Whole Foods Lifestyle - Amazing food discovery - fresh pinto beans

06-20-2007, 04:23 AM
When I went to the Farmer's Market today, I noticed a bin of weirdly speckled pods next to the green beans I wanted to buy. The sign said "fresh pinto beans." I'd never even considered that the "dried beans" that I loved were also edible when they were fresh! The farmer who grew them told me he called them "Arkansas caviar."

I got a pound, shelled them, and cooked them in broth for about 35 minutes (per the farmer's instructions). I was planning to add something for flavor when they were finished, but it was unnecessary. These beans are AMAZING. All the great flavor of pinto beans . . . but more. Their texture is so incredible and rich. I'd like to try them with rice and salsa--but I doubt they'll last long enough to mix with anything. I can't wait to get more next week (FYI, they lose about 50% of their weight in the shelling, so buying a pound won't give you a pound of beans to eat).

If you have a chance, give them a try. Yum!

06-20-2007, 04:31 AM
I love pinto beans even out of a can, but I never thought of buying them fresh. I'll definitely have to watch for them at my farmers' market! :T