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06-13-2007, 01:29 PM
"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......":goodscale :comp: :gossip: :gossip:

Please pull up a chair and join us!:cofdate: :cofdate:

06-13-2007, 02:16 PM
Last night was my daughter's graduation. It was very nice, but we didn't get home until a little after midnight and I'm having a hard time today waking up. They have always had graduation on Sunday afternoons, and this is the first year they decided to change it to a weekday evening and people were not too happy about the change at all!!:devil: Afterwards, we went to Sharis and of course everyone was there and the service was so slow, oh well. I'm still having so much trouble with my tooth that I got worked on last week so I think I'm going to have to get a root canal done on it cuz I just can't live with it this way. Hope all of you have a great day. Susan, you need to post a picture of yourself on here with your glasses!!;)

06-13-2007, 02:57 PM
There you go Michelle! The picture was when I was 145 of course. I think about 2 years ago - Gab is about 3 1/2.
Congrats to your daughter!

06-13-2007, 03:07 PM
SUSAN ~~ LOVE the picture!!! You do look very nice in your glasses and Gaby is so cute!!;) :hug:

06-13-2007, 08:23 PM
Hi Gurls!

I hope you all are doing well!


06-13-2007, 10:23 PM
Hi Sassy ~~ How are you doing?:hug:

06-14-2007, 12:53 AM
Hi Gurls, Again! lol. :wave:

Hi Michelle! :wave:

I'm tired........UGH since being off work for almost a week (6 days) my sleep cycle is totally messed up! lol. So I'm hoping by going back to work tomorrow night it will help!

Congrats to your Daughter! :congrat:

Susan -- Great Pic! :D

We didn't get our T-Storms we were supposed to get either, they totally missed us! So that means, at least according to the weather channel that we won't get rain until next Tuesday and its supposed to be HOT too. Yippee.

Oh We finally got our new back door! :carrot: They have to come back to finish the molding, but the door is in and the locksmith came today and put in brand new dead bolts, he is coming back tomorrow to finish up the front door as he didn't have the tool to do it today.

Now if we could just get our new windows! lol. Yeah that will probably take them another year to get that done! (we live in an apt.) Guess you got to take what you can get though, right?? lol.

Guess that is it.

Take Care All,


06-14-2007, 10:20 AM
Hi all.

Well I found out why I haven't heard anything about my cat scan results! I finally called the drs office and they are on vacation until the 17th! :rolleyes: Soooooooo I have to wait even longer now and now that makes me very very nervous as before when I didn't hear anything, I thought that meant there was nothing seriously wrong. Now that I know they aren't even there and haven't even seen the results yet, well at least I don't think so. I had my Cat Scan on the 4th, the dude said it would take at least 3 days for my dr to get them and that would put it on the 7th and that is when they started the vacation. (there was a recording)

So Oh Joy.......Wait, Wait, Wait and now WORRY!

Also AF came BACK in full force early this morning, waking me up and now I cannot get back to sleep and I have to work tonight! :(

Anyways. I hope your all's day is going better than mine so far! lol!!


06-14-2007, 12:38 PM
SASSY ~~ Thank you for the congrats for my DD.;) She has been so moody and irritable lately, not too nice to be around, that I wanna kick her behind right out the door.:o I know exactly what you mean with the sleep schedule getting off course. I worked nights for 12 years and I never ever could adjust to the hours or sleep schedule. You know, I can't believe that a whole entire doctor's office would all go on vacation at the same time, what's with that!!:?: Also, sorry about AF ruining your day. That's one thing I will never ever miss again! Hope your day gets better.:hug:

06-15-2007, 08:36 AM
Just a quick hi to all--busy day ahead so I will try to be back later!! Anyone have plans for the weekend?

06-15-2007, 06:54 PM
I wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you all have a great weekdend - WI is Monday for me.

I get the keys to my place in the morning - get to move! Can't wait. Did I say my test results went from a 6 to a 9? 16 is the norm range.
Nothing much here. Beck did have her promotion ceremony last night. She was beautiful. They did a *how we have grown* slide show and there was a piture of her in it wearing her straw hat with her Barney pj's - she must have been 3 years old.She was a cutie.

k- I am having a busy day! HUGS to you all and we miss you Cristina!!!

06-15-2007, 10:59 PM
Another quickie--I am so tired

went with DD to her 2nd doctors visit--heard my grandbaby!! the baby was really active and we got to see lots of different views!! so cool!!!

06-16-2007, 02:37 AM
SUSAN ~~ Moving into your place will be so exciting! Congrats to your DD!!:hug:

JULES ~~ That's so neat that you got to hear your grandbaby's heartbeat.:hug:

I don't know if anyone here has a myspace account, but I just created one today and wanted to share addresses.;)

06-16-2007, 10:52 AM
Well yesterday was my I didn't exercise, I ate crap, and slept awful...but I had the best day ever!

Now, I'm off to the gym...I'll post a longer one when I get back

06-16-2007, 12:21 PM
Happy Birthday Katy!!! Glad you had a wonderful day!!!:celebrate: :bday2you: :gift: :bday2you: :celebrate:

06-16-2007, 12:45 PM
Belated Happy Birthday Katy. I am glad you had a nice day.

Michelle, I don't have myspace. sorry. Was great that your DD graduated...and she sounds like a normal teen with the moods.

Susan, I imagine you are moving today. Don't work too hard.... I dis-like moving and after we sell the place out West I don't care if I never move anything again.

Kind of a lazy hot day here. I rode 2 miles this morning. Went with DH to pick up glass for a cabinet he is building. Nothing major planned except sweeping/dusting. That is a never ending job with construction going on near-by.
Hope you all have a nice lazy week-end.

06-16-2007, 05:09 PM
Hello ladies....

I'm back! And so very happy to be back...there is no place like home that is for sure. Had a GREAT visit with most of my family. Some don't live there so didn't get to see one sister and one brother. Took lots of pictures and when I can figure out this digital I will load them on the 'puter and share.

MICHELLE...I went to AR to visit with my family. My dad wasn't doing so great...had two surgeries within a month. I wanted to see him before anything happened and I can't. He seems to be doing better but he is going to worry himself to death I am afraid. CONGRATULATIONS to your DD! :congrat: And sorry your tooth was/is a pain. Is it any better? I like Kohl's. Had never heard of them before moving here but now I see them everywhere.

SUSAN...make sure and pm me your new address missy! Be careful moving and enjoy your new home. Glad your blood level is going up. I am sure that is probably why you've been so tired lately. But it is improving so that is good news. GREAT picture of you and little Miss Gaby. And CONGRATULATIONS to your DD as well! :congrat:

SASSY...doncha just hate waiting?! I hate when Dr's are inconsiderate like that too. He should have given you the results before they left on vacation, ugh. Glad you guys got your new back door! Woohoo!'s not real hot here today, but it seems hotter because of the humidity. It's muggy, ick! Of course I don't plan on going out in it, lol. Enjoy your weekend.

JULES...I bet that was GREAT...hearing and seeing your grandbaby. And it is cool seeing them inside of you. My friend got a video every time she went, I never did, just pictures. But it is so cool seeing that little tiny thing growing inside of you. You are going to be a good grandmama! :hug:

KATY...glad you had a nice birthday! :bday2: And you got a rental to go home instead of having to wait...I hate waiting! I think I just mentioned that, lol!

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

06-16-2007, 05:32 PM
MICHELLE...I knew I would forget...I do have a myspace account but it's only to keep in touch with Josh. He puts pictures and stuff up for me to see that way. It saves hime time since he is on there when he gets computer time. That way he doesn't have to go to his email and do it that way. I don't really have a profile or anything. But if you want to share yours I would love to see it!

06-16-2007, 06:30 PM
Sorry to keep changing my accounts, but I decided to just keep my old original one lol.:dizzy:

CRISTINA ~~ I'm so happy to see you back and glad you had a nice time. I know what you mean with there's nothing like home! I hope your dad keeps progressing with getting healthier and stronger. My myspace account is set at private, but if you would want to exchange friends, I would love to, but I understand if you want it just for Josh also. Just let me know, it's no problem! My tooth felt better for about two days after the doctor worked on it, but now for this past week, it has been giving me terrible pain to hot/cold temps and even chewing on the tooth, so I have an appointment this next Thursday afternoon to get a root canal done, not fun at all! My DD leaves on Tuesday for Maine and will be gone for two weeks. As a matter of fact, I'm going to Kohls today, I just love that store!

06-16-2007, 11:00 PM
FWIW~ I have a myspace account and would be happy to exchange friend requests with any of you...I use it mostly to keep in touch with a high school friend of mine, but I 've been kind of lazy about adding more friends to it. I use the blog there to link over to my other blogs and sometimes I write a book review now and again. My name there is also rosiekate.

Cristina - Thanks for the lovely sweet of you! I'm glad you had a nice visit with your family.

Michelle - Whee! I'm going to have friend #2 on Myspace...I'll go over there and check later to add, etc.

HI everyone else! To day is my 17th wedding anny and it's been a busy day. We aren't celebrating today, as we are escaping for a romantic weekend at the end of the month. I did buy some cinnamon rolls from Zingerman's for DH as an early Father's Day present. My FIL was over to work on some home reno, so both dads were able to have a treat.


06-17-2007, 02:12 PM
Michelle...I didn't mean that it was just for Josh and I wouldn't add any friends. I opened it for that reason, otherwise I wouldn't have. Too hard trying to keep up here and a couple other sites, lol. But yes, I would love to add you as a friend. I think mine is Proud Army Momma, lol. I'll have to check but pretty sure. I don't really have a bio/profile as I haven't taken any time to actually do anything yet. Maybe I can get some ideas and tips from you and Katy! Wow, your DD is headed to Maine? Long trip there...tell her to have a safe trip and enjoy. And you have fun at Kohl's!

Katy...HAPPY ANNIVERYSARY!:celebrate: :val1: :val2: YW for the card...sorry it was late. I took it with me and got busy and almost forgot to mail it.:o

Nothing much going on today...being lazy for sure. I feel so tired...thinking it was from the long drive. Going down was so easy...guess I was happy about going. But coming back...ugh, seemed like it took sooooo long to get home! Anyway, going to grill some hot dogs and burgers later, nothing fancy. I did make V a cake for father's day.

