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06-12-2007, 04:15 AM
Morning gals. Just a quick peek in. Have a little heartburn from dinner and was hot up in the bedroom so I decided to come down and download the pictures we too yesterday from the camera. I am including a couple more as he has lost all of his birth puffiness so you can see how cute he really is. I love this one of he and his daddy. You can see the resemblence. I told him Jackson has his hairline! lol As you can see, it won't be long until his hoodie fits him!

Jean: You have to tell Maddy, I don't like walking with the slats either. I walk around manhole covers and such even at 53. Sounds like the kids had a rip roaring good time.

Susan: Boy, your boss sure travels for long period stretches. How are Stan's booboos doing?

Thomas made the front page of our Memphis newspaper.,2845,MCA_25340_5579865,00.html

Hope you all are surviving the summer.

06-12-2007, 10:33 AM
Jackson is so cute, Faye. He'll be filling out that sweater in no time - better get busy knitting a bigger one for winter. Thomas and Kelly sure look like they were having a good time. I'd love to see that band myself. I love Harry Potter!

Jean, I'm in charge when the boss is gone. My fate. He leaves in the morning, early so I have to get busy and find him a car - he waited until the last minute to tell me he needs one for 2 days. We're having great weather right now.

Have a great day!

06-12-2007, 03:28 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I started #25 yesterday so will include those thoughts with today's.

Monday -- I am sitting on the east side of the house where it is shaded and a nice breeze is coming in the window. The west side of the house is beginning to warm up; to turn on the air or not is the question of the day. We are supposed to be in the 90s by midweek, but I'll believe that when I see it. As long as it cools down at night, I can enjoy the fresh air. I've been doing laundry this morning and put a roast in for tonight. It's too windy to mess with the boat so maybe we'll do that tomorrow.

"Gma" -- A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Jackson's proud parents and grandparents! :cheer: :cp: :cb: :carrot: I'm so glad that he is finally here! At 10# 10 oz. it's a good thing he was a boy! I'm sure you are enjoying every minute with him! :hug:

Susan -- Your neighborhood is cooling off and we are heating up -- I think it should be the other way around! Are you in charge of the office while your boss is gone? I hope all goes well. :yes:

I'm off to do some more sorting. I can't find a pair of pants that matches a top! GRRRR! I know I wore the outfit last summer and don't think I left my pants anywhere in my travels. *sigh* Have a relaxing "rest of the day" and a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Tuesday -- We just got back from taking the boat up to MIL's. They were working on the hoist by 8:30 and we were headed home by 11. I'm glad we went early before the wind came up or we couldn't have gotten the boat to sit still. :dizzy:

"Gma" -- Thank you for sharing more pictures! Jackson looks like a happy little guy! I've never heard of Harry and the Potters Band; does that show my age or what? :lol: It's neat that Thomas and Kelly's picture is the the front page of the newspaper.

Susan -- Have fun being the "boss"! I hope that all goes well while he is gone. I hate it when people wait till the last minute to get something done! :(

I need to get busy and do some sorting. I don't know why it takes so long except that I get side-tracked looking through things and reminiscing. :) Have a nice "rest of the day" and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. The week is flying by too fast!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-14-2007, 02:26 PM
Happy Flag Day, ladies! We've had a complete turnaround - 85 yesterday and 64 this morning! I'm freezing but Sunday it's supposed to be around 100 - go figure that one out.

The doctor put my husband on a phosphorous blocker finally. His shot way up, to be expected because dialysis doesn't remove it and the dietician had him try milk and cheese once a day to get his calcium levels up - so, he takes 2 with every meal and 1 with each snack. It binds the phosphorous and removes it through the stool. Once it gets back to normal range, he'll be able to have the occasional tomato, bean or corn dish (once a month occasional but better than nothing).

Boss has only called 5 times so far today - first he couldn't remember how to get on the internet with this DSL account (click on icon) - then his email wouldn't work and we had to go through the account settings and change to access the broadband and that was a nightmare, then he called to see if his Dragon Speak would work with webmail (try it!), then he called to tell me he was going to Mount Hood so would be out of reach for a few hours. Then he called to get me to send some info to one of his candidates. He really needs to forget work and enjoy the place!

The program chairman from the quilt guild called me last night to see if I could demonstrate hand quilting at a festival for a nearby town next month. I said I'd do it so I hope Stan stays healthy. I could take him with me. The ladies always enjoy talking to him.

Faye, I hope you are doing your best to spoil Jackson. I know you won't want to leave him.

06-14-2007, 02:50 PM
Afternoon girls! Jack, mama and Baby are all snoozing. I am babysitting sort of so his mom can nap a bit. He is one sweet baby. Her milk has come in so he know eats and sleeps really well. He has already had his first and second restaurant experience and slept through the whole thing (not what I would have done, but new parents are more loosy goosy)

I have to include this pic of him. He is in his swing and was rooting around all over for something to suck on and found his thumb.

