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06-24-2007, 10:12 AM
My mama got a position as assistant chief of the EMS department in the San Antonio VA hospital. It's a huge promotion, since she only a supervisor here in Birmingham. I'm estatic but sad at the same time. See, she starts July 9 which means I only have about two more weeks left with her. :( I'm moving down there by the end of the year but that's several months without my mama. I'm a big mama's girl. Her and my little sister are going down there now and my stepfather and brother will join them in a year so my family will be together again by my birthday next year but still. I'm going to miss seeing her everyday at work and knowing that she's fifteen mins away if I need her. :cry: My Alabama friends are pissed that I'm moving but my California friends are glad. When I move to Texas, I'll be closer to them and see them more often. I can't wait to move to Texas! I've always wanted to live there since I was very young, even before I had ever visited. I would go now but I want to save up some money and transfer in-gov to that VA. I am ready for these five/six months to go on by so I can start a new chapter in my life and be with my mama again.