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06-08-2007, 06:25 PM
I just started on phase 1 today. I made taco's tonight for my family and I made a big salad and now I am worried that I wasn't supposed to have taco seasoning. Does anybody know if that is alright? Also is there any site where I can get a list of name brand products that are safe for phase 1? Can I have mustard? I used fat free sour cream and I just realized that is a no no. Also I couldn't find low fat cheddar at my grocery store so I just used normal full fat cheese. Will this hinder my weight loss? I will try to do better. Any advice would be helpfull. Thank you.

06-08-2007, 07:34 PM
Re: taco seasoning . . . I'm not sure what the ingredients are. It is possible that it has sugar, MSG, or something else that would make it inappropriate. The best way to tell would be to look at the ingredients list (or post it if you would like somebody else to take a look at it).

Fat free sour cream is fine (unless you found some weird brand that has sugar added to it :dizzy: ). Imitation and regular sour cream should be avoided.

You can have mustard (as long as it isn't sweetened or honey mustard). Yellow and spicy mustard are fine.

Normal full-fat cheese should be avoided on P1. Depending on how much you used, it could hinder your weight loss. But now that you know, so you can get back on the right track tomorrow.

Good luck!

06-08-2007, 07:43 PM
:welcome: Jennie! Have you read the book? If not, you might pick it up in the library -its a quick read and helpful... the FAQ and recipe section will help you alot in understanding SB and determining what foods and seasonings you can make and use to make some delicious family friendly meals...
Look for things that are free of preservatives, partial hydrogenated fats, added sugars, and enriched wheats.

See the Sticky section in the FAQs for product names to help you....
Mustards for the most part are okay...

Fat free, low fat -- you need to read what is best in the long run for you. Sometimes Low fat is laden with other things like Sodium ... look for items free of Trans fat and low in Sat Fats... partially hydrogenated fats should be none or low low low on the list...
In the future, consider making your own taco seasoning with cumin,curry,chili onion and garlic powder and skip all the preservatives......
Getting started on any WOE is hard to learn all the rules to.. The biggest here is the Closer you are to natural foods the better you are! Good luck, healthy eating and living!! :hat: