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06-17-2007, 09:49 AM
Good Morning!

Steph-The last couple of weeks are the worst! On one hand you want to be done and have that baby in your arms, it's felt like you've been pregnant forever and you're ready to move on. On the other hand there's so much to do and it's WAY easier taking care of them when theya re in than when they are out! But it's all worth it!!!

I am trying to come up with a challege. I am so far off plan again I think it would be a challenge to me just to stick with the points for a week. So maybe if we just pick a goal a week and stick with it. Summer officially starts June 21st and fall starts on September 23rd. Which is about 13 weeks or so. I like starting on Mondays which doesn't really work that well for those exact dates but hey it's close enough :) I'd like to be in a smaller size by the time I start this new job and have to wear "teacher" clothes. SO I'll start a new challenge thread. Jump in now or at anytime!

06-17-2007, 10:04 PM
Steph is this your first baby?

Misty good luck with your challenge! Journaling really is the thing that keeps me on track all the time.

I did great this weekend. Planned each day in advance and mostly stuck with it. Went a bit over today, but by 3.5 points and I earned 3 activity points so I evened things out. I'm very happy about that and proud of it too! Its my first "on track" weekend in quite a while :)

06-18-2007, 09:37 AM
Great Job Lori! Weekends are so hard!

We live rather far from town so when we go out on weekends we end up eating out b/c it takes an hour to get there and and hour home so we end up in town during lunch or dinner and have to eat out b/c teh kids are hungry. That's when I blow my points.

I have the day off today so I am rather excited about that. I am back to a three day a week schedule until September. I chose to work Tuesday Wednesday Thursday so I can have 4 day weekends.

Have a great day everyone!

06-18-2007, 09:58 PM
Yup--first baby. We're so excited! DH comes from an enormous family, so he is particularly excited. We don't live anywhere close to any family, though, so I'm really worried about having a baby of my own to take care of! I'm sure everyone has their worries. I've just been reading as much as physically possible!

You two are doing so great. I look forward to joining you full force after I've given birth! I must apologize for being such a horrible motivator for you two. I'm just so blah...maybe it's the lack of sleep!

Where's everybody?

06-19-2007, 08:18 AM
LOL You haven't seen lack of sleep! Those first few weeks seem to go on and on and on and you wonder how it is you can function. You kind of go into this robot mode, feed hold change, feed hold change. Then those first smiles come and it seems like finally all that paid off. After you hit the 4 month mark those loooooooooooong first few weeks of every two hours seem like a big blur. When you are in it it seems so long, then you come out the other side and think "That wasn't so bad"

We're all here so don't feel like you are alone. Both my neighbor and I had our first babies within two days of each other and we both found that bundling up that baby (ok not so much when they are born in July), but just taking a walk or hauling the storller, bouncy seat or pack and play whatever out under a shady tree and nursing, changing ect outside for a couple of hours was really helpful.

I had a sling, best thing EVER!!!! The front pack was great after the first couple of weeks, but the sling I couldn't have lived without especially for my second, I used it until he was well into 6 months, and my I used for my daughter as a back pack at age 2. I actually made my own sling, which made it kind of cool. Pop the baby in the carseat head out and about, pop him in the sling ( no need to lug that carseat, stroller deal out of the car) and stroll around the mall, or walmart. Just to get out of the house. People are far less touchy feely when the baby is in a sling, makes a great changing pad, burp cloth, nursing cover. I made mine with a really long tail, I'd just flip it over and the baby was more than warm enough even in the fall without blankets and coats ect. It was a little akward at first I am almost gave up using it, but I am so glad I didn't!

Well I better run. I need to head to work!

06-19-2007, 10:58 AM
I was up a pound at WI last night. Disappointed. :( I thought I would stay the same and I was OK with that... didn't think I would go up. I had an off day on Sunday in that I ate everything in about 1 huge meal (cookout) so I think that is why. Hopefully it will only take my body a few days to re-adjust!

