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12-16-2001, 10:34 AM
Good Morning!!!!!!

I was right behind ya'll!!!I remember LauraF..Wonder where she went to!!!I also remember Lauren and DH's first date!!!!:D Too funny how we have all changed and hung around together!!! I credit my online friends with helping me keep the sanity when creepO broke into my house etc etc!!!I also remember the safety tips of online dating from Legal and Lauren!!!!(It worked cuz I married him!!!!!!:s: )

Jul..CHeck out www.freesamples.com for a free purina puppy starter kit!!!I saw the offer and thought of U!!!!

Lauren--Sorry about the house!!There is one out there for U!!!!Hopefully the next one will be a success!!!It is soo strange for prices...For the price of houses there, U can get a really big house here for the same...It is amazing the differences in areas!!!!!

Refman and I went to a wedding together..It was a Methodist wedding and was nice to hear the same vows we said...It was romantic!!!The church was soo beautiful cuz it was decorated for Christmas...I just hope my friend is happy!!(husband is 25yrs older)
Well, time to cook a healthy breakfast!!!!

12-16-2001, 02:43 PM
Hi All,

Just went to see a rental. It's a side by side two family house. I didn't know that going there, but I prefer that style, because you don't have soo much problem with neighbor noise. It's an old house, not sure when built, probably 1920-1940, uneven floors, ceiling looks warped, low basement ceiling. It has 3 BRs, 1 BA, EIK, LR, Foyer and laundry area. There's a front and back door, with screens, newer thermopane/tilt in windows. It's old and not in real good shape, but it's fairly large, and the MBR is big enough to fit our bed and furniture. The other two bedrooms are really small, if they're 9x9, I'd be surprised! They don't even have closets in them, so technically they can't call them BRs, but there's a WI closet in the hall. The MBR closet is fairly small to, but we could deal with it. The laundry hook ups are on the first floor off the kitchen. There's like a back hall, which is where the stairs are to go up and down, the back door, and the bathroom. There's no dishwasher, but I can suffer without, as long as I have laundry! DH didn't feel like going to see it. I'm waiting now for the realtor to email me with answers to a lot of questions I had. #1 being, will they slack on the cat. They said no pets, but there's a chain in the back on the other side where the neighbors have a dog or something, although I didn't hear a dog. Also, want to know other little things, like can we have some electrical work done...there's only two outlets in the LR!! And there's no cable in the apt...although the MLS sheet says there's cable available, and there's only one phone outlet in the LR, near the kitchen door.

I called Harvey this AM and told him that we want our money back from the house, because of the contract on it, and he had no problems at all...I was kind of surprised how smoothly it went. Also called the guy at the apartment we saw last night and told him we couldn't take it because the BRs were too small...we would've never gotten our bed in one of them.

I will have to bring DH back to see this place, if the owner comes back with the answers we need.

Hope everyone's having a great day! I'm headed to mom's to do laundry!

12-16-2001, 03:31 PM

Hi all. Hope everyone is feeling festive!

I counted points again yesterday - I was over again but am facing it. I will get through this!

Jul - enjoy Ginger!:)

Lauren - my that was complicated! Hope something works out soon.

happy - congrats to ds on the orange belt! Thanks for the info on IALAC - I wondered. That's a nice thing you and your friend do.

Pryia - don't forget me - I've been here that long also. So hard to believe that much time has passed.

have a great day all. We have another party to attend tonight.


**Almost forgot - I'm at 898.43 miles.:D I'll be breaking that 900 mark this year.

12-16-2001, 04:20 PM
Hi everyone! I'M DONE! :) I am so happy! I am not feeling well but I went to the mall because I had planned it and I really wanted to do it and I didn't know if I'd get another free day.. so I went, was uncomfortable for a few hours and then was rewarded by finishing my shopping. Ds and I are both feeling a little under the weather so we are now resting nad taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Ok, this morning I weighed in... I lost .6 pounds so that is good. Not great but glad it was a loss.

