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07-16-2007, 02:03 PM
Hello, I am new to LAWL. My DD goes to the center, but I am doing it on my own. I am so glad I found this site! I went to the Yahoo site, and didn't really like it as well as this one. I had been doing WW since January, and lost 10 pounts, but then kept playing with 1 pound for several months and hadn't lost anymore. So now I'm here. But it's been a struggle! With WW there were numerous resources for foods that told you what the points were. But with LAWL, I can't find a list like that. Has anyone at 3FC thought of enlisting the members here to help put one together? It would make it so much easier to come to this site and look up the food listing and see what foods equal what exchanges, as well as Restraunts. I realize that the books have what they say is a "list" but I know there are way more foods out there.

Any thoughts? Your help is much appreciated. :?: (

07-16-2007, 02:13 PM
dmrviper - First, welcome to the group. My dh also is "the member" and I'm doing it at home with him. The list of recommended foods is in his book, only the portions are different per plan. We don't list the foods here for copyright reasons. You can take a look around and get some ideas, we have plenty of recipes here too.
There is also a thread where folks list their daily menus that might give you some ideas.
I'm sure others will chime in their support as this is an extraordinary group of loving, compassionate people! (A.K.A. my chosen LAWL family!)
Come here often for support. Your dh will get it at the COD.

07-16-2007, 02:37 PM
Welcome and good luck with this program. As Cassi wrote in the sticky thread above:

What you need to realize is that the LAWL plan is totally different from any other plan you've been on before. Yes, they do things a lot differently than other programs, Weight Watchers included, but if those programs worked for you then you wouldn't be here. As a former WW person who probably joined WW at least 20 times, there was a lot to learn when I started. Some things just aren't on your plan at this time. The plan is a lot more strict than WW, but it works. If it didn't, you wouldn't see the successes that we have on this board. It also has a much more comprehensive maintenance program. You need to forget about what you've learned about dieting and losing weight over the years and embrace the program. It's a lot of change, but if you commit to it, the rewards are great.

Okay with that being said, I still realize that you have figured out from reading here that some other foods are allowed or some of us sub things like the 100 calorie snack packs for the LAWL official snacks (not sanctioned by LAWL).

Personally, I started keeping a little word document on a folder on my computer; granted the list is built on my likes and tastes and needs....Here's a few things I have...if anyone else has some to share, please post and I'll add to my list:

Vanilla Almond Breeze You can have 8 ounces of the vanilla Almond Breeze unsweetened milk as 1/2 Dairy exchange.

Toufayan Pita “Low Carb bread NOPE
We do not recommend the Toufayan Pita “Low Carb bread” or any other form of low carb bread as they have not been designed for use with our program. For optimal nutrition, encourage you to choose nutrient dense, complex carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, oatmeal, baked potato, sweet potato, whole grain crackers, peas/corn, barley, etc. Be sure to space starches exchanges throughout the day for a balanced and consistent intake.

Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread
2 slices of Nature's Own Double Fiber Wheat Bread = 1 Starch.

Kashi meals
You can incorporate the following Kashi Frozen meals into your plan as 1 starch and 1 protein exchange:

Black Bean Mango
Chicken Pasta Pomodoro
Lemongrass Coconut Chicken
Lime Cilantro Shrimp
Southwest Style Chicken
Sweet and Sour Chicken

-----Original Message-----
I was curious about some of the new "low sodium" canned soups. Can anyof these be used on the plan? And if they can, what would be the LAExchanges? (I'm submitting the information from
Thank you for submitting your question to our Nutrition Department. We do not recommend any canned soup during the weight loss phase due to the sodium content as well as low nutritional value. During this time,we recommend making your own soups either using the cookbook or you cansubmit your own recipes to our LA Chef feature for evaluation andmodification. You can also make soup using low sodium broth withchicken or beef and vegetables (sized according to plan).
The LA Weight Loss Nutrition Department

07-16-2007, 03:00 PM
Regarding the Almond Breeze - I made a copy of the nutrition label and brought it into my COD and they emailed a LAWL dietician and the answer came back that it was to be counted as a starch. Since I currently only have 2 starches a day (gold), my Almond Breeze with an expiration date of 10/17/07 is unopened. When I get an additional starch to use, then I can use it. This irritates me because one would think that the LAWL dieticians would have one database and then be able to give one uniform answer across the board whether you are at a franchise or corporate location.

