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07-08-2007, 09:36 PM
G'day all,

That is fantastic Slavika to be down so much, I am sure the walks with Patches are going to help.
As yet I have not received your photos...long way to come I guess;)
Sorry to hear Trudy and her dh are not well, sometimes those colds hang around for a bit.

As I have already said I am down 1.4, which isn't too bad if I am going to do this every week:dizzy:

I (we) am in a bit of a quandery, as some of you know Alan was asked to do a contract in the UK a few weeks before we left for the US. It is still on the go and at the moment they are trying to organise migration visas etc. for him to be able to go. Neither of us now really wants to go and we are just not sure what to do. We have not had a firm offer but we wonder if we should tell them now not to persue this any further because we have decided against it. I just don't want to leave to go that far from home again, the recent terrorist activity in the UK has not helped either.
There is also a lot of work in New Zealand, I can sort of cope with that a bit better, a bit closer to home.

Perhaps we should just be retiring good and proper without these carrots dangling in front of us.


07-08-2007, 11:47 PM
Well girls I am down 2 kg or 4.4lbs and for the encouragement I got from you this would not have been possible. I am really pleased.

Slavika - congrats on the 12lbs that is fabulous.

Maria - looks like congrats to you too. You have been so far recently both of you must be tired and after what is happening in the UK at the moment I think that I would be staying at home for a while. New Zealand sounds a much better proposition for in the future. My opinion friend.

I am so glad that there are people who are like minded and I am proud of everyone of you.

Love to all.

Jenye. :)

07-09-2007, 01:52 AM
That is a great loss Jeney, keep it going!


07-09-2007, 03:59 PM
Slavika and Jenye-I am so happy for both of you. Now keep up the good work even when the going gets hard. Maria you too.
Slavika I can imagine how much Patches loves to go to the park. Sometimes it is hard to get a good walk in for all the smells and stops.
Maria I don't think I would want to go away again for a long time. I would have to think long and hard about that one. NZ sounds better and closer.
I think that wedding Sat was one of the biggest I have ever been to. It was pretty - yellow and daisies. There were 2 tiers of tables for the wedding party. Just way too big for me. I could have been in a potato sack and no one would have noticed.
I had a nice day for D's birthday. P was the center of attention when he arrived. Now on to the diet. I want to be like Slavika and Jenye and Maria and have good news to report.
Trudy hope you and your dh are feeling better.

07-09-2007, 05:55 PM
I still have my cold, but my DH is all better. I got mine first and still have it, and yet to hear him talk, his was much worse. We had some grouchy days here too. When I am sick I am quiet, he moans and groans and finds one million things to complain about. So Ann, I know exactly what you were going through with a grouchy DH.
Wow Peggy, that was quite the trip you took. I have fallen going upstairs too, but never hurt myself like you did. The biggest wedding I attended had 500 guests. Were there more than that? I like about 100 - 200.
Jenye and Slavika are going to be winners in the weight challenge. Not much happening with me.
Maria, I can't see the two of you heading off to the UK right now. You just got home. Wouldn't your family be a bit disappointed if you go again so soon? I also think it is not a safe place to be right now. Those bombs were quite the shocker, doctors yet. Australia had the good sense not to hire them, I wonder if Canada would be so smart, somehow I doubt it.

We are back in renovation land. We have a construction firm ripping out 3/4 of the bathroom to the wall studs. Tomorrow the carpenter will start to put back the insulation, drywall, the vanity, toilet and counter top and floor, then paint. Then we wait for the next company to come in on July 31 to in the tub surround. What a mess, I will be so glad when it is all done.

My DH, BIL has colon cancer and had surgery this morning to remove the tumor. They caught it early so he is expected to have a good recovery. My SIL phoned me yesterday about it, they live in Vancouver.

Bye for now..

07-09-2007, 08:33 PM
SallyWow! When you start something you really get into it! That is a wonderful loss.

Maria & Jennye You're both also going great guns in the weight loss department! Keep up the good work!
Marie: May I add my 2 cents worth. You really need some down time after you long trip to the USA & Canada. Maybe New Zealand would be a good compromise.

