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06-27-2007, 11:16 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome.:yes:

06-27-2007, 11:33 PM
Hello, ladies! The above Red, White & Blue is in honor of our upcoming holiday, lol

Jules - I'm sure you'll notice this later, but you'll need 2 cans of potatoes to halve the recipe. The original recipe makes 16 servings, which is quite a bit.

Sue - are you going to be closing on the sale of your house in Vegas? I was thinking you hadn't done that yet, unless it was by fax.

PJ - yay for your new A/C. :cp:

Hello to everyone else. :wave:

Well, the carpet guy did a wonderful job on the carpet, but the red crayon stain did not come out. He said we shouldn't have used Oxyclean on it, since that just made it worse. It's a lot better than it was, though, and not nearly as noticable.

I went to an interesting book group tonight. We talked about the book 90 Minutes in Heaven and will have 2 more meeting in the next few weeks.

Time for my oatmeal... gotta run.

:hug: <--- For all of you, from me. :)

06-28-2007, 12:38 AM
hello ladies! how are you all doing? just figured I would check on every one to see how you are all doing.

Jane~ I saw that book and was wondering how it is. Is it a good book?

06-28-2007, 02:56 AM
Evening gals! :wave:

Having sciatic nerve issues instead of walking on the treadmill I've been doing some yoga. Been helping quite a bit. The darn nerve has been bothering me since last week....and the hike and bike ride probably aggravated it a little (or a lot, but least I had a blast!!) :D

Ok now, time for some indi's.

Sue--I'll have to look into the gel covers and see what they have out there. I think my hubby has something like that on his bike.....not sure why I haven't gotten anything like that for myself?!

PinkJane--Is your treadmill still up and running for ya?? You're doing such a wonderful job at keeping at it! I only walk for 30mins, I can't imagine walking for another 30 on top of that! Keep up the great work!

Jules--James and I plan on hiking a lot this summer. We even talked about doing some during the winter or try something new. It's almost like we've both hit a "mid-life" crisis! :lol: wanting to go out and do all kind of things. We just want to stay active instead of looking back when we're older and realizing that we didn't get up from the couch that often.

Tammy--Ok...I don't know who Sara Evans is, but thank you. I've never been compared to anyone who was a celebrity. Congrats on the 1.4 lbs gone!! Great job!! You're so close to your goal!!

Cristina--I haven't had any troubles w/3FC either. I hope it doesn't keep up. We'll let ya know if we hear anything. Come back when the computer lets you stay on long enough.

Mindee--I hope little Marissa starts feeling better soon. Nothing like a little baby having the sniffles and not being able to say anything.

Jane--You need to check out the Geo cache and see if there is anything like that in your area. I believe James found out about it when he was looking things up for his GPS that he recently bought. (Men and their toys!) I told James that it would be fun to find some friend who would like to start our own hunts. Hide things in difficult places and then leave a "treasure" of some kind inside. He's going to talk to some guys at work.

Hello to everyone else out there. Hope I didn't miss too many of you.

Ok...I have to get some yoga done before I go to bed or else I'll wake up all stiff and in pain. (body is aging WAAAYYY too fast for me) You all have a great night!

06-28-2007, 03:44 PM
figured I would jump on here now since all the kids are napping....which lately has been a rare occurance to have them all napping at the same time.

Marti~ I hope you are feeling better today.

I took the plunge and got back onto a website that helped keep me motivated to losing weight after I had Logan. I restarted myself at the bottom of the totem pole in the first step, which I figured would be the best thing to do since it has been a looooooong time since I have been on the site. So, I am officially back in the saddle again so to speak.

06-28-2007, 03:47 PM
Just a quick HI :wave:

Not getting as much done as we anticipated because of the stupid rain! But we did get the sprinklers in :yay: Or I should say, the company did...lot of work. Change of plans for tomorrow because of the rain...we can't start the fence, bummer. So it will have to wait until Sunday or Monday. Oh well, there's the pergola to work on as well as putting lots of shelves in the garage. Anyway...that's about all I have.

Take care and I hope everyone has a great week and 4th!

06-29-2007, 12:53 AM
Hello ladies!:wave:

Mindee - the book is awesome during the description of the 90 minutes, which is the first 3 chapters. The rest is less interesting, but still worth reading.

Marti - hope your sciatica is better today.

Cristina - we've had too much rain here, too. First, a drought, now this. :dizzy:

Hello to anyone else reading this. :)

I got my hair trimmed and colored today - makes me feel so much better. I think she went a little darker this time. She does that - lighter, then darker. I think she uses whatever dye she has in stock, lol. Hey, I'm easy to please as long as those grays are gone, lol.

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up Macy for the morning, and we're going to go shopping and have lunch. I've planned for Wendy's since they have the broiled chicken and mandarin oranges. Not bad, for fast food.