Have a great day ladies :wave:

06-17-2007, 03:00 PM
Good Morning!

Happy Belated and Happy Anniversary Katy!! Sorry I missed your birthday.

YAY - Cristina! Glad to have you back with us! Missed you terrible and ate a lot because of it! If I gain tomorrow at WI - it is your fault! hehe - jk. love you!!

Hi to Sue ,Sassy ,Michelle and Jules!! I am just doing a quickie. Moving still but stayed at my new place last night!! It was great, so quite. Gaby stayed at her dad's last night. Trying to get her bedroom ready - of course she will sleep with me. lol

chat more tomorrow!!

06-17-2007, 03:23 PM
CRISTINA ~~ I looked up your myspace with that name and I did find one with a little soldier avatar like you've used here before, but it said you were single and didn't have any friends added, also it said Wichita. I was going to request to be your friend, but just didn't know if it was you. Otherwise, you can go to and request to be added to mine.;)

SUSAN ~~ So glad you got all moved and had a quiet night last night. Getting into your own place is great.:hug:

06-17-2007, 03:40 PM
My son went to Annapolis to get OT work on his bosses house on the bay. They are going out on the boat and eating fresh Chesapeake Bay crabs. DD & I are taking her Dad out for Father's Day dinner. He is finally going to see her new apartment.

Michelle, Katy & Cristina--I too have a myspace account. All but one of my friends are in the lower 20's except an old friend/neighbor/high school pal who is my age. My niece posts pics of the baby, both kids have them and ds's gf, my ds's friend Tony and I keep in touch while he is in Iraq and his wife posts pics, my dd's friend Misti is on my friends list cause she says I am her second mom. Use my email address to find me.

Michelle--my husband says kids get so moody like that right before they fly the nest to help us with the transition.

SuzyQ--glad you got all moved in, we started looking at cribs--baby will be sharing the one bedroom with mom.

Cristina--glad you made it back safe and sound. Long car trips always take a toll on me the next few days after getting back.

Katy--Happy Bday and Anniversary--sorry I missed it. Our anniversary was June 7 we took off from work and went out to eat and for a long motorcycle ride. DD turns 20 on the 20th.

Sue--you are doing so great on the exercise!!

Sassy--where are you girl!! miss you!!

06-17-2007, 04:08 PM
JULES ~~ You know, my DH brought that same theory up yesterday about the kids and I think I'm really believing that's true. I don't have your email address so could you go to mine since it's listed above and request to be my friend so I can add you -- THANKS!!!;)

06-17-2007, 09:19 PM
Thank you all for the birthday and anniversary wishes!

My DH ordered up the annual unit of dairy compost for my requested. I so weird, but that really made me happy, lol!

I'm working on dinner for Father's Day and have to get back to it..I'll BBL...just wanted you all to know I was thinking of you and appreciating all the thoughtfulness...

06-18-2007, 08:26 AM
Here I AM!!!!! :wave:

Good HOT morning all! :sunny:

Its HOT & STICKY out already! It was still hot and sticky out when I got off of work at 4 am! YUCK! We did get a teeny tiny bit of rain though yesterday, not much mind you, but hey I'll take what I can get!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Well no news yet about the Catscan. My dr has been on vacation and he comes back today so I just went ahead and left a message asking them to call me back with the results, that way I don't have to sit up and wait for them........So we will see, hopefully I will hear something back by today, but hard to say. lol.

I watched the ending of "I lost it", its on Discovery Health Channel I believe, anywho, the last story was like the woman was talking to ME! She had been taking care of everybody but herself, she got depressed, didn't want to go out and do things anymore. Her "breaking" point was when she went to give blood and they actually rejected it saying her cholesterol was WAY too high. She then started the Atkins Diet and Exercising. She went from 300 lbs to 162 in about 2 yrs. She said the key is to find something that works for you and that you can do and to put yourself first. Hmmmmmm think I've heard that many times before, where have I heard that??? Hmmmmmmm. Yup, I know, you gals here! lol.

So I think I get it. I need to just suck it up and actually *gulp* put myself first for once?? Dunno how to do that, but I need to try I guess. My first step I have already taken. I had a horrible experience at work a few weeks ago with a co-worker of mine that is basically making me miserable. I don't want to report them because they have a wife and 5 children. I know that isn't my "responsibility" but I just couldn't report the person.

So the first step I took was to email my co worker who works opposite nights of me asking him if he is willing to "switch" shifts with me, if its okay with the boss. He has been wanting off of that shift because well do the math, he works 40 hours, just like I do, only in 3 days, where I do it in 4.......

Okay so you're asking, how is that a step towards weightloss? Well this stress is just doing a major number on me. I can't sleep, I only eat like once a day and when I do I am sooooooooo hungry I over eat. :( I know terrible......

So by relieving some of my stress, it will help me function better so I can focus more on weight loss. So basically I'm doing something I don't "normally" do and going out on a limb and reaching out to people for help. I started with asking my co worker to switch shifts, so that is #1, dunno if he'll want too or not (he works tonight so won't know until at least tonight) but its a step. Then I got to figure out what works for me weightloss wise? Because whatever I am doing is definitely not working........:p

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY KATY! I hope they both were great! :D :D :bday2you::celebrate:

Well I guess that is enough. I better stop before I have one or maybe all of you girls knocking down my door! LMAO! (Just teasing ladies, Love ya!)

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a Great Week! :)

06-18-2007, 12:24 PM
Oops, forgot about a report that I need to get out by 9am! Better type fast!
I survived the weekend! yay. I did a WI this morning and down 2 pounds! yay. happy about that!

k - bbl..........

06-18-2007, 01:36 PM
My weight stayed the same...and with all that pedaling! Well, gotta do better this week. I rode 2 miles this morning before my coffee even. Had a slice of toast and a bowl of melon for breakfast. It's time for a snack, but I am not hungry, so I will wait for lunchtime.

Sassy- I do agree with you about the stress. Reduce that and it can only help with the weight loss. Will you be working opposite hours from your DH if you change?

Susan- You better get that report done.....gotta keep the job. Way to go on the 2 lbs. down. I need to just push my self away from the table more I know.

Katy- I am glad you got what you wanted for your birthday....couldn't you have asked for diamonds or pearls?? Ha...just kidding.

Michelle, Jules, Cristina...hi to all...

06-18-2007, 03:08 PM
I am baaaack, yay. It is freezing in this office!
My mom said I can come and get Momo, the kitty!! I love that cat. He is fat and orange /white - looks like Morris with the attitude included. lol

Hi Sue! Bike riding sounds like so much fun. Beck has a bike I might take out and ride. It is an old 50 style bike that is pink.

Sassy - Your thinking sounds great! Getting rid of the stress and such. I tried to do that too but the girls protested too much and kept coming back to me. haha

k- lame,,,,,,I had oatmeal multi grain this morning - it has barley and rye in it. taste sweeter and has more of a taste - also 20 cal less! I bought it at TJoes. I also had a slimfast and a wheat bagel. So I am full until lunch time.

Heard from M after I wished him a happy fathers day. He is buried in work and keeping the office afloat. - gawd that man is no fun!

My co worker from work helped me move. He is sweet and drools over me. I just could never date a co worker. And this isn't the McDreamy that is soooo cute that I have had a crush on for 4 years - this is another co worker. He wore these nifty boots that Rach kept staring at. She said I should date him just for his boots. lol

k- that is my morning ramble!!

back later!

06-18-2007, 09:23 PM
SuzyQ--what ever happenned to the dreamy maintenance coworkers is no fun if it ends bad. Why are you calling M..stay away from the ex's, there are reasons they are your ex's....

Sue--Hi there!!

Sassy--I have the same food reaction to stress that you have. Sorry about the harrassement at work. Workplace problems are no fun. The girl that caused me major grief at work was transferred. I have been told that she is causing problems in that department too and one person has already transferred out of it because of her. She doesn't get fired because her husband is a really good worker in a key position and nobody wants him to quit too. Baby steps are good. Sometimes trying to change everything is way too overwhelming.

Katy--I have never met anyone actually happy when their husband gives them s#*t for a gift. j/k!!

Michelle--I see you found me!!

Boy it's sticky hot and the air conditioner at work is almost dead--the new unit will be installed the 2nd week of July.

06-19-2007, 12:15 AM
TY Ladies, I appreciate all the kind words and all the support. I wish I could work with all of you all! We could keep each other motivated! :carrot: You all are truly wonderful, caring and supportive ladies! :hug: You don't know how nice it is to have a place to go too to just be "me" and that is okay.......and to have such wonderful people as yourselves.......well.......won't go on, too sappy I know. lmaooooo! But anyways, Thanks! :hug:

Anywho, to Sue's question, yes I would be working opposite of my DH, but he did apply for a Supervisor position that if he gets it would be M-F 6 p.m. - 3 a.m., so that would work! I mean I'd have Thursday and Friday Nights to myself, but I would actually enjoy that! Some alone time! :D (hey we all need it, right gurls?) ;)

Katy -- thanks yes I think by putting myself "first" for once, will help things. Because putting myself last is definitely not working! lol. Woo hoo on the coworker helping you move and all. ;)

Jules -- Hey GF. Yeah I just want to like dig myself a nice big comfy COOL hole and cover it up for oh lets say maybe a week! lolllllllll. But I know I can't do that. That is kinda why I "forced" myself to "wanna" go out tonight. It helped. Even just walking around the International Market, which is HUGE, helped. I just need to get out of this situation at work, I think that will help me a ton! And I know that you sometimes have to deal with stuff like that, but it just makes ya miserable! I can work miserable, have many times before, but if I can get out of that misery, thats even better! lol. I wish that this dude would transfer or quit or something, but don't think that will happen, he's been in the same position for years now.........Baby steps work best for me, if I completely change everything, that just throws me all out of "whack" :dizzy: So slowly, baby steps, works. ;)