Trudy It is good to hear that your DH is better and I hope you will follow along soon. Yes, grumpy DHs are a fact of life especially when they are not in peak condition.

Peggy Sorry to hear about your fall but glad it did not deter you from going to the wedding. How big was it? In this day and age with the costs of weddings skyrocketing I wonder why people still have such large affairs. Wouldn't it be better to put the money into a house or condo?

Glenda Hope the rains are beginning to subside. There seems to be no happy medium across the USA. If it rains...it really rains and if it is dry...then there are forest fires. You can't win.

KarenHope DH is getting better every day and getting his strength back! Keep up the swimming it is a great stress releiver!


07-09-2007, 10:25 PM
G'day all,

Peggy that sounded like some wedding. How are your shoulder, knee etc after the fall?
Yes now unto loosing a few pounds, Slavika is certainly setting the pace!

Trudy good to hear you dh is on the mend again, hope you can soon report the same for yourself. Men are the same the world over, they all carry on like pork chops when they are crook! (australian slang for 'sick')

I have to say I am very grateful to mine at the moment and not a bad word will pass this keyboard about him;);)

My computer is once again crashing constantly and with the work that I do it is very difficult and frustrating especially when you are showing a customer something and the thing crashes like what happened yesterday.
It has already been back twice since we have come home and now Alan is taking it back to negotiate for a brand new one.
He is on his way right now, leaving me at home because I am so angry and likely to really let them have it:mad::mad: , he thought the chances of a 'successful outcome' probably will increase 100% without me there! I am very grateful that he is doing this and in the meantime I am using his desk computer and he uses the laptop.

We are off to Melbourne to see Lex, Joe and Saskia on Friday and will return again on Monday, not much time for such a long trip...if only we had the highways that we experienced in America:rolleyes::shrug:, we probably could cut the travel time by a quarter!
It will be good to see them and give them our purchases we made in the US.

No further news about any future contracts......yet!


07-09-2007, 11:31 PM
Hi Everybody; With a lot of help from Maria and Trudy I managed to change my avatar to one of Patches. I have the fellows here this afternoon working on putting up my new back fence to I have to tie Patches up when she goes out or else heaven only knows where she would end up. When we go for our walks she really travels for a little dog. She runs to greet anybody who happens to be coming toward us as if they all should be delighted to see her.......actually they all have been very sweet to her, and kids love her. I bought a Bissel Carpet cleaner today and did the hallway and the three smaller rooms where I know Patches has left her mark. I clean it up right away but I wanted it really clean. I will get somebody in to do it when I am sure she has been trained. :shrug: I am really tired tonight and my back hurts from the carpet cleaning. Bye for now everybody. :hug:

07-09-2007, 11:58 PM
Slavika, that picture of Patches is the cutest picture ever. Of course everyone is delighted to meet her, so she is right in assuming the role of greeter!!

Maria, is there some easy way of making pictures small enough to be an avatar? I am not ready to give up my ice cream cone yet, but you never know when I will find something else.

I wasted the entire evening playing Bookworm at Yahoo. I crashed and burned at 2,778,840 points.. :carrot: It's a good thing it's over, my hand is formed into a perfect mouse and my neck is killing me.

'Nite all...

07-10-2007, 11:00 AM
Goodmorning-(After a sleepless night). The Dr. gave me a new blood pressure med and it seems I am allergic to it as I have broken out with hives on my neck and chest, and itch all over. I finally have made contact, they have changed the meds and I have to get some benadryl to
take to get rid of the itching. I was just ready to leave when our bug man came to spray, so thought I would just say Hi.
I'll be back later to answer all the posts. Ann

