my medical time I had - 6 weeks worth. After that I will be cutting into my vacation leave.

Gab is a doll Cristina!! I will get a picture in the mail today! Promise! If it is the only thing I do, and it probably will be - lol . I was so slow in enrolling her at school we missed out on the full time. Good news is she will have a small class of 15 and the teacher is new to the school. Very excited!!

Scale is almost back to 181 after the Mo's Clam Chowder was yummy, worth every spoonful.

Going to bum the day, get mail mailed and do laundry. Try to escape being a mom for the day and go at my own pace. Sheesh, exhaused from these girls.

Chat at you later!!

Hi to Sue, Michelle, Katy, SusanNYC, Jules and again Sassy!!!

08-06-2007, 12:06 PM
Good morning ladies....Another hot, humid day here. Geeze, after my 3 mile bike ride I had to shower and change clothes before I could even get comfortable to eat breakfast. Had a bowl of cereal with skim milk. I decided to save the banana until I want a snack. I HAVE to get my food intake back on track.
WI...stayed the same, at least I didn't go back up to the 170's which is what I usually do as soon as I fall into the 160's. DH is getting more upset than I am about the scales not moving. He says he can tell by looking at me (and hugging) that I am losing weight. He says "heck, you don't eat anything." (This from a man who loves food, the bad kind. Biscuits and gravy made with fat..etc.) LOL Gotta love him for the encouragement factor alone. :)
I hope you all met your goals today....I didn't, but at least I didn't gain again.

08-06-2007, 03:14 PM
Your DH sounds sweet Sue! Congrats on the steady scale!

Good morning all!!

I managed to lose 1 pound from last week:dizzy: - don't know how exactly. I gained back up to 190 on the scale after the beach trip and took me 4 days to get back down and flush, flush , flush out of my system. Thrilled it showed 180 this morning! YESSSSSSS! So, close to 179..........argh.

Bumming w/ Gaby today. Had a slimfast and banana this morning. Gab ate 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese.

Going to try and get a stroll in while I have the energy! Chat later :)

08-06-2007, 04:09 PM
Hello Ladies...

WTG SUSAN on the pound! And...WTG SUE on not gaining! :bravo: ladies!

SUSAN...ugh! I kept forgetting to tell you that I did NOT forget about the article. I just kept forgetting about telling you, lol. I can't find my notebook, ugh! I have searched hi and lo and I think someone is messing with me, I swear. I saw it and now it's gone. Okay, it's not gone, it's somewhere in this house and I will keep looking, as soon as I get off here. I was just looking at the thing and for the life of me don't know what I did with it, driving me :crazy: When I find it I will get a copy and get it too you, and I will let you know once I do, sorry.

SUE...your DH sounds like V...he knows I get frustrated when I've worked hard and I don't lose anything. I am glad your hubby is supportive and encouraging, I think that really helps. And hey, you didn't gain so that is always good. :hug:

As for me...the scales say I am up 2 pounds, ugh! And this is why I get frustrated because I know that my eating was right on last week and, I even got exercise in every day except Sunday, my free day. But...I am not so down this week because I had a surprise visit from TOM and I know that explains everything. Okay, my TOM has been so weird. Haven't had one for months, at least 4 or 5. Then I thought I was going to because there was a little, and I do mean a little spotting for two days then nothing. And then Saturday, spotting and Sunday evening BAM! Anyway, not letting that stop me or get me frustrated. I went for my 3 mile walk this morning, early and then headed to the pool at 9...feels so good to relax in the pool after that walk. It is supposed to be 97 today and not be any better this week so early walks for me all week, on the days I walk that is. Anyway, have some laundry to get done.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a good day! :hug:

08-08-2007, 04:12 PM
Hello...where is everyone? Too quiet around here.

SUSAN...I found it, finally! When I buy groceries tomorrow I will get a copy of the article and get it mailed to you. It was in the last place I looked and should have looked first, lol. Very inspirational Missy! :hug:

Man, it is HOT here! Supposed to be 100 all week, ick! I did get to the park a little bfore 7 this morning though and it was nice. There was a breeze and the sun wasn't up yet so it was really nice. Got my 3 miles in :cp: Also, went to the pool...not sure I will go anymore this week...I think the sun is making me sick, seriously. Anyway...nothing else going on...getting laundry done today.

Have a good one ladies! :D

08-08-2007, 04:29 PM
Hi...Just being lazy for now. I took Mom's dog for a walk as soon as I got up this a.m. and it was still way too hot out there. Needless to say I didn't ride the bike. The heat index is well over 100* Nasty!
We went for breakfast and I did ok...eggs with green peppers and mushrooms, whole wheat toast very lightly buttered. Not too bad.
DH and I went to the grocery, which seemed funny. He has been so busy in his shop that he hasn't gone with me much at all lately. When he first retired we went together for groceries almost all the time.
Now I am fixing a the crock pot since it is so hot. Smells really good too. I bought fresh baked Italian that will be my downfall at dinner. I love fresh bread. I will TRY to eat a nice salad and veggies with watermelon for dessert. One slice of ham, one small piece of bread. That is the plan.......really.
I will ride the bike tonight for sure as it is now raining which I am supposing will cool it down a little.
Mini stepping before the ride. Get my rear in gear a little more. :)

Have a good day ya'll and keep cool. Hydrate!!!!!

08-08-2007, 05:59 PM
Good Afternoon - grrrrrr.

Your breakfast sounds delish Sue! Green peppers have so much flavor, yum. I had yellow squash last night and that was pretty tasty too. Love ham....mmmmmm

Thanks for the copy Cristina! Appreciate it. :)

Didn't get up til noon so feel like a lazy day. Can't get kicked started even with coffee. Had a greek salad w/ salmon for breakfast and a protein banana shake for lunch. lol .......I am desperate to get to 179 by Monday!!!

Saw the endoscopy guy yesterday . He ordered a test for a disease called celiac sprue. It is a wheat allergery in the intestines that make it difficult to absorb iron and other Vit's. I am low on vit D too. So, blah - waiting for that result.

k- wanna zzzzzzz but have to take Gab to speech.....zzzzzz. ta ta!

08-09-2007, 04:41 PM
Hello ladies :wave: careful out in that heat. It is H-O-T here too, UGH! Of course we had rain last night, bad rains and it didn't cool any, lol. Supposed to be very hot the rest of the week and into next week. Your dinner sounds so good...not had ham in quite a while. I too love fresh bread! And tomorrow DS is taking me to Olive Garden for lunch...I love their breadsticks! Going to try and be good though and not eat much, maybe two. That was nice/sweet of DH to go with you to the grocery store.

SUSAN...hmmmm, wondering now that you mention that if that is what you have, hope they can find out for sure. Salad and fish for breakfast, ick! Lol Hey, THANK YOU for the card, pictures and the post card! :thanks: Made my day except for the post card...would love to be there and I can't :( Gaby is growing so fast and Rachel as well. They are both beautiful girlies! But where's one of Rebecca? Missed not seeing her pretty face. Thank you though.

Went and bought groceries today and man I came this [] close to leaving that store and going elsewhere. I got the worst, laziest cashier ever and she was a smart arse too! Hey, I am not making you work there so don't get an attitude with me, lol. I debated over going there this morning anyway and guess I know where I am going next week. Then ran to the library to take some books back and pick up a couple, went to get a rose bush to replace one that died, ugh and came home and mowed the front yard. After last time there is no way I can do the front and back at the same time and with the heat, I don't think I can do it in the same day! It is a hot one for sure. Going to do my 2 mile WATP dvd later to get in some more exercise. Forgot to put my pedometer on when I mowed and forgot to check the time.

I am so weird...I am noticing that on the days I don't get up early and go to the park to walk I sleep a little bit later, a hour or two longer. And when I get up I am grouchy all day. Just seems weird to me that one would be grouchy from not walking first thing in the morning, but that's me...weird, lol.

Anywho, starting to babble. Take care ladies and I hope you are having a grand day! Hello to the MIA's, KATY, JULES, SASSY & MICHELLE...miss ya! :hug:

08-09-2007, 05:11 PM
Yipeeeeee, afternoon!

You are welcome Cristina! Pictures of Becky are up in her room somewhere, if you have seen her room you wouldn't ask me to go up there. haha......I held onto the envelope for so long just figure "mail the darn thing already!!!" I will go look though and send off when I find one. I love Rachels hair, it has this multi colored thing going on.