Well Ladies. I just got back from the International Market we have here as they have the best produce, so we got lots of fruits and veggies and I got some Springs Greens for a salad, which I love and I even "modified" my spaghetti I usually make to pretty healthy. I got some whole grain pasta, no sugar added sauce, and turkey sausage (I add sausage instead of hamburger meat for better flavor). I did forget cheese though :p, maybe that is a good thing though? lol So we shall see how it tastes. Oh ya and I also got some sundried tomatoes that you add water too or something? They came in a package, not a jar with the oil and stuff. I dunno I love those things. :devil:

So I think that I CAN do this, I can have the things I like, but just "modify" them a bit..........So its a beginning. I did get stuff to make cupcakes for my DH who has been wanting them, but that is something he never gets, so once in a long time, I think is okay. But you should have seen the lady bagging our groceries. She saw all the fruits, veggies, healthy stuff, and then gets to the cupcake stuff and as she is bagging it just laughs. Oh well I don't live to have the world "approve" of me and what I eat. Like DH said, "How does she know that its not for something else?" So who cares, laugh at me, I'm used too it. :crazy:

But eating healthy is NOT cheap! You would think they would make it more inexpensive as an insentive to eat better, but guess they really can't.......But we did it.......and we even fought temptations! (They had FAMOUS AMOS cookies staring straight at me and I just walked on by!!! lol)

DH did sneak me a chocolate bar that I didn't even see, but the way I eat chocolate, it will probably last me the rest of the year. (Never been really a "sweets" eater, even as a child candy and stuff would last me FOREVER) ;)

So I dunno guess its a beginning, at least I have some fruits and veggies to eat now and not a lot of junk really. What cupcakes that are primarily for my DH, I might eat one.....and a chocolate bar that my dh picked up for me that will last me forever as I only eat one little "square" at a time".

Oh and no news from the DR yet. I figured they wouldn't get back to me today, as its their first day back in the office and all. So MAYBE tomorrow?? If I don't hear from them by Wed, I'll call them again. lol. I'm used to calling and "bugging" people, its what I do at work! lollllllllll. Only at work I get the luxury of waking people up in the middle of the night! lmaoooooooooo. (I call the techs to fix the stuff)

So I guess that is enough of me rambling on like an idiot. lmao.

Take Care Ladies.

Hi to Everybody out there!! :wave: Stop in and say HI to us! :D lol.


06-19-2007, 05:10 PM

Fresh produce sounds good Sassy. I would love to go to a Saturday market this weekend.

Just popping in! I ate a yummy peach and the usual salad. I ate some polish sausage for breakfast w/ 2 eggs. It was so good and a nice change from oatmeal.

Jules- The dreamy MM is still around. He will be retiring in 3 or 4 years, he is only 43 but has worked a long time with the agency. I don't think I could ever date a co worker. I sent M an email saying happy fathers day.....I think he is a good father. He changed a lot when his son moved back in after the sons marriage broke up. Don't worry I don't hate the man and have no thoughts of getting back together.

Speaking of ex's though........Gabys dad came over last night to pay child support - came in and sat for awhile - grrrrrrrr and asked if he could see her Wednesdays. Sounds good but I like my space. I don't want to see him all the time. What do I do? *wah..........

k- back to work.....

06-19-2007, 05:21 PM
Hello ladies...

Thank you Ms Susan! :hug: Good to be back! I was going to ask how M was but as usual, working, lol. WTG on the 2 pounds! :woohoo: :bravo: You are doing great! Send some of that mojo to me, I've lost mine. So hard getting back on track after taking a break. I actually do take a break from exercising every now and then but I think this has been too long! Anyway, good job on the weight loss! is Teri doing? Bet she is getting so excited! The last one I had an itching to shop right off the bat...glad I fought the urges, not sure why. I did buy a few little things once I found out the sex. Took a lot back and gave some to my niece who was pregnant the same time. motto or rather motos are "Baby steps, and one day at a time" that's all we can do is take things one day at a time. I try not to focus on tomorrow until tomorrow comes. You are off to a good start missy.'re not weird, compost is every woman's dream gift, lol. I see nothing wrong with that. I would rather get a shrub or something for the yard now as well. Hope your day(s)were special for ya.

MICHELLE...that was the page. You know, when I sign up for stuff like that I never use my real BD. I just put in whatever I click on first, lol. Now I have been trying to change it and can't, lol. It says I am 28, lol! I think I will close that one and open another and put in my 'real' info. But for now, yeah that's it.

Hi SUE :wave:

WI wasn't as bad a s I thought. THought for sure I had gained at least 2 pounds. It is just .6 so not as bad after all. Gotta work hard this week though, tired of farting around and not getting anywhere.

Better get going ladies. I'll post some pictures later in the week once I get them loaded somewhere.

Take care and have a good day!

06-19-2007, 09:54 PM

Hope that worked so you all can see the crib set for the baby.

Cristina--the nausea comes and goes--today she seems to be doing okay. If she takes her prenatal vitamins before bedtime and goes to sleep it seems like she does better. It is REALLY hard not to buy stuff. Teri keeps teasing me that she won't need a baby shower because she will have everything.

SuzyQ--so you can date dreamy in a few years...How is Gaby doing with Mike back in her life after being gone for so long?? You will have to find something interesting to do on Wednesdays.

Sassy--I think the international market sounds cool!! When I was going through the problems with my coworker, I would get a sick stomach on the way to work because I really didn't want to even deal with her anymore though i LOVED all my other coworkers.

Katy--I still have several bushes/plants the dh and the kids have given me over the years. we even have two pine trees we bought with the roots and had as Christmas trees.

Well I have a really bad headache so I am going to go!

06-20-2007, 01:47 AM
Today has been a very long and stressful day. My younger DD left for Maine for two weeks and I already miss her so much. It all started off good this morning until I checked online to see if her flight was on time leaving and of course it wasn't and that's where the troubles started. After almost an hour and a half on the phone with a ticket agent, they finally got her switched to a completely different airlines, but she made it fine and that's all that matters and she's there safely now. It's still pretty warm here tonight and I sure hope it cools down soon.:(

06-20-2007, 09:36 AM
Good morning!

I've been working at our church's VBS this week and haven't has as much time to post as I would like. I go over to the Whole Foods thread to post my menu...then I have to be somewhere - sheesh! I woke up too early today so here I am.

I am a little sore from shoveling the you-know-what, but it is great exercise! The yard is starting to look pretty good. Other than the yard and VBS, that's about it for my week, lol!

Hope you all are doing well....I think I'm going to go to water aerobics since I'm up early See you later!

06-20-2007, 05:12 PM

JULES...for some reason I had something else in mind but that sure is cute! I love the moon and stars and I think it is the perfect blue! When I was pregnant with #4 it seemed like I was sick all the time. If I ate something the dizzy feeling would go away but I couldn't sit there and eat all day! You know, I think Teri is correct...this being the first grandbaby you always have to spoil them more so...she probably won't have to have a baby shower, lol. I would do the same, first or second, etc. I can't wait to be a grandma and man will they all be spoiled rotten by me and V, lol! Hope she gets to feeling better soon and you too! Hope you get rid of that nasty headache.

SASSY...we don't have an international market but do have a farmers market...I just never go to it, never think to. It's downtown and only on Saturday mornings I think. I really should find out and go sometime. Was just talking about it to my mom too.

MICHELLE...ahh, hugs to you sweetie. :hug: :hug: At least DD is only going to be gone for 2 weeks right now. But I know how you miss her already. When Josh left it was torture for me and I don't know what I'll do when the other two leave. :( I still have a hard time with Josh being gone but it's better. Hey, I accepted your invite on myspace but...goofy me turned around and canceled the account. Ummm, I had some 22 year old guys asking me to be their friend as well, lol. Kind of cute and flattering but no thanks, lol. One lived close to where I live and I am thinking that is why. So...I have to wait 48 hours to use that e-mail address and will do that and put in my correct BD so maybe the 22-year-olds will leave me alone, lol. I'll let you know once I do that. least you are keeping busy and keeping the kids busy. Bet they enjoy VBS...I know I did growing up. I can't believe June is almost over! The kids here start school the end of August and boy it is going by fast, too fast.

Where are ya Ms Susan? I always look forward to your posts! Was weird signing on and not seeing you here yet and the day is almost over, here anyway. Hope all is well with you and you are all moved into your new place.

Well I had a busy morning again today. I don't know where the time goes. I do a few things in the morning and by the time I get home and on the computer it is getting late already. And I am not getting anything done around the house, ugh! Hoping to get things organized and some order to all the chaos here by Monday. I made a To Do list but it still ain't happenin', lol. Anyway...

I did manage a walk yesterday evening-30 minutes on the treadmill. Would have been more but DS came home and wanted to chat. I am not one to say "later, I'm busy" life is too short and I take advantage of all the time I can get to chat with my kids. Walking, cleaning, exercising, whatever can wait.

Going to walk again the same time today. Meant to get up early and do it before heading out the door but for some reason I slept in. Did the wally world thing today since I was out and about. It is supposed to be hot this week and I don't want to be out in it. I need to go buy a suit and go to the pool. For some reason I am dying to go. There's not a lot of people that go so it wouldn't be crowded during the day. Maybe next week once I get things organized.

Well, I hope you ladies are enjoying your day! Take care :hug:

06-20-2007, 05:53 PM
Cristina - if you get your myspace again, let me know, so I can send you a request. I've found that if you go into the profile settings, you can set it up so you don't get a bunch of unwanted requests. I think people either have to know my last name or my email addy to request me. Makes myspace alot less sleazy. I was getting lots of music groups, promoting their stuff...but I discovered you can block all band invites - yay!

Michelle - Hope you're feeling a little better today. My kids are so young - I can't even imagine them gone. That just freaks me out. I know it will happen someday; I don't think I'll ever be ready for it.

Hey Susan- great job on your weight loss - you are sure kicking it into high gear!

Hi Jules - thanks for your comment on my MS blog...I know - I sure do love my sh**. The plants do, too - lol. I would love to see what your yard looks like. I have various plants in the yard that have been given to me over the years - it's fun to watch them grow.

