WW Clubs and Groups - Slimmin' Sistas Summer Challenge 6/25-7/1

06-30-2007, 12:01 PM
Hello Hello!

How is everyone doing? I have to say my first week went ok. I messed up the last couple of days so it is by no means a victory. My second week, not so good. I probably met my goal 50%.

But I come back this week with a renewed attitude. I saw my sister this week while on vacation. As you may know she had WLS in September. She is now less than me and wearing my size 18 shorts!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR!! While I am incredibley thankful that after a very long stuggle she has found what will work. She is incredibley dedicated and works out alot, NEVER eats sugar, is careful to get in lots of water and protein. I am angry with myself for all the time I continually waste.

I am going shopping today for groceries. I am committed. I know you've heard me say that a 1000 times. But I really need to be.

I haven't actually weighed myself in weeks. WHich is odd for me b/c I am a scale-aholic. But I weighed myself when I got home. :mad: I will admit to the number and move on. I will start posting my losses again and I will track my foods in a journal.

This weeks goal. Follow the plan. Simple, simple, simple. Who's with me?! What are your goals?