My friend had the baby! A little girl! :) I am so happy for her. :)

I keep hearing all these noises... the townhouse next door has been vacant since we've been there and lately there has been some activity over there.. now someone is there and it feels like they are right in my kitchen with all these noises I am hearing... I guess I am not used to it since it's been vacant...Maybe it is a sign that it is time to find that house! :)

Lauren, glad everyting went well with Harvey. It doesn't sound like you are really loving this duplex house... so really think about it... and be sure you don't settle is the rent really good?

Ok LOUD noises now!! Kind of freaking me out a little... they must be working on pipes or something???

Gotta go!

dani :)

12-16-2001, 09:20 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm just popping in for a quick hello. I need to touch base after the last 4 days of food, food and more food. Or should I say chocolate, chocolate....(you get the picture). I had a couple days off work and did lots of baking. And while I did sample a fair bit at least I didn't go too overboard and I was usually so "yicky" from sweets that I didn't eat too much else. I know this isn't the best but what can you do. I'm trying to make sure this week is better (even though we have a pot luck at work tomorrow - way too much food). I know I'm up a bit but hopefully not too much, we'll find out Tuesday morning. That's why I was so happy to have lost the last couple of weeks and make my XMAS goal early - since I know I'll go up and down the next couple of weeks. We'll see.. I knew that just popping in here would help me get back on track.

Lauren - sorry about the house but you'll find something soon that will be perfect, without the craziness.

Rabbit - good for you for counting points even when you're over, I was trying but gave up the last couple of days but tomorrow I'm back!!

I can't believe how long so many of you have been here. It's just so great. I think I only came around in the spring since that's when I decided enough was enough with the weight and bought my new home scale which has really been great.

Anyway, hope you're all doing well with your shopping and cooking and organizing etc.


12-16-2001, 11:29 PM
I can't believe all the rain we are getting. Two days solid and suposed to rain all thru tonight and tomorrow too!!

Ginger let me sleep from 12-5:30 last night!! Progress!!!

Lauren: I agree with Dani. Really think about what you want in an apartment. Keep looking and keep praying that God will open/close the right doors. You don't want to get into anything that your going to want to move from in the next 6 mts. I'm so glad it was easy for you to get your money back on the other deal.

I think I came 'on board' here exactly 3 yrs ago. I know it was shortly before Laura left. I can't believe its been 3 yrs! I was thinking it was only 2 years but your right its been 3. WOW!

RR: thanks for the puppy kit info. I went to get it. Hadn't been at that site in a long time - so long that I had to reregister.
I don't get around much on the computer anymore. About all I ever have time for is this site, frugal-moms, and a couple artist discussion boards. I did take a few minutes today to look up info on Collies so I could learn a little about Ginger's heritage!

I've got to get the boys in the tub! - jul

12-17-2001, 12:59 AM
Let's do Christmas Red today! Okay you all are going to think I am crazy. But I am so happy. I have clean and organized house. I even went through a basket of papers. I did not stop until the last one was put away. I have all my recipes and WW stuff in a basket(small neat one) for me to look through. And decide what to save and what to throw out.

Okay the depressing news. My jeans really do not fit anymore. I grew my Fat @ss right out of them. So I shall shrink it right back into them.
Okay enough color. I am glad that I only have a week to go. Don't know why, but I feel I MUST have a start date. That is in the future that I can look forward too. I will be starting Dec. 26th. And going food shopping that first Sat. I know I should go before, but my checkbook will not allow it. But that is okay. Cause I can do well for 2 days with out having ALL the right stuff. I am so hoping mom bought my scale, or else I will be buying it for myself. I just have a feeling she did. Cause I really did not ask for anything but my scale.

HAPPY-- Glad to see you!! Thank you!!

Gotta go to bed!!

12-17-2001, 06:35 AM
Good Morning!!!
I am procrastinating at 4:30am and thought I would say hello!!!I woke up craving PB and Jelly sandwhich on wheat bread heated in the microwave!!!!I guess it could be worse!!
We have our Christmas party today at work--soo glad I have a sweet fetish still....I even had no desire for wedding cake Sat night. :D Hopefully, the nastiness for sweets will last over Christmas!!!!!!!!
Have a great day all!!!
Have to go to the Doc today and get the ole throat cultured again!!!Cross the fingers the strep has gone!!!!!

12-17-2001, 12:45 PM
Hi all

Thought I would post in "Holly Green".

