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07-13-2007, 03:25 PM
I just got back from WI and I lost a whopping .02 oz. I'm currently on the TO and started it yesterday so I will finish it tonight. I'M STARVING!!!! Yesterday I had a total of 6 oz (for the day) of grilled chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, green peppers, zuccini and cabage, and 2 Lite bars. I drank plenty of water, got my 1/2 tsp of salt in and thought I did great. Today I had 2 oz of chicken for breakfast and 1/2 a bar, my water and TO juice. That's it! I was really proud of myself and felt CERTAIN I'd see a drop of at least a pound.

I feel thinner and broke out in tears in her office today. I just don't know what is going on. I'm following the plan perfectly. She asked about my water and I told her how much I was drinking and her eyes got big and she said "Cut WAAAAY back on your water Dear. Your tissues are probably overloaded with fluid". I said "Even though I've always drank this much? Heck, I drink 64 oz playing tennis alone!" I said "I've had 34 oz today already and I'm thirsty now". She went through this checklist of everything that it could be and I answered each question honestly and openly (even down to my..ahem...regularity). She said I need to see my Doctor and get my thyroid and my sugar checked. I even had her measure me in the office and haven't lost any inches either. Honestly I'm so discouraged I can't think straight. I mean, I'M STARVING RIGHT NOW! I don't understand. Honestly I don't. :?:

So I got back from lunch and I called my Doctor's office. I go in Monday at 11:15 to get blood work done. But you know what made me madder than H-E-double L??? After everything was said and done. Measurments done, checklist completed, and as I'm sitting there in tears, she gets perky and whips out a piece of paper and has the e'fing nerve to say...."Before you go, let me tell you about a new program that we are doing! The portions will change, you actually get MORE FOOD and it's going to be great! We have this special running now and for only $99 you get 2 refill weeks, 10 MRD's, 2 LA Lites, etc, etc, etc. For $59 you get the Vitamax, 10 MRD's, etc, etc, etc". I almost punched her.

Sure, let me whip out my check book and write you ANOTHER check for something that is clearly not working for my body for whatever reason. Absolutely. I'll get right on that Dear.....

I'm sorry ya'll. I am just VERY discouraged right now. I don't know what is going on. I know this program works, I've seen it work with friends and family. I wouldn't have forked over the money if I didn't think it works. I'm doing everything right and I've hit some sort of block for whatever reason. Maybe it's medical and my Doctor can figure out what is going on. I almost hope it is at this point so that maybe I can get on some sort of medication and figure out what is going on. :?:

07-13-2007, 03:38 PM
I am so sorry. All I can say is I am at that point as well. I was totally OP the last few days, went in for a weigh in and lost .02 as well. Maybe something will turn up at the doctors...

Good luck!

07-13-2007, 03:52 PM
I'm so sorry for you - but look at it this way -
(according to the stats on your profile)

You've LOST 13.6 LBS since MAY ! That's 1.52 average a week - which is good !
You need to feel proud of what you've accomplished so far too.

I'm sure the dr. will come up with something. And MAYBE the new plan with more food will help you - maybe you weren't getting enough and your body went into starvation mode.

Good luck - don't give up - keep at it, you WILL see a change.

07-13-2007, 04:02 PM
ok GalinAL.....let's stop for a second and regroup. We all need to do that some. When did you start LAWL? If you've been doing the program have you been losing? and there are other factors to consider....TOM may be a consideration as well. I think it's a good plan to see your doctor and get your blood work especially if it's been awhile since you've done that, but don't give up on LAWL just yet. on to part can do this. I started the program last year and dropped out for awhile and I'm back now so I do understand your frustration. There have been times that silly scale doesn't move....but if you keep your motivation (don't lose this website) you will see results! As for the COD don't let them get to you. They are sales people. And while this program works it is still their job to sell more to you. If you aren't interested in that stuff just keep saying NO and be firm. I am fortunate that I have two people at my COD that know I don't do anything extra and they don't pressure me....but i've seen those sales people come and go so I have to hold firm for the new people! Now as for the water thing......who knows I have been told that more than 100 ounces in a day is a bad thing. There are so many different schools of thought....ask your MD and see what they say and go from there.