Have a good one, ladies! :cool:

06-29-2007, 01:00 AM
nothing much on this end.....we did get the kids' baptisms set up. my mom's friend is a minister and he is going to baptize the kids on August 11th. we are going to do it at my mom's house in the early after noon and then have a BBQ afterwards. we are also going to be having a wedding as well!!! my sister Beth and her boyfriend are going to get married! (I accidentally walked in on Beth's ex-husband's wedding reception last Friday when me and Tommy were on our date) I probably won't be on here that much over the weekend. we have a busy weekend ahead, plus we are watching a friend's daughter so it will be a lot of fun around here.

Jane~ What is the book about? I can't remember if you said what it is about. I got my hair cut and highlighted the last time we were up at my mom's house. My mom and my sister cut my hair and then my sister died it for me. actually she frosted it for me, but I love it because it too hides the grays. (and let me tell you....I had to die them! Tommy and my mom kept pointing them out to me when I was still pregnant with Marissa)

Cristina~ I hope it stops raining soon so that you guys can get things done.

06-29-2007, 11:48 AM
3+ miles this morning...but the scales were only down a pound the last week. I hope Vegas doesn't ruin me! I know I won't be walking there as it is over 100*
Doing the last minute things as DH mows the yard so we can get out of here. SIL lives near the airport so we go there and hitch a ride. :)

Jane- We are closing the sale of the Vegas place and driving home. We had left a vehicle there for the last few years.

Marti- I do like the gel seat..makes a difference.

Mindee- Lots of fun with an added little one. :)

Cristina- Sorry the rain has stopped your progress. It is supposed to cool down and be dry for a few days now...hope that is true for you.

Okay good! Tata for now.

06-29-2007, 01:39 PM
Hi :wave:

Just a quick hello from me today.....I need to shower and get ready for work. I may not get much if any time on the computer this weekend....Jhanai will be coming over and is bringing a friend. So they'll keep me busy.

Hope you're all enjoying the day and have a GREAT weekend!!

06-29-2007, 04:15 PM
Happy Friday Ladies!!

Busy day today! Our garage door needed repairing and still considering replacing it even though the house is only about 10 yr old. It's only the builder grade. Waiting to hear what the cost will be. I presently have painters over doing my living and dining rooms. Then tomorrow I'll do the bottom part of the chair rail in the dining room with wallpaper. Sunday we will do a "meet the parents" with my daughter's fiance's parents. Going to brunch. It should be interesting...fiance's mom is Filipino with a strong accent, dad is hispanic and with my dh's deep sounthern drawl, I might throw in some strong Baltimorese, hon! We might not be able to understand each other so the conversations should be interesting.!! For those who don't know Baltimorese, check out this site:

Anyone have big plans for the 4th? Kinda stinks that it falls in the middle of the week. I have to work. I gotta do one of the summer holidays and got stuck with the 4th this year. Oh, the painters are almost done! Gonna check out the finish product! See ya!

06-29-2007, 05:29 PM
hello ladies! just checking in real quick.....

marti~ I am sure you will be extremely busy! have fun!

Tammy~ are you going to post after pictures of the paint job?

06-29-2007, 10:52 PM
Hi ladies,

Mindee - the book is about a man who was pronounced dead and came back to share his 90 minutes in heaven. Awesome.

Sue - hopefully you'll be able to post while in Vegas, as usual. When you drive home, will you be taking any detours to do some fun stuff, or more likely focus on getting back right away? Neal is one to just drive home, where I'm the one who wants to veer off the beaten path, lol. I have wanderlust.

Marti - two 13 year-olds will surely be lots of fun. Sometimes when my girls had their friends over, we'd do a spa thing, or make-overs, lol. I'd let them paint my nails those wacky colors, and have to say I miss those days. Won't be long until the DGDs can do the same!

Tammy - wow, sounds like the tower of babel. But I'm confused - I had no idea people in Baltimore Maryland talked like what I read at the link you gave, lol. Sounds more like the south, like your DHs accent. Hope your meeting with DSs in-laws to be is good, and nothing resembling Meet the Fockers, lol. :rofl:

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

I had a lot of fun today with Macy. Then later I spent some time catching up on phone calls. :dizzy:

I've been OP and feel good about that. I pray everyday that I can continue. So far, so good. :)

Ciao for now!

06-30-2007, 02:41 AM
jane~ that sounds like an interesting book. I might have to look into finding it, so I can read it

06-30-2007, 02:55 PM
Helloooooooo ladies! :wave:

Another quicky from me since I need to clean up, head to the store then go pick up DD's friend. We've had downpours all week and today is absolutely gorgeous out! It's suppose to get up to the 90's by the fourth. Too hot for fireworks I think.

Been reading in the paper about the new Simpsons movie. There is a contest to see which Springfield town they'll premiere in so of coarse our town (Springfield, OR) is all into that lately. It will interesting to see who wins.

