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06-11-2007, 06:17 PM
G'day all,

The last day in Boston. We had a wonderful time with Gloria and her Jack who is an absolute delight.
We went to Cape Cod today, off to Newport tomorrow.

Welcome 'slowmovingwoman', I guess really it is the amount you put in your mouth which will either make you loose or put on weight!
Don't want to sound flippant but that has been my experience.

Once I return to my home in Australia after our American adventure, I will be trying to put a bit less in mouth!!!!

I am attaching a photo of Gloria and myself for those of you who may have missed the blog.


06-11-2007, 10:29 PM
Hi SlowMovinwoman- I found i have better luck when I cut way back on pasta, bread, potatos, and starchy stuff. I just can't seem to cut it out completely, but I go very easy on it, and as Maria said, it all comes down to what we put in out mouths. But I do think that since everyones metabolisms are different, some can get along with more starchy type foods than others. I think the trap is that with counting points, you could have 3 or 4 pieces of bread and make the points fit, but it isn't good. i know for me that I have to leave donuts and the other sweet stuff alone, since I don't have very good control when I start. Hope this helps a little. Ann

06-12-2007, 11:38 AM
I probably shouldn't tell you what a dumb thing I did the other day. I must have had a real blonde moment. I started a new thread and I am not sure where I must have posted it. I haven't done it in a while and I got messed up. So some one must wonder what that thread is all about. I was trying to save Maria some work.
Maria and Gloria-great picture. Sounds like you had a good time together. How clever of Jack to put out the Australian flag. Neat idea.
Slowmovingwoman-I agree with both Ann and Maria. I think it is lot of both. I also think as you get older is harder to lose. You need to get out and move and do some kind of exercise also. That will help your metabolism. Cut back on the white carbs and eat healthy.
I have been using my exercise ball. I rolled right off of it yesterday. Not a pretty sight. I have a folder of exercises and I try to do a few of them everyday. Just have to get back to the walking.
Glenda is it still raining or have you dried out a little.
Maria are you getting excited about going home?
Trudy and Slavika what is new with you?
Karen how is your dh?
It is so gorgeous here right now. Sunny and no humidity. No ac running. I am going out to do some yardwork.

06-12-2007, 01:39 PM
Just have to post and say is was sort of sad this moring when Maria & Alan left. We had sooo much fun with them....you were all correct in saying they are a fun couple. We chatted each morning over breakfast and then again at the evening meal. I am getting used to calling it tea, Maria! They are heading off to Newport, RI and possible Yale in Conneticut then to their final destination in the US....NYC. I know Maria is getting anxious to get home and see the kids and grandkids and I don't blame her.
Slowmovingwoman...I, too, think it is a combination of what and how much you eat and the exercise that you do that makes the difference and I would add that drinking a good amount of water each day also helps.
Karen...hope your dh is feeling better.
Glenda...hope the rain situation is improving. We have had some rain each night for the last few days....which is good.
Peggy...you may have lost your post for a new thread but you at least attemped to post a new thread...more than what I have done.
Trudy and Slavika....is it Summer in the far North yet?
There goes the dryer so I guess it's back to work for me.

06-12-2007, 03:39 PM
So Gloria, glad to know you have had the good moments with Alan and Maria too. They are fun and, I think, just so inquisitive about everything. That makes them fun. Your Jack had a good idea about the flags.

Peggy, might have liked seeing you roll off that ball. I go to a gym and I have just eyed those big balls and wondered what you could do with them. I could ask, but hate to know because then I might feel that I need to do whatever....

Slowmovingwoman, I can only agree with what the others say. I have found that to lose weight, I have to be hungry. And I am not willing to do that. A little over a year ago I became a vegetarian, so I love the carbs, all kinds, shapes and sizes and I have found I have a lot of difficulty losing weight. I just CANNOT eat meat, but I think it is something that makes you less hungry. Woe is me!

And as far as drying out? We have had rain every single day for forever. Everything is just beautiful, but really, feast or famine, right? And the mosquitoes! Don't even ask! But looking at my patio from inside the house, it looks pretty. Just have a little trouble with the critters if I wander outside. For some reason they love me and never have bothered the skinny guy I live with. Go figure!

Have a good day.

06-12-2007, 06:16 PM
G'day all,

We are in Newport Rhode Island (5.10pm), finally at the motel after doing a bit of sightseeing.
It was a bit sad to bid Gloria and Jack farewell, we had a great time with them as we have had with everyone we have visited.
Jack is a real character, a very kind man and he loves his Gloria!
I will do some blog posting so please see the blog for more details.
I have bought the last postcards to be sent to Australia today, I wonder if we will beat the postcards home.
Something I cannot put on my blog.....a cousin of mine will be in New York at the same time as us. They thought it was a good idea to meet up before we had even left Australia. I sort of tried to discourage it and had not heard for a while and thought they may not come but I received an email and they will be there the same time. :shrug: My cousin is a nice enough person but a little precious, likes to sit and do her nails and her hair whilst she orders her husband around! The other problem is she does not speak English (her husband does) and I will be the one in the middle trying to translate.
The only good thing will be that we are in Brooklyn and they are in Manhattan!!!

I must fly and do my blog....


06-13-2007, 04:00 PM
Thanks to all of you for your input on eating starches. I am going to
try and limit them to one or two a day. I just don't think I could stop
eating them completely. Oh for the days back when I could decide to
lose some weight and drop ten pounds in a month. At age sixty it's
just not going to happen like that. Thanks again

06-14-2007, 07:12 PM
Maria hope you can dodge your cousin. You will have more fun exploring NY by yourself. Don't answer your phone. I enjoyed reading about Newport. My cracker box would probably fit into one of their bathrooms. One of these days we are going to get to the Biltmore House. Sometimes I think D needs a firecracker under him to go somewhere.
Slowmovingwoman-you can do it. One step at a time.
Totally weird weather now. One minute the sun is out and the next it is thundering and sprinkling rain.
Glenda you must be too sweet that the critters like you. My son had a tick in his hair the other day. Ugh!-he was hard to remove.
Guess I will have to find another place to walk after the thing today. I left about 45 minutes before that guy was knifed. Sort of amazing because there are always people and dogs walking there. There is one spot that has trees and that must be where it happened. Hope they find the guys that did it.
Went to dinner last night with the WW. It was changed to the local pizza place up the street instead of over a lake in Indiana. As hot as it was it was nice to be inside.

Karen L
06-14-2007, 08:58 PM
SlowMovingWoman, Now you are going to get my two cents on the subject of points. One of the things people tend to do is not get the balance . The fruits , veggies, milk, These are very important. Also the water. When weight doesn't move sometimes upping the water will help. I agree on staying away from the white flour , sugar, also white potatoes and white rice. Also having them once or twice a day should be fine. I stay with in my points and get in my balance and have been doing fine . Exercise is the key when we get to be in the late fifties and on. Must move more!

All My DH is doing great. Doctor gave him the OK and he is back out on the golf course. Thank heavens!!!!!


06-14-2007, 09:54 PM
Karen: I'm so glad to hear that your DH is doing well now. That must be a load off your mind now. I keep getting emails back from you. Is there a problem with your carrier. Or have you got a full mailbox?

Slowmovinwoman: Just keep plugging along and don't get discouraged. It sure isn't as easy to lose now, that it was when we were younger. And it is just a never=ending struggle.

Maria: I agree with the others, just don't answer your phone. Until maybe the last minute. Your deserve to enjoy New York City yourselves, and not get put into the middle of conversations. Why hasn't your cousin ever learned English? I'm sure your will be glad to get home and sleep in your own bed, and hug those grandbabies. I've never been gone on such an extended trip as yours, but I know that for me, after we got home, I could begin to process all the things we had seen and done. And How much all the pictures we took meant to both of us.

Peggy: I've never had the courage to use one of those exercise balls. Curves is the extent of my exercise. Although today I walked in the swimming pool for an hour. And later tonight my friend and I rode our bikes 6 miles.
so I am getting my exercise.

Gloria: It sounds like you and Jack and Maria and Alan had a wonderful time. Just a getting together of 'old friends'.

Glenda; We have had some rain, but it is not enough. We are still under water restrictions.

Hi Trudy and Slavika: what ihappening in the North? How is Patches? How big do you think she will finally get when she gets her full growth?

Have to go now to watch So you Think you Can Dance. It was fun last night. A bit different than Dancing with the Stars, but fun anyway.


06-15-2007, 07:29 AM
G'day all,

We had a lovely dinner last night and sleep even though I am up early this morning and Alan is still sleeping!
I feel great ready to drive into New York under Alan's and Navman's direction!
It is hard to believe that our trip is almost at an end...it seems light years away when we landed in LA. We have experienced and seen so much.

My cousin speaks no English because she has always lived in the Netherlands and has never had a need to learn English. Her husband because of his work does need to be able to understand and speak English but his Australian is not quite so good;):D
We will meet with them once and then we will invent some friends we need to catch up with whilst in New York.

I am told it is cold at home, I am looking forward to a bit of winter having gone from our very hot summer straight into spring here.

It was lovely to read the posts this morning, Trudy and Slavika what is happening in your neck of the woods?

Think of me driving into New York this morning:o:p:devil::dizzy::rolleyes::shrug:

and then when we are settled into our hotel
:cheers::hat::hat::cheers::hat::hat: :cheers::hat::hat: :cheers::hat::hat:


06-15-2007, 08:31 AM
Maria you can do it. Good luck. Watch out for grid lock and ignore all the horns.

06-15-2007, 02:11 PM
Maria: I want to know how you manage with the Subways. They always scared me a bit. The Metro in D.C. was much better. We got along well with that one. I didn't realize that your cousin was still living in the Netherlands. Hence my question about English.

I picked up some sort of 24hr bug that kept me close to the bathroom and very crampy. but today I am fine. I hate those kinds of bugs.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and hope you have nice Fathersday celebrations. Ann

06-15-2007, 09:13 PM
I was on the subway in Toronto and I hated it. Most of it is underground and it made me very uncomfortable. Then when we were in Vancouver we went on the sky train. It was fast and not as intimidating. We don't have anything like that here, but sure could use something as the traffic can be so frustrating at times. I always check out the weather map to see what is going on with all of you. It seemed to me that Sydney was going to be 20C today. I would find that to be a pleasant day. It has been really hot and muggy here. We had 30C and I found it difficult to be outside. I don't know how any of you cope when the temps are around 40C/100F.
Maria, you must be glad to be on the last leg of your journey. I am sure you will find lots to do and see in New York. I hope you saved some room in the luggage for something special to take back home for the girls.
I am glad to hear your DH is doing good Karen. What a worry when our men are out of commission.
Gloria, I am not surprised to read that you had a great time with Maria & Alan. They are a fun couple. I felt bad when they left too.
Ann, glad to hear that bug didn't hang around any longer. We don't have any time to be sick.
Slavika, what a cute picture of Patches. She looks like she owns that sofa now.
Glenda, you should try out the Thera-Ball. We have a Friday class called "Bounce" that I go to every week. It is a great work out and if you do fall off, you don't have far to go. I must admit I have tumbled a couple of times, not so bad. I even have one at home that I use.
Peggy, I have to admit that I have goofed up on starting a new thread too. What would we do without Maria to get us straightened out?
Slowmovingwoman, we could have called ourselves that too. I don't think that any of us has lost a lot of weight fast. We just keep going and always hope it will stay off. That seems to be the hardest part.
My DD and family are going to camp out at a park outside of the city for the weekend. They invited us to come by tomorrow for a Father's Day BBQ. Of course we said that we would. They bought a camper trailer, it really is quite nice when it is set up. They have plans to try out a new campground every time they go out. We have a lot of lakes here and so they will have quite the variety of places to go.

Have a great weekend everyone..:grouphug:

06-19-2007, 12:55 PM
Hi ALL: Karen, glad your husband is doing well. That's one worry off your mind. Welcome "slowmoving woman" I hope you enjoy posting with us. I have been trying to lose weight since I got back from Maui last year but didn't really put too much of an effort into it until Maria and I decided to compete to see who could lose 20# first. I am now trying. :D:D Patches is still not totally house trained. Every time I think she has figgered out that you go "good girl" outside I find a puddle in the kitchen. GRRR, but I guess she is like a little baby. We did have some really nice weather but today is windly and cold and it rained again yesterday. Enough with the rain already. A big tree fell over at the lake during the night and landed on top of the trailer son and dil bought for the kids so it has some damage. The good news is it just missed the new boat which is still on the trailer at the lake. :yay: I bought Patches and little collar made of pearls that has a little heart that hangs from it with "diamonds" ;) all around it. She looks quite cute. :queen:I planted some Tea Roses this year (3 bushes) and one is the most unusual colour of peach. Quite lovely. This winter I am going to go to South Padre Island in Texas with my brother and SIL. We will not be staying together, I will have my own place. If you would like to see the place I will be staying at just click on the following link http://www.bridgepointresort.com/ I will stay in a one bedroom, one bath condo and will go for a month. The condo has a balcony and a view of the Gulf of Mexico. This will be quite a change for me. Nothing else is new, hope you are all fine. Bye for now. :hug:

