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07-03-2007, 03:37 PM
Hi, I'm new to this particular forum. My name is Renee and I am a 26 year old mom to a 10 month old stinky little boy :) I like to take him walking almost everyday, in addition to excercise I do at home after he's asleep. I would like to start jogging/running soon and I want to get a jogging stroller. Right now I have a regular stroller, and its wheels lock up when I start to jog even slowly. So, I would like to know:
1. Can you jog effectively with a stroller, or learn to jog, as I will be?

2. What type of stroller should I get?

Any other tips would be nice. I am planning on purchasing a new stroller soon, any input would be welcomed. Thanks in advance!

07-03-2007, 11:36 PM
Oooh boy, topic right up my ally. ;)

Yes, I do jog with a stroller. Here's my expertise from experience. LOL

I got the mother of jogging strollers, well within my budget anywho. I'm extremely pleased with it in some ways and was disappointed in others. The stroller (Jeep Overland: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/sr=1-1/qid=1183515551/ref=sr_1_1/602-0320072-5811872?ie=UTF8&asin=B000LJNPIY) was made for the comfort of the child. The seat reclines (but the recline mechanism could be better...its a strap you have to adjust and the strap gives some so you can never get the seat FULLY upright...always tilts back a bit. It has a feeding tray, which could be larger, but there were very few joggers with feeding trays. And since we spend several hours at the park, have lunch, etc., I wanted a tray to hold his sippy cup of water (has a cup holder in the tray) and snacks to occupy him. The tray lifts up and clips into place, so I also hang his sand bucket on the tray with some toys for him.

The two main reasons I selected this stroller? Built in music system and a large basket underneath. The music is a compartment where you plug your IPod, CD Player or radio, whatever, into the stroller and there are 2 headsets built in around the seat. I keep a CD of children's music playing while I listen to my MP3 player fast songs for jogging. ;) The basket though, that became a BIT of a problem. The one point they neglected on this stroller was a switch to go from a stationary front wheel to a moving one. So the basket, I wanted for shopping, wasn't much use when you can't easily navigate the stroller through the store. So I found myself still using the Gracco when I went shopping. Now that he's old enough to walk and sit up in shopping carts though, I don't generally need a stroller for him, except for jogging. But the basket now comes in handy as I usually take a change of clothes to the park and clean up in the restrooms there before going on out shopping or whatever else I have planned for the day. I can also store the sunscreen, nuts for the squirrels, wetnaps, snacks, lunch, etc. I go loaded for bear. LOL

The other problem is that while there are 2 drink holders for mom/dad...they're too small for anything less than a sippy cup. BUT, there ARE net pockets on each side of the canopy, and I use those to store my water bottles. There are LOTS of pockets on the stroller in fact.

Now, my two favorite things...the stroller comes with a bike speedometer. It tracks my miles. It also has a weather shield. So if I get caught in the rain at the park, he can stay dry.

You have to figure out which features will mean the most to you and go shopping for one that fits most of your needs anyway. Figure out what you can't do without. I really would have loved the front unlocking wheel, and thought I'd be fine without it, but rethought it a bit late.

Word of advice...get a van. These things aren't your average flat folders. As evidenced by the 16" wheels. ;)

Now, the accoutrements. I quickly discovered that a pair of bicycle gloves was needed. Your hands are going to sweat and holding onto that handle will become tedious. And a tire pump. This one came with one, but it was such a cheap job, I replaced it with one that actually works. Like a bike, make sure to keep the tires inflated properly or the pull will get to you. But once you master the hang of it, they're VERY simple to run with. I generally push with one hand and jog to the side. Going around corners though, you will need both hands and a bit of muscle.

If you're just looking for a simple jogger or that's what's in the budget, as even the simple ones can be quite expensive compared to plain strollers, I hung a CD player with a portable speaker on the side of the stroller so he'd have some music, and tied a stuffed animal net under the bottom to hold our things with the first jogger someone gave me. Where there's a will, there's a way.

And now that I've talked your ear off...LOL Have fun.

07-04-2007, 12:56 AM
I have a BOB Ironman stroller and love it. Doesn't sound like it has a lot of the features that almostheavens does, but it is light, folds very small (and the wheels are easy on/off if that isn't small enough). Holds kids up to about 80 lbs.


07-04-2007, 09:12 AM
My boys are out of the stroller stage now but I did jog with them and I'd look for a couple of features:

BIG wheels! The 16" ones are great - they may not fold as well but they are absolutely necessary if you want a smooth ride for him, and not to shake your wrists apart. Not sure where you plan to jog, but if there's any unpaved areas, the big wheels are a saviour. Also in the snow - as I needed in (then) northern Canada, but probably less so for you.

A good brake. My jogger had a handbrake, so I could slow it easily, even when the boys got bigger, without having to pull on it. This can be important if you're on crowded trails or in town.

My stroller was by Chariot Carriers (they also make bicycle trailers) and I loved it. It had a mosquito shield and a rain shield that came with it, and a place for the boys to put a cup. The height of the handle was adjustable - another plus since DH and I are different heights. Also a large basket underneath/behind for baby stuff and occasional groceries. Mine had a wrist strap to prevent it rolling away if you fall - the older boys liked to hold that when walking - it kept them close.

In terms of learning to jog with a stroller - no problem, the only thing to watch is that you don't end up leaning forward too much. Try every stroller - make sure that you can run with the handle position that it offers. If it's too low you'll end up leaning over, hurting your back and it will unbalance the stroller.



07-04-2007, 11:22 AM
Here is a great site with good reviews and comparisons of the jogging strollers out there, including a nice article on how to choose the features that will be right for you. Note that they also sell strollers with free shipping if you can't find the one you want locally. I didn't actually buy mine from them so I can't comment on their customer service, but I was very impressed with their site and would have bought there, had I not found locally.



07-05-2007, 06:07 PM
Thanks so much ladies for the information!

07-05-2007, 07:33 PM
I have a stroller by Jeep, we bought it at a kids store and I have used it going on two years. I love it. It's not really a jogging stroller, it has four wheels but we walk/jog a lot. I didn't like how large the wheels were on a jogging stroller - to put in a car or walk with - really and I wasn't that serious, I think like you I just wanted more then a stroller as the wheels were wierd. I did have a jogging stroller for a month that I gave to someone as the front huge wheel went all over the place. So I just love our "JEEP" and we get lots of comments on it as we cruise the area.

07-05-2007, 09:49 PM
I have the Schwinn Safari (http://www.shopping.com/xGS-schwinn_safari_jogger_stroller) and really like it. It does not have the bling that the Jeep has, but if you just want a good running stroller, this one is it. My oldest it too big for it, so my little one has the extra seat for all of her stuff. The seat reclines so that she can sleep easily, which was a big plus.

I love the ability to adjust the front wheel.

I agree with everyone else on tire size. It changes your life.

I love the idea about the biking glove! thanks

All that said, I still prefer to jog without the stroller. I need that arm pumping action.