I had oatmeal w/ Gab this AM. It was good , even G gobbled it down. She weighs 75 pounds, her father is freaking - probably because his 14 year old is overweight. I think she is fine though, just needs to get more active.

Going to steam some squash and have that with salmon. yum.......chomping on ice.

Hoping to kick it up a notch (whatEVER.....sounds impressive *snicker*) and *gasp*......exercise.....walk, swim , something!! I don't think sleeping is considered exercise. haha......

k- Miss Cristina! Hope you have a wonderful day!! One checker at a store was very rude to Gaby and I called her on it and went to her supervisor. Nasty witch......people have a lot of balls when the parent is standing right there. I will take care of my child! Back off....argh......pissed all over again!! lol

later gators....

08-09-2007, 11:24 PM
Hello ladies...Quick check in and I am off to read for awhile. Sounds like Susan and Cristina are hanging in there...walking, eating right and holding down the fort here. :) I am surviving the heat and getting in some bike time. I am only doing 5 miles a day while it is so hot and humid. Feeling real good, but just don't seem to be losing weight. I am amping up some indoor exercise, so will see how that works. *fingers crossed*
Later ladies....

08-10-2007, 01:32 AM
Almost as good as having sex!! Ok, after Michael it IS better.. haha.......I weighed and it showed 179!!! woo hoo......changing my ticker before it goes away! Way happy!!!

What are you reading Sue??? I took Beck to Powells over the weekend, I really want to go back by myself and spend some time there.

Going to take Gab to my mom's tomorrow 4 a break. Going to the doctors w/ my ex to get results from HIS check up. He has a concern for cancer and asked that I go with him, so I will.

anyway - off to bed!!!

08-10-2007, 04:30 AM
Hola Chicas! :wave:

I survived my 1st week of my schedule change! :carrot: I think it is actually going to benefit me as I eat a lot less with DH not around...........;)

Also since its been so hot, I figured I would share this link, it has a bunch of exercises, just go to the drop down menu under WD:

Have a Good One!


08-10-2007, 05:27 PM
Hiya ladies!

SUSAN...funny about Rebecca's room, sounds like Josh when he is home, lol! I let it go because I know he's not home for long so...but yeah, love Rachels hair. I didn't think Gaby looked like she weighed that. Of course I don't know what a normal range is for a 5-year-old so she is probably fine so let him freak. WTG on reaching 179! :woohoo: :bravo: Hoping all goes well with the ex at the doctors.

SUE...only did 5 miles? only 5 miles? 5 miles is GREAT in my book! Especially with the weather being what it are doing an awesome job with your biking and 5 miles is GREAT!

SASSY...maybe the new hours are a blessing in disguise. Maybe this is just the boost you need. Thanks for the link!

Like Sue, I am feeling good too, just not losing. I told V last night that I might just be staying at this weight the rest of my life. He said is there something wrong with that? Ummm, yeah! I don't want to be this weight but...all that matters is that I AM working out and I AM healthy. I think weight loss is a bonus for me...a bonus I would love to have, lol. But I swear, the more I try to lose weight, the less I lose. I'm not giving up and hope it doesn't sound that way but I just wonder at times if I was meant to be at this weight. Who knows :shrug: I'll continue to keep on keeping on though.

I did mow both the front and backyard yesterday. I did the front at about 1 p.m. and then waited until 8 in the evening to do the back...almost didn't finish it got dark on me, lol. I didn't realize how big the yard is, lol. But, I forgot to put my pedometer on...will try to remember next week when I mow. Took me 1 1/2 hours to do both the front and back, now that is a workout. Today, I went to the park and man, it was sad, lol. I walked just the short walk, 1 1/2 miles and it took me 53 minutes, that is sad :lol: I didn't feel like doing it and man was I dragging, lol. Oh well, better than nothing I suppose. When I got home I did feel better so went ahead and did my 2 mile WATP dvd...felt good!

Went to lunch with Jason at Olive Garden. I actually didn't do too bad and am glad the serving size was quite was yummy! :T Then we headed to the book store. I don't need any books as I have lots I need to read but I bought one anyway. A book and an anniversary collection magazine of Princess Diana. I've always been fascinated with her since she met that bozo Prince Charles. It broke my heart when she died. Anyway...

Hope all is well with everyone! Have a GREAT weekend ladies!

08-10-2007, 07:43 PM
Wow!!! Afternoon!!! ....woke up at 5am and weighed to see my 179 and it was 178!! On and off a couple times to make sure and it sticked and it did!!! So, changed my ticker and I am 1/2 to goal!! yay.......and had sex last night!! yay......ya, right. Who cares, I went to bed w/ Gaby and snuggled. haha

Thanks for the link Sassy!!! 5 miles is awesome Sue!!

If you feel good where you are Cristina I wouldn't worry about the weight either. I just want to get back into my clothes and I was sluggish with the weight....and knowing me if I didn't reverse the scale it would have just gone up and up. Pick up the latest People w/ Kirstie and Valerie on the front, it made for good reading! V lost 30 in 4 months and K is maintaining her 75 loss.

They thought dieting was more difficult....actually I think maintaining is.....what do you all think??

Went with ex to the hospital......they ended up draining his bladder....he wasn't able to ummm, pee. So, five pounds worth of urine and he has to wear a bag for a week to get the bladder a chance to recoup....prostate....

I have been helping him and now am due for a nap!!! Rach is funny - she lives a block or 2 from the community center and wanted me to drive her to the,,she has done super , she spent 2 hours working out.

More later!!

08-11-2007, 03:25 PM
That is too cute Susan...Rach wanting a ride to the gym, kids. I wish I lived near the park I walk at I would walk there and back. Or, do like I saw a woman do...she rode her bike to the park and then walked it and rode back homw, double work out! That's great good Rachel is doing! Give her a high five from me! :high: And a :high: to you for being 1/2 way to your goal. :bravo:

I guess I missed that People...but then it comes out on Friday doesn't it? I want to get it, maybe I'll go to the store and pick it up after I get off here.

For is harder to lose than to maintain. I can keep it off and stay at a certain weight, obviously,'s just getting it off.

About me staying at this know...I am comfortable at this weight but I want to lose at least 20 pounds. Honestly, I would be happy with that. But I think when I eventually lose 20 that I will not quit and keep going and lose's just getting this 20 off.

Hoping the ex feels better soon!

Hello to everyone else :wave:

Nothing going on with me as usual. V is working, as usual, so I am cleaning house today and getting some much needed and wanted reading done! I did go for my walk this morning. Got up even earlier than usual and got to the park at 6:39...not bad I guess. Going to be a hot one today and I am staying inside until V gets home later this evening. Have dinner planned...chicken breast and salad. Too hot to fix anything else.

Have a GREAT weekend ladies! See ya Monday :wave:

08-11-2007, 05:07 PM
Afternoon ladies...Kind of warm here again today, but the humidity finally dropped some. I rode 3 miles this morning and am getting ready for a 1 mile WATP. Plan to ride 3 more tonight.
Being a little lazy today, just picking up around the house and straightening. Nothing major. Mom made a turkey breast, so that will be dinner along with potatoes, salad and brussel sprouts.

Cristina- I am like you...I think my body WANTS to be 170. That is why it holds on to it for so long. Ha. Well, I got to 169 and now it is clinging to that. Darn it! I will be happy if I get to 160 and have a comfortable clothing size. I am usually "between" sizes and things are not comfy.

Susan- Hope the ex is doing okay. Nice of you to go with him. I wouldn't walk across a room with my ex, but that is another story. LMAO...

Have a nice Sunday tomorrow gals and don't eat too much!!!

08-11-2007, 06:04 PM
Good Afternoon!! Made it to the library so I can add color and smilies!! :preg::lucky::yikes: Yipeeeeee, need to get out more, huh? haha

You need to come up to Oregon Sue!! It is nice and cool today at 75*. I couldn't live in the humidity, a big baby :bb:

I think my body wants to be at 150, I think I look fine there - size 6/8. I have no desire to be smaller.

Cristina! Yep, People comes out on Fridays. I was there to pick mine up, you are slacking girl!! It is my only entertainment,gossipy mags and an on the wild side now....oh, and hanging out w/ ex's. lol

My ex can be mean Sue, control freak. He is 73 though and helps so much w/ Gaby, he has watched her since she was 1 years old. Also, I do love him and promised I would always help him in his old age. We have known each other 17 years, he has been a huge part of my life.

