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07-14-2007, 07:56 AM
Good morning gals! We didn't go to bed until midnight, but my peepers were open right at 5 am as usual so I just came downstairs and straightened up a bit, balanced my checkbook and am checking on a couple things I ordered online.

I had to order a couple more skeins of the cashmere because I don't think I have enough for a good long scarf. Her birthday is a week from today and I know I am not going to get the yarn and the beads to finish it, but I already apologized to her and said her other gift should be to her on time. I decided to put 6mm (about 1/4 inch) beads on the fringe next to the scarf itself about every other fringe to spice it up abit. Here is the beginning of the scarf and the beads I ordered for it. Of course, the beads are much tinier than this. I think she will like it. She loves wearing scarves and this is really soft.

The date night was fun! We had a nice dinner. I splurged and got this really good buffalo chicken salad and for dessert had a chocolate shake, which was like eating a sundae. They make the best chocolate shake I have ever had. Of course, Jack ate most of it as I can't eat/drink a lot of milk or it makes me sick at my stomach. We than went over to the mall for about 20 minutes and then went to the theater and got in the queque. We were second in line so we got our pick of seats. The movie was really good as long as you didn't compare it to the book than it was pretty flawed. They took a lot of liberties with the book and changed a lot of stuff even making characters do things other characters did in the book. As long as you just watched it thinking it was a sequel to the other movies it was very entertaining. The place was packed and a mother, her tween dd and her tween 2 friends came late and there weren't seats together so the three brats sat next to me and the mother the row above. They sat and did something in the dark with their stupid cell phones the whole time and the dd, who sat next to me, took her shoes off and folded her legs up on the chair like she was at home or something (in a skirt no less) and kept kicking me with her nasty feet not once apologizing. I had just about had it and wanted to tell her to either put her dang feet on the floor and turn off the stupid cell phones or she could go back and sit with her mother. Other than that we had a great time.

Today is get stuff for Jack's lunch day then tomorrow I am going to the commissary and maybe get some downstairs cleaning done. We have a leak somewhere, we think the copper tubing to the ice maker may be leaking so Jack has to pull out the fridge and see and try and find it or we will have to call our home warranty people. It had to be just dripping because the only thing we are noticing is little wet places in the linoleum where it had come loose or is ripped a bit. We also have another problem with the bathtub in the hall. I think when they replaced the faucet head he didn't get it flush against the tile and water is dripping from the shower and then dripping through the ceiling because we have it leaking their again. We may need to recauk that and around the edge of the tub at the bottom then Jack is going to have to redo the place he did a year ago. I swear this old condo is falling down around our ears. It is always something.

Jean: Hope your "date" was successful. Keeping up with house stuff is a never ending battle, isn't it?

Well, I am going to get some knitting in and get a good length of that scarf done before I go and exercise at the pool. Gotta work off that salad!

Have a good Saturday everyone!

07-14-2007, 11:53 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I've been to the doctor's office for my lab work and came back home with the bottle to pee in. I'm not good at peeing on command -- have to have it back by 11 so I'm drinking water, water, and more water! Bob is painting the basement floor this morning so that takes care of doing any laundry until it dries. I will work on ironing while it is cool. Bob says it is taking him too long to get dressed in the morning because he has to decide which shirt to wear! I found some of his clothes that are too small and into the GW box they went. I'm beginning to have a surplus in plastic hangers! :D

"Gma" -- The scarf is beautiful and I love the pattern! The beads will definitely add pizzazz to it! :D Bob painted basement walls last night and I kept working upstairs. I found some dresses I bought when we were in Hawaii on R & R; Bob wanted to Goodwill them and I'm going to wash them and put them in a dress-up box for Maddy and Zowie to play with someday. Glad to hear your date was a fun one! I get so irritates when people sit around me, at the movie, and can't sit still and watch it like they're supposed to. My biggest pet peeve is someone who kicks the back of my seat and I've been known to turn around and tell them to stop. Anymore, I'm not even nice . . . sometimes. I have no patience with bad manners. :mad:

I need to make a grocery list, drink some more water, and be on my way! Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-15-2007, 08:50 AM
Good morning to you ladies!!! I have the commissary run this morning at 10 am and had a decent night's sleep so I wanted to get up and get started on cleaning the downstairs. Both the CUBS and the NASCAR race is on this afternoon so I can't do it then. I want to go out and swim this morning too so I have to cram it all in.

