Maintainer Introductions - An Active Maintainers' Forum? Wow!

06-05-2007, 03:34 PM
Wow, an active maintainers' forum! Where have you guys been all my life? ;)

Okay, where have you been for the last couple of years?

Possibly I haven't been ready for the maintainers' forum that long anyway, it's been only recently that I've called this weight loss journey done for now at least and concentrated on maintaining instead of trying to lose more.

I have a long story, but to shorten it, my top weight ever was 340 lbs in 1999, and I've yo-yo-ed a bit with different diet attempts. Finally, in 2003, at 297 pounds, I started a low-carb diet and within 10-11 months, lost 100 lbs. In the last almost 3 years, I've been maintaining that weight loss and lost another 25-30 lbs. I could afford to lose another 20-25 lbs, but I'm healthy, happy, fit and strong and can't seem to lose anymore weight without driving myself crazy, so I'm concentrating on maintaining now.

I'm really happy to find a place where maintainers seem to be actually talking and participating and not just posting a weekly weigh in. I'm particularly interested in joining your discussion on Gina Kotulak's book Rethinking Thin. I've been meaning to get it for a while because I've found the information and articles on it that I've seen so far fascinating.


06-05-2007, 03:51 PM
Welcome Val! :welcome3: Holy cow, you've lost half of yourself!! :faint:

We're very active here and love to talk about everything about maintenance, from the reactions of friends and families, to excess skin, to fighting the maintenance rollercoaster, to clothes, clothes, clothes (a weakness of mine! :o ) We'd love to have you join in. :) And feel free to start a new thread about any particular concerns of yours.

See ya around!! :D

06-06-2007, 09:47 AM
Thanks for the welcome!

06-06-2007, 10:59 AM
Welcome Val, we're glad you found us. Feel free to jump right in with anything you want to say. This is a great, supportive place and it helps so much with the daily struggles of weight maintenance. Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss. We hope to hear more from you.

06-13-2007, 09:35 PM
A belated welcome from me!

I started near 300 pounds and am maintaining at just around 175 for now (okay, I'm trying to lose a few pounds back down to there). I don't know if I'll go any lower or not, but I'm trying to think about health goals rather than weight goals at this point!

06-13-2007, 10:15 PM
Thanks for a great welcome. I'm slowly wandering around, jumping in sometimes. I'm looking forward to participating more.