Gaby's dad on the other hand keeps asking for me to do things w/ him and her. I don't want to and beg off. He doesn't understand why I have a different relationship w/ the ex husband. Just do, totally different. His visitation is w/ Gab , not me.......yikes. :elf:

Rach is super, terrible temper though. We live near a beautiful park and community center. I think she finally broke up with her boyfriend and hopefully that will allow her to just focus on herself.

k- off I go!! I need to wash my car. Bought some fish for dinner, look forward to that! Want to go see the Jennifer Lopez movie tonight.

HUGS to all!!!:comp::hug::comp:

08-11-2007, 09:03 PM
Hi Chickies! :wave:

I've been keeping positive still. The true test will be when I go back to work on Monday night. lol. But Wed. night wasn't so bad, my co-workers really started opening up to me (that is the night I read the Tina Turner quote that inspired me to be more positive). So I am keeping positive that this coming week will be as good, if not better than Wed. night was! :)

We are getting new next door neighbors too. I honestly didn't realize our old ones had left! lol. I just hope the new neighbors are just as quiet. Our building is all quiet and we like it that way, esp since we work nights. But I have to stay positive!

I do think that the next door apt is cursed or something though cuz nobody seems to stay there very long. This will be our 5th set of neighbors this year! :o Ever since our old neighbor moved out it seems its been cursed. He was a very sweet older man who was very nice and he lived there for several years.

Well tonight I am going to do a bit of laundry so I have work clothes and then clean the bathroom. (thrills) lol. But that way I should be able to just relax tomorrow night since it will be my last night off........I got our bed stripped and washed the linens and remade it and also cleaned the kitchen yesterday.

So guess that is it about my exciting life. Try not to get overwhelmed with excitement ladies. lmao. Just teasing. :p lol.

Hope the rest of your Weekend is Great!



08-12-2007, 10:56 AM
Hey All!! Sorry I have been around for awhile--all kinds off stuff going on....

Computer: has had it's moments

Work: the lady who talked ALL the time retired the end of June and I had several other people on vacations at the same time--one went to SC to visit the grandkids and ended up staying for three weeks working on a rental that was trashed. I finally got a replacement for the lady that retired though one of the applicants is now mad at me for not picking her!! I don't know what I would do if not for my friend who drives a bus but works more time for me in the summer and another lady who retired but comes in to help me and at 77 works rings around most younger people. So needless to say I have been a little stressed.

Ryan: has moved temporarily in with his sister. The building he lived in has been rezoned as commercial and will be converted to office space. We moved most of the stuff on last Sunday and finished up on Monday evening and Tuesday. He went job hunting on Thursday and had three interviews scheduled, Friday he had two job offers and the third interview is Monday which he is going to call and cancel since the other two are offering 40 hours. Alicia has moved back to her grandmothers and is starting community college. I am not sure what they are doing--they are on some kind of break since neither one wants to be the one to say it is over.

Teri: is having a BOY! I thought she was going to cry when they told her. She started out really wanting a boy but then changed and decided she wanted a girl. She's okay now though especially after buying a Steelers onesie. She is 5 months along and has only gained 5 pounds though she is getting a cute little belly. Her boyfriend is still a jerk that can't keep a job and wants to go drink with his friends all the time. He threw a temper tantrum before Ry moved in and grabbed Teri's arm hard enough to put bruises on her. He left and unfortunately she took him back. I feel safer with Ry there and Ry has already told him if he touches his sister again there will be consequences. Ryan really liked Dave but is beginning to see that he may not be as nice as he seemed.
Edit: Teri starts back to Community College at the end of the month--4 classes-Accounting 101, Publis Speaking, English 102 & whatever they are calling keyboarding now. She also got a job at the local Prime Outlets at a store called the Childrens Place that sells kids clothes up to 4T.

Diet: All the stressed has not been good and I have gained--I need to get back on track!!

Hubby--it's okay, he still gets jealous if I do too much with the kids.

Well, enough about me!! I will start posting again from here!

08-12-2007, 03:41 PM
Egads Jules, I need to go rest after reading your post!! :) It is wonderful to see you back!!!! Congrats on a soon to be grandson!! How sweet, will he arrive before Christmas?? It would be so fun to celebrate with a newborn in the house :).....

My fingers are freezing , I pick ice out of my glass to chomp on, I can hardly type - lol

I don't know Sassy, I am kind of excited about you cleaning your bathroom - haha. Funny about not knowing your neighbors had moved out. I live at an 8 plex and it is pretty quite.

Went to see El Cantante last night. I loved it! Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were great and the music was wonderful.......and it's probably a new fave of mine. The only thing I didn't like was the editing, seemed kind of choppy -. There was some really sad moments and that made me tear up.

Woke up at 7am and made my way over to my mom's to pick up Gab. There was a bike race going on over the bridges so had to take a different route. Had oatmeal and a banana for breakfast,,,,would love fish again for dinner! hmmm, what else??? Last week of medical leave, really want to go to the beach again. blah blah.......

k- ladies hugs to you all!!!! Now we just need Katy to check in!!! chat later.

08-12-2007, 05:50 PM
SuzyQ--we got a digital camera, so as soon as I get a picture I am satisfied with I will put it up!! Teri's due date range is from December 24 - Dec 28th--she actually would like to have him on the 21st which is my Mom's 75th b-day. Teri doesn't want to be in the hospital over Christmas--she would love to have a New Years Eve or New Years Day baby.
Hubby and I are clearing an area on our property to set up the pop-up camper we have. The camper is old but he is going to build a lean to over it to keep the canvas from getting wet when it rains. We will add a screened tent with a picnic table and a fire pit. The big property payment is done. Now we have only his motorcycle and our consolidation loan and we will be good. We have to get a car too before mine dies.

08-13-2007, 11:26 AM
Happy Monday morning to all. I hope it is sunny in your neck of the woods. It is nice and breezy here, but still plenty warm. Just not as humid, thank goodness. I rode 2 miles and came in for a breakfast of cereal with skim milk and a bowl of watermelon.
WI was the SAME. Un-real.

I am trying to figure out how to write in a blog. I got it set up last night. Just really need to spend some time figuring out all the ins and outs of it. I don't even know why I am doing it, my life is pretty mundane, but writing in it will keep me busy. (And away from the kitchen maybe?)

Back later to report.

08-13-2007, 04:46 PM
Hello ladies...

Good to see you JULES! And SASSY!

Sorry not doing individuals right now...hopefully will have more time tomorrow, I know I will. Will get on earlier.

WI...I am down the 2 pounds that I was up to due to tOM last WI so really no loss this week. I never changed my ticker because I knew I was up the 2 because of tom so back to the same old, same old. I feel ya Sue!

I am changing up my exercise a bit this week to see if something happens next WI. Also, going back to Saturday WI's seem to like that better.

Anywho...HI to everyone :wave: Have a great day! :hug:

08-13-2007, 05:19 PM

Confused about your WI and TOM Cristina. Do I say congrats(!) or Hang in there!! or.....Yay??? lol - jk. I did read it a couple times. I had TOM at the beginnng of the month , plus with the beach and pigging out my body was all messed up. blah - blah......

Jules - Kind of funny but I thought you were fixing up the pop up camper, picnic table and fire pit for Teri and the newborn out there in Dec around the fire pit......haha,,,,*cough.....ok, I think I need more food to the brain!! Love to see a pic of you!!! :)

Good luck on the blog Sue!! I kind of set mine up but I like to write here....and torture everyone. Watermelon sounds so yummy!!

WI today, I lost another pound......don't you all come after me with your water bottles.....yikes.....I think the TOM messed it up, now it is just like rolling off.....poor me - tsk,, ya.....had 2 cups of coffee......happy, goofy mood,,,,,,

k- ff to take Gab swimming and thinking of yellow squash for dinner w/ fish!! Sounds soooo good.


08-13-2007, 08:18 PM
SuzyQ--we figure with the kids sharing a small apartment one or both of them may need a break. Heck there are some days that me and hubby need a break from each other!! Hubby would love for Alicia and Ry to spend more time. (they have a date tonite!) Teri too, without Dave though. I know if they make things work we will eventually have to accept him, but at this point the negatives far outweigh the positives. If he gets a job, grows up and accepts responsibility, stops putting drinking with his friends and NEVER puts his hands on my pregnant daughter again I might get over the feeling that I want to punch him in the face everytime I see him.

Cristina--I started weighing again--today was scary, but hopefully next week will be better!! I have noticed when I stop posting I gain and then I sort of feel like a failure and am ashamed to post especially when everyone is doing so good. WTG on your loss.