06-20-2007, 06:06 PM
CRISTINA ~~ I was wondering what had happened because it showed I have an extra friend on my page, but your picture doesn't show up and when I go to your page, it shows you have me as your friend lol. I'll wait for you to get your new account all set up. Today is still lonely and quiet around here, but I'll manage and I'm just happy she got there safe. They are going to be going to Six Flags in Mass. so she is really excited about that. Her friend from Maine will then be coming here for two weeks in August.:hug:

KATY ~~ Enjoy your sweeties while you can because the time does go by SO fast!:( I hope you're having a good day!:hug:

Hello to everyone else wherever you are!!:hug:

06-20-2007, 06:27 PM
So, ya. Looked who the cat dragged in? Me! yay
I was plastered last night after 3 glasses of wine. I haven't drank in months but the ex gave me a glass and I drank that. He left to buy more and I finished off his glass and when he got back he refilled mine. Yay.....whoa. I was in a sad state of affairs........I didn't even give Gab a bath like I should have , it has been days. I need to dunk her in tonight after she gets in with her father from the park.
I moved out of my moms and I have gone to ****!! lol

Jules, cute baby things! I like the moon and stars too. I always fixed the baby stuff up and they always had a cradle and crib but all the girls slept with me. I wanted them close. Gaby's cradle was right by my bed but she always slept on my chest......even after I fell asleep once and she rolled off the bed..........lmao.........sorry, not funny. I was out of my mind tired. I don't think I slept for weeks. I didn't want to miss a moment.
I don't know what I will do while she is gone with her dad, maybe get a walk in?? or I really need to hang up my clothes, I keep kicking them around trying to find stuff.

What kind of treadmill do you have Cristina? I had a Weslo on the coast - worked real good. The last one I bought was a lemon. I need to buy a couch and get my clothes put away. I have 1 more load from storage to get over and I am done! I also need a washer/dryer down the road.

HUGS Michellle! Sorry you are missing your DD. It was warm last night but my place stays cool because of the trees in back. I woke up this morning and couldn't believe the heater was on. I had set it on comfort zone. Gaby was cute she wakes up and said "I am cold in this new place".....

Katy- You are having way too much fun with your manure. That is what normal people call it.......though it must be like heaven for you. lol - jk!! I was going to ask you what grows good in shade. My back yard has very little sun but I wanted to plant something....

Hi Sassy! Hi Sue!! Hi SusanNYC !!!

I had a good morning. In a meeting and ate a yummy bagel from Noah's. Had oatmeal and a banana......slimfast 2 limes icee's...and a ex is making pork chops - yum. I might have some with veggies. Lay off the wine!!! ick.....

Oh- Jules...........saw McDreamy this morning.He pays no attention to me.

I get Momo (the kitty) on Friday night! can't wait, he is so cute.

k- better get back to work!

06-20-2007, 09:22 PM
SuzyQ--Teri slept with us until she was in middle school. I am sure her little one will be in bed with her alot too. We found a crib at that converts to a toddler bed and then a regular one. Hubby says he will get it and the matching dresser for her. I am hoping the crib set is as nice as it looks, the seller sais that it was originally $70.00. I had bought another crib blanket too. I will probably just keep that one here. I am going to set the kids old crib up here for when the baby stays with us. So was Mikey boy making the moves? Maybe you need to ask McDreamy out for coffee?

Michelle--I had a very hard time when the kids moved out. I was so lonely and they are close and both either call me or myspace me daily. It's hard when they are not actually living in the house. After being "Mom" for so long and having your life revolve around your kids it is a HUGE shock.

Katy--I have to say my yard at the old place was nicer. Things are harder to grow and my lilac and rose bushes don't bloom as big or long as they used to when they had more sun. The woods are beutiful but I like grass and sunny gardens too.

Cristina--This crib set is different than what I had been looking at before. I saw it and knew in a minute that she would love it. Teri got a new comforter set in a bag thing that is light blue stripes--she says she wants one to match the crib set better after seeing it though. I agree when it comes to your kids--drop everything they are more important.

Sassy--missing you girly!! you better be doing something nice for yourself!!

Sue--are you riding that bike--is that why you are not here!!

Hope everyone has a good night!!

06-21-2007, 01:10 PM
Good Morning!

Hi Jules! I could never ask McDreamy out for coffe. If he said no I would be crushed. Also if he was interested he needs to make the move. I am a terrible old fashion kind of girl. The other co worker likes me (the one with the snake boots) and is going to help me move the rest from storage. Also, I met this one guy on line and we might go out for dinner Friday. Hope he doesn't kill me. He keeps talking about bloody meat. hahahaha - funny guy.

It wasn't Mikey with the wine , it was R & R's father.....I don't think Mikey drinks. anyway - I think he would get back together if he thought he could.He keeps asking me how I can afford daycare and an apartment all by myself. I tell him I concept for him maybe? lol -

anyway - had a glass of wine last night. I really need to stop that!!

I gave Gab a bath and we watched a movie, went to bed at 8:30. She was filthy!! Her feet were black from wearing open toe shoes. I told my mom and she had a fit. "Now Susan.....I know you just moved but when their feet get so dirty you need to at least wash them down".............OMG! That lady is so bossy.

I better go. I lost my radio/cell yesterday and today I dialed the # on my land line and finally found the cell in the big garbage bin. I had thrown it away with my salmon can yesterday. haha

k- have a good day all!!

06-21-2007, 03:38 PM
SUSAN ~~ OMG, I get such a kick out of you!;) I'm so glad you found your cell and PLEASE...step away from the wine, just kidding.:o Nice picture of you!:hug:

JULES ~~ I know, it's so hard when both kids will be gone and I'm getting a taste of it right now. When she comes back from Maine, she will be here for a month and a half before she goes off to college, but she will be bringing herself and her laundry bag home every Friday night. She has been calling me every day and leaving me comments on my myspace, she's a sweetheart. My older daughter calls me every day also and her and my son in law are moving into our apartment complex in a couple weeks.:hug:

06-21-2007, 05:30 PM
Okay ladies, just a quickie for today. I am not getting anything done around this house for some reason. And I'm not getting much computer time in either, ugh!

Susan...I like you picture!

Will do individuals tomorrow ladies. Take care :wave:

06-22-2007, 10:38 AM
Another busy one...but I wanted to drop by and say "hi".

I like your pic - Susan. How's the new apartment? As far as shade plants go, I like hostas. I have a shady north side and I grow those, candytuft, Rose campion...they all seem to like it. I have a rhody there,too.

Hi Michelle, Jules, Cristina, Sassy, Sue....and anyone else who is reading. I am officially updating my ticker.. my weight, as usual, bounces around, but I think these 2 lbs are off for good - fingers crossed.

Have a great day everyone....L has a playdate this afternoon so I may get some time to check back in and chat some more.

06-22-2007, 10:39 AM

Michelle-that will be cool to have your dd and her hubby living close!! At least your younger daughter will be home on weekends.

SuzyQ--you know Rach wants those boots!! hubby laughs at me cause I sit my cell down and I call it from the house phone to find it!!

Sassy & Katy--hi there!!

Taking dd to her sonogram today--it's supposed to pinpoint the due date more exact.

06-22-2007, 12:18 PM
Good Morning!

I have to go to a 10 am doctors appt so have to do a quickie!:o

I don't like those Vitamuffn ad's. Totally jealous of that ladies curves.

Thanks for the tips on plants Katy! Maybe this weekend I can get out back and clean up the leaves. Love the apt. it is quite and I a couch on craigslist for only $50! Great shape and was a bargain - came with extra pillow. Now we have something to sit on! CONGRATS on the 2 pounds!!!!:carrot:

Very exciting doing the sonogram Jules! I love babies.....

Hi Michelle! How are you doing in the heat??? Hope ok, I have my car ac going all the time. HUGS

Cristina......thanks, I don't really like the pic.R took it in Hawaii......makes me look old. *wah *wah....but thank you!!! :) Hope you are having a good day!

Hi to everyone! Sassy, Sue!!!! and SusanNYC.......

I need to go! Chat later.

06-22-2007, 12:35 PM
Hiya Chickies!

A HAPPY FRIDAY to everyone!

KATY...:bravo: to the 2 lbs. gone! And to your total so far! :bravo: One day I will have some hostas...I like them but have no shade what-so-ever. I've seen people plant them in full sun and they don't look so great. I am going to get another MySpace probably this evening (busy day ahead). I was just too lazy to mess with the settings, lol. But I really wanted to change my age/bd. Daughter said there was a place that you could because she did it a while back but it looked like they changed things since she did it. She had her correct age and kept getting stuff and I guess like me didn't want to bother with the settings, lol. She changed her age to 76 and NO ONE has sent stuff since, lol.

SUSAN...the treadmill I have is a Weslo Cadence 340 CS. We bought it al Wal-Mart about 5 years ago and it is still going strong *knock on wood*! We have all used it at one time or another but for the most part I use it. I hope it lasts a few more years. It was just a cheap one but has 4 settings, or 5 and shows the fat calories burned, and some other calories, I don't know...never pay attention to that stuff. My only concern is with the time and miles, lol. Funny about your phone...I too have had to call my phone a couple of times to find it, lol! How are you liking your new place? Too bad we don't live closer...I have some furniture I could give you. We just have too much stuff.

MICHELLE... that's good that your DD will be home for the weekends. When Jason first went away to college (In VA) it was hard for me. My first to leave the nest and he was too far to come home. Of course now I can't get rid of him, lol. Kidding. I know one day they will leave the nest so I am enjoying them while I can.

JULES...good luck at the sonogram! Can't remember...when is Teri due? I know you will have an exact date, sort of after today but can't even remember how far along she is...5 weeks? I'm too lazy to do the math, lol. Can't remember either if you said she wants to find out the sex, I am terrible!

Hi ya SASSY! Hope all is well with you and work.