07-10-2007, 01:26 PM
Geez Ann you sure don't need that right now. Hope it goes away real soon.
Trudy - how nice to be getting a new bathroom. I would love that. We redid our kitchen years ago. Dh did it and after knocking the tile off the wall and knocking out the ceiling he has no desire to do the bathroom.
Maria - love your phrase about men and pork chops. I hope I can remember that sometime and use it. Too bad about your computer. Is that the one you had with you? Hope Alan gets you a new one and it is probably a good thing you didn't go with him. LOL Have fun visiting the kids.
Gloria - are you getting excited about the big celebration? I wish you beautiful weather. I would love to jump in that thing you have for the kids.
Sally what a cute avatar. You are getting skinny and creative with the computer.
My knee is fine-my wrist is sore. My lip is scabbed but it looked okay the night of the wedding. Over a week ago I cut my left leg[a 2" gash] on a piece of rebar that was in the back yard. It was used as a stake. [Grace should be my middle name.] I wore a skirt to the wedding that was short on the cut leg side and longer on the other side. It should have been the other way around. There were a little over 500 people at that wedding. They were short a table so about 10 people didn't have a place to sit. It was assigned seating. One of the workers was a little snotty and was telling us that we were at the wrong table. We had to show our place numbers to him. He was carrying on in front of everyone-very rude. I don't see what the big deal would have been to just get another table set up. It was their fault. Another time 2 of the workers were having words in front of people. Really strange for such a nice place. Maria you have loved sitting at our table.]just kidding] I had the 3 most talkative women there. Doug was wondering how they could understand what each other was saying when they talked at the same time. So needless to say we left a little early.
Have to get back to my painting. This time it is a country scene on an old porcelain box. It's for recipes. I don't know who buys all this stuff.

07-10-2007, 08:34 PM
G'day all,

What a pain Ann, as Peggy said it is probably the last thing you need at the moment. Hope the benadryl will relieve some of the itching.

Slavika your new avatar looks good, she is a very cute little dog. I used to do my own carpet cleaning but it is a very hard job and I got rid of my carpet cleaning machine and now get it done twice a year (cream carpet:() I am not surprised you were 'pooped' (no pun intended!) after doing the carpet cleaning yourself.

Trudy I am not sure how you can reduce the size of a photo or whatever for an avatar other then by using Photoshop. I am sure there are many other programs, if I come across one I will let you know, in the meantime if you want me to do some reducing I am happy to do it.
How is the bathroom renovations coming along? Have your settled on a loo? I was reminded the other day by an American comedian about our dual flush system, he said in Australia he was always in a quandery which flush to flush!

I don't know if that would have been my scene the wedding you went to Peggy, there are some rude and obnoxious people in this world.
The chatty women sounded 'delightful'.
I would love to see your porcelain painted box, sounds great.
***Everyone I have seen some of Peggy's art and she does some really lovely stuff, I think Peggy is just a bit too modest and I am not surprised that her stuff sells well.***

We are off to see our finance bloke tomorrow and we have now decided that we will leave about lunchtime for Melbourne and overnight somewhere along the way to arrive about lunchtime on Friday at Lexie's place.

My computer saga....they would not swap my heap of garbage for a new one but Alan and the computer blokes have come to some agreement and I am getting a new computer, using some of the bits from my old computer keeping the cost down.
On his return home we plugged my old one in again (minus the bits removed for my new one) and it has been going great guns since with no freezing up!
I have some work to do, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will keep chugging away again today.

Have a great day all,


07-11-2007, 05:11 PM
Again, girls, when I don't come on here, you all just talk up a storm! Ann, you have had such a lousy time of it lately. Glad they changed your medicine and your hubby is feeling somewhat better. Mine is so cranky right now that I don't know what to do with him. We couldn't sleep last night and just fought over the pillows and the bed and finally just got up at 2:30. He went to sleep on the couch and I finally went to bed to be sound asleep in time for the alarm! Yuck!

Slavika, I am not sure I get your messages anymore. Might be going straight to the junk mail and I don't know how to retrieve them. Your Patches is adorable and I agree that I would love it if she came up to greet me when walking. And your weight loss, good for you!

All, I hurt my back in some way on the treadmill on Sunday. I just tried to do too much and as soon as I got off, I could barely walk. So, this week to the chiro a couple of times. I am better. Just have to remember I can't do that much anymore.

Trudy, you will get better and then you will be so thankful for awhile for good health. You have certainly had a seige, haven't you? And getting a new bathroom! You just redo and redo all the time. But it sounds lovely to modernize.