I have finished 2 feet of the scarf and attached the second skein so I am coming along with it. I worked on T's sweater too and have about 2/3 of it finished so it is coming along nicely.

We had a power outage yesterday, but we were just getting ready to leave to go to Walmart for a few things so we didn't have to sit in the dark. I have blinds on all the windows plus curtains over them so our condo stays pretty dark. In this case it was great because it keeps the condo cool. When we got back home a couple hours later the power was back on the house wasn't hot so it probably didn't last long.

Talked to our son yesterday and he is so dang funny. He kept hinting about making him stuff as I have only made him one thing a scarf. He wants another scarf as he is a really big man and says when he wraps them around his neck and knots them they are too short so I will eventually make him one that is about 8 feet long so he has lots and lots of scarf! lol He also was telling me about a felted hat he saw at a yarn store one of his friend's mother owns in Chicago. It was a Chicago Cubs baseball cap. I found a pattern for a baseball cap that I can use wool so I can felt it, I just have to make it significantly bigger so when it felts it will fit and someone gave me a pattern generator where I can download an image and it makes a pattern of it to do. That is going to have to wait until next year though. He wants me to put my stuff out to sell. I told him you and Susan think I should sell my handbags, but that I don't have time to make stuff to sell because I am always making stuff for other people and I like to do that.

Jean: I had to laugh at your peeing problem. I am like that too. I remember when I had to have an ultrasound when I was pregnant with Kelly. I was supposed to fill up with water in the morning and not go so my bladder would be expanded. Something about being able to distinguish it from the uterus. Well, my appt kept being delayed because of someone's emergency and I just had to pee! I went in and really went then knew I would be in trouble so I stood at the sink and drank as much as I could hold! :lol: Well, you know you pee all the time when you are pregnant anyway. I ended up having to do that 3 times because I waited so long. I guess it went ok though! lol

I guess I better get cracking. Got a lot I hope to accomlish today!


07-15-2007, 01:55 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It promises to be a hot one moving on in to the rest of the week. We need rain!!!!!! I didn't sleep well again last night and I'm getting really sick of this. :tantrum: I wake up to go to the bathroom, 2 or 3 times, and can't get back to sleep. Finally went downstairs on the couch and woke up when the cat walked across me, so got up and went back to bed. I get my best sleep in after 4 AM -- slept till 8 this morning. This isn't going to work once school starts. :( Needless to say we missed church. Bob is sore from all of his shelf constructing and painting in the basement. His theory is to measure twice and cut once, so he's been up and down the stairs many times. He's going to work on his tractor this afternoon because there is a tractor ride on Friday and he plans to go.

"Gma" -- It will be interesting to see a felted cap. How can you make the bill part stiff enough to hold it's shape? I hear ya on the ultrasounds on a full bladder. I had to do that when I had ovarian cysts and thought I would "go" on the table for sure. That is really uncomfortable! :yes: I hope you got everything done this morning that you had planned. :D Pretty soon I will be sorting in the basement as well as upstairs. I don't know why I can't get my act together and keep stuff together!

I need to get busy! I "cooked" yesterday so we are having leftovers today -- meatloaf, potato salad, green beans, and watermelon. :T

Have a great day!

Jean -- :cool: in Iowa!

07-16-2007, 08:54 AM
Good morning ladies! Well, I got really rambunctious this morning, got up with Jack at 5 and cleaned the whole downstairs except to mop the entranceway, laundry room, bath and then do the whole kitchen. I want to wait until I come back from swimming as I drip and leave grass etc in the entranceway when I come back. No sense in having to clean it twice.

I have about 2 1/2 feet of the scarf finished and am closing in on using up the second skein so won't be able to finish until the other two come in some time this week. They have been shipped and come from Michigan so I expect them tomorrow and the beads about the same time. I needed the light from the ceiling fan to knit yesterday but we were watching the sports stuff so didn't want to turn it on as it cast shadows on the tv. I couldn't work on the scarf without really good light so worked on T's sweater some until my hands hurt (tiny needles) and remembered my girlfriend's birthday is the first part of August so I have started her a booga bag. I think I am going to put a snap and a button and loop closure on it so I am going to finish here and go to my button site and find a really cool big button to put on it.

