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07-09-2007, 01:03 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting.:gossip: So please, won't you join us? :grouphug: New members are always welcome.:yes:

07-09-2007, 06:31 PM
hello ladies!!! another hot scorching day around here....yesterday's high was 95* and today's high is 97* Tomorrow it is suppose to be a "mild" 90*

Jane~ I think your friend did a great thing by still making you celebrate your birthday!

Marti~ I was hoping that we could wait a little longer before getting him a toddler bed, but I guess not. He got out of his crib again this morning! So, we will either be transferring his crib into the toddler bed or getting him an actual toddler bed like Brandon. One thing though, it will give us more room in the bedroom if we get him an actual toddler bed!

how are the other ladies on this awesome board?? we have Marissa's doctor's appointment in about a half hour, so it should be interesting to see how much she is weighing. she has a little bit of a cough/possible cold, so I am not sure if they are going to go ahead and give her her shots. She hasn't had a fever or anything and I think that is the time when they won't give them their shots.

07-09-2007, 08:37 PM
Just had been MIA...but I've been working on my program....I'm down over 45 pounds now and I've been walking and swimming and even biking. :) I'm excited about the results! ;) I'll hafta a post a new picture. Summer time with the kids home and we've been really busy. I'll play catch up hopefully tonight. I just wanted to check in and see if anyone noticed I was gone. :P

The pounds are coming off slower but the inches are really coming off...more importantly right?


07-09-2007, 11:43 PM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Marissa had her two month check up today! She is 11lbs and is 22 Ĺ inches long!! She has gained just about 4 pounds and 3 Ĺ inches since she was at the doctorís office at the end of May. She got her first set of shots and she hated me after it! The pediatrician told us that when she is four months old we can start her with rice cereal. If she does well with that one for a week, then the following week we can try her with a different cereal, and so on and so on. Then once she tries each of the types of rice cereals out there, then we can start her on the solids. She did great for her shots, and she even did great for her oral one. He wants to see her back when she is four months old, so her next appointment is September 10th at 5:30pm!

Tina~ It is great to hear from you! You are doing great!!!!

07-10-2007, 12:47 PM
Good morning, ladies!:wave:

Tina - I did wonder what happened to you. Glad all is well, and that you're doing great OP. Somehow it seems easier in the summer, with all the fresh veggies and fruits available.

Mindee - yay for a good checkup. Gina says, in her opinion, the Beechnut brands cereal is less likely to cause gas and spitups. So that's what I buy for Jackson at my house, too. Walmart doesn't carry it in our area, but Sav-A-Lot does. I had always bought Gerber for my kids, but didn't know about the other. Jackson's on Lactose Free Lipel formula, and we buy Parent's Choice brand for that. Yikes, I'd forgotten how expensive it is to raise kids!

Hello to anyone reading this.

I'm having a good day, and hope you are, too. Nothing special on the agenda, just same ol', same ol'. It looks like it's going to storm, so I wanted to check in before the internet gets knocked out, lol. Need to go snap some more green beans. :dizzy:

Take care, :hug:

07-10-2007, 02:31 PM
I've been around 3fc for a while now, but somehow never happened across you guys before.. would love to join in. Hope everyone is having a great day.. not much going on at my house, just cleaning and playing with my boys, and eagerly awaiting the return of my daughter this weekend.

A bit about me.. I'm Dee (short for danita), I live in Key West, FL, with a navy hubby, 3 kids (Brooke 8, Connor 5, and Evan 3) a dog, and as of yesterday an iguana named Green. I am trying to lose 100lbs total (lost around 30 so far) before we leave Key West next year.

Have a great day!


07-10-2007, 02:38 PM
Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

I need to make this a quicky as I'm cutting it close to needing to get to work.

Dee--Hello and Welcome!!! :wave: So happy to have you join us. Looking forward to getting to know you more. You'll just love these girls!

Jane--Buying things for our kids really puts our spending into perspective doesn't it?? I hope you don't have a bad storm. Stay safe!

Mindee--11lbs. Boy.....I can't even remember my baby being 11lbs. Now she's my height if not taller!! Cherish every moment (as I'm sure you are).

Tina--Good to see you poppin in. Looking forward to seeing your updated photos! You're doing fantastic and should be proud!!

Hello and good morning to the rest of you girls.

I need to get going.

Hugs to you all!!

07-10-2007, 03:01 PM
I'm back....

:welcome: to Dee! I'm glad you found us - glad to have you here. How's it going with the iguana? Sounds like fun! Life in the Keys seems so tropical! Do you know yet where your next location will be? Btw, if you think you'd like to stay, please fill out a bio when you're ready. :)

Marti - yep, you're so right! I spend money on the DGKs that I wouldn't spend on myself, lol. Now that I have 6 of them, it's becoming a challenge, lol.

I have been on the computer off and on for a big part of the morning! The storm went around us, so that's good. Some are expected later, though!

Question - Do any of you have a good healthy, low-calorie recipe for green beans? Usually I just add onions, but that's getting a tad boring. :dizzy:

07-10-2007, 04:12 PM
Afternoon Ladies!

Jane--No, I am not taking the boys to the beach with me :( I'll have doggy withdraw within 2 days. One of the gals that I work with is watching them. She has a fenced in yard and for the first time they will be able to run without being on a leash. The only place that I could find that was dog friendly was not ocean front. It was several blocks from the beach. I'll miss my boys but love that ocean front view!!

Marti--I see you were born in the phillipines. My dd is engaged to a Filipino/Hispanic guy. We love him and just met his parents. Wonderful couple. My dd has natural spiral curly long dark hair and considering that she has a love/hate relationship with her biological dad, she always tells people when they ask her where she got the curly hair that her real dad is Denzel Washington!! So can you imagine what my future grandkids will look like! Hopefully they will have their dad's asian eyes, his dark skin and my dd curly hair. Only in America!!

Mindee--I'm so happy that Marissa is growing beautifully!

Dee--:welcome2: My sis was stationed in KW while her dh was in the coast guard and that is where my son went directly after CG boot camp. He was there for 6 months before going to 'A' school. I love it there. I was so disappointed when my son left there so soon. We stayed at the naval hotel for only $31 a night. I've also been there on a few cruises. Love the Kino sandels! I have about 5 pair of them.

Big Hugs :hug: to all that I missed. You know who you are!!

Gotta work a night shift tonight and then I'm off for the next 13 days!!!! I'll sleep till about noon tomorrow then pick the boys up from the groomer (dd is dropping them off to groomer tomorrow so I can sleep without barking). Then I have to start laundry, packing and wake up enough to go dancing tomorrow night. Planning an engagement party for dd when we return from the beach. Someone asked, I think Cristina, about posting pics of my living/dining room and I will after I do the curtains for the dining room. Well, I'm off to iron a uniform for work, pack my snacks to keep awake, and try to plan dinner before I go. Have a wonderful day ladies!!

07-10-2007, 04:51 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

I'm back after a very long, busy week and weekend, ugh! Never worked so hard in my life! Didn't help that the weather wasn't cooperating...too stinking hot. Would have thought I would have sweated a few pounds off. Anywho...

JANE...I have some WW recipes I will have to find, not sure if they are worthy or not. Everyone has different tastes so... the new avatar! Marissa is growing fast for sure!

DEE...a big :welcome: to you! Looking forward to getting to know you.

WTG TINA on the 45 pounds gone! :woohoo:

TAMMY...yes, it was me wanting to see pictures of all your decorating. Wish I was going to the beach with you! Hope you guys have a fun, safe trip.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I was on yesterday but it took so long to read way could I attempt to try and catch-up. But I am back and hoping to get back into my routine.

Nothing much going on. Yesterday I basically took it easy and today, had errands to run this morning. We got a bad storm last, after our dirt yard was almost dried out from the last rain it was puddles again, lol. But we did manage to get 2 1/2 sides of the fence up, lol. Didn't realize how much bigger this yard is from the last house...a whole lotta fence! What made it bad was we had to walk thru mud so it took longer. Otherwise it would have been finished...well, except for the front part on both sides. Have to leave it open so the guys can finish off the yard (tilling and such) for the sod...if it will stay dry enough to do anything. This has definitely been a wild and wacky spring and summer.

Anywho...hoping all is well with everyone. Take care and I hope you ladies are having a lovely day!

07-10-2007, 11:38 PM
Jane~ I will have to look into that! Since the kids are on WIC, she will get the coupons with those on it, so I will have to remember it. Marissa is on the Enfamil Prosobee Lipil. She is allergic to milk based formulas like the boys were when they were younger.

Dee~ Welcome to the group!!! Awesome job on the weight that you have lost so far!

Marti~ I am definitely cherishing each moment. They are even more special to me because I have a little help in the estrogen department!

Tammy~ I am as well! The pediatrician was awe struck when he walked into the room and saw her. The last time he saw her was in the hospital before he signed the discharge papers sending us home when she was about 7lbs.

Cristina~ Thanks for the wonderful comments about my avatar! I am thinking of changing it to the recent picture that I took of them, oh heck, I will just post it in here if you all donít mind!

07-10-2007, 11:41 PM
here is the recent picture that I was able to snap of the three little kiddos while they were cooperating with me. I hope you enjoy it!

07-10-2007, 11:55 PM
Mindee- Darling picture!!

I am back.....worse for the wear, but happy to be home. I am so glad we don't ever have to do that drive again. The trip from HE77.....details later. I am off to bed.

07-11-2007, 01:58 AM
Sue~ Thanks! It is good to see/hear from you!

07-11-2007, 11:26 AM
They are so cute.. makes me almost miss mine being little. Almost, lol.

thanks for the welcome everyone! I'll put up a bio when I get a chance, you ladies seem wonderful. Hope everyone has a great day, got to run clean up some messes now.


07-11-2007, 12:03 PM
ahhhh Mindee I love the picture! :) Thanks!
I'm dressed for my walk and I only have about an hour before I need to wake up my hubby and son to go to work. So, I better take off.
Just been so incredibly busy with my kids being off from school and my business.
But thanks girls for the comments. I did post a new picture. Don't know if you can tell a difference from my last picture. But I'll post more later.

Gotta go on my power walk! ;) 3 miles!


07-11-2007, 12:22 PM
Good Morning Darlins!!

Jane--I sure wish I had some recipes for green beans. I just steam mine in the steamer. And during the holidays hubby & I use Emeril's recipe.............delicious. Only it takes a couple hours to cook. Hope your weather is got up into the 100's yesterday and is suppose to do the same today. Too hot!!

Tammy--This gal I work with, her family is from India. She's is gorgeous. She has the naturally curly hair that is down passed her shoulders, beautiful dark skin and these amazing deep blue eyes! I would love to have features that beautiful!

Cristina--Glad to hear your fence is up and done. I don't envy the work that you must've put into it! A couple I know was needing to put up a fence a few months ago. The husband thought he could do it over the weekend, I looked at the wife w/a raised eyebrow and said "With that large yard?? Good luck!" (he had planned to do it alone!) Not sure how long it took but more than a weekend.

