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07-08-2007, 11:20 AM
I am on red with the lites.

Exercise: 30 minute 2 mile walk in the mall
47 minute 3 mile walk to leslie sansone video tape
walking at the lake time unknown
Caramel LALite (1 LA)
starbucks coffee with 4 oz milk (1/2 D)
2 splenda packets (2C)

6oz tuna (1 P, was an ounce short because i forgot it was 7 oz we could have thought i was 6)
1 TBS lite mayo (1F)
1/2 of a red pepper dieced and sauteed (1V)
9 cherries (1Fr)
1/2 english muffin (1S)
1.5 TBS RF peanut butter (1/2P)
6 oz turkey (1P)
1 hotdog bun (2S)
2 packages of pre-packaged super small baby carrots (3 V)
8 oz orange juice (2F)
1 oz peach vodka (1S)
I thought I had an extra starch while at the lake because I didn't bring journal with me. I had forgotten bout the 1/2 english muffin
1 Smores LA Lite
1 oz RF cheddar cheese.

So overall a very good day at the lake!

07-09-2007, 01:27 AM
Yeah.. gotta watch out for those extra starches.. I speak from experience when I say they can creep up on you very easily. Sounds like you did pretty well all together... Also... when you drink OJ, make sure it's not from concentrate...

But the best part of all,is that you had fun out at the lake!!