Sue-wtg on the biking!! Good luck with the blog.

Sassy-Katy-Michelle--Hope all is well!!

Everytime I hear that song Hey Delilah I think of SusanNYC!!

08-13-2007, 10:18 PM
Hi y'all!

I have been on vacation and we were working on the house right up until the time we left..soooo busy.
But I'm here - I read everything to catch up and I hope to have some time tomorrow or the next day to post some more.

Ciao for now!

08-14-2007, 02:38 PM
Good Morning!

Yay, Katy!! Nice to see you posting! Today is a beautiful day in the neighborhod. Before I forget Rach was going to be in the parade this Saturday w/ her kickboxing class, in case you plan on attending!! She has lost 20 pounds this summer, happy for her. Anyway - catch up and come chat!!

Speaking of Rach, it is her 16th birthday today! My baby....she wants hair extentions. I remember the night before she was born 16 years ago I walked the grade school track and went home and cooked me a box of tuna helper, ate the whole thing. lol......she was born the following evening on her due date!

I would be punching him too Jules! Hugs to Teri and I hope she has a good pregnancy.

I had a strawberry/ banana shake for breakfast and 3 slices of turkey bacon @ 35 calories each was so good. I tossed the remaining 3 because no one else was eating them.....and I would have! So, in the trash they went.

Going to take Momo, the kitty, to my moms for *visitation*....he might spend the night and catch up with his fellow felines....he was horrible last night howling over nothing. Anyway, to grandmothers he goes!

I don't get paid until tomorrow so will celebrate with Rach over the next couple days. Hope for a trip to the beach before I go back to work next Monday.

k- that is my update!

Hi to everyone!!!

08-15-2007, 01:13 PM
Dear Susan,

Good Morning! How are you since yesterday?

I am fine, itchy for some reason. Had lofty plans to take Rach to Newport but the long ride to the coast exhausted me, so plan B is OMSI.

I tossed an turned all night - thinking of getting some sleep aid. I count sheep, count apples, water bottles and finally when pissed off at 4am bagels dripping in cream cheese......yum. Now I am wide awake and just want to eat....hahahaha - *cough *cough....

I did weigh and it was 176.5 - so changed ticker because I was bored and figure the 176 and a 1/2 was close enough......and I can make my own rules....ha...mmmmm, ,maybe that is why I can't get a man??

*gasp......*shudder........*yikes speaking of which Michael wrote and is just a busy bee this summer working from 8am to 11 pm......what a wild a crazy guy he is......and he is, nut.

I am an 8 to 4:30 gal.....and I start cleaning up my desk at

I had a bowl of oatmeal, 2 slices of turkey bacon and a banana. I need to fill my water bottle and do Gab's hair.

Ok, Susan,,,,,,,,wishing you a wonderful day!! Chow!

08-15-2007, 01:35 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...I confuse myself sometimes, lol! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RACHEL! :celebrate::bday2you::hb: WTG on the pound! :woohoo:

JULES...thinking I would have already punched the guy out. Hoping Teri is fine and everything works out for the best. A boy eh? CONGRAT'S to you grandma and to Teri. Lots of hugs to 've had a full plate for sure missy. :hug: :hug:

KATY...good to see you here. Hope you guys had a GREAT time on vacation.

SASSY...funny about you not knowing the neighbors moved, lol. But weird that so many people have moved in and out in such a short time. Glad you have a new attitude...made me think of that song by Patti Labelle...I've got a new attitude...good for you missy.


Nothing much going on with me...same old stuff, different day. Walked the neighborhood yesterday morning and got in a good three mile walk...there are a lot of cul-de-sacs, geez. But it's good to get it done early. Staying away from the park for a while I think. It's not that far to drive but I have been spending a lot on gas going 3-5 days a week-need to move closer to there. Haven't done anything today, yet. Going to do my 2 mile WATP video and then mow the front yard this evening once it cools off.

Have a great day ladies! :wave:

08-16-2007, 01:37 AM

Love your new avatar Cristina! I am just teasing about your TOM and not understanding :)....

Thank you so much for the B wishes for Rachel. I don't know where the years have gone. Rach was the prettiest baby, perfect like a little doll, happy time in my life becoming a mother.

Now after 6 week w/ them I am going insane. I need a break, I wanna run away! lol.....I do.

I have 4 days to get some R&R before I go back to work. I did go today to see my primary. She didn't know what iron therapy was or the side effects. Useless to me. She did give me meds to help me sleep and gave me my papers for part time work. Anyway - argh. I did notice I was 3 pounds down from last week's weigh in when I saw the endospcopy doctor, so that was kind of cool.

Managed to walk 2 miles.......I also recommend the Good Housekeeping mag for Aug. It has a several stories on weight loss successes of over 100 pounds. "weigh down workshop" was mentioned.....anyone hear of that?? I am going to go look it up.

k- chat later

08-16-2007, 10:51 AM
Congrats on your weight loss this summer, Susan - you are my inspiration! I weighed this a.m. and I have managed to lose and keep off 3 lbs this summer. The prednisone made me gain...then there was vacation, but I have managed. I should be at yoga right now, but I'm not. I'll get a walk in later. We should be at the parade on Saturday. DH is in the Get a Life band, and DS might be in the parade...he's weighing his offers, ha ha. HB (late) to Rachel!

Cristina...yay for gettting that walk in...hope you have a good day.

Jules, Sassy, and Sue....hope you all are having a good summer as well. I am going to try to catch up over time...I've been MIA alot this summer 'cause life got crazy, but I hope things are settling down now. My big goal for the day is to put together some chairs I bought at IKEA (yay - we have one here now!) and figure out what to do with all this zucchini. My garden is spitting them out in record numbers this year. I shred and freeze a bunch for baking, but there's still a LOT. Want some Susan? ;)

08-16-2007, 04:42 PM
Howdy Susan, Katy, Jules, Sassy & Sue! :wave:

KATY...been meaning to go to IKEA here but not really needing any furniture right now, well, a new chair in the living room would be nice, lol. I love their stuff though.

SUSAN...WTG on the pounds! :woohoo: You are doing GREAT! The kids do grow up fast don't they...before you know it they will be off and married with a family of their own. When do the kids start school? Some started here Tuesday and then some on Wednesday. Seems early to me for some reason. I've not heard of the weigh down workshop...but the magazine...I might have to pick up the magazine though...I like Good Housekeeping once in a while. I LOVE Nickelback, the avatar...actually, Chad the lead singer...a little on the skinny side for me but :love:

With school being "in" going to the pool is nice, lol. Don't have much time to go though, they are closing Labor Day weekend or the day after Labor Day :( What will I do then? Lol Getting laundry done now, bought some groceries and that's about all that's going on with me. Haven't gotten any exercise in yet but I am mowing the backyard later this evening and it takes a full hour...and that's with a self-propelled mower pulling me along, lol.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

08-17-2007, 01:34 PM
I think I am socially ******ed....I have never been to IKEA. I somewhat know what it is from things I have heard...but don't even know if there is a store near. I think I will go on their web site, just so I can be up to date. :)

Had a busy morning cleaning house and now plan to sit for awhile. I did all the floors, the swifter, the vacuum and the mop. UGH. Cleaned 2 bathrooms and threw rugs in the washer. And along the way I flung a dust cloth here and there. Ha... Actually tore into my desk area, got everything dusted and put back in order.
I didn't ride this morning, and now I am sorry I didn't. It is too sunny right now, but I will catch up tonight for sure.
Have a dinner date with ex neighbors tonight. That's my is yours going?

08-17-2007, 04:46 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Friday to you!

SUE...wanna come clean my house for me since you are on a roll? Ugh, I am dreading that but I have to clean tomorrow. V is working and I have nothing planned so...I keep saying I am going to get a cleaning lady once a month but have yet to do day. You've been doing so well with your biking I don't think if you miss a day it would hurt. I take Sunday as a free day but there have been times I did a little something, walk or video but not the usual walk or exercise I do. But it's slated as a free day so if I do something I do, if not, oh well. I know that I've been good most of the week and 4-5 days a week is good so...hope you have a nice dinner with your ex neighbors.


Getting some laundry done after going to the pool. I think I am getting addicted to tanning and the water. Today I did not want to get out, lol. It just felt too good. I dragged my old sorry butt out though, after 2 1/2 hours, lol. Funny thing is, I am not getting any darker, lol. Oh well...I am going to enjoy the pool while I can, only a couple of weeks left. :(

Went for my 3 mile walk in the neighborhood. It was a little cooler this morning and felt good. Of course I worked up a sweat so it didn't feel so cool half way thru the walk. Just feels good doing it. Came home and did my 2 mile WATP video and I swear I still wanted to keep going. Don't know where that burst of energy came from but I was lovin' it! Anywho...