Mindee--Cute photo. You can definitely tell they're brothers and sister! Adorable babies...thanks for sharing w/us!

Sue--Glad to see you made it back safely! What was the weather like in Vegas?? Excruciating? Pop back in soon!

Dee--Hi! Pop back in when you got the mess all cleaned up!

Tina--You've been very busy it seems! And to be able to stay OP the entire time is fantastic. Enjoy your walk and keep up the wonderful work you're doing.

Hello to everyone else out there!!

I need to get some things done before work so I better scoot. Hubby bought a two man kayak yesterday! Looking forward to taking that out onto the lakes in the mountains.

Better run......I'm dawdlin' now.

Hugs to all! :hug:

07-11-2007, 01:35 PM
Good morning, ladies,

Tammy - ahh, your dog is going to have a blast running around the friend's yard while you are gone, lol. Have fun on your vacation. Send me a postcard!

Cristina - wow, you've made some good progress on the fence. We had some storms here, too, and I don't envy you working in the mud. About the green beans, my SIL used to put dill in hers, and that was different. I think I'm going to just stick to onions, lol. Hope you get rested.

Mindee - aww, what cute kids! They're all growing so much.

Sue - welcome back! To quote Dorothy, "There's no place like home!"

Dee - hey, I've got a couple of messes up here in Indiana, too, if you still have some energy when you're done with your own, lol. :D

Tina - wow, you are for sure going to have to change your signature since there is no fat on you anymore.

Marti - you're a brave woman to get into a kayak. It looks like fun when I see it on TV, but since I can't swim, there's no way I'd get in one. You and James are always doing the most fun things! I beat Neal at 500 Rummy last night, does that count, lol?

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

I'm going to a ladies picnic tonight, so I made a lite pasta salad to take. The tomatoes, green onion, green pepper, and cucumber in it are all fresh from the garden. I know there will be at least one thing there to eat that isn't loaded in fat and calories, lol.

Have a good one, chickas! :hug:

07-11-2007, 01:59 PM
Jodi - Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope you see this, and pop back in to let us know how everything's going for you. :hug:

07-11-2007, 03:18 PM
woo hoo, just HAD to barge in on this thread and say CONGRATS to Tina! You are a true inspiration.
You helped a lot to get my butt moving 9 weeks ago to lose weight with your story. Thanks so much for sharing!!
It is wonderful to read about your success and great to see you back in the 3fc boards :)

Wishing you continued success! You look awesome! Dang, I wanna look like you!! lol

ps - Beautiful babies Mindee!


07-11-2007, 03:45 PM
Hi ladies!

SUSAN...hey girlie! Glad you popped by even though you didn't say hi to me, lol. Maybe between you and Tina I can get motivated again!

MARTI...yeah, I would be raising my eyebrows too! A fence built in a weekend by one person?! We should have hired him to do ours! Of course I guess too it all depends on what kind of fence and how big. We're not quite finished yet. We have about 1/3 of the driveway side and the gate on one side, probably another 150 pickets or so. It was a big job I don't wish to do again. And I am not staining this one, lol! A kayak eh? That sounds like fun! You guys are so adventurous.

SUE...glad you are home and you don't have to go to Vegas anymore.

JANE...okay, well I had posted some green bean recipes before coming here. Maybe someone will like them...they are good!

MINDEE...such a cute picture! And you can post pictures here anytime...I love seeing the little ones. They are growing up so fast already.

Hiya DEE :wave: And everyone else :wave:

Nuthin much going on today. Went to the library to return some books and just hanging around the house getting laundry done now.

Have a great day ladies!

07-11-2007, 03:57 PM
Jane ~ haha! You know what they say about black! :) But I'm still losin' some here and we'll see where I end up. I used to weigh 132 and thought that was a good weight at the time. (it was 8 yrs ago)

Susan ~ wow! THANKS! It's inspiring to hear that I was inspiring! :) And I do feel really good. And it doesn't seem that long ago a began my program. There was something so surreal about reaching the 150's! ;) (after being in the 200's)

Hey guys ~ well I gotta get going! I'm so glad to be back here with the support of you guys! ;) It's so easy to get distracted and forget to come over here. So I'm going to make a huge effort to check in!


07-11-2007, 08:00 PM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Anybody want two boys? Brandon and Logan were both up at 6:15 this morning, which is out of the ordinary for them. I busted Brandon in the kitchen. He had the fridge door open, the pancake mix on the counter, along with the turkey baster, meat fork and a spoon. I went to grab the container of juice out of his hand, and in the process it got spilled all over the floor. So, I spent the morning cleaning up the kitchen, the inside of the fridge, and mopping the floor. Once I got that all done, I went in the bedroom to get Logan up and he had a Hugs juice in his bed. I got that out of his crib and back into the fridge. Went back into the bedroom to change diapers and their clothes. Got them all set up and eating breakfast (I made them eggs), and it was time for Marissa to wake up and eat. It has been non-stop since then! I was able to get a nap in with Brandon on the couch. Then it was time to get them up and get them some lunch and we have been going ever since.

I have changed the movie in the dvd player about 20 times in an hour for the past four or five hours now. (and it is usually between the same 4 or 5 dvds) Logan has been a major crab since he wasnít able to get his normal afternoon nap because he took a nap this morning. So, it will be dinner time, maybe go outside for a while and then time to hit the bed.

Dee~ You can have them if you want! I would gladly lend them to you for a little bit. Thanks for the nice comments on the picture!

Tina~ Thanks for the nice comments on the picture. You look amazing! I love the new avatar!

Marti~ Thanks for the nice comments on the picture. They each look either more like me or more like Tommy, but then when you put all three of them together they all look a like.