Ok...I must get off of here.

Chat w/ya all later!

06-30-2007, 08:41 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Another beautiful day here...haven't had to turn the AC on since he installed the new one LOL...nothing much going on but exercise...had to call my isp yesterday couldn't get online so they came out and fixed whatever it was...went to see Live Free or Die Hard Thursday with the boy, then went and saw it again yesterday...well just wanted to check in, gonna cook a chicken breast for my dinner and watch a movie...Have a Good Evening All.

Marti - Yes the treadmill is still going, makes some funky noises but it's still going LOL Hubby told me to go buy an elliptical but I have to figure out where I am gonna put it first.

Pink Jane
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06-30-2007, 09:15 PM
Hello ladies...

Well, was worried for a while with all this flooding going on. It hasn't rained much today but supposed to tonight and tomorrow. Hoping it dries out some tomorrow and Monday...fence posts are going in regardless! Should be fun trapsing around in the mud, ugh. I hate this...V took off Friday because we were supposed to go to a wedding. Well, that was cancelled due to his nieces' fiance kicking her out a couple of months ago. Not sure if they worked it out and got back together or not but the wedding was off. V kept the day so that we could start on the fence and here it is Sunday tomorrow and NOTHING has been done! Nothing can be done. Just glad they got the sprinklers in and working before the rain least something got done around here.

MINDEE...thanks! It is still raining here though. Hope the kids are well. I saw the pictures a few days ago...GREAT family picture!

JANE...this rain is horrible! V's step-mom has family in one town that was evacuated because of the flooding and the power being out. fun and interesting. That would be cool if they picked your town.

PINKJANE...I take it the movie was good! Glad you guys liked it. safe going to Vegas. How long will you guys be there?

TAMMY...what an interesting mix! While in AR it was weird for me to hear the southerners talk. Ha, I used to be one of them until I moved to CA. We have no plans for the 4th. I might get some fireworks and save them for when Josh comes home, lol. I think he would like that. But we won't be doing any. We are going to grill some steaks and that's about it...working on the fence and pergola hopefully. V, DH has the whole week off due to shut down so we have to get something done.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Have a funeral to go to is going to kill me! It's the brother of a co-worker of V's. His little brother was killed in Iraq :cry: This on top of bad news from Josh...just keeps adding up. I hate this war!

Anywho...pretty boring day around here. The weather is making me feel blah and I think I have slept most of the day, lol. Not really funny though.

Hope everyone is having a better weekend!

07-01-2007, 02:54 AM
hello ladies....just checking in to see how every one is doing.

nothing new on this end.....Sunday is our day of relaxing after being busy busy bees on Friday night and then on Saturday all day and into the evening. it was a lot of fun though! the kids were great! Brandon never took a nap on Saturday and Logan didn't take one until about 8pm....which is usually about the time he goes to bed. but they were great at the fireworks, on both nights.

Cristina~ I hope you can get your fence done! Good luck trapsing in the mud! Thanks for the nice comments on the pictures. That picture was taking on the back porch of my parent's house.

07-01-2007, 10:54 AM
It's July! :D

Mindee - maybe you can find the book at the library. The middle part is focused on the man's recovery, and can be tedious, but as I said, the beginning where he describes heaven is awesome. I hope it's truly like that.

Marti - did you have fun with the girls, and did you get any sleep, lol. Wow, that would be cool if your town got the first showing of the movie. Keep us posted on that.

PJ - our minister turned the movie title Live Free or Die Hard into a sermon a couple of weeks ago, lol. Ya just gotta love Bruce Willis, right?

Cristina - aww, can you share what bad news you got from Josh? :hug: Hope you get your fence posts in soon. Mary and Dale are going to fence in part of their yard and get another dog. Enjoy your week off with V. I bet you'll get a lot done.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Since I can't walk on a treadmill anymore, I've been walking around my house every other day, on the walk Neal put all the way around it. Twenty trips around it is a mile. Faithful Molly usually follows me the whole way, lol. I set out 20 pennies on the front porch and pick up one every lap. On rainy or too hot days, I do the elliptical. I still need to find something for upper body strength that I'll actually do on a regular basis.

Mary and her family are coming home tonight... YAY!! :cp: I've missed the DGDs like crazy cakes, and can't wait to get some hugs and smooches.

I hope your Sunday is peaceful and fun. :cool:

07-01-2007, 08:44 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Woo Hoo it's July vacation is getting closer...another beautiful day here...Hubby called he is stuck in a loop running between Pennsylvania and Ohio and not happy LOL...hope everyone had a good weekend...nothing exciting goin on here...well I am gonna make a turkey burger for my dinner Have a Good Evening All.

Cristina - YES!! it was most excellant!!

Jane - LOL I just love Mr. Willis

Pink Jane
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07-02-2007, 01:31 AM
Jane~ I will have Tommy check to see if our local library has that book. thanks for the recommendation!