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day! Ta Ta for now :wave:

08-17-2007, 11:29 PM
Cristina..Sorry, but NO. I have enough trouble getting mine cleaned. LOL. I hear ya about a cleaning lady. Wish I could do that, but doubt it will ever happen.
I did get in a ride of 4 miles tonight. So, 30 for the week so far with a day to go...trying for 5 miles tomorrow. That would be a good week.
I always say I am going to take a day off, then end up trying to ride anyway.

Hi to everyone...hope you have a good week-end planned.

08-18-2007, 02:38 AM
Good Evening All!!!

I have had a horrible day!! I am at my wits end with these kids. I am taking Saturday and Sunday for myself. ARGH!!!

Gabs dad was running late so I drove her half way and we met at a library. He is such an a$$. He wanted to hook up tomorrow and go back to school shopping with Gab. We had talked about this before but in thinking about it and the horrible week I have had w/ the girls I said I couldn't. He kind of got upset and said we needed to get it done, duh,,,,,,,I know that. I am going to take care of myself first and staying in bed all weekend sounds rather lovely to me.

I am going to throw away my friggin car key!! I am tired of red lights and green lights and yellow lights!!! - ewww, finally gone around the bend, eh??

hmmm, I had trout today with my greek salad, it was soooo good. I soooo wanna be 175 by Monday. Please God, please , please,

ok - enough ramblings from a Loon.......I think I shall go home and tuck my sorry butt in bed. I am scheduled to go in Monday morning for the iron IV thing, it takes 5 hours! I talked to my supervisor and we agreed to Wednesday for me to go back to work.....

Hi to Katy, Sue, Jules, Michelle and Sassy....and thank you Cristina for the card & copy of article - I received it today!

Night :)

08-18-2007, 01:08 PM
You are welcome Susan! Sorry it was late in coming, I thought I had mailed it and found it under a stack of stuff, oops! Sorry about you having a bad day :hug: :hug: I think you deserve a weekend to yourself for sure! I'll be thinking about Monday...5 hours seems like a long time! :hug:

Darn it Sue...I was hoping you wanted to clean my house, lol. Yeah, I keep saying that too but I too doubt it will ever happen. Good job on the biking!

Nothing special planned for the weekend...DH & son are working and daughter is in bed so I pretty much have the house to myself. Going to get some much needed cleaning done as soon as I get off this thing...been on too long already, since 8, lol. Went for my 3 mile walk this morning...sticky/muggy morning and I went at a little before 6 thinking it would be cool. Came home and did my 2 mile WATP too! So feeling good!

Hope you ladies have a good weekend!

08-18-2007, 07:08 PM
Hi Ladies. :wave:

I had a scare early this morning:

I was in the bedroom, cutting my toenails, and lotioning (just had a bath) and I heard this BANGING. I thought it was DH coming home a little bit early. So I hurried and got dressed and ran to the door only to find that the doorknob was UNlocked! :yikes: But the deadbolt and the little thingy that goes over the door (like they have in hotels) was still locked.

I looked outside and DH was not home, as the car was not there and I even looked out the back door.
DH then called stating he is on his way home and told me I should call the cops only what if it was the neighbors door or something? (they live right next door) But I KNOW for a fact that the doorknob was locked when DH left for work and he said he even checked it before leaving and I have not been anywhere.

Everything was/is okay. DH looked around outside when he first came home this morning and said he didn't see anything. He did change the lobby lightbulbs outside our apt. So at least it won't be dark out there.

It did scare me but afterwards I calmed down.

Well I just tried the old light bulbs from the lobby that DH just changed out cuz he said they didn't sound like they were burnt out and they aren't. So there is something else wrong with that light out there and the landlord/owners will hear about it and they better get to fixing it!


My DH just told me that a co-worker and his friends got jumped lastnight and our co-worker is in the hospital with his jaw wired wire shut!!!!!!!!!! He's going to be out all week!!!!!!!!!! :yikes:

This world is getting scarier and scarier I tell you!!!!!!!!!

Take Care everybody and BE SAFE!


08-18-2007, 09:14 PM
Good Afternoon.

It is 5pm and I am just waking up. I have even eaten today but headed to get a salad and a pop up can of trout after I write this . :dizzy:

I was up at 6am and went to this clothing give away. I found a lot of cute shirts for Gaby and some pants for me. I picked up this LLBean size 8 to get into after another 10 pounds.......but when I tried them on they fit!! Also, this lady offered me a size 4 pair and said "you look small, do you want these??" but I ain't small. Anyway, that was my feel good moment for the day.

After that I grabbed Momo and snuggled in bed with the sniffles - getting a sinus thing. Too much AC???

Oh, Cristina! I am waaaaaay late on everything. You are sweet, thanks again! I thought they said the iron thing was only an hour, now it is 5 hours, just like a blood transfusion. It must have to drip in slowly ???? Congrats on the 2 miles :bravo:

Katy - I just read the offer of zucchini, how sweet. I think after 2 months of eating squash though I shall pass. How much do you have?? I have been getting mine at neighborhood house, they give free produce away on Monday, maybe you could donate it there?? I always grab enough for a week at a time:frypan: - lol......How was the parade?? I didn't make it.

Sassy - VERY scary!! Hope you are having a good Saturday :)

Hi to everyone else ~ Jules, Sue, Michelle and SusanNYC and anyone else passing through!!! :moped: Stop and say hi :)

k- I am later.....

08-19-2007, 04:41 PM
Good Sunday!

Just checking in. I have a cold, drippy nose, feel like crude.

Woke up and had a bowl of oatmeal w/ banana. It is yummy when you slice the banana in the bowl and pour the hot cereal over it - makes the banana kind of gooey. YUM - trust me it is good!!:hun:

I guess that is it. Just trying to survive the day. Go in the morning for the iron thingie. Need to go pick Gab up from my mom's tonight. Blah....I think that is it!!

Cheers :cheers:

08-19-2007, 09:04 PM
Hugs SASSY :hug: :hug: You be careful and yes, the world is becoming a scary place. That's enough to shake anyone up.

Susan...that is a long time...I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. :hug:

Nothing going on today...just thought I would stop by and say HI to everyone while I was on the computer. Watching my favorite movie of all time...Sleepless in Seattle...I love that movie. Then at 8 Bridezilla and then LA fav shows on Sunday, lol. Anywho...take care ladies.

08-19-2007, 11:06 PM
Sassy - ugh - that is scary--glad you are ok

Cristina - Hi to you! I watched Bridezilla when we were away for our anniversary. I could not believe how crazy those gals get! It was fun to watch in a wierd sort of way. We watched one where the bride's daughter was doing everything in her power to chase off the groom, then when he didn't show up at the altar, she boo-hooed all over the place "I didn't MEAN for him to REALLY go away - what a jerk!" Her mom and the guy ended up eloping. The camera was on the daughter's face when she found out - priceless.

Susan- I think that the produce donations from the community garden go to NH. I'm not totally sure about that, but if I keep pulling these huge zukes out of my yard, that's where I'm taking them. Yay for the smaller jeans! That has to make you feel good! Good luck with the iron thingie tomorrow. The parade was fun, but it is getter bigger every year, which kind of turns me off. This year they had vendors lined up on the parade route which really annoyed me...couldn't find a place to sit!? I don't know what they were thinking. It was ok when the parade started, but I was grousing about it until that happened. I'm getting pretty crotchedy in my old age :)

Hi to Sue and Jules and anyone else reading this..Michelle? Are you checking in? Hope you are alright...

I went to the gym today for Nia/cardio salsa double header. The Nia sub was yuck, but the salsa teacher was excellent as usual. I am going to be muy sore in the a.m. If I get up in time, I'll go to water aerobics which should help with the sore muscles. I'm off to sip a little wine, knit, and watch Big Brother...such BIG plans!

Hey - we saw Knocked Up last night. Humor's pretty crude at times, but overall I really liked it - I thought it was surprisingly smart take on that particular situation. Had some good (and funny) observations about married life as well - in between all the f-words, lol!