Jane~ Thanks for the nice comment on the picture. They are definitely growing like weeds.

Tammy~ have fun on your vacation!!

Jodi~ Happy belated birthday!!

Susan~ It is so good to hear from you! Thanks for the nice comment on the picture.

Cristina~ Now that I have permission, I might go bonkers with the pictures (Iím just kidding about that) but I will post some every now and then.

07-11-2007, 11:21 PM
Mindee... as much as I love little boys, I think you can keep them, but thanks... Ah the lovely days when they decide to wake up early and get into mischief. And my daughter is coming home Saturday after a month and a half of being spoiled by all the grands, so I'm sure she'll come up with new and unique ways to get the boys into trouble doing her schemes.... Hope your day got better!


07-11-2007, 11:57 PM
Dee~ Hey, it was worth a shot, right? The rest of the day went on similar to the beginning of the day, but daddy was home so they relaxed a little on the mischief! Isn't that how it always works?

07-12-2007, 12:09 AM
Evening ladies...I am in a "better place" tonight. :D
We did manage to get the Vegas home sold. Came home with a van loaded to the I spent all day un-packing and trying to find room somewhere for everything. Geesh...way too many towels and kitchen goodies. I should have sent more home with DS as he came to Vegas and took a U-Haul full of furniture to San Diego.
The mis-haps started before we even left home. We got a call that the A/C was out in the Vegas home. Now, who wants to face arriving during 110* heat with no A/C????? We gave the realtor the ok to get it fixed..and shuddered to think of what that might cost. We also booked a hotel room for the night of arrival, just in case....which we used, even though the air was fixed when we arrived. Just hadn't cooled down much yet. SO, the move actually went smoothly. DS spent 2 evenings with us and then he was back to SD.
The drive home was just one problem after another, 2 times towed...both causing 2-3 hours of repairs. This with a van we have NEVER had trouble with and DH keeps in good repair. (who can tell that a fuel pump is ready to quit??) Anyway, one day it was 112* and one 100* while we sat and waited for the tows. I could go an and on about the problems, but you can get the drift!
See why I was so glad to get home and actually RELAX? :dizzy:
Today has been hella busy, but at least I am home and it is NOT 116*, which it was in LV one day. :cool:

I did ok on food but not on exercise while gone. Came home to weigh exactly the same as before I left. So, starting tomorrow I will be back on the bike and trying to rack up the miles ridden. Hopefully this time I can shed a pound or two again.

Hi to everyone and I will get back in the swing ASAP.

07-12-2007, 01:35 AM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - good to see you popping in, and hope to see you posting here more. I though about you on the anniversary of you dad's passing, and hoped your day was not too sad. :hug: How're the big girls and the little Gabster? Bet she's growing like a weed.

Cristina - well, yay for posting the recipes! I'll check them out soon. I'm just trying to find a way to make the mundane more bearable. Green beans are my favorite way to fill up for such few calories.

Tina - black really does make a person look slimmer, so why am I attracted to the bright colors like I should be part of a carnie, lol?

Mindee - aww, I hope you have a less stressful day tomorrow.

Dee - yep, we grands love to spoil the little ones then send them home. Actually, I wouldn't say I SPOIL them, just..... indulge, lol. :o

Sue - oh dear, what a mess getting home! Bet you're loving the cooler weather we're having now that the cold front moved through. I'm in my glory!

Hello to everyone else reading this.

Makenzie brought me a quart of blackberries and asked me if I would make blackberry jelly for her! The little cutie was so sweet about it, and of course I said YES, so Neal picked 3 more quarts, and I'll be making jelly in the morning.

The picnic was fun, and I behaved myself by choosing reasonable foods. Then I had a peanut butter sandwich when I got home! That's the only mess-up I've had since weigh-in last Saturday, though, so I'm just going to forget about it.


07-12-2007, 03:16 AM
Jane~ Thanks! I hope tomorrow is a less stressful day as well!

Sue~ My goodness! I can see why you were ready to be home and relaxing! Tommy used to be a mechanic at a dealership, so he will listen to the van, and if he hears a noise that is new he will turn the radio off and listen to try and decipher what it is. It can get old after a while, but hey some times you just have to deal with it, right?

07-12-2007, 03:17 AM
Just a quicky before I go to bed....(I have to cover for a girl tomorrow so I'm up early!)

For those of you that I have your email addresses.......
I've been having issues w/my email and it stopped letting me receive any email. So while trying to fix it all................

I've lost all my email contacts!! :(

So....if you would like, could you PM me your emails again??? But no pressures!!

And just so you know, I'm using my hotmail (MSN) account so feel free to email me that way.

Thanks girls...

off to bed I go, I'll catch up tomorrow night after work.

07-12-2007, 12:12 PM
Just dropping by to say HI!

Will be back later, I think. Getting ready to head out to see Sicko. I love Michael Moore and thank him for getting things out in the open even if no one cares.

Have a good one!

07-12-2007, 06:21 PM
Marti~ I will send you mine in a second (not sure if I had given it to you before, but I will send it out again)

Cristina~ Let me know how that movie is. I agree with you on him getting things out in the open even if no body cares.

07-12-2007, 09:03 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - so, was today any better, stresswise? I sure hope so! Before you know it, the kids will be out the door and in school, and you will have the house to yourself. Not sure it that's considered a good thing, or a bad one, lol.

Marti - nice of you to fill in for someone. I'll try and remember to PM you my email addy. If I forget, hey, just give me a buzz.

Cristina - I'm a fan of MM, too. He has courage that isn't often found anymore. Let us know how the movie is, ok?