07-02-2007, 01:32 PM
Good Morning ladies--

I got my walk in this morning. It's a morning thing for the summer time as it gets too hot! Plus...I'm hoping to start riding a little after work, get the tush used to the seat! :lol:

Did my WI this morning. I'm down 2lbs from last week. That was a happy site for me. :yes:

Told my hubby that w/the weather creeping up to the 90's that we need to limit oven and stove use. Take advantage of the grill. He has no problem w/that!

Let's see if I can quickly do indi's.

Mindee--Good for you for getting back OP. After having a baby it's really hard to find time for yourself. I'm sure you'll do fabulous.

Cristina--How is your Pergola coming along?? Are you still having troubles logging in? If so I will PM the gals and see if anyone else is having problems.

Jane--I'm needing a hair color and trim. It's at the growing out stage that I just can't stand. I'm thinking of trimming it myself here in a minute. Driving me mad really, but do I really want to risk the funky look I may cause? :shrug:

Sue--Vegas heat......gotta be gruesome. I hope you at least get to enjoy your time there rather than be miserable trying to stay cool.

Tammy--No plans for the 4th for me. Jhanai will be w/friends and hubby will be working. So.....I'll just be keeping busy here w/my yard work that never ends.

PJ--Are you wanting an elliptical? I would prefer to have one over the treadmill but at the time we got this, James was to use it too and he doesn't like the elliptical......hmmm....James only used the darn treadmill a few times.........wonder whats up w/that!? :lol:

Ok ladies....I need to go dry my hair and eat some breakfast before work. Plus, a second cup of coffee sounds marvelous. Have a wonderful Monday and I'll chat w/ya all soon.

07-02-2007, 07:53 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies:wave:

Just got off the treadmill, have to pick the boy up at 6 it's his early day so I thought I would check in...Hubby called from Cincy he has to go to Kentucky then on to Atlanta then to Chicago LOL told him it's something different finally...finally warming back up here 85 today, suppose to be in the 90's the rest of the week...having a chicken breast for dinner tonite...well I need to get it together and pick the boy up Have a Good Evening All.

Marti - I'm thinking about an elliptical, something different then the treadmill.

Pink Jane
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07-02-2007, 10:09 PM
Hi ladies,

PJ - woohoo, you're vacation countdown is in the 60's! :carrot:

Mindee - ok. :)

Marti - yay for 2# down! :cp: Hey, don't forget to uses the crock pot to help keep the kitchen cool during the summer months. I use it all year long, actually, but appreciate more in the summer.

Sue, Julie, Cristina - hiya.

Hello to anyone else reading this, especially the Jaded Ladies who haven't checked in for awhile. :wave: Mary Kate, Jen, Sassy, Vann, Jodi, Karin, hmmm.. I feel I'm leaving someone out, but please forgive me if I did.

I've had one of those days that seem to be busy, and just fly by, but then when you think about it, you really can't seem to list any accomplishments. :dizzy: Katie is here doing laundry. I'm wondering how often I'll see her when she ever gets her own washer and dryer, lol.

My friend Dixie is coming over tomorrow afternoon to scrapbook with me. She's never done it before, but has lots of supplies after our recent trip to Hobby Lobby! :D Anyway, I hope she likes it well enough to join the monthly crop parties with the others and me.


07-03-2007, 12:18 AM
nothing new on this end.....just been hanging out with the kiddos and Tommy. we are going to the fireworks where he used to work at on Tuesday. the kiddos godparents (one set) will get to see them, and see Marissa for the first time. so, it should be a lot of fun!

Marti~ WTG on the 2#!! I am hoping to get like how I was last time......where I was keeping my booty OP and working out every day. It has been cold here after dinner, so we haven't been able to walk, but it is getting warmer now so we should be able to get the walking after dinner started again.

Jane~ I have days like those all the time! It gets to where Tommy will ask me what all I did and I will have to sit and wrack my brain to try and remember. That sounds like fun, having your friend over to scrap book! We scrap booked one for our engagement/dating life. Now, we need to get all the rolls of film developed and start one for each of the kids like we had planned on doing! (I know....easier said then done) lately though I have been spending time looking for a new apartment. our lease is up after Halloween, so we are going to be either moving or seeing if we can get a 6 month lease to hold us over until spring time.

07-03-2007, 01:29 PM
Morning ladies!

This is a great work week. Short. :D I hate the fact that James will be working tomorrow so no going out and enjoying some displays. May go to a town where a friend I work with lives and watch the parade.

PJ--Starting on an elliptical after not being on one for so long....kicks my butt! :lol: But so worth it. You get a lot of benefits from using the thing!

Jane--Crock pot! Forgot about that thing. I'll have to pull it out and make something with it. Horrible thing last night....James made cookies, and I was taking the last batch out of the oven...........and forgot to turn the oven off!! Woke up to a very very warm kitchen this morning! Sheesh! Way to keep cool!

Mindee--I remember Jhanai's first Fourth. She slept through the noisy parade, which consisted of a lot of gun fire (western themed) and she slept through the fireworks at the end of the night. I was so worried that it would scare her but she slept through it all!!

Good morning to the rest of you.

Ok...I'm out of here. Need to start getting ready for work and get myself another cup of coffee :coffee:

Have a great day!

07-03-2007, 03:43 PM
hello ladies....nothing new on this end. just thought I would get on here since the kiddos, well the boys anyways, are asleep. I have a Marissa cuddle bug on my lap.

Marti~ that is how Brandon was for his first fourth. I thought he was going to be the same way, but he slept right through everything. I am hoping that she will be like that. we have already taken her to two seperate displays and she slept through/fell asleep to them.

07-03-2007, 04:31 PM

Jane--Yup, you forgot me :( But you are forgiven!! I would love to scrapbook but have no one to introduce me. My sis does, but she lives in WVa. Other sis is not interested. I'll probably start when I have grandbabies, which is not to soon, I hope.

Mindee--How are the kiddo's. My sis is also wondering about taking her almost 2yr old to the fireworks. Afraid that he will be scared and then worried how she will make it through the crowd for a quick getaway if he starts screaming.

Marti--My dd treated me to a new doo around Mother's Day. I went to see "John Paul"...very "sweet-what-a-waste", but great hair stylist. I've had short, curled with a curling iron, that falls apart in an hour without a ton of spray hair for the past 20 yrs. I had let the layers grow out as much as possible and Sweet JP cut it all one length, colored and hi-lighted and did his magic for over 3 hrs. Cost my daughter $230. I'm used to going to the Hair Butchery, I mean Hair Cuttery and pay Pixie $20 for a cut. Follow-up doo with Sweet JP cost me another $125. (he touched up my roots) I love the cut and have had tons of compliments but don't know if I can afford my hair affair with Sweet JP forever! Congrats on the 2lb weight loss!!!

Pinky--I have an elliptical, love it....then again, I need to dust if off cause I haven't been on it for a while!

Cristina--I think about you often especially when my son comes to visit. I hope all is well with Josh. I think I told you before that we have close friends that also have a son Josh and he is stationed in Alaska. We got to see him father's day weekend. He came home for his sis's graduation and his mother's dance recital (she owns a dance studio). My son grew up with him. Justin, took me to the commissary today. Wow, the prices are so good. I only get to shop there a few times a year cause when Justin comes home, there is not always time. He has to cram in visits to his father, grandparents, friends etc. I'm just happy with the time I can spend with him. He hopes to be able to spend two days with us at the beach in a few weeks. Again, my thoughts are with you, your family and Josh.

I've had off for 5 days and it has been a whirlwind. Got the living/dining room painted on Fri. Wallpapered under the chair-rail in the DR all day Sat. Sunday we met my daughter's fiance's parents for lunch. It went really well. They are a delightful couple and very down to earth. Yesterday we went to the country club to check out the facility for dd's wedding reception and then when to the pool for a few hours, then on to Costco, shopped for material for my dining room curtains, threw steaks on the grill and finished the day doing laundry. Today I did the commissary with my son, finishing laundry and straightening up the house awaiting the arrival of my step-daughter's visit tonight. She is in grad school at NC State. She'll be visiting until Sunday. I have to work the next 3 days, my dh is off, so he can spend some quality time with his dd. I gained .4 on my weigh-in on Sunday, but considering that I ate out 4 nights and my TOM is due any minute, I wasn't disappointed.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderul 4th of July. Take care Ladies!

07-03-2007, 05:15 PM
Tammy~ the kiddos are doing great! I told Brandon and Logan that they had to take naps if they wanted to go to the fireworks, see the horses and see Uncle Joe and Aunt Liz. Surprisingly I didn't get fought on them taking naps, but then again, Logan never fights me, it is always Brandon that does. Has your sis taking the little one to fireworks before? all three of mine have been to fireworks since they were babies, so we know that they will do well.

07-04-2007, 11:27 AM
Happy Independence Day, Ladies!

Marti - I copied the properties of the pic you sent me, but it wouldn't work. :( I'm such a doofus when it comes to stuff like that! Katie will have to show me how to do that. It was really cute, and I saved the link. Thank you so much!

Tammy - oops! I may have forgotten to mention you, but you're never forgotten! Oh how I wish you could come to our scrapbook crops, and we'd help you learn! You'd love it. And so would the other JLs who scrapbook. One of the members of my church is a pro at it, and used to sell the supplies. She has such good ideas! Tammy, since you're a nurse, please be sure to read what I wrote about Neal below. Don't you think a 'script was in order?