Yes I am still around and I have skimmed all the posts. Just to let you know how I am doing with the study (hence the absence and lack of thread starting :eek: ) I have finished three courses so far Word 2000 Expert, Effective Business Communication and Introduction to Legal and have completed two exams and submitted the test/exercises for the Legal Intro. Just have my two legal modules to do now - Civil Litigation and Conveyancing. My head is spinning - this 31 year old brain just does not want to study :lol:

Anyway, I am still in the background and as of 26th December I mean business on the WW front.

Love to all, especially "Andrew" (or is there a new name?)

Gotta go, gotta study some more.......

12-17-2001, 01:47 PM

Can't believe how close Christmas is! I've got some cooking to do this week to take to my mom's. I always do breakfast casseroles for Christmas morning for everyone. I always do soup for Christmas Eve at my dad's. I need to make noodles, oatmeal fudge bars, christmas tree press cookies . . . It'll be a fun week.:)

Happy - hooray for finishing your shopping! And congrats on your loss!:D

Elisa - great that you didn't go too far overboard!!

Jul - it has been raining here constantly too. But atleast it is not icy!

Pryia - I think your "start date" is a wonderful idea.:cool:

RR - Is the strep gone?

BFB - you have certainly accomplished a lot already with your studying!

Have a joyous week!


12-17-2001, 06:02 PM
Hi All,

Am I starting to sound like a broken record...I'm going to see an apartment tonight! :lol: It's a bi-level house and the apartment's on the bottom level. For those of you that don't know how a bi-level's set up, when you walk in the front door, you're on a landing and you either go up 6 steps, or down 6 steps. Upstairs is usually 3 BRs, Kit, DR, LR and a bath or 2. This one, they have blocked off the stairs going down, so you can only go up from the front door. The back door puts you in the ground level apartment. It's 2 BRs, kit, LR, bathroom and laundry. She said the BR is plenty big enough for a king size bed and furniture. The kitchen has been updated. It's in a nice area with a beautiful property. I don't know the area well, but it's in the town I bowl in, and nice and central for DH and me to commute. And the rent's only $950./+ utilities...so it's $25 less a month than we're paying now, but our heat/HW is included now. The woman and her husband bought it for their son who was getting married 5 yrs. ago...he didn't get married, so they've been renting it out! Upstairs is being redone right now, but there's a guy renting the MBR up there. He's a professional that is quiet she said. They don't mind the cat. I'm looking forward to seeing it, as usual.

DH didn't sound too thrilled, but I think he's a little stressed about money right now. And I don't think I'm making it any easier for him, because I asked him to write everything down that he spends money on for the next few weeks, so I can start making some sort of budget. I've already made a spreadsheet of our bills and estimated monthly expenses, but I can't do anything with it. I need a breakdown of exactly where every penny goes, so we can see where to make improvements! He doesn't get it I don't think. I mean, I think he's being head strong, ya' know? Any advice from those of you who've been married awhile, or just have good financial sense? I would really like to take over all the bill paying, including his debt, and get everything into one checking and one savings so I know where it all goes. That's my master plan. My mom says I have to let him take charge more, because he's supposed to be the head of household, but to be honest, sometimes I think he just doesn't have enough balls to do it!! I guess part of it is because I grew up in a machiarchal (sp?) family, my mom made all the decisions, because my dad died when I was almost 3. And my Gran kind of wears the pants too, even though Gramps is still around. ;) I try, I always ask his opinion, I do a lot of saying, "...if you want", and "...what do you think?"

Anyway, I'm rambling, sorry... :D I know you'll all be sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear from me later about how we liked it!! :lol: :dizzy:

12-17-2001, 06:26 PM
Well, Now I am penicillin resistant strep...I am on a different generation of antibiotics...I am going nuts with this mess..I knew it was still there cuz of the swollen glands and the sore throat.
be back in a while cuz I have to see Barney online!!!!!