06-19-2007, 04:27 PM
Karen thanks for your suggestions. I am making a real effort to
limit starches. Also to drink more water. I have never been much
of a plain water drinker but I found if I bought bottled water and
drink it very cold it's not that bad. Thanks again to all for advice
and welcomes. SMW

06-20-2007, 12:13 PM
Sally, it is nice to hear from you and hear that Patches is doing so well. This house training is one of the things that is keeping us from jumping right back into getting a new baby. Are you able to take her with you when you go to Texas? By the way, that trip this winter and your destination just sound wonderful. Are those not beautiful views of the ocean! Wish you could drop off to see us on your way, but I know that would be impossible. We are going to Galveston in July with the kids and we will be right on the beach. Still need to find a bathing suit to the ankles.

Trudy, we saw that movie with Russell Crowe, the old one, I think "For the Moment" and I remembered you said it took place in your neck of the woods. Now I can see why you love Canada. It was just spectacular countryside, but I think it took place in the summer. I am sure your daughter and family are having such a good summer with their new camper.

I am making such an effort to go to the gym three times a week. Wow! How do you ladies do more than that? I come home with the dreaded DEADBUTTE. This is a condition in which nothing on my body will move for several hours, without intense motivation, that is.

Ann, are you getting any rain? We actually skipped a whole day. Hubby got the yard mowed--you have to pick your times to do this very quickly--and it made up for it the next day. Woke up this morning with leaves everywhere. We just need this to stop. The wheat crop here is just not good at all.

I know that Alan and Maria are having a great time in New York City. I certainly miss reading her blog. They go home pretty shortly and I know they are bound to be homesick. But wow, what a trip they have had!

Have a great day! Slowmovingwoman, your moniker would fit me today very well.

06-20-2007, 04:05 PM
Slavika I could listen to that site all day and pretend I was at the beach. The place looks lovely and I am sure you will enjoy being there. What do you plan to do with Patches? She must be quite the little beauty with that new collar. Must have been some storm to knock over a tree. I will join you and Maria in trying to lose 20lbs.
Glenda that is funny. Deadbutte! I think we all have that at some time or another but I never had a name for it. I bit the bullet today and bought a bathing suit for a swim party Friday. I don't think I can squeeze into my old one. I like those 2 piece tankini types with the long top. I am so tall it is hard to find a regular one that fits. Glad to hear that you had a rainfree day.
Trudy how was the father's day campout? Canada looks so beautiful in pictures with all the lakes and greenery.
I miss Maria updating her blog. I keep wondering what they are doing.
It is sort of nice today. It has been in the 90's with lots of humidity but today is nice and breezy. I turned off the ac and opened up. We went to the Kentucky side of the river Sat night and ate at Crabshack Joe's. It is on the river and we sat outside and watched the boats. Sort of felt like I was at the beach. Yesterday we had to take D's parents somewhere. That was a fiasco. We went to get their car and it wasn't there. Their grandson's girlfriend had it. D's parents are at a retirement home and the grandson is living in the house to keep it occupied for now. We had to stuff them into our little Toyota. Wasn't fun-she is in a wheelchair and D's dad is tall. I am sure the grandson heard about his girlfriend using the car without permission. And the only time we have had a drop of rain is when we were getting her in and out of the car.

06-20-2007, 07:32 PM
G'day all,

I am trying to do 1001 things with my 24 hour internet access. New blog is up!
Good to read all the posts eventhough I did skim read it quickly, what I did read was that Peggy will join Slavika and myself in trying to loose 20 lbs.:carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:
I MUST have lost some weight these last few days, we have walked and walked and have been quite sensible eating wise.:crossed::crossed:

We are managing the subways fine, they are very similar whatever big city you go in but I must say the New York ones must be the dirtiest we have come across and smelly:(

Cheers for now.....any other starters for our 20 lb challenge?????;)


06-20-2007, 09:01 PM
Wonderful to see a post by Maria...been wondering how she was making out in NYC. Only 2 more days and then on to Winter in Australia. I will miss her blog.