Mindee - why are you wanting to move? Anyway, good luck finding something. My Katie's first time at the fireworks was awful! She screamed and was so scared that Neal left with her, and I stayed with Mary. (My son was 15, and was with his friends.)

Mary Kate called me yesterday morning with an update. Her life is chaotic right now. She is still having trouble with her wrist, her husband is home on disability now, & her stepdaughter and toddler granddaughter are moving in next weekend. So her plate is full and I'm asking you to keep her in your prayers that she'll be able to handle all these things. WE LOVE YOU, MARY KATE!!!

To those who are having trouble with the site loading slow, are you on AOL? It was mentioned awhile back that AOL users may have more trouble.

Well, yesterday was mostly spent in the ER and the eye doctor's office. Neal was hammering a nail, and it flipped back, out of the wood, and into his eyeball, in the white of his eye! He came in the house, with a hankie up to his eye, and it was bleeding. Long story short, his eye is ok, and he's a very lucky man that he had no damage to the iris or pupil. I thought he should have been given some antibiotic drops for it, but the doctor didn't prescribe that. :shrug:

I'm not having a family get-together today, but we're meeting at the fireworks in town tonight.

Hope you all have a fun holiday. :hug:

07-04-2007, 12:22 PM

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Fourth!!

I will check in later tonight. Hugs! :hug:

07-04-2007, 08:16 PM
Good Evening Ladies:wave:

Just did my 60 on the treadmill and thought I would check in...beautiful day here today...I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday, nothing going on here...have a turkey cutlet for my dinner tonite and then gonna watch a movie...well have a Good Evening All. And Happy 4th.

Pink Jane
Your next WDW vacation is 67 days away!

07-05-2007, 02:23 PM
Hi ladies,

Just a quick pop in today to say hello. We had a fun 4th, until it started raining at the fireworks, lol. Everyone starting grabbing chairs and blankets and running off. There were an estimated 5000 people there, so it was a mess, lol. I'm headed to town in a little while, and to the Eagles later. It's hot and very muggy here in southern Indiana, with no relief in sight.

Hope you're having a good day! :hug:

07-05-2007, 05:55 PM
let me see if this works this time.....I keep trying to post a message and it never wants to go through.

07-05-2007, 08:23 PM
Evening Ladies!

Jane--Hmm....took a poll at work about your dh's eye and we were split down the middle with half thinking that he should have been given eye drops and the rest saying that the eye cleanses itself and more than likely did so right after he injured, or should I say speared, it. So, how is he now? We had major storms in the early evening that canceled some of our fireworks. We need a few days of steady rain. These big thunderstorms that hit in the evening just dump too much rain at one time and it just runs off the lawns. Starting to look like Arizona desert around here.

Mindee--cute pic of Marissa!

I feel like a stuffed pig. Just got back from the Macaroni Grill. I suggested that we take my stepdaughter there for her b-day and then looked at the menu online. OMG...there was only one thing on the menu under 1000 cal and less than 50 gr of fat. It was the skinny chicken. 330 cal and 5 gm of fat. It's only chicken breast and brocolli, no pasta. I did well until we all shared the dessert ravioli. It was 1630 cal and 74 gm of fat and I ate 1/3 of it then helped step-d with her choc cake! I'm a very, very bad girl!!! The guilt is nearly killing me. But I did have a smile on my face the whole time!

Big hugs to everyone else. Only one week from tomorrow till Myrtle Beach!!

07-06-2007, 12:48 AM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Things are going great around here! The kids are growing like crazy. They are all amazing me with each passing day! I canít believe that I was chosen to be their mother.

Marissa has her 2 month check up next Monday. I have to call and let them know that we will be late to the appointment because Tommy doesnít get home until 6pm and the appointment is at 5:45pm. I am hoping that they donít give me any problems when I call. I just might have Tommy call them and let them know, since they called him this past Monday to tell him that Marissa missed her appointment, when I called the week before to reschedule it.

Then when she turns 3 months, we are going to get her ears pierced. we already asked a store in the local mall that does it for free, and the girl told me that they won't do it until she is 3 months old and has all her shots up to date. the thing I have a fear about is, not the piercing itself, but the fact that I am allergic to some gold earrings. I am not sure if she has the same allergy to gold like me, but I don't want to take the chance, you know what I mean? so I am going to see if they have sterling silver studs that we can get. I have also heard that since 10Kt. gold earrings don't have any nickel in them that I don't have to worry about it, but I still will, you know how that goes.

anyways.....enough babbling from me. how is every one doing?

07-06-2007, 12:21 PM
Good morning, ladies!

Mindee - aww, what a sweet avatar. Jackson has already had his 2 month check-up and immunizations. He weighs 12 lbz, 9 oz! Little piggy, lol. You should be able to find some earrings labeled nickel-free at the store that is going to do the piercing.