Jean: Your leftovers sounded yummy. We kind of winged it yesterday since I had to go out to the commissary. The kid that checked me out didn't give me my ID card back and I had already left so had to come back, and park god awful far away and walk back in from the heat and then back out again. I was not a happy camper! At least I got through the line fast when I checked out. Didn't have to wait at all yesterday and they had everything for once. (oh, btw, if you and Bob go to the Iowa state fair this year, you must get a picture of Dairy Potter!)

I don't think Jack was feeling too well this morning. I know he was in the bathroom with diahrrea when he got up. He said he is ok, so there isn't much I can do. He gets his next bonus day in just a couple weeks so I am sure he doesn't want to screw it up by taking a sick day off. We found out that part of the city workers got a pay raise and part didn't. Jack's union people didn't. We are right to work so you don't have to join the union and I told Jack he needs to get into the face of the union rep and tell him that he is always complaining because no one wants to belong to the union, but what does the union do for them when they can't even get a pay raise like the other union employees! Jack would never join a union, but I think the guy needs to know there isn't an incentive to pay union dues if they don't get anything back for it.

I guess I should go so I can look for the button and then go out to swim around 7:30. I want to get over there and get done early so I can finish the house and knit, knit, knit today!

Have a great start to your week!

07-16-2007, 10:56 AM
Thought you might find this interesting. This was on the AP newswire this morning. Remember me telling you about the corrupt state senator John Ford? Well she is part of this sting and is another state senator. He was convicted and she held on to her not guilty until on Friday. This woman was nasty about how she wasn't guilty and didn't do anything and the whites were trying to railroad her and on and on. Well she was scheduled to go on trial this week and decided she better get a guilty plea in because the judges are socking it to those who don't plead guilty!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - The last of five lawmakers indicted in an undercover public corruption probe dubbed the "Tennessee Waltz" was expected to plead guilty Monday to federal bribery charges, her defense attorney said.

Former state Sen. Kathryn Bowers, 64, a Memphis Democrat, was to plead to a bribery charge accusing her of splitting $11,500 with an accomplice who served as a go-between with FBI agents posing as dishonest businessmen. She had insisted for two years that she was innocent.

"She came to accept that what she did was wrong," defense lawyer William Massey said. "She stood very firmly, for a very long time, in her belief that she was not guilty."

In exchange for her plea, prosecutors were expected to drop five more serious charges of extortion, each carrying a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The bribery charge carries a maximum 10-year prison term and a fine of $250,000, though federal guidelines would call for a much lighter sentence for a first-time offender.

Massey said Bowers' plea agreement did not include a sentencing recommendation but she hoped to persuade U.S. District Judge Jon McCalla to go easy on her.

"She made a mistake. She did. She's admitting that, but she's done a lot of good things and she's been a good person," Massey said.

The Tennessee Waltz investigation began in 2004 and was built around E-Cycle Management, a fake company set up by the FBI supposedly to buy and resell used government computers. The company offered bribes to local officials for government contracts.

Five state lawmakers were indicted in May 2005, setting off a scandal that led to changes in state ethics laws.

Prosecutors said Bowers was one of the first lawmakers to fall for the FBI sting and helped undercover agents posing as E-Cycle representatives make contact with other legislators. She resigned from the Senate last year, citing poor health.

In all, the Tennessee Waltz investigation has led to indictments against 11 defendants, including several local officials in Memphis and Chattanooga. If Bowers' plea goes forward, 10 of those charged would be convicted, with a former member of the Memphis school board awaiting trial. The investigation is still under way.

07-16-2007, 05:59 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is humid here today and getting hotter as the day progresses. We need rain badly and only a 30% chance in sight . . . normally we don't get any at 30%. I've been lazy this morning and am doing better this afternoon. ;) I did write a couple of letters and have done two loads of laundry plus some more ironing. I see the fur bunnies are accumulating so should vacuum sometime today.

"Gma" -- You are up bright and early today! :D I'm am getting so used to sleeping in this summer and that is unusual for me. I did sleep better last night so feel rested today. The only time we've gone to the state fair was when Beth's dance group won a competition to dance there and again when my uncle won an award for being a top notch horse team trainer. I just hate to battle crowds and it is usually so hot. There are people who camp there and stay for the whole week. I'm sure there will be a picture of the butter Potter in the paper and probably online too. It is pretty amazing to see the butter sculptures. My dad always said we should vote every politician out of office and start over with fresh blood. Your situation is quite the deal for sure. People who deliberately lie to cover their tracks make me mad! :mad: I hope Jack is feeling better.

I'm off to pay some bills that came in the mail today! Have a great "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-17-2007, 06:34 AM
Good morning ladies! I had to get up because my back was hurting so thought I might as well come down and post and get my day started.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. Because we are such good customers :D Directv sent me a coupon for a choice of 24 free pay per view movies or 6 months of free Showtime so we chose the Showtime since we have Netflix. I don't know how much of it we will watch, but there you go!

Jean: Hope you get the rain you need. I wouldn't mind the rain here if it would cool things off a bit and lower the humidity, but it does just the opposite. The humidity is so high is it like walking out into mist or something. It is truly awful. My deck is atrocious because it is too hot to go out and work on the weeds starting to pop up or the vine that took root and it growing out there. The patio furniture needs a good cleaning and the deck needs washing, but that isn't going to get done until it cools down quite a bit.

My beads for Alicia's scarf came in yesterday so I did one end of the scarf including the fringe. It looks really nice. I don't think I am going to need both skeins of the yarn to finish her scarf, but it costs as much to send it back as the yarn costs so I may just buy more in another color and do something with it. I am also making headway on the handbag I am knitting for my friend and bought a great button to go on it yesterday online. There is this great button site called "The Button Drawer" and if you can't find something there, you don't need buttons. It can be time consuming looking for what you want, but it is worth it.

We are supposed to go to swim night tonight. I haven't heard anything contrary from my dd so I guess it is a go unless it rains. I am anxious to talk to Thomas about his trip.

Guess I better start on morning chores. I want to get the upstairs bathrooms cleaned first thing again this morning.

Have a good Tuesday.

07-17-2007, 11:03 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I'm online to send Jason and Amanda Happy 8th Anniversary wishes. :cp: Man, does time fly! It's going to be another hot one in my corner of the world. Not much new or exciting that is for sure. I kind of like it like that though.

"Gma" -- I have a feeling our humidity is going to climb this week. At least my hair likes it if nothing else. :lol: I'm still debating on whether to get another trim or go back to the perm route; I have to make up my mind pretty soon before my gal leaves on vacation and school starts. I think we get Showtime. Our problem is that there is no TV guide for the higher channels so you have to play musical channels and hope you find a good movie. Rarely do we find one at the beginning of the movie. :( I watched K-9 (I think) the other afternoon and laughed out loud at some of the dog's antics. I like the movies that end with everyone living happily ever after! :yes: Your knitting projects are coming right along! I'm impressed! :D

Have a great day! Smile and be happy . . . . the choice is yours!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-17-2007, 11:32 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another hot and humid day in VA.

Been busy keeping things going at work and trying to help my boss through this.

Stan hasn't been feeling well the last few days. Today is MD day (and Friday) so hopefully they can tell me what to do for him. We got a copy of the billings for his dialysis treatment for March 16 through June 14 (2 months) - $70,225. I about fainted. Dialysis treatment is $1,389 each - then he also get IV iron at $610. But the biggest is the monthly Epoetin (signals the bone marrow to make more red blood cells) - $15,665. Medicare pays all but $565 a month and VA is paying that so we don't have to worry. I figure we have probably gotten back all we paid into Medicare already.

Faye, as much as you knit you won't have a problem using up the yarn. I made the beef tips recipe you gave me on Sunday. At our house, it's called Faye's Stuff.

07-18-2007, 07:15 AM
Good morning ladies! Hope your day has started out well!

Susan: Hope Stan gets to feeling better. He sure doesn't seem to get much of a break these days. I hope the "stuff" was to your and Stan's liking. We really like it over rice rather than noodles or potatos. I know Stan doesn't get starches much though.

Jean: Isn't K-9 the movie with Jim Belushi? That is a funny movie. I always enjoyed it. Won't be long until you have to coordinate getting back to school I guess. Maybe this year will be better with a new guy in charge.

Kelly got stuck at work last night so called off swim night. She promised next week. I sure want to see Thomas. I haven't seen him in over a month now. I would like to have him for the day before he goes back to school so I guess I should ask her about it. I would like to take him to see Ratatouille, but I have to rent a car for the day to do that because none of the movies are earlier enough to go see and then go get Jack. Having one car is a pain sometimes, but better than having two car payments. I just looked and the subcompacts are $55 a day so forget that. I am not about to pay that kind of money for a day's rental.

Here is Alicia's scarf. I just have to get it packed up and sent to her now. I sure hope she likes it. The beads didn't come out in the picture very well. They are actually the color if you look back at my first post. They look really nice on the scarf.

I got the most distressing email yesterday. Jack and I have a couple we are very close friends with in Indiana. We always stay with them when we go up there and did when we went up there for the baby. The husband was not his usual pleasant friendly self almost shut down. I did ask her about it and she said he had been that way since he turned 50 a couple years ago. She said he has gotten progressively worse, they were in couple's marriage counseling and both on anti-depressants. This is what she sent me yesterday: "Last week, I confronted him about his whereabouts on a Saturday night last month when I was in Ohio with Jaime meeting her college buddies for our annual weekend together. He had already told me 2 different lies about that night but his cell phone records indicated that he was in Michigan City. He simply told me that he was NOT going to tell me where he was and began to pack a bag. He left last Monday and filed for divorce on Wednesday. Needless to say, I've been trying to come up with the best way to let all my friends know." I am not only shocked but just feel terrible. This is a wonderful couple and it is so sad. Say a little prayer for Becky and Kevin that he might get his head on straight and realize what a stupid thing he is doing and come back home and work things out. It has been really weird because it is all about his mid life crisis though they have other issues, this seems to be the one that caused him to leave her.

Everyone have a wonderful Wednesday! Stay cool and wet if you can get some rain! lol

07-18-2007, 11:15 AM
Faye, sorry to hear about your friends. It's always hard to know what to do or say when a couple breaks up. Hopefully he'll come to his senses. The scarf is beautiful! Lucky Alicia! Are you ready for the new Harry Potter book? Our newspaper has been publishing Harry Potter questions and interviews with the author. Hasn't given me a clue. I'm anxious to get it but also don't want the stories to end.

Jean, I see all the back to school stuff in the stores already. Do you go back before Labor Day or after?

07-18-2007, 12:37 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is sort of hazy here today; it was cloudy and dark when I got up so I was hoping for some rain. The sun peeked out for a bit and now we are back to cloudy. I didn't sleep well again last night so slept in until 7 -- I am really getting spoiled about sleeping in. I cleaned some corn, that Bob bought yesterday, and it doesn't look very good. There are lots of dented kernels and irregular rows :( which he says are due to lack of moisture and heat stress. If it isn't any good the birds and squirrels will get the rest. :D

Susan -- I didn't realize that dialysis would be so expensive! It's a good thing you have Medicare and the VA to take care of the cost. I hope you can get some answers at Stan's next appt. It's good that you know what going on in your office so you are able to cover for your boss. :yes:

"Gma" -- Alicia's scarf turned out beautifully! :cheer: I wonder why the beads are such a different color in the picture. That is too bad about your friends. :( It will be hard if they do split and you remain friends with both. Do you think Kevin has someone else that he is seeing? That happened to us many years ago when we lived in Mpls. We spent New Year's Eve with this couple and they split the following week. She had a boyfriend on the side and he later found a gal and eventually got married. I was always afraid they might show up at our apt. at the same time. :o We moved away so lost touch with both. Yes, the K-9 movie is the one with John Belushi.

I need to get busy! Have a great day and remember to smile!

Jean -- :D from Iowa!