Peggy, how much fun would it be to see such an elaborate wedding. I always wonder why someone spends that much money on a wedding. It just doesn't "compute" with me. I would, of course, much rather start out with 'something', rather than that kind of an elaborate memory. So many times, anymore, they don't even last and then it is a bad memory. People can be rude everywhere. If I were paying that much for a wedding, I would be very angry if workers acted like that. Maria, was one of the lucky ones in that she got to see up close and personal your painting.

Maria, Alan is a sweetheart to have done the negotiating for you. And I am so glad you are getting to see Lexie and family. It must be hard to go for so long without seeing them. I wish you had some good roads between the two of you too. And I would just flat turn down the UK right now. Why chance it, especially after being gone so long and such a short time ago.

In two weeks we will be in Galveston. The sad thing about a week vacation is that it is over almost as soon as it starts, but we really need this. IF we can make it. Texas has had so much rain--they are worse than we are.

Here it is July 11th and it hasn't even seemed like summer yet. This darned weather! Gloria, it is almost your wonderful weekend! I hope you haven't worked yourself into a big frenzy!

07-11-2007, 07:28 PM
G'day all,

I had a great night sleep after a shocker the night before. Alan is still asleep, he must be needing it. He has been helping the kids doing all sorts of stuff and is just not used to the physical work anymore.

I had a great day yesterday...I did some work for an organisation and just had not heard from them if they wanted to go ahead so I rang yesterday and no they do not want to go ahead, which is fine but they could have let me know. They were very apologetic and wanted me to charge for the time so far, I was so annoyed and charged more then twice that I would have if they had been a bit more professional.
I emailed the account 6 hours @$35 ph = $210....and they are more then happy to pay:carrot::carrot::carrot:
I would like to upgrade to the very latest version of Photoshop so now I can!
My 'old' computer is still going great, we now both wonder the bits they took out to put in my new computer has been the cause of my problem all along:?::dizzy: Computers....who knows:mad::mad::mad:

Glenda trip to Galveston will be great to have a bit of a break. I am a bit with you, an eleborate wedding does seem a bit of a waste, I would have rather spend it on a spectacular honeymoon.
Tell Leon that I wouldn't mind if he used 'our' bed rather then the couch..we found it very comfortable;):D

Gloria have a fantastic weekend, I know you will, make sure many photos are taken!

Alan is awake, breakfast, pack up see our finance bloke and then onto Melbourne:carrot::carrot:

Have a great weekend all,


07-13-2007, 10:17 AM
Hi all.

Gloria: Your mail is still coming back to me. I did forward the returned mail as you said and so now will wait and see. Here is your big weekend now, and I hope you have a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends.

Maria: Glad you have your computer working again. and they sure are touchy things. So now you will have two computers to work with- the old and the new with the bits and pieces from the old one. Hope your trip to see the kids is safe and that you all have a wonderful time together.

Slavika: Congrats on the 12# lost. You will be the winner of this challenge, I'm sure. Your Patches is so cute. I love those big eyes.

Jenye: congrats to you also. Every pound gone is a milestone. I'm not doing too well, it is down two up one then up one again,and then start over. But that is the way I seem to go.

Trudy: I bet your new bathroom will be lovely when it is all completed.

Peggy: I agree with the other gals. Why waste so much money on such a big affair. It seems to me to be so much more practical to have something to start the marriage with. The amount of money for such a big affair would just about put a down payment on a home, for example. There is just no accounting for what some consider most important, I guess.

My itching is better now, and I only have one spot on my neck that just doesn't want to go away. So the Benadryl worked quite well. That is the first time I ever had such a reaction to any medication, except penicillin.

DH is now in a much better mood after we went to the Dr. and he got a good report. Life is better now. :D: I am glad that you all can identify with the grumpy DH syndrome. It is sometimes hard to deal with.

We are now off to Curves and DH exercise program.