08-20-2007, 12:18 PM
Good morning ladies. Nice to see you RosieKate. I remember having more zukes than I could use when we gardened. More of everything really. One year I canned 98 quarts of green beans. Haven't done them since either. LOL...
Busy morning. I already rode 2 miles, stripped and re-made beds, washed, dried and folded bedclothes, read the paper over coffee, un-loaded the dishwasher and fixed breakfast.
I did WI this morning and I lost 2 pounds. That is great for me...I lose so slowly. Measured and sure enough, I am down over an inch each in the three places I thought to measure before. Waist, abdomen and hips. (that is over 3 inches each so far) YAY! I wish I had measured my thighs early on because I KNOW they are smaller.
Now I have some incentive to keep plugging away at this.....

We got rain in the night and it is sooo muggy this morning. By mid-week we are expecting mid 90's again and more humidity.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day except hanging a few more pictures. I am sure I will find something to do.

Happy WI to you all.....

08-20-2007, 12:23 PM
PS....When we came home from Vegas in March, with my winter weight gain I was 181 pounds. This morning I was 167!

:carrot::carrot: :cb: :cb: :cp: :cp: :dance: :dance:

08-20-2007, 01:16 PM
Good morning, ladies!

SUE...GREAT news! :woohoo: :bravo: WTG on the 2 pounds and the inches! And...for being at 167!

KATY...I saw that one, lol! I would have been soooo mad for the groom not showing up myself and having to pay for my own wedding and ring, yikes! But yeah, it's a funny show and some of those ladies, if you want to call them that, lol, are terrible! I wonder though if some of it is just for tv though. Some I think you can tell they are that way which is terrible. WTG on the exercise! DD was wanting to see Knocked Up.

SUSAN...thinking of you today missy, lots of hugs. :hug: :hug:

HIYA JULES, SASSY & MICHELLE! AND...Miss SusanNYC...hoping all is well with you in the big city!

Wow, it's a little weird to sleep in past 6. I've been getting up early for a while my body actually hurts when I lay in bed longer. But I enjoyed catching up on all the sleep, lol. Not done much yet, but getting ready to get my 2 mile WATP done and a walk on the treadmill. Do some cleaning and other than that...nothing.

Have a GREAT Monday ladies!

08-20-2007, 01:31 PM
Quick hi over lunch!! BBL!!

08-20-2007, 07:53 PM
Whisssssh, there goes Jules! Come back and chat girl!

Congrats on the 167 Sue!! Motivates me to get serious and get below 170....stuck at 176 right now - argh.

I never been to the parade Katy, even when I lived right there in town. I noticed that people had marked their spots on Friday w/ chalk.

Congrats on the miles walked Cristina!! and thanks for the best wishes today. I managed to get through the 5 hours today, feel exhausted now and think I will go to bed.

chat more when I get my second wind :)

08-21-2007, 04:27 PM
Thank you Susan :thanks: Hope you got some sleep and I can only imagine how exhausted you were. That can't be easy being there for five hours.

Hiya Jules!

Busy day so far...went for my 3 mile walk thru the neighborhood this morning. Came home did my 2 mile WATP video, went to the pool, then came home and mowed the front yard...what a work out! I think I over did it. But it is supposed to rain Thursday and I can't mow both the front and back the same day...too much for me. So tomorrow is the back yard and 3 mile walk. Doing good with the food and water as well. Getting some laundry done while I am on the 'puter. I've got to take the rest of the pictures off the wall in the living room & hallway so V can paint today after work. Didn't realize once he painted Josh's room he was going to start with everything else, so I am a happy camper. :) Anywho...

Have a great day ladies! :hug:

08-21-2007, 07:20 PM
Good Afternoon!

Still feel like I am dragging. I go back to work tomorrow - kind of funny because I don't think my condition got any better. lol What I learned was my ex has it a lot tougher having to deal w/ the kids. It is so much easier to go to work.

All the walls connect together Cristina!! You will probably end up painting the whole house.....and of course you need new furniture after that.....and I am sure Josh's room will look great. You are a sweet mom for doing that for him :) - Bravo on the walking!!!

I need to really crack down w/ my eating....kind of getting off course. I would be happy with 174 by the end of this month. Still have time!!!

k- off I go....hugs to all :)

08-21-2007, 08:38 PM
SuzyQ--I have been dragging myself all of a sudden. It's been rainy and it always makes me feel achy.

Cristina--I keep talking about painting my kitchen but it doesn't seem to happen. Maybe over Labor Day weekend!!

Sue--I am so HAPPY for you!!!

Katy--I haven't been to the gym in way too long..I just haven't been motivated. Knocked Up is a little crude but is hilarious--Teri kept seeing similarities between her and Dave.

Sassy--keep safe!!

Where's Michelle??

Well. I am outta here, I am so tired....

08-21-2007, 11:13 PM
Jules- You better get some rest....have you been ill, or just pooped? Maybe you need your iron checked? Stay well gal.

Susan- Back to work? Sorry about that. I am also sorry that being home did not improve your condition very much. Is there anything else they can do for you besides rest? Seems like there should be....*scratching my head*

Cristina- So neat that you are getting Josh's room painted. BUT better still to hear that he will soon be home. Way to go on all the walking (and mowing)

Sassy- I would have been scared out of my wits. Of course, it doesn't take much to scare me. :) How's the new shift going by now?

Michelle, RosieKate...Hi to you!

I rode 4 miles tonight and it is so hot ..I melted. Well, that would be a good thing. LOL...
Did some closet re-arranging since I got a new chest of drawers for in the closet. Finally getting all my storage straightened.
Nothing going on about you?

08-21-2007, 11:43 PM
Hi all
Spent the afternoon at Oaks had a blast and we are all wiped.

Chiro suggested to me yesterday that I consider cutting out dairy...might help my sinuses. Dang! I was afraid someone was going to tell me that someday. Well, the day is here and I thought I'd try it and see if it helps me to stop waking up with puffy, watery eyes and a runny nose. I have a check up with a naturopath in a few weeks, so this should prepare me incase this is her suggestion as well.

Darn darn darn - I love cheese! Giving up milk and yogurt doesn't faze me a bit - but cheese :( I will have to grieve the cheese....

Hope to check in again before going out of town (last hurrah before school starts)

Have a great evening everyone!

08-22-2007, 10:36 AM
Good morning, ladies!

SUSAN...sorry you're not feeling better and you have to head back to work. :hug: :hug: I just looked at your loses each month and have to say missy, I AM impressed! I didn't realize you had lost so much, which is GREAT! :carrot: I should be ashamed of with my sorry, pitiful little few pounds, lol. You keep me from not quitting so thank you!

JULES...hope you're not working to hard missy. Hoping all is well with you and yours. Lots of hugs :hug:

SUE...yeppers, I am a happy camper with Josh finally coming home :cp: It will be short but anything/time is better than none at all. Then the poor kid goes back to Hawaii...I feel for him, lol. WTG on the biking! :carrot: dairy eh? That would be easy for me, lol. I like milk once in a while and like cheese but don't eat as much as I should. You guys enjoy your last hurrah before school! And be safe!

I was up early and got my 3 miles in. it really is nice getting up and getting my walk in early and out of the way. Even though I am not a morning person and I HATE getting up early...once I am up and going and my walk is done I feel good. Since I will be mowing the backyard later I didn't do my 2 mile WATP. It takes 50-60 minutes to do the back so that is a GREAT work-out for me! I just would like to see some results from all this walking and mowing, lol. Oh well, like I tell everyone else, I am doing this for my health so...heading to the library at 9 and get some gas. Didn't realize it went up again. Not driving to the park I haven't had to get gas but once every week and a half so hadn't really noticed the prices. Later on, need to make reservations for our little weekend, wedding getaway in Missouri in Sept. V's nephew is getting married...I LOVE weddings! Okay, better get going.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day! :hug:

08-22-2007, 12:57 PM
Hi Ladies ~~ I wanted to stop by and say HELLO to everyone. I'm still fine, except for just getting over the flu this past weekend. Thank you Susan for thinking of me and sending me a PM, you're a sweetheart!:hug: We've had Brittany's friend here visiting and she leaves late tonight to go back home to Maine. Brittany decided to go to a different college and so she'll still be living at home for the next two years and I'm SO happy about that!:) I hope all of you have a nice day today!:hug:

08-22-2007, 02:38 PM
Good Morning -
umm, had a rough and tumble morning w/ HR. My supervisors plan is to lay me off once my medical runs out. lol...........HR didn't know I was on medical and of course they can't touch me .....yet.
So, I was encouraged to take care of my medical issues and apply for short term disabilty, regardless I should be taken care of for a few months w/ a *going away package*......
Anyway, I cried and HR dabbed their eyes. She is a very nice director and kept saying she was going to take care of me, so just focus on my health. She might even have me come work for her, so that was nice and of course that made me cry more.