A big hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I've had the best day! After I got the jelly made, I went to town and had lunch with my niece, Carol. She's always a bright spot in my day. Then I did a little shopping and looked at fabric for a bit. I feel the urge to sew something, lol, but decided I better stick with scrapbooking as a craft for awhile yet.


07-12-2007, 10:26 PM
Evening Ladies!

Mindee--I'm exhausted just reading about those boys of yours. Brings back memories. When my son was about 2 1/2 and finally in a "big boy" bed, I put him down for a nap. There was a big container of baby powder (yes, 20 years ago we were able to use baby powder) on his dresser. He had a cold and I had the cool mist running in his room. I went to get him up for his nap and the entire room looked like it was filled with smoke. I panicked when I went into the room and as I snatched him out of his bed I realized the the "smoke" smelled like baby powder. The little terror had puffed the powder up in the air before he fell asleep and the cool mist had blown it all over the room. Those boys!!!

Sue--so glad you are home safely, not without mishaps I see!!

Tina-- looking fab darling!

Cristina--we saw Die Hard last weekend. It was great. I'm a fan of Michael Moore too.

Pinky--how many days till WDW?

Jane--I won't forget your postcard! I love to sew. I have material ordered for my dining room curtains. First time I'm attempting to do a custom made curtain, you know that kind that is stapled to a board. It will be 3 swags with Jaboe's on the sides. I post pics when I finish.

Marti--we will have to start nicknaming you "Adventure Woman"!

A big hello to all that I missed. I'm all packed and ready to head out in the morning. I can smell the ocean air from here. Then again, I'm not that far from the Chesapeake Bay and my county is surrounded by water so I'm kinda near it all the time. Ahh, but the ocean...nothing to compare to it. I'm heading up to take a hot shower and then try to read myself to sleep. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and if our condo has internet service, you might hear from me! Ta Ta!!

07-12-2007, 10:52 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Sorry I haven't checked in until now but this has been a crazy week...the boy got his hours changed so that has thrown my schedule out the window and I am a creature of habit so I am not liking it much LOL...we went to see Transformers last Thurs. and when we were coming out Hubby called he was at the truckstop so he was home until Monday afternoon...we went to see Harry Potter today, Excellant movie!!!...Well I am in the middle of cooking a turkey burger so I will say Good Evening I hope everyone is well and staying OP...have a Good Evening All.

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 59 days away!

07-12-2007, 11:22 PM
Evening ladies...Another busy day here. Whew, I don't know when I will get to take a break. :)
I still have a few things to put away from the van and my closet is a mess now that I brought so many things from Vegas. Two houses into one...doesn't go! Thank goodness we didn't bring any of the big furniture home: just a dinette table, 6 chairs, a sofa table, mirror and 2 lawn chairs. All the rest was clothes, towels, bedding and kitchen goods. (and tons of Christmas stuff: wrap and decorations.) Yikes!
Had to take Mom to the dr. today, then for an ultrasound and they sent her to another dr. So, we were gone most all day. She has to go to a surgeon in 2 weeks. Has a pinched nerve and compressed fracture in her back. No wonder she has been in such pain.
Came home and grilled chicken for dinner with corn on the cob and cauliflower. Haven't made it to the grocery store since being home, but luckily had things on hand. I just can't get into the swing of things!
Tomorrow we need to go see family, so there is another day with not getting the house in order. I don't do well with things in chaos. Would be cleaning right now if the rest of the household wasn't asleep.

Mindee- Your kids sound like they are very normal and full of energy. I didn't have 3 so close together, so feel for you. :) (When my son was born the girls were 14 and 11.)

Tammy- *whine* I wanna go to the beach.... I just don't want to drive that far right now. LOL If you are like me you won't get much sleep the night before a trip. Have a ball and try to check in. (way to go on the loss by the way) YAY Tammy!

Jane- I have been slowly buying up things for scapbooking, so plan to start on one as soon as I get things caught up here. I also like to sew, and should make my curtains. I have only ever made simple bedroom ones for the girls years ago. And if I remember right I made them from a bedsheet because there were no curtains to match their bedding. I am anxious to see pictures of Tammy's project, how about you?

Marti- I don't know if you had my e-mail, but I will PM it to you now. I might be changing things around on my computer soon. Think I will get cable modem and lose this dial up. That is the one thing I told DH I wanted if we sold the winter home. I had kept this dial up just because it was also usable in Vegas at no extra charge.

Cristina- Hey, sounds like you have been extra busy with the fence building. You have a pretty large yard don't you? We down sized the yard when we moved here as DH was so tired of yard work. Now he walks with the push mower and is done in less than an hour. He is even thinking of selling the lawn tractor....but I say keep it for snow removal. Ugh..snow! (don't tell Jane I said that!) Hope you enjoyed the movie...I wouldn't, but that is just my personal opinion. Don't like MM at all even though I think a few of his points are valid. But then, I don't have the same movie tastes as Pink Jane either. :)

Susan- Hi lady...good to see you here.

Tina- Wow...way to go! Love the picture.

Pink Jane- I am also a creature of habit. When DH worked if he had a day off or worked long hours it threw everything off for me. And boy, did the kids know how to throw a monkey wrench in my plans at times. I like to know what I am doing and when. (preferably days in advance) I vaguely remember being very spontaneous and carefree before kids arrived. :D

Dee- :welcome2: Nice to have you here and I hope to talk to you often.

Hi all...thinking of every Jaded Lady and wishing you all a wonderful week-end.