Now if your stats are current on your avatar we are about the same height and weight...a few pounds different, but we do have the same goal. Stick around here...buddy up with me and let's lose this ugly weight once and for all. I'm on here a lot and you may feel free to private message me anytime. We can do this and we are worth it. I'm a southren gal myself,(transplanted to Indiana) and we do have to stick together! LOL take care, relax......and keep working the program. Hollar if ya need me! DON'T QUIT!

07-13-2007, 04:19 PM
Heather, excellent advice as always! Also, I've gone in many, many times on my first day of TO and lost nothing and then it comes off after the second day is through - so the third or fourth day.

Obviously if the Dr. appt. shows something, that will be good because you can right whatever is wrong, and you will have an answer. But just in case you don't get that answer, know that we are all here to support you and that eventually things will start moving in the right direction.

I had a stall in my weight loss around 35-40lbs. I stayed the same for about 3 weeks. It passed, and so will yours. It sucks, I know, but you have to be kind to your body and try not to stress over it. Treat yourself to a pedicure or a massage and reward yourself for making healthy choices. You'll feel less stressed and your body may reward you back by letting go of some of that weight. And if not, you're still less stressed! :hug:

07-13-2007, 04:20 PM
Let me add that it will take a couple of days for you to see the ultimate benefits of a TO. Just like if you eat totally off plan one day, you won't see the "real weight" results of your indugences for a couple of days, while the foods nutrients and bad stuff is processed through your system.

Think about what you ate the days previous to the TO you're now on..

Take heart.. Stressing about it will only make it worse.. Wait until Sunday or Monday before passing judgement on how well the TO worked or not..

07-13-2007, 04:30 PM
I sure can understand your frustration and being hungry!!!!! I'm on my 22nd week with LA and have been gaining!!!!! I've been staying On Plan - so no naughty foods have gone even close to my lips!!!!! First counselors had me do the hot lemon water - that worked one week. Now I'm on the TO and then 5-day follow up. Yesterday I saw the manager - and she tried helping me see the "whole picture". AND - she said there are some of us (and claims she's one) who have a much harder time of it than others, just because. I am NOT to get frustrated. Think on the other changes - I have lost 31 pounds; I have more energy; I am eating healthy, which is good for the body!

That is something, having drank that much water and STILL thirsty....good idea to get things checked out with that!!! I take allergy meds - that keeps me thirstier than some -- are you taking something like that too?

Hang in there :hug:

07-13-2007, 04:35 PM
Gal in Alabama myself here! GGGGIIIRRRRLLLL I feel your Pain! Its not so much that I am hungry but CRAVING out the yin yang. I started Jet start today. So I am having a flashback of what it was like the first time I did this, It was so hard the first day especially! I don't know if your first 3 days are like mine, but I have unlimited lean meats, and GREEN veggies , 2 eggs and 2 oranges a the light salt.
so far i have had 2 jennio turkey patties with one TBSP Kens light vadalia onions dressing, romaine lettuce with 1 boiled egg white (dont like the yolk:p) and I just ate another turkey patty with 1 tsp of the vidalia onion dressing and one orange. and I BROKE down and drank a glass of Diet Coke. I know I am not supposed to but I have drank 50 oz. water today already and having w/d.
Here is the dilemma. it is Friday , tonight we happen to miraculously get a babysitter, Hubby will want to take me out to dinner (probably our most fave mexican restaurant ....cheese dip! )
OMG, what will I do????
So I know how you feel, but the thing I keep telling myself is that I will not remember tomorrow how the food taste the moment I put it in my mouth and swallow it, but I will wear it. Just tell yourself, you don't have to make it the next three days, you have to make it the next hour, then the next, and so on. thats all we can do!
Good luck, sorry such a long post!

07-13-2007, 04:47 PM
StudentDoctor - They've change the "jet start". It's now called Fast Forward at the beginning and it's only two days. Good news for you, right? Then after the initial FF, you can do Take Off (TO) every two weeks which is the limited proteins and veggies. You can see more specifics in the newbie thread.

