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06-25-2007, 02:10 PM
Hi I am new to this forum and I am so excited to find it! I joined LAWL back
in November and quit going in March. ( All of the new counselors were really
bad and I flaked and quit) Anyway I got a coupon in the mail from them saying
"we understand here at LAWL and come back and get your lost weeks back for free!"

I wan't to go back because I really do like the plan and i felt great on it. I have learned that I really need the accountability of being weighed by someone else. I just wish the counselors were more knowledgeable.

So I called them and they would not tell me any info over the phone and said they would LOVE to have me back. (of course $$$)

Has anyone ever rejoined? How much are they going to make me pay? I
don't want to pay anymore joining fees etc.

Can anyone tell me what I am in for? I have an appointment tomorrow.:?:

Mama Nicole
06-25-2007, 02:29 PM
I am curious about this too..........please let me know what they say......and what the dealio with the lites I cannot eat them (soy intolerance).

06-25-2007, 02:54 PM
Well, I can share my experience. I quit last July...and just started up again 5 weeks ago. They told me they "usually" make you start over again but they would "make me a deal" and only charge me for my weight loss weeks. Personally I think this is probably what they always do but have to get their little digs in there. I wasn't really happy with the person I had to deal with, she was a little negative and felt she needed to emphasize how much money I had spent (like you forget that!) and tell me she couldn't believe I had quit.

So anways (sorry about the little vent!) I ended up paying for my weight loss weeks again and they reinstated the rest of my plan, ie stabilization and maintanence weeks. I am now going to a corporate center rather then the franchise I was going to and am sooooooo happy I went back!

I've gotten 1/2 way to goal in 5 weeks!


06-25-2007, 02:55 PM
I rejoined last year with the same deal...come back and get your weeks back for free. That's exactly what I got...they just took my file and let me pick up where I left off. As far as I know, the only way they would have you pay for weeks is if you have gained some weight back since you were there last...then they might want you to pay for a few more weight loss weeks.

06-25-2007, 02:58 PM
Also want to add that my counseler shared with me the new plan book they are unveiling (here anyways) on Weds. She said no more weighing and measuring. They have a plate that is divided and you fill up each section and your good to go. All protein is 4 oz cooked, you don't have to remember if it's 6oz of chicken or 3oz of beef, it all 4 oz. The new book also lists a lot more places such as Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Panda Express...that's all I can remember right now. She said she couldn't give it to me until Weds but I will surely be there to pick it up!


06-25-2007, 04:50 PM
Emmysmom, Did you have to have your coupon when you rejoined? I think my hubbie threw mine away! I have gained 4lbs back since I quit in March. I refuse to fork over hundreds of dollars to rejoin. The COD said on the phone that yes I need to bring the coupon but come in anyway if I can't find it.

I will have to hold strong cause I think they will let me rejoin for free even if I don't have the coupon. They would still make money on my la lite purchases.

I wonder what i am in for............. I will let you all know! Thanks for the support and info. Its so nice to have people in the same boat!

06-25-2007, 05:22 PM
Good luck!! If you got that coupon I am sure they just start you where you left off.
I put my weeks on hold so I just called them and told then I was ready to come back.

06-26-2007, 10:09 AM
I don't think that I took my coupon with me, but I really don't remember. I actually haven't been back to the center since last June. I would like to go back...not so much for the weight loss weeks, but for the maintenance and stabilization. Hopefully they'll send me a coupon again. I figure when I get back down to where I was last year, I'll call them. But Good Luck!!! I can't wait to hear the outcome!

06-26-2007, 12:25 PM
So I just went to my COD and the whole staff has changed including the manager. This is good cause that was one of my issues before. They were super nice and I just had to buy 6 weeks of weight loss for $46. I also still had
10 boxes of lites that i pre paid for so I am so happy I joined again. It was a very good experience and I am so glad the staff has changed.

So basically, if anyone wants to rejoin, they will just calculate the weeks you need to buy to reach your goal. If you still had pre bought weeks, then you just pick up where you left off and don't pay anything. I was happy about that. I did not get any pushy sales pitches at all. I didn't even have the coupon with me!

I am excited to be back on track!!!! Thanks everyone for the support!:hug:

06-26-2007, 12:43 PM
Thanks for the update, Sparkle...I may have to give my center a call.