07-13-2007, 12:58 AM
Jane~ Yup, today was a better day stress wise! I was really unsure about him going to school but now I canít wait for him to go to school. He is already interested in it, so it makes it a lot easier! I used to start to freak out when it came around time for his birthday. I used to always then say ďonly x more years and then he will be off to school.Ē Now, I just take it all one day at a time which is what you have to do!

I finally kicked my eating late at night habit. And in doing so I lost 4 pounds! I got dressed this morning and had a feeling something was up because my capris fit better on me! We are leaving tomorrow after Tommy gets home from work to go down to Ohio for the weekend! It is going to be a nice get away. We are going to go back down there next Saturday for his friendís momís birthday.

Tammy~ We use baby powder nowÖ..but not on butts though! We have to use it to put in Brandonís sneakers! His feet stink so bad that that is the only thing that we have found to help it out a little bit! I had to laugh at your story because I can see either Brandon or Logan doing it! In fact, one day last week, they both got into my make-up while I was feeding Marissa. I set her down in the bassinet, and went into their room where they were at. I walk into the bedroom and Logan wouldnít look at me. I finally got him to look at me and he had my lipstick all over his face! They put some on each other, but Logan was wearing more of it then Brandon was. I had to toss the sheet on Brandonís bed because they had ground some lipstick into the sheets. In fact, I noticed on the outfit that Logan was wearing that day, after going through the washer/dryer, that it hadnít come out at all!

Pink Jane~ I am a creature of habit as well! I hate when something throws a wrench into my schedule! How did you like Transformers? Some of it was shot here in MI, so I was wondering if it was worth seeing or not?

Sue~ Sometimes I think they are full of too much energy! And I want them to give me some so I can be just as crazy as them!

hello to every one that I missed! I hope you all have a great Friday the 13th!!

07-13-2007, 07:21 AM
Morning ladies! Had to get up early and get the trash out, and dh out on his way to work out. Hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I went to circuit training and walking club here on base, and I have to say, I'm loving it. So nice to meet some new people, and people who are motivated to get healthier, instead of just sitting around talking about others (many of my neighbors delight in doing this). I talked to the new fitness coordinator for the base, and she said she wants to see my eating and activity logs for a few weeks, and see what she can do to help me reach my goal of being down 100 lbs by the time we leave here(a year from now). Other than that, my house is almost ready for my other munchkin to come back, and for the fun today that hubby and I are going to have setting up our mini home gym in our room. I'm so happy that he is ready to work really hard on getting us both in shape (although, knowing the way men lose weight, I'll be mad in a few weeks, lol.. especially since he only has about 40lbs to lose).

have a gread day, all, and watch out for ladders and black cats, etc... lol


07-13-2007, 12:40 PM
Good Morning Ladies!! :wave:

I haven't had my cup of coffee :coffee: yet, maybe I better get one before I start hold on a minute. :running:

Ok, got it going so I should have a cup here in a minute or so.
How are you all doing today?? I'm so happy that it's Friday. Jhanai comes over AND it's payday. Sounds like a shopping weekend to me!! :D

Been eating from the garden.....salads. We have so much lettuce there is no excuse to not eat a salad. Our tomatoes are still green so haven't had any of those yet, but looks like we'll have TONS of them. Everything else is slowly growing.

Dee--How cool it must be to have a fitness coordinator to help you out! When I had the gym membership at work, there was a gal who was in charge....I thought that she would be very helpful in my efforts to reach goals......she wasn't helpful at all. Now the gal we had at my last job....she was fantastic and w/her help I lost 25lbs. Sure wish I can find out where she was now!! Good luck to you! I know you'll succeed!

Mindee--Yeah on 4lbs!! That's fantastic!!! Late night eating/snacking used to be a HUGE problem for me. Mainly because I worked nights and then on the days that I had a normal schedule I still munched away on things. It was a hard habit to break. Now being on isn't so bad. Keep up the great work!

Sue--I'm sorry you have so much to do still. I'm like you...chaos just drives me batty! I hope you get to settle down soon and relax and enjoy that gorgeous house of your w/out any worries of unpacking and rearranging. So will you and hubby find another place someday to get away from the cold? Or will you just have the one?

PJ--I want to see both of those movies. HP will have to wait a couple weeks though since its so popular the lines will be crazy. I don't particularly like a crowded theater.....I never get there in time for a good seat!

Ah----hang on.

Ok, now I'm better. :coffee:

Tammy--I want to go to the ocean this weekend too. We may take the dogs and let them roam around. It's been awhile since we've gone to the coast. And I just love walking in the sand!! Have lots of fun and tell us all about it when you get back.

Jane--Your DGD's are so cute! How sweet to ask for some jelly. You know I've been thinking of sewing myself lately, only thing is.....I don't sew! I can mend socks if that counts! :lol: But it would be nice to make some clothes, mainly tops.

Cristina--So what did you think of the movie? I've heard lots of good on that one. I'm wanting to see that one too. Too many movies I want to see.....most of them will have to wait until it's out on DVD though since I hate losing hours sitting indoors while the weather is so nice. But there are a couple that I just have to go see!

Susan--Good to hear from you. How are your girls doing? How have you been dealing w/this heat?? Thankfully it's cooled down a little!

Tina--You'll have to post some before and afters again. You've done an amazing job and should feel so very proud. Do you see yourself as more active now?? Keep up the great work. It motivates the rest of us.

Hello to all the other gals out there!! :wave:

Coffee in hand and the newspaper..........that is where I'm off to before work. Have a great day and I'll catch up w/you all again sometime this weekend......DD is here so who knows how often I'll be able to get on! :lol:

Hugs to you all! :hug:

07-13-2007, 03:37 PM
Friday the 13th, my lucky day!!

