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12-04-2001, 11:31 PM
I thought I would throw a topic out there and see who responded, so here goes--what do you think about stomach stapling or gastric bypass ?(weight loss surgery). I see Carnie Wilson who has literally lost half her original body weight in about 18 months and I can't help but feel amazed and maybe a bit jealous because I weigh almost as much as she did when she had her surgery. I work for a very large company where it's mostly women employess and I know maybe 10 coworkers who have had this surgery. Only a few of them are like Carnie and are at goal weight. Most of them have lost quite a bit but don't look like they are anywhere near goal. Some were 3x's and now wear 1x's years later. I know it's still weight loss but it's probably not what they thought would happen. I bet they thought they'd end up thin. A family member just had this surgery last month so it got me thinking about it again but I don't know if I could ever do it myself.
Any comments or thoughts on this would be appreciated!
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12-05-2001, 03:49 AM
Hi Lorelei,

I had a gastric bypass about 16 years ago. The surgery wasn't bad at all but it doesn't teach you anything about changing your eating habits. I lost about 50 lbs and then over the next few years gained it back and more. I was looking for the quick fix but when eating has been a problem for years, I found that I could always find ways around it. In fact, what happened for me and a number of girls who had the surgery at the same time was that we began eating worse. Foods like bread, vegetables and meats tend to ball up and are harder to eat so I began eating more often and things that didn't cause problems. Often they were high fat or sugar content convenience foods.

Of course this is just one womans opinion but I think you are very smart to be seeking out other opinions before you make a decision.


12-05-2001, 06:27 AM
HI, I too was amzed at her loss. She looks so good. We do have a 100# member that had it done DerbyGirl. If you look back she sahres how it has been for her. She had lost alot of weight 100# ( I thinkk). I also had a coworkers wife who had it doen, but she just met the criteria. For me persoanlly I wouldn't do it. But I also think that for each of us, our weight loss plan needs to be individually based. As we are unique. What I need to do might not work for you. ANd teh surgery, diet, exercise is only 1 piece of teh puzzle.

12-05-2001, 08:35 AM
It is funny that you should bring out this topic as I just finished reading Carnie Wilson's book Gut Feelings last night. I have mixed feelings about the book, I think she is blaming too much of her being overweight on her childhood and the lack of affection from her father. She looked to food to fill a hole in her life. I understand that emotional problems can have an effect on weight but I don't think it is 100% responsible. From reading the book I don't think that she really gave diet and exercise a chance. It says in the book that she was on tons of diets with her mom and other relatives but they would only last a short time. I don't think she ever really changed her eating habits. also she smoked dope which doesn't help.

so what do I think about this kind of surgery? I think it is a last ditch effort and only should be done after the person has really put out their best effort to lose weight. I think that before you do something like this you should give yourself at least 1 year of serious diet and exercise. When I say serious I mean you should have documented what you ate and how you exercised, you need to be honest with yourself. If a person is doing this because they are too lazy to put out this effort then I don't think that it will solve any of their problems. You can gain back weight even with most of your stomach gone. I think you have to really be honest with yourself and say did I really really do the best I could to lose weight? If the answer is no then I think that surgery is not the solution.

12-05-2001, 12:14 PM
I tend to agree with Jen. It should be a last ditch decision. I don't think anything is a quick fix, but requires a change in attitude towards food which I personally think is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

I investigated the surgery route when I reached the end of my rope. Fortunately, I had to wait 6 months just for a consultation with a surgeon and realized that I couldn't wait that long before taking control of my life. I was lucky enough to find a diet clinic that worked for me, but if I hadn't I would have definitely gone through with the surgery.

Good luck with your decision, it isn't an easy one!


12-05-2001, 03:55 PM
Like we all usually say..not 1 thing will help us all. Were all different with different needs.

12-11-2001, 08:49 PM
thanks everyone for responding!
I am not really considering it now-I guess I only think about it when I get discouraged. I need to lose 120 pounds to get to my goal weight of 160 (I am 5'9). I have lost 30 so far but 120 seems almost impossible sometimes. I will have to break it into 10 pounds at a time I guess.
thanks again


12-13-2001, 03:31 PM
I had the surgery 8 months ago and have lost 188 lbs so far. It is a tough decision to make. But I felt it was the only thing I could do. I would do it again in a heart beat!! It was the best decision I have ever made health wise.

Derby :wave:

12-14-2001, 01:16 AM
Hi Derby girl!
Did you say 188 pounds lost in 8 months? Wow!! I literally had my mouth hanging open as I read that!! ;) That is truly amazing!! I hope my aunt does as well as you have. I dont really know how much she weighs but she is much bigger than me and in January this year I weighed 313 (now 281). I am guessing she weighs 400 or so and that is no exaggeration. She has always been very large even as a child.
If you don't mind me asking is it hard for your brain to comprehend how much smaller you are? I would think it would be hard to adjust your mental image of yourself so quickly.
Congrats again, you deserve it!!

