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06-26-2007, 10:42 PM
I love Shaq!!! I like what there doing here with these kids, I just think its a little embarrising for these kids. But Im glad they have someone there to help them. If Shaq came out my door, and made me get in shape I would be the healthiest person ever. Did anyone watch this????


06-26-2007, 11:29 PM
I just watched this. Boy did I see myself in those kids. Shaq is very likeable and you can see that he cares a lot about what happens to the kids.

Overall I thought it was good. It seems like they are trying to help teach the kids better habits and aren't being too unrealistic about it - ie fast food only once a week after having it every day. Asking kids to completely change their habits and going from all pizza to tofu and sprouts is most likely going to backfire.

The one thing that really bugged me is how they dumped the kids in that gym without any direction except written. What did they expect? I think that part was done for dramatic effect. They obviously need some level of supervision - even if it is just a trainer to take them through the first time to show them how to do all the exercises

06-27-2007, 03:14 PM
I watched part of it. I think the idea is good and hope it works out. I felt so bad for the kids. I wanted to cry when the Doctor was telling the kids that they were morbidly obese, especially the boy who started crying on his mom.

06-30-2007, 07:10 AM
I was flicking through the TV looking for something to watch while riding my recumbrant bike the other night. I saw the previews to it. To be honest with you, I think it is VERY mean to put children who are heavy like that on TV and show them crying or struggling. Who knows down the road what psychological affect this will have on them? Not to mention, what about their peers in school and activities who may have seen the show? Think they aren't being set up for some major teasing after this show aired?

It would have been great if he just worked/helped with these kids, but why did it have to be broadcasted on TV?

I just think this was so cruel.....shame on the parent for allowing their children to be exposed like this on national tv. :mad:

06-30-2007, 10:42 PM
I wanted to watch but was out of town and forgot it was on so I watched a DODGER game. I talked to my daughter and she saw it, she enjoyed it but did say something about it being too scripted in parts. I read about it in USA TODAY and was impressed with "what I read" never know what is true in the newspapers these days do ya?

I don't want to step on anyones toes but I will say, being a LAKER fan and following Shaq's days with them, that he does A LOT of great things with and for kids and adults too that was not broadcast to the media. Stories are still coming out from the Los Angeles area on things he did for people and he has been gone a few years now.

Sure those kids may be made fun of, probably will be, but weren't they already? They may become little stars just by being with Shaq too. And just what if they loose some major cool would that be....and what if other kids see the show and follow their lead...what if?

I think it is worth the risk for most of them ....didn't look like they had much of a future from what I read and heard about the show...but you just can't believe everything that's for sure.

We know a few "reality" TV actors...these shows are very scripted and edited....

Prayers for the children and their futures! :angel:

07-03-2007, 11:29 PM
This is the 2nd week of the show, And I have a new found respect for Shaq. I always liked him, except for when he beat my mavericks in the nba finals. This show is very sad for me, just reliving my childhood. Im so happy someone is doing this for these kids, so maybe kids dont have to go threw this anymore.

08-01-2007, 04:23 PM
Anyone catch the last episode?

Chris did so amazingly well, it blew my mind!

Chris started at 206 pounds. I couldn't find any "after" pictures, but the kid got down to 15% body fat and 129 pounds. He looked great!

All the other kids lost weight to varying degrees over the 9 months, and all of them improved in their president's physical fitness test scores. It was really nice to see Shaq and his team take it to the governor's office and demand real change from the system, and offer workable models of what can be done. I hope this really pans out into something that helps kids and families.

08-01-2007, 04:38 PM
Yeah - I watched the whole way through. I was amazed at Chris's results. I think his mom pushing him really made a lot of the difference. However, they all looked so much better - even the ones that didn't lose as much. More importantly was the difference in their fitness. I really hope they are all able to keep it up. I also would love to see an update on how it goes implementing the ideas in Florida both the wellness wheel and the school lunch program.

The thing I liked the most about the whole show was how when they invited their friends to the after school program more and more kids started showing up. Then, the 6 kids in the challenge got to be role models for the other kids. When you feel confident about what you are doing it makes it so much easier. Having the other kids also made it fun. That was one of the things that REALLY disturbed me in the beginning was the whole boot camp attitude of the after school workouts. Acting like working out is punishment is exactly the wrong way to get kids interested in being fit. It was exactly what I rebelled against as a child. I always felt like exercise was something people made me do because there was something wrong with me not because it was something I would enjoy and that it would make me feel good.

08-02-2007, 11:30 AM
You know, I watched it once, and before I read all the comments I want to reply so my thoughts are not swayed but others so here goes:

The general idea of the show is SUPER. I mean yes obesity in kids is a terrible epidemic that IS growing. However, you can not change the kids unless you change the parents, as I noticed most of them were also overweight, and some were definately obese. So it should begin with the entire household. I mean if you teach mom and dad to take better care of themselves they will, inturn, teach thier kids. So I do not think in the long run it will work from what I witnessed that one show.
I give Shaq tons of credit for trying this, but I really think the show should be rethought. I mean if a kid loses 50lbs and then is in the same envirnment with his parents who are not taking care of themselves weight wise, then the child will inevitably return to poor eating habits and laziness.
The "gym", a disaster waiting to happen, and it did. Why on earth would you rent a gym and then not have a trainer/coach there to assist and motivate the kids to USE it properly. I mean honesly people, they didnt get fat on their own, it is society and their parents. I mean you need to have POSTIVE role models, and have the parents come in a use it too, because that way they all understand what the other one is going through. I mean working out is HARD WORK, and the parents are sitting there watching their kids cry and whatnot, well they, IMO, should get their LARGE REARS (you all know what I say) our there and do it with them instead of sittin on the benches crying because their overweight children are FINALLY being PUSHED to do something physical!

Off my box-I do think, like I said it is a SUPER IDEA, but definately needs to be re-worked if it is to have long term effectiveness! JMO