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06-18-2007, 01:38 PM
I am sooooo excited, I have lost some weight!!!! This is more than I have lost in a long long time. Thanks to everyone for being here, for once I feel like maybe I can do this and actually reach the goal I have set! I am glad you are all here and thanks for recommending the superfoods book, I finished reading it this week and I am sure it will be a big help as my family slowly moves towards a whole foods lifestyle.

Well how did everyones weekend go? I was kinda afraid to get on the scale this am because I had such a busy weekend and even though I tried to make smart choices when you forced to a bbq and the sides are either macaroni salad, cheesy potato bake or baked potatoes the size of your head with butter bacon and cheese for the only sides its hard! I did ok by the end but man talk about a calorie heavy choice fest! Reminds me that I need to plan further ahead and bring a good side choice next time.

Have a great day all!

Get n healthy
06-18-2007, 07:15 PM
Glad you are making progress losing weight. Sounds like your weekend went about like mine.

My weekend was not the best. DH had a busy fathers day, he wanted a biscuit and gravy breakfast then a cake made by the kids around lunch. Dinner was a pasta dish with fattening veal. I am just glad it is over. I am back on plan and happy about it today. Worked my butt off in the pool today so hopefully i worked off some of my fathers day bust.

06-18-2007, 07:27 PM
Congratulations on the weight loss! I was SO scared to step on the scale this morning. I spent the weekend visiting family and they eat like crap every single day. They have cookies after breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It was horrible, I was eating like a pig. Thankfully I only gained a pound, which is a miracle. I went to whole foods for the first time ever today, and it was a little overwhelming. I'd say the best thing they had to offer was their prepared foods section. I have no idea if it was healthy though, they should consider putting the nutritional facts on the hot food bar and salad bar. I'm sure its not that bad, but I tried a bunch of diferent things for lunch and it was really really good. On the other hand I'm a little pissed off because I was looking for some good low-cal whole wheat bread products for lunch and I found these GIGANTIC wraps and the lady who was buying them next to me told me they were 110 calories and I went ahead and bought two packages, not realizing that it was 110 for 8 and there were only 4 in both packages, so they are really all together 220 calories. Which still isn't bad considering how huge they are, but who needs 220 calories worth of bread for lunch? haha sorry I'm rambling. but yeah I will deffinitally be going back there soon for their chocolates :) yum.

06-18-2007, 09:27 PM
I did pretty well considering that Father's day lasted for 2 days and TOM showed up. :) Back totally on track today.

CONGRATS on the weight loss!!! :)