07-19-2007, 08:39 AM
Good morning everyone! Early beginning to the day again, but I am a morning person so that is ok with me. It is going to be another hot and steamy day here in Elvisland. It is supposed to get near 100 degrees here today. :eek: Jack and I have been going to the pool in the afternoon to cool him off. Yesterday we were alone the whole time and it was great. We really enjoyed ourselves, mostly talking about vacation! :D

Susan: I ordered my book back in February from Amazon and they are shipping it overnight for the standard price so we will have it Saturday morning. I keep telling everyone that she might kill off Harry, but she has to kill off Voldemort or the story won't be finished. That would leave him to terrorize the wizarding world and that doesn't make sense. You would be left forever wondering what happened. There are the Snape theories, and I have one of my own. I think that he killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore's orders. In Half Blood Prince there is a part where Harry and Hermione are talking to Hagrid and he lets it slip that he heard Dumbledore and Snape arguing. It had something to do with Snape following through on something and I think that was to kill Dumbledore. Maybe I am full of hooey, but seems to me that to have Harry out on his own finding the horcruxes and destroying Voldemort, he can't have Dumbledore to lean on. Of course one thing no one thinks about is Dumbledore can be spoken to in his portrait in the Headmaster's office so.....Anyway, I am looking forward to the last book, but like you, am sad it is ending. We went to the movie last Friday and it was really well done as long as you watched it comparing it to the other movie sequels and not to the book. They completely cut out Marietta Edgecomb and made Cho Chang the sneak so they were able to tie up the room of requirement stuff with the DA and cut off Harry and Cho's relationship without the story in the book. They completely bypassed the interview for the Quibbler and a few other things that I think they should have included, but a movie is a movie and a book a book.

Jean: I haven't bought any fresh sweet corn this year yet. I sure miss the stuff in Indiana. We have ok stuff down here too, but I don't buy it that much with just the two of us. I got an email from my friend who said her husband hasn't served her the papers yet and said he is "ready to talk." I hope they can get their problems straightened out. They are a conservative Christian couple and I had a lightbulb moment yesterday about what he might have been doing in Michigan City the day that he didn't want her to know about. There are riverboat casinos in Michigan City! He has his own bank account so she wouldn't know how much money he spent and she wouldn't have liked him gamble, I know that. I have to say I would rather it be that than another woman. That could be a deal breaker as Dr Phil says.

I got Alicia's scarf gift bagged, stuck in a box and mailed priority so it should get to her by Saturday, which is her birthday. I emailed my son and told him to be on the lookout for it because he sees his emails every day whereas she doesn't use her computer every day. I hope she likes it.

Do you remember the sparkly blue top I made myself for vacation for our romantic dinner and show? Well, I found this cool pattern to make a wrap to go with it. It is like an enclosed stole actually and will be easy to whip up. I have like 7-8 skeins of that ribbon yarn left so I can make one to take to put over my arms. I just have to finish my friend Becky's (the couple friend I was talking about) birthday present. I am making her a booga bag. I have it about 2/3 of the way finished.

Well, off to finish chores, knit then go and do some laps.

Have a great Thursday!

07-19-2007, 12:40 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! I made a quick WM run this morning; I needed another plastic storage container and ended up getting some birthday stuff for Maddy. Beth said she is into the school stuff and loves new crayons, markers, etc. I put it all in a plastic box to make sure it would fit and the checker never even opened the box. :rolleyes: I told her there was several items inside the box; she was an older lady and got kind of flustered. We did get some much needed rain late yesterday afternoon and late last night. It will help, but I'm sure we could use more.

"Gma" -- I didn't get started on Harry Potter so have no idea who all the characters are. Several of the kids at school bought their own books to read. I, too, hope that your friend was gambling at a casino and not with another woman. Hopefully, they will be able to work things out. It sounds like a wrap to go with your top would be nice. Some of the air conditioned places around here are actually cold and I usually end up sitting under the vent. :(

I'm off to sort through my shoes! I know there are some that I haven't worn in over a year and they are going to be history! Have a great day . . . and smile! :)

Jean -- :D from Iowa!

07-20-2007, 08:43 AM
Good morning everyone! It is Friday so the weekend is coming up! I know Jack is glad about that. It was horrible here yesterday. He was just wrung out when he got home so we went over to the pool for a little while. Again, we were all alone so that was nice. Tangie, the lady paid to check on the pool, came up to the gate and looked in. I told her we were all alone and had been so she said to have a nice time and left. It does seem to have gotten better since she started working. She has tossed some people, but she says overall it hasn't been bad. What irritates me is that certain groups of people wear their clothes to swim in! That is against the rules, but no one wants to enforce it. It can cause the dyes to get into the pools and that is why, but they wear shirts and socks and blue jean shorts and all kinds of crap.