Jean: Sounds like a fun summer for you.

Susan: Hope Stan continues to improve and you can do the quilt demo.

Need to go and check on scooterpie.


06-14-2007, 03:17 PM
That is so cute, Faye! They sure find their thumbs quickly. I'm with you - I can't believe how they take the newborns out so soon. I'm always afraid their immune system isn't developed enough and there are all those strange germs about. But then I just read an article that we are keeping our homes too clean with all the antibacterial products and too sealed up and they weren't developing immunities the way they should. Anyway, the babies still seem to thrive. He is such a big guy already!

06-14-2007, 04:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I've been doing laundry again hoping that I can finish up today so I can start packing tomorrow; I've all ready got a pile of kitchen items started. I do keep a list from year to year. The sun is shining and it is getting more humid by the hour. Our grass is turning brown if you can believe that after all the rain we had in May. Our water is so expensive that very few people water lawns. We water the flowers and fill two bird baths plus a cat/squirrel water bowl on the deck. :D

Susan -- It doesn't sound like your boss left the office behind when we went on vacation. :) That is too bad. I hope that Stan's new meds will work just fine for him. I know you will look forward to the quilting get away.

"Gma" -- I do think Jackson looks like he is a keeper! I don't suppose you could figure out a way to bring him home with you. ;) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

I'm off to fold towels. Have a great "rest of the day" and a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-15-2007, 11:29 AM
Good Morning, Flowers, and Happy Tax Day! I think being the first one here is a "first" for me. I'm trying to get my piles together and double check everything before I pack the boxes and luggage. Bob does his own so that helps.

The weather is kind of "iffy" this morning. The sun is shining but it is hazy; it's supposed to be hot and humid with 90s over the weekend.

Hope you all have a great day! If I don't get back in here today I will "see" you a week from Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-15-2007, 12:59 PM
Jean - have a wonderful vacation. I envy you.

Faye - guess you'll be heading home and sad because you had to leave Jackson.

I'm waiting to hear if my husband is going to the doctor's office or emergency. Dialysis nurse just called and said she thinks there is fluid in his arm and the infection is increasing again so she was calling the doctor. I feel so bad for him, everything always goes wrong.

It's really cool today, down in upper 60s but supposed to be back to 90s by Sunday.


06-18-2007, 06:25 AM
Good morning gals! Sorry I missed Jean before she left for the lake. Hope she is having a good time.

Susan: This is what I looked like at the house on Sunday morning saying goodbye to him. I cried halfway to Chicago! For one thing, he is so dang cute and I am pretty much the only one who can put him to sleep when he is worked up. I have been trying to give "gentle" opinions here and there to help the new parents, but they are on their own now. Jack said when he talked to Alicia last night to tell them we were home he could here Jackson going at it in the background. They will figure it out. All parents do and now that I am not there, she may take some of my suggestions and not feel like she is listening too much to the "mil." New parents want to do it themselves and always think they know everything, I did. With me being gone she can do some of the things I suggested without me "knowing" she was listening to me, you know?

Well, I have more than loads to do today to try and get things back to normal.

Have a good start to the week!


06-18-2007, 12:29 PM
Hey, Faye, glad you made it safely home. Hopefully your dil will get it figured out. Funny how we all read so many books on child rearing and then find they didn't know much when the wrote it - experience, the Great Teacher. And you know how it is - the first the parents are afraid they will break and try to do everything just so, the second they know they are pretty sturdy and what do.

We went to Outback for our anniversary last Saturday. I told Stan the dietician said he could have anything he wanted for this one meal - He ordered a 9 oz. fillet, steamed vegetables and a plain salad with ranch dressing. I was really proud of him. I was sure he'd want a baked potato.

06-19-2007, 08:19 AM
Good morning everyone! I am going to tackle house stuff today since I got all the errands done, the laundry caught up and put away and have things back to normal in the house. Tonight is swim night at Tom and Kelly's and we are planning on going if the weather gets better so I need to get cracking on the housework.

Susan: Happy belated Anniversary!:balloons::celebrate::congrat: Glad you had a nice time out and Stan was able to enjoy himself too!

Boy, from now on I am a permanent customer of Land's End. Not only did they replace a pair of sandals where the strap had broken, even though I have had them for several months now, they replaced another pair I hadn't worn, didn't like and didn't have any receipt for another pair of equal value. They also sent me a check refund yesterday for the shipping I paid! You certainly can't beat that. They have the most liberal return policy I have ever seen.

Well, 9 weeks from Wednesday and we are off to Vegas. We finally decided to book for Vegas again. We got some great deals and cheap tickets all the way around so we are going the weekend of Labor Day for a few days. Since all the baby stuff is over now, we can get things ready for vacation. We are looking forward to some time just the two of us.

