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06-28-2007, 03:04 PM
You can choose more than one answer.

06-28-2007, 03:23 PM
i try to listen to my body rather than my head. if i listened to my head id never lose anything. if say i feel hungry at 11 when I know I just ate breakfast two hours ago i know that i cannot be physically hungry so i ignore it. i guess i largely stick to meal times as i cant rely on my brain receptors to tell me. and yes im usually weak and tired by the time i eat - esp if ive been to the gym!

06-28-2007, 03:29 PM
I tried to choose more than one and it wouldn't let me, so I picked "feeling weak or tired".

06-28-2007, 03:40 PM
When "it's time". I've been eating on schedule long enough to know when my body needs fuel before I get really hungry. Not to say that I go longer bouts (several hours) without having time to eat or forgetting to bring my lunch, but I have an idea on how much food I need and when I need it.

06-28-2007, 03:45 PM
I said because it is time.

I eat just before I leave the house for work (7 AMish).
I eat lunch at noonish
We eat dinner at 7 PM

On weekends, only the breakfast time changes as I sleep in a bit.

Sometimes when dinner comes around, I'd rather not eat--not too hungry. But after I've made a good dinner to share with my family, I don't want to NOT eat. There are times when I'm really not hungry and I fix a bunch of hors d'oveurs and let everyone munch as they like--often I eat less when I do this.

06-28-2007, 06:22 PM
I eat when my stomach, and head (I get a headache if I am too hungry) tell me. I eat at 7am before work, then I eat around noon, 3 pm I have a snack then dinner about 6 and depending on how I feel a snack about 9pm. I try not to let anything dictate to me "when" to eat, but I dont want to feel HUNGRY either. So I go based on how I feel physically!

06-29-2007, 12:25 AM
I guess you can't choose more than one. Maybe a mod can change that.

06-29-2007, 10:36 AM
I'm trying Susan! :) On my first try it wouldn't let me change it...let me see if I can get it to do anything...

06-29-2007, 10:52 AM
Thanks Amy, some of this stuff is over my head. Where's a teenager when you need one ;)

06-29-2007, 11:07 AM
Wow, it's amazing how many if you chose "it's time"

I used to have scheduled eating times, and sometimes still follow them. The general rule I try to follow is to eat every 3 hours, though the reason I know I'm *hungry* is usually because I feel weak, tired, AND hear my stomach going GRAWRRRR. I also find it mindboggling how many people don't even GET real hunger pangs or physically feel their stomach telling them to eat.

06-30-2007, 08:43 PM
I often think I'm bad for not serving my kids meals "on time" esp. during summer vacation. Maybe not? Instead of saying, it's lunch, time to eat, I follow their natural cues of hunger. Many times, they grave most of the day and we get to dinner and realize there was no formal meal between b'fast and dinner, so that's when it worries me. However, they are both thin, strong and active, so maybe I am doing them a favor rather than making them eat at set times. I think I evolved to this, after too many times of trying to push lunch on them that they weren't hungry for or wanting, because they had just snacked an hour before.

07-02-2007, 10:52 AM
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07-19-2007, 10:34 PM
I chose "when it's time". I usually eat every 3-4 hours since that's when I feel the hungriest since my last meal. Funny thing is, I actually feel weaker and more tired if I eat sooner than 3 hours later.