Hi Michelle!!!:cheer2: We wondered about you!!! Happy to see you posting!!!

Sue - I had an iron infusion Monday, takes a few days for that to kick in.

Jules..............come drag your *** w/ me!! lol

Katy - Brave soul to go to Oaks Park! My kids wanted to go there last week. I guess I have time to do that now. haha...............I would NEVER give up dairy!!Going to the beach??

Cristina,........thanks :) I think I need to focus on water. I don't think I have been drinking enough of it. Hope that helps, and maybe I will try and walk today.

k- I am off to take my contacts out. Take Gab to speech and hand in my short term form at Kaiser.


08-23-2007, 12:08 PM
I feel like I'm in kindergarten. But back then I was skinny and my mom had to force me to eat. Maybe that wasn't good. It didn't take me long to learn how to please her. ha! I was chubby until grade 7 then thin again until I had few children....10 in all. So back to square one.

08-23-2007, 03:19 PM
Hello ladies... first...(((((HUGS))))) to you missy! :hug: :hug: I don't even know what to say. Maybe she is right in that you should take care of your health first. I think sometimes we get wrapped up in life and we forget to take care of ourselves. But still, losing your job sucks! Glad you will be taken care of though.

HI CAROL and :welcome: 10 kids eh? Yikes! How in thw world do you do it? People would ask me how I do it with 3...nothing compared to 10. Anyway, welcome to you and looking forward to getting to know you.

HI MICHELLE...glad to see you posting.


My butt is draggin' today. Treadmilling it today, or did. But just walked a little over a mile on it and then did my 2 milie WATP. Thank god for dvd's/videos! Some days I just can't roll out of bed at 5:30. Needless to say got a late start on the day. Did finally get up and moving. Went and bought groceries, swept the garage and now getting some laundry done. Other than that pretty much a boring day for me.

Take care ladies and hope everyone is having a good day! :hug:

08-23-2007, 04:22 PM
Good Morning!

Welcome Carol! 10 children? Wow....what is the age range? I have 3 daughters 16.14 and 5 1/2. Look forward to hearing more from you :)

Thanks Cristina for the hugs.....tears are dried. It was just a blow and a calgon take me away moment. The more HR talked though I realized how lucky I was.....I don't have to do the unemployment thing and I get enough time with salary and benefits to figure out what is next. She was so nice, I think I cried the nicer she was,,,,and she felt so bad for me. *

Taking Rach for her 2nd audition on Saturday. She got a second call back from the John Casablanca agnecy. We have to go up north close to Seattle.Good boost for her self esteem. Took another set of pix last night and you can tell she has lost 15 pounds, made her happy.

One good thing is the time I have been able to spend w/ Rach this summer. I think she has really needed me.

Feel ok to go for a walk today, maybe the iron is kicking in?? Had 3 turkey bacon, oatmeal for breakfast. Working on water. I am going to get to 174 by the end of the month!! Argh......

k better get.

Hugs to all !! :)

08-23-2007, 08:23 PM
I haven't read through all the posts but was wondering which plan everyone is using. My kids are ages 17 to 35 so I'm soon to experience the empty nest after nearly 35 yr. Scarey. I'm a SAM and my Dh is a veterinarisn. I post mostly on the intuitive eating thread but right now it is kind of slow.

08-24-2007, 01:17 AM
Good Evening -

I am probably the worse one to answer that question Carol. I am kind of trying a little of everyting. I haven't really exercised because of my energy level - lol.....I know I need to work on that ASAP.
I focus on low fat, high protein foods. I have a lot of fruits/veggies, fish and chicken. Oatmeal, protein shakes for breakfast....just foods like that. I have lost 30 pounds in almost months, nothing in the past week. So, realized I have slacked in the water intake lately. Need to boost that up.
I did good today with 80 oz's!!! Next is the exercise.
Wishing you the best Carol :)

Just checking in . Had a good day. Always busy w/ these kids. I guess registration is tomorrow @ the high school. Oh Joy!! Get these kids back to school. Took Gab swimming at my moms apt. pool. It felt good to be in the sun.

Ate steamed broccoli for dinner w/ some crumbled 7% hamburger sprinkled on top, and a dash of soy sauce for flavor, it was yummy!
mmmmmm, waht else???......... had a grapefruit, some pretzel crips, dried apricots for snacks. I didn't really have lunch. Plus all that water.......

k- off to bed.....

night all :)

08-24-2007, 03:16 PM
Hello Ms SUSAN & CAROL :wave:

SUSAN...I am glad though that you are taken care of and don't have to worry about things right this moment, other than the girls, lol. Always have to worry about the children don't we? Or I do anyway, lol. I am the biggest worry wart for sure. Keeping my fingers crossed for Rachel...that is great that she got a call back, woohoo! :crossed: Hey, you and Rachel both have done an awesome job with your weightloss! I am proud of both of you. :hug: Now, to send some of those weight loss vibes on over to me!

CAROL...I bet you house is fun during the holidays! I always imagined having a big family gathered around the table during the holidays, never happend though, lol. Still waiting for mine to get married and have grandbabies for me, lol. Weight loss plans...I was following WW but kind of strayed. Now I am just watching what I eat, cutting back on the portion size and walking my booty off. Well, it's not coming off but I am walking, walking, walking! One day it will pay off :crossed: I walk and do my WATP (walk away the pounds) dvd or video.

And speaking of I did my 2 mile WATP twice. Thought I would mix it up a bit so I don't get bored. Had planned on my 3 mile walk this morning but was awaken at a little after 3 a.m. by thunder and rain soon after so that nipped that in the bud.

Ran some errands this morning after my exercise. Had to take something back to Penneys and started looking around and saw a couple of things I needed... like a purse, some jammies and bras. I actually really did need it, lol. Had to go to Hallmark and get some BD cards and a wedding card. Not sure if I mentioned we are headed to MO for a wedding in Sept. V's nephew is getting married the 22nd. Will be a nice weekend getaway. Anywho...

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a great day!

08-25-2007, 12:45 AM
You have the prettiest avatars Cristina! Where do you find them?? Have a safe trip this weekend! The last wedding I went to was like7 years ago!
Have fun :)

It is a proven fact people who don't post lose weight at a slower pace - hehe

anyway - you all have a great weekend!!

08-25-2007, 10:27 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Just dropping by to say HI :wave:

Guess everyone has a life, lol.

Got my 3 mile walk in this morning, as well as the 2 mile WATP! Feeling good about that. Now to clean house, ugh!


Have a good weekend ladies!

08-25-2007, 11:01 AM
I'm one who did WATP faithfully for months and it didn't help me. Walking out doors was always my thing but now I have a chronic disease and I am to stay out of the we have an elpitical and it is the first indoor exercise machine I have ever liked, Oh, and when I did WATP I got a terrible torn plantar fashia that took forever to heal. On another note, it's really hard to get all my kiddos together now. They have to work and some live far away's just hard to get them all here at once. We have 8 grandkids. I would really like to pay for them all to come here next year so we can get a family picture that we haven't had done for 7 yr.

08-25-2007, 07:17 PM
Just a Quick Hello! :wave:

08-27-2007, 01:47 AM
What is WATP? I know you guys told me before but I forget.

Poppin in to say I walked 3.5 miles!!! woo hoo. It isn't that I walked it , it is that I finally have the energy to do something!! Feels great.

Looking to lose 2 pounds by the end of the month!! Time is ticking fast.

anyway chat more in the morning!

Hi to Michelle. Jules , Katy , Carol , Sassy, Sue, and our Miss. Cristina!!

08-27-2007, 02:29 PM
Walk Away The Pounds. That's it! I used to walk 6 mi. a day but it took me 2 hr. It was so nice but time consuming. Anyway, I can't be in the sun so that's out. I tried doing it early in the morning and all bundled up in winter but my blood calcium went up. Not sure if that's it but don't want to take a chance.

08-27-2007, 02:54 PM
Going through the old posts I noticed someone is from Portland where my DD lives, someone takes prednisone like me, and I do know about Weigh Down. It is a Biblical based program where you look to God to help you. They use hunger and fullness for eating. Her first book is good but then she (Gwen Shamblin) got in hot water over Biblical doctrine and she started her own church. So she lost a lot of followers but still has a big website and lots of programs. You can learn all about it and buy her old book for $.01 on Amazon.

