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12-06-2001, 05:56 AM
Happy St. Nicholas Day, cowsies! Lucky kids here get two loads of presents, one today and one Christmas Eve.

I expect tons of posts today. If you don't post, I will be forced to go over to TimeBomb2000 and talk to the nutbags who are getting nuttier by the minute.

Trash story to follow, Wabby! What kind of puppy is it? I'm too lazy to go back and look.

12-06-2001, 05:59 AM
......that the Panicky Bovines thread had 69 views? Who would bother? Are we that exciting?:D

12-06-2001, 11:51 AM
I will post for Sugar. It was me who made those 69 views. I keep forgetting what everyone said.

Today is MY DAY OFF. This means no one will post. You are all so hateful.

I am taking two boys home with us today to Herbie's messie house. It's full of Christmas decorations that are, at this time, on the floor. But we won't stay there long so it's ok.

I'll be back later to view.

12-06-2001, 04:50 PM
Geez. DH's cousin adopted the puppy, which, by the way was a Pitbull puppy, Sugar. Now I'm sad and DS is not happy with me. I'm such a sap. I get attached to puppys and stray kids too easily. I'm even missing DS's girlfriend. Can you believe it? The girl who caused us so much grief? :(

The good news is that today I'm having new floors put in my kitchen and main bath. Laminate flooring in the kitchen and vinyl in the bath. I would have like hardwood in the kitchen, but dog claws would have ruined it in no time, so I will be happy with the laminate that looks like wood.

So Peachers, are you doing the Christmas decor at Herbies? That qualifies you for the engagement ring, right? ;)

12-06-2001, 10:21 PM
I have nothing to say, but I'm viewing.

12-07-2001, 02:01 AM
Peachie dear, but I had to take DD to the big city to get her new teeth :D Oh my gosh, she looks so, je ne sais pas -- feminine! They gave her retainers that are like those Invisalign braces -- just clear little things. They also let her keep her braces (gross), which impressed her just as much as her teeth. Get this: she commented that she was surprised at how big her teeth are (while I was thinking just the opposite) -- I guess she's had braces on for so long, she hasn't really seen her mouth with all her permanent teeth!

Anyway, she looks gorgeous, and I went and sprang for a way-too-fancy dress for the Christmas dance tomorrow (lucky for me it was marked down almost 1/2). I will try to post a pic at some point, but right now my digital video camera isn't working, so it could be a while. The dress is spaghetti strap, full length, silver twinkly fabric and it has lacing partway down the sides. I think I must be crazy. If she were a year or two older, I would be afraid for her virtue, but this'll be another group dancing thing I'm quite sure.

We got almost all our out-of-town Chr. shopping done today, too. Most of it in Bed Bath and Beyond. That was fun. Trudging around the mall wasn't much of a treat, but it was worth it.

Hope little puppy has a good home, Wab. Surely you'll see it now and then? I don't blame you for getting attached. My dog's breeder just had a litter several weeks ago and they were not all spoken for. I wanted one so badly, but fortunately I have so far refrained from going to see them. She lives a long way from here, which is good. I hope you like that laminate floor. That is what I would like in my kitchen, but I have doubts whether I will ever get anything in there. I love the look of many of the Pergo colors, and some of the other brands are really nice too. I actually have contemplated getting cork flooring too. Apparently it is more resilient and just as hardy, amazingly. Oh well, dream on.

Happy St. Nick's, Sugar and family!! Hope it was fun. I bought a tambourine for one of my nephews today. I don't know why, but I have this urge to torture my sister with these things... :s:

Later cowlets

12-07-2001, 03:32 PM
Nothing like those pearly whites to make a girl smile. It sounds like you two had a fun day in the big city.

Lush, you may have noticed that I have nothing to say, but you all still have to hear me blather on. At least post your chore list.

The kitchen floor looks beeee-u-tiful, but we've run into big problems in the bathroom. Seems we've had a leak around the toilet and the entire subfloor is mush. So it looks like we'll be without a main bath for about 2 weeks, until the floor dries out and the floor guy can work us into his schedule. Nothing ever seems to go as planned.