Jean: I did a whole closet clean out a couple years ago and finally got all the stuff to GW last year. I gave them a bunch of shoes, but seems I am up to my ears in shoes again. In Memphis I can wear sandals from probably March through October and sometimes into November so I have a lot of sandals. I prefer them actually to closed toed shoes. I have such big flat feet that shoe buying is never fun for me.

I have finished the booga but not knitted the icord for the handles yet. I started the wrap for my dress sleeveless top, but found the original pattern wouldn't work because the ribbon yarn doesn't stretch so I am making just a straight long wrap with fringe (maybe) at the end. Who knows, maybe I will use up the rest of the beads from Alicia's scarf. lol

I want to get some bamboo needles for the baby's stuff so I can take it with me to Vegas. That way there will be no TSA trouble when I go through security. Speaking of Vegas, listen to this. The website of the hotel we are staying at doesn't have 360 degree looks at the rooms only still shots. I was knitting and an Expedia commercial came on saying how they have photos and 360 shots of hotel rooms so I went to the site to see if I could find one of the place we are staying. I did, but I also found this...
(I surmise all the strip hotels are like this, but we have always stayed off strip before,) our hotel has a positively mandatory, $100 a day charge to your credit card for incidentals. That means for us another $700!!! I know you get back whatever you don't use, but come on!!! When we stayed at the off strip hotel twice before they only ask for $50 and that wasn't mandatory, but just meant if you didn't you wouldn't have phone callng capability except within the hotel and couldn't put any charges to your room. I don't mind putting money down, cash for me is preferred because we don't have to wait a bazillion days or weeks to get it credited back, but $700????? You do have a cash option of $200, but it only turns on the in room movies and the phone and can't be used up let's say for our internet access (which is $11 a day) or in restaurants or anything else. I have to budget our vacation, we don't have unlimited funds because we save for a whole year to take it, and the extra $$$$$ are going to pinch up somewhere else now. I told Jack I even thought about moving to another hotel because if we put down the $200 that would be money we couldn't use at all and if we allowed the other charge, we would need to eat at the hotel restaurants all the time to use it up. Well, we mulled it over and decided to fork over the $200 in cash. It isn't an option you are allowed either. You do one or the other or they won't let you check in! Thank goodness I saw it before hand or that would have been a nasty shock! At the off strip hotel, I usually put down around $100 then charge breakfast meals and stuff to the room, but that isn't an option here. All I can say is this better be a dang nice room! lol

Well, need to finish my morning chores before going and working out at the pool.

Everyone have a good Friday and a great weekend. I will more than likely be knitting and fighting Jack to read the new HP book! lol


07-20-2007, 12:57 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It is a beautiful cool morning in my corner of the world. Bob is gone for the day riding on his tractor. The rumor is that the guys want to promote a "powder puff" ride for their wives. I've never driven a tractor in my life and don't think I want to start now. I am missing a shoe box for a pair of shoes I didn't put away . . . I think Bob pitched it but won't admit it. I never throw boxes away; he thinks my mother was scared by a box when she was pregnant with me. :lol:

"Gma" -- I've never heard of having to pay in advance for any extras at a hotel. Of course, the only place we've ever stayed in a hotel for a week was in Maui. When we've traveled it's usually been one nighters as we went along. Do all of the Vegas hotels do that? Your knitting needles are sure flying -- they hardly have time to cool off! :lol3:

Have a great day and a nice weekend! Bob's sister is coming from AZ, to MIL's, so the whole family (our kids and grandkids) will go up Sunday to see her. I need to make a grocery run. :(

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-21-2007, 04:41 AM
Good early morning gals! Jack scared me awake when the cat bit his leg so I am up. I was having a nightmare anyway about myself, Jack, Thomas and othe people being out in a river somewhere swimming to get to a shore with tangled stuff (like in the Bayou) all around and I get bit by an alligator on my right arm so when he yelled, it woke me up. I had to go to the bathroom and Fortune wanted out so I came downstairs and let him out.