12-17-2001, 07:53 PM
Lauren: this apartment sounds better than the last one. Your poor head must just be spinning with all this apartment searching! We only looked at 2 houses when we bought this one and it wasn't even finished. Had some friends who told us the old man who built their house was building one down the road and around the corner and that we should look at it. It was just perfect for us....the real cabin in the woods feel to it. Mr Parsons who built it is a very funny old man, builds about one house every 3 years to look at him you wouldn't think he'd have the strength to swing a hammer....must be why it takes him so long to work up the energy to build another house. :)
Concerning wanting to be more frugal and money minded you might want to check out http:www.frugal-moms.com its a great site with lots of wonderful discussion boards. I'm Julsave on that site. There are some great threads under the debt-reduction board and a few challenges for reducing debt in 2002. Check it out if you have time. It really helps me stay focused. I take care of all the money for the household and the business. I don't think my DH whould even remember how to pay an electric bill if he had too. It works for us, when we first were married and would sit down once a week to balance check books, pay bills, and then see how much money we didn't have left over for fun things he would get very upset. He likes it that he has one credit card and that I give him $100 every two weeks. I like being in control and knowing where everything is and enjoy taking care of bill paying so it works out well for us.

Rabbit: you always seem to stay real busy in the kitchen around holidays. It sounds like you really enjoy making all the cookies and wonderful things that you make. I keep thinking I should make some sugar cookies for the boys to use the cookie cutters on and then let them decorate them....and I just can't find the 'gumption' to make the dough. I did make all the chocolates for the open house and I was very thankful that they were gobbled up....we didn't bring any home with us. I may make some more to take to my parents this weekend....they are so easy that its something that doesn't require much 'gumption'.

RR: Take it easy and get healthy. I can't take Penn. either, neither can my boys.

BFB: Keep studying! Good job! Someday I want to take a few classes but don't think I could do this fast track course study you are doing. Wow!!

- jul

12-18-2001, 11:17 AM
Well, even though I told myself not to, I got on the scale this morning and I'm up 1lb. from last week so I guess it's not toooo bad considering what I've eaten. I promised myself I would be really good for the rest of the week (I don't think I have any reason not too, except for leftovers here at work) so I should be able to get rid of the pound (I hope!). There's so much junk around now and if I don't really have any great loss before New Years, that's okay I just don't want to do too much damage to my progress so far. I always beat myself up when I eat too much but I think I'm doing okay and I'm back on track.

Jul - that frugal mom's website sounds good (even if I'm not a mom) so I think I'll check it out. We all struggle with money and debt and stuff so anything that can help, I'll give it a try.

RR - so sorry you can't seem to beat this bug but I hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy the holidays!!

Lauren - that apartment sounds like it might be nice but I totally understand about having to drag your husband around. I really want to buy a house and my husband is humouring me but he's not really excited. The problem is what would excite him we can't afford and what we can afford is kind of small. Homes are soooo expensive here and I'm used to it until I hear other people talk about what they spend in different areas but what can you do, I'm a city girl and I love it here. I just want to get in the market even if it isn't with the perfect dream house. And as for the debt issues, I totally can sympathize with that. I only recently found out how bad my DH's credit card bills were (we have our own credit cards). I knew he owed some money but I didn't realize how much. He's mostly quite responsible with paying the bills but he let it get a little out of control. You know how easy that is. I understand about wanting to make a budget and it is important but sometimes people don't want to share about where evey penny goes. Maybe he'd agree to just calculate how much he spends each week himself without getting into the details and decide if he could live with less. Get him to agree to a certain amount each week and see if he can stick with it and you do the same. Then you can do a budget without him having to share his every little detail. Even if you're not doing anything wrong, people like their privacy. I don't know if this is true with your husband but it's just a thought. I know with my husband if he's not totally enthused about the whole idea of moving or whatever he'll fight me on the details so maybe that's what he's doing. What do I know anyway?

Rabbit - sounds like you are really busy but in a good way and it sounds like you're having fun so enjoy! (just stay away from the fudge!)

BFB - glad to hear from you. Sounds like you're also so busy and we'll let you off the hook with stuff for now but starting December 26th I expect to hear back from you with a new WW enthusiasm! So enjoy while you can!


12-18-2001, 05:26 PM

I went to the ortho today and guess what? The braces come off January 29th! WooHoo! Celebrate! Celebrate!