12-14-2001, 10:01 AM
I must confess I weighted 433 lbs before surgery and now I am at 245 give or take. I still have about 100 to go.
I will say the first 8 weeks are the hardest, pure h*ll!!
You're healing. learning a new way to eat, having only liquids for awhile, but your mind is still on how you use to eat. Once you are on regular food, your mind wants you to eat more than your stomach can hold, this is frustrating too. If I eat 1 bite too much I throw up..... bottom line & I hate to throw up. So mentally it is a huge adjustment.
Then it all clicks and becomes a life style, you don't think about it. Cravings are gone, you feel full all the time, and sometimes I have to stop and think if I have eaten. Not on purpose I will forget meals.....
I have gone from a size 34 dress to a 20 dress or from a 5x/6x top to a 1x/2x. Pants are trickier, I couldn't wear any regular pants before just elastic pull on knit pants a size 5x/6x. Now I can wear a 24 regular Jeans no elastic and some 22 dress pants.
I have what they call an apron roll that is keeping me from wearing smaller pants. Once it gets a little smaller it will have to be removed. It is funny at first I still looked for 5x clothes even though I needed a smaller size.
To help in adjusting my mental image, my Doctor has me taking monthly progress picture and putting them in a scrapbook. I have made mine funny with before pictures and pictures every months and weight lost total for that month. This helps you see your loss and remember where you were when you started. (Like I am going to forget) I have also started a regular exercise routine where I swim 50 laps and attend water aerobic class for an hour. I want to do this 5 days a week but lately I have hit 3 to 4 times a week. But that's ok too. It's becoming part of my lifestyle too.

I wish your Aunt well, tell her to take pictures along the way. It really does help. If I ever get a scanner, I'll create a website so you can view them.. Hint, Hint Santa Claus!!

Derby :wave:

12-15-2001, 12:23 AM
Hello! Thanks so much for the information. Nothing like getting information from someone who is living it, right? I think people think "oh she just had the surgery and that's why she's lost the weight". Like having surgery is no big deal. It seems like it is, besides having major sugery, you also have to deal with a new way of life. My supervisor at work had a gastric bypass and lost 150 pounds. She needed to have a tummy tuck to cut off the excess stomach skin and also surgery on her arms too. She was near 50 when she had her surgery and her skin couldnt snap back enough. The good news is she went down two pants sizes after the tummy tuck. All that skin took up a lot of room!!
keep us updated on your progress! I look forward to seeing your wonderful progress reports!
God Bless!

12-15-2001, 09:09 AM
Your right the surgery is only part of it. Actually the surgery is only a tool to help you lose weight. You still have to watch the amount you eat and how often you eat, plus you have to exercise. It's not an easy street solution by no means. But it is an easy tool when used properly will help you to lose alot of weight quickly and keep it off. I have a hard time understanding why people have this done and then try to regain the weight. Why do it then??
I will keep you updated and let me know how your Aunt it doing. I talk to people all over about this surgery and it is nice to hear the results.


12-15-2001, 04:47 PM
Congratulations and 3 thumbs up on your weight loss!!! That is incredible! More importantly, it seems that you are taking weight management very seriously.

It doesn't matter very much what kind of weight management plan you choose -- as long as it is healthy. Some make up their own plans, others spend lots of money on their plans (like me at the moment; I'm on JC). The bottom line is that you make a LIFE LONG DECISION TO STICK TO IT.

As for the stomach surgery, I certainly understand the need for folks 150-200 lbs. or more to consider it if it's what they want to do. But it is a life change and you have to be willing to adopt those changes permanently.

The last time I lost a lot of weight, I was on a program similar to JC. I lost a lot of weight fast, but I didn't learn a darn thing about keeping it off. What I am learning now is that there are a lot of things that I can eat and still lose weight -- it's all about balance and control. I'm for whatever works for people and Derby Girl, it sounds like the surgery fits you fine!

12-17-2001, 12:17 PM
Derby..I am so proud of you and happy that you made the right choice for yourself. I know it was a tough choice, but obviously you made the right one. How is your husband handling all of this?

12-17-2001, 03:48 PM
My Husband is my #1 Supporter. I couldn't of made it without him. When I am having a rough day, he's there with encouragement. Tomorrow is his Companies Christmas party. I haven't seen these people in 18 months!! It should be interesting. He works with a Guy who weighs about 500 lbs and last week they were on a business trip. His co-worker was complaining about the small airline seats. He told my Husband that He bets I complain about them too. My Husband didn't say a word, since I will be seeing him tomorrow night. Both he and his wife are quite large and have tried every diet know to man. He was telling my Husband about how he and his wife have given up dieting and will let whatever happens happen. My Husband hopes I shock both of them into reality tomorrow. I wish I had a scanner..... to show you the change from 8 months ago. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe.
I have been in a plateau for 2 weeks now, and it gets depressing. I know it happens and I am thankful for the loss this far. Another Surgery patient E-mailed me today. She wants to kick my butt!! She has undepressed me. She says I need to work harder to break the plateau!! She has lost 348 lbs!! She had her surgery 3 years ago. This surgery is a miracle. But it is not to be taken lightly. It's a serious decision, unlike Weight Watchers you can't walk away from it.

I appreciate all the support you Ladies have given me. Hang in there we will all succeed!!

Jennifer, I know next year will be a good year for you. You are determined and have motivated a lot of people in our group, me included!! I look for your posting to see how your doing.
Hang in there Girl!! You can do it!!


12-17-2001, 08:30 PM
Hi Derby!
I will keep you updated on my aunt's progress-here is the interesting part to her story. I just found out that she had had this surgery before and lost 200 pounds years ago. I just thought she had gone on a diet then. She gained just about all of it back. She has had the surgery again. She has only told a few family members. I guess she is worried that if she gains it back again they won't think badly of her. People understand gaining weight after dieting but it's harder to understand when you've gone through surgery lost it-gained it and have ANOTHER surgery!! Since technically I am not supposed to know about it I will hear about it from another family member who told me not to tell anyone else in the family!! I wonder how many of us really know and dont act like we know anything?? crazy huh??

Anyway, your party tommorow should be a hoot! You are gonna get so much praise it will keep you jazzed for some time I bet. I hope you can go all out-manicure, hair done the works -like on those makeover shows.
Let us know how it goes, I'd love to hear about it!

(313/280/273 new years goal)