08-27-2007, 04:01 PM
Good Morning -

Lazy start.

Thanks for the information on WATP Carol. I can't imagine walking 6 I can do the 3.5 miles in 50/60 minutes. I always have liked walking but agree it is slow and time consuming.

I kind of made my 15 year old promise to go to the gym for 30 mintues this week w/ me. I need the weight training - she knows all about the

Katy, Michelle and I all live in the PDX area. Katy and I are within 3 miles of each other, if not closer.

k- coffee kicking in!!! Just wanted to check in. Going for my walk!! yay....

08-27-2007, 05:35 PM
Hi all, allergies starting here, busy at work--ot for which I can't get paid since they changed me to salary. Teri is doing great, the belly is making an appearance...had to take Jerry to the doctors today--they pulled a piece of metal out of his eye--had to use a drill--I had to close my eyes and couldn't watch!!

I am going to make us something to eat and hope to be back.

08-28-2007, 12:29 AM
Quick "hi" to you all. Hope your Tuesday goes great. I just have to go to the grocery store. What a chore.
Got in 4 miles on the bike today and was down a pound at WI. I hadn't been very good so didn't expect to lose. Actually, since I lost last week I thought it would be another month before I lost again. I am so slow... But, surprise!!

Susan- I am sorry I didn't understand that you lost your job. I thought they just had you take more sick time. I need to go back and read! Anyway... :hug:

Carol- Good to see you posting, welcome.

Cristina- You are the busiest person I know. I hope you are doing well today and had a good WI.

Jules, Michelle, Sassy, Katy- Hello and hurry back ladies.

08-28-2007, 02:37 PM
mmmm, good morning!

Suppose to be 88* here today! to the pool, Sheesh after 8 weeks it gets old.

CONGRATS on the POUND Sue!!! :)

I really don't understand Sue what they are doing. Tech they can't touch me while on medical leave which I am until Friday. HR just said once I go off my supervisor planned to lay me off. So, I guess we are just cutting through the crap and making deals now??? I dunno. I don't know why she had me apply for short term disability, seems mute now. I think that would be wrong anyway, kind of perking up w/ the iron infusion....... :dizzy:

So, the end result is I go and sign this legal document saying Dec 31 is my last day and I guess I get to have unemployment after that if I don't get a job before that time. Regardless I get to spend the rest of the summer tanning!! yipppeeeee. lol

Scales are STUCK! So annoyed, it hasn't budged in 2 weeks. I think I am grazing more w/ some added job stress. I did walk yesterday, so that felt great. Didn't make it to the gym afterall.

I had serving of oatmeal, some bites of scrambled eggs and a 1/2 french toast. Yummy.......

Jules! Ick, I couldn't watch either sounds painful to say the least.

Better later.

08-29-2007, 10:58 AM
Hi All

We are back from a little trip to the beach. Feels like I've been gone longer. We've been gone alot in August, but now we are home and everyone is getting ready for school to start.

Welcome Carol! I live in PDX, and I'm the one who was on prednisone this summer. Thankfully I am not anymore as I did not like it one bit. Oh, I liked that it took care of the allergic reaction I had, but that's it. I have lost the water weight I gained while I was on it, thank goodness.

Susan- hope the work stuff gets sorted out soon...are they laying off others? I read HAP was selling off some properties..does it have anything to do with that? I'm so glad the iron infusion is helping....being sick is a drag. So is a plateau and I know all about those, lol! You are doing great!

Jules - I used to call that being a "salary slave" good to see you back. Hope Dh is ok

Well, DD is up and wants to climb all over me, so I'll bbl

08-29-2007, 04:46 PM
Good Morning -

Thanks Katy! What beach did you go too??
Hate the sclae but have to keep reminding myself 30 pounds isn't nothing to sneeze at, just hold on the scale will start moving again. Also once school starts I can get the walk and gym done without little kids needing my attention.
btw- Gab is going part time at R and she will have 16 in her class. So, excited, I love grade school......maybe I will get my own desk??? hehe.

Ummmm, they are selling properties *scattered sites* because of the expense of the upkeep. I know one other SM was let go after she came back from vacation 2 weeks ago - she was there 8 years, so I can't feel too bad. Personally I think all SM's will be eleminated in time and they will just go to a private property management. Less expensive and less has become so cut throat.

My knee is hurting now for a month , thinking there is fluid on it?? I don't know. I am cleaning today and entertaining kids.....argh,,,,,hwo many more days til school??? lol

chat later.......

08-29-2007, 06:41 PM
Jules, My DH get stuff in his eye quite often on the farm. It is so painful. One time he went to the dr. to get it taken out but the next time he just had a friend do it. I'm eating less according to Weigh Down ideas but we'll see how it goes in a couple months. That's always the clincher. My daugher from Portland called today. She said it's been nice there. Her oldest starts kindergarten next week. She has a 5 yr. old boy and a 1yr. old boy.

08-29-2007, 06:43 PM
Rosie, Did you notice any appetite change? Maybe you weren't on it long enough. It can really get bad after a few months. I put on 30lb last time but my dose is lower now so not as much problem.

08-29-2007, 08:50 PM
Hi - I'm back!

Argh, been having computer issues. My dad gave us a new one, and it is giving us fits. I finally called Rent-a-Geek and set up a house call for Friday, then took everything off and put the old computer back. Aaah, that's better! I am so stuck without my's sad really.

Carol - I gained about 5 at first, but then leveled off. I only had to take it for two weeks, so I was lucky. I couldn't exercise on it - don't know why. Every time I worked out, I would feel clammy and dizzy. I also had raging insomnia. I hope you don't have to be on it for long.

Susan - OIC, well, you sound like you are ok with whatever happens. I'm glad your health is improving and that's what's important. Leigh's kindy is up to 34, according to the scuttlebut. :yikes: I think they are going to add a pm half day, then her class will be at about 17. We'll just have to see, I guess. PM me if you want to get together to walk after the rugrats go back to school. Most days I'm free while the short one is at kindy.

Sue - all your biking is paying off! You've done such a great job since coming back from LV.

Hi Cristina, Jules, Michelle...hope you are all having a good day. It's hot here. Leigh was at wacky water camp this morning, and they did a big slip n slide - with a big mud puddle at the bottom. She was a mess, but she was happy :)

Dairy-free transition seems to be going ok. I have noticed less sinus congestion and I slept really well last night. Maybe there is something to the dairy aversion. I am going to begin consulting a naturopath in September, so I am going to ask her for more it just cow's milk? I don't know much about lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities. I have lost a couple of pounds. If they are still off tomorrow ( my WI day), I'll change the ticker.


08-30-2007, 12:00 PM
Rosie, That last time I went to the specialist 2 yr. ago he said I would need to be on the prednisone for the rest of my life. I've been trying to lower it but recently had to go up. My DH is a veterinarian so he can test my blood to see if it is working or not. But there is a girl here in the maintainers forum that lost almost 100lb on prednisone and she has to be on it long term, also. So it is possible.

08-30-2007, 04:39 PM
Hello ladies... are right...30 lbs. is nothing to sneeze at! You are doing great and every once in a while there will be a plateau. I bet once you start going to the gym and walking it will start coming off again. That's nice that you are going to go to the gym. I wish I could afford to go and to get a trainer...someone to whip me into shape, lol.

SUE...good job on the loss and the biking! :bravo:

JULES...OUCH! Hope DH is fine after that...sounded painful for sure.

CAROL...I've not heard of that (Weigh Down) before, but will have to check it out.

KATY...jealous of you and Susan going to the beach. Glad you guys had a nice time.

HIYA SASSY & MICHELLE :wave: Hoping all is well with you ladies.

I've been trying to keep busy...getting my exercise-walking & WATP that is. Did a 3 mile walk this morning after I went to wally world. I did not feel like getting up at 5:30 this morning...that is getting old. Was just going to do my WATP but it is cloudy today and was cool still after I got back so went ahead and walked. Thinking about another 3 mile walk this evening, we'll see. Getting some laundry done, other than that, nuthin much going on.

I did talk with Josh last night....was so good to actually hear his voice. Not had much contact with him for the last few months other than thru e-mail once in a while. I sent a bunch of little battery operated fans for hime and the guys and then a bigger one for him. Can't believe they had a fan that size that runs on batteries. He said THANK YOU! Those are very much appreciated, lol. Anyway...he'll be home soon enough.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

08-31-2007, 04:37 PM

Please and Thank you! :)

See ya at BIK#28