07-13-2007, 05:05 PM
Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement. Geez, this weight loss stuff is hard!!!! :dizzy: StudentDoctor, I am doing the Take Off for 2 days where you get 6 oz of protein a day, unlimited green veggies, and 2 LA Lite (bars only). I wish I could eat unlimited meat! 2 oz of chicken is not much - and at breakfast. YUCK!! LOL.

Dan, I actually posted in another thread what my daily intake was prior to TO. I'll see if I can find it and post it again. The counselor did tell me that sometimes it takes 3-4 days to see the results of TO so I'm going to try my best to be patient and hopefully I'll see something when I weigh in on Monday. I'm holding out hope that the Doctor can find something too. Wow, that sounds weird. I'm hoping that the Doctor can find something wrong with me so I can get some type of medication. LOL. At this point, I'm open to anything though. Man it's frustrating.

Princess Heather, thank you for the encourgement! What a great post! :) I started in May (May 21st to be exact) and I have lost 13.4 lbs. I was down to 268 but that only lasted 1 day and I went right back up again. I typically will gain and lose up to 6 lbs. during my TOM. I lost 6 lbs. the first week when I did the TO juice the very first time. That time I got unlimited meats and veggies instead of the 6 oz daily cap. So since the end of May I've basically lost 7 lbs. And those 7 lbs. have been all up and down, nothing consistent. That is what is so frustrating. I'll go in and be up and the counselor will sit down and say "What happened? What did you do?". For the life of me I don't know!! UGH!

I'll keep ya'll posted on what the doc says on Monday. Hopefully I'll get some answers then. Thank you all again for the words of encourgament. This site is really great!!!

07-13-2007, 05:10 PM
Dan, here is the cut and paste from the other thread. I started the TO yesterday (Thursday) - so this menu was actually from Mon and Tues.

I'm on Red with the Lites. Here's my menu for Mon and Tues where I gained the .02 oz if that will help. I'm comptely stumped

3/4 cup Pineapple - F
1/4 cup 1% Cottage Cheese - 1/2 P
8 oz black coffee
34 oz water (2 16.9 oz bottles)
LA Lite Chocolate Crunch bar- L
16.9 oz water
7 oz grilled chicken - P
1 cup iceberg lettuce - V
1 cup chopped green pepper - V
3 reduced fat triscuits - S
10 reduced salt cashews -Fat
1 TBSP Lite oil and vinegrette dressing - C
2 16.9 oz waters
8 large green grapes - F
LA Lite Chocolate Crunch bar - L
16.9 oz Dasani
6 oz ground turkey - P
1/2 cup sauteed zuccini - V
spray of Pam for sautee pan
1/2 cup diced no salt added tomatoes - V
1/3 cup whole wheat pasta - S
Medium Pluot (cross of peach and apricot) - F
2 16.9 oz Dasani waters
Yoplait Light yogurt - D
LA Toffee Popcorn - S


Yoplait Light Yogurt - D
Double Fiber Diet Bread (1 slice) - S
1 TBSP Reduced Fat Peanut Butter - 1/2 P
5.5 oz Low sodium V8 - V
8 oz Coffee
34 Oz Water
Plum - F
LA Lite - L
17 oz water
6 oz tuna fish (canned in water) - P
1/2 cup steamed squash - V
3 RF Triscuits - S
34 oz water
8 large green grapes - F
LA Lite bar - L
17 oz water
5 oz Grilled Salmon - P
1 TBSP Mrs. Dash Garlic Lime Marinade for fish - C
1/2 cup steamed broccoli - V
1/2 cup steamed cauliflower - V
Slice of Double fiber diet bread - S
34 oz Water
3/4 cup pineapple - F

07-13-2007, 05:48 PM
You know I have to just jump in here and say this. TO is optional. You do not have to do a TO or multiple TO's to lose weight. I have never done one and I have lost 37 pounds in just 61/2 months and I am much, much older than anyone here. There is no reason to be starving oneself. If you are the type of person that gains weight after the stomach flu, then think about it TO's are probably not the route to take for you. Too many of us have been conditioned to believe that if we eat less, we will suddenly get thin. This is an eat more plan.... We are eating better, healthier foods and learning to get rid of our bad habits. Habits, in my case, that developed because I was dieting. Yo-yo dieting most of my adult life. This is not a diet. It is a re-programming of our mental and physical selves.