Jean: We have never stayed on the strip, but I started looking at websites and looks like they pretty much all do this credit card or cash deposit thing. The only off strip hotel we stayed at the other two times, requested a $50 deposit for in room movies and outgoing phone, but it wasn't mandatory. I guess they have had a lot of people rack up charges to the room and not be able to collect or something. It is what it is and you can't get around it so we will just have to go with it.

Our Chicago Cubs are coming right along. They are now only 2.5 games back from Milwaukee and we are breathing down their necks. Milwaukee is playing one of the worst teams in the division, SD Giants, but Barry Bonds plays for the Giants. I have a sneaking suspicion the reason they lost yesterday was Bonds. They just played Chicago and we took them 3-4 games, but Bonds didn't play all 4 games. I know, boring, huh, but I like baseball.

I finished another project. I made this handbag for my girlfriend, Becky for her birthday next month. I hope she likes it. I bought this button for the bag and paid about $3 for just the one button. I really loved the look of it and thought it would look great on the bag. When it got here and I took it out of the packing envelope I almost freaked. It was purple!!!:eek: I forgot her birthday and have been hurrying to finish this and really don't have time to run around looking for another button or send this one back. Well, it was packaged with the front side down! :lol: A real :doh: moment!

I can't leave this morning without a picture of my sweet baby. They sent me some last night. Btw, he's a Cubs fan too! :lol: He is growing out of his little sleepers by leaps and bounds.

Well, the world now has the last Potter book. Ours will be here sometime this morning. I imagine there are lots of little kids who stayed up all night reading after they got their books at midnight.

Have a good Saturday!

07-21-2007, 06:57 PM
It has been a very busy couple of weeks here in my corner of the world. Last Saturday, just a week ago and it doesn't seem possible the week has flown by, our kids gave us a party in celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary. The actual one is in September but the NC contingent will be in school then so this was the best time. They really did it up with all the bells and whistles. Limo, with all 9 grandkids and us, to church for the renewal of vows and then to Nino's, our favorite restaurant. They had a private room set up for 25 and it was wonderful. Cathy, our oldest, set up a screen and her lap top and showed a video of photo of our lives, us and the kids. She also had copies for each couple and she had made a 3 CD set of 50 Tunes for 50 Years and had one for everyone. They had a neighbor taking pictures and he said he would have a CD for us later.
Jackie and Carrie, 3rd & 4th inline, got together and had a 'cookbook' printed up for all, it was entitled "79 Brow" Fifty Years of Wonderful Food (and questionable nutrition) The Cassidy Family Cookbook 1957-2007 (and beyond). The dedication page reads: Dedicated to Our Parents: *Gloria & jack Cassidy Who Provided Us With a Taste For the Finer Things in Life ! Love, Cathy, Chris, Jackie & Carrie *Unless otherwise noted, all food prepared by MOM !
It included some of our most popular foods but also had kid invented recipies and other funny items.
Chris was in charge of the restaurant and the gift, as if this wasn't enough, which was 3 days on the date of our Anniversary at a B&B in Maine.
Carrie was in charge of the Limo and the invitations which were our wedding picture.
Jackie was also the MC and had a lot of fun 'roast' items about us and also about each of the kids and some of the grandkids.
We also had a visit from the vacationing Santa, Ryan-10, who interupted his Hawaiian vacation to come in his Hawaiian shirt and sandals and brought all Leis. They also had wine glasses imprinted with our names and the date and pencils as well.
To top it off they had a beautiful cake with the largest strawberries dipped in chocolate on top.
It was overwelming and we are just the luckiest people.
This whole week was filled with visiting and jaunts to the Cape and a BBQ here that was fun with a bouncy castle for the youngsters and plenty of food for all.
Last night was a leftover food gettogether and more fun. They left for home this morning. WOW!

Last funny was after the renewal of vows out youngest granddaughter turned to her mom and asked "Does this mean they will have babies now?"
Catalina bite your tongue!!!!

Faye: I just can't get over how big and beautiful your new baby is. You are a knitting machine.

Susan: Hope hubby continues to feel better each day.

Jean: Enjoy your summer vacation...don't let those piles get you down.