Support Groups - Lo-Carb Club #12 Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

12-09-2001, 02:13 PM

I was gone for awhile...BUT NOT BY CHOICE! Can you believe our internet provider went BANKRUPT and our service was OUT....just like that! Everyone around here has the cable connection internet AT& T Broadband with Excite. Long story short.........we were warned that the Excite end went bankrupt ans service was going to be "interrupted" at some point. Midnite LAST was GONE! I felt sure you guys thought I might have rolled the bus down over a hillside and was stuck in a ditch!!!!!!!! NOT TO WORRY!! I am here and I missed you all terribly!

I went back and read all posts. was TOO QUIET around here! We need each other more than ever with the holidays and cold weather upon us! I personally have been "pretty good." I have began to "tweak" my eatting to lower the cholestrol. I have also added some different vitamin suppliments (harmony for women) since the doctor thinks now that I may be peri menopausal. (My number was 22...some consider that doctor said depends on the lab. Nasus...what do you think? I have been having some menopausal symptons for a few months and thought it may just be the weight loss...body change thing. I am 43. The only cholestrol number he gave me was the 245. He said he feels that diet and exercise are good meds needed. I also bought some aloe which was recommended by the chiropractor.

I have not been moving my butt enough! I have also not been drinking near enough water. I guess I should get back in the pool and start drinking the cholorine water to kill two birds with one stone! There are NO excuses....I need to MOVE to lose!

I was not around to do the Friday weigh in thread and was so excited to get back on that I came straight here! Did anyone do one? I stayed the same again. 2 weeks in a row. I am mad! I think I may NOT be eating enough sometimes! I don't know. I need to tweak!

I sooooooo agree with nasus about the holidays and CARBS and no exercise......and getting caught up in the "Well, I have lost 44 so far.....blah blah blah" thing! I am afraid to DEATH of letting myself down right now! I have been really good and have made myself very concious of all the GOODIES out there and being selective about what crosses my lips! I have been to a few parties already this season and planning is the key!

I GOT A DRESS!!!!!!!!!! My friend's sister heard about my shopping disguist and said she had a black size 18 that I could have if I liked it. I went there and tried it on and it was perfect! A plain long sleeved black dress. V-necked and cut up in a v in front with some fringe around the hem. It looks really nice! Now I need some "fru-fru" silver and rhinestone jewelry to go with it and a sliver purse. I am sooo relieved!

Well.....I got LOTS to do to get caught up on the computer! I can't believe how much we depend on the internet now! It is so much a part of our lives!

Again.....I missed you all sooooooo much!

The bus is rolling! It's gonna be a bumpy ride with the holidays. GRAB ON TO ONE ANOTHER!


12-09-2001, 02:39 PM
Dana so glad to see you back.!!:D :D

Yes it has been quiet. this is the time that i fell hard last year so i do not want to do it again. I am doing good, and starting to nibble, dangerous so i have to watch that. I have my presentation on tuesday i will let you guys all knwo how i did. and if i was recieved good. I have my first support meeting on tuesday the 18th, i am excited. there is so much for me to do... I tried on my tight black pants and they fit a bit better so that is what i am going to wear with a white dressy blouse and my small ankle boots to make me look thin. I am excited. i have been dressing up my house and it really looks nice. well good welll verry good!!! I took some picts and will have them devel[ped today so i can try to post them. I had to make some decorations as i did not have enough so that is what i did yesterday. i cleaned my kitched 10 times yesterday as well as my dinning room. and today is the big living room..UGH!!! i do my laundry there and i hate to clean that room but it needs to be done. so i will leave youall and do that.

But for now STAY OP you will thank your self later for that. We need to learn to love our selves and care for our selves to do this. one step at a time.

Pat ???

all you others?? terri??? Mary??? Lee???? Pam????

BOO are you there??? pop in and say hi even if you are not OP just feel the energy from the bus and you can get back on starting january!!!!

12-09-2001, 02:49 PM
HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! I have not been ignoring everyone my internet has been down. But now I'm back. I went off plan and gained 10 pounds while my brother was here. I got back on for 1 week but have been off for 3 because my brother was off work and he sabbotages me BIG TIME. He went back home yesterday and it's weird but I feel in control again. And guess what? I have been exercising everyday for a week now. That's a plus for me. Just wanted to check in and say hi.

12-09-2001, 10:16 PM
WHOOO HOOO the great news is that most of that gain is water and by the weeks end with following the diet, and flooding your self you will be draining it all out by friday!!!

Glad to see you!!!