Haave a wonderful weekend. Ann

07-13-2007, 08:39 PM
Ann glad to hear that you are not itching so much. And how nice that dh is feeling better and is getting over the grouchies.
Maria - bet you are having fun with Saskia. Has she grown a lot since your big trip?
Gloria have a great day. You sound all ready and prepared.
Trudy tell us about your new bathroom. What are your colors?
Dh has a bad case of poison ivy. He went today and got a shot and some pills. He usually gets a case a year. He was being nice and trimming the lady down the street bushes. I agree with all of you about the big wedding. I think this is the last one of our friends kids getting married. I understand they went to the French Riviera for their honeymoon. We celebrated our 43rd last Weds. We haven't done anything. D had to take his mom to the hospital for a test and I went the birthday party. We did grill out some steaks last night. It is so exciting around here sometimes I almost can't stand it. LOL I took some pictures of the table and that recipe box. My computer and my camera are not compatible. I have to take the card to Sam's and have it developed and then I will scan them. The stuff Maria saw is yucky. I paint this stuff for someone who then takes it to craft shows etc. She basically tells me what to paint on it. Navy, hunter and burgundy are the colors she likes.
Have a nice weekend and Glenda I hope it is a dry one for you.

07-16-2007, 06:00 PM
It did not rain all weekend! What a new thing for us! I heard lawn mowers going and edgers going all weekend. People were going crazy in their yards. Some houses in town, probably rent houses, look like no one has mowed all year - just terrible. You never see city houses that look like they need to be brush-hogged first.

We had Leon's 91 year old aunt. How exciting! She isn't hard to entertain. On Saturday kids came and spent the afternoon. So we barbecued and visited. When they left she and I were so tired. Then we went to church and Leon took her home last night. While he was gone I went to see the Harry Potter movie alone because he is so lost in those things. I loved it, but that story has gone from just fun to very, very dark.

Ann, so glad that your DH and your itch are better. Two very miserable things.

Gloria, how was the celebration? Is it still going on?

My office started out this Monday morning a bad way. We went to a retired Purching Director's funeral. Not fun. He was a dear man who had a massive heart attack and died. He was such an outgoing nice man, but what a good way to go. Just devastating for his family, though. Anyway, they showed a slide show that was just so long with pictures of all ages all mixed up. Pretty bad when you start critiquing funerals, isn't it?

Well, all, hope you are busy and well. Now we are in the normal summer temperatures and it is very, very humid. I am not complaining.....yet!

07-16-2007, 10:36 PM
Well ladies, another loss. At day 1 of Week 3 I had lost another 1kg. I am so thankful to Maria for suggesting it be done by WW as once I started it was easy to get back into.

Thank you.
Love Jenye.

07-17-2007, 04:10 PM
Congratulations Jenye. You are doing great. Keep up the good work and soon you will be a new you.
Wow Glenda that had to be a good feeling not to have rain. Even better when it is on a weekend when you can enjoy the sun.
Gloria tell us all about the celebration.
We are watching son and dil's 2 dogs while they are in Florida for a week. I have 2 shadows following me all the time. They sent a pic of P in the Gulf-he loves it.
Have to psych myself up for a funeral tonite. One of the ladies in my canasta group lost her dh.

07-17-2007, 06:26 PM
G'day all,

Fantastic result Jenye on your loss. Keep it going!

As we are getting older we seem to be going to more and more funerals:(, I am a bit like you Peggy I have to really psyche myself up as I find ALL funerals very distressing let alone those of people I know well.

We have just returned from a weekend in Melbourne and unfortunately my weight results are not quite as good as those of Jenye :( Never mind, I did not put on so that is a bonus.
We had a lovely time with Lexie, Joe and Saskia. They loved all the stuff I bought for them in the USA. We left Melbourne again at 5 am on Monday morning and came home a different way which took a bit longer but was very pretty at this time of the year. For Jenye's benefit, we went via Geelong and Hamilton rather then through Ballarat and Horsham.
Yesterday looked after Poppy and Matilda. I bought a few things for Matilda in Melbourne, she is getting so tall and is growing out of everything, she just loves clothes and to look pretty. She was very excited about my purchases and if there had been a way for her to wear it all at once she would have :D:D

I will hopefullly get my new computer today, amazingly my old one must know that it is about to get the flick, it has been behaving beautifully:?::dizzy:

How is the bathroom coming along Trudy? I am sure you will be thrilled when it is all done. Hope you have shaken that cold off by now.
Glenda how cute having Leon's 91 year old aunt to entertain. Pleased the rain has eased somewhat, you certainly have had your share of it.
Our winter has been colder than usual (though still warm compared to some of your winters) and we have also had a fair bit of rain which has made the pulling out of weeds a lot easier. Our garden was quite overgrown after 3 months of neglect whilst we were in America.