Must say I would like to join the 20# challange but will have to postpone it til later this Summer. The kids are coming up from Raleigh on the 13th of July and on the 14th we will be given a big (moderate) bash for our 50th Anniversary. We have been hearing all kinds of rumors but we will renew our vows at the 4PM Mass on Saturday and then we all go to a lovely restaurant for the party. On Wed. the 18th we will have a gettogether here at the house with a bouncy castle for the little ones and plenty of food and drink for all. I will be cooking for the next few weeks and freezing casseroles so it will not be a lot of last minute stuff. The Raleigh contingent will be here for a full week and will leave on the 21st for a leisurely drive back via Hershey, PA...the kids will love that.
A few weeks ago we went to the Cathederal in Boston for a Mass for all those in this area celebrating their 25th or 50th Anniversary. The Cardinal said the Mass and we had pictures taken with him after Mass. That was very special. Of course all this is going on and then in September we will have the acutual date of the Anniversary but then we will celebrate quietly by ourselves.
Needless to say no dieting will take place for a while.

Slalvika: The is just a georgeous place on South Padre Island...it is so pretty that you may not even miss Maui. Will Patches be tucked into a travel bag as a carry on?:)

Karen: It is good to hear that DH is coming along. I hope it won't be long before he is 100%.

Ann: Hope by now that the "bug" is long gone and you are back to feeling your old self.

Glenda: Every day with out rain is a day to rejoice. Hope you can rejoice more often as the Summer progresses.

Trudy: I am sure you and DH had a grand time with your DD & family on Father's Day. Will you visit them at the camp often?

Peggy: That must have been some tight fit in the small car. We have a larger car and I push the passenger seat as far back as it will go. I enjoy all that room up front...and I am short. :D

Bernice and Slowmoving Woman: Hope all is well with you and hope you have a wonderful Summer.


06-20-2007, 10:40 PM
Gloria that is fine for you to join our challenge a bit later, you do have a good excuse.
I am sure your 50th anniversary 'bash' will be fantastic!
I can see you both having just the most wonderful time, what an achievement 50 years of marriage and now having met you both, to see a couple to be so dedicated to one and other, it is just great to see.

So Gloria remember join our challenge whenever you are ready!


06-22-2007, 10:56 PM
Well, I will join the challenge. It may be a bit slow moving, since we will be in Virginia for 8 days in July. And then in September we will be in New York State visiting Brother-in-law and spouse. But I will work at it as much as I can. Have you come up with a time frame to do this?

The bug is gone and I am just being lazy for a while. I do exercise in the pool most every day, and of course Curves.And I rid my bike when I can.

We still have no rain to speak of . My flowers are so sad and I water them as often as I can. I refuse to plant any others, until we get some good rain.

I was so glad that the Shuttle came down okay. I always have that funny feeling in the pit of my stomach when they are going to land after that one terrible disaster.

Thursday I drove cars and we were busy. Few drivers and 150 cars to move. We got finished about 2:00p.m. I do rather enjoy it, since I get to drive so many different ones and it gives me a good idea about the ones I like.

We had some distant thunder tonight, but no rain.

Gloria: Your 50th celebration sounds wonderful and it is great that your kids can be with you. Renewal of vows is very nice. So meaningful.

Maria: I'm thinking about you getting ready to fly home. I know you will be glad to see your family. You have so much to digest from this great adventure. And of course you have wonderful pictures to jog your memory.

Slavika: Your Patches is so cute. Can she go to Texas? The scenery is wonderful there and I'm sure you will have a lovery winter.

Peggy: You had an adventure with th in-laws. And glad you found a bathing suit you like. We have been having our usual heat here. The pool is very welcome.

Glenda: I can identify with the Deadbutt as I always feel that paralysis when I get off my bike. The citrus crop is suffereng here. So many tiny fruit are falling off the trees because of the drought. I guess it is just as bad for crops to have too much rain. We just need a happy medium.

