LA Weight Loss - OK ladies need help guessing a size for swimsuit

07-16-2007, 01:56 PM
I know the worst nightmare is buying a swim suit!:devil:

However I am trying to SORTOF plan for our WDW trip in December:wizard:. I am suppose to reach my goal then and I am trying to GUESSTAMATE my size for swimwear. :dunno:
I saw one that was at Target its really cute, however I do not know what size a MEd., Large are anymore. I right now can get into a 16 capri I bought at Oldnavy.

When I hit goal I should be at like 160lbs and I am 5'7. Its been so long I can not figure it out. I stood there looking at the Large and Medium and thought dear god what the heck size are these suckers in numbers?????:dizzy:

I gave up after a few minnutes and thought heck with it and left. :crazy::eek:

the suit is like 40.00 , I know pricey! However if i can get into this sucker I am going to. i was going to get as part of my imspiration but did not know what size to grab. I went and bought a pair of size 14 shorts for 12$ and thought let those suckers hang there and see what happens.

I hate when swimsuits say Small, Medium, Large etc. why not give the numbers by it also.
trying to plan for decmebe right now is tricky! Dh said I can get new clothes but still like to look and see what I WILL BE WEARING not wait to see what i will wear. oh hum

Sorry for blabbering on and on

07-16-2007, 02:32 PM
For what it's worth, I was 161 lbs and 5'7.5" and I would wear a medium or size 10 swimsuit, size 10 dress or top and size 12 or 14 bottoms depending on the cut. At least at WDW in December you should still be able to find a swimsuit for sale. Good luck and have fun!

07-16-2007, 08:12 PM

A large is typically a 12-14. A medium in most cases is an 8-10. How have you been losing in terms of the inches? That makes a difference in figuring out the size too.

I'm a smidge under 5'5" and went on maintenance at 158 pounds. I'm in a size 8 in terms of the pants, and between a medium and a large in terms of the tops. If you're worried about goal, most stores keep online swim departments year round.

$40 is not much at all for a swim suit. Trust me I've worked retail fashion since I've been 17, that's cheap for a swimsuit.

Also keep in mind, that Orlando still gets cold in December. I was down at Disney in the first week of November last year and the only time we spent in the pool was when we had to cool off because the hot tub was getting too hot. :o The pools at most of the hotels are outdoors, so even though they're heated when the air's 59 degrees, it's not exactly swimming weather.

07-16-2007, 08:24 PM
I can second the "cold in December"! I'm 2 1/2hr south of Orlando and we don't swim past mid-October. Unless there is an indoor pool, it probably won't happen. (As I type this Mother Nature is planning the warmest winter Florida has ever seen...)

That being said... if you're going to get one, go for the medium! Swimsuits are stretchy, and if you don't wear it in December, you'll definitely be in the medium by spring.

Are you staying on Disney property? We haven't been to Disney since last September. But I'm thinking of maybe getting the family annual FL resident passes in January. DS will be 4 by then. Perfect Disney age.

07-16-2007, 08:57 PM
I live in Orlando. It can easily be 50. Which was a shock to me coming from the midwest. If you get lucky, you might have a day or two of warm weather:)

07-16-2007, 09:19 PM
We are staying at Port Orleans River side. 12/18-26 for Xmas this year, so very excited I am a disney nut. Coarse I would love to live in florida anyhow.

50 is not bad for temop wise better then 20below zero!

I figured it would be chilly but I am hoping that MAYBE one day it will be ok to hit the pool with the kids. So far in 1 month I lost 4 inches and of coarse in the chest , can not afford to do that anymore let me tell you!
I just can not fathim the wearing a medium its mind blowing, almost scary that I could do that again after 11 years! I look at the thing and think --YA RIGHT!

I have not worn a swimsuit in YEARS (11yr) so to me 40$ was high but maybe thats the going rate now! Its a tankini after 4 kids the skin is not always the most pleasing to my eye so I found a really cute plaid one.

I amy have to go get that sucker this weekend, but its good to know I can get one online as well. I have not bought clothes for my self unless it was mandatory in literally YEARS, felt I never deserved it from the weight I gained.

hmmm I better bust my butt and get this bodt toned up !