Alan is waiting on word when he is expected in New Zealand, he has agreed to a 3 month contract. I will be taking over his duties as 'the cricket administrator' which is about 10 to 15 hours per week. It is very hectic at the start of the cricket season with clearances, registration etc. so if I will actually get to New Zealand, I am not too sure. We will just play it by ear, at least NZ is only a 8 hour flight from Adelaide.

Hope everyone is well and happy,


07-18-2007, 11:18 AM
Well today is the day we go and pick up Holly and Katie. i am so looking forward to their visit. Trying to get all the last minute stuff done, but since it is my 'kids' I don't feel the pressure that I probably would if it was someone I didn't know that well.

It will be a busy week while they are here, I'm sure. So I may not be here too much.

Congrats. Jenye on the loss. keep up the good work. I just have to get myself motivated.

Maria: Isn't it fun to get clothes for little girls? And the girls clothes are always so much cuter than what is available for little boys. Matilda sounds like fun. N.Z sounds like a better choice than the U.K.

Hi everyone. I'll try to get back a bit while the girls are here. Ann

07-18-2007, 05:31 PM
G'day all,

Ann I hope you have a great time with Holly and Katie, I am sure you will. The fact you did not mention your dh, does that mean he is getting much better? I hope that is the case.

I have my new computer with the usual problems:(, my dual monitor set up is not working so will have to get that fixed.
It is never easy:mad::mad:
I also have windows vista installed on this one, another learning curve but it seems to work OK.

Busy day with visitors, trying to sort out this computer etc. hence it is only 5.30 am, I though an early start will enable me to get everything done....I hope.


07-18-2007, 10:25 PM
Hi everyone,

Maria you certainly did the round trip but I suppose that you are glad to be back in Adelaide. It is a nice drive that way but much longer. Is your daughter still living at Parkdale? I am finding the diet much easier now - I usually do if I can get over the first few days. Thanks for the encouragement.
It sounds as if you have a very busy time ahead when Alan goes to NewZealand. I hope that you can find time to join him. Great about the new computer. I am still struggling to remember all that you told me years ago, I also have a new one since seeing you.

Trudy The bathroom sounds good.

Glenda You are marvellous having Leon's 91 year old aunt to stay. Congratulations.

Thanks to all Peggy, Ann etc for the good wishes about my weight. I can not go wrong now with all you behind me.

Well girls with all the rain that we have had recently we are under water at the front of our property. No, we are never satisfied, complaining all the time - first the drought and not enough water, and now to much water and rain. Oh well we live and learn.

Love to all.

Jenye. :)

07-21-2007, 10:51 PM
Well today is Sunday and since I last visited there seems to have been no movement at all on the site. IS ANYTHING WRONG ?

Jenye. :?:

Karen L
07-22-2007, 03:59 PM
Jeyne, Just speaking for my self. Lazy is the word that comes to mind. Plus with all the summer storms in our little corner of the world the computer spend a lot of time shut off. I think we are the lightning capital of the North America. When a storm comes up we shut everything down including the satellite. And play cards or some game or read. Until the storm is gone.

After the rain yesterday I got out into the yard this morning pulling weeds and trimming back the holly bushes. Also cut back my plumbago(not sure of the spelling) bush it was getting out of hand. All I have for flowers are periwinkle and impatients one marigold that DH insisted on.

That new movie Hairspray opened today and really want to see it. DH will take me but I know he hates musicals .