07-13-2007, 05:59 PM
Good point, Lynn. We had a discussion about that awhile back and people "overusing" TO whenever they had a bad day.

But in this case, FatGal (I'm SO sorry I don't know your name yet) has been stuck, so this may be a way to get things moving too.

07-13-2007, 06:18 PM
I'm with Lynn on not doing a TO. Since I'm on Red for activity level, COD actually won't even let me think about doing it. While I haven't lost the weight I wanted, I lost the inches and gained the healthier lifestyle, in the end that makes a much larger impact than the number on the scale.

As for Counselors, some of them just don't get it. A former one at the COD told me I wasn't losing because I was doing resistance exercises. And that I needed a full blood work-up because there was something medically wrong if I was driking 64 ounces of water by the time I weighed in at 5 pm. When I reiterated that my day starts at 4 am, she insisted I still had something medically wrong. Because according to her, no one drank that much water after being up for 13 hours. Granted, according to her the other reason I wasn't losing was because Iwasn't doing TO, which was the advice of COD managers and the Dieticians. :dizzy:

I, being the giant pain in the arse that I can be immediately went to COD manager, who reassured me that I did not need a medical work-up. Furthermore she put me on the phone with the dietician who outright told me to not to even think about quitting my work-outs. Bottom line is, you'll learn who the better counselors are, they're the ones that evaluate it on a case by case basis and know what works for individual clients.

07-13-2007, 06:31 PM
I jumped in because FatGalnAl said she was starving on TO. I have had two stalls in my weightloss journey - the second one lasted 4 weeks. It is darn frustrating. There is nothing easy about this process. Some days are easier than others. Some days, weeks are darn hard especially mentally. What I have learned is that you need to look at what you are doing within the plan, and change some things. Listen to your own body. People think that TO is a quick fix and it is not...

07-13-2007, 06:33 PM
Okay, let me chime in too and say nothing that no one else hasn't already said... but nevertheless:
I have been on this almost a year (okay, off and on) and as you said, it does work for weight loss. But more importantly, as Lynn said, it works in re-programming our actions and thoughts to be mindful of what we eat, how to portion it, how to cook it, how to make better choices, and most importantly, that we all will go up and down on the scale. I personally gain 5-8 pounds once a month and have to "re-lose" it, it doesn't automatically "fall back off" when the cycle is over... so I understand frustration.
You didn't get 283.6 overnight and you won't get 175 overnight. Sad but true. And I know I speak for several here when I say you may lose the same few pounds over and over and over and then all of a sudden - BAM! You drop and go on. Then there are times when you'll hold on almost like in maintenance for weeks and then all of a sudden - BAM! You finally lose a pound or more and you're on your way again.
You are making healthy choices. You are getting healthier as you read this! There will be times when the scale doesn't cooperate. There will be times when the tape measure doesn't cooperate. There will be times when the spouse, coworker, mom or dad, son or daughter, neighbor, or someone else doesn't cooperate... the bottom line is - you're in this for the long haul girlfriend! You aren't changing your mind, you're not gonna quit, and you're not a failure because you're working the plan! Just be patient! As you said, it does work!!!
Now, take a deep breath, look up some new recipes, plan on trying some new dishes for a change, and when the 2 day TO is over, take a look at the post I did on the 3 day follow up. Someone even copied it to the Newbies thread.
Oh yeah, one more thing... my dh learned from one of his many great advisors at COD to spread the food out on TO. So for breakfast, we have 2 oz protein. An hour or two later, 1/2 a lite, an hour or so later, our veggie, an hour or so later the other 1/2 lite, and so on... of course drinking water and juice throughout the day. I find that I DO NOT get hungry doing it this way and actually feel like I'm eating all the time.
Keep us informed because we care about you!

