Support Groups - Weekly Challenge - Dec. 16 to Dec. 29

sweet tooth
12-14-2001, 12:31 PM
I know the Christmas season is upon us and it is difficult to be faithful to a weight lost program with all the tempting treats that seem to be everywhere. I have already been to several parties and know that many of you have been to several as well. How did they go? Was there that urge to cheat?

Well, before we get too far, this challenge is a two week challenge. The first week is to think about how we will manage the eating festivities during the holidays and start by listing at least three strategies that you will use over the holidays. The second week (and the first, if you are already holidaying) is to report how the plan is working and what adjustments need to be made.

I'm starting with my list of strategies:

1. This is the most important psychological tool for me. I plan to bank extra points to have on hand if I find I want just a taste of something delectable.

2. Drink water, more water, and more water. Went shopping for my Christmas supply of seltzers last night, so that is already well in hand.

3. Exercise...this is the tough one for me. I am trying hard, thanks to the bratty Miss Sassy and her thread, but it is difficult.

4. Just say NO! As my mother always said when I was a kid and took on too many projects...No is shorter that Yes.

Hope to hear from the rest of you soon.

sweet tooth
01-01-2002, 08:44 PM
Well, the holidays are over for another year and I hope that everyone had a great time with family and friends.

My plans to stay OP were OK but not great. In the last 10 days I went over points three times with banked points, so it was not too bad. It could have been better, but it is difficult to choose everything right when you are visitiing and eating in restaurants.

My strategies for Christmas helped me to at least maintain my current weight - I will know for sure at WI tomorrow, but my scale at home tells me that I stayed about the same.

The only strategy that I really fell down in was the exercise. Although I did do a lot of walking outdoors and swimming at the hotel pool, I just didn't do it with enough gusto to act as a calorie burner.

I did accomplish one additonal strategy, though. That was to stop eatiing when I was full. I can proudly say that I didn't overeat - just ate some of the wrong foods occasionally. Tomorrow will tell the whole truth, though.

I'll check in then.