I have been going to a new group we have here. we are painting T-shirts or gluing stuff to them. I done several and having fun. The latest one I did for my Daughter. it is just a simple black shirt from Walmart. it has a laser cut on the neckline of flowers. I glued some crystal stones in the middle of each flower. There is green, red , blue and purple. With clear stones between each color. It turned out pretty. I did a black one for myself that I glued multi colored sequence(again with the spelling)on it all down the front. it took a while but turned out pretty. I wore it to a dance a while back. Then yesterday I bought a new shirt at Kohl's that I am going to outline in glitter some of the flowers.

At my other craft class I'm painting wooden paper plate holders(to store a stack of paper plates) to sit on a counter or hang on the wall for my Daughter and 2 DIL's. For my Daughter I am also doing a silverware caddy to match. For all the BBQ's they have.

Still doing water aerobics and walk aerobics 3 times a week for each. So far I been maintaining my weight well. I am still under goal by a few pounds. An I go each and every week to my WW meeting . The group support really helps me.

Slavika. Your little Patches is so cute. Aren't you glad you got her. How goes the potty training??

Gloria your party sounded wonderful. Your kids are great to have done this for you.

Glenda I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

Trudy, Bathroom still a mess or done?

Ann hope the visit with your daughters is going well and that DH is doing fine too.

Maria, It sounds as though you are right back in the swing of things now that you are home.

Peggy? What going on with you?

Sounds like those of you doing the weight loss challenge are committed. good for you! Stick with it!!!!!!

Have to go DH wants to use the putter. See you later


07-23-2007, 08:33 AM
Just a quickie. The gals are tiring me out, but the kitchen is getting painted. And we changed colors to a teal blue, which brings out some blue in the floor covering, and gloss white. It is looking good. There is mostly trim to do now to get it finished. Then a new curtain, new drawerpulls, and so it goes.
Off to the eye Dr, this a.m. for a check up. I'll fill you in on all the happenings when I have more time. Ann

07-24-2007, 06:53 AM
Start of Week 4 and another 1kg gone - at this rate I will be a new me by Christmas. LOL. We are going away for a couple of days and there is no computer, so no posts. Ted has strained himself and is all worried that he has done some real damage to himself - it is where he was operated on but I feel it is just a strain.

Trudy I know that colon cancer is a real pain but at least they got it all. It sounds as if he had the same operation that Ted had. I wish him a speedy recovery and my prayers are with him.

Well all I must go see you whenI return.

Love to all.

Jenye. :)

07-26-2007, 11:43 PM
Hi all: Well today we took the gals to the airport and they were off. got a call from Holly and they arrived home safely with a nice smooth flight. They were going to have to rest up, and so am I.

Yesterday we went out curtain shopping and had good luck. Just a plain while swag and valance, with a bit of cut-out work along the edges. The kitchen looks really bright and clean. I really like it, and even Phil likes it, and that is a miracle.

On Tues. the gals took the day and went to Epcot at Disney. They wanted me to go, but I knew i didn't want to get that tired. And they needed a day to themselves.

My big surprise is that Holly bought me an Ipod for my birthday, (early) and then Katie showed me how to operate it, and how to download all the music I want. I did some today before she left, so I think I have the directions on how to operate it. It was a great surprise for me, and I know I will enjoy being able to listen to all the music I like anywhere. It was a wonderful gift.

Now I am inspired to do more painting. Especially the entrance hall, which is on the dark side. Some nice light paint would be a big help, I know.

We had good news at the Dr.'s yesterday. Phil's blood is up to where it needs to be, so after one more iron infusion tomorrow, he will just get one a month for a while, and hopefully he'll be all right again for a while.

We've been watching So You Think You Can Dance, and I have enjoyed it, but not quite as much as Dancing with the Stars. I haven't voted, but I do have my favorites. We have also watched the America's got Talent show. There are some really talented people there. I did vote on line for some of the contestants. Are any of you watching these? The rest of the summer T.V. is so poor.

Ash, good for you continuing to drop the weight. I haven't really started yet. Now I will have to get really serious, as our company has gone.

And Slavika, 12lbs is awesome. Good for you.

Trudy: I was sorry to hear about the problem with colon cancer, but if they got it all with the surgery he will be fine. Is he going to have follow-up treatment, or was everything all self contained?