Almond Breeze
8fl oz = 60 calories
Total fat 2.5
Sat fat 0
Trans fat 0
Sodium 150 mg 6%
Total carbohydrates 8g
Dietary fiber 1g
Sugars 7g
Protein 1g

07-16-2007, 03:59 PM
Lynn - The Almond breeze submitted to the LA Dietician was the unsweetened one with 40 calories. Whenever I can't find it I'll use the original at 60 calories and count it as 1/2D and 1C (I didn't e-mail that to the dietician, but since LA salad dressing is 60 calories and a condiment, I asked my COD area manager instead when she was visiting)

07-16-2007, 04:31 PM
Thanks Cassi, that helps.

07-17-2007, 06:44 PM
I see a few people here and there selling their old LAWL materials on ebay. I'll bet you'll see a lot of that soon, with a new plan coming out.

07-18-2007, 09:30 AM
Thanks for all the wonderful info. Yes, I am quickly learning that this is restricted, and I can't eat all the foods that were available while doing WW. I have compiled my own spreadsheet by going through the monthly menu threads, and double checking what the gold serving sizes are. I am praying that this works! I feel like I'm eating so much food and I am petrified that I am going to gain weight! That along with the grocery budget is breaking me! I have a family of 4, and am having to cook a meal for them, and then a meal for me. Time and money............ Time and money............ I've just got to hang in there! Hopefully, it will get easier along the journey. I have my first WI on Friday since my initial WI from doing TO. I'm counting down the days! (

07-18-2007, 12:47 PM
Hi dmrviper,
I have a family of 5 and am working on feeding all of us too. We eat less fast food now so that helps the budget. Last night just two of us were home. I fed ds, 15 months, the same food I ate other than adding more olive oil and butter to his veggies.
They really can eat the same things for dinner. I usually have P, VV, S, fa for dinner and they can eat that!
Hope that helps.

07-19-2007, 09:44 AM
I see a few people here and there selling their old LAWL materials on ebay. I'll bet you'll see a lot of that soon, with a new plan coming out.

I would not sell if off to fast , if i were all of them. Incase they change it again!

I personally am hating it right now because I gained back since i started more then I have ever had gained back. 1.5 lbs to be exact.

I am keeping mine and goin to g back if this does not change . I did not work this hard so they can change it and I get it back in the end.

07-19-2007, 04:42 PM
Steph -- my counselor told me yesterday that the reason I gained a bit once the TO was over, was because of going back to the protein -- but that on Friday I would see a LOSS. So I'm going to GUESS that yours might be the increase in fiber that is to be on this new plan. Your body readjusting....maybe?

Holly and dmr -- I feed my family what I eat. Since LAWL is so balanced, its healthy for them too (plus we all need to lose weight from my old ways of making meals....) My family now is DH and DS who's grown. (also have 3 grown DD and 4 DGK's) When I get to visit with the DGK's, I fix the same way I do now - lots less starch, never did add salt when I cooked, and more veggies.


07-19-2007, 04:54 PM
I guess the issue is that my family likes alot of the things that me and my DD can't have on LAWL. Chili dogs, Mac n cheese, Beef Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, sausage, bacon, gravy, biscuits, etc. etc. My DS is almost grown and along with my DH, are set in the ways of what they are used to and they don't have a weight issue. They suffer from the "picky eater-itis" syndrome. LOL! So on those days of making what they want, I have to fix something different for me and my DD. It is getting easier, though. Just in the last couple of days, I'm getting the routine down, and finding ways to make things quicker and more convenient.

07-19-2007, 07:05 PM
My son used to eat NOTHING but chicken nuggets and cheese hot dogs with chili on them - so I know about that picky stuff!!! :lol:

So I slowly started buying things a bit different.... The turkey cheese hot dogs; low sodium chili; chicken nuggets from the vegetarian section; healthy choice french bread pizza's.

I didn't have a blender, so bought a Magic Bullet -- and there's a healthier for you cheese cake in it -- and HE decided one night to make one himself!!!!! And it was pretty good. I'm not into cheesecake, plus not exaclty on plan. But did take 2-3 bites of his (didn't want to hurt his feelings or take ANY chances on discouraging him)

My son also preferred cheese sauce on his broccoli - so I got the 2% cheese for it with 1% milk.

And really -- he is trying all sorts of new foods, eating more what we eat!!!!

BUT --- bottom line is: you are worth that extra effort to make SURE YOU are eating better!!!!!!!! In time, your VERY good example might just start rubbing off on them, or at least your son.