Well, ladies, I hate to cut this short but I really gotta get going. I have rocks to pick up out of the yard. It is getting closer to us actually getting a yard :cp: You would not believe the things they cover up in a yard after finishing a house. Anyway, there's big rocks around the yard and we have gotten most of them but still more. V found a place we can take them to for free. They grind them up and use it for something, not sure what. Just picking up the bigger ones though so that when we get sod and seed it will grow properly and solidly. Our last house we didn't do that and we had places that would sink in...wasn't solid. So...V is taking off early so we can get down there and shovel the rock out of the truck before they close. We are #5 on the list for sprinklers and sod. Went from #8 to #5. If it hadn't of rained those few days last week probably would have been #2 or #3. That's out of 17 so we are doing good. Anyway...better get going. Chat later :wave:

06-23-2007, 06:49 PM
Just dropping by to say HI! :wave:

Spent the morning and part of the afternoon cleaning needed it! Just didn't realize how bad it needed it. Mopped the floors, washed the rugs and other clothes, lol. cleaned tubs and toilets, lol. Aaahhhh, I love a clean house! Now on the 'puter. Was on myspace trying to figure how things and wonderful aol threw me off the computer. So here I am , lol! :D

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Chat later :wave:

06-24-2007, 05:12 PM
Hi all--the computer has been acting up and kicking both of us off. It seems to be ok finally.

Well, the sonogram dating says December 24th. DD said the baby is going to have to be either early or late cause she doesn't want a Christmas baby. It was so need to see the pictures on screen. She was 13 weeks and 4 days on Friday. We find out the sex around week 20 so we have some time though it is killing us to wait.

DS & the girlfriend I love are on a break. Their differences are turning out to be bigger than the things in common and they have grown apart and want different things in their lives. They are both seeing other people and it is breaking my heart cause I really do love her. He has been talking to a girl that he was really good friends with in 7th grade before we moved. She actually helped us move and they eventually lost touch. I used to call her my future daughter in law because I actually really like her too and her and Ry have a lot in common. I don't know what will happen.

DH just threw a major temper tantrum because I wouldn't ride with him to the tractor supply. It's times like this that make me see why DS and the gf are not working out--we have grown apart too.

Well gotta go, I will try to bbl.

06-24-2007, 06:27 PM
psssst. Katy. I see your family at the library this rainy Sunday , where are you?? I feel like an I-Spy...anyway, I know your daughter anywhere , such a cutie!

Anyway- I am going back to bed,only came out to get Rach some books to read.

My test results are back down to an 8 (it was a 9 after being a 6 - normal is a 16).

I weighed!!! Down another 2 pounds!! Makes a total of 18!! yay....

gotta go - Rach needs the computer.

06-24-2007, 08:46 PM
Good Sunday evening ladies. I am having such a good day....and week. Love life!
DD and her family from CA spent the day here today along with the local DD and 1 of her younguns. DGS, who I haven't seen in a year, (7) hugged me when he first saw me and said "You smell so good, like bubble-gum." I had to chuckle. He is a sweetie...but then all my "grands' are sweeties. :) He is the baby. We had a nice afternoon.
I rode my bike 31 miles from last Sun. thru Sat. And I am starting this week with a 7 mile ride today. (don't know why I got started on a Sun., but oh, well) If the rain would STOP I could ride more, but boy, did we need it. And the yard is looking so nice and green again.
Going to TRY to really do the food thing this week. I have been having no snacks after dinner this last week. Want to continue that and add to fried foods. *wish me luck*

Susan- 18 pounds is awesome!! I know you are doing the happy dance!

Jules- Can't wait till 20 weeks so we will all know the sex. What is it with men today...mine got on my bad side earlier too.

Cristina- That housework is never ending. Hope you get good enough weather to get some yardwork done this week. My DH has been talking about a pergola..and just started building an arbor for the side yard.

Katy- Hooray for the 2 pounds gone. I also bounce around..never know when to count a pound actually gone. If I had lost all the weight I have lost and gained back I would be teeny. :)

I did some crunches earlier and had forgotten how much I hate doing those. Yikes...there has got to be a better way to lose that belly fat. I guess I will just keep on pedaling! :bike2:

06-24-2007, 11:19 PM
Just stopping in to say hi to everyone. Not too much going on except for housework and watching the nascar race and fighting a headache that I woke up early this morning with.:hug:

06-24-2007, 11:31 PM
Michelle...Sure hope you get feeling better soon. :headache:

06-25-2007, 10:58 AM
Hi all-
Not much going on today other than working on the manure pile. I should plant some more seeds in the garden as well. Kids start swimming lesson today, so there's a little something to get us out of the house....

Michelle- hope you feel better soon; headaches are no fun.

Sue - WTG on all the biking. My MIL has some bikes for us, but we need to clean out our garage to make some room for them. I'm looking forward to biking again.

Susan- I was at a garden commitee meeting. I told my family that you were there watching them for can run but you can't hide ha ha. I agreed to design a promotional flyer for our interpretive area and our classroom garden program...oh and a blog. Just call me the Blogging Diva...

Cristina - I'm envious of your clean house. VBS threw me off my game last week, and the compost is throwing me off this week. I'm barely keeping up on the laundry...I do like the house cleaned up, so I need to make some plans to do it.

Jules - Those sonograms are wonderful...I just loved seeing my babies that way...and we were able to get gender on both of our kids at 20 weeks or so; even for our daughter. The pictures are much clearer now than they used to be. Sorry DH was a grump...Hope your weekend got better after that.

The kids are after me for tv, pancakes, and computer time, not necessarily in that order. This is most likely what the rest of my summer will look like every morning at 7 a.m. Yikes! Have a good one, ladies.

06-25-2007, 01:12 PM
Good Morning -
Pancakes sound so good Katy! I went to that pancake house right off the Ross Is bridge last week,they have really good food. It is just around the corner from the Aladdin. Your family behaved at the library! lol I had to take Rach to Powells and get her books. The public library was all checked out - what a pain!

Hope you are feeling better Michelle!! Hi Sue!!.....

I need to get to work, we had a fire over the weekend.

Had oatmeal and a slimfast for breakfast. Did lousy on the water intake last week, need to improve this week. Momo is so sweet! Gaby was down right bratty last night to all of us. Seems to be an adjustment period after she comes back from her fathers.

Hi to everyone!!

06-25-2007, 05:09 PM
Hello ladies...

I am a HAPPY camper! The sprinklers are going in as I am typing and...I am down 2 pounds! :yay: :bravo: :woohoo: Made my day to say the least. I feel like I have broken this plateau.

SUSAN...:yay: to you on your loss this week! :bravo: Hope you get your level up soon...that can't be good for ya. :hug: the puppy dog, soooo cute! And your siggy! I want one, wah. I love hearts. Will hopefully have time to go to MySpace tomorrow and see your comments...don't want you to think I am ignoring you. Just barely had time to get on teh 'puter today to post here. :hug:

KATY...the swimming pool sounds good and I know you guys rather the kids will enjoy the swimming lessons. I just realized yesterday that we don't have a key to our subdivisions pool and I have been wanting to go. Would love to learn how to swim...never learned and I DID take swimming lessons when I was young. Oh well, it doesn't stop me from going, lol.

SUE...WOW! I am impressed with your biking miles! :bravo: I knew you were riding a lot but didn't know it was that much. Keep on truckin' missy! Glad you enjoyed your weekend with your family.

JULES...I agree..the sonograms are so cool! It's so cool seeing the little one moving around. Sorry to hear about Ryan and his GF. Maybe is just wasn't meant to be. And if it is, then it will be. You can still be in her life, I'm sure she would like that. :hug:

Well, ladies...I need to get going. Go post on the other threads and get off this thing. Have a good day!

06-25-2007, 09:19 PM
Cristina--I can't say they won't get back together since they always seem to do just that. She is working all the time and going to start classes in the fall. DS needs more attention than she has to give right now. I am glad she is finally doing something she really wants to do.

SuzyQ--my friends have the same thing when her 4 year old comes back from dad's house.

Katy--the sonograms are so cool!! Hubby's foot is hurting again--he stayed home from work--explains the random burst of anger. He did get better.

Sue--hey there!! First my darling daughter looks at me and says she doesn't want to know but she wants them to tell me--this is my child that almost dies at Xmas until she can open all her gifts and tries to give you yours BEFORE so she can watch you open yours!!!!

Michelle--hope you are feeling better!

Went last week and Teri and I went and saw Knocked Up--it's really funny. She kept seeing her and Dave in the two main characters. Last night we were too late to see Pirates 3 so we watched 1408 with John Cusack--typical Steven King movie--some scary parts but just ok.

06-26-2007, 12:45 AM
Hello ladies...back again!

Can't sleep so thought I would jump on the 'puter. Having problems with 3fc though and it's frustrating just trying to come here and stay on. It's not aol because it is just with this site. is only everytime they do changes. Anyway...just wanted to say HI. Doubtful that I will get on tomorrow. Actually, not sure when I will be back. A busy rest of the week and next week for sure. Have a good one ladies :wave:

06-26-2007, 08:23 PM
Hi everyone!!! It's so hot and steamy I am going to go take a cool shower and finish my book!!

06-28-2007, 01:11 PM
:congrat::cheer: Congrats on the 2 pounds Cristina! Happy for you!

Good Morning to everyone.
I am back to being tired but manged to drag my butt to the computer. I need to go get my blood drawn again.

I am trying to lose 1 more pound by June 30th. 8 pounds in a month sounds good to me. Cross fingers. I ate a raisin roll from Starbucks and oatmeal this morning. Before payday so have no $$$ for slimfast. lol

I guess that is it. My package came back with the ring and junk for M. I was sending to his work place because he is always there and I wanted it safe. So, now what?? My friend said to sell the ring and necklace and throw away his key. lol


06-28-2007, 01:20 PM
Susan..Your ticker says 8 pounds lost and you have typed in 7 pounds lost down at the bottom. Did you lose track? Man, I would take 8 pounds anytime...
Don't know what to tell you about the package coming back. Maybe just hold on to it for awhile. I dunno.
Our weather is hot and steamy. Rain off and on to just up the humidity.
I am still pedaling several miles a day...3 so far today.
We leave tomorrow for 2 weeks....busy selling the Vegas home. I will try to pop in from there. Don't know how long my computer will be up and running. :)
Take care ladies.

06-28-2007, 01:53 PM
Hi Sue!