Tammy - thank you for asking at work about Neal's eye. Although I still have trouble looking him in the eye, the eyeball itself is looking better each day. But he has quite a shiner now, lol.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Tonight is Shrek Night at my house. :cp: I'm having all the DGDs over for supper, which will consist of some green foods. They are to be dressed in green, and I have green Shrek headbands with Shrek ears on them for all of us. Then we'll be watching Shrek 1. They have forgotten what happens in that one, although we saw Shrek 2 right before #3 came out at the theaters. Gina bought some Shrek necklaces, and Mary found some Shrek Pez dispensers, so we're all set, lol. Being a grandma is so much fun!!!! Julie, your turn is coming!

Gotta run. Have a great weekend, chickas! :hug:

07-06-2007, 02:27 PM
Good Morning Ladies :wave:

Just a quick hello to you all. I hope you have a fantastic Friday...............I surely wish I was going to the Shrek party tonight!!

I will try to pop in later tonight for indi's. Until then, you all have a great day and stay out of the heat (if you're anything like us) or bundle up and stay warm (for those of you who are freezing)

Chat w/you all later!

07-06-2007, 05:55 PM
hello ladies!!! how are you all on this fine Friday afternoon?

Jane~ Thanks for that suggestion. I will have to keep that in mind when we take her to get them pierced. She was suppose to go this past Monday for her one month check up from the follow up on May 30th, but they didn't have a late enough appointment, so I had to reschedule for this coming Monday. Which reminds me I have to call and see if they have anything later then that or if we can come in at 6.

Marti~ I hope you are not sweltering too bad in that heat! stay cool!

07-06-2007, 06:05 PM
Just a quick pop in. Waiting for my Avon to be delieverd. Spent over an hour sitting at DMV today--not much fun. Did the normal grocery shopping etc...really need to take my library books back...maybe tomorrow. Teri's next appt is Friday the 13th, I am thinking we find out the sex of the baby in August. I have started picking up odds and ends for the baby. Today I got the bedtime bath, lotion and powder. I figured I would get something each week. I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy so I can start getting some pink or blue stuff!!

07-06-2007, 07:22 PM
Jules~ I must have missed your message when you posted that Terry was pregnant!! Congratulations!!!! I remember the time leading up to finding out the sex. Brandon was the only one that let us know right at the 20 week mark. With both Logan and Marissa, I was about a month away from delivery when they finally cooperated so that we could find out their gender.

07-07-2007, 01:54 PM
Hello ladies....

Hubby left in the wee hours of the night (around 3:30) to go to work so I'm left home alone for the weekend. I think I may do a little shopping and then come home and do some yard work before it gets extremely hot out.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Today is considered a lucky day: 7-7-7!!!!

So go out and buy that lottery ticket. :D

Chat w/you all later.

07-08-2007, 01:32 AM
hello are you all doing?

speaking of lottery tickets.....there were plenty of people that played 777, and wouldn't you know it, the daily three for this evening was........772.

nothing new on this end.....just enjoying the weekend. on Monday we take Marissa in for her two and a half month check up. I can't wait to see how much she weighs!!

07-08-2007, 11:27 AM
Good morning, ladies!

Mindee - hope you're having a good weekend with the kiddos. Good luck with the check up for Marissa. My sister Sara's birthday was 07/07/07. Mine is 9/11, which is not as lucky sounding, lol.

Marti - speaking of shopping, have you noticed that lots of stores have begun putting some of their winter stuff out already? They do that every year, and then put out the summer stuff in January. Great time for bargains, though! Seems like everything is on sale.

Jules - I went ahead and bought everything Jackson needs for when he's here. Playpen, diapers, formula, cereal, bottles, bath wash, etc. Last night I picked up an "Itty Bitty Bouncer" that I thought would be fun for him. One thing he likes is to be put in the stroller in the house, and I wheel him around to whatever room I'm in. I think he likes the change of scenery, and I like him to be closeby. I can barely wait for you to find out the gender!!

Mary Kate - thinking of you, and hope things are better. :hug:

Cristina, Sue, Tammy, Sassy, Vann, Jodi, PinkJane, Jen, Tammy's sister Michelle - I'm hoping that you all are just having so much fun that you don't have time to check in with us. I miss each of you and I'll be glad when you can pop in and at least say hello. :hug:

Shrek night was a blast, lol. Being a grandma is so much fun, and I highly recommend it to you all, lol.

Even as hot as it is here in southern Indiana, I'm craving chili so much that I made a pot of it yesterday to have today. I eat soup all year 'round - weird, I know! I also drink iced tea all year long. :dizzy:

I'm doing well OP and have been checking out some new recipes in the July/August Weight Watcher magazine.

Toodles for now. :wave:

07-08-2007, 05:14 PM
Happy Sunday Ladies!!