Tammy - can't wait to hear more about the curtains when you get back. Are they the no-sew kind? I've seen that guy on TV do all sorts of fabric projects with a board and a stapler. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

PJ - WooHoo, your vay-kay is in the 50s now!

Sue - yes, I have done the same things with matching or coordinating sheets. When the kids were younger and money was tight, making curtains that was saved a bundle.

Mindee - YAY for the 4# down. :cp: Hope you have fun in Ohio this weekend.

Dee - sounds like you've got everything under control and ready for a healthy lifestyle.

Marti - will you be shopping for anything in particuar? School clothes maybe? I saw Halloween stuff out at our Hallmark store and think that's it's a little early for goblins, lol. Have a good time with your Jhanai.

I asked Gina if I could have Macy and Jackson today, and she let me, so we've been having a good time. Both are down for a nap now. Later I'll be going to my scrapbook crop, and can't wait for that! We have so much fun! Some new members are joining - the more the merrier, right?

Better skeedaddle - have a good one, ladies. :hug:

07-13-2007, 04:04 PM
Hello ladies...

Well, the movie was good. It actually brought tears to my eyes because one of the ladies that was sick went over to Cuba to get free medical care and she told the doctor she didn't understand the concept of free medical care. It's sad to me that the prisoners at Guatmo Bay have the top of the line facilities and medical care when people who pay out the arse for years can't get it. It was an eye opener but at the same not a whole lot I didn't know already espeically since having to fight the insurance company a few times. It's also sad that the french, brits and canuks get FREE medical no matter what. I just wish more people would watch his documentaries...maybe then things will change over here. But yes, the movie was good. For those of you who are wondering what it is about it is about the health care in the USA. These were real people and cases that were denied time after time until people died because they were denied. As well, as the elderly who worked all their lives and can't retire because of the high price of prescriptions, about some 9/11 volunteers who are sick now from being at ground zero and too can't get the help they need. It just goes on and on and is so very sad. But at the end what he said does make sense...Until we are a WE nation instead of a ME nation, nothing will change. I like to think that I am not a "me" person because I do help others but it's not enough and I know that. Anyway...

JANE...guess I missed the thing with the jelly, going to have to go back and reread all the posts. Not sure how but I guess with so many posts I miss things. Glad you had a nice time with your niece.

MARTI...I thought the movie was GREAT but at the same time sad. The one girl was in a head on wreck and her insurance would not pay for her ambulance ride because she didn't get permission first, lol. It's not funny, just crazy that things like that happen. Like she said, when was she supposed to get permission, in between consciousness (sp?)? Anywho...hope you have a GREAT Jhanai weekend! know, I had mine close almost like yours, 19 months, and then 22 months apart. I chose too though because I knew I was going to have 3 kids (was supposed to be 4 but DH changed his mind) and I wanted them to be somewhat close. At times it was chaos but I wouldn't change it for the world. Like Jane said, I think, pretty soon they will be in school and you won't know what to do with yourself. WTG on the 4 pounds! :woohoo: :bravo:

TAMMY...thinking of you basking in the sun on the beach, ahhh, wish I was there. Hope you guys enjoy your vacation!

SUE...yeah, there's a LOT of people who don't like Michael Moore, I don't understand why though. But I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, we are all different...that's what makes the world go round. Hope you get some order to your chaos soon. And, I hope all goes well with your mom. Will be keeping her in my prayers. YOu know, the yard didn't look so big with all those trees in the back, didn't realize how much of our yard they took up, lol., such a great thing to have to help with your weightloss journey.

PINKJANE...sounds like you have been busy for sure. Getting closer to your WDW vacation!

HI to everyone else :wave:

Finally went to the pool this morning, man the water was cold, brrrr! Actually, once you take that first dunk it's not so bad. Went at 10 am so it was not so hot out. I decided that I was not going to miss out on things because I am fat. I found a cute bathing suit and said what the heck, I am going for it! Went and bought groceries this morning early. Did that early so I could get back and get things put away to get to the pool early. wanted to get there before too many people came. I don't mind people there but that pool is very small! And you get a lot of kids in there and wow! Anyway, going again Monday. Gets too busy on the weekends. Other than that not much going on, getting some laundry done and then going to jump in the shower. Still in my wet bathing suit and I am freezing! When V gets home we are headed to get some new phones. He has to go down there to get his discount. Working where he does he gets a decent discount for our cell phone service. His phone was washed last week and he's been without a phone since. We thought this would be a great opportunity to get our own phones...we were on Jason's with the family plan. Jason is going to be changing soon to another service so...anywho.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a GREAT Friday the 13th!

07-13-2007, 04:06 PM
HIYA were posting as I was writing the novel, lol. Couldn't think of a more perfect day...grandkids and scrapbooking! Have a fun day, as I know you will. Halloween in Hallmark, yikes! It is too early!

07-13-2007, 04:11 PM
thanks ladies for the nice words and encouragement! I found this quote on another site that also helps me at night. It says "Just remember the word D.I.E.T. As in, Don't Imagine Eating This" and it really has helped me out!

07-14-2007, 01:00 PM
Happy Saturday Ladies!

MINDEE...I like that DIET saying, I'm glad that it is helping you.