Tonight is the cookie exchange party - 6 dozen cookies I will be bringing home! Scarey!:o

Lauren - hope you guys like this apartment. About who handles the money, I think you just have to do what works for you as a couple. I do all the bill paying here. Everyone had great advice for you!

RR - feel better!:)

Jul - Pillsbury sugar cookie dough in a roll makes it really easy to do those cut-out cookies!:D

Elisa - you'll take off that pound in no time! You are zooming! ~ There is no fudge in this house. Hooray!


12-18-2001, 06:18 PM
Hi All,

You know, this whole sinus thing is really getting old!! I mean, come on, since Thanksgiving?! :( I asked the doctor if it's possible that the E-mycin didn't get rid of all the infection, and she said no, but gave me Entex, which is a great decongestant. But my head is killing me. Have bowling tonight and really don't feel like going, but I missed it last week to go see that dumb house.

We got the apartment! :D What a freaky situation it is, the couple that lives there now are buying their first house and that's why they're moving. They lived in the Village Green apartments, where we live, before they rented the place. They called an hour after it was listed and took it pretty much on site. I called a couple hours after it was listed and decided about 5 minutes after walking in the door that I loved it. Then we got talking to the landlady (Ruth) and I told her that we got engaged on my birthday, July 17th, and she said, oh, my birthday is July 16th!! There's just soo many parallels, it's funny!! She and her husband live 3 doors down on the opposite side of the street. It's a really nice house on a side street in a residential area. The property is HUGE!! I'd say it's probably about a 1/2 acre. I know that doesn't sound like a lot to those of you who live in the country, but I haven't had a yard like that in like 6 yrs.!! The house I grew up in had a large park-like property like this. We have full use of it too. She showed us the upstairs, because she felt it was only fair, and she's right, there's a beautiful new kitchen that's not quite finished up there, a DR, LR w/FP and 3 BRs. The guy is just in the MBR with the door closed. It's absolutely spotless in the apartment. And the BR is big enough for our bed and furniture! :D Closet space is at a premium, but we'll be able to make due.

Gotta run to bowling... :( Have a great night all!!

12-19-2001, 10:03 AM
Hi All,

Wow, everyone must be busy with Christmas prep! Gee...maybe I should be too?! :lol: Actually, I'm going shopping tonight to get frames for everyone. DH is going to start scanning pictures and sizing them too. My Christmas cards are sitting home on my coffee table, still waiting for me to finish writing them out! :rolleyes:

Rabbit- WooHoo, glad you get the braces off, how long has it been, about 2 yrs? Careful with those cookies!! I vote put a couple dozen in the freezer to send back to school with DS, send some to work with DH, save some for Christmas dessert!

Elisa- Good luck keeping yourself on track til the end of the year! It's soo hard with all the goodies around. Thanks for the advice, it's sounds like your DH and my DH have a lot in common! I knew he had debt going into the marriage, but I did not ask him the exact amount until after we were married, because I didn't want him to get mad at me!! I had a ballpark figure though. I try not to push him, but I think he needs it a little bit. He pays every month, sometimes a little late, but the issue is more the amount than the paying. I need to talk to him about his comic books though. Every Wednesday is "new comic" day at the comic shop he goes to. So he's there at lunch every week, buying new comics. I've seen his receipts and he spends anywhere from $30-$60 a week on them!! :eek: In the past I have kept my mouth shut, because there are time that I will go and spend $100. on some new clothes or something. But ever since we had the infamous baby conversation, when he said he wanted to get at least one of the cards down a little, I have been on a silent rampage!! That's approximately $120-$240 a month he spends on comic books!! I want to tell him to try and pick maybe 6 comic books that he'd like to follow, and just stick with them. That would keep it down to about $15/wk, or $60/mo. That's why I want us to track the money for a month, so I can keep track of where my money's going and be able to defend myself when the fight starts...which no matter how nice, or diplomatically I go about it, is gonna happen...I'm sure you know what I mean! I think the reason he gets defensive and doesn't want to talk about it is because he embarrassed about it, and he's got too much pride to ask for help.

Jul- Thanks for the ideas, I do check out that site and some others I've found for ideas. I would love to do it like you, and give us both "allowances", but he would never go for that.

