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06-10-2007, 10:53 AM
I gave Angie the Hill Street Blues first season DVD as a birthday gift a year and a half ago. We just started watching it this week.

We are LOVING IT .... hadn't seen it in so long, and I wasn't one to watch it every week. We are 7 shows into it.

Ordered the second season yesterday...that is where the DVD's end for now.

Were you a fan of the show? favorite character?

Personally, I just love the theme song!

06-10-2007, 11:17 AM
Oh man - thanks for the memories!!!

First off - that theme song is likely to be in my head ALL DAY now! :lol3: Confession - we played this in Senior Band at High School for three years running - they may STILL be playing it, for all I know!! Well, we all loved Frank Furillo, but I LOVED Betty Thomas - Lucy something... I thought she was realistic and a really underrated actress - not sure what I'd think if I watched it again now... I do know she became a pretty fine director.

hah - makes me want to watch it!

Heather :D

06-10-2007, 04:31 PM
Sgt. Belker!!! (Bruce Weitz) He was my favorite character even though he looked like a bum.

My family used to watch that show religiously, I had to beg to stay up to watch it, I was probably in the 4th grade when it debuted. I was thrilled when my piano teacher found the theme sheet music and taught it to me. I still know how to play it to this day, so simple yet so catchy--and memorable. What a great show.

06-11-2007, 12:59 AM
I loved Hill Street Blues.

So many great characters. Some of my faves LaRue and Washington, Capt Furillo and of course the sgt "Let's Be Careful Out There".

I didn't know it was on dvd might have to check it out.

06-11-2007, 07:11 PM
Just the first 2 seasons so far Clydegirl

06-11-2007, 07:18 PM
Loved the Sgt, remember he divorced his wife to marry a teen aged cheer leader. His ex showed up at the wedding, too funny!