The ticker is just a 10 pounds at a time ticker. I had lost 1 pound of that 8 in the month of May. 7 total in June.....:dizzy:.....dang, is that right??? Pretty sure and 18 total and lots more to go,,,,,

I am so tired of M!! He is such a self centered jerk. Lets give him a 5 year old and a dose or amemia and see how busy his days are! lol......and of course he is doing brain surgery on the side and sooooo exhausted. *roll eyes*.....

Hey! I ain'T bitter!!! lol :devil:

06-28-2007, 08:00 PM
LOL at you Susan....You ain't bitter. That is funny. When it comes to men it doesn't take much to get my to speak. I had a lot more patience with my kids than I do with men. (men should know better!)
Just had dinner and need to go pedal some more. Ugh....

06-28-2007, 09:01 PM
Amemia? I think I meant anemia.......

Hi Sue. I so want to bike! I should get out my pink 50's bike and take a stroll, I mean a ride. I a hungry for a sandwish with mayonaise and mustard and some dill pickles! YUM!
Thanks for the card Cristina! I picked it up last night at the PO box.
I went to the lab at kaiser and had blown drawn. She said they were testing my vit D too - I asked because she tool 2 vials of blood. blah - blah. I sound like Nancy Drew,,,,, and I knew M was an a$$ because his face started looking like a crack......and he had a constipated look on his face. Course that was his usual look. hehe

k- I am hungry! Cheers!

06-29-2007, 10:15 AM
Susan. - I say sell 'em...what a jerk. I PM'd you , did you get it?

Sue - happy peddling!

Hi to everyone. I have a busy. I finally get to assemble shelving in the playroom...and fill them up! I skipped step class this a.m., figuring that withthe bookshleves, book lifting, and a walk this afternoon, I will be getting enough exercise!

We are off tomorrow for a delayed anniversary getaway ( Doesn't it look divine? I can hardly wait!

06-29-2007, 11:58 AM
Katy- Wow..what a neat place. I bet you will totally enjoy! Good luck with the shelving.

Susan- Hope the blood work comes back okay. Yum on a sandwich with mayo. I can eat just mayo on bread and be happy. OF COURSE..I don't do that anymore. Maybe M is the reason for the word "butthead." We could do lots of a$$ jokes for sure........haha.

Be good ladies. I am off to the airport.

06-29-2007, 12:44 PM
Good Morning.

zzzzzzzzzzz, sorry tired.....zzzzzzzz, *drool*drool.....I use to drool when I slept, I don't anymore. I am tired though. I felt like I was going to faint in the shower. I just stood there with the warm water splashing down and felt like I was going to fall asleep.....I even

I will go look at your getaway Katy! Sent back a pm! Have fun Sue!

Breakfast was oatmeal and 1/2 a burnt hot dog. It was good, lot of flavor. zzzzzzzz. I need to call my doctor and get the results. Actually she isn't even a doctor......she is kind of a doctor.....zzzzzzzzzzz.

k- hi to everyone!ttyl

06-29-2007, 01:27 PM
omg-Katy! The Columbia Gorge Hotel! Yipeeeeeee, can I come? You won't even know I am there, promise! M took me across the river to White Salmon to a B&B. We did go by the CGH. it is so beautiful, the whole Hood River area'll have a relaxing time! If you get to White Salmon though I had a lot of fun watching the glass blowing. There is a shop there that you ca make your own stuff, that was fun.


06-30-2007, 09:34 PM
Hello ladies...

SUE...have a safe trip, of course you are already gone.

KATY...have a fun, safe anniversary getaway! Lovely place!

SUSAN...yeah, I would sell M's stuff too, I think. I don't know. You might want something to remember him by...when it was good. Hope you got your results and they gave you something so you are not feeling so bad.


Nothing much going on. Not getting anything planned done. It has been raining since Tuesday, ugh! So much flooding around, it's horrible! Slept most of the day, or so it seems. Just in a blah mood because of the weather I guess.

Going to a funeral of a soldier Monday. My heart goes out to his family. It's really sad when a young one never really had a chance to live. It's hard when we lose anyone at any age but the kills me. It's going to be real hard because I know at any given time it could be Josh. Anyway...

Any special plans for the 4th ladies? We don't have anything planned. GOing to grill in the evening but hoping to work on the fence.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

07-01-2007, 02:50 PM
Good Morning!

Hi Cristina! I don't have any plans for the 4th. Gab might go with her dad, seems to be a favorite holiday of his so he can enetertain her. I wanted to take her to that Rat movie but she won't go, too scared.

My resluts came back Friday , it was a tad lower (she always says a tad, whatever that means) and she scheduled for esophagus to be checked again Thursday and granted 2 week off from work - she will only do 2 weeks at a time. So that is that.

So Happy July!! I HOPE for 8 pounds next month. I need to get serious and step it up. Too much wine and no exercise......and I don't even think I have been drinking water as much as I should.

Hugs to you Cristina on Monday, it is sad.

chat tomorrow :) Hi to everyone!

07-02-2007, 03:04 PM
20 pounds or bust! I am trying to figure out a way to motivate myself. If I can make it a 20 pounds loss I would be so thrilled. My capri's are baggy but I pulled my summer clothes from storage and I probably have 20 more pounds before I can fit into them. By that time it will be October!!!! And I will be back to winter clothes. UGH.....confused:devil:

I had oatmeal (the rye barley brand! Super tasty and 20 cal's less then the regular kind.) Plus slimfast. I NEED to get back to water so I will need to go get a bottle and start drinking. Week of TOM and drinking water really dont' go together so wasn't bothering.

Thinking with my 2 weeks off I can take time to walk and be outside in the sun.

k- I guess that is all!! Hope everyone is well!!!

07-02-2007, 07:40 PM
Hi everyone
We're back...ate myself silly, but it was mostly fresh fruit, seafood, and lots of champagne. There was a wedding going on while we were there and everyone looked gorgeous and stressed. Then we watched Bridezillas on the tv in our room and came to the conclusion that anniversaries are way more fun than weddings!

I tried caviar! It's really good. I'm scared to find out how much this stuff costs....I need to stop liking expensive food...

Now we are back home and back to reality, which means I spent the morning grocery shopping and hanging laundry. No caviar and champagne...just beer and pretzels :(

07-03-2007, 06:26 PM
I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July tomorrow. I just had a full root canal done this morning and my dentist had to numb my mouth three different ti mes, one of them being when he was done and before I left for home and my mouth is still numb right now. This time I had to get some pain meds because I felt part of the root canal and it about sent me through the roof, I started having tears running.:cry:

07-04-2007, 12:43 AM
Ouch,Michelle! I hope you are feeling better tonight. I never have had a root canal but it sounds horrid. Staying cool in this weather? Hopse so :)

As long as the beer is cold Katy :) sounds yummy. ....with Mexican food, sounds even better. Nacho's with avocado's.

OK, STOP Susan! I just am feeling down tonight. I am really craving carbs and wine. I haven't lost anything in a week and I am frustrated. I drank 60 oz's of water and had the usual. Night is hard though.

Hope you are ok Cristina, was thinking of you Monday.

Hi to Jules, Sue ,Sassy and SusanNYC.

k- back to my corner. HUGS to all.

07-05-2007, 01:41 PM
Good Morning!!

Yipeeeeee, I am down 1 pound! Yipeeeeeee. Thank goodness.

I ate a small hamburger patty with 2 teaspoons of patato salad yesterday - plus melons and veggies at the barbeque. I thought I did pretty good!

Going in at 1pm for my endoscopy thingie. So, just a quickie for now.

HUGS to all!!

07-05-2007, 08:21 PM
Hi All
Susan - hope your endoscopy went well.....sending you a pm

Just signed my baby up for fall soccer - she said "As long as I can have pink cleats!" lol

07-06-2007, 12:50 PM
Yippeeeeee, I lost 20 pounds! Yay. I even put on a blouse that I bought a few weeks ago and it finally fits!

Thanks Katy, I got the pm. My endoscopy was a thrill. I don't remember much. I don;t even remember being wheeled out. I joked that it was a great date pill. haha...........still bloody looking, though doctor thought there had been some healing. Putting me on Nexium for 3 months and will rechecked. So, I get to drag my butt around on 8 red cell count? I need to talk to my doctor because it really needs to go out. I had blood drawn yesterday, I should get results today. blah blah -

2 weeks off after today! YIPEEEEEE. I really want to go to the coast and start walking.

k- better get to Katy's pm............Cristina, where are you?? Miss you.

chat later.....

07-06-2007, 06:06 PM
Just a quick pop in. Waiting for my Avon to be delieverd. Spent over an hour sitting at DMV today--not much fun. Did the normal grocery shopping etc...really need to take my library books back...maybe tomorrow. Teri's next appt is Friday the 13th, I am thinking we find out the sex of the baby in August. I have started picking up odds and ends for the baby. Today I got the bedtime bath, lotion and powder. I figured I would get something each week. I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy so I can start getting some pink or blue stuff!!

07-06-2007, 08:05 PM
You are so lucky Jules, You get the joy of a baby without being pregnant. I would love another baby!

Michelle - forgot to say that I ordered my contacts from Kaiser! I got 6 boxes for 173. I had to pay 23 over the 150, it is ok, what a deal! Now that I have to pay rent I need all the breaks I can get. lol

I am going home. Exhausted and in need of sleep. Going to pack Gaby up and sh goes with her father til Sunday. I am going to sleep and sleep and sleep!!!

k- later

07-08-2007, 01:08 PM
Good Morning!
Tomorrow is WI day, aren't we thrilled? Of course we are. :)
I made the girls a pot of potato soup yesterday, it was so good. We gobbled it up. Now I am craving Wendy's chili.
Rach has lost 11 pounds since the end of school. She bought some protein shake mix last night, thinking she will lose 10 pounds in July. She makes it and sits in the living room gagging. lol What a wuss.
Gab comes home today! Can't wit to be lazy with her the next 2 weeks.

Katy - Did you know the church next to yours had their playground set on fire Friday night? I heard 4 youths were being questioned. Bunch of brats.

k- hope you are all well!!! Come back and chat with me!!!

07-08-2007, 05:13 PM
Ok, since no one is around I will be brave and say I was up to 206 at the end of April! Yikes. I was 170 when I met Michael in Dec and blame the weight gain on him. lol
I gained from 150 to 170 with the job and the stress that came with it. I look pretty good at 170, so that is my mini goal. 16 more pounds for that! yeah,.....thinking by Sept, I hope.

k- that is my confession. What about yours??? lol

chow ladies!!

07-09-2007, 01:11 PM
Good Morning!!

I am here. I weighed and am ALMOST down a pound. Does that count? lol I think I will check again Wednesday and see where the scale is at. I feel good though and had a yummy breakfast of oatmeal and slimfast.
Waiting for my doctor to call and go over my blood results from last week.Otherwise my day is devoted to Gaby.

Wishing you all well. It is a cool morning , might go out for a quick walk. Suppose to be a HOT week here weatherwise.

07-10-2007, 04:31 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

I'm back!! :D

Busy, busy week last week for sure and I am glad it's over for now. We didn't finish so there's more coming but I think we got the hardest part done.

KATY...glad you guys had a nice get-away. Caviar, eh? I'm not sure I could get passed the look and knowing what it is, ick, lol!

SUSAN...WTG missy on the 20 pounds gone! :woohoo: :bravo: Hoping all is well with your results.

MICHELLE...hope you are feeling better. I have been putting off the dentist for a while now and you reminded of that. I really need to get in before anything gets bad, ugh. It's been too long.

SUE...hope you are not sweating too bad in Vegas...or are you back now? Can't remember how long you were going to be there.

SASSY...hi to you missy. Hoping all is well with you.

JULES...I bet you are on cloud 9! I can only imagine how exciting it is for you being a grandma. I am happy for you!

Well, it is HOT here ladies! And I have had enough, ugh! It is only supposed to be 88 here today but this morning when I took ernie dog potty it was terrible! Muggy and humid and it was only in the 70's! :yikes: Anywho...hoping all is well with everyone. Take care and have a lovely day.

07-10-2007, 06:37 PM
Yipeeee! Cristina is back! Missed you terrible! It is HOT here too ; like 100. I sweated bullets trying to get Gaby's suit on, crisscross back. Why do they make it so hard??

I get the results today Cristina. I talked with doctor yesterday and she gave me results from the 28th, which she has already done before. I was wanting the 7/5 ones and I went in today to see her. She said she only had Vit D on the order.......*eyes roll*.....I was going in for iron levels, been doing that for weeks. I took my ex and he asked her a question on the spleen and blood and she said she would have to go look it up. . -she is my PCP but not a doctor.

anyway- taking the girls swimming!! Down a pound!! Yipeeee.......

07-10-2007, 11:51 PM
Katy & Michelle - How are you gals surviving this heat??? I can't stand it. I have been munching on ice all day!!

Had oatmeal for breakfast and I made a protein drink with blueberries and banana. It was pretty good and had 24g of protein.
When I went to the doctors I weighed 186- which was cool because I had eaten and had clothes on!!!
She came in the room and said "are you Susan ^%$#? and I said yes, she said I looked different. I told her I lost weight and was wearing glasses, she said I looked healthier. Ya, she was sucking up pretty good - lol

Sassy??? Where are you??? and Sue??? Jules???

Going to get Rach from kickboxing and going home. Chat later

07-11-2007, 12:07 AM
I am back from Vegas. It was HOT and the trip was a disaster....more on that later. Suffice to say we are healthy and no one was injured in the foray! LOL
I am going to go toMY OWN BED and sleep like the proverbial log!

07-11-2007, 01:49 AM
woo hoo Cristina and Sue all in one day! So happy to have you guys back!!! Sorry your trip wasn't so great Sue....but ya, you are healthy and not injured :)

Miserable heat here. My eyes are sore from the clorine in the pool.....not that I was swimming -yikes- no, just sitting there.

btw - my rbc came back a 9.4, so up! 16 is suppose to be norm.

Rach has been doing so good. Very happy for her.

k- night and chat tomorrow!

07-11-2007, 03:00 PM
Hello ladies! :wave:

Thank you Susan! :thanks: :hug: It's good to be back. Ha...I tried to go swimming, or sitting/floating, lol Monday, didn't happen. Stupid key didn't work and drove around the neighborhood trying to find someone home to get one. Was all lathered up and in my suit and ready to go. :( Anywho...glad your rbc is up! And WTG on the pound! :woohoo:

SUE...sorry you had a time in Vegas but I bet your bed felt good!

Hiya Sassy, Michelle, Katy, & Jules! :wave:

Nuthin much going on today. Made a run to the library to take some books back and to the bank. Now just doing things around the house and getting some laundry done...same old, same old.

Can't seem to get back on track with my walking. Hoping that breaks soon because my body is feeling it. Just lost my motivation. I'm sure I'll get it back soon enough, hopefully soon.

Take care ladies and hope you have a great day!

07-11-2007, 03:33 PM
Yipeeeee, lets go for a walk Cristina!! zzzzzzzz. after I wake up. haha. It is overcast today so hope it will stay cooler!!
After Rach does her kickboxing we are going for a walk. I had a protein drink for breakfast - put a banana in it and some raspberries.
My head was just pounding last night. I don't think I was drinking enough water. I miss my greek salads :(.
Gab wants to go swimming and I have to take her to an afternoon speech. I think I will go back to work to relax- lol sheesh......God Bless SAHM's!!!

Rach has lost 3 pounds this week - woo hoo. Great for her!!

better get some water in - talk later......and don't you all post at once.....I don't wanna get behind!!! hehe

07-11-2007, 03:58 PM
That's exactly how I feel Susan....zzzzzz, so tired and sleepy lately. Think it is the heat, dunno. How is Rachel liking kickboxing? WTG on her 3 pounds gone! :woohoo: :bravo: Rachel!

I too need to get some water in...and I will be thinking about you guys basking in the sun by the pool :( That is, if you go to the pool.

Was supposed to be cooler here as well but with this humidity it is still HOT! Ick!

Take care missy and I hope you an dthe girls enjoy your day! :hug:

07-11-2007, 05:00 PM
I know my zzzzz' s are the anemia. I have no energy to walk or even think about walking - lol You would be proud of me though Cristina! I addressed an envelope to you and thinking of mailing it!! So, dang slow,,,sorry :)
Rach likes kickboxing, she is meeting some girls that are there and looks so much happier. I think she has lost 14 total and you can tell in her face.

Had some veggies and chicken for lunch, need to go pick up Rach! Chow!!

07-12-2007, 12:04 AM
Evening ladies...I am in a "better place" tonight. :D
We did manage to get the Vegas home sold. Came home with a van loaded to the I spent all day un-packing and trying to find room somewhere for everything. Geesh...way too many towels and kitchen goodies. I should have sent more home with DS as he came to Vegas and took a U-Haul full of furniture to San Diego.
The mis-haps started before we even left home. We got a call that the A/C was out in the Vegas home. Now, who wants to face arriving during 110* heat with no A/C????? We gave the realtor the ok to get it fixed..and shuddered to think of what that might cost. We also booked a hotel room for the night of arrival, just in case....which we used, even though the air was fixed when we arrived. Just hadn't cooled down much yet. SO, the move actually went smoothly. DS spent 2 evenings with us and then he was back to SD.
The drive home was just one problem after another, 2 times towed...both causing 2-3 hours of repairs. This with a van we have NEVER had trouble with and DH keeps in good repair. (who can tell that a fuel pump is ready to quit??) Anyway, one day it was 112* and one 100* while we sat and waited for the tows. I could go an and on about the problems, but you can get the drift!
See why I was so glad to get home and actually RELAX? :dizzy:
Today has been hella busy, but at least I am home and it is NOT 116*, which it was in LV one day. :cool:

I did ok on food but not on exercise while gone. Came home to weigh exactly the same as before I left. So, starting tomorrow I will be back on the bike and trying to rack up the miles ridden. Hopefully this time I can shed a pound or two again.

Hi to everyone and I will get back in the swing ASAP.

07-12-2007, 12:15 PM
Good morning chickies!

Just a quick Hi as I am getting ready to head out the door. I will be back later though. Try not to miss me too much, lol. :D

Have a good one ladies! :wave:

07-12-2007, 04:49 PM
I miss you Cristina! I always miss you!!

ugh Sue!! Not YOU, the HEAT.....ugh woo hoo another dingy day of me!! Ugh. We have had 2 days of 100. That is enough, thank you very much!! You can't do anything when it is sooooo hot. *wah *wah.
Glad you are back safe! I biked today Sue and thought of you!! :) It was at the gym and it said I biked 7 miles and burned 89 calories . Cool.

Rach spent an hour working out and she goes tonight for kickboxing. She has been watching the Biggest Losers and has decided she wants to lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks. Ya, right.......if you are going to exercise 24/7. I don't wanna lose weight that much! haha.

I had a protein shake w/ banana this morning. Veggies and chicken again for lunch. I am going to Panda Express for lunch with my sister. Chow mein or rice?? What is better??

Better go, this stay at home and getting better thing is exhausting!!

07-13-2007, 10:48 AM
Hi all...
Up to my you-know-what in house stuff. The reno is officially done! Now the house is turned upside down while we move furniture around. I can't believe how much stuff we have. Ugh.

My Thursday weigh in said I had lost a little. My last month was bouncing around alot, so I looked back a month and I've lost 2.1 for the last month. I feel pretty good about it since I had alot of social eating over the last three weeks.

Everyone is doing so well - we are kicking some weight-loss butt, lol!

07-13-2007, 04:21 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Friday the 13th!

SUSAN...that is GREAT that Rachel lost 14 pounds! Kudos to her! But 25 pounds in two weeks???Is that even possible? If it is let me know, lol. Seriously though...I would love to lose that in two weeks but with my old body, not gonna happen. has actually been cooler here that last two days. Even went to the pool today kind of hoping it would be hot but it was a little cool. I guess it was good, I didn't burn. Glad you are back and sorry you guys had a rough time on the road. :hug:

KATY...:woohoo: bet you are doing the happy dance with the reno being done! Wish I could say the same :( Still waiting for stinking sod. Crossing my fingers we get it next week some time...not supposed to rain for a whole week, at least that was the weather last night, lol. WTG on your 2.1 pounds gone! :bravo:

HIya MICHELLE, SASSY, & JULES! :wave: Hoping all is well with you and yours.