RR- Ooh, :( I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with this. Hope the next gen. drugs work good. What does that mean, next generation? Is it stronger penn, or a different drug? (You know it's the nurse's kid in me that feels the need to know that!)

OK, time to do some work, lately it's been like, there's not enough hours in the day!

12-19-2001, 12:29 PM
Hi everyone,

Elisa, I think it is great progress just that you are aware of what you are eating and thinking about it. Even though it is chocolate or whatever, you are thinking and that is a huge sucess. (I have tended to do so much unconscious that I don't have a true sense of how much or what I am eating), so Good for you! :)

Jul, you are getting the rain that we have so needed out here.. but we have finally gotten some recently. I know everyone would stuff socks in my mouth for this but .. I want snow! :) As far as the cookies, you could try the less homemade way of using the pillsbury sugar cookie dough in the tube thing and cut from that and decorate with the boys.. it would be less work but the same amount of fun for them. (oops, just saw that Rabbit already gave you that idea!).

Pryia, I don't think you're crazy for being excited about the organization! That makes my whole attitude better when I get to do something like that! Yay! Sorry about the jeans. :( I'm having the same problem.. my clothes are too tight... I've maxed out .. but hopefully am on my way back down again. I am excited by your start date. It is giving you time to get your head together and psych yourself up!

Rabbit, your holidays always sound so home-ey and warm. I love the sound of all that cooking that you are going to do!

Lauren, congratulations on the apartment!! I love the sound of this one.. I like the fact that there are all of those connections... the Village Green thing... the fast response to it,... I think those are all good signs! As far as finances, I do the bills in our house because like Jul, I just like to. I need to know and be aware of all of it... I would have a hard time giving it up. But DH is very involved. He's the one who asks for the numbers and wants to budget things and plan, etc. From time to time we take a look at our income, and expenses and we keep track for awhile (never lasts long) of everything we spend to see what we have and what we really need and what we can save, etc. We used to have allowances but we recently stopped doing it because our financial needs changed (gas $ different because I have a van now and he has a small car) and we just let it go.. My system for having pocket money is to take some from his wallet. :) But I let him know. Sorry you are still not over the sinus thing. :(

BFB, good luck with all that studying!

RR, I am sorry you are having such a hard time with the strep! :(

Rabbit, congratulations on getting the braces off!! :)

Have a great day all! :)


12-19-2001, 05:11 PM

Lauren - congratulations on the new apartment!!:) ~ Let's see, the braces will have been on 2 1/2 years approx. by the time they come off. ~ The cookies. Hmm. I intended to put them ALL in the freezer to take to my mom's for Christmas. But I had cookies for breakfast this morning. Who is this woman who is inhabiting my body??:?:

Happy - THANKS! That is exactly as I want it to be.:) ~ I'm going to do a little of the cooking today - I want to make it as easy as possible on my mom so she doesn't have anything to worry about. I did the grocery shopping today for her house.

better go!


12-19-2001, 05:41 PM

Big sigh of relief, DH just got back from meeting Harvey to get our $500. back for the deposit on that house. He gave him all kinds of crap about how he didn't have to and DH was like, well, maybe if you took a closer look at the wording, you'd think different. He shut up, knowing that DH works for a huge law firm! :D

RR- Hahaha...I think it's an imposter, the same one that inhabited my body this AM...I also had the breakfast of champions...2 cookies!!

Dani- I wouldn't mind a little snow in time for Christmas! But it can go away and give us a couple weeks of warmer weather for January, so we can move and not freeze our patuties off!!

OK, I'm getting out of here soon! Have to do my Christmas shopping tonight!!

12-20-2001, 10:44 AM
My boys love to have icecream for breakfast.....they are little...sometimes I let them. If we have pie...I'll eat that for breakfast (its fruit right? ) besides better to eat it at morning instead of at night.

Lauren: glad you got your money back.

I finally put up a tree last night. Got an 8" nobel fir for $14.00. It was $39.00 on friday. We're not going up to my parents till Saturday night and I just couldn't wait that long to get a tree from the farm. The boys had fun decorating (I had to redo pretty much everything they did since they put everything on the lower 2 ft of the tree!

