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Optical Goddess
07-01-2007, 06:47 PM

I just got the BFL book from the library, and am not done reading it, but I did read ahead... he mentions the myoplex shakes between meals. I really like the idea of something so easy between meals, but what other things can I substitute for the myoplex? Any bars, like Luna or Kashi, or different smoothies and shakes? I'm not sure how much Myoplex costs, but I'd like to see what options I have.

Also, for the women who've done this program, is there anything that you know now that you didn't when you began? Something that 'should' have been in the book?

The mini-meals will probably be the biggest part of my challenge, changing habits and such. I really like the food plan for what I've read. Easy to do, and it has carbs in it! ( I've learned that I get really sick if I try to go low carb ).

Sorry if I missed an ongoing thread to answer these questions, but I figure it's better to ask. So many people seem to have success w/ this Program, and it's fascinating when its' 'real' people.


Suzanne 3FC
07-01-2007, 07:33 PM
The Myoplex bars are meal replacements, with the proper balance of protein and carbs, along with a wide variety of vitamins. Kashi bars have 100 more calories and twice the sugar, but less vitamins. Luna bars might be a closer match.

I used to do BFL and the best price I found for Myoplex Lite products was at though it's been several years since I've ordered from them. If you have a GNC Gold Card, you can get Myoplex Lite products cheaper at I'm not sure if their prices are the same as if you bought them at a GNC store.

My son is getting ready to do BFL. He's very thin, but wants to get in shape. I agree, the plan is very appealing because of the large following of "real" people and they seem so successful!

Suzanne 3FC
07-01-2007, 07:34 PM
Btw, if you get a chance, check to see if your library has the Eat to Live cookbook. It might be a big help :)

07-02-2007, 10:53 AM
There are also Body For Life shakes and bars available in some stores that would be a good replacement. The thing with BFL, is that he is wanting you to eat a certain amount of calories, carbs, and protein at each meal-so you need to take a Mypoplex shake packet and compare the labels and find a close match for those three things. :D