HI to everyone else! :wave:

Went to the park this morning and got in 2 1/2 miles. It was already warm at 8, ugh. Tried to get there at 7:30 but I just didn't want to get up early, lol. Feels good though to get it out of the way and focus on the rest of the day without trying to figure out when I will walk, or if I will. That has been my problem...not wanting to do much of anything since going to AR-I have gotten lazy, as far as exercise goes. Getting back on track though. I was going to wait until Monday to start and thought there is no time like the present. Rest of the day will be spent cleaning the house and getting some laundry done. Then head to Lowes when V gets off and pick out some pickets. We had 600 delivered and he counted last night the ones we have returned (not all at once) and it was 387. That is terrible! Have to finish off the one side and then wait for the sod to be put in to finish the front sides..who knows when that will be, hoping next week sometime. Anywho...

Whatever you do, have a GREAT weekend ladies! I am hoping since we are so close to the Air Base that I will be able to see the show they are having this weekend. They were practicing Thursday and Jason mentioned that he was waiting for the bomb to drop, lol. I missed it though being at the movies. Take care.

07-14-2007, 02:16 PM
Afternoon JL's.....I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is here. So breezy and nice. Makes me want to go sit in the yard, but I haven't yet. I am still trying to get my house in order. I am hanging pictures and decorating the back/utility hallway. Had a small table and mirror from out West that I brought back just for that hallway. (one DH built) I must say it is going to look purty. :)
I walked down to a neighbor's garage sale and bought 6 books earlier. Like I need more books. But I did find out that she reads the same things I do and these were really recent releases. Saved me about $5.00 a book. Then my uncle called and he is having a garage sale with his daughter and they had books by Stephen I said yeah, keep those for me. I just hate to pass up a book for a few cents when they cost so much. My DS likes King so will take these when I am done with them. My SIL likes the other books I read and will take them off my hands. I have decided to NOT keep any paperbacks if I have read them. I am really trying to not be such a's hard.

OKAY....I got on that bike and rode 1 mile earlier and will do 2 miles tonight. Slowly work my way back to 7 miles, I hope.
Talk to you ladies later..........break time is over.

07-14-2007, 08:36 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Just got off the treadmill...had to turn the AC back on today, we've had like 2 wks with beautiful weather and didn't need to run it but it got hot again now and suppose to be in the 90's all week...Hubby is on his way to Boston has to deliver at 6 am on Monday...the boy has a game tonite so no taxi service Woo Hooo LOL...been fighting with the cable company for the past month, finally just told them to bring me out a new box, so the guy came earlier today and exchanged it and it seems to be working fine now...having shrimp for dinner tonite and then gonna make a fruit salad well have a Good Evening All and enjoy your weekend.

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 57 days away!

07-14-2007, 10:52 PM
Just dropping in before I do homework to say hi! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We were supposed to get DD back today, but she missed her flight due to a faulty alarm clock (I think it's a nana and grandad ploy to keep her longer), and is coming in tomorrow afternoon instead. Not much going on around here.. I went to pilates class this morning with the ladies I circuit train with, and then cleaned and ran errands. Should have the house all finished up before DD gets home tomorrow, so we can have some fun. Also found a carpet for my bedroom, so we'll have a nice soft surface for the home gym we're starting to put together. Ah well... i guess i HAVE to go do homework now... argh.


07-14-2007, 11:20 PM
Quick "hi" to Dee and PJ.
I DID get in another bike ride and it felt pretty good, so I should be back up to speed before too long. Trouble now will be the extreme heat we are expecting in the next few days.
Didn't eat well today....waited too long to eat and then just grabbed a "not so good for me" sandwich and chips. *dumb,dumb,dumb*

See ya all tomorrow.....

07-15-2007, 10:57 PM
Just a quick one here to say hello to all you chickies. I've had a busy but fun weekend - it just flew by! Hope you've had a good one! :hug:


07-15-2007, 11:49 PM
Busy day here too. I managed a 5 mile bike ride....

See you all tomorrow.

07-16-2007, 01:49 AM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

We are back from our trip to Ohio, and it was a blast!!! The kids enjoyed if and so did me and Tommy! We took so many pictures and if all goes well then we are going to go back down there this coming weekend as long as Tommyís schedule allows us to. If he doesnít have to work then who knows when we will go down there, probably Friday night again. If he does have to work then we are going to go down after he gets off of work.

I thought I would hop on the scale to see how things went this weekend, expecting to see a gain. And to my surprise there was another loss! This time it was a loss of about 9 pounds. I was shocked, but I had to do a triple take when I jumped on the scale!

Marissa still has her cold. Her cough has gotten worse instead of better, but once I give her a breathing treatment it cuts it down dramatically. So, I will be doing round the clock treatments on her for the next couple days. Right now, she is sleeping soundly, so I am hoping that this is getting better for her sake. Her cough is so rough that she keeps trying to get it all the way out and then ends up sounding like she is choking because she is trying to get it all out.

Cristina~ I have it written on the dry erase board on our fridge. So, whenever I happen to go into the fridge for whatever reason, it is right in my face!

Sue~ While we were in Ohio, we went to the next city over and they had a city wide garage sale. We picked up some really cute things and ended up having a lot of time doing it!

Pink Jane~ I see that you are 8 pounds away from your goal, so keep up the great work and you are motivating me to keep on the track I am on! I canít wait to see pictures from your WDW trip!

Dee~ Good luck with your homework! Sounds like your home gym is coming together nicely!!

07-16-2007, 02:46 AM
Evening ladies

Had a fun and busy weekend. Saturday we took off for the Coast and did a lot of walking along the beach w/our dogs.

And today....spent a lot of time in the yard pulling weeds and clearing out dried up flowers.

Have to say I'm pretty tired.

Hope you all had a great weekend too and I'll catch up w/you all tomorrow.

G'night!! :wave:

07-16-2007, 02:46 AM
I think we better head on over to #259!!

See you there.