12-07-2001, 05:57 PM
Of course we aren't doing anything about them. Maybe the bathroom will fall into the basement just before DH sits down on the throne. That would have the added bonus of showing him what it's like for me when he leaves the seat up. Honestly, when you have a problem with the house, you're supposed to fix it? I thought you were supposed to live around it for a decade and then hire someone to make it worse.

Just took DD up to her friend's house to "get ready" for the dance. I insisted on going back and driving them to the dance (I want pre-dance pictures--post-dance pics are never quite as good!)

It's finally getting really cold here. Thermometer says 37 F, but it feels colder than that.

Later babes,

12-08-2001, 12:29 AM
The cousins are visiting. It is crazy here. I just sent the boys outside because they are being too wild.
DH and I just looked up the SG website. Did you know it is still there?
Will look forward to pics of the Kiwiette and her daring dress. How they do insist upon growing up.
I am decorating the tree tonight. I ran out of lights and garland so my project is at a standstill. It is a pretty big tree and looks quite nice but the needles are falling off of it so fast that it will be bare by next weekend.
Too bad. I will take a quick pic when it is all decorated then will forget that it looked terrible in reality. It is a coping mechanism.
My biopsy was not fun. I haven't gotten the results so I know nothing. The pap was not what they expected. The atypical cells were glandual cells and not supposed to be where they found them. What do you think that means? I've looked it up and it is stunningly vague. I was a DES baby and it fits with that. That isn't so good. It was hard to concentrate because the whole time he was doing it he was talking about what a pig Yassar Arafat is and how we should nuke the Palestinians.
Fixing the bathroom floor is temporary at best. We fixed ours some years ago and it is all soggy again.
Kiwi, I feel your trash mistake was having a daughter. My sons take out the trash. They do an OK job. Not great, but better than I ever did. Definitelybetter than DH.

Wabby I would take a puppy. I am more of a dog person than a cat person. Don't tell Baby Orange.
I understand why you miss the girlfriend from h*ll. It's that fault of seeing people's good sides...even when it is very small. It will give you good inlaw relations some day.
Like inlaw relations are a good thing.
I've got to go. They are going too far from the house.
Night, night.

12-08-2001, 01:17 AM
it is after one am and I had three margies tonite:dizzy: and now I am here doing a viewing------I enjoyed all your posts and I just had to mention it.I have to get up and make a Barbie Cake for the niece7,soooooooooooooo,I will leave you,but dear Lushie----I know how you feel with the pressure of not knowing what is going on---I was a basket case with my repeat mammo-----just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you----xoxoxo take care:angel:

12-08-2001, 04:49 PM
We have laminate flooring and a fake tree so after Christmas I can just hose everything down and be done with it. :smug: Dh strung up ALL the twinkle lights in the living room so it looks like Bloomingdales or something in here.

Oh, Lushy! And right before Christmas too. I'm sure everything will work out fine and that those cells are NOTHING at all to worry about. Right? Right! Why do women's bodies have to be so complicated???

Hi Wabs. Isn't the flooring great? It can stand up to almost anything except sand. That scratches it. But aside from that I have scraped off all kinds of yucky stuff and it's still looks fine.

Kiwi - we need to see THE DRESS! Girls are so lovely at that age. Well, I wasn't, but most of them are.

Bagzie! A Barbie cake? You are so sweet. I used to have those when I was little. She'll love it.

Still working on the trash story. And then I'll tell you about the huge fight we had this morning. Seems like whenever I warn dh that I'm PMSing, he goes out of his way to annoy me. Can you relate?

We went swimming today. It was boring. Too many old people in my way, too wet, you know how it is. :dizzy:

12-09-2001, 05:51 PM
I'm Christmas shopping. A whole new meaning to "Let your fingers do the walking"! :dizzy:

I just finished spending an hour trying to swamp out the kitchen. Seems like I could use that table for something if it were cleaned off.... DD and I had a beer party. :devil: That is, we opened ancient cans of beer that had been dragged in off the sailboat some months ago and poured their contents down the drain. (The cans are worth 5c each here, y'know)

Well, hope you're all having a dandy weekend. I'm off to Land's End.