Steph only 30 days to go? Are you at that point where you just want it over with yet? :) I have a friend who is pregnant with her third and I think that point for her is moving earlier and earlier with each one haha :)

06-19-2007, 03:47 PM
Steph, you are more pregnant now than I've ever been, and I have two kids. LOL! Mine were both preemies-- DD was born at 33 weeks, DS at 30 weeks. Trust me, I know you're uncomfortable, but I'd have rather been miserable a little longer than scared to death when they came so early.

Oh, and I second Misty's vote for a sling.... best baby gear ever! Mine were both preemies and small, so I used slings (with padding when they were little so the cloth didn't hide them, LOL) all the time. In fact, DS turns one this week, and I still use his sling all the time, especially for church or shopping.

As for my dieting.... well, I just updated in the challenge thread about how I forgot to journal yesterday. I WILL get back on track.... I will... I will....

06-21-2007, 07:29 PM
Hi all! It's been a looooong week and so hectic. Training on Tuesday, dinner out with co workers on Wednesday. We're going on vacation on Saturday. We're going to Michigan. So I won't be on much.

That is if they freaking fix my brakes in my van! This is the third time we took it in this round and they still aren't right, tomarrow will be the 4th time. But what steams me is this is the 4th time all together in 1 1/2 years the same issue has occured and instead of just replacing the brakes warrenty requires them to turn the rotors until they can't be turned anymore and they are out of spec. But the brake issue (HUGE vibration when brakes are applied) is causing wheel bearings to go, and the hub thing in the back to go. We know 6-8 otehr people who own this van (in Buick, Pontiac or Chevy) and ALL of them have had the same issue. But as soon as they get a brand new set of brakes other than the first set the factory installed they don't ahev any more issues. My neighbor paid to have her brakes replaced, but it is a warrenty issue so why pay for the extended warrenty if you're not going to use it?

I am NEVER buying another GM product! This is our 3rd brand new car in 6 years and every one of them has been a pain! DH swears by GM, but I have had it!

Well I have to feed the kiddos and do some laundry. My day cleaning and getting ready for vacation will be spent with two kids bored to death at the repair shop. Frankly I hope they are awful in behavior so the dealership people have to listen to them all day! Ok not really b/c I would be annoyed but still maybe my son will throw up or pee on thier carpet!

06-21-2007, 07:58 PM
Misty - I have a Toyota Prius and I LOVE IT. Only have had it for less than a year, but LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my car! I'm going to drive it until it kicks the bucket. :) Before this one, I had a Mazda Protege. Had it for a little over 4 years, and no complaints at all. Something was wrong with one of the seatbelts, and it was still under warranty. Other than that I never had any problems with that car. Now, the car before that was a Kia Sportage (used, but only a year old when I got it). I WILL NEVER BUY A KIA AGAIN. That car had SOOOOO many things wrong with it. And it decresed in value SO quickly that I had negative equity in it. Before the Kia was a Dodge Shadow. Pretty good car for a first car I think. My parents bought it for me (used) and it certainly lasted at least as long as they wanted. Have a GREAT vacation!

06-22-2007, 10:32 PM
Hi all!

My van is fixed...finally! They finally just replaced the rotors. DH took the day off so I just had to drop it off and ride home with him, so no sitting all day at the repair shop.

I got tons of stuff done. The laundry adn dishes are all caught up and we're mostly packed except for toiletries we'll need in the morning. The camper is clean and ready to go. I ate like crap all day though. I am pretty bummed that I didn't keep it together.

Well I need to head to bed. Long day ahead tomarrow.

06-23-2007, 12:00 PM
So, I should be getting a sling, huh?! :)
We have a carrier thingy that my dh was so excited about getting. It's one of those baby bjorn things. He's really looking forward to using it!

I'm glad you got your van fixed, Misty. I've been pretty fortunate with cars. I shouldn't say this, but I've never had a problem with one! We typically buy GM. I honestly think they're all the same, though the Prius does seem cool, Lori. One of the girls that I work with has one. I was suprised by how big the back seat was. It's surprisingly big.

We're going shopping today. The swelling in my feet went down enough to put shoes on, so I'm thrilled.

Have a good weekend, everyone!