12-10-2001, 12:10 AM
It is sooo great to be back. I just got through exercising. I didn't want to but I knew it would be easier to not do it tomorrow to. I plan to get back op tomorrow. Oh by the way in the week I got back op I lost 6 of the 10 I gained back. I'm drinking lots of water. see you all tomorrow. I'm fighting the kids over the computer now that the internets back so please be patient

12-10-2001, 06:56 AM
HI all

I spent most of my time over at the 100# club, But I am here!!

Dana and B00 I am so glad to see you post. I mostly lurk on teh weekends.

SUE I will bethinking of you tomorrow. Many hugs You will be awesome!!

I will have more time later.

I am intending to have a great OP day

12-10-2001, 11:11 PM
HI everyone. It started snowing here again today. I sure we're going to have a bad winter. We got more snow in one night here than all of last year and it's been snowing almost every other day. Sooo glad I brought the treadmill in out of the garage. We have like a studio apt out there. Anyways I did horrible for the first time in 2 wks today but I'll be back tomorrow. I won't let one day turn into 2,3,4. See you tomorrow must go exercise.

12-11-2001, 06:00 AM
Everything is still the same. STill adapting to my new job and hours. PT etc. I need more time in my day!!

B00- Winter UGH! We are (knock on wood) Looking at the 40's and 50's here in NNY. While it is great now we will pay with Lake Effect when it does come. That is not good. I love my treadmil. But I also love to snowshoe!! Great exercise in teh winter.


Dana great about the dress. Glad to see you back.

Pam WHo is DAN? How rae you doing? Been to the MD yet? MOM?

Well Gotta go

12-11-2001, 08:42 PM
I looked AWSOME!!!! I put on my tight black pants and fitting top and looked great even my husband could not believe his eyes!!! I was HOT!!!!! and the speach was good too. I presented it like it was to a business group but most everybody gave more informal speaches which i was not used to. so mine was defiantle different but very persuasive i think. I did some numbers and are you sitting??? since the start of my journey i have lost 63 lbs, but the most important part is i have gained 40 lbs of muscle which means i had lost 104 lbs of fat!!! 3 inches in each arm, 4 in each thing 8 in my hips and 11 in my waist!!! is that a success or what!!!! I will write all my details tomorow when i am not so tired!!!

I slpurged again today but that was because i was so tired and my constitution was weak. so tomorow will be back op. and i managed for 2 days to hit highs with my elliptical trainer 700 cals twice in 45 min and then hit really high again today but exercised for just a short time.

BOO so glad that you are poping in. I know how it is to battle the kids for the puter that is why i am so glad that i am home during the day. and soon we will not see dana for about a mionth when her kids come home for winter break. LOL Boo you are doing great getting back in the swing. just take one day at a time. baby steps that is what it is going to take for your new body. one step at a time.

12-11-2001, 10:57 PM
ok I have to be honest I did not so good today. I had popcorn and chocolates I ordered from school. But tomorrow's another day right. I can't keep letting these day's keep getting more and more. What is snowshoe??? Been snowing all day. Need to go exercise now or I won't do it. I'm really moody for some reason. See you tomorrow and Sue you are really doing good. I hope your EXTREMELY proud of yourself. I don't know you personally but I'm proud of you. Losing weight is sooo hard and your showing me it can be done. I'm heavier now at 153 than I have been in a year & half. I get thin and start eating little bites here and there and before you know it I'm right back here again. I just want you all to know you inspirations to me and many other's. When you try to lose weight you feel alone and like your the only one dealing with weightloss problem's and I've learned I'm not alone. Everyone here has the same issue's from work to weightloss. you know I feel down at this time every day and then I come here and get this extra wind that I can do this. I promise all of you that tomorrow is a whole new day and I will do good because I have it in me to do good. I'm sick of whining about being fat it's time to do something about it or live with who I am and I don't like who I am.This may sound stupid but when I'm over 142 I feel like crap. I don't do my hair,make-up,wear nice clothes, or be in a good mood. It's not fair to me or my family when I crabby day in and day out. Sorry this is soo long but I do feel better now. Thanks for being here for me.

12-11-2001, 11:45 PM
Hello My Friends.......

This new internet connection is TERRIBLE! I need to get someone from the company back here to clean up the mess! We already had a representative here....but it is still a mess! I can not even get to where I need to go and there are java scrip errors and fire walls and whhhewwwwww a MESS!

I have been a good girl in the eating dept but not in the exercise sept. (I know nasus....I know....I gotta move it to loose it!) I have added oatmeal each morning with some grapefruit as per the doctor so I have had to tweak the remaining carbs for the day. It feels funny eatting those two foods since I have not had any fruit or cereal since June! I am adjusting....I just hope Mr. Scale will be nice!