Nothing much going on. Went to the pool this morning and it was really nice. Decided I was not going to miss out on things because of my weight. Also bought groceries this morning, early, really early. Bought all my healthy foods I need to get me back on track. Even have some menus made out so I should see a good loss in two weeks. I say two weeks because I am not sure about WI this Monday...only two days away. But I am starting my walking again tomorrow morning. Heading to the park to do 2-3 miles. I am so sick of my fat self! get off this thing. Need to jump in the shower and take this wet bathing suit off, lol. Heading to get new cell phone service when V gets home. He gets a decent discount for working where he does from Verizon but we have to go down there to do that instead of signing up online. And of course it is on the west side of town, ugh. Okay, washer is beeping and tired of listening to it, lol. Chat with you ladies tomorrow.

Have a great day chickies!

07-13-2007, 04:29 PM
omg! Chow mein or steamed rice?????? You guys let me down, I guess I will have to eat both and see.hahaha - crack myself up.

Hi Katy!! Congrats on your weight loss!!

I think it was 25 for the men. I think the females were 16/18 in 2 weeks. Still that is awesome and insane. lol

I better go for my lunch out!

Chat later

07-13-2007, 08:09 PM
I am back! Yippeeeeee.

Cute you were wearing your wet suit while typing Cristina!! : ) You almost have me motivated to go swimming myself. I haven't been in a pool in years!

I went to Panda Express and had veggies (70 cal) and chicken (240 cal) Mushroom chicken would have been only 170 cal but I had alreay ordered. So, I feel good about my outing! lol....I avoided the rice and chowmein - I think that was 300 something all by it self. blah blah..... I passes a Greek joint on my way there. Maybe that will be my outing next month?? Yum , feta!!

My sister looked great. She is tall at 5'9 and was chunky at my fathers funeral. She must have lost 40/50 pounds - very thin now and running 5 miles a day. She wants to run a marathon next year. I really wanna run!!

Warm here and need to go pay later

07-14-2007, 11:00 AM
Good job, Susan...Panda Express is hard...I was going to say go with the chow mein but load it up with lots of veggies, but I forgot - sorry. You made better choices than I would have...

I have been working very hard to move furniture and unpack all the boxes from storage - getting my workout from that for sure! I have had a yucky rash all week that wasn't going I finally went to urgent care and was informed that I am now allergic to my tetracycline prescription. And they gave me prednisone...and told me that it will make me cranky and hyper. I said, "Do you think my family will even notice?" lol.

Seriously, though, both my doc and the pharmacist kind of paused before talking to me about prednisone...the doc said, "You'r not going to like this, but I'm putting you on prednisone...." Are the side effects that bad? It's only for twelve days and it's tapering. I guess I'll find out soon won't I?

Cristina - waaah I want a real pool, not the kiddie one - been so hot here, bleh. Hope you get your sod soon.

Sue - glad you made it back from LV in one piece! Did you find room for all your stuff?

Hi Michelle, Jules, and anyone else reading to work some more!

07-14-2007, 12:51 PM
Ooops! Sorry Susan...was going to answer your question chow mein or rice but I guess I looked at that post wrong. Thought it was from the day before and that you had already gone. Blaming it on being cold, lol. But I think you made wise are doing great and motivating me so THANK YOU! You and KATY both :thanks: Okay, the 16/18 for women are you talking about losing that much in two weeks? YIKES! That would be crazy and I know I never could. Got close once and lost 7 in about 5 days, not on purpose. Was in the hospital and on an IV for those 5 days. my age I think the most I could lose now in a week would be 4-5 pounds and that's if I starved and exercised an ungodly amount of time, lol.

KATY...hoping the prednisone isn't too bad for ya. Are you almost finished with getting the house in order? It's been a long time coming so I know how excited you must be to have the reno being done. Now you can sit back and enjoy! Well, once you get everything in its place.


Went to the park this morning and got in 2 1/2 miles. It was already warm at 8, ugh. Tried to get there at 7:30 but I just didn't want to get up early, lol. Feels good though to get it out of the way and focus on the rest of the day without trying to figure out when I will walk, or if I will. That has been my problem...not wanting to do much of anything since going to AR. Getting back on track though. I was going to wait until Monday to start and thought there is no time like the present. Rest of the day will be spent cleaning the house and getting some laundry done. Then head to Lowes when V gets off and pick out some pickets. We had 600 delivered and he counted last night the ones we have returned (not all at once) and it was 387. That is terrible! Have to finish off the one side and then wait for the sod to be put in to finish the front sides..who knows when that will be. Anywho...

Whatever you do, have a GREAT weekend ladies! I am hoping since we are so close to the Air Base that I will be able to see the show they are having this weekend. They were practicing Thursday and Jason mentioned that he was waiting for the bomb to drop, lol. I missed though being at the movies. Take care.

07-14-2007, 02:33 PM
Katy- I am still trying to find room for everything. The bad part is that I had to drag out things I had put away from the move to make room for I created more of a mess. Does that make sense? photos and things are going on the walls this week, so that will help. I was waiting until I brought a few from out I can finish! Then I will probably have a box full of picture frames since I had way more hanging on the walls at the old house. I am going to be putting most in albums and freeing up frames. I ended up with more bath towels than we can use, not to mention 4 13 inch t.v.s. Yikes!!

Cristina- Yay for getting the walking started again. It was humid here this morning, but we now have a nice breeze. I am getting back on the bike and did 1 mile this a.m. Starting slowly, but I will get back up to 7 miles. I HOPE.

Susan- I agree, you are doing wonderfully well...and Rach is too. Way to go! I can only hope to one day learn how to eat properly....I try and it works for a few days, then SPLURGE! Gets me every time. For 12 days I did so well, thought I had surely lost a little...if just from sweating it off. Came home and did not drop. GRRR.

Oh well, ladies, I am optimistic. This week I am going to pedal that darn bike and eat like I know I should. (and I might need a new scale if I throw mine through the window.)

Hey Michelle, Jules and Sassy..where ya been?

07-14-2007, 03:29 PM
Good Morning!!

That is sweet about the PExpress! I asked and they gave me a print out from the net saying the calorie intake for their menu. I wouldn't eat there all the time but every few months would be ok. Actually eating out is not a good thing for me. I think limiting it to once a month. With M we were eating out weekly. *munch *munch. :)

I had a protein shake for brakfast -same as a slimfast calorie wise but with 24g of protein! Making oatmeal too......

Heading for the beach!! Might come back Monday. Gab has a speech that day. Having my clam chowder!! So good from Mo's. Kind of an out of body experience. lol -almost as good as sex!! yippeeeeeee.

Katy - why was your stuff in storage?? Because of the remodeling? Sorry about the allergic reaction!!! Hope you feel better!!!

Sue- I liked the bike at the gym! I need to get the nerve to ride a real bike. I am scared. lol. Don't know why. I really want to start running but don't want to do that in front of people either. My ex said wait til sheesh.....

Cristina! I still have to mail your thing! Getting close!! :) I think you can lose that much in the enviroment that the people are living in. All they are doing to living in the gym with trainers. If we had all day to exercise we could probably do it too!! Great on the 2 1/2 miles!! Say hi to V!

Jules - Michelle - Sassy - come say hi!!

better eat my oatmeal and get packed for the beach. See you Monday or Tuesday!!

07-14-2007, 07:26 PM
Hi Suzy...Have you ever gone to You can put in your food and an exercise and it will tell you how long you have to, for instance, bicycle to lose that slice of bread. Kind of fun...but lots of info at that site too.
Go to exercise estimator.

Have fun at the beach.

07-15-2007, 05:42 PM
Hi Sue, is it just you and me this weekend?? I haven't gone yet to the beach. Thanks for the web site, I will go check out!
I feel like a lard butt but I am so tired the thought of exercising is overwhelming at the moment. Maybe I can do 10 minute walks???

I woke up at 9am and cleaned. I weighed too. Down 1 pound this week! So, I changed the ticker. I put some shorts on that I bought for Hawaii last Feb. It is cool to be able to try on clothes and see the change in how they fit now! Almost into my skirts - figure another 10 pounds.

I had a protein shake with no fruit in it. Talk about chalky! I managed to get it down - plus I had 2 sausage pieces, they were delish! I love the grease and sucking on it. lol

k- hugs to you all. Should go to the beach Wednesday now - after my Dr. Appts.

07-15-2007, 10:38 PM
Must just be us today....I was busy as a bee all day, but ready to crash now. I rode 5 miles on the bike, cleaned closets and decorated the back hallway. Then went to 2 grocery stores...came home and made dinner. Yikes.
Tomorrow I need to iron since I have all the laundry caught up for now.
I will weigh in the morning, but I know it is not will start from there and try,try again.
Hi to everyone...where are you all???

07-16-2007, 11:45 AM
Good morning. It is beautiful here again today. I am just hoping we don't have to turn the A/C on. Love the windows open and the breeze. I think I am probably dreaming though as it is supposed to get HOT.
I rode 3 miles this a.m. and have only had coffee so far. I just don't like an early breakfast.
Ironing is my main goal for today. We brought all of our extra clothes from Vegas and I have to get those ironed up. Closets will be full for sure. I told Mom I won't get to buy any new things forever unless I lose lots of weight. (we kept shirts and blouses out there so we wouldn't have to pack much. Also kept p.j.s and undie stuff, so have lots now.) It's a good and BAD thing. LOL
I got lots done yesterday as far as decorating and hanging pictures. It is looking good. DH is building my arbor for the side of the house. Things are moving along.
Have a nice day everyone and I will do individuals tonight. :wave:

07-16-2007, 02:34 PM
Hey ladies...we are a little over 100 so do not post here, please and thank you! :) Head on over to BIK#27