Had my weigh-in this morning and I'm down another 2 lbs. :dance: I finally got into the 130's (just barely) which was my goal for vacation. This time next week I'll be laying on the beach in Myrtle Beach.:woohoo: I bought a pedometer to clock my miles walked while walking the dogs and planning long walks on the beach. I'm busy dragging stuff out for the beach right now, just wanted to share my good news. Talk to everyone a little later!

07-08-2007, 05:58 PM
Afternoon ladies! :wave:

I've spent the last 4 hours weeding and raking up the leaves in the garden area. I now have a headache and sunburn! :dizzy: (I even wore a hat darn it!)
The shower I just took felt marvelous!! :D

Tammy--Hurray for being in the 130's!! That's absolutely fabulous.

Jane--I bet the little party was so much fun. Did you take lots of photos for your scrap booking?

Mindee--777 marks 36yrs that I've been in the US. :D I was born in the Philippines and brought here 7/7/71. Lucky day eh?

Jules--How exciting.....I'm on the edge of my seat just waiting to hear the news!! An old friend of mine is having a girl. She's due in Sept. She's ecstatic. Keep us posted.

PJ--Is that treadmill still working for ya?? Not too much longer before your WDW trip! How exciting!!

Hello to the rest of you! Hope you're all well and doing ok.

Ok....I'm needing to go lay down and take a little nap. The headache should be gone by the time I get up.

Have a great rest of the day!

07-08-2007, 06:50 PM
hello are you all doing??? man it is a scorcher outside today!!! the temperature reading on the computer is 95* right now and boy can you feel it!

Jane~ Hey, it was your birthday long before that tragic incident happened. Sounds like Shrek night was a blast!! We watched Monsters, Inc. here last night.

Marti~ Congrats on your 36th anniversary!! That means you are 36 right?

Tammy~ We had an awesome weekend! It never seems to amaze me as to what we can come up with to do while daddy is at work. last night we took them over to the park after we ate dinner. today we went up to the campground where we met almost 8 years ago, and where his parents still camp for now.

This morning, we got a shock right after we woke up! It was a good shock, I guess. Brandon woke up and got busted for being in the kitchen, so daddy told him that he had to come into our room because Logan was still sleeping. About 15 minutes or so later, I heard Logan awake and calling for mommy and daddy. Next thing we know, we hear a lot booming noise and then we heard Logan crying. Before we could get up to check on him, here he comes walking into our bedroom! He got out of his crib the for the first time on his own.....which means we are in trouble now! He climbed up on our bed and laid on me.......not a tear coming out of his was all a fake cry.

07-09-2007, 11:23 AM
Good Monday morning, ladies!

Tammy - yay for you, getting into the 130's. :cp: You obviously are staying at a place that welcomes dogs. I want to go to a place like that. Actually, we had reservations at a condo Cape San Blas with a private beach that welcomes dogs, but had to cancel. Or did you mean you walk the dogs at home? Anyway, you're going to have so much fun!

Marti - yep, I have a photo that I'm going to scrapbook -all the girls have on their Shrek ears and Shrek neon necklaces, lol. I'm going to check for Shrek stickers at Hobby Lobby, but have a photo of Shrek from the popsicle box I can use in a pinch. Hope your headache is long gone.

Mindee - ah, time for a toddler bed, right? My Terry Joe and Katie were each climbers and had to have a twin bed very early. I don't think toddler beds were around then. About my birthday, the year of the attack, I had plans with a friend who was taking me out for lunch that day. I called her and tried to cancel after the news bulletins, but she said no, no matter what happened, it was still my birthday. How sweet was that? She since then moved to North Carolina, but we're still tight. I miss her a lot.

I wish I had something fun to tell you about today, but actually it's "different day, same stuff", lol. It's too hot to go out, but I might run a few errands, anyway. I also need to do some laundry and ironing.

I'm OP and need to step up the water a bit since it's so hot! We're having fresh tomatoes, baked salmon, fresh green beans, and wild rice for dinner tonight. Mmmmmm!

Have a good day!

07-09-2007, 01:00 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Sun is shining BRIGHTLY into my room and I just love it! :D A cup of coffee & the newspaper and I'm set! The gazebo has proved to be a perfect spot during the summer mornings.

Mindee--Yes, that means I'm 36. :) Jhanai was a climber too....we got her a toddler bed when she was barely 2. Got her Little Mermaid bedding since she loved that movie at the time. **sigh** for her to be 2 again!!

Jane--I bet your DGD's were absolutely darling to look at!! When you talk about your DGD's I remember my time w/my grandma and all the fun things she did for me and my cousins. Wonderful memories. I truly miss her.

Not a lot going on here. Just needing to get ready for work. James is off to go hiking w/a co-worker. Wish he had days off the same time I do!! Anyway...........

Bet hit the showers.

Hugs to you all!

07-09-2007, 01:01 PM
Oh...before it gets out of hand......................

Let's head on over to 258.

See ya there.