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12-10-2001, 11:33 PM
well---I am up to six displays and you all know I like to have at least a dozen--my favourite so far is the "all silver"--- buffet top---if Kiwi would come over here and take a picture and post it,that would be nice---she is probably crying over Ally McBeal like me and the girls just were-----KIWI---I NEED A CD BY THAT MALCOLM KID!!!!!!WAS THAT TOM BERENGER????IS HE GOING UPHILL OR DOWN---HE LOOKED PRETTY HUNKY----I THINK HE AGED WELLLLL:p :p :o :lol: :smug: I HOPE ALL YOU TANKS ARE WATCHING YOUR DIETS!!!!
:lol: :

12-11-2001, 03:08 AM
I am in total agreement with everything you said, Bagz. That Malcolm was awesome, and Tom Berenger has gotten much hunkier as he's gotten older! I never used to like him, but he was definitely A-OK on Ally tonight. Where did Ally know the kid from? I can't remember that.

Did you know that the Bangor ballet company (Robinson's) is coming to your town doing the Nutcracker, Bagz? We saw it last year. One of dd's friends is in it. Don't know when, maybe it's already past.

I am depressed. DH came home from a day's shopping with a carload of stuff, including a new computer. It is clearly not a Christmas present--he's setting it up tomorrow right next to the current one. So I'm assuming this will be "all his". He always goes Christmas shopping and buys himself a bunch of stuff. Then he piled all the (full) computer boxes on top of the washing machine and went to bed. Crap!! I had laundry to do, stuff DD needed for tomorrow, but I can't budge the boxes. By the time I realized it, he was long asleep. My life is just one long pain in the a**. Oh and my dog is sick again.



12-11-2001, 04:51 AM
is preventing you from waking the sweet man up? I'm sure he'd want you to. I'd like to help you.

I'm not depressed by ally mcbeal. I'm depressed by my own life or my own hormones or my own waddling jiggling behind, whatever.

Bagz, I have a Christmas display. Herbie "won" a porcelain angel at Sam's and it's sitting onthe coffee table. I actually bought a lovely centerpiece candle, fake greenery, nativitys scene thing. Herbie ignored it and talked about the pretty angel that he won and ds moved it to put up his chess board.

Did you know I wash two cats three times a week? Did you know they get ringworm and give it to you? Aren't you glad I have a hobby?

Peach Jello

12-11-2001, 01:18 PM
Well of course you did. I've been incommunicado for a couple days. I'll blather on about what I did over the weekend, ok? Saturday night was our company Christmas party. Lots of fun. I just love the guys that work for us and, except for a minor exception or two, I love their wives too. The only hitch is that we were seated in a private banquet room with another party that included their children who were running around like banshees, but at least the establishment brought us wine for our patience with the little monsters. Even my kids weren't allowed to run around restaurants when they were little. What's with ppl? Then on Sunday morning we went to my sis's house for brunch to celebrate her DH's birthday. She, I'm sure I've told you a million times, is a gourmet cook and the food and drink were wonderful, and lots of nice ppl too.

Yesterday I took the day off to go shopping and the skin Dr. He gave me some new stuff for zits. I know I'm still a sweet young thang because I still have the acne of an adolescent. Then I went to a car dealership because I think I'm going to buy DH a new work truck for Christmas. This is my first experience dealing with car salesmen all by myself. I feel so grown up.

How did the barbie cake turn out, Bagzie? Did she look like you were under the influence of margies when you made her? ;)

I don't watch Ally McBeal. She annoys me to no end. And if I'm going to be depressed about something, it won't be her.

Very few Christmas displays here. Garland on the staircase, around the front door, Christmas stockings hung by the fireplace, Snowman collection up in the kitchen. No Christmas tree yet, no outdoor lights, only a wreath by the front door. Very few gifts purchased. I'm about a month behind schedule. Now that's depressing.

Lushy, when do you get your results back?

12-12-2001, 08:59 AM
I have spilled popcorn on the carpet and am leaving it there. Genius is so often accidental.

Yes, now that I'm reminded, Lushomat had to go have a test which SHE ASSURED US was nothing. Talk, girly.

I have not received a Christmas card yet from you moomoos. Or anyone else. I suspect they're not first-class mail in Florida. We needed jackets yesterday though. Maybe the mail will come through.

12-12-2001, 05:15 PM
No, I haven't overdosed on gingerbread yet. Just too tired to post.

Boy, Kiwi, that's some guy you got there. I'm speechless. He and my dh must have been separated at birth if you judge things by how high a man can pile his stuff on top of your stuff so there's no way in heck you can get to it.

Peachy! A jacket? Ha ha ha! We're supposed to go down to -15 C on Saturday. MINUS FIFTEEN! I don't know what that it is Fahrenheit but someone else will. It's enough to freeze any extraneous bits of you off though.:smug:

10:15 p.m. and I'm off to bed!:p :lol: :p :lol: :p :lol:

12-12-2001, 06:25 PM
We are now a 2 computer family. I don't know how well it's all going to work. They are networked together and at this point the old computer, which still has everything on it, is so overloaded by the networking software that it keeps crashing. But at some point I'm sure it will get worked out. DH spent the whole day putting together this monster desk/computer station in our little tiny den which already includes a piano, a giant desk, 2 big file cabinets, 3, no 4, bookcases, a printer stand, a coffee table loaded with junk, a 5 foot high music cabinet and an antique windup phonograph complete with giant console cabinet. This was quite a trick. He's going to let DD and me use the new desk for our stuff, imagine that. :s:

Excellent idea for Christmas display, Peaches. I wish I'd thought of that, spilled popcorn. I wonder if dust can be made to look festive? I have exactly one display -- I put a wreath on the door.

Best of luck to everyone on getting ready for Christmas. I'm going to DD's school concert tonight. Last night I went to a community music performance. Was very nice. Mostly old ladies, but plenty of nice music.

Tata Kiwi

12-12-2001, 07:27 PM
I need a Christmas concert to get me jazzed about things. Somethings gotta do it. I think DS moping around about the gf, and DH in his usual Scroogy mood is working on me.

Kiwi, I have 3 other ppl at my house that will pile things on top of things, on top of things. They make me crazy. I feel like I spend my time trying to keep sand from running through a sieve. My house would be so organized if I lived by myself. Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it.

Brrrr. Frozen Sugar Plum.

They have located the perfect truck for DH. Now I just have to sign the paper and give them money. I've been tossing and turning at night over this. What if I buy it and construction takes a dive??? Eeeek. I'm so indecisive. The truth is that DH will probably buy one soon anyway, so at least this way I'll be the hero. :D

It's finger nail night. I still need to buy something for my nail lady. I meant to make her something really neat, but that didn't happen. sigh.

12-13-2001, 11:58 PM
what to get the nail lady. Think. Think. Think.

Not acetone.

Not cottonballs.

Not a teensy brush.

This is terrible. I won't sleep tonight.