Hi Bernice, and Slowmovingwoman- also Karen

Take care. Ann

06-24-2007, 10:16 AM
Gloria your "bash" sounds wonderful. You have every base covered with the bouncy castle. I think that sounds like fun. I hope you have a beautiful day. I love to see couples renew their vows in church. We celebrate our 43rd on July 11. I bet the kids will Hershey. Are they going to tour the chocolate factory? I like the streetlights shaped like Hershey kisses.
We got a hard rain the day of the swim party so it was cancelled. I have a little bunny that keeps eating some of my flowers. I just saw in the paper that they are looking for water.
Ann what did I miss? Why were you driving all those cars?
Maria is winging her way home now. I hope they have a nice flight and maybe an upgrade to first class. I bet she will be happy to see her family and her own bed. It was wonderful to meet them.
I have been trying to make good food choices so I can lose those lbs for the challenge.

06-24-2007, 11:31 PM
Peggy- The Nissan dealership sometimes has sales away from the dealership and they get extra drivers to ferry the cars to and from. So that is what I was doing. I ordinarlity would be driving again tomorrow, but can't since I have to go to the hospital with D.H for pre-op tests as he is having some surgery on Thursday. The Dr. says nothing serious, in and out on the same day. I just pray that there are no blood clots afterwards, since he has to stop taking his coumadin. Never a dull moment arount here. But I can't ride my bike now until I get a new tire. The rear tire is flat as a pancake. I wish we would get some rain. Was at the pool this afternoon and there was one gray cloud right over us and it rained a little, and since there was no thunder, etc, we stayed right in the pool. we were already wet. It didn't amount to anything. Not even enough to wet the dust.

Are your challengers going to do it alone, or are you going back to WW? I have been working, but it is hard, lose 5 gain 2 and so it goes.


06-27-2007, 01:46 AM
G'day all,

Back to some normality though I am not really sure where to start to do what first!
I have put up my final blog and it is now trying to figure out what to do first.

Peggy I sent an email to everyone but yours was returned as 'undeliverable', I think it has happened before, I'll see if it happens again perhaps we could do something about it.

Ann I don't plan to go back to WW but will try and achieve the loss of some lbs on my own. I will be walking again and make better food choices. I will probably start to be really serious as of next Monday.


06-27-2007, 07:18 PM
Maria, Slavika sent me the email. I sent you all a new address to use for awhile. It is one that goes with my cell. I have never used it. I just tried putting your addresses in the address book and it was a major headache for me. I think Ann is in twice and I can't get one out. I can't find the delete button.
Maria you must be so happy to be home. I bet the grandkids grew a lot while you were away. Did they like all their surprises? Unpacked yet? Who would have thought that you would have a new food love in hotdogs. I will think of you next year when I grill over a hundred at school next year. That is the only thing I cook there.
Glenda is it still raining? We have been getting a little of it.
Ann I am going to try doing it on my own and save that $13 a week. You wouldn't want me in your choir unless you like croaking. When I sing in church I lip synch to save the people around me. lol

06-27-2007, 08:21 PM
I am posting because it is the only thing I can do without sweating up a storm. We have had 2 - 90+ days with high humidity but it is supposed to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow and maybe that will help. I really can't complain as we went to the Cape today and it was 20 deg. cooler with a great breeze. Ate lunch at the beach (in the car) and the breeze just blew beautifully through the open windows. Then we went to visit my friend Toni and she & I had a great afternoon gabbing away. She seemed better but did lose here train of thought every once in a while...she told me she was 225 but I reminded her that was her address not her age and we had a good laugh over that. Jack got his swim in the ocean and said it was great...one of these days I will try it as well....the water just has to get a bit warmer for me...64 is still cool.

It was so great that Jack suggested we pick up sandwiches at the local supermarket and eat overlooking the harbor...which we did. It was lovely watching the boats come and go. Some were not just boats but Yachts, big ones. Finally we left because the radio was forcasting storms coming thru the area and all our windows were open. Arrived home befoe the storm so that was good.

Maria: So glad you made it home and can now take your time to come back to normal. I am sure it was delightful to see DS & DIL and the girls. I's a suse thing that they have grown.

Peggy: I haven't had any problems with sending you emails but if it is easier on you I will send mine to your new address.

Ann: I hope your DH will come thru the surgery with flying colors. It is scarey when they have to off meds for surgery...Jack had to go off his asperin a day when he had his knee done.

Glenda: Has the rain stopped yet? Saw a newcast showing a car in a river and the subtitle was Oklahoma! Thought of you!!!!