07-13-2007, 06:38 PM
Thank you Lynn for the words of advice. Very much appreciated! This is definitely the last TO I'll probably do. I just thought it might "boost" my body into doing something. I wasn't nearly as hungry when I did the juice at the start of the program but I think that must be because of the unlimited meat I was able to eat. This 6 oz is for the birds, literally! LOL. No wait..I take that back. I think my pet Cockatiel could eat more in a day! :D I think I'm going to continue with the "Boost" challenge going in the other thread, and just not do the last TO that it calls for. I, for one, actually like the Slimdown shakes and have always had a can of the powdered Slim Fast in my cabinet to mix up a shake with. I'm weird like that!

07-13-2007, 06:53 PM
I just started but I must say maybe you are not eating enough? I'm not sure if that is it, but it could be. But you are doing EVERYTHING right from what everyone else is saying. Maybe with the exercise you get you need to eat more food? It could be all the water. But you are going to see your doctor and you NEED to explain all of this to them (the doctor, etc).

But you have lost 13 pounds! That is awesome! Keep up the great work!! Don't give up!!

07-13-2007, 10:26 PM
I agree, don't give up. I know your frustration. I will be POP and stay the exact same weight for 2 weeks and then BAM 2-3 lbs will fall off. Just hang in there and stay POP and your body will let it go. I wish it were as easy to lose weight as quickly as we can gain!!! We are all here for you!:hug:

07-13-2007, 11:59 PM
I just wanted to say that it will really come off. it may not FEEL LIKE IT but it will just stick to it and hopefully your doctor can check things out and give it all all clear and back on the program you go.

I have my days when its not what I hoped it would be BUT it eventually does melt away!
Like Dan said and everyone else sometimes it may not show your lose for a few days and then BAM its coming off.
this week was that for me, i would of bet my last dollar I gained or lost nothing. then I went in and to my surprise I lost. My COD said don't expsect to lose everytime you come in because they know you will have loses and times your still the same . keep in mind you have lost and I am so sure you will continue to lose , you just have to stick to it.

There have been 2xs when for no reason at all other then stress in my life I thought forget it , its to much work its never going to come off. why bother with it anymore. usually its close to bed time for me! I go to bed and then I am good the next day. the point is we have our ups and downs we are all human.
I just hope you stick it the results will be so worht it

07-15-2007, 09:09 PM
First thing---I refuse to call you "FatGal." You are on a long road to being a "FitGal." I think you must have more of an identity than being a person of large proportions from Alabama. I think I will call you "BamaGal" (I'm a Bama gal too, though I was transplanted at the age of 6 months) until you reach your goal.

I enjoy southern food, but it is obviously too greasy to eat if you want to lose any weight. I was in the mood for fried chicken lately, and got out the ol' LAWL cookbook. I don't care for much of the stuff in it, to be honest. I found a recipe that used melba toast crumbs for an oven-"fried" chicken. I thought it sounded gross at the time, but gave it a whirl. I happened to have some melba toast on hand, so I crushed up three slices, added a bit of paprika, lite salt and pepper and tossed it in a ziplock bag with a large boneless, skinless chicken breast. I had dipped the chicken into a beaten egg white before adding to the bag of crumbs, so everything would stick nicely. I did not use the book's recipe, I just used the idea for the crumbs. I baked it for 15-20 minutes on each side, and the chicken was great! I had fixed Shake-n-bake for hubby and the kids, and my husband wanted my chicken! (I teased him with a bite). I used that new nonstick foil, and sprayed the top of the chicken with PAM before turning it.

It is easy to get bored on any eating plan, so you have to take it upon yourself to learn to cook "lite." I bore people to tears telling them how they should shake things up by cooking with lots of colorful, spicy vegetables and peppers. A lot of my friends are catching on, though! If the food tastes good and is interesting, you won't have to fix separate meals for you and the rest of your family. Everyone can benefit from light, healthy eating.

I am hoping that you will make it past this low point and find out what it is that works best for you. There are a lot of good people here with good ideas.