LA Weight Loss - Does anyone take diet pills with thyriod med

07-11-2007, 08:15 PM
Want to go to LA weight loss but it didn't work out and the amount went up so was think of going back on the dexatrim. But on the bottle it says to consult doctor. Does anyone take any kind of diet pills on thyriod med's.

07-12-2007, 09:10 AM
I personally wouldn't take Dexatrim, or any other popular diet pill, such as NV, Trimspa, etc.

These pills don't really do anything except give you a "lift" (think caffeine, speed, etc.) They don't burn fat, or do anything to make you lose weight. The problem with these things, is that they are on the market for a while, and then there are illnesses and deaths at times with the "active ingredient", and then they all get taken off the market. Then, the companies find or make a new active ingredient, put it back out there, and a few years later the same thing happens... :(

They took the original Dexatrim and its store brand forms off the market in the 90's (the one that sold through the 70's and 80's) due to some deaths, etc. Then they put all the pills out there that had ephedra in them. A few years ago that was taken off the market (and the cold medicines, etc. with it started being held behind the counter at the pharmacy) and now there are other ingredients in them instead.

Why take the risk?

A reduced calorie diet, and moderate exercise are the key.

07-12-2007, 12:59 PM
I am taking Alli, and I have Hypothyroidism, I have been on Synthroid for years. I also take a Dexatrim Natural once in a while to help with evening cravings/hunger. I havnt had any problems, but I have a pretty "tough" system and it takes a lot to get me "jittery" or have any "feelings" from any products. I would certainly take anything as directed and if your unsure I would check with your regular DR. Just be careful since a lot of DR's do not want thier patients taking any kind of "diet" pills. But maybe yours will be able to suggest something that will work for you.

Also, I do agree 100% with Aphil, that a reduced calorie (and fat, in my opinion) diet and exercise are the key to ANY weight loss plan