- jul

12-20-2001, 06:33 PM
Hi All,

I took the day off today. I wasn't planning on it, but my neighbor downstairs rang the doorbell at 5:55 this AM, while DH was in the shower, to tell me that there was water leaking through his fan in the bathroom ceiling into his sink! He did apologize for waking me up and I told him I'd call maintenance. So I did, and they said they'd be there after 8, so I told them I'd be home. I figured it was a good excuse to clean and get stuff done. Still not sure what the leak was, but the guy changed the gasket behind the knob that you push up or down to keep the water in the tub or out.

I decided to make bread for relatives for Christmas presents to go along with their pictures. I started by deciding to make a loaf of raisin bread for my grandparents. Well, I followed the directions in my bread machine recipe book, and dummy me forgot to leave out the cinnamon...the recipe was for cinnamon raisin bread, but my gran doesn't like cinnamon, so I was gonna leave it out. Anyway, to make things worse, for some reason, the raisins didn't drop in when they were supposed to! I set it for fruit and nut, but when it was all done, the raisins were still in the holder! Oh well, I decided to keep that loaf for myself and it tastes fine!

What is farmer's cheese?? There's a recipe for Devil's Food Choc. Pound Cake that I was gonna make for my aunt and it calls for farmer's cheese. I've never heard of it. Was wondering if it's really nessesary?

Did not get everything done that I should of, I pooped out this afternoon. But I'll try to finish some before DH gets home. He's going out some guys at work for drinks and possibly dinner. That's fine with me, because it gives me time to do more, and really make it look like I made a dent!

Think I'll start by finishing decorating the tree, since DH had no interest in my little Charlie Brown tree!! :D

Guess everyone was busy today!

12-20-2001, 08:14 PM
I have survived!!!!!!It is nice to feel better!!Well, guess what happened this morning??I woke up and had a round tummy!!In fact, my uniform pants wouldnt even fit this morning!!!I had to wear the tie up big girl pants!!!!

Lauren--Second Generation antibiotics are the next stronger ones...The Zpac and the Biaxin are off limits!!!!Yeah on the apartment!!!!!!!Farmers cheese is good..It is a white cheese with all kinds of little spices in it...

Jul---Ice cream for breakfast????My kind of kids!!!!

Well, have to go!!!!!

12-21-2001, 11:14 AM
Hi All,

Wow, it's coming down to the wire!! Today's the last day of work until next Wednesday!!

RR- Can I get farmer's cheese in the regular supermarket, or is it something special? It has spices in it? I wonder why a choc. pound cake recipe would call for it?! Is it like a cream cheese? Speaking of round tummy's, did you decide to take pics?? Would you consider posting, so we can see that wonderful site?! :D

My FIL had another procedure yesterday. This is the 4th angio plasty he's had this year. The first one was right before the wedding. They were able to do one side, but they couldn't do the other, because the lesion was too long and they didn't have long enough strips. He has to go to Washington, DC Sunday to get the rest done! He'll check in Sunday, they'll do it Monday, and he'll be home Tuesday, barring problems!! For most of you, I'm sure you probably have no idea what I'm talking about...I don't even quite understand it, but that's what MIL told me last night. He's resting comfortably as of last night, not sure if he's coming home today or tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers. Thanks.

Hope everyone's doing well!! Have a great day!!

12-21-2001, 01:37 PM
Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been reading though. I just can't seem to get back on track. We've set our restart at WW date for 1/8/02 since we go on Tuesdays (really like that leader) and Christmas and New Year are on Tuesday so we'll have to wait for the week after.

Dani - I want snow to. They're saying maybe Mon. but I think they're just trying to get our hopes up for a white Christmas :lol:.

LBH - I just wanted to tell you about farmer's cheese. It's a dry, crumbly, sweeter, white cheese. Kind of a cross between Riccotta and cream cheese. My aunt actually substitutes ricotta in her cheesecake for a lower fat version, but I don't think it's as sweet. You can find it at the grocery store, but sometimes it's hard, if you have one where all the old polish (or any old country)grandmas shop, I've always found it there. This year we got it at a deli counter (I think the guy who runs the store is greek or lebonese or something like that) by us which made it fresher. Anyway probably more than you wanted, start with the grocery store by the dairy section.

Rabbit - Congrats on the braces :D.

