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07-06-2007, 09:38 PM
Tonight we went out to dinner. I ordered chicken and biscuits, with no gravy on the mashed potatoes to shave a few points. It can with a salad bar, so I loaded up on free veggies and some low fat dressing (about 4 TBLs). I can't eat lettuce anymore b/c it makes me sick, so Is tuck with thing slike cucumbers and carrots. I ordered plain iced tea.

Then I decided before I ordered that I wanted a dessert. So I ate about half my meal after the salad and boxed it up. I ordered dessert (chocolate peanut butter pie) and shared it with my daughter, bringing over half of that home.

I figure my salad was 6 points b/c I did have some chick peas and three small slices of pepperoni and 4 large olives. The chicken and biscuits was around 15 total (it would have been closer to 20 with the full serving of chicken gravy I think), but I only ate half. So we'll say 8 there. And dessert was probably 1 point per bite since it was a rich thick pie. But I ate 4 bites.

Total I had 17 points. And though it wasn't a super low point meal, it was a small victory to me b/c it could have been easily 40-50 if I had eaten cheese on my salad, had more dressing and pepperoni, indulged in the pudding and corn chowder taht was on the salad bar. If I had ordered all the gravy and ate all of it and the entire pie, not to mention the 15 points in Mt Dew I could have easily consumed. So I call it a victory!

Anybody else have a small victory?

07-07-2007, 10:17 PM
Misty I went out tonight as well, to Ruby Tuesday. I shared the "Asian Spiced Dumplings" with my husband. They said "steam grilled", so I thought that was better than the fried spring rolls or anything else on the menu. There wer 6 on the plate. I ate 3. Looked it up when I got home... 3 of those were a total of 6 points!! I also had a light beer and the soup and salad bar. And I ate the garlic bread that came with the soup. I know, I shouldn't have... it wasn't even that good. A total of 21 points for the meal! I woke up REALLY late today and spend 4 points around noon and 2 in the afternoon. My goal for the day is 20-25 and my total came to 27. Not too bad I think. Glad I didn't eat more before we went out to dinner though! I didn't think they had the nutritional information on their website but when I got home I decided to look and it was there. Now I will look before I go!

Congrats to us both for staying reasonable on our nights out!

07-08-2007, 11:35 AM
:carrot::carrot::carrot::cb::cb::cb::carrot::carro t::carrot:

It can be done! I did fairly well at my fireworks party. Between feeding kids and helping people find stuff, I was the last to eat. I decided to have one plate o anything I wanted. I had a hamburger, 2 slices of pepperoni, two slices of cheese and two crackers, pasta salad, less than one serving of chips, and a small slice of a small angel food cake. I haven't figured the points BUt I think I did well. But I did drink several cans of pop :o

I did make my mom take home her full fat salad dressing, and her salad. She offered to leave me some salad in a container, but I said no, b/c it has cheese, pepperoni and noodles in italian dressing. I would eat all of it and it is NOT points friendly.

07-08-2007, 10:45 PM
Way to go, you two!!!