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06-17-2007, 05:28 PM
I also posted this where Im usually at (on the beach) but I thought I would get some more insight.

HEllo Ladies!!!
I have a personal question.. So I was curious about online dating so I while I was online at craigslist, I looked at the personals, and I saw a guy who was my age, lived a couple of cites over so I emailed him. Okay so in his pictures, hes cute, and I would probaly say maybe 2, 2 1/2 of me. Hes pretty chubby. I already told him that I dont look like I need to wear a sign asking someone to feed me. Because I am thick. I feel as if im huge, but I know in reality there is somepeople out there that would love to be my weight, and I know I feel that way about some people. I used to be very particular what clothes I would try on in front of people, because I know what will and will not fit me..( Oh I had a NSV, not a very big one, but it mattered to me. I fit into a friend of mines pants, and They actually FIT) So neways I can remember the littlest of me being of wearing a tight size 9, I can fit into a 17, not anymore, but I still have some.I tryed on a 12 from the limited and they almost fit... But Im usually a 13/15 in juniors, and a large shirt. I hate pictures. I just hate them, but I did have some that I think I looked pretty cute on an old cell phone. Im scared to send a pic. Im scared hes going to call me fat, when hes obvious alot bigger than me, but for some odd reason I think thats okay. Has anyone had an experience with this online dating scene?I hate feeling rejecting, but how am I ever going to know unless I get out there and do something.

WOW, I have a confession, its kinda embarrising, Ive never actually been on a date before, Ive never had a boyfriend. I have hookups that have lasted for years, but never were actually toghether. Like I couldnt get mad over little stuff. I dont want to be a casual fling anymore, I want something more.

06-17-2007, 11:18 PM
I don't know if it counts, but I met my dh on line. It wasn't a dating service, but in a chat room. I know at least 6 other couples who met in chat rooms too. (we have been together for 5 years, the other couples I know have years under their belt also). I do know 2 couples who met through the "pay" dating services. They felt that because of the extra screening, they had less of the riff-raff to sort through.

My opinion (for what it's worth lol), is it's not that much different than meeting in a club or sporting event etc....... just be careful as you would in any dating situation. You know- meet in a public place, maybe even with a friend present. Heck, just IM for a while. Also, if you do meet, keep it a short meeting, like just for coffee. If you meet for an entire evening- drinks, dinner and so forth- and have nothing in common then it will be a very very long evening lol. You can always suggest a walk or dinner if you want to stretch the "date" out later.

As for you picture, send him a current pic. If he rejects you because of it, then you didn't want to meet him anyways, right?????

Good Luck!!!!