Spent the evening Christmas shopping with hubby at the mall. My feet are killing me after working all day....then a marathon shopping spree! We got lots done.....but I still have a TON left to do!

Well.........just wanted to check in while the internet was up for a change. I hope this crap doesn't happen with any of your servers. We pay $54.00 per month for this cable connection and it was fine until AT & T decided to try to monopolize everything. Now we are stuck with them...and the service is terrible! I hope it gets cleared up soon! I know losts of people who are STILL not on line!

My best to you all!
(It won't even let me print in my trademark colors or make smilies!)

Take care!

Dana (Ho -Ho- Hopeful!)

12-12-2001, 07:06 AM
Hi ALl!!

Well I went to the MD for a re-check and she changed my neck meds. I feel better already. I wish we had started out on these meds 3 weeks ago. Still got PT and now I have to take my BP meds twice a day UGH!!! Getting old sucks. All this darn exercise and my body still deos what it wants.

SUe YOU ARE A GODDESS!!!! Did anyone take apicture of you? It would be nice to see it if ,you have that capability!! And your numbers are awesome and inspiring. YOU ARE INSPIRING!!!
Can't wait to haer more!!

B00- Just take it a moment at a time. ARe you taking any chromium? It helps me with the cravings. I always find it hard to get back on track while my body gets rid of the carb monsters. But if I hold out it gets easier. Snowsoeing is where you put those web flat things on your boots so you can walk on the snow. It is great exercise. ANd I love it.

Dana. Gosh taht sucks about you internet provider. My husband would be homicidal. Hopefully it will work. out. WHat we found out once is it sometimes has to do with the technology teht the company rents like phione lines etc. If teh lines aren't maintained by teh parent company teh connection can be bad. You are going to have SUe on your back agin if you don't start moving on your own LOL!!

Gotta go myself.

Hi everyone else. SPeak up so we know you are alive!!!

12-12-2001, 12:03 PM
OH pat you have me laughing!!! YES DANA i will be on your back again if you do not get your but to the pool again. I have not swam since you had me there last time! LOL. I know how hard it is to be stuck in the twilite zone of the no internet! Poor DANA. What about having some of the kashi that Pat has for breakfast. that is low glycemic and has a lesser effect on the insulin levels than the oatmeal i think would. If you still want to eat the oat meal i have heard that you need to use the cooking kinc that you boil for 3 min as it is MUCH better for you than the instant stuff. I know that time is an important factor so you may want to cook some up and store it in the fridge and then just heat it up. and try adding some ground flax seed to the oat meal that would really help. If you have a cofee grinder then many people buy flax seed and grind it and add it to their meals. It also has omegs 6 in it which can be changed by your body to omega 3 that is really good for your cholesterol, brain function, and mobilizing your fat stores, it also is a huge fiber source so that would make a huge difference in the carbs too.

BOO getting back OP is really hard, try the chromium like pat said it is a huge help!!! the do my visualisation thing, take the 20 lbs bag of food or stuff and carry it around, up the steps then leave it and go up the steps every time you want to reach for the snacks. that should help too at the weak times. to know how much lighter you would be 20 lbs lighter. your last pounds are going to be the hardest but they are what is between you and feeling comfortable. your last pounds are just as important as our weight. if you are uncomfortable with your weight then you are uncomfortable with your selves, and that is enough to lower your selfesteem, and personal pride as when you do not wear make up. I have been everyday putting on thw whole gammut down to the eyeliner and then i go and sit at home!!! Go figure, but it makes me feel good and i feel better about my self.

Pat i can do it but nobody took my pict!! I was going to have some one do it but then i got dinner and then all **** broke loose at the house. so i will have to get the outfit on and have some ont do it for me. i want to have a great after or during pict so i can use it to see my progress, it is hard to visualize. I am glad that you got your meds changed. i hope it helps!!!

so are you ready for my numbers?
start date 7/00 *** 12/01
starting weight 235 ***172
bf% in 8/00 weight of 218 67%***31% (actual may be different)

All measurments were taken after the 17 lb loss in august

waist 39*** 34
waist at bb 51 ***40
hip 51 ***43
thigh 29***25
arm 16***13

I have more measurements but they are only since june like i have lost 1 1/2 inches in my neck since june
4 inches in my boobs

12-12-2001, 11:42 PM
Since I was on here before I lost internet it's really quiet on here now. where is everyone. I did horrible today. Husband got paid so I went to store tonight and bought food I can eat. When I have the right food's I'm ok op but when it 4-5 day's til payday I'm out of food (3kids you know). I can't wait for tomorrow. all the candies gone (thank goodness) so I'm home free tomorrrow. I've noticed that when I go to the store anymore I'm not buying chips,candy,pies,etc. I haven't for along time now and no ones complaining either. If the kid's want something I make them get a one serving not a bag of whatever. Gotta go walk.