Slavika: Patches will just have to enter the most beautiful dog contest...he certainly is the most loved.

Trudy: That was some tornado that was in the video you sent...I am glad we don't have them here....Hurricanes are bad enough.

Karen, SWM, & Bernice...hope all is well with you! Stay cool.


06-28-2007, 04:58 PM
All, it rains or sprinkles every single day. Last night the rain gauge showed .2 inches. Today it just lightly has rained off and on all day. My sister is taking care of grandkids and had planned on taking them to the pool. She is so upset. I probably would have gone crazy about now if it had rained like this when my kids were home. There is nothing much for them to do because everything is so darned muddy.

I have to buy a dreaded swimsuit. Oh no! I will go look before we go to Galveston in July, but I will remember the tankini. One friend said she has a suit that goes to the middle of her legs. Getting closer and closer to those ankles, I hope. Maria, you live at the beach. What do you wear?

Ann, you are one of those I wish I could be like. I am going this evening after work to the gym and it will make the third time this week. I might just die and you do it every day! Driving those cars would be fun. Did Hubby just come through with flying colors? My hubby went to the eye doctor the other day and I am so used to everything being okay with him. His bloody eye has gotten better, but not as good as it should be yet. Doc wants him to go to a specialist. Phooey! He is never the one who has problems, just me. Not used to this.

Maria, I hope you are getting back to normal, whatever that may be. I cannot believe in reality you were gone from your kids, home, and grandkids for 10 WEEKS! That was such a long time, but glad to know you survived and we all enjoyed it so darned much!

Well, I don't feel so vaguely threatened as I did two days ago when it was raining so hard and the news was all about flooding and drownings. It is a weird thing to think that your physical world is off kelter, isn't it?

Florida and Tahoe and other places, wish I could send a few inches (feet?) of rain to you. (cannot believe I said this!)

06-28-2007, 11:54 PM
Hi everyone: The surgery went well and the Dr. was pleased with the result, so when all is healed he should no longer have to go to the bathroom every 20-25 minutes, to feel comfortable. One slight complication tho' when he was coming out of the anesthetic he had some heart ahrythmia and so they decided to keep him over night and put a heart monitor on him just to be sure. The Dr. told me not to worry, as it was just a precaution. He was feeling fine, and actually ate very well. I think he was very hungry, since he hadn't eaten since last night and the surgery wasn't until 3:30 today. A long time without food and drink. I'll let you know what happens. Now I am going to bed. It is tiresome sitting around waiting and wondering.

Glenda: I'll take some of your rain. I'm glad that your area was not one that suffered the floods. The pictures from Texas are terrible.

talk to you all tomorrow. Ann

06-29-2007, 03:35 AM
Hi there everyone,

We have just been away for a few weeks down to our daughters place at the beach. We came home to the terrible floods in NSW and Eastern Victoria. A girlfriend of mine was involved in the ones in Victoria and was worried about if they evacuated her, but the worst she got was she had to be sandbagged at each external door.

My diet has been non-existent and I feel that I have to lose the extra weight because I have now been diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. It is crunch time but I just am not sure what I should do, everyone thinks that I know it all but I am at sixes and sevens about what I should do - any suggestions.

I see that Maria is home again - who wants to come back to our awful weather, but I suppose it is better than the heat that has been over in the States.

Well friends, till next time

Love Jenye. :?:

06-29-2007, 01:57 PM
Hi All: I am just waiting for a friend to pick me up for lunch and then we will pick up Trudy. Ann, I am happy that evrything worked out so well for your husband. That's one worry off your list. Patches is girl dog I can't remember if told you all that. I should start a Patches blog. Lordy that pup gets into trouble. The toilet paper roll was hanging down a couple of inches I guess and she was able to stand on her hind legs and jump up and get the end of it in her mouth (I am guessing about that part as I was in the computer room). I got up to go to the kitchen and here she had pulled the toilet paper all the way down the hall to the master bedroom. Geez...and she was so PROUD of herself. :dizzy::dizzy: When I put her outside, a couple of minutes later she barks. I go to the door, and she doesn't want to come in, she just want's to make sure I am still in the house. That little pup sure keeps me on my toes. Peggy if your old email addy works for me should I just continue using it or do you wish me to use the new one?? I better go and get ready, will post again soon.

06-29-2007, 04:03 PM
onto the next thread all!