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06-11-2007, 09:35 AM
Hi ladies! This weekend was great. Went to go visit friends in NH and had a wonderful time. They have two kids and a third on the way. Apparently the oldest (almost 4) talks about me all the time haha :) I bet its because I play with him a lot when I'm there! Didn't write anything down or plan or really pay attention to points though. One reason - I didn't have a lot of choices. Another? I felt sick all day Saturday. I don't know why. I was dizzy and I felt nauseous. And no, I'm not pregnant! Its TOM right now haha :) So I was eating to combat the nausea which was probably bad. Then yesterday was screwed up too. Today I'm back on track though!

Not weighing in tonight, I have a friend coming and staying at the house. Besides, the scale went up 3 pounds in two days (most I'm sure is bloating and water weight) so I'm not upset about putting that off :) Hope you all had a good weekend!

06-11-2007, 11:12 AM
Bday weekend was GREAT I'll do more details later! um to be totally TMI I can't go to the bathroom when I'm away so I'm hoping things move along ahem and I have a good WI WI is always higher so I'm ok with Whatever it says! bbl

06-12-2007, 12:56 AM
My weekend was okay-ish. I went totally over my points on Saturday night, Sunday I can't remember, but I think I did okay.. might have had .5 too much. Yesterday..... Not good LOL, I ate so much at dinner I probably had about 50,000 points. That'll teach me for making too much of my favourite meal (spag bol). :devil:

TODAY I am on track! I did go a bit overboard with breakfast, but I made up with it at lunch by having a decent low points lunch.. and for dinner I'm going to have a frozen meal which is suprisingly only worth 3 points (the rest of the same brand are like 8-9 points!). AND I just did 30 minutes on the exercycle, and am going to try to do another 30 tonight.

Kier - I totally get what you're saying about not going to the bathroom when you're away!.. I always try to go before my weigh in, so I get a more accurate reading..... :o Glad your WE was great!!!

Modkittn - I didn't go to my WI last night either... It has been TOM so have been eating lots, and no doubt have bloating etc, and I don't want to see a gain.. I'm such a wimp! But I'm going to go next week, and hopefully see a loss. Good luck with next weeks WI! ;)

..... so cold here ladies, I'm jealous of y'all being in Summer!

06-12-2007, 10:36 AM
at WI I was down a pound which is fine not the 5-7 my scale was saying but fully dressed having eaten 2 meals versus naked in the cold dawn that can easy be 5 lbs.
Emma I love that new pic of GAby!!! It's all about striking a balance with the Pts.
BBL Kier

06-12-2007, 12:28 PM
Oh geez the past couple of days have been HORRIBLE. It started over the weekend, a day before TOM. I was up half a pound. Then Sunday, I was up 2 more pounds. This morning, I was up 5.5 pounds when I got on the scale &$!)(#!!!!! I don't know whats going on. I must admit, I have no motivation to stay on program because of it. I don't really know what happened, but I had "off" days where I didn't even write down my points this weekend because I was at my friends' house and didn't really know what points were for things she cooked. I just tried not to eat too much. I think once I get off track its really hard to get back on. I put all my food that I brought to work into my tracker today, and I will pretty much stay within my points. I was way over last night though - 10 points! But we had a friend visiting who we hadn't seen in a year and took him out to Dave and Buster's and had some drinks :o

06-13-2007, 11:43 AM
OK so I think I have given up on eating healthy this week and will go on vacation enjoy myself and refocus when I get back. I really want to be between 150-160 by August. We have a big family get together! I am so not ready for vacation and of course on Saturday my Washer and Dryer, yes both, went on the fritz! I have new ones being delivered tomorrow so I will be frantically washing clothes! Good News! I got my husband to sign off on a cleaning person so that I can focus a little more on other things! I am so excited even though it is good excercise I just don't have time!

I see everyone else had a packed weekend as well! Mine was a little calmer this weekend than normal

Does anyone have any good ideas for dinners that are easy! This is my biggest struggle because I have children who have some type of sports event everynight and lately it has been Fast Food and I am soooo sick of it! Especially when I order the salad and it is NASTY!

06-13-2007, 12:09 PM
One of my favorite Standbys is Turkey Chili
Brown the ground Turkey and Throw in the Salsa of your Choice (i like southwest) and either a bag of Latino Mix veggies/ Fiesta every store has a different name and a can of black beans
Or Make a non mayo pasta salad packed with Veggies (fresh canned or thawed frozen (stirfry mix could be good)and some precooked chicken (maybe the purdue stuff) or you could cook some ground meat/ thin cut of meat while the pasta is cooking and your fave light dressing. I use WW or multigrain pasta
I also make a loafless meatloaf do the beef or turkey in a skillet with all the spices you'd put in meatloaf toss in a little can of tomato paste and a bag of frozen veggies then I do Potato flakes (not the flavored instant mashed) in the microwave

06-14-2007, 09:09 AM
Thank you Kier! I have a Light and healthy crockpot cookbook but in the summer it is tough to eat that way for me! I will definitly try the turkey chili!

06-15-2007, 09:44 AM
Hellooooooooo! I am so happy about this week. I really got myself back on track. I am only about 1 pound up from where I was a week and a half ago. That is after my horribly OFF weekend I had last weekend and TOM. I think I'm good to go! I will be happy on Monday if I just stay the same. I need to get my butt in gear and exercise more, though. Now that TOM is over, I have SO much energy. Last weekend I had a ton too. I think that eating better is really helping with that. I used to get COMPLETELY exhausted, mostly because of my meds. But (aside from last weekend!) I've been sticking to the plan and trying to get 3-4 days of exercising (usually just 40 minutes of leisurely walking) in every week. Its really REALLY been paying off. Of course the nice weather has helped too! :)

Tracy there is a WW Recipes forum on this site, you might want to check it out. There are lots of yummy recipes there and I'm sure you could find something! Also, do you have WW eTools? I get recipes from there all the time! Even if you don't have eTools you can sign up for the weightwatchers.com weekly newsletter. It comes with a free recipe every week. All their recipes are usually quick to make.

Emma - That pic of Gaby is TOO CUTE! Its like a bubble hat, I love it! How are you with staying in your points? Writing everything down I hope! :)

Kier - Ummm apparently I totally missed that it was your birthday weekend last weekend!!!! How did that go? Did you do anything special? I know I still have to take some new pics and put them up on Myspace. Especially of my left sleeve. Only two more appointments to go and it will be all done. I'm so excited! The whole outside of the arm is colored now (except for 2 small spots) and I'm just getting used to looking like the tattooed woman from the circus hahahhaa. I spent so long with one full sleeve and one empty. It just takes a while to get used to it but when you do, people will come up and comment on it and you think "Oh wait, I have a tattoo?" Seriously because it just becomes part of you and it ends up being normal to you. I don't know how to explain it otherwise.

Ok now I'm rambling. See? WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY :) Of course the past 7 days I have had NO exercise so maybe I need to get out there and work it off hahahhaha :D