Karen: Water aerobics is a fun way to exercise. We go to the pool every day that we can, and exercise as much as we can. I walk and do other water exercises for about an hr.

My check up with the eye Dr. was good and I don't have to go back for 4 months. He was very pleased with the results this time.

Yesterday Katie went and had her hair cut, and to donate it to Locks of Love, to be used to make a wig for a cancer patient. She was able to give abaout 11inches. The new haircut is very cute. It really makes her look a bit older.

The funniest thing happened last night when we went out to dinner. We were about finished with our meal when one of the waitresses came to Katie and asked her if she didn't mind to tell her how old she is. Katie answered 24yrs and the waitress said she was the closest in the discussion.. Then our waiter came and said he didn't initiate the question, but there was a big discussion about her age, with several of the waiters, and since she had a cocktail and he hadn't carded her, he was a bit concerned. They all thought she was 17. That gave us all a big laugh.

Guess it is time for bed. Hi everyone. Ann

07-28-2007, 04:09 AM
G'day all,

Been missing in action a bit, been very busy with all sorts of things but it has mainly been my new computer and work that has kept me very busy.

Finally my computer is up and running and I am getting used to Vista but boy it has lots of idiosyncrasies but the whole thing has quite a nice feel to it, no doubt I will get used to it.
Transferring all my files has been a major operation but I am just about there now.

Jeney you are doing incredibly well, good for you, wish I could post the same sort of results!

Ann what a great gift, I love our Ipod and it is in constant use. I have it hooked up to my sound system so all day I hear the music I want to hear except for when Alan goes for a run and he takes it with him:(

Karen sounds like you are keeping yourself busy with painting, good for you.

Hope everyone is well and happy,

Have a great weekend,


07-28-2007, 04:07 PM
Hi Everybody Gosh it's been a long time since I read the board or posted. About my weight. I wish I could say that I have lost more than the 12# I was bragging about, but I ate out a couple of times (once at at a pig roast) and gained a couple of pounds and had to get them off. Funny how easily the weight goes on and how difficult it is to come off. I have been walking Patches and I thought by watching what I eat and walking her the weight would could come off faster:(:(. The last couple of days Patches has not had any "accidents" in the house so hopefully she is getting the idea that she MUST go outside and "do" "good girl". hee hee :):)It's been so hot the last week or so. My friend has invited me to her cottage several times but with the high temperatures and no A/C in the cottage I would rather stay home. Maria what is a "dual flush" and I hope you will enjoy your new computer. Peggy, Maria said that you did lovely work. It's too bad about the rude waiter at the wedding. Karen looks like you are into crafts. I used decorate T-shirts, sweatshirts, and also I painted on them. It's been ages since I did anything like that. Glenda, I looked and yikes, for whatever reason your email addy was no longer under my 3FC in the address book. I will correct that right away. Gloria I loved the picture of you and your husband but I am still getting my mail to you bounced back. Ann, sounds like you had a great time with Holly and Katie, and getting a I Pod sure makes you one of the "in crowd". ;) Jenye, congrats on your weight lose. WTG :goodvibes Bernice, what have you been up to lately? What kind of weather are you having? Well the "toilet paper bandit", Miz Patches, was at it again this morning. I was on the computer and I became aware of her little feet running back and forth down the hallway. Well the little "sweetheart" attacked the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom off the bedroom this time and was running back and forth to pull more. Wasn't much left on the roll. :D She even had some sticking out of her mouth. Bye now.

07-29-2007, 08:18 PM
A rainy Sunday afternoon, but we need it, for sure. A friend and I went to the movies this afternoon and saw Ratatouille (sp) and enjoyed its nonsense thoroughly. I kept trying to identify the voices, and I think Henry Winkler was one of them. Does anyone know?
Off for DH to have a blood level checked tomorrow. There are just an abundance of appointments, it seems.

Slavika- Guess you will have to put the toilet paper on top of the water tank, to keep your little mischief maker away from it. But aren't they fun. Glad to hear that the potty training is doing well.

Not much else to say from here, just that I am feeling lazy. Off to make some popcorn and watch tv if there is anything good to see. Ann

07-30-2007, 08:44 PM
onto the next thread all....