Jul - your tree sounds like the one in the comercial I can't remember what it's for where all the decorations are at the bottom. Our's our mostly at the top to stay out of dog range :).

Well gotta go grocery shopping (my least favorite chore).

Have a great holiday everyone if I don't get back.

- Tech

12-21-2001, 05:20 PM

I've been enjoying the season overly much - my pants are tight!:(

My last package arrived today - whew - I was worried!

Lauren - hope you got that shopping done!!! best wishes to your FIL.

Jul - glad you got your tree up!:D

RR - so cute that you have a round tummy now!:) (not cute that I do).

Tech - good to hear from you!



12-21-2001, 05:55 PM
I can't believe it my scale said 172 this morning. I'm still losing even though I've been eatting a little more.

At least now with a new dog I'll have to go for daily walks in the New Year so she can get her exercise. She needs to get a little bigger for a good walk. About all she can handle right now is up and down the road in front of our house. Then she falls over and goes to sleep.

Leaving tomorrow afternoon instead of this evening. Dad called and asked if it was o.k. that he'd bought a couple of lizzards for Weston. More creepy crawlies in the house. We've already got hermit crabs (I keep wishing they would die but those things are very hardy).

- jul

12-22-2001, 09:28 AM
Hello everyone:

No snow here either. But they are saying maybe between now and Monday. It did snow a little the other morning. Just to show us what it looked like. Funny last year at this time. We had already gotten 30 inches and this year NONE!! Mother Nature sure is funny.

Okay 4 days till WW. And are they trying to tell me something. I got 2 brochures in the mail yesterday about WW. I get it I get it. I am coming back they just need to hold on a moment.

Lots of people gave me gifts of chocolate!! I can not believe how much chocolate I have here. But what is not eaten by the 26th is out of here. One of our vendors gave me a tiny candle holder that says embrace life. It is so cute and can stay out all year long. Keeping me focused.

Okay tons of things to do today. I too must food shop!! YEAH FOR ME!!!




12-22-2001, 10:02 AM
Good Morning!!!!!
Life is soo much better the second trimester!!!!!I have my energy back!!!!I get another throat culture on friday soo hoping all is clear again!!!

Lauren-Good Morning!!!!:?:

Pryia-I have to say, being totally against chocolate and sweets has been the best part of pregnancy!!!

Well, off to a "I love Lucy" exhibit in Mississippi!!!!My SD#1 loves Lucille Ball and I found an exhibit about 150 miles away for her 50th Annivesary soo we are taking a family drive over today!!!
Have a great day!!!
Hope all the last minute shoppers have lots of luck finishing today!!!

12-22-2001, 11:23 AM
Hi All,

Man, I think I'm just gonna coast into the new year and worry about what I'm eating then. I just can't concentrate on it now! Had unexpected dinner at the in-laws last night, since FIL came home from the hospital. She made these big Costco burgers! I can barely finish one. My FIL is not in a good frame of mind. I think he's depressed. I am really praying that everything goes well for him in DC. DH and I can't afford to go, even though we could get a room for about $80-90 a night. If it was just a little closer, we could go down for the day and come home. It's about 4 hrs. away. Hmm, actually, we could probably go down, stay with my friend in Baltimore, and just travel back. That's probably about 1 1/2 hrs. away.

RR- Good Morning!! :s: Have fun at the Lucy display!

Pryia- Just remember, you don't have to make all the chocolate disappear by 12/26, you could give it away!! ;)

Jul- Aww, I can just picture the little puppy falling over and going to sleep!! I saw all these cute little puppies in the pet store at the mall last night. All really young puppies...like the puppy mills breed them so they'll be born in time to buy for Christmas...so sad, I feel bad for them. They had the cutest German Shepard Puppies, a male and female. The male was sold.

Rabbit- Uh oh, time to get more exercise in I guess...to make up for the eats!!

Tech- Good to see you! Thanks for the info on the cheese. I'm going to go shopping later today and look for it. :D

I have a hair appointment at 1:00 to get it trimmed and colored, but I think I may just stick with trim, because I don't have enough money this month to get the color done. With the extra month rent to pay, I'm pretty much broke.

Have a great day all!!