Saturday we take Thomas to PuttPutt for getting all A's on his report card then Monday night we are going to one of his favorite restaurants for dinner and to give him his presents and Tuesday is swim night so they are having pizza and cake for anyone who comes to swim night. A few weeks ago they sent out email flyers to all the friends and family that except for the day before 4th of July (they will be on vacation) they were going to have a Tuesday night swim night. Everyone is supposed to bring their own towels, snacks and such. It is 6:30-9PM with a come and go as you like thing so we are going to go tonight if it quits raining.

Well, off to start on the house. I have a lot I want to accomplish today!


06-19-2007, 01:22 PM
Hello, ladies. Back from the doctor. He drained 20 cc from 2 lymph glands under Stan's arm. Fortunately it came out clear and that meant it wasn't really infected, just didn't have a way to get out. He wrote a prescription for dialysis to start using the graft tomorrow and after they use it for 30 days he will remove the catheter at last. He thought the shoulder pain he was having is from sleeping with his arm elevated so he told him to discontinue that. This is really good because last night they said they thought the catheter was starting to fail and they were going to start him on 6 hours of dialysis because he wasn't getting enough toxins out. With the graft they can up the speed of the machine and take more off. For the first time in a long time we didn't take the wheelchair, he walked in with his prosthesis and walker so he is getting stronger and doing better. He has to go Thursday and have his prosthesis adjusted because it is hurting the back of his leg when he sits.

It's hot already in the high 90s. Faye, your Tuesday night swim party sounds like a lot of fun. We could sure use your rain.

06-20-2007, 11:25 AM
Good morning, ladies. We're finally getting a little rain today, nice and steady so hopefully it will last. Took my husband to dialysis at 6 am (cancellation so he got to go early since we are early risers). They tried to use the graft, and it is functioning well, however there is too much swelling still in his arm. They don't have long enough needles to get into it. So more ice and back to keeping it elevated. Discouraging to say the least.

Faye, where are you today?

06-21-2007, 09:47 AM
Morning everyone! I guess I am losing it. I thought I posted yesterday! lol

I got a nice postcard from Maggie and looks like they are heading out on the road again to travel this summer. I guess she still doesn't have any internet capabilities so we will have to write to her snail mail at her post office box.

First time this summer I am getting out in the pool this morning. I don't have to sit by the phone waiting for the baby call, I have all the trip stuff put away, and I have the majority of my house all clean again so I now can get started on working out in the pool and getting the junk lbs back off from being in Indiana. We ended up having to eat out every single meal and they always went to places that weren't diet friendly that is for sure. I tried the best I could, but pretty much failed and put back on lbs, but I can get them back off just cracking back down again. I want to be ready for vacation in a few weeks. We have 10 not nine weeks until vacation so I have a few weeks to lose a few more lbs.

I have all my vacation clothes bought and ready to pack so I am good there. I have a couple new books to take for the plane and can work on T's sweater for Christmas on the plane too. I am not going to start the other sweater until I get back because I need help with directions from my friend. My yarn for my son in law should be here today and I have get on it because his birthday is August 16. I hope this doesn't bomb as it was my dd's suggestion to make him a sweater.

Susan: It is so good to hear that even though there is a bit of problem with Stan that he is getting strong enough to walk with his walker. That is really good news. The sister whose husband has MS says they have finally started therapy with him and he does it 6 hours a day and he was able to stand alone for 30 seconds a couple weeks ago and can stand with a board for an hour. That is really good news because he wasn't able to even sit up by himself and he is coming along with it too. It is just great to hear that Stan is coming along so well.

I guess I better hit the laps. It is a gorgous day already and since it has been in the 90's for several weeks I bet the pool has warmed up now. Can't wait to get in it and swim.

Have a good one!


06-21-2007, 11:51 AM
Hi, ladies! Faye, I think you have inspired me to start swimming again. I need to go get a new suit over the weekend. God knows we pay enough for pool maintenance with the master association that someone should use it. I could swim on the days I don't do Curves. We have an adult swim time in the evening that I enjoy. Fortunately the pounds we gain when we "overindulge" seem to come off quickly if we get right back on track. I had a fight with a bag of pretzels for 3 days recently - the salt did me in but I finally got smart and threw them out and the 2.5 pounds I gained came right back off.

Had quilting bee last night - always fun to get together with my friends and quilt and gossip.

Faye, when Stan first went to rehab he started theraphy at 7 am, had a 45 minute break for breakfast, then and 1 hour for lunch and ended at 5 pm. The intense theraphy really helps.

I'm thinking of buying a new laptop before I retire. Dell has a great one for only $499. We ordered one to use as a "on-the-road" computer they guys can take when they are traveling so I've seen it. Its all se for wifi and everything and you can play DVD movies on it so Stan could take it to dialysis with him and watch a movie. It's just spending the money. I think there is a way I can buy it through the company and use pretax dollars.