12-12-2001, 11:45 PM
Hi all!!!!!

Just popping in again......Ive been shopping all day today...and working all the other days....we have had some people off work so I filled in ......

Sounds like everyone is hanging in there....I know this time of year is TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH.....We will make it through.....

I am guilty of spending some more "Terri Time"...lately..I went out with my sister and cousins over the weekend....I got home at 3 am:o I havent done that in a very very long time......had a great time but Im still recovering...hehehehe:dizzy:


Dana---glad you found a dress, it can be such a frustrating ordeal..... big relief......


BOO- hang in there!!! I know what you are feeling and its nice to know they we are not alone with our thoughts and depressing feelings ....we have all had them and its great to be able to come here and talk about it with other ones who understand....

EVERYONE have a great week, I will be back in this weekend...even if just for a few minutes.....

12-13-2001, 08:08 AM
Hey Everybody!!

It's Thuirday, one more day till teh weekend.

I am still OP but having a hard time gettin teh water in. I am trying to limit no drinking after 5or 6 so My bladder doesn't wake me up. But I don't repoert to ework until 10am. But I am slowly adjustinhg. I am such a routine person, I can't wait till I get organized and on track. Hopefully after the holidays/ My neck continuews to improve. Slowly!! My gosh X-Mas in 2 wweeks away. I can't believe it. We are supposed to be in the upper 50's today. It is sure looking like a green x-mas aroundhere.

Sue Those are great and motivating numbers. Please do post pictures when you can. I am going to get DH a digital camera for x-mas SO I hope to post a before and now picture.

Terri Great to see YOU!! Terri time is great. I have been doing a Patti time thing every SAT am. I go to this great coffee shop and indulge in my habit. The job is going great. How is teh family doing?

Dana. I bet you were glad to see how much less of Sue you have to carry aroundLOL They say that weight training will help you burn more calories. Have someone take a picture of youtoo andn after the holidays we''ll post a picture thraed.

B00- YOu poor honey! I love your spirit and determinationn to lose those last few #'s!! I can't wait to get there myself. How is your water? That also helps me w/ teh cravings and I am addicted to sugar free jello with light cool whip it satisfies my sweet tooth and fills me up!!

Lee, Pam where are you guys?

Have agreat day

12-13-2001, 02:23 PM
I was not going to say it but it will be on show tomorow at weigh in time but i have splurged on monday and tuesday i had too many carbs stress eating and just plain huge cravings so i caved and feel better now. i did put on 3 lbs of fluid and am drinking to pee it all out so hopefully it will be all gome by tomorow but it was TOM so that helped push the cravings over the top.

BOO i know how hard it is. i had to make cookies for the YW yesterdaym, and licking my fingers a few times to many. UGH> so i am feeling much stronger today and the kids can make the next batch!!! just concentrate now on getting OP for the most part if you have s slip do not let that distract you for the whole day, just that snack and you will be stronger for the next one, and be able to say NO!!!

Pat i am right there with you. getting your routine down is not easy! Mine changes everyday! UGH!!!! it will get better soon and when it does then watch out!!!

Terri you need to have terri time or you will burn out!! enjoy it!

12-13-2001, 10:01 PM
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. My husband's banquet's are coming up and I feel disguisted right now. Nothing fit's. I have 6 day's to get some of this off. I also have to stop drinking after 6 because I'm waking up around 5ish having to pee and by time I get back to sleep it's time to get up. I was up 2-3 times a night. I'm going to go get some of the chromium. My problem isn't that I'm always hungry I'm bored. My business is in my home so I'm constantly in the kitchen looking for something. If I'd eat only when I'm hungry I'd only eat 2 times a day. I'm going to do slim-fast for a couple of day's. No matter how hard I try I can't do the low carb thing right now. So slim-fast is better than feeding my face. I don't understand why I can't get back on track. The harder I'm trying to worse I fail. I want to be thin again I cry and go to bed early so I can get eating/dieting off my mind. I had anorexia at age 12 bulimia after that. I'm now 30 with the same stupid problem. It's ruining my life, my marriage because I'm so grumpy because I hate who I am. I think of food ALL day. I can't get it out of my mind. I can't believe I'm telling you this I've never told anyone. I guess I feel your not judging me. I've thought about going to a professional about it but feel stupid. Food/dieting is controlling me and I can't stop it. I'm on one diet or another. Lose it/gain it. It's a vicious cycle. I'm sorry I didn't realize this was so long. Talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

12-14-2001, 11:50 PM
Boo I am replying to you on the other thread.