Have a great day!

06-22-2007, 08:43 AM
Good morning gals! Hope all is well with everyone today!

I started Tom's sweater and found out that ICK it is a huge bulky thing (you use double strands of yarn) so after having put the bottom ribbing and one row of stockinette on, I tore the thing all out and went looking for a different pattern that I can use this yarn I bought. I found a striped one that I can make solid by just ignoring the stitch pattern, but will have to fool with the gauge swatch until I get the right needles for my size yarn. {{{SIGH}}} Nothing is ever easy. He would have hated the sweater and why spend all those $$$ on something he wouldn't wear.

Susan: We bought our laptop new on EBAY in early 2005 and we take it everywhere with us. I am able to keep up with bank account and credit card info (I am obsessive about it nowadays) and you can watch movies and play music if you wish. We even take it on vacation so we can email people and such and it is great to get directions for restaurants you don't know where they are, etc. We have definitely gotten our money's worth. As far as Stan is concerned, if you feel the laptop is too much expense at the moment, get him a little portable dvd player to take with him to dialysis. I think we paid less than a $100 for ours and it is lightweight and very portable. It uses electricity or can use the cigarette lighter adapter in the car and I believe the one we have you can use batteries in it as well. We take it on trips with us too. You can use earphones with it so you don't disturb others also, which is a great addition.

Oh my gosh, my older sister is about to drive me around the bend. I am trying very hard not to have to get confrontational with her as I am not good at that at all, but her calling incessently is going to have to stop. She called something like 6 times to our cell phone when we were on our way to Indiana, then called 1-2 times a day at the hospital and called everyday at Jay and Alicia's. On Wed of last week, Jack and I got in this huge fight about her then my dil and son got in the act and I finally had enough and left the house. Jack and I got it solved between us about what we decided to do, but I got mouth from the dil about it that I didn't appreciate very much. Now last night my sister called here. I am sure she called my cell phone too to try and track us down, but I have it turned off and she doesn't have Jack's cell phone number because I plain don't want her to have it. I was not in the mood to talk to her so I turned off the answering machine and just let it ring. I am sure she is going to call this morning wanting to know where we weree. I have decided rather than taking the defensive and start explaining to say things like "Just out and about, etc." If she keeps on about exactly where I am going to flat out ask her why she wants to know. Everyone pretty much wants me to tell her off, but I am trying to avoid getting too in her face because I don't want it causing problems with other family members and cause strife at holiday functions and stuff. I am not the only one who has to put up with this, though. She does this to her kids too and the dd has told her off repeatedly, but to no avail. That is one of the reasons I haven't gotten up the guts and done it because she just doesn't get it. So, we shall see what happens today.

I guess I better go and finish the downstairs chores so I can go out and swim in an hour then come back and finish the vacuuming and dusting upstairs so I have a clean house again.

Have a good Friday and a good weekend. Guess Jean will be home on Sunday. Hope she had a good time.


06-22-2007, 10:51 AM
Faye, your sister must have some problems that make her feel she has to live her life through everyone else. Doesn't she do things on her own? It's sad to be so needy you make everyone angry.

Stan is back in the hospital. His arm swelled up huge yesterday and the doctor said get him to emergency and they would send the nurse practioner down to check him. Emergency was so backed up it took 3 hours for them to have a vacant room to put him in, but within 5 minutes the nurse practioner was there, followed 2 minutes later by the surgeon and 3 minutes after him his nephrologist arrived. They decided he needed surgery to get the lymphocell cleaned out and they wanted to wait until after he had a dialysis treatment today so he's at the end of Dr. Glickman's surgical schedule and who knows what time that will be. They still haven't moved him to a room because the hospital is full. I'm thinking they may do the surgery and send him home in a couple of hours. Of course, I already had to threaten the ER nurse this morning with calling the patient advocate and the doctors. She said she didn't know anything about dialysis this morning and it wasn't necessary to have it today, he could just resume his regular schedule on Monday. There is no way he can go 5-1/2 days without a treatment, especially since that catheter is failing. I told her she obviously was ill informed about dialysis and she needed to get the Dr. B and Dr. G on the phone and get it straight or have the surgery cancelled and I'd take him to his regular treatment tonight after I called my attorney about the hospital's refusal to provide him proper treatment. That got her attention. He's in dialysis now.

I came on to work since dialysis is 4 hours. I don't expect Dr. G will be done with his scheduled surgery before 2 or 3 so I can get my whole work day in and then go back.

Faye, I ordered the computer. They have individual TVs at the dialysis center but a DVD player would have to battery operated. I don't think I'll ever get a better price on one.

Well, got lots of work to do. Have a great weekend.